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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  November 23, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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the jury found five defendants liable for violating virginia law on harassment and vie is lens. tell us. >> they did indeed, finding them liable on several counts and the damages are significant. this is nothing short of a financial blow to the white nationalists. more than $26 million in compensatory damages on several claims. among them, finding five defendants were liable for racial, religious or ethnic harassment or violence under a virginia state law. and that all the defendants participated in a conspiracy. >> i think it this verdict today is a message that this country does not tolerate violence based on racial and religious lay hey tread in any form. >> reporter: in addition, the driver of the car that plowed into the crowd of counterprotesters killing one
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and injuring dozen its was found liable for more than $12 million for assault or battery and for inflicting emotional distress. >> there's going to be accountability for the people who did this. >> reporter: more than half of the damages against fields, the rest spread among various defendants among the white nationalist movement. >> the defendants are dst constitute. i don't know how the plaintiffs are going to it get anything. >> reporter: the jury was dead locked on the first two claims that they conspire d to commit racial violence. and fields' car that rammed through the crowd and private communications allegedly showing organizers discussing the potential for violence, quote, cracking skulls and even whether it's legal to drive into protesters. but the defendants said they didn't plan the violence. it wasn't their fault and that what they said before the rally was hyperbole and protected free speech. the damages awarded mean a judgment against some of
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america's most notorious white nationalists. the damages will go to the plaintiffs, who include some of of those most severely injured in the brawl. >> i think we did a decent job on the defense side cutting the damages down to size. >> reporter: an effort to cripple the white nationalist movement. >> it sets a precedent. you should expect plaintiffs will file suit under these laws in the future. so the trial now is a deterrent against future white supremacist conduct of the kind we saw in 2017. >> two attorneys told us after the verdict they are going to try to get the damage assessments against their clients reduced. they have already succeed ed in crippling some of the most
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notorious white supremacists, but it may not be over for them. regarding the federal counts that the jury was not able to reach verdicts on. the plaintiffs attorneys told us they are going to try to bring those cases again. fpz. >> brian todd, an important case, thank you very much. let's get more on the breaking news with jeffrey toobin. also joining us is jonathan greenblat. and ellie reeve in sc charlottesville. jonathan, four years after the deadly rally, what was going through your mind today learning a about this verdict? >> well, it's interesting because four years ago, no one would have imagined you'd see one of the largest demonstration its we saw in america in decades play out the way this it did. but four years later, make no mistake, the ramifications of
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this case cannot be understated. a $25 million judgment is indeed financially devastate ing for t white supremacist movement. this has proven clearly there are consequences for diluted conspiracies. individuals will be held accountable. there were no fine people ma radding through the crowd in charlottesville chanting, and this verdict seals it. >> certainly not a fine day for the defendants in all of this. do you think this is it going to send a chilling enough message to act as a deterrent? >> i don't know if it's chilling enough, but it is a significant verdict. it is important to realize as one of the defense attorneys said that these defendants don't have millions of dollars. and they won't pay millions of dollars. but they will face consequences and, in the 1980s, the law
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center won a similar lawsuit against the kkk, and that actually did cripple the kkk. and so i think people should recognize that there really will be consequences, even if these it full verdict amounts will photo be paid. >> you covered this rally as it unfolded with the disturbing chants. and then as it turned deadly, you saw what happened up close. how big of a blow is this verdict to some of the white supremacists? you have covered them since what happened in charlottesville. what drought think the effect will be? >> reporter: in 2017 they are at a the height of their power. and they were happy to let me know how smart they thought they were. but nearly every defendant i talked to said that it the alt-right is dead. but the online movement that was very obsessed with trump is gone. almost every group involved in
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this has quit the movement. most of the leaders have quit. the only person making a go at it is chris cantwell. he's been calling into a podcast to gain more followers. but he's called himself a star, that he's winning, but it has an air of desperation. the guy is in prison. >> he's not a star. he's scum. jonathan, the far right leaders and groups are now liable for more than $26 million in damages. picking up on with what jeffrey was saying, could that go some distance in hindering their ability to spread hate. do you share the view that some of these very awful people have been decemimated in their effor? >> here's the reality. in the 1980s, they helped to bankrupt the white resistance movement. they lost their compound.
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they lost earnings. we did that it 30, 40 years ago. i think today this will be a deterrent to future graups but here's the challenge that we have. extremism has been normalized and still amplified in large part because of social media. and if you think this wasn't a problem, i would say to you, there's a through line from charlottesville to capitol hill. so now we need to turn ore attention to the social media companies, where the extremists can amplify their ideas, where they still organize through platforms like facebook groups and as they are held accountable, now i think the government is regulating the social media platforms where these conspiracies have been able not just to take route, but planned and implemented by bad actors. >> and there were no large scale trials of these rally organizers by either the trump or biden
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administrations. how important was it to have some kind of accountability in this civil trial? does that dpo far enough, do you think? >> reporter: there has to be a multipronged attempt. and in this country, civil lawsuits matter a lot. i think we're diluting ourselves if we think that this verdict and the apparent end of this group is the end of white supremacists and extreme right wing violence. just remember the plot to kidnap the governor of fwan. remember january 6th. it's not the same group, but there are lots of similarities between them and between their goals, lots of similarities between how they organize and their use of social immemedia. so yes, this is one important step, but it's just one step. they are going to need to be a lot more.
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>> how are you reflect ing as yu watch the country grapple with these issues that we have been seeing. the rittenhouse trial, the trial that's taking place down in georgia, regarding the killing of ahmaud arbery, as jeffrey was saying, we do have this problem. it's just staerring us in the face. are we as a society tackling it to a sufficient degree? >> i think jeffrey is raising the right question. charlottesville brought us pittsburgh, el paso, capitol hill, and so much more. we need elected officials on both sides of the aisle to call this kind of hate out when it happens. i think the rise of vigilanteism, the normalization of violence, the emergence of armed militias. every american knows a about the proud boys. these are groups that weren't on the radar a few years ago.
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the problem isn't going to go away. although today's verdict was a deterrent, we have to literally root out the violence and root out the extremism wherever it happens in our political pr process. it's not part of liberal democracy. it doesn't belong. >> but can we not use the phrase both sides? this has nothing to do with both sides. it's the republican party that's been indulging the proud boys. it's the republican party that's been making excuses for the january 6th rioters. let's just be honest about where this extremism is coming from. >> far right extremism has been the cause of murders over the last decade. we have lots of data. there's no doubt about that. but i think, again, extremism needs to be addressed by people on the right when it happens from there, absolutely. >> it was a bad day for people who spread hate and violence. we need more days like this or
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else it's not going to stop. i suspect one civil trial is not going to come close to enough. thank you so much. we appreciate it. good talking to all of you. come lg up, the latest from another trial tracking national attention. the jury starting deliberating the fate of three suspects accused of murdering ahmaud arbery. and also the january 6th committee issues another round of subpoenas targeting right wing groups. we'll go to capitol hill for the detail, next. my friend stefanie, her skin was dry. i'm like girl you better get you some dove. she hooked me up. with a quarter moisturising cream, dove cleans effectively and cares beautifully. ♪ ♪ grandma, how wide are two reindeer? twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine... ♪ ♪
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correspondent ryan nobles. ryan, this time the committee is going after extremism groups and their leaders. some familiar names that people at home will recognize. >> no doubt about this. these right wing groups played a big role in the violence and chaos that took police here on january 6th. and members of two of the groups, the proud boys and the oath keepers, many of them have already been subject to investigations by the department of justice because of their role on january 6th. >> tonight the web of inquiry for the january 6th select committee continues to spread out. the committee has issued a total of 45 subpoena ises. the latest, a new group targeting groups involved in the riots. the committee asking for information from two far right groups, the proud boys and henry tario and the oath keepers and their president. also subpoena issed, robert lewis, chairman of the fringe
3:17 pm
militia group with connections to qanon, the first amendment provided security on that day. >> expect each of these individuals to show up, tell us the truth and help us uncover all of of the facts. >> reporter: on monday they handed down five new subpoena ises focused on see players in the rallies leading up to january 6th. the two high profile targets, conservative provocateurs. the duo has a long standing relationship with donald trump and fanned the flames of misinformation about the 2020 election leading up to january 6th. jones promising chaos during the certification of the electoral college results the day before. jones and stone both already forecasting that they won't give the committee a what they are
3:18 pm
l look ing. as one framed for lying to congress, i would probably assert my fifth amendment right and decline to be interviewed. >> reporter: while the committee continues its push to get witnesses to hand over documents, it's also battling in the courts to get access to hundreds of documents from the trump white house. trump's legal team continues to contend the information should be can want secret under executive privilege. the committee's lawyers evoking shaims peer to make their argument. any inquiry that did not insist on examining trump's documents and communications would be worse than useless. the equivalent of staging a a production of hamlet without the prince of denmark. the fight over access to information comes as new video of the chaos on january 6th is released. it shows rioters forcibly pushing into the capitol complex despite police attempting to shut doors to lock the complex down. the mobs toing trash cans and other items to force the door
3:19 pm
open and chasing overwhelmed police out of the way. while many of the members of the organizations are under investigation because of their roles on january 6th, one of these individuals now under subpoena by the january 6th committee is already behind bars. the leader of the proud boys was charged and convicted because of vabd lymph in the protests after the election was called for joe biden. it's unclear how his situation behind bars impacts the committee's ability to get the information they are look ing for. >> that's an obstacle. we'll see how they get through it it. between the latest indictments from the january 6th committee and the verdicts in the unite the right trial, this has not been a fine day for people who pedal hate violence.
3:20 pm
let's get some insights. good to see you. when you look at these latest subpoenas of these far right group, i suppose it makes sense that the january 6th committee was going to have to subpoena these groups at some point and their leaders. what does it tell you about what the committee is trying to drill down on? >> every day that goes by, it becomes more and more clear that the committee wants to be as thorough as possible. so a couple things, yesterday we saw as the report indicated subpoenas to among other people alex jones and roger stone. you had people called to the committee by the justice department in the direct and immediate orbit of donald trump. they are going to look at everybody who had anything to do with anything in the lead up to january 6th. the second thing is i don't know if it's the case back to the new subpoenas issued today whether it's any attempt to get voluntary cooperation from these folks and those broke down so they it decide to issue subpoenas.
3:21 pm
that's probably less likely than it a new mode of operating, which is they are on the clock, people define the subpoenas already. they are it indicted by the justice department. so they are sending subpoenas and asking questions later. it shows a new amount of aggressiveness that's warranted here. >> the committee issued tosses of subpoenas, but a lot of witnesses are loyal trump allies, it's hard to imagine cooperating. you can't believe anything they say. are these drawn out legal fights really the best use of the committee's time and resources? or might they get bogged down chase ing people who might not that helpful. alex jones, how helpful can he be? >> i think that's a fair and interesting point. i think if you're the committee, you need to seek the testimony from everybody you can. you don't prejudge their
3:22 pm
noncooperation because you nvr know what might happen. but some of these folks, i don't believe they can get documents from third parties. that involve him in k communications between him and the president and others. so i think you have to seek all this information and all this testimony. i don't know how much additional time it will take. at this it point they have a prelt easy process. that doesn't take a lot of effort and probably it's the case with respect to some of them, they are day deefiant andt invoke the fifth amendment right, you can have a quick vote if you think it's appropriate to be referred to the justice department for contempt of congress criminal charges, i don't know it wastes a lot of time. there's no way you go through this process without asking for testimony from it all those kinds of people. >> great insight as always. we appreciate it. thank you. new tonight, coming up, the
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jurors have just finished their first day of deliberations in the case of the three white men charged with killing ahmaud arbery, an unarmed black man jocking through their neighborhood. we have the latest from an emotionally charged case. what's the latest? >> reporter: we know the jury has gone home for the night,
3:28 pm
although when the judge asked if they were close, we heard from the jury's foreman for the first time and she said that we are in the process of working to reach a verdict, and so that for a moment, everyone thought there might be a much longer deliberation tonight, but they decided to go home. >> when three people chase an unarmed man in a pickup truck with guns to violate his personal liberty, who gets to claim i'm not really responsible for that. under the law in georgia, no one gets to say that. >> reporter: the prosecution getting the last word in the murder trial of three men for the killing of ahmaud arbery. he was jogging in february of 2020 when he was chased down by gregory mcmichael, travis mcmichael and william bryan jr. they thought arbery committed burglary and were planning to make a citizens arrest. but travis mcmichael ended up shooting arbery to death. >> where's the em papa thi? how about don't bring a shotgun
3:29 pm
with you. this is easy. call the police. >> reporter: the prosecutor said the men didn't bother to wait for police. only making this 911 call after they were chasing arbery for an alleged crime they never witnessed. >> there's a black male running down the street. >> what's your emergency? there's a black man running down the street. >> reporter: arbery had had not committed a burglary. >> that's a felony. the burden is on the prosecution to prove the nine charges against each defendant beyond a reasonable doubt. including aggravated assault and murder, the defense interrupted the prosecution's argument several times. each time calling for a mistrial over the prosecutor's interpretation of the law for the jury. >> you can't argument a misstatement of of the law. >> denied. >> reporter: in closing
3:30 pm
arguments, the defense went after arbery's actions and his character. they refer to video taken of arbery wondering inside a home construction site months before he was killed. >> he was a recurring nighttime intruder. >> one defense attorney went after the dead 25-year-old's appearance. >> his khaki shorts with no socks to cover his long, dirty toenails. >> reporter: her comments caused gasps in the court and his mother rushed out in horror. the prosecution calling out the move to disparage a victim. >> malign the victim, it's the victim's fault. i know you're not going to buy into that. it 's offensive. >> reporter: speaking of offensive, that is exactly how arbery's mother described it. she said it was rude that they mentioned his toenails, but did
3:31 pm
not mention the hole in his chest caused but their shotgun. >> thank you very much. standby if you can. joining us now is cnn legal analyst martin, and jeffrey toobin is become as well. thank you to all of you. the jury just wrapped up its first day of deliberations after working through the lunch. they are considering some accocomplicated charges against three men. might that drag things out? since they have to wade through each of these charges and decide the fates of these men. >> what we heard from sara is they wanted to work through the night and they were close to getting a verdict before they actually retired. it looks like they will be back tomorrow. so what we know is the prosecution put on a very effective case. she made the complex case, she made it pretty simple.
3:32 pm
she walked through the jury instructions and gave them a road map on how to even go through the jury instructions and how to show the evidence that was presented in had the case to those jury instructions. when you think about this case you have a young man jogging down the street. you have these two defendants jump in their car to chase him. they have not witnessed him commit a crime. and they trap him like a rat and then they it shoot at point blank this unarmed black man. so the case may seem complicated at its core, it's really pretty simple. >> how do you see it playing out? what are you seeing so far? >> this case from the moment it came to public view has seemed just a grotesque, awful, horrible crime. and the idea that these people may be quitted is frankly scary it me. because i don't see any crime
3:33 pm
committed except jogging while black. the idea that there could be some excuse for shooting an unarmed black man who obviously had done nothing wrong and for no reason at all is just a chilling thought. we spent a lot of time on the kyle rittenhouse case, but they are related in terms of time and public interest. the that was a complicated case. it was a difficult case for the prosecution. that was an understandable acquittal, in my view. this would not be be an understandable acquittal given this evidence. >> the prosecutor said this was a about the facts of the case. what do you think about that strategy? why do you think the prosecutor chose to put things in those terms? >> i think that was important.
3:34 pm
that's another powerful point that was made. when we were talking about this case, i think this prosecutor gave a mast er class of how to deliver a closing argument. specifically with respect to a rebuttal. it was powerful, it was poignant and precise and resinated with the jurors. but we have to remember this is dpa. this is a community some of these jurors may have heard of the mcmichaels and may have relatives that live in this community. so they wanted the juror ss to know this suspect about whether you like this person or not like this person or is a good person or not. this is about personal accountability. when a person commits a crime n this case when three people commit a crime, they have to be held accountable. that's it the law. i think the prosecutor wanted to just drive that point home, particularly given what we saw yesterday with respect to the defense's closing argument and their efforts to try to paint these defendants as some kind of duty-bound, service-oriented
3:35 pm
individuals, particularly travis, who was just serving his community. the prosecutor wanted to present a different narrative. >> you're outside the courthouse and seeing what the atmosphere is like. how the community has been responding to this. are people talking about are you picking up on a reaction to some of these very overt racist statements we have heard from the defense team? these comments a about ahmaud arbery's appearance. what are you picking up on? >> reporter: his mother was clearly devastated. the people in the community, there was two dozen who came out and prayed together. arab buy and some pastors and local residents here came together and they were all yelling out, and this was poignant, right outside of court, they were all yelling out the things they were feeling as they were watching this trial. you heard the word racism. you heard the word prejudice. you heard the word hurt and sorrow and a hope for justice. and those were being yelled out
3:36 pm
from the crowd as the pastor was talking. so yes, again, the court system is on trial. we will see what the verdict is in this case. >> we know you'll be on top of everything that happens outside that courthouse. thank you to all of you. we're all going to be watching. this is becoming such an emotionally charged case. and the system very much could be on trial at the end of all this. we have more breaking news. the suspect in the ramming of the christmas parade just appeared in court and prosecutors revealed a sixth person, a child has died. the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ hey, it's ryan reynolds. as owner of mint mobile, my goal is to spend as little as possible on things like commercials so we can pass more savings to customers. and when i saw what they're charging
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3:41 pm
>> there are not words to describe the risk he presents to our community. >> reporter: after being accused of killing six and injuring 60 others, the 39-year-old makes his initial court appearance. >> i have not seen anything like this in my very long career. >> he was charged with five counts of homicide. prosecutors say a sixth is coming. >>. >> today we learned of another death of a child. sglrl. >> reporter: after driving a vehicle through barricades in wisconsin, these are the moments that police found and arrested the 39-year-old daryl brooks on the front porch who had no idea what had just happened at the christmas parade about a mile away. >> he asked me what was going on
3:42 pm
downtown. >> the man was brooks and then asked to use his phone and call an uber. >> i called an uber. i'm supposed to be waiting for it. can can you call it? i'm homeless. >> reporter: not long after, he saw police going up and down the street and felt it had to do with brooks so he told him to leave. moments later. >> i'm looking for his i.d. the police see him and get him in cuffs. the uber showed up a minute after he was in cuffs. so i just think about sometimes if he had gotten in the car what could have happened. >> reporter: before driving his car through the parade, brooks was involved in a domestic disturbance. he has a criminal history going back to the '90s, but he was accused of fire ing a handgun.
3:43 pm
he was released on bail. nine months later, he ran over a woman who claimed she's the mother of his child with his car. nine days later, he was released on bail. less than two weeks before the christmas parade. the district attorney's office called that bail amount inappropriately low. brooks also had an outstanding arrest warrant in an unrelated case in nevada where he's a registered sex offender. meanwhile, a community is trying to heal, mourning the 5 killed and processing loved ones that it nearly added to the toll. as i mentioned, a sixth person has now died, a child. there are up to ten others currently still in the icu at children's hospital of wisconsin continuing to try to recover. the bail was set is at $5 million, which the court
3:44 pm
commissioner acknowledged was high, but also said it was warranted. after the prosecution went through a criminal history that spanned from fwa to arizona to wisconsin. if he's found guilty, he will face five consecutive life sentences. >> such a heartbreaking story. omar, thank you so much for that report. just ahead, president biden's attempt to bring gasoline prices down. how quickly will it make a difference. happy holidays from lexus. get $1,500 lease cash toward a 2022 rx 350. (kate) this black friday, verizon is doing it better. because right now you can get iphone 13 pro on us. just bring in your old or damaged phone. and we'll give you the phone everybody wants. and get up to $800 when you switch. because everyone, everyone, everyone deserves better.
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americans are hitting the road this thanksgiving holiday are paying more at the pump. the cost of gas is at a
3:49 pm
seven-year high. president biden is making a rare move tapping into the oil reserve, but he says the impact won't be immediate. >> while our combined actions will not solve the problem of high gas prices overnight, it will make a difference. it will take time, but before long, you should see the price of gas drop where you fill up your tank. and in the longer term, we'll reduce our reliance on oil as we shift to clean energy. >> joining us to talk about that is congressman of texas. congressman, thank you for doing this. president biden is admitting this it will not be a quick fix. what more do you think the white house can do at this point? are you hearing from constituents a about these high gas prices and inflation? what are they telling you? >> you always hear grumbling about the high price of gas in texas and really across the nation. i think the president is right on two fronts first, he asked
3:50 pm
the ftc to investigate any kind of price gouging or any kind of effort by gas suppliers, distributors and others to a artificially keep the price high. i was glad to see he was willing to take on the industry in that way. but then secondly, tapping into the this will probably take a matter of weeks before you really start to see the price go down. but it's also an important, necessary tool that he is using to lower the price of gasoline for americans. and by the way, it's not just the united states that's experiencing this. it's the same reason that china, india, japan, south korea, have made similar moves. >> yeah. and we are coming out of a pandemic, and so, of course, some gas prices are going to be going up as a result of that. the white house and democrats argue that social spending and this climate plan, the build back better plan, will help bring down inflation. but is that bill in a holding pattern now, unless president biden can convince senator joe
3:51 pm
manchin, um, to -- to help get this thing through the senate? what are your thoughts on that? and how much can that bill be cut over in the senate before, you know, folks on the progressive side of the democratic caucus in the house start saying wait a minute, we're going too far here? >> well, as you know, it was a long way coming and getting even to this point. so, the house and the senate have passed the infrastructure bill that was signed by the president. so, that's one big bill, one important bill for the american people. and then, the second one is the build back better act. and the house of representatives, this past week, passed that. and so, you're right, it goes over to the senate. it's been like a rubik's cube to be honest with you, trying to get the right combination so that everybody feels comfortable voting for it and as democrats, we are praetding on small margins here. we only have slim majority in the senate, slim majority in the house, and have gotten almost no help from republicans on the build back better act. that said, i am optimistic that all the democrats we need in the
3:52 pm
senate -- in other words, everyone basically -- will ultimately be able to get onboard with a bill. that's not to say they may not tinker with it to some degree, but i am confident we can reach an agreement and get something people will be satisfied with, and most importantly, will have a big impact on the american people. >> and do you think it will get passed by the end of the year? what do you -- what do you think? >> i am actually hopeful that we can get it tone by the end of the year. obviously, i can't sit here and guarantee that but base on all the conversations that i have with other members, what i have heard from the senate, i think it's certainly possible. >> all right. we will see if senator joe manchin will play santa claus for democrats here and deliver a christmas gift to you guys, holiday gift to you guys. congressman joaquin castro, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> good to be with you. just ahead. with coronavirus cases, once again, on the rise here in the u.s., we will get some guadvice from a doctor on how to celebrate the thanksgiving holiday safely.
3:53 pm
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u.s. is just two days away from its second thanksgiving complicated by covid-19. let's get more with cnn medical analyst dr. leana wen. her book is lifelines, a doctor's journey in the fight for public health. dr. wen, great to see you. you have written a holiday how-to for "the washington post," i understand. walk us through your advice for family and friends trying to gather safely this thanksgiving. hopefully, they won't be arguing over covid but there might be a couple of discussions, i guess. >> right. there are three things to consider when deciding when to gather or how to gather safely with -- with our relatives and other loved ones over the
3:58 pm
holidays. the first is vaccination status of the attendees. it's definitely going to be a lot safer if everybody is fully vaccinated and getting a booster d dose, on top of that, further reduces the likelihood that you could get infected and could pass covid on to others. if you are fully vaccinated and pretty healthy, i think you can really relax, especially if everybody around you is fully vaccinated. but, if you have unvaccinated kids in your house, if you are living with immunocompromised family members, you might want to take additional precautions and tlaesd to the third thing, outdoors is going to be much safer than indoors. if you are going to be indpoors, make sure to open the iep windows, open the doors to increase ventilation. and also, if you are going to be indoors and especially if they are immunocompromised people around, you might consider taking a rapid test prior to the gathering and that increases the level of safety and provides
3:59 pm
additional reassurance for all attendees. >> makes sense. we don't want to see that but health officials are not issuing the same warnings about gatherings compared to last year. do you think that's a mistake? or might it have something to do with the fact that we have got these great vaccines that have made a difference? >> i think people are living in very different realities now. people who are fully vaccinated and, ideally, boosted as well, can pretty much go back to their pre-pandemic lives, especially if they are generally healthy. but those who have other medical conditions that make them more likely to become severely ill may need to take additional precautions. so i would strongly advise when they are surrounded by strangers who may be unvaccinated, continue to wear a mask, especially a high-quality mask if you are going on an airplane or train spagz or somewhere else there are a lot of people.
4:00 pm
beck take those precautions to protect ourselves and gain a lot of normalcy in our daily lives, too. >> dr. leana wen, great advice. hope everybody stays safe over this thanksgiving holiday and happy thanksgiving to you and your family as well. we appreciate it very much as always. great to see you. i am jim acosta, thanks very much for watching. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. have a good night. outfront next. biden puts a plan in action to address rising gas prices, though admitting today it won't solve the problem overnight. so, is this nothing more than just a political ploy? plus, the white supremacist organizers of the deadly rally in charlottesville, virginia, found liable in order to pay millions of dollars. the jury deadlocked on the more serious claims tonight, though. and she led protestors at tiananmen square hit for ten months, until she was finally able to escape in a cargo box. tonight, her message for chinese tennis star peng shuai. let's go outfront. and good evening, i'


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