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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 23, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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hello and a warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and all around the world. i'm max foster in london. just ahead on "cnn newsroom." why a driver plowed his car through a wisconsin parade in wisconsin. four were kid and 40 injured. what police are saying about the suspect's motives. another vigilante claiming self-defense. the jury in the ahmaud arbery
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case expected to get the case today. high profile names were involved in the "stop the steal" rally. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: live from london, this is "cnn newsroom" with max foster. win wisconsin they are learning more about the man who drove the car into the crowd. schools in the city a remain closed. five people were killed and almost 50 injured in the incident. authorities say there is no connection to terrorism. they say the suspect, 39-year-old darrell brooks was out on bail for unrelated charges in a domestic abuse case and he was involved in another domestic disturbance right before the parade incident. cnn's omar jimenez has the
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details from waukesha. >> reporter: a shocked community learning the names of the neighbors they lost. >> virginia sorensen, 79-year-old female. leanna olns, 71-year-old female. tamara durant, 52-year-old female. james coolidge, 52-year-old female. wh wilhelm, male. >> people down in the street, 40 casualties down main street. >> reporter: along with the dead, 48 people were injured. some as young as 3 years old. 18 children, including three sets of siblings are being treated at children's wisconsin in milwaukee. >> two of the 48 are children in
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critical condition. >> abrasions to broken bones to head injuries. >> reporter: police identify the suspect as 39-year-old darrell brooks. >> the suspect prior to the incident was involved in a domestic disturbance. >> reporter: brooks was release on $1,000 bail in connection to charges including domestic abuse. he allegedly ran over a woman with his car, and the incident came after another 2020 case where he was charged with two counts of reckless endangering safety. he allegedly fired a gun during an argument. cnn reached out to his attorney from the incidents but did not get a response. meanwhile, new audio of the parade incident makes clear the chaos of the moment heard in the voices of the first responders. >> escape, black male, i couldn't stop him. he's going westbound. alert all the hospitals. >> reporter: along the parade route kaylee thought at first the vehicle was in the parade. seconds later she realized it wasn't.
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>> huyou see people running arod and crying and running into the store fronts and you realize this is real, this is serious and people are hurt because of it. >> reporter: among those dead, members of milwaukee's dancing grannies who posted their facebook page said those who died were extremely passionate grannies. their eyes gleamed with the joy of being a granny. they were the glue that held us together. now, as a community here continues to try and recover, the investigation into the suspect darrell brooks continues. he has a criminal history going back to the doctor 90s. but on that incident earlier this month he posted a thousand dollars bail for, the woman he allegedly ran over claimed to be the mother of his child and she also claimed that the car part of the it didn't happen until after he allegedly hit her with a closed fist. now, we reached out to his attorney for that incident and haven't gotten a response on that, but the milwaukee county district attorney's office called the amount that the bail
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was set for inappropriately low, saying that it was not consistent with their risk assessment procedure. the suspect has his initial court appearance for this christmas parade incident on tuesday. police have said they will be referring five counts of first degree intentional homicide. omar jimenez, cnn, waukesha, wisconsin. >> many videos of the incident were posted on social media, of course. last hour cnn national security analyst julia spoke to our rosemary church about how those videos can be used as evidence. >> in terms of his conduct while he's doing that, his defense, if one assumes he's going to have a defense, it is clearly going to be this was not purposeful, it was a horrible, horrible accident. that's hard to say when you make a turn going however many miles per hour into a crowded area. you are more likely than not to harm or kill someone. so the videos will be utilized
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to counter that if any potential defense. he clearly knew what was happening. he did not stop. he did not try to help in any sort of way. and that's why all of these videos are so important. >> well, the initial charges will be filed in the coming hours and more charges are possible as the investigation unfolds. in southern georgia, jury deliberations are expected to begin soon in the trial of three men charged in the fatal shooting of ahmaud arbery. an unarmed black man. cnn's martin savage is following the racially-charged case. >> reporter: as the trial reaches its critical final days, protests outside the glen county courthouse have grown in size and volume. for the first time armed citizens with semi-automatic weapons were seen patrolling the perimeter of the courthouse grounds while inside the courthouse courthouse attorneys gang making
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their closing arguments. they face murder charge ands potential life in prison for the killing of 25-year-old jogger ahmaud arbery. >> this case is really about assumptions and driveway decisions. they made their decision to attack ahmaud arbery in their driveways because he was a black man running down the street. >> reporter: and reminding the jury the definition of a citizens arrest according to the law. >> they never, ever said on february 23rd, 2020, that they were doing a citizens arrest. a citizens arrest is for emergency situations where the crime happens right in front of you. they never said it. none of the defendants saw mr. arbery commit any crime that day. >> reporter: travis mcmichaels defense attorney attempting to drive home the argument his client was simply acting out of civic duty and responsibility. >> travis mcmichael spent most of a decade of his life learning about duty and responsibility.
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>> reporter: arguing to the jury his, quote, duty was ned cessar that february day. >> his neighborhood was being covered in suspicious persons, in extra watches and neighborhood patrols and concerned citizens. >> reporter: insisting arbery's presence was suspicious. >> there is no evidence whatsoever that it was a place of exercise and jogging for arbery. >> reporter: gregory mcmichael's attorney continued arbery was in the neighborhood up to no good. that was obvious by his appearance. >> that does not reflect the reality of what brought ahmaud arbery to satilla shores in his khaki shorts, with no socks to cover his long dirty toe nails. >> reporter: laura hogue repeated over and over that arbery was the blame for his own death. >> he was a recurring nighttime
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intruder, and that is frightening and unsettling. >> reporter: and william brian's attorney kevin goff, arguing there would wouldn't be a trial if it weren't for his cell phone or the video he took. >> he was armed with his cell phone. isn't it time, isn't it time, ladies and gentlemen, that we send roddy brian home? >> reporter: the growing protests outside the court threatened the proceedings, the presence of demonstrators with guns had attorney goff motioning for a mistrial. it was denied. the judge did say he decided to move the jury deliberations to an interior room in the courthouse to keep jurors out of sight and earshot of the demonstrations. after court recessed for the day, attorney lee merrett said
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the arbery family appreciated support from protesters. but asked them not to go so far to interfere with the trial itself. >> the community's presence has been an encourage the to the family but we can't allow anything to disrupt justice in this case. >> reporter: the jury is expected to get this case later or sometime around midday tuesday. but here's the problem. you get wednesday, but then thursday in the united states is a major holiday, thanksgiving. and there is a concern that that kind of time pressure could impact the jury's decision if they wanted to try to make a decision before the holiday. martin savage, cnn, brunswick, georgia. >> defense attorneys tried to present ahmaud arbery as a criminal on monday. laura hogue, one of the defense lawyers, went even further saying arbery had, quote, long dirty toe nails. a gasp could be heard in the courtroom after those remarks and arbery's family was outraged.
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>> this was very difficult for the family. we saw them at different stages walk out the courtroom because literally after those men in that courtroom assassinated their child, now they're sitting here assassinating his character. >> regardless of what kind of toe nails he had, what size legs he had, that was still my son. and my son actually was running for his life in that description. >> some legal experts were also outraged by the toe nail comment. >> that was one of the most disgusting disgraceful things i've heard an attorney say in a criminal proceeding throughout my career. i can tell you this. if you said something like that in a northern courtroom, you'd be held in contempt of court. there might even be a mistrial with such a clearly racist and
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improper statement. >> beyond the pale, and in addition to that which she was repeatedly doing, making re references to our neighborhood and this neighborhood had to be a certain way and we wanted the neighborhood quiet and the neighborhood was peaceful, the neighborhood, the neighborhood. what i really think she was doing was trying to relate, right, this is where we get back to the issue of 11 white jurors and one african-american juror, notwithstanding the 75% white and 25% break down in the community. so i think she was really playing to them and i think she overplayed her hand. it was really despicable. >> well, cnn will continue to monitor this trial as jury deliberations get underway and we'll have live updates for you on any new developments. in the coming hours, the jury will resume deliberations in the trial against the organizers of the 2017 unite the right rally in charlottesville, virginia. the center of that case is it whether defendants conspired and planned the violence that broke out for racist and religious
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raw. the rally reached a tipping point when one drove his car into the crowd and killed heather heyer. it was similar to the chaos we saw on the january 6 attack in washington. >> reporter: it was a preview of what we saw, el paso, to capitol hill, there's been a through line of extremism. while we saw the architects of extremism getting served, like roger stone, steve bannon, these are their shock troops who are now seeing the folly of their actions and discovering that hate has consequence. >> he mentioned roger stone and others being subpoenaed by congress. that and much more coming up well. now, more than 3 1/2 years after the tragic shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida, the families of the shooting victims
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have reached a settlement with the justice department related to their lawsuit over the fbi's failure to act on tips warning about the gunman. some teen members were killed when a gunman opened fire last february. lead counsel for the families says once the financial details are confidential, it is a historic settlement. as we heard, lawmakers investigating the u.s. capitol riot have summoned prominent allies of donald trump to testify. one observer says they won't be able to resist the opportunity to spar with that committee. and the white house hopes to offer some relief on gasoline prices, but the plan relies on international cooperation. details on that ahead. cold who's boss, o show yor grab mucinex all-in-one... and get back to your rhythm. ♪ the relief you need. the cash you want. the black friday sale is on for the #1 gift this holiday season,
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a long-time republican and conspiracy theorist among the latest allies of former president donald trump being called to testify at congress. roger stone and alex jones have been subpoenaed by the committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol, as the organizers and funders of the
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stop the steal rallies. they relentlessly lied about the election and whipped up this mob into a frenzy. ryan nobles has the story. >> reporter: the january 6 committee issuing five new subpoenas. five new individuals closely associated with the planning and execution of the rallies leading up to january 6 including the big "stop the steal" rally that took place in front of the white house. many of the people who participated in that rally ended up here on capitol hill in an attempt to interrupt the certification of the november election. there's two big names in this group. alex jones and roger stone, two major conservative provocateurs, people that have been long-time supporters of the former president donald trump, and, of course, played a big role in peddling the lies about the election that trump was the leader of. they also helped to raise money and convince people to come to washington on january 6 with the implicit goal of trying to interrupt the democratic process. but it's not just jones and
1:20 am
stone. there are three other names. taylor budavich currently the spokesperson for the former president in his capacity outside of the white house, and then two other individuals, dustin stockton and jennifer lawrence. they are an engaged couple. they have been behind the scenes players in all of this, closely associated with steve bannon, also closely associated just on the outer ring of the trump campaign and the trump political effort. they had a lot to do with the organization, the raising of funds and the spending of funds as it relates to those rallies on january 6th. there is a big question, though. it's just how cooperative these witnesses will be, particularly alex jones and roger stone who have a penchant for either ignoring congratulations and legal requirements that are put on them, or outright lying to panels like this. this is what the -- one of the committee members zoe lofgren had to say about both of these individuals coming before the
1:21 am
committee. >> mr. stone raised money for security through his website, stop the he reportedly had an affiliation with the oath keepers that led some of the assault on the capitol. he made remarks that he was planning to lead the march to the capitol from the elipse that day. mr. jones claims to have raised the majority of the funds for the staging of the rally. so, we want to find out what they know. we're following up with other leads that we have received about the funding. >> reporter: this ultimately, though, is about connecting dots. there were obviously three layers to all this, right. there was the peddling of the election lie first. there was the effort to bring people here to washington. and then the final step would be convincing people to come into the capitol on that day to try and interrupt the democratic
1:22 am
process. at this point the committee has not shown direct evidence that those three stages have a direct connection, and that those connections lead back to someone like donald trump, but that's clearly the role or the goal that they have throughout this process, bringing together this group could be one piece of that big puzzle. ryan nobles, cnn, on capitol hill. the former director of the fbi predicts roger stone and alex jones will testify because they can't resist the spotlight or the chance to -- the panel and weighed in on the committee's strategy. >> the committee telegraphed what they're thinking with each round of subpoenas we see coming out. for my money, what seems clear is they are focused intently, not on specifically the mayhem of the insurrection on january 6th, but on the days leading up to january 6th.
1:23 am
they are trying to get to who was at the center of planning this activity, how was it funded, where were those communication networks, who was involved, who was talking to who, and how does this potentially get back to the white house. and, of course, the ultimate question, was the violence part of the plan? and i think these subpoenas are a great way of closing down the loop on those questions and really getting to the center of it. >> meanwhile, a new york man has been sentenced to 19 months behind bars for threatening to assault or murder members of congress, including house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader chuck schumer. brendan hunt whose father is a retired judge had also posted videos discussing the riot and encouraging others to go back to the capitol on inauguration day and bring their guns. and an indiana man is being charged with carrying a loaded firearm to the capitol grounds on january 6 and assaulting police officers. mark mazza told investigators he
1:24 am
never did get to talk to nancy, referring to speaker pelosi. and said he was glad he didn't, quote, because he would be here for another reason, implying he would have harmed her. he lost his gun during the battle with police. it was loaded with five rounds. just a matter of hours, president biden will deliver remarks on the u.s. economy in his plans for lowering prices for american consumers. with inflation on the rise and economic uncertainty, mr. biden opted to stay the course by reappointing jerome powell as chairman of the federal reserve. >> now, some will no doubt question why i am renominating jay when he was a choice of a republican predecessor. why am i not picking a democrat? why am i not picking fresh blood or taking the fed in a different direction? put directly, at this moment of both enormous potential and enormous uncertainty for our
1:25 am
economy, we need stability and independence at the federal reserve. >> today the economy is expanding at its fastest pace in many years. carrying the promise of the return to maximum employment. challenges and opportunities remain as always. the unprecedented reopening of the economy along with the continuing effects of the pandemic led to supply and demand imbalances, bottlenecks and a burst of inflation. we know that high inflation takes a toll on families, especially those less able to meet the higher costs of essentials, like food, housing and transportation. we will use our tools both to stu port the economy and strong labor market and veent higher inflation from becoming in trencheds. >> the progressive wing of the president's own party, senator elizabeth warren objects to powell's deregulation of banks against his nomination. she also called him a dangerous man to head the fed. the president needs bipartisan
1:26 am
support for the nomination to pass. the ranking member the senate banking committee republican senator pat toomey says he'll support the nomination, however. the president hopes to announce releasing oil from the strategic oil reserve to bring gas prices down. the announcement is contingent on agreements from other nations. the u.s. asked china, india and south korea to join a coordinated effort to release reserves of crude oil. the white house hopes to circumvent opec's resistance to ramp up oil production to meet rising demand. >> the american consumer never likes to pay more at the pump, but we are focused on doing everything that we can to make sure that american consumers are not bearing the short end of the stick during these periods. that's what the president will be talking when tomorrow, taking actions where we can and make sure we can provide relief to american consumers and also make sure when the price of oil comes
1:27 am
down that american consumers see that benefit at the price at the pump. that's not what's been happening over the last several weeks and that is a concern we have here. now, curious minds want to know if the president plans to run for reelection in 2024. all eyes point to yes. on monday president biden said he will seek a second tirm, later confirmed by white house press secretary jen psaki on air force one. it comes amid reports the president and inner circle are debating whether he could commit to another campaign given his age. president biden turns 79 over the weekend. now, up next, covid cases are ticking back up across the united states just as the holiday season kicks into high gear as well. we'll break down the numbers for you just ahead. plus, the pandemic isn't stopping millions of americans from traveling this thanksgiving, but the weather might stop them. we'll have the holiday forecast for you.
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welcome to "cnn newsroom." i'm max foster. if you are just joining us, do let us bring you up to date, rather, with the top stories this hour. jury deliberations are expected to begin today in the trial of three white man accused of chasing down and killing ahmaud arbery, a 25-year-old unarmed black man running through a south georgia neighborhood. and vigils were held monday night in waukesha in wisconsin, a day after a driver plowed an suv into a crowd of people at a christmas parade killing five people and injuring others.
1:32 am
we will have these stories throughout the day for you. clearly cases rising once again in the united states just as the country prepares to celebrate the thanksgiving holiday. the u.s. is now averaging more than 95,000 new cases a day. that is about half of what we saw this time last year, but compared to last week, cases are up around 16%. on top of that, hospitals are seeing more covid patients. more than a third of states reported a significant jump in hospitalizations. last week compared to the week before. despite all of that experts say it is still safe for people to gather with family and friends this thanksgiving if everyone is fully vaccinated. >> we are really enthusiastic for people to be able to gather again for this holiday season and we were just encouraged that people do so safely. of course, that means to get vaccinated if you're not yet vaccinated, and ideally to practice safe prevention measures before heading into gathering numerous households together. but just as you note, one extra
1:33 am
way of protection you might take is to take a rapid test before you gather together. >> soaring coronavirus cases across western europe are prompting new restrictions and for some a return to lockdown. austria began a nationwide partial lockdown on monday for at least the next ten days. the latest government data shows the country's covid cases are skyrocketing with the seven-day instance rate setting a new record. the delta variant is driving this latest surge. this map shows the increase just in the past week compared to the previous week. the darker the shade of red, the more severe the outbreak. cnn's cyril vanier joins us from paris where you have news today, cyril, about the prime minister's contraction of the disease. >> reporter: yes, absolutely. covid hitting the highest levels of state here in france, max. the prime minister's 11-year-old daughter tested positive for covid yesterday, and that prompted the prime minister to do a covid pcr test.
1:34 am
while he was waiting for the results, he self-isolated. he took part in an emergency crisis meeting for the unrest in the caribbean island of guadalupe. remotely while he was waiting for the result and the result came back the prime minister tested positive, max. that means for the next ten days, he is going to be self-isolating. he is going to be working remotely. we can infer from that that his -- he is asymptomatic for the moment, and, of course, then you have to contact trace. who was the prime minister in contact with over the last few days? well, with the belgian prime minister, he just came back from a working meeting in brussels, so the belgian prime minister and multiple other belgian ministers are now isolating. he was also in physical contact with the french victorious rugby team over the weekend. they're wondering whether there were any infections there. also interesting to note, this is a breakthrough case because
1:35 am
the french prime minister was fully vaccinated, max. >> in terms of these lockdowns we're talking to, in particular in reference to austria, it does feel as if going into the winter the deeper winter that we're seeing the continent locking down increasingly. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. you have austria that's on lockdown, the netherlands are already in a partial lockdown. you have belgium that is imposing four days of homeworking per week. you have countries that are gradually imposing stricter and stricter measures. now, austria is mandating vaccines starting february 1st. people who are not vaccinated will actually be paying a fine. and as we see the cases go up and the restrictions go up, we are also seeing the unrest, the pushback against those restrictions increase with violent protests we saw in multiple european countries. today the interesting thing about this, max, we've seen a scenario similar play out in france during the summer when the french president imposed a
1:36 am
vaccine pass that essentially effectively cut off the unvaccinated from many areas of public life. that prompted protests during -- la lasted several months. you know what else it did, max? it prompted a massive rise in the vaccination rate. france going from one of the least vaccinated countries in western europe at that time, early summer, to one of the most vaccinated now. and it is faring relatively better than some of its neighbors, especially germany and austria. >> okay. cyril, thank you very much indeed. as you can see, get being pretty cold across europe as well. thanksgiving travel is in full swing in the u.s. and it is breaking pandemic records. friday marked an all-time high in travel with more than 2.2 million screened at tsa in airports. travelers could be facing headaches later this week with storms and snowy weather in the forecast for many there. let's bring in our
1:37 am
meteorologist. good morning to you, tyler. >> hey, good morning, max. we are looking at a very busy weather map behind me. so let me work you through the systems that we're watching for the next 72 hours and could impact travel. system number one is actually the cold front that pushed offshore yesterday. behind this front, colder air and some gusty winds across the northeast and the great lakes, and on those winds we have lake effect snow here. that could lead to a little bit of some problems for us in terms of the travel up there. but air travel across the country right now all good. we've got the green light across the entire country. that could change in the days to come, though. take a look at this. out west across the northern rockies going on into the northern plains, there is an area of low pressure gathering strength and pushing eastbound. this system is going to pickup the winds across the plains. we're talking about winds up to 60 miles per hour in some areas. that could lead to some delays. and then, yes, that system is also going to lead to snowfall
1:38 am
across the northern rockies. we're looking at up to 10 inches of snow, and then as it pushes east it's going to gather strength and create a mixed bag of weather across the country. not only on the busiest travel day of the year, wednesday, then thanksgiving, but also by friday, too, as it pushes to the east. on thanksgiving itself, max, we are looking at trouble spots in likely seattle, around the great lakes and then from houston up through st. louis and on into chicago. >> thank you very much indeed. busy weekend. now, thanksgiving day target runs are a thing of the past we're told. the popular american retail giant announced monday its stores will be closed every year on thanksgiving from now on. target did close stores last year due to the pandemic. monday's announcement made the change permanent. u.s. president joe biden and the first lady visited american troops at fort bragg, north carolina for what's being called a friends giving.
1:39 am
♪ the couple thanked both service members and their families. president biden recounted his late son beau's service in iraq and work in kosovo. adding that he knows how hard it is to have someone missing from the table on a holiday. he then served the troops stuffing while joe biden dished up mashed potatoes. the first lady was on hand to bring holiday cheer to the white house. ♪ the new white house christmas tree, a tradition of the u.s. first ladies dating back to the 1960s. this year's tree is a frazier fir from north carolina. the theme for the decorations will be announced after thanksgiving. it is a long line of christmas trees, the fir making a debut in
1:40 am
1889. still to come, growing fears of a russian invasion of ukraine. how the u.s. military is planning to counter that threat. and an horrific accident in bulgaria kills more than 40 people including a dozen children. details ahead.
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at least 45 people have died in the deadliest bus accident in bulgaria's history. authorities say the bus was carrying mainly north macedonia tourists when it crashed in flames in northwest bulgaria. seven people are in stable conditions with burns. the cause of the accident is unclear. the bus apparently hit a highway barrier either before or after it caught fire. a christmas parade in brazil was interrupted monday after a sidewalk collapsed injuring at least 33 people after they fell into a nearby river. 21 adults and 12 children were sent to local hospitals with
1:44 am
injuries, though none of them were serious incredibly. the site is being investigated by local officials. the city's mayor has already called a meeting for tuesday to determine the next steps in that investigation. russian spawn intelligence service is dismissing concerns about an invasion of ukraine is false. u.s. and western allies are watching closely as moscow masses troops on the border and the region. cnn's jim sciutto has more. >> reporter: with concerns growing about a russian military buildup on the ukrainian border, the biden administration is now considering sending military trainers to the region. and military equipment that could include javelin anti-tank missiles and mortars, as well as stinger air defense missiles. multiple officials tell cnn. but the biden administration is still weighing the consequence of such moves. with some administration officials concerned they could be seen by the kremlin as a
1:45 am
major escalation. >> javelin anti-tank missiles were quite effective against the t-80 tanks which is the russians are employing against ukraine right now. >> reporter: the u.s. has been warning allies of a possible russian invasion, with just a short window to prevent russia from taking action. as top u.s. officials increasingly sound the alarm publicly. >> we have real concerns about russia's unusual military activity on the border with ukraine. >> we're not sure exactly what mr. putin is up to. >> reporter: a top ukrainian intelligence official claims in an interview with the military times that russia has more than 92,000 troops amassed near ukraine's border that are preparing to attack in january or february. these satellite images from earlier this month show those russian t-80 tanks as well as armoured personnel carriers and other equipment. massed in the small town of yelnia, a possible staging area
1:46 am
for invading ukraine from the north, potentially through russia's ally, belarus. >> we don't know what president putin's intentions are, but we do know what's happened in the past. we do know the playbook of trying to cite some ill -- illusory provocation all along. >> reporter: his response is to call existing support for ukraine a provocation. sno >> translator: we need to consider domestic partners worsen the provocation and having provocative exercises in the black sea. >> reporter: jim sciutto, cnn, washington. still to come, new -- hurting minorities than others, not just weather, but pollution. the government is failing to protect them.
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1:51 am
a spokesperson for china's ministry of foreign affairs issued this statement a short while ago. the spokesperson also reiterated peng's situation was not a diplomatic issue and that some western forces are trying to force the tennis star to demonize china's political system. the story around peng gained global attraction after she accused aid former chinese leader of sexual assault. lebron james won't be in the lineup tonight when the los angeles lakers take on the new york knicks. he has been suspended for the first time in his 19-year nba career. james was ejected from sunday's game against the detroit pistons for hitting isaiah stewart in the face. james' teammate says it was an accident, as stewart was also ejected for escalating the situation. he's been suspended for two games. the climate crisis of
1:52 am
extreme weather and disease can affect americans. often it is low-income communities and people of color who bear the brunt of those growing threats. cnn's rainy marsh explains. >> reporter: it's been nearly three months since hurricane ida, a category 4 storm, slammed louisiana. yet this small black community of ironton looks like the storm hit yesterday. >> they've got people that lost everything, don't know where they're going to get their next meal from. >> reporter: what is that like, having to know that every hurricane season you don't know if you're going to lose everything? >> i've never been to war, but i can imagine what a young man that's been in the war and dealing with posttraumatic stress, because this is a form of posttraumatic stress. >> reporter: steps away from destroyed homes, caskets with the dead inside sit under the warm louisiana sun. the state-run cemetery task force has not returned them to their resting place after flood
1:53 am
waters forced them from their gravesites. >> it's heartbreaking to see that no one's really trying to put them back. >> reporter: ironton is where the mississippi river meets the gulf of mexico south of new orleans. much of the area is below sea level and it has the dubious distinction of being one of the fastest-vanishing places on the planet due to climate change and due sea level rise. a recent epa report found minorities are likely to live on land endangered by rising sea levels and more likely to die from extreme temperatures. but extreme weather is not the only danger. a drive along the mississippi river between new orleans and baton rouge reveals an 85-mile stretch of more than 150 petroleum and chemical companies that have sandwiched whole neighborhoods while spewing harmful emissions. more vulnerable to climate change, more exposed to
1:54 am
pollutants, it's the proverbial 1-2 punch michael regan came to see as the biden administration promises to address environmental in justices in minority and low-income communities. >> the general feeling here is that their government has failed them. >> i think the state and federal government and local government has failed the people in terms of effectively communicating and being transparent and offering some levels of relief. >> reporter: failing people like 81-year-old robert taylor, a lifelong resident of louisiana's cancer alley where the nation's highest cancer rate is concentrated. >> we want him to stop the slaughter. this is outright slaughter. >> reporter: these are all of taylor's family members diagnosed with cancer. almost everyone here has a cancer story. >> when you look at how much industry is here and the suffering that we're seeing, there has to be a correlation.
1:55 am
>> reporter: the state has not declared this a public health emergency. are you prepared to go against that? >> we're going to assess the data. we're going to follow the facts. we're going to follow the science. and we're going to follow the law. >> reporter: we reached out to the state of louisiana about those cast kevin tibbles that you saw in the piece there, but did not get a response. rene marsh, cnn, washington. albert einstein's manuscript for the general theory of relativity is going up for auction in paris. christy's auction house says the 50-page dock supermarket is worth up to $3.4 million. the manuscript is one of two surviving documents recording how einstein arrived at one of the greatest scientific discoveries in history. >> translator: the einstein manuscript is a work document signed by einstein and his colleague and friend. it is a document that shows the
1:56 am
birth of the general theory of relativity which is probably the most important discovery of albert einstein's career and one of the most important theories in the history of modern physics. >> now, ion steineinstein made errors in the manuscript, which is proof nobody is perfect. before we go, new findings on what makes for a good hug. researchers at the university of london examined hugging behavior somehow in the uk. we're not that into it. they found that long hugs, those lasting 5 to 10 seconds are more pleasant than short hugs lasting just one second. i could have told them that. they also found that crisscross hugs, dancing as you may imagine, are more common than neck/waist hugs. and the crisscross hugging style is more common between men than between women or mixed pairs. so now you know. researchers hope this and future
1:57 am
studies will help them wrap their arms on what they call an under study human behavior. thank you for joining us. i'm max foster. "early start" is next. and get back to your rhythm. ♪ the relief you need. the cash you want. facing expensive vitamin c creams with dull results? olay brightens it up with new olay vitamin c. gives you two times brighter skin. hydrates better than the $400 cream.
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on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. the suspect in the deadly attack at a wisconsin christmas parade was out on bail at a price now being called inappropriately low. and today the jury is expected to start deliberating the fate of three men charged in ahmaud arbery's death. what one of their lawyers said yesterday that drew gasps in the courtroom. not transitory, fed chie


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