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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 22, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PST

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i'm john berman with brianna keilar. breaking overnight, five dead in a wisconsin christmas parade as an suv plows through the crowd. a person of interest in custody. two fox news personalities say they've had enough. the moment that drove them to
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quit. and the jury in the trial of the three men charged in ahmaud arbery's death to hear closing arguments this morning. we are live in georgia with the latest on that. a wild fight broke out on the basketball court between lebron james and isaiah stewart. it left one star's face bloody and bruised. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good morning to our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. it is monday, november 22nd. we are beginning with breaking news this morning. another community left reeling from yet another senseless act of violence coming days before the thanksgiving holiday. on sunday in waukesha, wisconsin, a i day that was supposed to be a day of celebration, it turned into a deadly nightmare. five are dead, 40 are injured. a catholic priest and at least a dozen children were among those
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injured. lawn chairs, hot chocolate, shoes spilled all over the streets. police, we have learned, have a person of interest in custody, but they are not saying if it's the driver of the suv. this morning, white house officials say they are had he closely monitoring the situation. president biden has been briefed. we are getting fresh witness accounts of the moments of chaos and tragedy. >> it is truly horrifying and shocking and very saddening and upsetting. parents were running around the area looking for their kids, looking for their families, looking for their friends. people quickly trying to get out of the area, trying to get to safety. >> i saw three people right in front of me get hit. and i saw people on the ground. there was blood. it was really bad. >> this morning police say it is a very fluid investigation. we expect formal updates in the
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coming hours. cnn's natasha with the latest. >> reporter: john, this morning police are working on investigating why this happened. they still have a lot of the downtown historic court closed off this morning as they investigate. we are over by main street where the parade route was. we are standing about three blocks west of where the red suv initially hit the first group of people. we can see police markings on the ground, people's belongings strewn across the street. this can be very disturbing to watch. a christmas parade in waukesha, wisconsin turned deadly after an suv plowed into the crowd sunday afternoon. >> there is a car going
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westbound. a red escape. >> reporter: the red vehicle speeds down the street barely missing a child wearing a pink coat. in there were a lot of screams. we thought it was santa. there was a red suv, and it hit a lot of people. >> reporter: this disturbing video shows the incident from above and the chaos off the car sped into the parade route, mowing down performers and onlookers. >> i saw maybe three people right in front of me get hit. i saw people right away run to the people who were hit and start cpr. i saw people on the ground. there's blood. it was really bad. >> reporter: angela o'boyle saw this from her balcony. >> i saw the it hit at least two people right away, rolled over both of them, and then rolled down the road. >> reporter: you can see a
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marching band playing. the red suv then barrels down the street. moments later, the video shows a police officer chasing after the vehicle. . >> we have 10 to 15 people town in the street. >> reporter: according to the city of waukesha, at least five people are dead and over 40 injured. . >> the vehicle struck more than 20 individuals. there are some fatalities as a result of this incident. >> reporter: 28 were treated at local area hospitals. >> we do not have any specifics on the injuries at this time. all the patients were transported. >> reporter: authorities are investigating the event this morning. >> we're no longer looking for a suspect vehicle. we do have a person of interest in custody at the moment. but this is still a very fluid investigation. >> reporter: the fbi is aware of the incident, and president joe biden has been briefed on the situation. meanwhile, in waukesha, the
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community is shaken but the celebration turned into a tragedy. >> so many in our community went to a parade but ended up dealing with injury and heartache. >> reporter: the mayor of waukesha was at this parade and told us just how stunned and shocked and in pain he was to see this celebratory moment turn so tragic. in talking to one of the witnesses who saw this, the thing that sticks with me is how she heard the parents yelling out their children's names to see if they were okay. this is a community that is in a lot of pain right now and still in a lot of shock, as i mentioned. still waiting for answers on why this happened. >> natasha chen, you have been there all night reporting. i know schools are closed in waukesha, which highlight that many of the victims might be quite young.
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natasha, thank you. deputy assistant director peter strzok. this is so historic and senseless. what is law enforcement doing right now? . >> it truly is terrible. and my heart goes out to the waukesha community because something like this, especially around the holiday, is very hard. this is a very large crime scene. there are a lot of individuals who are on the ground who are injured. there are people and bystanders taking photographs, taking video. all that evidence needs to be collected. let's not forget, too, the person of interest that's in custody, the authorities haven't indicated whether or not he's cooperating or talking to law enforcement. but certainly another avenue they will be looking at is what motivated this person? did he act alone. is this person responsible? law enforcement has a lot on their plate right now. i'm sure they will work to get to answers on what was behind this event. . >> there is already a lot of video footage we have seen from
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cell phones and stationary cameras. >> keep in mind, this was a parade. people come out to photograph and video what's going on. every one of those people are present that would be a great deal of assistance to law enforcement. i'm sure they are in the process of collecting that. we'll be faced in the days ahead with a lot of information to go through. . >> so the fbi is aware. what does that mean? that they have not been called in. >> they issued a statement that they were aware of it and local and state authorities are in charge of the investigation. the crimes that are potentially facing law enforcement at this point are not of a national scope. now, again, i would caution you and your listeners this is very early on. a lot is not yet known. we shouldn't rush to conclusions. at least at this point the fact that state and local authorities are the ones in charge lead me to believe this is not seen as
3:08 am
an act of terrorism. . >> have you ever seen something like this? >> not like this. this is absolutely tragic. to see so many people. to see so many young youth and faults in a christmas separation that was not held last year because of covid is just heartbreaking. again, my heart and prayers go out to the waukesha community. . >> so this is a parade in waukesha. we will see parades and christmas celebrations all over the country, right? new year's celebrations as well. what are the lessons that need to be taken away from here when it comes to security, if anything? obviously this is rare. but what does folks need to be focused on when it comes to security? . >> well, i think large public gatherings have historically been a place of agreementism sis from a law enforcement and security perspective, with thanksgiving parades, new year's celebrations. this is something law enforcement has keyed in on. there is concern about violence coming out from recent events
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and the trial in kenosha and rittenhouse and others. and if anything to although at this to try to take politics out of this event, look at our shared humanity and understand this is something where we can come together as a nation rather than something that will further take us apart. >> as they are looking at a person of interest, what makes it a person of interest and not them saying, look, this is the suspect? . >> well, law enforcement needs to build a case. they need to gather evidence, make sure they have the facts they need. they don't want to parental any potential jury pool. i would expect law enforcement is moving very, very quickly to gather evidence and then to work with prosecutors. if merited, if this person is in fact, somebody they would seek to charge, you would see criminal charges coming in the days ahead. . >> peter, thank you so much for taking us inside what they're doing. really appreciate it. peter strzok. two fox news contributors quit unexpectedly.
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expose, a hard-hitting piece of investigative journalism. in treatment, it is a collection of in coherency conspiracy-mongering, riddled with factual inaccuracies, half-truths, deceptive imagery and damning omissions. we felt we could no longer do right as we see it and remain at fox news. joining me is anchor of "reliable sources", brian stelter. i know they are not major stars at fox, but it is making a statement. >> yes. this very rarely happens in cable news, to see two long-time commentators walk out because they couldn't take it anymore. the reason they are not bigger stars is they have been constrained in the fox orbit. they were very significant players in the conservative commentary world. they have been squeezed out,
3:16 am
sidelined in the trump years because they are not sufficiently trump loyal. they are sharp critics of the narcissistic direction the gop has taken and the control that trump has over the party. as a result, they decided they couldn't take it anymore, tucker being the last straw. it shows a lot about tucker carlson and his power at fox and there are people inside the gop media who just can't stand it. >> i want to read a quote from jonah that he gave ben at the "times". suggesting that he and steve hayes thought that maybe fox would be changing. after the election. >> right. they stay they stayed at fox news as long as they did because of a sense from conversations at fax that, after mr. trump's defeat, the network would try to recover some of its independence and, as he put it, right the ship. >> i heard this from sources as well right after trump lost. maybe the fever has now broken. this is a version you're having about the republican party and
3:17 am
politicians in washington. will they break with the loser who failed to gain a second term? the answer has been no. it has been fox continues to lavishly promote trump and, more importantly, double down on incendiary rhetoric. there is a reason why tucker carlson is the highest host. he said there is a new war on terror trying to hurt half the country. that radicalized poison is what fox stands for. they said we were hoping this place might come back to normal, go back to a nor moderate pace. fox is choosing its lane, and its lane is over on tkpwoepl effort and greene's side and not on this more moderate back to politics sort of lane. >> explain to me rupert murdoch
3:18 am
felt fox should be doing and why it's not doing that. >> a few days ago he comes out and said president trump, the past is the past. in order to have conservatives leading the way, we need to let the past go and focus on the future. and yet over the weekend, trump calling in the laura ingraham show saying the election was rigged. and he is on sean hannity tonight, and he will probably say the same thing. i think murdoch, in his gentle wii, is jabbing the former president again. his jabs seem disconnected from what happens on fox news. if rupert murdoch would have cared about this, he would have made sure the reporters wouldn't have resigned last night. >> finally, brian, steve hayes
3:19 am
and jonah, is this the end? >> they recognize the danger that exist from this radicalized fox news. sit rare to see anybody resign. these guys are giving up hundreds of thousands of dollars in contracts. i would be surprised to see how they are making this move. >> brian stelter, appreciate you getting up this morning. thank you. >> thanks. >> in a few hours, closing arguments in the trial of the men accused of killing ahmaud arbery. the tiny tennis star suddenly reaers into. what she told officials in a new video call and why it's only raising more questions about her well-being. this holiday season, give your family the gift
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today is going to be a very busy day with multiple high-profile trials under way in america right now. here in a few hours, closing argument will be heard in brunswick, georgia, in the trial of three white men in the fatal shooting of ahmaud arbery. and the civil case involving white nationalists who organized the two-day unite the right rally back in 2017. that is when a man drove his car into a crowd of counterprotesters, kill one and injuring others. >> the not guilty verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial was acquitted friday in kenosha, wisconsin. in california, elizabeth holmes will be back on the witness stand. the founder of theranos said she
3:25 am
knowingly misled nurses, doctors, and patients about blood testing capabilities in order to take their money. >> down to ryan young who is covering a made arbery case. can you tell us what we're expecting today. >> reporter: good morning, brianna. we think closing statements will start today. the jury could get this today or early tomorrow morning. when you think about this case and how it's wrapped around race, so many people are holding their breath for the end of this week. it has been two weeks of testimony. . >> i had just killed a man. i had blood on me still. it was the most traumatic event of missed life. >> reporter: and filled with controversy. >> mr. which pastor is next? is raphael warnock going to be next this afternoon? >> reporter: multiple calls for a mistrial from defense attorney kevin gough because of high
3:26 am
profile people in the public gallery and gatherings outside the courtroom. . >> we are asking for a mistrial. >> reporter: all three denied. but today might be the last chance for either side to sway the jury. the man month fatally shot arbery was one of the last taking the stand. >> denied brandish any weapons? >> no, ma'am. >> didn't pull out any guns? >> no, ma'am. >> didn't pull out a knife? >> no, ma'am. >> never reached for anything, did he? >> no. >> he just ran? >> yes, he was just running. >> that was ahmaud arbery seeing this february 23rd, 2020 near brunswick in georgia. >> you are telling me a man who spent five minutes running away from you you're thinking is going to want to continue to engage with you, someone with a shotgun and your father, a man
3:27 am
who has just said, stop or i'll blow your [ bleep ] head off, by trying to get in the truck? >> that's what the shows, yes, ma'am. >> gregory mcmichael, his father and william bryan. the prosecution has, however, reminded the court over and over again what the defendants told police after the shooting. >> during your statement to the police, did you say that you and your father were trying to arrest mr. arbery? did you? >> in the statement? >> yeah, to the police. >> no, ma'am. >> reporter: prosecutors also pushed back against claims of self-defense. >> and you were right there, and you just pulled that trigger immediately? >> reporter: no. i was struck. we were face-to-face and being struck, and that's when i shot.
3:28 am
he started striking. he was on me. he was tugging on my shirt. i had the gun. and i was too close to draw on him. >> so you're saying that all of that took place, he's not your shirt, he's striking you, you've got the gun up in this thing, and you can't draw down on him. and it's a struggle, and he's on you and you're going back and forth in front of the truck. is that what you're saying? >> yes. >> reporter: the racial implications of three white men charged with murdering a black man have not going unnoticed. that day arbery's mother expressing home at the prayer vigil. . >> i am confident we will get a guilty verdict. very confident. >> reporter: inside the lawyer voiced his frustrations. >> this is not 1915, not 1923. there are not thousands of
3:29 am
people outside with pitch forks and baseball bats. this is what a public lynching looks like in the 21st century, with all due respect. . >> the judge calling gough out for making inflammatory statements in court. >> i will say that is directly in response, mr. gough, to statements you made which i find reprehensible. >> reporter: brianna, when you think about the racial history in this country when it comes to lynching, the fact that kevin gough would mention that in court caught many by surprise. of course he's been making statement after statement. we can already see a level of security that has been raised in the area, especially around the courthouse with extra deputies that are here. this all starts this morning. again, it will be interesting to see how this plays out the rest of the week. brianna. . >> ryan, to be clear, is the jury hearing that kind of thing, when you hear gough talking about that?
3:30 am
>>. >> reporter: no. they haven't heard in i of that. this has been happening with the jury outside of the court. >> all right. ryan young live for us in brunswick, georgia. thank you. down to cnn's jason carroll in charlottesville, virginia, where the jury is deliberating in the civil trial there. jason, what do we expect? >> reporter: well, the jury, as you know, deliberate rated for seven hours on friday. and just after they broke, they asked the judge if there was any way they could take the jury instructions. the judge said it was not something he wanted them to do but would allow them to do. there are 67 pages here of jury instructions. what it does is it really lays out the difference between a civil trial and a criminal trial and what jurors have to do here in terms of looking for evidence. in a criminal trial, as you know, they're looking for proof beyond a reasonable doubt. but not the case here in a civil trial. the jury instructions make it
3:31 am
very clear that what they're looking for is a preponderance of the evidence. whether or not there's a 51% chance or greater. they heard enough evidence in court basically to find these 24 defendants liable of conspiracy to commit acts of violence and they were driven biracial animas. the jury instructions, john, also detail what a conspiracy is and that it is not. for example, it says a conspiracy does not have to be a formal agreement under the law. no written contract is needed. no oral agreement is needed. and informal agreement is sufficient under the law. again, this is a civil trial. so what they are seeking here, plaintiffs are seeking, monetary damages. 7 to 10 million for each plaintiff. that was directly damaged by james alex fields' car. 3 to 5 million for the other
3:32 am
plaintiffs injured in other ways. in addition to that, they are seeking punitive damages here as well. so a lot for jurors to consider. the second day of deliberations get under way at 9:00 a.m. john. >> you know, what's interesting, the second prominent trial where the jury is asked to take the struck jury instructions back home. i guess the theory, why judges don't like it, it increases the chance that they will talk about the case when they're not in the jury room. >> reporter: exactly. >> on the other hand, a well-informed juror is not a bad thing, right? >> reporter: could be. could be. when you look at the detail listed in the jury instructions. again, 67 pages, going over point by point by point, a lot to absorb. again, as you know, legal experts will tell you there is always a risk that someone will be sitting at home reading through the jury instructions and be attempted to discuss it with someone else. >> or google it. jason carroll, thank you for
3:33 am
your reporting. keep us posted. a big day there. a buildup of russian troops near ukraine puts u.s. officials in a position where they have to ready for a possible invasion. bad blood on the basketball court. lebron james versus detroit pistons player isaiah stewart. what happened that set off this bloody brawl. efore. ♪ this is how we shine. ♪ find the perfect gift at zales. the diamond store.
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where coronavirus once again surging in parts of europe, violence has erupted during anti-lockdown protests. our cnn reporters are positioned around the globe to cover these developments. >> reporter: over the weekend, across multiple european cities, frustrations with new coronavirus restrictions boiled over at times turning violent. on sunday in belgium, 35,000
3:38 am
people were gathered in an anti-lockdown demonstration. social media video showed heavily armed police using water cannons. here in vienna on saturday, 40,000 protesters gathered against a vaccine man tate. still, european leaders say restrictions are needed to curb infections. >> reporter: i'm ben wedeman in bucharest, row main ya, a country with some of the lowest vaccination rates and which recently saw saw some of the highest covid mortality rates on earth. the numbers are starting to go down. yet the deposit, sensitive to violent opposition elsewhere in europe to new lockdowns is considering easing restrictions, which leaves medical staff bracing for a fifth wave of covid before the fourth has actually ended. >> reporter: i'm dave mckenzie in johannesburg.
3:39 am
the prime minister has been released from house arrest and done a deal with the generals who put him there in a coup just over a month ago. the prime minister saying he wanted to end the bloodshed after weeks of protests, the fragile coalition now will be negotiated. many of the civilian groups in the country have condemned this move, saying that it legitimizes the coup of late october. >> now, this morning there are growing concerns about russia's military activity on the border with ukraine. secretary of state tony blinken says the u.s. has been in very close consultation with european allies about the situation. >> we don't know what president putin's intentions are. but we do know what's happened in the past. we do know the playbook of trying to cite some illusory provocation from ukraine or any other country and then using that as an excuse to do what
3:40 am
russia is planning to do all along. >> let's talk about what is happening with cnn military analyst, retired colonel cedric lleyton. colonel, tell us about the military activity of what we are seeing on the border. >> this is really the map that is important in this particular case. you have ukraine, you've got russia, and you've got crimea. crimea is the area that approximate if we go to the next slide, it actually shows us where the russians took over back in 2014. they also took over this area through proxy forces. this is luhansk, donetsk. they are critically important to the economy of eye crane and frankly to ukraine's military and the ability to keep that country an independent country. >> so where are we seeing troops and weapons systems concentrated? >> if we take a look at the next slide, we look at this area
3:41 am
right here. this is moscow and minsk, capital of belarus. there is the m-1 highway and a-130. these are not expert states in the way we look at interstates. you see the small town of yelnya. there are tanks, armored personnel carriers, surface-to-air missiles, other rockets that they have. this concentration of weapons is really close to belarus and to ukraine. and the russian forces, if they choose to do so, can very easily use this as a staging area to get into northern ukraine and potentially even use belarus as an invasion route of ukraine if they wanted to do that. . >> what are satellite images showing us here? . >> they show us very interesting things. when you look at this place right here where you can see a whole bunch of different weapons that are parked here.
3:42 am
these, you know, are primary armored personnel carriers, trucks of various types. there might be a few tanks in some of the areas here. you are looking at 1,200 different kinds of weapons that are actually being staged in an area lookic this. this is a con tonement area used by the 41st combined force army, about a 30,000 strong military unit. and these units, you see some of the tanks here. they are t-80 tanks. those tanks are very important for anien innovation forces that are going to potentially be used in an effort to go after ukraine. what you are seeing here is a staging area that can be used for invasion if president putin decides to do that. . >> so how are you reading all these developments? that are they trying to achieve here? >> so russia is trying to intimidate ukraine, first and
3:43 am
for foremost. they are they are trying to divide us from our nato allies. they are trying to tell us these are the things we can do. we have forces in the area. we look at ukraine as being a place that is actually something that we control, the near abroad. it is an area they believe belongs to them. we have a different view. ukraine wants to be part of nato. it has not as of yet and it probably won't. but the key thing is this. if we don't protect ukraine, then the possibility exists that not only will an invasion take place, but it may very well affect other parts of eastern europe. that's why the stakes are so high in this moment >> all right. that's why we are keeping such an eye on this. colonel lleyton, thank you. . >> you not it. thanks so much, brianna. the chinese tennis star finally seen in public. but her sudden appearance is raising even more questions. and for the first time,
3:44 am
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more bizarre twists this morning in the disappearance and sudden reappearance of chinese tennis star peng shuai. she placed a video call assuring the committee she is safe. cnn's will ripley is live for us in taipei with the very latest. will. >> reporter: brianna, what is so puzzling about this video call is the stance that the ioc seems to be taking here. you had one official on the call just say she was so relieved to
3:49 am
see peng shuai relaxed and doing so well, saying that was the ioc's main concern. but some critics are saying that in fact, the ioc's main concern is not peng but profits. olympic organizers trying to calm the controversy. less than three months before the beijing winter games, the international olympic committee releasing a statement appearing to support the chinese government narrative, that the three-time olympian is doing just fine, despite growing concern for her freedom. the ioc handing out these images sunday, a 30-minute video call of peng, ioc president, and two other officials. cnn not allowed to see the video. and ioc statement summarizing the call with peng saying she is safe and well, living at her home in beijing but would like to have her privacy respected at this time. no pension of peng's explosive allegations three weeks ago that one of china's most senior couple mist leaders sexual
3:50 am
assaultly her, claims scrubbed from chinese social media. . >> they are taking a meek and frankly pathetic path to dealing with china when of course the ioc holds this great gift, the olympic games. and they have power. there is leverage in the ioc. >> reporter: that leverage apparently being use to bolster the couple mist party line. under growing pressure from the white house, united nations, international tennis stars. beijing seeking to quickly turn the page. state media releasing these videos of peng over the weekend out and about in beijing at a youth tennis tournament, at a favorite restaurant where the conversation just happens to mentioned date. november 21st, repeatedly. we can't confirm when they were taken. it was shared on twitter. chinese state media eagerly tweeting updates of peng, totally ignoring the story in their own country. unlike the ioc, the women's
3:51 am
tennis association taking a harder stance, demanding direct communication with peng, unmonitored, unkrep sored. they say this video does not change our call for a full, fair and trance parent investigation, without censorship. >> when the history books look back at this time, what an incredible master class, to call china on its abuses. >> reporter: some say the ioc is complicit in the silencing of a tennis icon who dared to speak out against a chinese leader. the wta says they simply don't have evidence right now that peng shuai is not being silenced, that she is not able to speak freely. they say none of the proof that has been provided by chinese
3:52 am
state media, john, gives them any comfort that she is actually in a position where her interests are being best represented. >> so, will, i want to explain to our viewers what's happening on our screen right now. underneath your face, they can see a pox which is the actual live feed of this broadcast in china. but it's all color bars. and it went to color bars the minute you started talking. so heats going on here? >> reporter: chinese censors, john. i have lost count the last eight years covering asia how many times cnn has been sensored. it used to be straight black. now they go to color bars. it is a live realtime censorship of what's happening in the mainland. they scrubbed news on peng. thief an army of censors waiting to push the button as soon as we
3:53 am
start talking about this story. the pressure is still mounting on beijing from the outside because of the efforts of journalists around the world and also diplomats wanting peng shuai to be able to speak her truth. . >> yeah. will ripley, thank you so much for that reporting. really appreciate it. up next, a basketball fight between lebron james and a pistons player. what set them off and left one with blood dripping from his face? we have new developments out of waukesha, wisconsin after an suv plowed into a christmas parade. we're going to speak to a witness who describes the scene as a horror show.
3:54 am
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3:58 am
a game for just the second time in his career. carolyn manno has this morning's "bleacher report". what went on here? >> well, there's some pretty serious contact that went on here. good morning, john. only been ejected twice in 19 seasons in the nba. the first one back in 2017. he made comments to a referee. this one much more physical. it happened three minutes while he blooded a face jostling for position. both players ended up being ejected. neither spoke to the media afterwards. it was pretty rough stuff. he got him in just the right spot. look who is back on the golf course. tiger woods posting this on sunday. he is seen hitting the ball for the first time since his car crash in february. this captioned "making progress." in the video you can see a
3:59 am
compression sock on his right leg. he sustained a lot of injuries to that foot and leg in the crash. people republican his comeback after spinal fusion surgery. he is just built different than the rest. >> you give him time. let's go back to the lake lakers-pistons fame. you can see the el boy go into the eye and then his hand follows up. >> i think this is difficult to make. there is some excessive contact. there is no question about it. i think he not him in the right spot. he is a high-energy player. >> stewart. . >> yeah. he's an energy guy. he was getting at lebron for the majority of the game. and it escalated to this point, which is unfortunate. a lot of people were talking about malice at the palace, almost to the day 17 years ago. this isn't exactly as wild as that. it is unusual to see lebron get into it in this way.
4:00 am
his teammates quick to come to his defense. he said, hey, he would never do this on purpose. and it was pretty funny also that russel westbrook didn't realize that he also got a technical foul. he said i got teed up too? a strange situation. >> it was a dirty play. whether it was intentional i think is the issue. >> probably didn't mean to bloody his face. >> "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. it is monday, november 22nd. we are getting new information on the tragedy in waukesha, wisconsin. a driver plows through a christmas parade. at least five people are dead. that number could change. more than 40 people are injured. >> there was a red suv seen seed speeding through the parade


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