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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  November 26, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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hi, everyone. welcome to this special edition of cnn newsroom. i'm alex marquardt. scientists are warning this a new covid variant first
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identified in south africa spreads rapidly and may show the ability to evade immunity and there's serious concerns that the covid advance evens may be less effective against this new strain. new covid cases meanwhile have surged in south africa in recent days. a growing number of countries, including the uk and france, are now banning travelers from south africa as well as neighboring countries. the variant has also been spotted already in belgium, hong kong and israel. the world health organization is warning it will take weeks to learn more details. all of this causing markets around the world to tumble. the u.s. markets included. they are down sharply. the dow jones industrial average, as you can see there, down roughly 1,000 points. so we'll start with this latest news out of south africa. that's where we find cnn's david mckenzie live in johannesburg. what are you hearing from south african health officials today? >> alex, just a short time ago the south african health minister slamming these travel
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bans from around the world saying that they are, quote, a knee jerk reaction and comparing the situation in south africa where there isn't necessarily a very large-scale surge of covid right now. with the situation in parts of europe and other parts of the world which are struggling with the pandemic, so clearly some anger from south african officials at the worldwide reaction to this variant, but it must be said that the scientists in this country and elsewhere are warning that this could be a very significant variant because of the level of mutations. the possibility, and i stress the possibility. it's unclear yet 100% whether this will evade immunity and what everyone wants to know, whether vaccines will be less effective about this from this variant which at this point hasn't even officially been named yet. in the last few days, they have been notice willing an uptick of cases here in south africa driven by this variant and alex, one thing that is disturbing is
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the way that it has dominated other variants circulating and particularly the high -- particularly the highly transmissible delta variant here in this country. still, the numbers are quite low, and as you mentioned israel, belgium and other nations are saying that they have got confirmed cases, but some scientists here say the horse has already bolted. alex? >> south african officials starting to argue that they are being punished for their transparency. david mckenzie in johannesburg, thanks very much. >> this variant is having a major impact on financial markets around the world including right here in the united states. stocks down sharply, especially with travel stocks which are among the hardest hit. oil prices down significantly. watching all this is cnn's richard quest who joins us. richard, should we expect markets to be this jittery with this kind of news? >> absolutely. i would say -- i would be more surprised if they weren't. two reasons. obviously volatility with high
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frequency markets is the norm these days, so any form of movement, any form of news will have a disproportionate value tile effect over the short term, but more importantly, longer term, yes, i also would expect the markets to be volatile and to be jittery, as you a say, because the markets don't like uncertainty. now, to paraphrase the late donald rumsfeld we have the nissan and the unknowns. the unknowns is what does this mean for longer term economic growth in the united states? how will this affect trade? what is it going to do to the flows of migration, if you will, but the nissan, which we know about today is that this is going to clobber travel. we've seen it through various countries already, introducing restrictions. one would expect those restrictions to grow. hence, look at the screen. there you have the covid stocks, if you like airbnb up 4%. carnival cruise down 13% and all
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the major airlines particularly those with large international route structures like delta and america so, alex, the short answer is yes, this is to be expected. this will continue, and until we get visibility, i can't see a reason for it not. >> all right. investors and traders watching that news out of the w.h.o. in south africa certainly as close as we are. richard, we know you'll continue to watch that closely. richard quest, thank you very much. joining me now to talk about many of the newages is dr. carlos del rio of emery university school of medicine at grady health system. doctor, thank you again for joining me today with a lot more news about this new variant. i want to start with some of that news that david mckenzie brought us. the health minister there in south africa blasting countries for their travel bans calling it a knee jerk reaction. do you feel that south africa,
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its scientists, its doctors are being very quickly punished in a situation where frankly we don't know all that much right now? >> well, alex, i agree 100%. i think we need to be thankful that countries like south africa have invested in gene nick sequencing and have been able to pick up strains like this. variants will be popping up and continue globally until we control this pandemic, and the worst thing we can do is punish countries for doing the right thing, for reporting the var yabts because then what's going to happen is countries will start reporting what they find or will stop sequencing and that will be worse, so if we want transparency we need not to have this kind of travel ban because at the end of the day what we need to do is increase vaccination. south africa only has 28% to 38% of the vaccination and many of them vaccinated with a johnson & johnson vaccine that we know is not as effective. what we need to do is implement a rapid scale-up of vaccines in
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countries like south africa. >> when we look at this map, and i want to show it to our viewers, this is a match vaccinations, the darker blue, the more country's population is fully vaccinated, and you can see thereto shade of blue in africa is much, much lighter, so you don't believe that travel bans help with -- in combating the spread, especially of a new variant? >> you know, we've seen this over and over with respiratory viruses. by the time you umpment travel bans, the -- the cat is out of the box, right you? already told me that this has been identified in hong kong, in israel, in many other places. once you get it there, it really doesn't matter. i mean, you already have it spread globally so what we need to do, again, is implement not travel restrictions but implement the kind of things that we know that control the spread. that's why the u.s. has now approved boosters for everybody over the age of 18 and i would encourage people who have been vaccinated to get boosted and i would encourage people who haven't been vaccinated to use
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this opportunity to start getting vaccinated. >> we have heard from the united states chief medical adviser anthony fauci from this who spoke with cnn and did emphasize frankly about what little we know. take a listen. >> it's in a fluid motion. we're finding more about it and literally it's something that in realtime we're learning more manned more about. >> is it possible that it's already in the u.s.? >> you know, of course. anything is possible. we don't know that. there's no indication that it is right now. >> doctor, what dr. 4-h said in terms of how concerned we should be at this moment. we just got this news. >> well, i mean, i think we need to be kernsd and we need to see what the science shows and we need to see what we learn as we -- as we get more data, but at the end of the day let's not forgot that there's still significant sprestd delta variant. we don't have an ongoing transmission problem with many
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states having increasing cases without a new variant in, so at the end of the day let's be worried about what we have right now not what we're going have in the future, if we have. >> and this new variant notely, at least not yet, hat not been given a greek name like delta, and that indicates that not yet at least w.h.o. doesn't see it as a variant of concern. let's go back to when we didn't know what the delta variant was. how similar is what we're hearing now out of south africa to what we're starting to hear then about what would then become delta? >> well, i think it's in a way similar. we started to see a very rapid increase in cases in india where the delta variant emerged and then it went to the uk and other places around europe and then it came to our country so at the end of the day this variant spread very, very rapidly, and the biggest concern with delta is how transmissible it is, and we still don't know how transmissible this variant is. we think it may be even more
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transmissible than delta, and if that's the case, if that is confirmed that will be incredibly concerning to me because, again, viruses with high transmissibility are really hard to control. >> and, of course, the major question is going to be how this variant responds to the vaccines, and dr. fauci also said that the next couple months, and this is a quote, are going to be up to us, so between this new variant, the vaccine efficacy waning and, you know, doctors like you telling us all to get boosters, 60 million americans still unvaccinated. what do you anticipate the next few weeks to look like, particularly because they are -- there are some major holidays in there? >> well, i'm very concerned, because, again, you have europe having major increase in cases. again, even without the new variant, and many of those european countries have 65%, 70%, some of them even higher vaccination rates. we have in the u.s. still around 58% of our population
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vaccinated, and in many states, like in the state of georgia, for example, around 51% of the population is vaccinated, so unless we get our vaccination rates up, we are going to see major problems with transmission in the u.s. so we have to really, you know, take vaccinations seriously. i think that's why mandates make sense, and at the end of the day is really is important that we get as many people vaccinated in the u.s. as quickly as we can. we have ample vaccines. i think what you're seeing globally is countries like the u.s. like where there's too much vaccine and not enough demand and countries like south africa where there's a lot of demand at not enough vaccines. >> if people don't get vaccinate it had allows the new spread to spread and contaminate and allow that awful cycle we've been living with you thank you. a rash of smash-and-grab robberies particularly in california. we'll be speaking with san francisco's police chief.
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helps keep baby's skin drier and healthier. so every touch will protect like the first. pampers a growing wave of smash-and-grab robberies, particularly in california, has put businesses on high alert this black friday from drug stores to luxury stores. organized gangs have stolen thousands, often tens of thousands of dollars worth of products in the past week. in l.a., on wednesday, thieves attacked a security guard at nordstrom before running off with stolen purses. in the san francisco bay area high-end shops have been hit repeatedly. yesterday more than $20,000 worth of merchandise was stolen from a santa rosa apple store in broad daylight. joining me now to discuss all this is san francisco's police chief bill scott. chief, thank you so much for taking the time. i know how busy you are at this
9:17 am
time of the year. >> thank you, alex, for having me on. >> as i mentioned, chief, this is a growing wave, and we are seeing this happen not just in california but elsewhere as well. but in san francisco how is your police force going about preventing more of these types of attacks before they can happen? >> well, we're hitting this in multi-facets. the first is we have to put the resources in the retail locations and retail corridors. you all saw what happened at union square last friday, and we need the resources out there to help deter and prevent some of this, and not just in union square but other parts of the city as well. the second phase of this is our investigations have to be relentless. you know, the resources out and present last friday night, we had an increase in deployments, and that is what led to the arrest that we made on friday night, and so we know that helps, but the second part of this is there's a lot of
9:18 am
backhand work that has to be done on that case or the cases from last friday, and ongoing, and our investigators are working non-stop. there's a lot of video evidence that we have to go through. search warrants are happening. they have happened since that incident and will be ongoing, and i'm confident that we'll make additional arrest, but the last phase of this is we need to work with our community members and retailers which we've been doing to make sure that we are working together, and we're resilient in preventing these types of heinous and brazen crimes from occurring in the first place and we have done just that here in san francisco. look, i spent the two days after friday's incident talking to the people that were impacted the most. i'm talking about the front line workers who work in these retail stores, and they were terrifying, rightly so. nobody expects to come to work and have their store robbed and taken over by -- in that fashion, and then on the other side talking to our officers. you know, all they are asking is
9:19 am
give us the resources that we need. >> right. >> and we'll get the job done. >> speaking of resources. your mayor gavin newsom, the governor of california, he said earlier this week that the mayors must, quote, step up. do you think it should fall on the mayors when it comes to the resources that you need? >> chief, can you hear me? >> all right. we lost chief william scott of the san francisco police. we'll try to get him back. meantime, we have to take a quick break. ...and dry, cracked skin. new gold bond advanced healing ointment. restore healthy skin, with no sticky feeling. gold bond. champion your skin. america! after the past year-ish, everyone deserves something new! so at&t is giving everyone our best deals on every iphone - including the iphone 13 pro with its amazing camera. like everyone that worked from home.
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and we are back with chief bill scott, the chief police of the san francisco police department. we've been talking about this growing wave of smash-and-grab robberies. chief, i want to talk about who is carrying out these robberies, and in some cases they really do look like attacks on these -- on these shops. we see both the high-end luxury stores whether it's louis vuitton or apple and then also at the lower end like pharmacies. walgreens announced they were closing stores because of what they called rampant shop lifting, so who is carrying out these robberies? >> well, there's a variety of players in this problem. you know, on the lower end, we have individuals that are -- this is what they do. this is how they earn -- not
9:25 am
earn. this is how they survive. on the upper end it's organized and very organized, at the very upper end and we have everything in between. now what we have been seeing this wave of people invading stores in large numbers. there has to be a degree of organization in that. you know, we don't -- there's no way in my mind that we can have a situation where 20 -- you know, up to 80 people can invade a store, a sires of stores, and there not be some communications and some organization. how up that goes in terms of retail fencing organizations that might be sponsoring this, i believe, we believe, through our investigations that there's a degree of that. we've done a number of search warrants other in our city and with our collaborative partners in the bay area, and we've arrested some of these folks and we've recovered millions of dollars worth of property so there is that element and i think that's driving some of this. the fact of the matter is the some of this is just people
9:26 am
that -- that is motivated by greed and motivated by people that are just braisen and don't to abide by the laws that we have so we're going to attack this. >> do you think this wave is growing because of the copycat element and some say that looks easy, we can do it, too. >> i do believe there's a degree to that, and i think there's some truth to that, and bottom line is on our end we have to do everything that we can to make the arrests there. has to be consequences when those arrests are made and the evidence is there because people see people getting away with this, what's the disincentive so we all have to lift on this, all have to do our jobs and there has to be consequenced at the other end and when people get arrested and the evidence is there, we hope to see consequences, so we can deter some of this activity from occurring. >> this, of course, is a huge shopping weekend kicked off with -- with black friday. tomorrow we've got small business saturday. at least where you are, can you
9:27 am
reassure retailers, are you reassuring retailers and buyers, shoppers, that there's nothing to fear? >> absolutely. you know, this is -- you know, nothing can be guaranteed, but i can say this. as for as reassurance, you know, our officers are out on the streets right now as we speak and have been out on the street, and as you come to san francisco, particularly in these retail corridors like union square you're going to see a lot more officers, and our officers are engaging, our command staff is engaging, and we're trying to reassure people. you know, when you go and talk to the people that have been directly impacted by this, they need that reassurance because the fear of crime is almost as bad as crime itself, and when people show up for work and they don't know whether they are going to be robbed or assaulted or somebody is going to run into the store with hammers and golf clubs and guns and take advantage of that situation. we have to reassure poem and i
9:28 am
say we as a community. police departments like ours will do our part in that. >> right. >> we need to be out there. we need to be visible and we need to be seen, but on the other side of that, this is a community. we're all working together here in san francisco to make things better. >> chief, i wish you and your force the best of luck in fighting this. chief bill scott, thank you so much for your tomb. >> thank you for having me, holiday and happy holidays to you. >> you, too. have a great weekend. developing this hour ukraine's president is the accusing a group of russians and ukranians of planning a coup against him. the ukranian president said that would help next week with the help of ukraine's richest man. meanwhile, nato is urging russia to de-escalate as it continues to build up its military presence near the border with ukraine. cnn's matthew chance has snore it underlines those concerns that have been sort of made very public over the past couple of weeks about the threat that russia poses to the state of
9:29 am
ukraine. there are two concerns is the military one with the idea, you know, that's been put out there by u.s. intelligence agencies that russia is massing troops near the borders of ukraine, something that had the kremlin categorically defireworks by the way, and then there's that second internal more covert threat that russia poses to the ukranian state which has been articulated by president silinski today in ukraine saying that he beliefs the intelligence services in ukraine have discovered there's a coup planned the 1st and 2nd of december involving russians and ukranians and us a rightly say involving ukraine's richest man, renat akmenov. to be clear, there's been a categorical denial from the press department saying it's a lie and no connection that he has with any kind of conspiracy
9:30 am
to be involved in anything like that, but, you know, alex, you know, there is this real threat that is posed to ukraine by russia, but you also have to look at what's going on inside ukraine. president zielinski is cracking down on oligarchs, the rich businessmen that control a lot of economic power and a lot of political power in ukraine as well. it's kind of an anti-corruption drive from him. his critics say that he's not just cracking down on people that are controlled by russia, but he's cracking down on anyone who is critical of him and his -- and his government, so that's -- that's the criticism of president silinski right now. >> our thanks to matthew chance. now to politics and more evidence that bigotry is really a future, not a bug of the republican party that former president donald trump is in control. in colorado congresswoman lauren boebert thought to use a violent
9:31 am
anti-muslim tightrope that she thought would be an applause line thinking that congresswoman ilhan omar is a suicide bomber. >> i was getting into the elevator with one of my staffers and we get in the office and i see a capitol police officer running hurriedly to the elevator. i see fret all over his face. and i look to my life and there she is, ilhan omar. >> whoops. >> and i said, well, she doesn't have a backpack. we should be fine. >> whoa. >> so we only had one floor to go, it's like. i looked over and i said, oh, look. t the jihad squad just going to
9:32 am
work. these comments are absolutely disgusting, beyond the pale. we have heard from her fellow republican, congressman adam kinzinger. he just tweet that had boebert is trash very simple police but, of course, we're hearing nothing from republican leaders, at least so far. do expect that we will? >> i wouldn't hold your breath. we asked their office for comment and have not heard back yet, but i suspect we won't hear from kevin mccarthy until i find him in the hallways in congress and ask him about it and i fully expect he'll stand behind lauren boebert just like he did for paul gosar when he depicted a violent meme about alexandria ocasio-cortez and there is one republican standing up and that's adam kinzinger, voted to impeach donald trump and called lauren boebert trash and took a swipe at kevin mccarthy for embracing emtariqists in the
9:33 am
congress like marjorie taylor greene saying this is what happened when you try to hug a skunk. ilhan omar is condemning this language and said that it never happened and the story was made up. whether it was made up or not, doesn't really matter, or not. it's problematic. it's dangerous and i wouldn't be surprised to see democrats try to ken sure her or kick her off her committees when they return next week. >> today's republican party it really doesn't hurt you to say things like that. in fact, it can only help. melanie zanona, thank you so much. >> thanks. >> coming up, millions of american workers are quitting jobs and not coming back. a look at what's driving them away. that's coming up next. r you to . whether it's a year old or a few years old. we wanna buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate answer a few questions. and our techno wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot and pick up your car, that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way at carvana.
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americans are quitting their jobs in record numbers, virtually across all industries right now. right now job openings are plentiful nationwide. amid the mass exdouse from this workforce which has been dubbed the great resignation. cnn's vanessa yurkovich is live with all the details. where are all these workers going? >> reporter: everyone is having their own rone for why they are quitting but we found three i don't know buckets, women looking to stay home with their children, folks who want to start their own businesses and more americans retiring early. one thing they all have in common, if not for this pandemic, they probably wouldn't have quit their jobs. >> a simple task, kate
9:39 am
santangelo picks up her 7-year-old daughter from grace from school, something she's waited years to do. >> do you recall how often you were able to pick up your daughter from school? >> oh, my gosh. never. >> reporter: but that all changed in april. she quit her 15-year career in sales to be home full time with her kids. >> i was working endless hours and traveling a lot. >> if covid didn't happen, do you think you still would have quit your job? >> no, no, i think i'd still be there, yeah, without a doubt. >> she's one of millions quitting the workforce in recent months. a record 4.4 million quits in september. it's being called the great resignation. >> we had like so much time that we had to be sitting at home and spending time with, you know, people that we live with and just shifting priorities. >> and she's one of 4.7 million business applications filed from
9:40 am
january through october of this year, a 34% increase from the same time period in 2019. she founded a resource guide for parents. >> allows me to take off if i need to bring my kids to the doctor or offer more flexibility in terms of when i can even schedule appointments for them. >> it's not just moms leaving the workforce. americans are retiring in greater numbers, too. >> what am i looking at behind you guys right now. >> that's our rv in the background. >> reporter: scott and matter banks retired early this september at 57 and 59 respectively and are road tripping across the country. >> packed up, strapped down and ready to head down the road. >> reporter: scott quit his finance job and mary left real estate. >> i said what would you think if we did it now instead of waiting three more years? >> and i pushed all my chips in. i'm all in. >> reporter: 1.5 million americans were on pace to retire
9:41 am
during the pandemic. instead, that number more than doubled to 3.6 million. >> and it was just that thought of, gosh, wouldn't it be just a tragedy if we spent all this time working for our retirement and we're right near the finish line you catch a horrible disease and do i and never get to enjoy your retirement. >> so they capitalized on the hot housing market, sold their home and hit the road. how is life on the road compared to the jobs that you left behind? >> gosh. i wish i could say it was tough, but, no, it's great. i do not miss at all working right now. >> reporter: now the industries with the highest quit rates are transportation, leisure and hospitality and education. these are industries that were suffering with labor shortages before the pandemic and now they are feeling them much more acutely. americans who left those industries said that they did so to find higher wages and more flexibility. alex, we're just seeing how this
9:42 am
pandemic is completely transforming the way that americans are willing and want to work right now. alex? >> who hasn't thought of just hitting the open road? vanessa yurkovich, thanks so much for that reporting. >> joining me now is bloomberg's washington bureau chief peggy collins. peggy, thank you for joining me today. >> thank you so much for having me, alex. >> let's just pick up where vanessa left off there. what do you think the leading factors are why americans are quitting their jobs in such big numbers? >> well, i think your reporter was right on the mark in terms of we've seen women be a driving force between their desire to stay at home where they were working at home during the pandemic and want to keep that availability with their families and also the retirees. this is something that policy-makers are watching very closely. people are retiring earlier in bigger numbers and that's driving down what we call the
9:43 am
labor participation rate, something that policy-makers will figure out will it last, or is this something that some early retirees want to take a road trip but a couple of years from now may actually want to come back into the workforce, so i think there are a lot of things driving that and, of course, that's affecting employers in two big ways. one is in terms of how much they have to raise wages in terms of getting workers back and then surge at this holiday season trying to keep up with demand when they have -- when they may not have the ability to higher employees. >> at the same time, peggy, we're seeing all these unemployment claims fall. 21 million unemployment claims filed ahead of last thriving. this year just 2.4, so 21 and 2.4 the lowest jobless flates half ken industry and still you have a majority of americans, barely, the majority, 52%, who disapprove of biden's handling of the economy, that's according
9:44 am
to a new npr or marist poll. does that surprise you? >> as i said, the jobless claims data that came in on friday was a strong up arrow. there was a seasonal dwoirk that, but we have consistently seen the jobless claim numbers really plummet over the last several months. i think what's really driving those consumer sentiment numbers is the inflation that we're seeing so consumers are seeing prices rise on everyday goods like, you know, fuel and food prices, and that is really bleeding into consumer sentiment about the overall state of the economy. even though we're seeing a lot of positive signs about consumer spending and growth going into the end of the year. >> i also want to get your take on what we've been talking about so much today. newly detected coronavirus strain initially out of south africa. they are really sounding the alarm. we've seen the dow jones drop over 1,000 points today though it's back up. i understand the worst day of the year.
9:45 am
global markets, not just here in the u.s. are rattled. what are we going to watch for as we learn more about the strain? >> certainly reporters around the world will be watching for how much of an issue this is and how quickly it may spread like other variants around the world. as you said, the markets are really reacting to it today. it is traditionally a lighter trading day so that can be adding to the volatility, but certainly global investors are taking note and that could have issues in terms of any drag on economies around the world, and we've seen how connected economies are today versus in the past, and we've seen that come out in terms of the supply chain crunches that we're seeing around the world but also in terms of how much a slowdown in europe may affect the u.s. and companies in the u.s. or vice versa. >> yeah. a very rocky financial start to this very busy shopping season. peggy collins, thanks very much. >> thanks for having me. all right. well, it's the day after thanksgiving. you've eaten turkey and shopped
9:46 am
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. 'tis the season to shop, sit back and catch some movies and tv shows whether it's at home streaming or at the movie theater. there are a lot of great options
9:51 am
coming up this holiday season. joining me now to join us to discuss all of this is "entertainment tonight" co-host nischelle turner. thanks for joining us. >> hey, alex, feel like i'm waking up after a long winter's nap after yesterday. >> and you're three hours behind us and the turkey coma is affecting a lot of people today but we have a fun few days and weeks ahead of us. what are your -- let's talk first about movies and then -- and then your tv picks. give us your favorites in both those categories. >> well, first of all, before folks start tweeting me and writing me, these are just my opinions. there's a ton of great movies that are coming out, especially at this time. we've got all of the award season movies that will come out in the next few weeks so there's a lot that you can wick from, but four movies that i really think that people will love and that i thought were phenomenal are number one "king richard." i know everyone has heard about this. it's will smith playing the
9:52 am
father of venus and serena williams, and it's really -- it's not his story. it's not their story, it's richard williams' story, and it's real kind of encaps late the man that so many people villainized for a very long time and they didn't understand him. they didn't understand what his motivation was pushing his doubters to greatness. this movie dives deep into that and their family, and will smith is already getting oscar buzz to go along with the actress who plays the mother role. it's spot on, just a fantastic move. it will be out on christmas day and also will stream at the same time -- no. it's out now. i'm sorry, it's out right now, and it's streaming right now on hbo max. also, i think "west side story." it's coming out december 10th. a lot of people are saying don't mess with a classic but steven spielberg decided to. rita moreno is back 60 years
9:53 am
after the original and i'm ready for it. you know, it comes out december 10th. it's the same song and dance and fantastic story line, and it's -- it's a show and a movie that we all love. i'm anxious to see what audiences think because, again, when people are so connected to an original, it's hard to do a sequel, but i think if anybody can do it it's steven spielberg on december 10th. the third movie that i think is a must see right now is "a journal for jordan," michael b. jordan, denzel washington directing and introducing shont yeah adams to us. it's spectacular. the film is out christmas day. the film is based on a memoir, and it's based on a memoir that was written about the author's husband that had died in the war, and this movie is brought to life. it looks heart wrenching. it's a love story and everything wrapped up into one.
9:54 am
i think it's perfect for the holiday season, and i think the fourth movie that folks would want to see and need to see is "the tragedy of macbeth," denzel washington and frances mcdormand going head to head directed by frances mcdormand's husband and when had you have those two he have hitters on the screen it's a matter of class in acting and there's a lot of great story lines encapsulated. denzel is getting oscar buzz for his role in "macbeth" and will smith in "king richard." the last time they went head to head is when will was nominated for "ali" and denzel for and won. nischelle, a minute left. quickly run through your favorite top tv picks. >> oh, my gosh.
9:55 am
i talked too much. if you're sitting at home, season two of "the morning show," so good. i didn't know how they would top season one. this season is much more dish and they deal with coronavirus. jantsion is fantastic this season along with billy crudup, fantastic last season and even bet they are season so check that out. number two "made" on netflix. if you haven't seen it run to the television. it's fantastic, and it's also based on a memoir by stephanie land. >> nischelle, we have leave it there. i'm sorry. we are running out of time. "king richard" is definitely on the top of my list for this weekend. thanks for all your thoughts. >> i told you there was a lot to watch. >> there absolutely is. >> take care. we'll get you back soon. >> bye-bye. >> a quick programming know. you can join fareed zakaria for an in-depth length of china's leader, "china's iron fist and the stakes for america"
9:56 am
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