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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  November 26, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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you can go to right now to vote for your cnn hero of the year. thanks so much for joining me today. have a wonderful weekend, everybody. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. and this is "cnn newsroom." i'm jim acosta in washington. we do begin with breaking news. president biden says he will restrict travel from south africa and several other after nations on monday. he decided to be cautious after public health expert found an alarming new coronavirus variant spreading rapidly in south africa. the world health organization quickly moving to call it a
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variant of concern and giving it the name omicron investors are rattled. cnn's jeff zeleny is traveling with the president in nantucket. pete muntean joins us from outside washington. this will be startling news to a lot of americans doing their black friday shopping. why is the administration waiting until monday to restrict travel? >> reporter: well, jim, president biden said that was a decision based on his medical team, the experts. they said it simply takes time to put in a travel ban. it takes time with the airlines, and the white house had a phone conversation with airline executives earlier today, we're told. president biden also spoke on the phone with dr. anthony fauci and other experts on his covid team. they said it simply takes time
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to put these travel bans in place, but it will be south africa and seven other neighboring countries there. but president biden also used this as an opportunity to urge all americans to get vaccinated. >> every american who has not been vaccinated -- five years -- number two. everyone eligible for the booster shots should get the booster shot. that's a minimum that everyone should be doing. you know, we always talk about this is about -- i think it's a patriotic responsibility. >> reporter: he was speaking to reporters after lunch there. he was pretty frank, he said there's a lot about this variant we simply do not know, but they're going to try to use this period of time to get more
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information and watch the science of this. they able know it was spreading rapidly, something that deeply worries them. of course, the position also calling on more vaccines globally to be send to south africa and other african nations, but it is a delay under monday when the travel ban takes effect. we should also point out that american citizens are not affected by this ban. they can still fly back here to the u.s. jim? >> that's good to know, jeff. pete, i'm sure asever was alluding to, travelers will have a lot of questions t how was the travel industry responding to all of this? >> well, we were wondering when this would all come down after announcement after announcement came from across europe. we know there was a meeting today between the industry and the white house. we also know the federal
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government is formulating some guidance no the airlines. it will go into effect 12:01 on monday. it will not apply to u.s. citizens, only to foreign nationals. it's interesting there were have you fee flights operating from this region. delta and united operate from there. we're still waiting a bit longer on the response from them. travel restrictions were relaxed not even three weeks ago, allowing fully vaccinated foreign nationals, who can prove reasons tests, they've been able to come into the united states. so it shows how quickly things can change 2349 travel space. things can move really quick and go sideways very fast.
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>> a lot of travelers will be scrambling. obviously this is a major concern not just for american travelers, but people all around the world. everybody around the world will be scrambling. jeff zelly. pete muntean, thank you for that. officials are worrying that there's a hue number of mutations. scientists are racing to find out if the current vaccines can still fight off this variant. >> reporter: a new covid variant spreading quickly in south africa. u.s. health authorities in contact with officials there. we want to find out scientist to scientist, to find out exactly what is going on. >> reporter: researchers say there's likely reason to be worried. they say this new variant has more than 30 mutations in the spike protein. that's the part of the virus that gains entry to human cells
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to cause infection. the covid-19 vaccines target the spike protein. if the spike changes too much and in the wrong ways, it could make the vaccines less effective. learns where the mutations are and how they change the spike protein, will be key. >> first of all, we're getting the material together with our south african colleagues to get a situation where you can directly test it. >> reporter: scientists and biontech have already started investigating the variant, with data expected within the next couple of weeks. this isn't the first variant to initially be detected in south africa. last year the beta variant was identified there and there were fierce it could quickly spread and become the dominant variant worldwide. that didn't happen. now authorities are working to see whether this new variant will slowly smolder or quickly spread around the planet.
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elizabeth cohen, cnn, reporting. dr. megan ranney, are you surprised how fast the u.s. -- we woke up this morning, some people weren't even aware of this variant to new travel restrictions before the sun goes down. >> i think most of us were spending yesterday gathered around our thanksgiving table, giving thanks that we felt like we were coming to another phase of this pandemic. yeah, we woke up this morning seeing news of this new variant. i don't think biden had much choice in restricting travel. you look at the numberoer of other countries -- he really had his hands tied, but from a scientific perspective, i don't think this travel ban will do much. we already have seen that the virus has spread to many other countries outside of south
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africa. the ban is only around nationals of those countries. our citizens can still go back and forth. what would be much more effective is universal vaccination requirements for all air flights, right? or having quarantines when people arrive in the u.s. from other countries. neither of those are particularly politically palatable right now, but they would make a much bigger difference in the spread of this variant. >> we don't know everything about this variant at this point, so i hesitate to ask you to look into your crystal ball too much, but how concerned are you that this would be more transmissible. the delta variant just knocked everybody down the last six months. >> that's what's concerns. this looks like this is displacing the delta variant in south africa, and your point is exactly right. we've seen some reports that
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this new variant may be hundreds of times more transmissible. we don't really know. so the takeaway is pay close attention, but let's not have mass hysteria. in the meantime, the best prevention is vaccination and masks. what are your thoughts on that? how soon do you think we'll get that information? >> i think it would be a week or two until we really know. i will say one thing about south africa. only about 35% of adults are fully vaccinated. initials reports show that almost all of the folks who have been hospitalized -- again, it's a very small number, but almost all of the adults who have been hospitalized to date are unvaccinated. so there's a good possibility that the vaccines will work okay.
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>> yeah, i just exchanged a couple messages very briefly with dr. anthony fauci a few moments ago and asked should we still go get our boosters? he said, absolutely, exclamation point, all the more reason to do so was essentially his response. so people should not hit the pause button. >> is that right? >> if anything, hurry up and get your vaccines. get your booster if you haven't, and most of all, let's provide the vaccine to the rest of the globe. if it does stay true that the variant does not evade our vaccine, the best things we could have done would have been to speed up vac nation of their population. i hope this is a call to action for countries around the world to do that. >> dr. ranney, great advice as always. we appreciate it. just ahead.
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still no condemnation from leaders after a video surfaced of congresswoman boebert making comment about ilhan omar. she's now apologizing for anyone she may have offended, as more disparages remarks emerge. >> reporter: making a suicide bomber joke about being in an elevator with congresswoman omar. >> i looked to my left, there
1:16 pm
she is, ilhan omar. i said, well, she doesn't have a packback, we should by fine. >> reporter: suggesting she was send she would blow up the elevator. >> we only have one more floor to go. the jihad squad decided to show up today. >> reporter: posted, claimed to have shot over the thanksgiving break, omar responding saying the whole story is made up, call b boebert a buffoon. today, boebert tweeting an apology sigh she's reached on the to omar's office to speaker to her directly. adding -- there are plenty of policy differences to focus on without this unnecessary distraction.
1:17 pm
but boebert did not apologize for other incendiary remarks made during the same event, including a homophobic remark about secretary buttigieg. >> he wasn't even put in charges of the supply chain crisis. no, someone else was tapped for that, may mayor pete is still at home trying to figure out house to chest feed. somebody ought to tell him so he can get back to work. >> gop leadership has been silent so far for the series of derogatory comments, but republican kinzinger trash. >> it's to stop the movement the goal almighty. >> reporter: this isn't the first time she's made inflammatory remarks. most recently boebert defended congressman paul gosar before he
1:18 pm
was censured for tweeting an i me -- >>. turning her floor speech into a tirade singling out democrats. >> the jihad squad member has paid her husband, not her brother husband, 9 other one over a million in campaign funds. this member is allowed on the foreign affairs committee while praising terrorists. >> reporter: this afternoon congresswoman omar called on house leadership to take action against boebert. she says normalizing this bigotry engangers her life and the lives of all muslims across the nation. she does not specifically mention the apology nor did she mention if her office has heard from the congresswoman.
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let's discuss with charlie dent and maria cardona. congressman, looking at that video, i can't tell if it's a member of congress or something performing at maga -- it's crickets from every republican leader in congress. what's going on? >> well, jim, first there are readily no place for these ad adhominum attacks. as chairman of the ethics committee, i used to have to deal with situations like this. for not that often. i felt there's a major failure in that regard, and i'm glad she's apologized, but marjorie
1:20 pm
taylor greene and paul gosar more recently. when they make these statements, it's important for the republican lead tore crack down, deal with it internally. republicans should have taken her off the committees. they should not have let that go to the house floor, as an example, but they didn't. i served with john boehner and paul ryan, and i watched them with people who became embarrassments or distractions. they took strong action. too many members don't feel much shame and figure out a way to monetize their bad behavior. >> the trolling is the point, really more than anything else. if lauren boebert worked in pretty much any other place, she would be fired for this, but the voters ultimately have to decide whether to fire her. what are your thoughts on why republican leaders are silent on this? >> because they're absolutely spineless, jim.
1:21 pm
there clearly are not enough like charlie dent or adam kinzinger who is the only one who tweeted out that lauren boebert is trash. he's right, and they need to step up to the plate if they want to be considered real leaders. the problem is, who is it that they are following? whose example is it that she's following? it's donald trump. we know that donald trump is still the leader of the republican party. and until that changes, these kinds of comments are going to continue to be things that we're going to see. i hope that we do not normalize this. they comments are so, so just completely disgusting, inappropriate. she is an affront to her district, to her state, to her country, to her party, frankly to all decent humans all over the world. i think what it represents, jim,
1:22 pm
as charlie mentioned this, the lack of shame that republicans have these days, and that is not something that we need to be allowing in our leaders. she was talking about a fellow member of congress. like you said, it looked like she was doing a stand-up comedian act. you know what's even sadder about what happened during that whole rally speech is that, she said it, and her voters laughed. they laughed, jim. so until that stops, we're going to see these kinds of things. >> some of these more extreme members of the caucus are rewarded for this activity. lauren boebert, she tweeted out this half-hearted apology saying, to anyone in the muslim community i offended with my comment. we're not seeing an apology to congresswoman omar, though. that's what an apology is. you apologize to the person you offended, by calling them, you
1:23 pm
know, a bomber or whatever she was suggesting. >> again, yeah, it sounded like a somewhat half-hearted apology, but i get back to the question of standards of conduct. you know, when you bring discredit upon the house, that's when the leaders have to act. and sadly, it's just not occurring enough. i mentioned earlier, i watched john boehner and paul ryan, and nancy pelosi, deal with members who became real distractions and embarrassments and did far less, and were forced -- >> how did we get here, do you think, congressman? >> i think the standards bar has lowered, and you can thank the former president for that, donald trump, because he maid such outlandish statements, i think we all became somewhat numb to it. before, if a member of congress made a statement like this, it would be quite an outcry and a big deal, but this will be a few
1:24 pm
news cycles, probably. but before donald trump, these were much bigger issues, and they call a lot more internal turmoil. we become numb, desensitized. we heard so often, and nothing seems to surprise us or shame us. we've got to leave it there. thank you both so much. we appreciate it. happy holidays. >> thank you, jim. the markets melt down. the dow jones plunged more than 900 points. we'll be right back. as i observe investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold.
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breaking news, president biden is restricting travel from eight african countries starting on monday, after a new variant has been found. investors are spooked, stocks are tumbling, and the dow jones logged its worst day in over a year. we saw similar trends when it delta variant emerged. you have such expertise with global business travel. how do you see this playing out? are we moving fast enough? >> no is the short answer, or if we're most fast enough, we're moving in the wrong discretion.
1:30 pm
the experts say it's no good, and the travel ban won't work, because the virus is probably already there, and with proper testing and vaccination policies, it doesn't make much different. i see why countries have been moved to ban from these areas, but as the o. has said on numerous occasions, it's an ineffective policy. it creates the appearance of a security blanket. think those his go, and the start to see the reality of it. second her, we are paying the price now for the negligence of not given more vaccines to those countries in africa that need it. you know that old adage, no one is safe until everyone is safety. omicron is exactly an example of the failure of that policy. we ignored for too long the needs of those countries, and as
1:31 pm
a result, yep, it will be on our shores. >> absolutely. richard, stay with us. i want to bring in cnn's global economics analyst, ranafaroohar. i suppose you're going to echo what richard is telling us. but it just might be too late. it's already spreading to other parts of the world. indeed, you're saying a rise in cases in europe. what happened in the economic in the last two years has been all about covid. it will still be all about covid. you're seeing gas prices, though maybe be abating, because everyone is worked about demand
1:32 pm
we just did the wrong thing by not getting more vaccines out to the world. gas prices nearing the highest levels in a decade. i suppose what rana is saying will prices go down if people start going back. and, so, you know, on the one hand oil prices are coming down, heavily today. that will very quickly feed into reducing inflation, but on the other hand, if there are more restrictions, then you're back to trade problems and supply chain issues, which pushes prices up. and then throw in a few more hands and you've got a fed, which wants to tighten, but really frankly dare not even give a smidgen of tightening.
1:33 pm
the reality, jim, is stagflation. now there's the world. we're not in the 1970s against, but could we end up with a slow economy? absolutely. >> rana, this is the concern that a lot of people having, we are just getting getting to the point where we could see light at the end of the tunnel, like back in the summer before the delta variant clobbered everybody. might we get to such gloom and doom covering the globe, that this causes a major economic ripple around the world? that this could cause serious problems for the global economy? >> run%. i agree that the fed probably can't raise rates now. then we get an ebigger but we
1:34 pm
brewers up this easy money bubble. at some point that may deflate and may deflate in a crash. i don't wish that, but i think it's possible. i think every will devil on technology, it will depend on science. will the technology that companies are putting in place help us to speed up supply chains? that's where we are looking in the future. rana foroohar and richard quest, western hoping for some cheer on this holiday, but we have got to get a handle on this, and we appreciate both your perspectives. the president of ukraine accuses russia of plotting a coup against him.
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the ukrainian. says a group is plan ago coup against him in the coming days . >> reporter: we have information that will soon be a coup in our country, he announced at a roundtable discussion with journalists. in just a few days, on the 1st or 2nd of december, the kremlin
1:40 pm
denies any such plot. it's a dramatic escalation in the war of words. russia is accused of amassing forces, poised to invade, which the kremlin also denies. president zelensky said he has evidence, including an audio recording, but no evidence has yet to be made public. he also suggested ukraine's richest man, may have been involved, something strenuously denied to cnn by the man himself. the information made public is an absolute lie. at a ukrainian citizen, country's biggest investor, taxpayer and police officer, i will defend a free ukraine and
1:41 pm
do everything i can to prevent authoritarianism and censorship. for years now, ukraine has been facing enormous pressure from the powerful russian neighbor, fighting a trench war with rush-backed rebels. it was the threat of holding back u.s. military aid that let to president trump's first impeachment. now u.s. officials arussia is engaged in destabilizing activities inside ukraine as well against the zelensky government. that is one of the reason he seems on edge, but there are also fears he's used real concerns about russia to crack down on his opponents, too. jim, tonight president biden is expressing concerns about what the ukrainian leader says is that plan to carry out a coup. the country meanwhile, u.s. and
1:42 pm
its nato allies, saying they're going to discuss ways next week to further deter russia against its aggression against the ukraine. >> thank you so much about that report, matthew chance. let's talk about that and more with seth bolden of massachusetts. congressman, you know, the russians from time to time, you know, they bubble up, these kinds of concerns bubble up and it's a problem for any u.s. administration, republican or democrat, but to hear the president of ukraine, you know, talk about a coup plot in this manner, this has to be very concerning to people on both sides of the i'd here in washington. how disturbed are you by this report? >> i'm very concerned. as you know well, this isn't just about concerns bubbling up and creating a headache. this is about russia invading
1:43 pm
sovereign territory of other nations. they did it to georgia, they have done it to crimea. this is a real serious threat. the united states of america needs to take it seriously. i certain am. what do you think the white house should be thinking about right now? we saw the obama administration had to deal with this sort of thing. you have to wonder whether russia is moving in that direction once again. >> i think the lesson from the obama years is we need to be more forceful, make clear we are going to stand with our allies. france has already come to ecrane's side. i think we have options to both introduce agreeder sanctions on russian officials to make them feel the pain of these threats personally, and also provide
1:44 pm
more defensive weapons, maybe offensive weapons to ukraine. nato was established to prevent russia from rushing all over europe. ukraine is not technically a part of nato, but that really is a technicality at this point. we cannot let russia run rampant over sovereign nations all over europe. we have a solid national security interest in prerepresenting that. >> and i want to ask you about these really disgusting remarks from republican congresswoman boebert. she made a comment about congresswoman omar. she's issued a half-hearted apology. it doesn't sound like she's apologized personally. what is your message to kevin mccarthy, who seems to be willing to tolerate this?
1:45 pm
>> they needs to act like a leader, take accountability and enforce accountability, and prevent this childish behavior. it's also threatening. if you really step back from it and look at this, it's clear that representative boebert is the one who doesn't believe in freedom of speech, doesn't believe in religious freedom, is more devoted to trump than he is to democracy. she helped incite the attack on the capital on january 6th, the attack on the heart of our democracy, trying to take away votes from american citizens. i mean, if that's not domestic terrorism, if that's not un-american, i don't know what is. so i just ask people out there, you know, what's a greater threat, attacking the united states of america, or simply being a muslim. >> all right. congressman seth moulton, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it.
1:46 pm
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a slew of smash-and-grab robberies has authorities on
1:51 pm
alert. brian todd has more. these robberies are being carried out by highly organized flash mobs, and they move very quickly. what else are you learning? >> reporter: we have new information that at least three of these robberies occurred at a nordstrom's. as a result police and security has ramped up. customers are nervous. on the left, thieves violently hack away at a julie case near san francisco. on the right several perpetrators ransack a louis vuitton store in chicago. at this nordstrom store in canoga park near last on wednesday, at least five people went in and did more than steal valuable merchandise. >> a number of suspects entered the door behind me and took
1:52 pm
several high-end purses. unfortunately we have a security guard here that was working for the store that was attacked by the suspects. >> cnn's affiliate reports at least one of those suspects was wearing an orange wig. the same day at an apple store in santa rosa, california, they store nearly $20,000 of merchandise, which police say was a braising daytime burglary. police said those suspects were between 14 and 18 years of age. this is all part of a wave of so-called mash-and-grab robberies at high-end stores in recent days in california and illinois, hits that were disturbing for their apparent level of coordination, the number of people involved. >> i probably saw 50 to 80 people in ski masks, crowbars. >> reporter: there's at least occurred at nordstrom stores near los angeles and san francisco. customers are terrified.
1:53 pm
>> very disturbing. now i'm reluctant to come in and make my purchases. >> reporter: san francisco's police chief says his department has made some arrests, recovered millions in stolen property. asked by cnn, who is carrying out these burglaries? he believes it ranges from common thieves at the lower end to sophisticated groups at the top. >> this has been to be a degree of organization. there's no way, in my mind, that we can have a situation 20 up to 80 people can invade a series of stores and there not be some communication and organization. >> reporter: they say these kinds of hits are tough to guard against. security and ploys die ploymentses are being ramped up. one analyst says customers can also help. >> they should always be sensitive to their surroundings,
1:54 pm
if it goes down while you are in the store or nearby, stay out of the way. if you are in a position to take a photo, that will be helpful. but just observe what you are doing. >> reporter: we reach out to nordstrom to talk about enhanced security and the possibility of an inside job. the chain did not get back to us. analysts say one thing law enforcement is likely doing is monitoring social media for any signs of coordination and any signs of anyone bragging about thinks burglaries. >> and holiday shoppers need to stay alert. brian todd, thanks so much for that report. just ahead, more on our stop stories, scientists are raising alarms over a new covid -- we'll have expert analysis right after the break.
1:55 pm
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a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes. must be carried across all roads and all bridges. and when everyone is smiling and having their fun i can turn my sleigh north because my job here is done. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm jim acosta in washington. we are following breaking news, as an alarm spreads about a new variant in south africa. president biden calls it a big concern and says he will restrict travel from south africa and seven other african nation starting on monday. officials tell cnn that the
2:00 pm
restrictions will buy the u.s. more time to learn about the variant. the world health organ aceh moving quickly, and they gave it a name, omicron. investors around the world of rattled, the dow jones logging its worst day in more than a year. arlette scenes is live from nantucket, pete muntean is outside reagan airport. what did the president have to say today? >> reporter: jim, president biden said he wants to take a cautious a3r067 when it comes to this new omicron variant. that's why he's decided to issue restrictions in that southern


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