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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  November 22, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PST

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. it is monday, november 22nd. 5 a.m. in new york. thanks for getting an "early start" with us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm paula reid in for laura jarrett. we have reports this morning from vienna, hong kong, washington, mexico city and romania, but we start in wisconsin. >> that's our breaking news this morning. wisconsin community horrifying and in mourning just days before
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thanksgiving. five people killed. more than 40 injured when an suv barrels through a christmas parade in waukesha, wisconsin. a marching band was on the street when a vehicle came up from behind. dozens of victims are in the hospital. >> witnesses describe the horror of seeing people struck and lying on the ground after the suv drove through a series of barricades and plowed into the crowded parade route on the town's main street. >> next thing i heard were screams and turned my head and saw the car come and plow into the band that was just past my balcony at that point. it hit at least two people right away, rolled over both of them and then continued down the road to by like people's park which is at the end of the block and then kept going. it didn't stop. >> from another angle watch the suv streak past missing that child in the pink pants by inches. they say priest, parishioners
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and catholic school children were among those injured. the waukesha school district canceling classes today. police are working with the medical examiner's office to identify victims. >> the driver sped away after hitting the crowd. police have what they are calling a person of interest in custody. cnn's natasha chen picks up the story from waukesha. where christine and paula, the police chief, mayor and fire chief would not take any questions. at the very last update of the evening they said they are still notifying next of kin and people are still being treated at area hospitals. in fact, they said a large number of them were brought to six different hospitals in the area and more people were actually brought to hospitals in their personal vehicles. a few key points that they made earlier in the evening. they said that a person of interest is in custody, that they did locate the suspect vehicle. >> an officer did discharge his weapon at the suspect vehicle to try to stop the vehicle.
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no bystanders were injured as a result of the weapons discharge. >> reporter: i did talk to one woman who had stepped out on her balcony to watch the parade and saw this happen. she said the vehicle just plowed through the crowd, ran over a marching band. so this is incredibly devastating for the people who witnessed it, for the families who were there trying to celebrate christmas in a happy, festive mood and instead turned into tragedy, christine and paula, back to you. >> natasha, thank you so much for that. president biden we're told has been brought up to speed on the quickly developing changing developments in wisconsin. cnn's natasha wright has that part of the story live from washington. good morning, jasmine. just a tragedy. >> reporter: that's right. the latest tragedy that the consoler in chief is going to have to respond to. the white house is closely
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watching for any updates and in touch with lawmakers in the area. one white house official told cnn that the white house is closely monitoring the situation in waukesha. we have reached out to state and local officials. now the white house joins a slew of lawmakers from both wisconsin and outside who have offered their thoughts and prayers. in terms of federal enforcement, already special agents from the bureau of alcohol, firearms and tobacco, atf and explosives have responded to assist the investigation and of course the fbi is aware of what is going on. so we will see the president today as he heads to fort brag in north carolina for a friends giving with the first lady. we will likely hear more about his thoughts on the issue and whether or not he is going to make it down to the scene. laura -- excuse me, christine and paula. >> thank you so much, jasmine.
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monday morning for you. closing arguments are set to begin in just a few hours in a murder trial of three white men charged in the killing of ahmaud arbery. the jury could begin deliberations soon after. cnn's ryan young live in brunswick, georgia, with more. >> reporter: good morning, paula. when you think about the case, it's not about what's going to happen inside the courtroom, so many people are worried about the ram maine if i cases outside of the court. they called for justice. then you've seen inside court. defense attorney kevin goff keeps touching the third rail about race and he thinks his clients are not getting a fair chance. take a listen to what he said in court just last week. >> there are not thousands of people outside with pitch forks and baseball bats. third parties are influencing this case. they've been doing it from the gallery of this courtroom. they've been doing it outside.
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this is why what a public lynching looks like in the 21st century. >> then we start looking at what we have now with individuals coming into the courtroom. i will say that is directly in response, mr. goff, to statements you made which i find reprehensible. >> reporter: paula, think about the idea standing in court calling it a public lynching when on video so many people have said what his clients were involved in was a public lynching. at the end of the day there was the video of men chasing him through a neighborhood and at some point there was a confrontation. three shots fired. he said he was doing this in self-defense and then the prosecution has pointed out over
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and over again that they never said this was a citizens arrest and that they continued to box in mr. arbery as he was running through the neighborhood. as you can imagine everything about this case has been under the microscope including the jury selection where you have only one black person on the jury with a community that has so many people of color and only ended up with one person on the jury. today they will have those jury instructions. we'll move forward. see how this community will go forward after this. >> thank you so much for that report. definitely a case to watch. another important case we're watching. the jury begins the second day of jury deliberations in the charlotte unite the rights trial. plaintiffs are seeking damages for this. austria under full lockdown
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certified from headlamp to tailpipe. that's certified head turns. and it's all backed by our unlimited mileage warranty. that means unlimited peace of mind. mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. translation: the mercedes of your dreams is closer than you think. welcome back. some new covid warning signs this morning just ahead of thanksgiving. cases are climbing again especially in cold weather states in the northeast and upper midwest. average number of new cases up to nearly 100,000. there's also an up tick in hospitalizations and most of those patients are unvaccinated. today marks the deadline for civilian federal employees to be fully vaccinated against covid. federal contractors. health care workers and employees who fall under the
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osha rules have a little bit longer. their deadline is set for january 4th. several republican-led states are fighting the mandate in court. as cases surge, so does frustration. protesters clarnd with police over the weekend. these are demonstrations about lockdowns. police turned to tear gas, water cannons and firing guns in the area to control the crowds. cnn's selma abdel azeez live in vienna. austria went into full lockdown there. why the lockdown and why the violent reaction? >> reporter: christine, i'm in one of the country's icon mick christmas markets here and as you can see it is completely shut down. over the weekend frustration with new covid restrictions turned violent. i'm going to give you the example of rotterdam. it turned into an orgy of
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violence. several injuries there in brussels. massive demonstrations, 35,000 people. protesters here in vienna on saturday, it's the biggest protests the country had seen against lockdown and against restrictions. austria is trying a very unique experiment in europe. this country wants to be the first one to mandate, require anyone who is eligible to get vaccinated. the deadline is soon. it's february 1. the authorities are rolling out restrictions specifically targeting the unvaccinated. even when the lockdown here is lifted, those who are not immunized will still have to stay at home and follow the top restrictions. the message is clear from the chancellor in austria, it is the unvaccinated that are to blame for a surge in cases across the
2:15 am
country. of course it's not just here in austria. there is a perfect storm. many of us got our vaccine months ago. at the same time, higher transmission rates because of the winter season. that means some hospitals all across the region are struggling with an influx of patients. the vulnerable, the sick now overwhelming the health care system across europe. ben has more from romania on this. >> reporter: here in romania, the country got off to a fairly good start in december of last year with the vaccination program, but since then it has fallen victim to fake news, misinformation and superstition. workers nail coffins shut, spray them with disinfectant.
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anguished echos from the next room. a woman sees her lod one for the very last time. this is bucharest's biggest hospital. the morgue has a capacity for 15 bodies but within the last 24 hours alone 41 people have died. every day more covid dead are wheeled into the mourgue. the nurse is close to the breaking point. they keep coming. they keep coming he says. we're working for nothing. we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. and dark is romania's tunnel. the country is in the fourth wave of covid, its worst yet. the death toll from coronavirus hit a record level this month. intensive care units are strained to the limits.
2:17 am
hospital director kathleen kostoyu tries to put the death toll in perspective. >> in romania each day we have 400 patients with death. 400 people is a huge number. it's a community. it's a village, you know? >> reporter: romania has one of europe's lowest vaccination rates against the disease. medics say they struggle against fake news, suspicion and superstition. parliament member deanna suswaka has physically tried to block people from vaccination centers. if you love your children, she says, stop the vaccinations. don't kill them. the vaccines have been extensively tested in children and proven to be safe. nearly 36% of the population is fully vaccinated. in rural areas it's half that.
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religion holds sway. many put more faith in god than science. the village mayor refuses to be vaccinated. we're not against the vaccine but we want to verify it. we don't think the vaccines are very safe. there have been many side effects. it's not a safe vaccine. experts say the vaccines are safe and highly effective at preventing severe disease and death. just down the road dr. daniellea has vaccinated 10 people on this day.
2:19 am
no, she tells me, we haven't seen side effects in anybody we've vaccinated. fresh graves in the cemetery shows the recent surge in deaths. every day a village is dying. and the government here seems to be torn between politics and public health. they have considered, for instance, introducing a green pass system like italy whereby if you are not vaccinated or you haven't gotten a negative covid test, you can't go to work. there was so much public opposition to that they stepped back. the number of people actually getting vaccines fell dramatically. christine, paula? >> ben wedeman, thank you. misinformation, the other virus spreading still around the world. also very dangerous. thanks, ben wedeman. good news though out of haiti. two hostages kidnapped more than a month ago have been released. what does it mean for the other 15?
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updating a breaking news this morning. five people are dead and more than 40 injured after an suv plowed into a christmas parade in walk can he shah, wisconsin sunday afternoon. police say they have one person in custody but they haven't confirmed whether that person is the driver. they also aren't commenting on a motive or cause of the incident but they say the community is safe. we'll have more on this story in a few minutes. the grinch may be trying to steal your christmas with inflation and pushing up prices. supply disruptions threatening
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availability. america's biggest chains are using their market muscle to fight back. first their buying power and locked in contracts give them leverage to demand first priority from vendors and cargo shippers. walmart, target, home depot have chartered their own ships bypassing the bottlenecks. second, they're stockpiling goods. inventory levels at walmart, target, home depot have soared to more than $10 billion. the chains can afford to eat into their profits. walmart and target are raising prices more slowly sli than competitors betting that helps them keep budget conscious shoppers coming to them. if you shop around, especially at the big chains this year, you probably will be able to find what you want at a decent price this season. >> a little bit of good news. the top story in the wall street journal, global supply chain bottlenecks starting to ease. they're finding ways around what
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i'm paula reid in for laura jarrett. our top stories on this monday morning. some individuals were children and there are some fatalities as a result of this incident. >> breaking overnight. officials in waukesha, wisconsin, now say five people were killed. more than 40 injured when an suv plowed into a christmas parade sunday. police say a person of interest is in custody but won't say if it's the driver or if they've made any arrests. in brunswick, georgia, closing arguments are set to begin this morning in the murder trial of three white men killed in the killing of black jogger ahmaud arbery. the 12 member jury could begin deliberations today. conservative commentator jonah goldberg and steven hays resigned. they said tucker carlson's purge
2:32 am
was the last straw. police say they have seized 250 tons of marijuana in a bus at a warehouse near medford, oregon. worth about half a billion dollars, this is in a state where they have legalized recreational cannabis back in 2015 but it is illegal to manufacture without a license. a new jersey starbucks employee may have exposed thousands of customers to hepatitis a. the camden county health department said anyone in this store on the 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th should be vaccinated as soon as possible. a just-passed city ordinance will require public restrooms to have free menstrual products on hand. the ordinance goes into effect on january 1st. to our top story on hand. people of waukesha, wisconsin,
2:33 am
coping for those in grief after this vehicle sped through a crowd into a marching band. 5 people killed, more than 40 injured. >> as we were heading back to main street i saw an suv speeding along the parade route and then heard a loud bang and heard deafening cries from people in attendance, marching in the parade. folks started running away from the scene and folks were -- left their belongings behind holding on to their kids. >> i walked in the parade at the beginning. i saw all the happy children sitting on the curb. i saw the happy parents behind their children. i can still see the smiling faces. a parade is a celebration for our community. today our community faced horror and tragedy in what should have
2:34 am
been a community celebration. i am deeply saddened to know so many in our community went to a parade but ended up dealing with injury and heart ache. dozens of victims are in the hospital. police say they have one person in custody but they are not commenting on a cause or a motive for the incident. let's bring in cnn law enforcement analyst, a security consultant and former secret service agent. good morning, five people are dead, 40 injured. we're at the very beginning of the investigation. what happens from here? how do authorities begin to investigate this? >> well, good morning. you know, this incident underscores the really dynamic and unpredictable nature of these tragic events. for law enforcement, in the immediate moment their focus is always going to be on stopping the threat, providing immediate medical attention to those who need it and scene safety. once the scene is stabilized, then we start the process of crime scene processing.
2:35 am
how do you investigate, you know, any type of crime scene, but more importantly, this is a parade route so what you have to think about are the geographical locations that make up this crime scene. so they have to identify exactly where the boundaries are for when the criminal activity had began and start processing that. what processing that means is they need to start looking and pulling together and correlating all of the witness statements. we've seen a tremendous amount of video out there regarding this event. they need to document all of that video, bring it altogether to piece together every aspect and every moment that the criminal act was taking place. they have to conduct multiple crime scene searches. the geographical area alone is going to make that much more difficult. we have fatalities that are involved in that. the local law enforcement is most likely going to bring in mutual aid assistance, potentially even from the federal bureau of investigation
2:36 am
to help them process just the vast amount of evidence that they need to collect and all of that evidence needs to be inventoried. again, this is a crime. this is going to go to trial. so all of the evidence needs to be inventoried, photo documented. they have to establish the proper chain of custody. again, so there's a lot that law enforcement has to do and they had to pivot very quickly. again, this incident happened less than 24 hours ago. they had to deal with the immediate aftermath and then start the methodical process of the investigation and processing the crime scene. >> jonathan, the community made the decision to close schools today even though they say the community is safe. why take a step like that? is that for recovery and mourning or is that for a tactical decision to understand what happened here? >> it's twofold. this is an acute shock to that community. that community needs to start healing. oftentimes motivation in these
2:37 am
tragic events will vary greatly, but the outcomes are often the same. it's the loss of human life. there's a physiological and psychological effect that these incidents have on a community. to take pause. to stop the kids from going to school, to have the community be able to, you know, take care of themselves. i anticipate that what you will see is the deployment of victim advocates. these are people who are trained to support victims of a crime and, again, there are multiple victims here. they all need assistance, whether it's with the immediate medical attention, but it's the long-term assistance that this community is going to need to heal. again, this event was supposed to be a real happy moment for the community bringing everybody together after a long pandemic and celebrating the season and this tragic incident will leave a scar on this community for a
2:38 am
long time. >> absolutely. there will be thousands of these parades in home towns, all across the community, fire trucks, boy scouts, girl scouts, firefighters all marching together, retired police officers. it's part of americana. one hopes they will be tightening up security in the weeks ahead. thank you so much. nice to see you this morning. >> thank you. good to see you. chinese tennis star pe peng shuai has finally appeared in public. she appeared in a video call with the international olympic committee where peng said she is safe and well. concerns for her well-being be are not going away. cnn's christi lu stout joins us from hong kong. she says she is well and safe. it doesn't quell the controversy about what's happening here, does it? >> reporter: no, not at all. according to the ioc a video
2:39 am
chat took place between pe peng shuai and the ioc. she says she is safe and well living at home in beijing and she wants her privacy respected. two other individuals were also part of this call including a chinese sports official. now the ioc did not give a copy of the video -- of this video chat to cnn. we only have the statement. we only have this photograph in which you see peng shuai smiling at the camera. it was three weeks ago when she accused a former top party official of sexually assaulting her. she made that accusation on her verified social media account. she has been under blanket censorship since then. you can see what the cnn live feed looks like in china now as i speak. this broadcast is not being aired in china. it's being censored. we're underscoring the sensitivity about this case.
2:40 am
#whereispeng spls shaua has been going viral. that has prompted chinese state media to release proof of life videos showing her out and about being active in beijing, showing her at a youth tournament in beijing on sunday, showing her at a possible sheshuan restaurant. they say the video that's being put forward like the one you're seeing reportedly at a youth tennis event on sunday is insufficient. let's bring up the statement. the wto says this. it was good to see peng shuai in recent videos. it doesn't alleviate the concern. we call for a full, fair, transparent investigation without censorship into her allegations. so now the question being
2:41 am
circulated is not where is peng shuai but is she truly free. back to you. >> quickly, kristie. your sense of events that this video -- the event with the empty stands behind her, the tennis arena, at the restaurant, does it look staged? does it look scripted? what did it seem to you? >> it was really interesting. it was several individuals with links to chinese state runnemede yeah. they sent these out on twitter which is not available in china. so this was aimed squarely at you, at an international audience in order to quell the concerns and that was not the case. you know, in one video, the one you're looking at right now, peng shuai is with her and next to her is a chinese tennis official and they keep emphasizing november 21st.
2:42 am
which is why i'm using the language proof of life. it feels very stage managed and very manufactured. >> kristie lu stout in hong kong. thank you very much. we will be talking about this more. for sure. no kids? no problem. a pew research poll shows 44% of childless americans between 18 and 49 say they're unlikely to ever have kids. that's a 7% jump. the reasons range from not wanting to have children to concerns about climate change and the environment. the declining birth rate could mean fewer workers to support the economy. >> with huge implications of immy yags and the social safety net. it takes people paying into social security for us to get it. that's a big difference in american outlook for the economy. we'll be right back.
2:43 am
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the city of waukesha, wisconsin, in shock after 5 people were killed and more than 40 people injured when an suv barrelled into a crowd of people attending a christmas parade on sunday. schools and several roads have within closed and people are saying a person of interest is in custody. city alderman don paul. >> it's just so hard to believe that an event that was really a great way to kick off the holiday season like it is every year turned into a venue for such senseless violence. it's like an alternative reality. now the whole nation is hearing it on the news. "new day" will have more at the top of the hour. much needed and welcome news from haiti. 2 missionaries were released.
2:48 am
matt rivers has the story from mexico city. >> reporter: christina and paula, it had been several weeks since we had received any substantive information from the group in haiti. it was on sunday later in the day that we got an update from christian aid ministries. they were working on behalf of this group as part of the missionary trip. in a short statement they said 2 of the 17 missionaries were released. they cannot confirm their names, their reason of release, where they are from or their current locations. our hearts are with the 15 people still being held. not a lot of information there, but we did manage to confirm
2:49 am
with a source from haiti security forces that the two hostages have, in fact, been released. this also brings into sharp focus the fact that there are 15 hostages that are still being held by this gang in haiti at this point. so while this is very good news, 2 of the 17 missionaries, 16 of whom were american, one canadian. two of them are now safe according to this source in haiti security forces as well as the group that over seas the missionaries. christine, paula? well, a tragic story out of philadelphia. a 7-month-pregnant woman fatally shot after attending her baby shower. she was shot in the head and stomach saturday night. no arrests are made and the city is offering a $50,000 reward for any information. early holiday shopping has been marred by a series of
2:50 am
brazen organized robberies. a group of criminals stole $100,000 of goods. >> this is a safe area. we come here with kids. >> you don't expect to see that happening outside of the city. i moved in from the city just recently. i thought i escaped all of that. >> this happened near another similar incident in north brook, illinois. 13 thieves stole $60,000 of merchandise. in walnut creek, california, police say 80 looters hit a nordstroms where two employees were assaulted and one pepper sprayed. these are all really highly orchestrated. >> it appears that way. let's get a check on cnn business this morning. markets around the world. asian shares closed mixed. europe is closing higher. stock index futures leaning higher here. the big event this week will be the president deciding whether he will renominate fed chairman
2:51 am
jay powell to that role. we're expecting that meeting to come before thursday and the holiday. there is some speculation that brainerd could be tapped to replace him. >> little drama. lebron james ejected after a wild scene broke out in the lakers win over the pistons. thankfully carolyn man now is here with this morning's bleacher report. i don't have to report on sports. what happened? >> i've got you covered. a lot of sports fans, if you're not a sports fan that's okay. you remember malaise l malace i palace. the first time he was ejected was in 2017 for a comment he made to a ref. the fight came about three minutes into the third quarter after lebron bloodied the face of piston's big man, isaiah stewart. they were jostling for the ball.
2:52 am
stewart had to be held back. both players were ejected from the game. lakers star anthony davis coming to the defense of his team. lebron isn't a dirty player. >> it was uncalled for. you got a cut above your eye. accidental like. it wasn't on purpose and we wouldn't allow him to keep charging our brother like that. i don't know what he was trying to do. we wasn't going to allow that. >> things also got a little chippy towards the end of the first half of a marquis game between dallas and kansas city. fenton had to be separated from goodwin before he pretended to fake fire a gun against his opponent. he got called for taunting for that but then after further review he was flagged for the facemask. kansas city went on to win by 10. if you did go to bed early you
2:53 am
missed a nail biter. the steelers down 17 to start the fourth quarter of this game before mounting a furious come back. you saw ben roethlisberger. he missed a week of practice. he pushed pittsburgh into the lead less than 3 1/2 remaining. 45 yard field goal attempt is good for pittsburgh to get out front. that was more time for l.a. to sprint to the end zone for a 53 yard score to ice the game. chargers won 41-37. if you did have jonathan taylor in your fantasy lineup, you're feeling good. he scored five touchdowns in an upset over the bills. indianapolis starting the season 1-4. they have bon the last five. look who's back on the golf course. tiger woods posting this video on sunday. he's seen hitting balls for the first time since that car crash back in february.
2:54 am
the clip captioned making progress. this is the first official update that he has shared since april. the video you see a compression sock on his right leg. he sustained multiple injuries to that leg and foot. he hasn't competed since the masters. he won that event after coming back from the wild spinal fusion. >> how does he look? >> looks pretty good. we've seen him pop up here and there. he's been attending his son's golf tournaments. >> nice to see you, carolyn manno. a mississippi teenager with a rare blood disorder is an inspiration for all of us. when 13-year-old abraham olibage told his mom he wanted to feed the homeless for his make a wish. >> it's always a good thing to do. that's what i grew up doing. i decided to go back to my roots and do what i was taught to do. >> abraham said before he got
2:55 am
sick they would go to point dexter park in jackson, mississippi, to feed the homeless. his wish was they receive one hot meal a month for an entire year. >> what a great holiday spirit. 54 minutes past the hour. tragedy in wisconsin. 5 dead at least. dozens hurt as a driver plows through a christmas parade. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm paula reid. "new day" is next. everything felt like a 'no'. everything. but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to. and... when he wants to. so ray... can be ray. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this pure.
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i'm john berman with brianna keilar. breaking overnight, five dead in a wisconsin christmas parade as an suv plows through the crowd. a person of interest in custody. two fox news personalities say they've had enough. the moment that drove them t


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