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tv   Diana  CNN  November 26, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> she was like a tinder box waiting to explode. >> isn't it normal to feel angry and want to change a situation that is hurting? >> this was her going totally rogue, risking it all, not knowing where it would lead. >> diana is effectively planting a bomb under the royal family. >> she wanted her truth to be told . marriage offers stability. >> diana is in a loveless marriage and really is living a lie. >> for many of these marriages, reality fails to live up to expectations. >> here you have her husband, the future king of england in love with someone else.
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that was the norm. >> but who's norm is it? >> some women put up with a sham of a marriage but not diana. >> she wanted to blow the lid of everything. >> isn't it normal to feel angry and want to change the situation that is hurting? >> this was her going totally rogue, she was risking it all, not knowing where it would lead. >> diana's taking on one of the oldest and most powerful institutions in the world. >> she wanted her truth to be told and she was determined that she was going to control her narrative. ♪ ♪
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♪ it was the summer of 1990, and charles was playing polo and fell badly off his horse and broke his arm. and rushed to the local hospital. >> it was a major break. >> diana was a hundred miles away when she heard about the accident and drove to the hospital. >> it was a very big story. a lot of reporters, photographers, film crews outside of the hospital he was being treated. >> inside royal palace staff were stunned to discover charles very first visitor wasn't diana it was camilla parker bowles.
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she had come through the back door so the media hadn't caught sight of her. >> prince charles bodyguard from buckingham palace were trying to work out what time diana would appear. >> fortunately camilla was able to slip out the back door before diana arrived. >> according to the diana version charles made it clear that he didn't really want his wife there, he wanted his mistress there. he wanted camilla to be at his side. >> that is the point diana realized she was no longer interested in any further reconciliation for the sake of the marriage. >> i had so many dreams as a young girl hope my husband would support me and encourage didn't get any of that. >> what you have is the entire firm engaged top to bottom a massive lie. >> the fact that prince charles
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prescident -- a divorce was unthinkable. >> they were effectively leading separate lives. >> prince charles was based in high grove. diana was left on her own at kensington palace a hundred miles away and would only come together when diana would drive down and spend the weekend at high grove. the way the staff told it no sooner had the princess's car was out of view that they could hear the gravel crunching of another car, that would be camilla arriving. >> camilla was effectively the mistress of the house and would organize dinner parties. >> diana was constantly cut off
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they would say it's not true you're imagining things. >> it was corroding the organization. adultery is not a novelty for the british crown, they this a wife who wouldn't take it lightly and a husband who failed to honor the time-honored rules rule one you respect the mother of your children, especially in public, you look after her, you treat her better because of what you're doing, not worse. >> my husband made me feel so inadequate in every possible way, each time i came up for air he push med down again. he pushed me down again. >> i remember on a joint golf tour the prince publicly humiliating his wife. belittling her.
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the host was outlining the program, most of which discussion was directed at the prince and then the host turned to the princess to ask what she was going to be doing. it was a serious program. before she could answer the prince interrupted and said shopping isn't it darling. the princess blushed. she couldn't speak. she was publicly humiliated. >> that was just a great example of how he tried to paint her as shallow and frivolous. >> it opened my eyes to what diana was dealing with every day. >> charles tries to grapple with the attention diana receives and he resents it. and finally he tries to put her in her place but that was simply not possible, she was a global superstar. >> the prince and princess were originally invited by the old communist government but there's been a revolution since then, the man who met them was the country's new president who had
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spent six years in prison under the communist regime. >> i remember the first high-profile visit to a former communist country and the president's wife was moved to tears by the emotion of the moment. princess diana noticed and spontaneously, instinctively put out her hand to comfort her and held her hand all down the red carpet. that gesture became the symbol of the whole visit. the visit was a success before even leaving the airport because of diana's spontaneous act of kindness. >> charles was jealous and diana felt completely under appreciated because of all her efforts on behalf of both of them. >> diana was living with this burning sense of injustice and she wanted to blow the lid on everything. >> she felt the injustice of her husband being able to carry on his affair pretty much with impunity. >> she wanted her truth to be told. >> there was a boil in the house
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diana decided to embark on this very brave, very bold journey into speaking her truth. diana started to record her story. and these recordings became the basis of a book that would shake the monarchy to its core. >> i'm so depressed, i was trying to cut my wrist with razor blades. >> i heard diana, most talked about woman on the planet, beloved by millions, talking in a way i never heard before.
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>> felt so desperate. i was crying my eyes out. he said i'm not going to listen. you're always doing this to me. i'm going riding now. >> i had been writing basket royal family . >> i had been writing about the royal family for the better part of ten years and nothing prepared me for the enormity of what diana was saying. >> i threw myself downtown stairs. >> i was stunned. the suicide attempt, and i didn't realize -- >> diana did feel prince charles's team were gunning for her and she was worried the boys would be taken from her. to lose them was her greatest fear. she knew that people feeling confident despite she was not stable. that was the weapon they were using, was, she's crazy. diana had considered really
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giving a whole open story to newspapers. i said you'll be playing into their hands if you actually show an explosive, apparent lack of control. and that's when the concept of doing it by book came up. >> she was going behind the backs of the royal family, breaking an unwritten rule of silence that you never talk to the press. >> i first met andrew when he first came to where i worked at the time. >> he said let's set up an interview, i said you can't interview diana, how can you do that, you can't go near her but james was sitting near and i said you can . >> i would take in a cheat tape recorder and was initially going to ask the questions an she snatched the papers out of my
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hand with all of the questions from andrew. it was like a flood gate opening. everything just came out. >> diana was establishing the fact her marriage was a wreck. that no one in the royal family cared for her. she self-harmed. she would was suffering, and made herself ill. >> i hated myself, thought i wasn't good enough for charles. -- >> she was sharing her inner most personal secrets. she was risking it all, not knowing where it would lead. >> just imagine how tortured diana must have been to get to
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this place. >> i've really gone down -- >> she hadn't considered deny ability so we had the idea of friends to get interviews and used those as cover for the story. the title of the book became "diana, her true story, against diana's wishes", diana wanted the book to be "the true story" i said no, isn't the true store yirks it's your true story. we doubted nothing about what she said but it was only her view and we later found out there was a hell of a lot excluded. >> diana can't call out charles and camilla while she herself was involve in anon and off four year liaison with james hewitt. she realized she needed to sort out her own business first and hewitt got the old heave ho. >> she said nothing about james hewitt, james gill by, never mentioned him and oliver hall a married art dealer. >> diana was getting her retaliation in first. >> this was the biggest fear of her life, the marriage ending,
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her being blamed for it, divorce, charles gets the children because she's the bad guy. >> she didn't believe that what she was doing was really on the same scale. what charles was doing was really engaging in a very serious and profound love affair. and these side affairs that diana had they never came close to the deep love affair that charles and camilla were enjoying. >> this is the original manuscript as marked up by diana. diana describes the time when she threw herself down the staircase, landing in a heap at the bottom. she was pregnant, she was desperately unhappy, and no one seemed to care. she does admit it was a cry for
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help. i think she would have never risked the lives of one of her children. and diana on the tape says the queen was the first to arrive on the scene. but in the manuscript she writes, mum. so it now reads the queen mum was the first to arrive on the scene. now that's not what diana told us. diana was very weary of saying anything about the queen . so i think she's fit there. which i'm sure she did to keep the queen out of the picture. >> diana's harboring a secret. she knows that in a few month's time her tell-all book is about to be published. she knew that there would be a portrait of her marriage that was very-much at odds with what people believe. >> the prince and princess of wales will spend today as they have spent much of the world tour apart. >> we were told they were beth both to go to the taj mahal. >> charles was busy and they
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weren't able to fulfill the promise that charles made 12 years earlier that he would visit the taj mahal what the woman that he loved more than anybody else, his wife. >> he will come straight on issues such as industry, investment. >> charles didn't go because he was doing something else. diana went alone. >> just sitting there. >> suddenly the light switched on for all of us, we realized this was a key moment. it was more powerful than thousands of words, just that one image. this beautiful, glammous princess all alone in front of this monument to love itself .
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>> nothing about that image is incidental. she knew what she was doing and she knew how the media and public would read into it. >> she was asked about by a reporter, and he said, well what do you mean. >> a very healing experience. >> in what way? >> healing. >> work it out for yourself. >> she played the media game very skillfully. >> there's a real pressure cooker atmosphere as diana is planning for the publication for the book. it's at least a year in the making and she's doing all this literally under the noses of royal officials. >> diana was effectively planting a bomb under the royal family. >> diana knew the minute
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buckingham palace found out it would have been stunned. >> at one stage diana felt all her conversations were being listened to so we decided to get scramblers, these were the original ones uses which would be laughable nowadays but each time we used them we'd have a conversation for perhaps half minute and line would be cut, completely dead. >> she insisted we have her rooms at kensington palace swept for bugs. >> diana trusted no one inside the royal system. >> she was well-aware that this was a pretty big moment for her and she put it in her letters. dearest james your support and guidance this year in particular has meant a great deal for me. obviously we're preparing for the volcano to erupt and i do, underlined, feel better equip to cope with whatever comes our way. thank you for your belief in me. it's such a relief not to be on my own any more and that it's okay to listen to my instinct. lots of love. >> she finally realized that
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that book finally goes on sale today. it's made it's author andrew morton a millionaire and in hits fourth preprint, many saying it will fact the biggest crisis in the royal family it is of
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course, diana, her true story. >> the book was diana. it blew open the entire pretense of the marriage. >> it was astonishing. >> the royal family for generations had been seen as the model family and here was a book with a princess talking about how she binged on food, made here self vomit, attempted suicide, how her husband was in love with another woman. >> there was real shock and disbelief that these things can happen in the royal family. >> no one challenged the institution of the monarchy in this way before. >> diana her true story is definitely not what the royal family would want you to hear. >> every story had been denied, morning, noon and night bit pal
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and night by the palace. they lied through their teeth. after that back we never asked the palace anything again. >> within a year of the marriage she was on the steps three months pregnant with prince william to throw herself down, that's the despair she comes with. >> the response was to deny it all. it couldn't be true. to be told that the fairytale marriage was a complete sham, well, this is the story that no one wanted to hear.
7:27 pm
>> members of parliament talked about having the book banned. book stores refused to handle the book. >> and it was condemned as a savage attack on the royal family. >> the people who did get the blame were her friends who had given interviews. carolyn bartholomew saying i'm being crucified in the papers here. eventually andrew came up with a plan with diana. >> diana was really incredibly brave. she could have just let all her
7:28 pm
friend take the flack, instead, she takes responsibility. >> i turned up to caroline's house and diana kisses caroline, kiss herzog husband, kisses the baby, i'm click, click, click. the baby pointing look, look, look, they're all pretending that they don't know i'm there. >> diana's visit to her friend was a critical moment because it showed that diana herself was supporting the book. >> the royal family was appalled by the book. so they felt justifiably that it was a terrible betrayal. >> in the ensuing storm advisably under strain the princess made no attempt to deny
7:29 pm
the stories. >> all that you do were effect in various ways, philosophy of tender loving care, may god bless you, and may you always remain ma'am -- >> because of her glamour, because of her perceived vulnerability you had something like love, real adoration of this really special creature. and that is why the book was so shocking to ordinary people. they really cared about her. and they were horrified that her life wasn't the wonderful thing they thought it was. >> diana's experience despite all of her privilege is strangely universal. >> how many women know what it's like to be in an unhappy relationship, to feel trapped like that. >> there's an emotional truth to what diana went through, which millions of people worldwide experienced themselves. >> there was enormous sympathy. crowds of people turned out as if to say we're with you. we understand. public support real polarized. you were either for this rather cold and remote royal family or you with were diana.
7:30 pm
>> diana grew up in a scene where women had to shut up and have babies, not have opinions. diana did not shut up. she stood up with amazing encourage against her husband and all his institutional it was really something. >> gave women watching, regardless of class, courage to do that in their own lives. >> diana was very clever, decades ahead of her time in manipulating the press and public opinion. so there is the queen's entire department putting out one story, all untrue. very quietly, going around the back, got a book away, got it published. complete secrecy making the palace look like complete idiots, and her getting her story out, i think it is her instinct for survival. i tip my hat to her. >> diana won the hearts and minds of the public but charles supporters will retaliate in
7:31 pm
kind. >> the royal writer -- >> i spoke strongly in support of the prince of wales, looking at it was that he was badly aligned and unfairly so. >> the princess is seen by many close to the queen's eldest son as being mentally unbalanced at time from eleven years of suffering from the debilitating disease bulimia and prince of wales feels the illness has caused her to distort the truth. whether i would use those words today i don't know but i think her mental health was a big issue in the marriage. i admired her enormously. i think the behavior, the jealousy, needing attention, all of that is attributable to the state of mind, to the illness.
7:32 pm
>> they go for the absolute oldest strategy in the book, she's mad. charles' supporters accused diana of being somehow delusional because she had an eating disorder. bulimia and madness are not the same thing. >> to accuse diana as mentally unwell, were caller her a liar. >> they were trying to muddy the waters around diana and take away her power. >> shocking that to this day people close to the royal establishment will say princess diana was not up to the job, she was mentally fragile. but given the circumstances she was under, princess diana is one the sanest people i've ever met. >> ladies and gentlemen, i have it on very good authority that the quest for perfection our society demands can leave the
7:33 pm
individual gasping for breath. at every turn. >> diana's response to these despicable attempts to paint her as in some way mentally inadequate, she took that weapon and turned it back on them. >> she was a real radical and a real pioneer. she stood up and said, this is what i know about bulimia, unbelievably brave to speak up about these stigmatized taboo topics. >> that empowers other women to seek the help that they would need as well in order to overcome these struggles. >> by nick folking energy on controlling their bodies they found a refuge from having to face the more painful issues at the center of their lives.
7:34 pm
>> these things all came from the prince's supporters. they said diana's accusations of an affair with camilla parker bowles were unhinged, were deranged. they'd call her paranoid, obsessed. >> at this point the affair between charles and camilla had been going on six years. >> it's chilling to see the degree in which the determination to blacken diana, smear diana, there was really no depth these people wouldn't go. if you're washing with the bargain brand, even when your clothes look clean, there's extra dirt you can't see. watch this.
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there was an attempt by the royal family to help them save their marriage, separation was the only option. >> that's the first time i've heard that. >> as diana goes into the negotiations about separating from charles she has to hold her nerve and fight for what she wants. >> this is a pivotal moment for diana. >> everybody, perhaps the queen most of all was reluctant to say the word divorce, to mention it, was unthinkable. >> the fear was if charles was
7:39 pm
to divorce and remary to camilla he then wouldn't be able to take the thrown because he'd also be the thrown because he'd be head of the church of england, which at the time was opposed to remarriage to divorced people. diana's number one priority was to maintain custody of her boys. >> diana was well aware the two boys were property of the crown and if the establishment took its strong line against her she could seize to have a part to play in their future. >> diana's fears weren't out of left field either. her own mother had been denied custody of her children. diana was drawing from her own experience about what would play out. >> separation of negotiations were seen by some prince charles advisors as an opportunity to diminish her royal role, for example, the use of aircraft or down grading the protocol for diana's visits. it looked like what it was,
7:40 pm
vindictivive and spiteful and petty but diana was in pretty good shape, a new reputation as a gutsy campaigner for the rights of single-working mothers. >> it was only a matter of time before the tabloids printed an alleged conversation between prince of wales and camilla parker bowles. -- >> diana was -- -- here's proof for the whole world to see. >> there's no doubt from charles and camilla's tape that they were very much in love and that she props up his ego when it's failing, that she reassures him when he's feeling inadequate. you can tell that they're soul mates. >> just imagine how betrayed
7:41 pm
diana must have felt too because it revealed how many people in their inner circle were helping to facilitate this affair, people diana surely trusted. >> she was up against a whole network of their joint friends with their houses all over the country, where charles and camilla could basically pretend to be man and wife. who attempt to quite deliberately intimidate her to shutting up and going away. >> she wasn't going to be intimidated. >> if i was going to write my own script i'd say i would hope my husband would go off with his lady and leave me and lady and leave me and the children to carry the wales name through to the time when william sends to the throne and can do this job so much better on my own i don't feel trapped. >> she was one of the power that british possessed she was
7:42 pm
outshining whatever charles was doing and other members of the royal family too. >> there was one message from the front office saying princess diana is a great asset to british diplomacy and another voice from sections of the royal establishment that wanted diana's profile on these trips to be downplayed. one ambassador said to me, princess diana is coming to tokyo to support british interests, she's having tea with the emperor. how am i supposed to downplay that? >> diana was no doubt it was in prince charles' office officials who were out to downgrade her. she was perceived as a threat to them because her publicity was generally greater and more effective than prince charles' and charles was heir to the throne.
7:43 pm
>> diana was savvy enough to realize what was going on. the reason house of windsor survived is they are utterly ruthless. the spotlight must be on the monarch and the heir. if you're too bright and you threaten where the sun light should shine you are put into the shade.
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diana and charles are now at war. the war of the wales'. every move of it is being played out on a very public stage. >> so it's the evening where all eyes are on this documentary. on charles. >> charles participated in the interview with jonathan because public opinion of charles was at an all-time low and needed a boost. >> this issue of charles and camilla was in the air. and charles, he had a decision to make. should he deal with it? or should he not deal with it? >> did you try to be faithful and honorable to your wife when you took on the vow of marriage? >> yes. until it became irretrievably
7:48 pm
broken down. >> there was this bombshell confession that yes, he been unfaithful with camilla parker bowles. >> it's not something that i went into marriage with the intention of this happening. or in any bay way or in anyway in a cynical frame of mind. >> you could see he was fighting it with every inflection, every move of his body because it reflected not just on him and camilla but also on diana. >> it must have been so incredibly hard for her to hear those words. but she refused to simply sit at home when a documentary goes out she's referred to as the cheated on wife. >> she reached into the closet, got a tight, black dress, all she had to do is step out of the car. the conversation could have been poor diana but here she was, looking like a million bucks. she reclaimed her power with that dress and that moment.
7:49 pm
think of how many women channel that in their own lives and what a splash it made. >> charles' admission confirms diana's truth and the royal family airing a dirty linon in public. when dshe separated from charle she was in her early 30s and stunningly beautiful. there was so much interest in her every move. if she showed interest in anyone, they would immediately become a new story. so even though diana was free by this point, she was still just as lonely. >> she was finding it extremely
7:50 pm
difficult to form relationships outside the glare of the publicity that sure rrounded he. one of the most damaging episodes almost obsessive phone calls to an oliver hall, a friend of both hers and prince charles with whom she had been conducting an affair. she spoke to me that night about it and she realized she'd made a big mistake. she was very in love with him. but he was married. he wasn't going to leave his wife. >> she was trying to find love and affection, but she was looking in all the wrong places. >> will colin was a former england rugby star and diana met him at the gym they both attended. >> colin has reported to upset his wife but has so far not commented on the break-up. >> although diana denied they had a relationship, their friendship was blamed for the breakdown of carling's marriage.
7:51 pm
>> carling's wife julia came out fighting and in the process trashed the princess. >> diana was called a home wrecker. these stories gave rise to a lot of questions about why she couldn't find someone who was unattached, why she kept going after married men. >> her choices and her behavior were the subject of intense public scrutiny. >> it's an absolute double standard. i mean, charles didn't have the same scrutiny that diana was now enduring. >> diana knew that the source of her power was her popularity with the public. she felt that she was in danger of losing it for the first time. frequent heartburn? not anymore. the prilosec otc two-week challenge is helping people love what they love again.
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♪ it's 1995. diana is alone at kensington palace. and she's writing a note about how she's feeling. she writes, "i'm sitting here at my desk today in october, longing for someone to hug me and encourage me to keep strong and hold my head high." >> diana is feeling very
7:56 pm
vulnerable. it's the first time that she's actually feeling that she's losing the support of the public. as well as being sidelined and undermined by charles' supporters. >> diana continues, "i've been battered, bruised and abused mentally by a system for 15 years now. i'm weary of the battles but i will never surrender." >> she felt she really needed to put her case directly to the public. >> everyone wanted to get an interview or sit-down with princess diana. >> this was the biggest tv interview you could get. this was the ultimate get. >> some of the top names in both america and britain were angling for diana to sit on a couch, notably oprah winfrey, barbara walters, clive james in britain, david frost, really big hitters. >> what's remarkable is how she ended up in the clutches of panorama with martin bashir, someone who was pretty much
7:57 pm
unknown. martin bashir got to diana by approaching her brother, lord spencer, and made allegations about how she was being spied on. he claimed her car had been fitted with a tracking device, her telephone lines were bugged. >> martin bashir came to her apartment with what he called his anti-bugging team and went right over to a radio and produced what he said was a electronic bug, a listening device. >> bashir even convinced her that the boys' nanny was having an affair with prince charles. he convinced diana that her private secretary was in cahoots with prince charles's private secretary. >> diana had good reason to believe martin bashir's deception. charles's camp had been trying
7:58 pm
to undermine her for years. and she'd been spied on before. >> the abhorrent ways in which bashir deceived her played right into her biggest fears. >> with the squijie gate tapes diana had had her private phone conversation recorded and then leaked to the press. very much she thought to damage her. >> we'd have a joke about it. if there was a click on the line she'd say what was that, patrick? and i'd say don't worry, they're changing the tapes. >> she's now at a place where she feels she cannot trust anyone. >> martin bashir knew that to get to her he had to get past me. he told her i was spying on her for the british security services, that i was being paid to betray her. and she will have died thinking that i betrayed her. and that's more upsetting than i can possibly say. >> everyone on the planet wanted
7:59 pm
to interview princess diana. it was martin bashir's deceptions that got diana into the chair opposite him. however, once the cameras are rolling, i think she said exactly what she wanted to say. >> she was a woman with agency. she knew the message that she wanted to share. the impact was frankly devastating. it was a total bombshell. >> it was the interview that shocked the world. >> she won't go quietly. that's the problem. "i'll fight till the end." >> diana took on the royal family. >> a fairy dale marriage has sended very sadly. >> she is now willing to take
8:00 pm
risks. >> i think i'm going to get a different part from everyone else. >> you can't divorce yourself from the media. >> princess diana, frolicking. >> a clock was ticking and she was able to run out of time. >> princess diana. there was always in the background this haunting shadow, this black cloud, and that's what she was settling with from the outset. >> my dreams were calling at night.


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