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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 24, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PST

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good morning to viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm brianna keilar along with john berman. happy thanksgiving eve to everyone out there. it is getaway day for americans who will be hitting to the roads, taking to the skies over the long holiday weekend. travel is expected to be near prepandemic normal this thanksgiving, if you can believe that. that means millions more people emboldened by covid-19 vaccinations are on the move than they were last year during the holiday season. it's the biggest test for airlines and the industry itself since the start of the pandemic. . >> everyone always says pack your patience. i think that's dumb. pack snacks. mixed nuts. trail mix. i always recommend that. >> it's so healthy. >> look, you can also do fast food also. i'm not averse to that.
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but it gets greasy. with security lines resembling prepandemic days. they appear to have stabilized at least for now. still aaa says it will be like a typical thanksgiving on the roads, which means crowded and busy. cnn's pete muntean, the world's most interesting man live at a travel plaza in aberdeen, maryland. good morning, pete. what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning, john. you know, these numbers are going to be huge. aaa predicts they're really not going to be all that far off from where we were back in 2019 before the pandemic. aaa says 48 million people will hit the road for the thanksgiving holiday. you can't not talk about it the wednesday before thanksgiving. the numbers really only about 3% from where we were back in 2019. what's so interesting here is that people are doing this with the gas prices at a seven-year
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high. $3.40 the national average, up $1.30 from where we were this time last year. so the bottom line here is the traffic is back, the cost is back. and what's so interesting is that people are still going to travel even in spite of all of those challenges, according to aaa. >> there's a lot more confidence. people are feeling better about traveling. no matter what the gas prices are, and they are quite a bit higher than last year, people are still going to take that trip. >> reporter: aaa says expect the most significant delays this afternoon. the worst times to travel, it says generally across the country, between noon and 8:00 p.m. tonight. the best time today, after 9:00 p.m. the maryland transportation authority responsible for this stretch of 95 where we are in aberdeen, maryland, they would
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say the best time is now. really the better time is tonight after 11:00 p.m. >> make sure you are well rested to be sure. i knew i had been at that travel plaza. it looks very familiar there. pete muntean, thank you very much. appreciate the report. when i refer to pete as the world's most interesting man, he doesn't deny it. >> there's a reason we call him that. as you know, he is a pilot. and i said, oh, do you fly a cessna? he flies some other plane and it does acrobatics. pete, you can go upside-down. >> reporter: i'm flattered, guys. yeah, i can fly upside-down. not today, although i wish i was rather than being on i-95. the traffic is not very good. i'd rather be flying today. driving is the worst of the two choices. >> even the most interesting man in the world needs an occasional day off, berman. . >> acrobat. pete muntean, acrobat.
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a rise in covid cases is giving people because about celebrating thanksgiving outside their home. two-thirds of americans will do just that, though. what is the recipe for a safe and healthy holiday? jacqueline howard is joining us now. this is the year. people are vaccinated. i think they still have older people this their lives. they just want to make sure they're being careful. maybe they have kids unvaccinated. >> reporter: there are people who still have concerns. it comes down to knowing who will be at the thanksgiving dinner table with you. if you have concerns, asking some tough questions. have people been vaccinated, have they been tested, is anybody immunocompromised, can you crack a window to improve air ventilation. they are difficult questions for some people but important to
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asking. a new "axios" ipsos poll said 30% know they will be around unvaccinated people. and 17% don't know the vaccination status of the people they will be around tomorrow. the reason why having this knowledge and knowing their status is key, if everyone is fully vaccinated, it's okay to ditch masks and be more relaxed. if you are around unvaccinated people, you still want to consider mitigation measures. here's dr. anthony fauci. >> for the people who are vaccinated, the people who can get boostered, enjoy your holiday season with your family indoors, grandparents, children. if you are traveling and you are in an indoor congregate setting and you don't know the vaccination status of people, you need to wear a mask.
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>> reporter: again, this is the year. but we still have to ask some of these questions. brianna. >> yeah. all right. jacqueline, thank you so much for that. a little more than two hours from now, the jury will begin its second day of deliberations in the trial of the murder of ahmaud arbery. one attorney said his client is more of a witness than a killer. this is the same attorney, kevin gough, who wanted black pastors supporting the family banned from the courtroom. cnn's chris cuomo confronted him overnight. >> why do you believe the jury should not hold your client as responsible as the other two men? >> well, you know, i don't really want to get into the details or try and summarize an hour and 45 minute closing
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argument. the question here is when did roddie bryan know the mcmichaels were armed, when did he know they intended to shoot mr. arbery. and at that point what could mr. bryan have done about it. those are the three questions i asked repeatedly. we're still waiting for answers on that. >> why are you trying to make this so intensely personal about ahmaud arbery? why bring up black pastors and their presence and what you know is a public accommodation being this courtroom and you don't have a say in who comes and doesn't come to observe? why make that point? why do you think of pastors in terms of black and white? >> i don't think of pastors in terms of black approximate white. let's be clear, if you were sitting in that courtroom in my chair representing roddie bryan, you would be doing the exactly the same thing.
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. >> no, i wouldn't. >> if you sat there, you would be doing the same thing. >> no, i wouldn't. you know you don't have a right to do it. to say you can't be in the facilitiry. . >> really? >> to say no black people in the gallery? >> i'm sorry. i didn't say that. we have no problem with black people being in the gallery. never did, never will. >> black pastors. >> do the home work, chris. people are looking at you to understand these proceedings. why don't you take the time to help them. read the motions, the supreme court cases from the united states supreme court we cited. >> that say that people -- >> why the opinion of supreme court justices -- >> counselor. >> doesn't matter in this case. >> counselor. >> we think it does. >> saying a lot is not something better than saying what matters. >> we can agree on that.
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>> there is no supreme court case that says who can be in the gallery watching on the basis of race. you and i both know that. you said black pastors. you confused jesse jackson with al sharpton. it seemed at a minute of a fit. >> chris, you can call me ignorant. you can call me anything you want. but i'm here representing roddie bryan and i'm going to defend my client to the best of my ability. and i don't care whether the people in the cheap seats like it or not. >> joining us now, former prosecutor and defense attorney for george zimmerman, mark o'mara. the jury will return to deliberations in a few hours. we will watch that closely. that was an interesting interview, where he was pressed on one of the most glaring parts
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of this trial where he repeatedly tried to get these pastors removed from the courtroom because of their race. talk to me about that over the course of the trial >> roddy didn't know about the gun, that's all great. that's good defense lawyering. but he cannot act -- it's the presentation. he cannot act in ignorance of the reality of what's going on around him. one of the first things he said when he first sort of made these presentations and these motions for mistrial. when he talked about reverend sharpton being in the courtroom, my ears perked up because it was so unusual. and then he doubled down the next day. i would like to think it is just an inexperienced person or lawyer not doing it the right way. but we can give him cover for one of those. when he does it again the second day, the third day. when he's the one who actually says moving forward with this
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trial is like a 21st century lynching, unbelievably significant term to use in america today, it is very frustrating to me because there's no question, rather than dog whistles, these are sounding like mega phones to his jury, the 11 white people on that jury. it is hard because we are in an environment, a harsh reality where we have to be racially sensitive. we finally are addressing it in the media and in courtrooms. and then we have this. it's a throwback to the 1950s, well before i practiced. >> he equated black pastors with the klan, radio it and, as you said, doubled down on it. i wonder about him being out there while the jury is deliberating, while the jury still has a decision to come to. is that smart? >> he's playing to his audience, brianna. his odd question are the people who might be listening to him
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and 11 of them might be on that panel. so we're sitting back almost as law professors going, how dare you. he's in brunswick, georgia, dealing with a case where three white guys from the neighborhood killed a black guy. and this is the path that he's taken, and not all ears that he's talking to are deaf. >> i have been saying this all along. people can be outraged by what he said and should be outraged by what he said. the real outrage should be outraged is that he believes it will work, what he believes about the law and the people he's looking at, he thinks it will work. . >> i think you're right. let's reverse engineer that. if he didn't think it was appropriate, didn't think he was talking to somebody on that panel or somewhere, if he didn't think that, he is smart enough to know don't go anywhere near that. but yet time and time and time again we hear these comments
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from him. even last night with chris cuomo interview, it's the same thing. this is sort of who he knows will be presented well to whoever it is he's talking to. . >> and it's not just him, right? another defense attorney, laura hogue, disparaged ahmaud arbery big talking about his long, dirty toenails. it is the atmosphere of what is happening in brunswick, georgia. i wonder if you think that the prosecution did yesterday in the rebuttal closing is something that is going to penetrate that atmosphere. >> i think she did a good job of trying. remember, i think she's a very good prosecutor. that showed itself in the trial. she's also playing to those same 12 people. so she also has to be aware of the audience, the 12. and coming out perhaps aggressively against any suggestion of racial disparities
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or even racial connotations in this case could actually work against her because, again, it's only those 12 that count. i thought she did a good job of sort of threading that needle a little bit, of showing the absurdity of it without losing the jury that unfortunately more people and she are playing to in this courtroom. >> every example that i heard her use or many of the examples where she was trying to equate, if you're considering the crime, a lot of time the victim was a woman. i don't think that was an accident as she was trying to make her point in court yesterday. mark, thank you for being with us. >> happy thanksgiving. >>. >> from dollar tree to dollar and a quarter tree. doesn't roll off the tongue. why they are passing the buck and raising prices for good. very fined people. how much the organizers of the
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challenges. and a few surprises. ♪ but wherever you are on your journey. your dell technologies advisor is here for you - with the right tech solutions. so you can stop at nothing for your customers. so is it the end of the dollar store as we know it? dollar tree, the nation's last surviving big dollar store chain, says it will raise its prices to a buck 25. the company is looking to expand its selection and bring new products and sizes to its stores. joining me is heavy business correspondent christine romans. people are asking is this the
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rising prices? >> call it dollar and a quarter tree. they will raise prices to a buck 25 and you can expect to see that next year. it is the pressure among the fastest in tphraeugsz in 30 years. inflation at the dollar tree, dollar stores, and at the breakfast table, john. general mills notified customers it's raising prices mid-january. cheerios, yoplait, betty crocker, pillsbury could rise by 20%. your grocery bill could rise. high transportation costs, labor strains. prices in october were 5% higher than the same time last year thanks to the higher costs for the labor, the shipping. some of america's biggest chains are using market muscle to manage through. buying power and locked in contracts give them first priority from vendors and cargo
3:21 am
shippers. walmart, home depot have chartered their own ships and are stocking goods. thief had he $10 billion on the shelves. they are betting that helps them keep the budget-conscious shoppers coming to them. you probably noticed shrinkflation. 40 rolls of toilet paper are now 38. packages are getting smaller. inflation is here. this is how you see it, john. . >> christine romans, thank you very much. with the biggest shopping day two days away, analysts are saying sales are up this year and shoppers are buying even earlier. there are still concerns with inflation high and global supply chains in disarray.
3:22 am
what are we watching as we get ready to buy, buy, buy? >> we can expect another big black friday. consumers are getting out early amidst inflation concerns. they want to make sure they get the deals. they want to make sure they get what they want as they hear about all the supply chain slowdowns. we can expect to see some record holiday shopping in these last two months of the year. it's been a blockbuster season for retailers. sales rose 1.7% just last month, beating expectations. . >> the consumer is shopping earlier, and thief had he been shopping earlier. we think they will continue that pattern throughout the holiday season. >> reporter: the biggest shopping day of the year is still black friday. . >> thank you so much. >> reporter: but lowe's has been running sales since september, trying to capitalize on the 46% of shoppers who planned to buy earlier than normal this year. . >> we are seeing consumers really move up their holiday
3:23 am
shopping timeline, not just for this historical trend but also because of some concerns around supply chain disruptions and inventory issues. >> reporter: and there's no indication 30-year record inflation is stopping shoppers from spending. >> we are expecting that retail sales will grow between 8.5 and 10.5%, much higher growth than the level of inflation. >> reporter: and it's not just growth but record spending. up to $860 billion in the last two months of 2021. 2 million more people are expected to shop from thanksgiving day through cyber monday this year compared to last. >> those trends we are seeing as it relates to how the shopping pattern is at lowe's right now. >> reporter: but the surge in
3:24 am
early holiday shopping is overwhelming some smaller retailers. . >> having people come early was making me a little nervous. >> reporter: brandy, owner of the little apple in philadelphia, says supply chain issues delayed keyhole day merchandise. . >> two large orders i ended up having to cancel. >> reporter: while she had to offset prices, she said shoppers are still buying and is expecting a larger than normal crowd object black friday. >> people are still coming to shop small, which has been a new phenomena monday. >> there could be another for early shopping and lots of it this holiday season. something that can't be defined by a number or economic indicator. >> the holidays of course bring people together. that's the spirit that, you know, people are trying to capture. by coming out and shopping and buying gifts and things their t special and thinking of their loved ones, people have been
3:25 am
craving that for so long and feel comfortable in doing it again much >> reporter: it reflects a little bit of consumer confidence. folks are feeling comfortable spending their money. there may be more stimulus in the economy and in people's pockets. americans on average will spend $1,000 this year on holiday shopping. that's down from 2019 prepandemic. that's about the same as last year. we are seeing americans are willing to spend this holiday season. organizers of the unite the right in charlottesville are on the hook for millions and millions in damages after the demonstration turned deadly. but jurors did disagree on something. and five new subpoenas targeting right-wing groups, including proud boys and oathkeepers.
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it's going to cost them a lot. white supremacists who organized the violent unite the right rally in charlottesville, virginia, have been found liable and will have to shell out $26 million in damages. jason carroll joins us. they didn't agree on all the charges but agreed organizers need to pay up big time. >> reporter: they do. they now have the legal muscle to go after these defendants in any way they can. they can garnish wages, put liens on their property, bankrupt them if they need to. basically at this point what the plaintiffs's attorneys are saying, this is a major step in holding these defendants responsible for the violence that occurred that day. there were 17 defendants, as you know, some of them individuals.
3:31 am
some of them organizations designated as hate groups. while the jury found them liable for millions, they did end up deadlockin ining on two of the charges, conspiracy to commit violence. but the jury found them liable on four other claims, including state conspiracy claims and subjecting plaintiffs to racial and religious harassment. >> this verdict sends a very clear message that violent hate won't go unanswered. that there will be very serious consequences for the extremist violence we saw here four years ago. >> they are destitute. none of them have any money. i don't know how any of the plaintiffs will get anything for any of this. >> reporter: despite whaegs saying here, they are saying they will be able to go after them financially. brianna, as for the two claims they were deadlocked on,
3:32 am
plaintiffs's attorneys say they are not done. they will go back and relitigate the claims saying they intend to get a verdict for the claims in the future. brianna. >> yeah, look, they will go after future earnings, if there are any, even if they don't total $26 million. thank you for that report. new subpoenas rolling out of the january 6th committee. this time the house panel is demanding information from at least two high-profile extremist groups to probe their possible connection to the capitol attack. paula read here with me with those details. this is interesting. individuals and organizations this time. >> absolutely. it's interesting to see their strategy, who exactly they are targeting. and the house select committee issued five subpoenas tuesday. they were targeting right-wing extremists groups involved in the aing ta. first on the list, the proud boys. lawmakers say the group called for violence in the days leading up to january 6th. a few dozen individuals affiliated with the organization have already been charged by the
3:33 am
justice department. the group's leaders were involved with some of the early clashes that overpowered the police lines and breached the building. in addition to the organization itself, lawmakers targeting their leader, enrique tarreo. he was not in d.c. because of a prior arrest but was allegedly involved in preparations for events at the capitol. the members of the oath keepers were seen entering the rotunda. more than a dozen members have been charged in the attack on the capitol. prosecutors have said they conspired ahead of time to disrupt the electoral college proceedings. it is important to note mr. rhodes has not been charged. the panel subpoenaed robert patrick lewis, chairman of the first amendment group that they said the committee provided
3:34 am
multiple security from multiple rallies leading up to january 6th. in a statement, representative bennie thompson said we believe the individuals and organizations we subpoenaed today have relevant information about how violence erupted at the capitol and the preparation leading up to this violent attack. several have been issued as part of the investigation with mixed success. investigators say they have spoken to more than 200 witnesses. but we know of course many of the key allies, trump allies have stonewalled the committee and not provided documents or depositions. >> now they have a whole bunch of subpoenas out there, hooks they have cast. i'm very curious to see how many will come back. . >> it's going to be a process. there is likely going to be ongoing talks now that we have seen the consequences for steve bannon. it is typically a negotiation. for anyone who believes they could potentially have any criminal liability, they have the option to show up and plead
3:35 am
the fifth. >> we haven't seen anyone do that yet. . >> yet. we have brand-new reporting on jeffrey epstein's final days. what new documents reveal about the weeks before his suicide. plus, he raped four girls, admitted to it, received no jail time. why the judge let him walk free. moments ago, nasa launched an armageddon style mission to smash an aft troeud in order to deflect from earth. we're carvana, the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand-new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old. we wanna buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate answer a few questions. and our techno wizardry calculates your car's value
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epstein's final days in prison before the disgraced financeer took his own life. just released prison documents read despite warning signs, he denied having any suicidal thoughts. honestly, that's just the beginning. brynn, what have you learned here? . >> just beginning. this was a 2,000-page report that the "new york times" obtained first, and we received the documents as well. this was a postmortem report by the bureau of prisons, essentially kind of outlining how jeffrey epstein was behind bars. it's what we have sort of known about him in the outside world, having these two different personas. psychologists were noting he was withdrawn. he's talking about his life with celebrities and gloating to prisoners, really living these two different worlds. and essentially he was in and out of psychological observation in those 36 days when he was behind bars.
3:41 am
really what they are showing is the mishaps behind bars leading up to when he took his own life. the two guards we learned so much about after this, but log books weren't kept up. his intake form said he was black when he is white. it said he was not a sexual offender when we know he was a sex offender back in florida. it is noted in the 2,000 pages of documents. the bureau of prisons said as a general manager bop will address mental health housing individuals alone in a cell and is committed to improving its suicide prevention program. they have learned from this and will take a lot of changes. this has closed down after the
3:42 am
doj investigation. >> the mistakes they made. . >> over and over and over again. i mean, just -- the day before he took his own life he said he was going to make a phone call, left his lawyers early, who he spent much of his time with, not in the cell but with his lawyers. and he said he would call his mother. his mother had been dead for a decade at that point. >> they make the point of went through all the documents. >> yeah. >> nothing draws any attention to the fact that it was a suicide. >> right. "the times" went in deeper with the documents and said even a cell mate said they heard the bed sheets ripping before this happened. so there is no question there this was a suicide. and, again, there are so many mistakes made on behalf of the bureau of prisons. >> brynn gingras, thank you for that. a desperate appeal to justin
3:43 am
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>> the fiancee of murdered journalist jamal khashoggi pleading for justin bieber to cancel show in saudi arabia. she said this is a unique opportunity to send a powerful message to the world that your name and talent will not be used to restore the representation of a regime that kills its critics.
3:48 am
do not sing for the murderers of my beloved jamal. please speak out and condemn his killer, mohammed bin salman. your voice will be heard by millions. thank you for joining us. why did you think it was so important to write this letter? >> good morning, everyone. thank you very much. it has been three years, actually, and i am seeking for justice in every place that i found or every way that i can speak out in telling my story or reminding what happened to jamal. when i heard that justin will sing in saudi arabia and i decide to write this letter because it is so, so weird. it's a shame for someone like a
3:49 am
singer, very famous singer, and behaving -- not happen. it is the main reason i wrote this letter. and what i did, it is very, very important to remind him again that the saudi -- >> what does this performance give to the regime? what does it give to mohammed bin salman in saudi arabia? >> as you know, he's a murderer of journalist jamal, and also others in prison right now. there's a lot of people, 100 people in the prison. there is no justice in saudi. there is no freedom because the crown prince killed jamal.
3:50 am
so in this case, very interesting, justin calling his album justice. and another also is freedom. and what i hope or what i need to understand in this case, when he called his album justice, he has to be on the side of justice. so what is the idea that he is thinking about the saying or calling that justice. and at th and staying in justice. >> have you had any response from justin bieber yet? >> no, i have not. . >> why peck on him? others will be performing there? why just focus on justin bieber? >> i'm not focusing on justin
3:51 am
bieber. if you follow me, i am doing a lot of kpaepbg acampaigning aga people doing campaign with the crown prince. they are doing a campaign against performing with justin bieber. they org kneesed trucks and planes to fly over last monday. this is actually important because he is a very, very famous singer. and he has a big responsibility. and he remind us he has a mission and he has to remind people of these values. and i want just want to remind
3:52 am
him in this situation because it is unacceptable for me to see someone really famous and the younger generation has a million -- more than a million followers. so then he's going and performing in saudi arabia at the same time these people -- the killers. >> hatice cengiz, we appreciate the work you're doing. we continue to be sorry for your loss and for pointing this out. people should know justin bieber and mohammed bin salman, the regime is using his performance really to promote mohammed bin salman at the same time. very much connected. thank you for your work and your message. appreciate it. new reporting from cnn this morning. house lawmakers describing a toxic and hostile work environment. and ahead, from the movie to
3:53 am
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this morning, outrage as a judge, one month away from retirement, by the way, declined prison time for an admitted rapist. 20-year-old christopher belter, who pleaded guilty of sexual assault and rape to four girls when he was a teenager and violated his probation, is getting no jail time. the judge saying i'm not ashamed to say i actually prayed over what the appropriate sentence in this case because there was great pain. there was great harm. there were multiple crimes committed in the case. it seems that a sentence that
3:58 am
involves incarceration or partial incarceration isn't appropriate, so i am going to sentence you to probation. belter admitted to attacking. steven, your client must have been floored by this news. >> she was horrified. she actually got sick when the judge said there would be no jail time. she threw up in the ladies room. >> caller: she was physically ill from this. so tell us how you see this. belter admits to rapeing four girls. he gets probation. he rapes again, gets more probation. why do you think the judge came to this? >> i have no idea. this comes following promises made to the girls that if -- they urged them to speak out, testify against this criminal, you need to get him off the streets. you need to stop him from doing this to other people.
3:59 am
yes, it's going to be painful to cooperate with the district attorney and with the police agencies, but it will be worth it in the end because you will be protecting other people from this criminal. you'll be -- you'll see justice. and none of that happened. none of that happened. >> it sounds like you're concerned this judge has allowed someone to go free, who you are concerned will actually rape other people. >> it's not just my concern. dr. david heffler, a renowned expert in sexual criminal behavior, was asked to testify in this case. and the doctor testified he is at above average risk to reoffend. but when asked on cross-examination, what would be -- what would be in christopher belter's best interest for him to go to prison or for him to continue to receive therapist as a freeman. he said, well, it would be in
4:00 am
belter's best interest to regularly attend therapy. this shouldn't be what is in his best interest. it should be about doing justice for the women he raped, the women he sexual assaulted and protecting society at large. >> steven, why do you think he's getting what really appears to be special treatment here? >> i don't know. i sent a letter august 11th of 2020 when we learned he was violating terms of probation. i sent it to the court, to the district attorney at the time, carolyn wotacek, to the probation officer. i said he's violating his terms of probation. i never even got a response from them. when the judge was going to sentence mr. belter the first time, i sent an email to the court saying, look, judge, this is a letter that i


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