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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  November 28, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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weekend for fredericka whitfield. the countries reporting the new omicron variant of the covid-19 variant are growing and so are the concerns for what it could mean for the ongoing pandemic. some experts calling for cautious optimism that it might not break through in the way some fears. others worry that the dozens of mutations on this virus could spell big trouble ahead. with me now joe johns at the white house and nada nashir in london. this are variant is already in europe and one thing they can agree on it's going to take weeks to know what we're dealing with so what happens between now and when we have a better sense of exactly what this variant means? >> reporter: that's absolutely right. there is time needed to really find out the details about the new omicron variant but there are questions over its transmissibility, over howie is
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veer the disease it might cause and also on its impact on vaccine efficacy, but as we've seen in the last few days these cases are on the rise. we've just seen in the last few hours the uk and germany both confirming their third cases of the omicron variant alongside a number of other nations, and this is expected to rise. perhaps most troubling we've seen in the netherlands they had identified 61 confirmed cases of coronavirus on friday from a passengers on a flight from south africa. they have now confirmed that at least 13 of those who tested positive have tested positive for the omicron variant, so there's a real sense of concern and urgency here, but the questions remain, and it will take time to find out more about this variant. we've heard from the european commission president that we're now in a race against time. take a listen. >> we're now in a race against time. because we know not a lot about
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this variant, but it is a variant of concern, and the scientists and manufacturer need two to three weeks to have a full picture about the quality of the mutations of this omicron variant. >> reporter: so there is some time needed for the manufacturers or scientists to really investigate this new variant. european leaders here and in the ku are taking really strong measures, particularly on the travel front. a number of countries banning travel from the southern african region like here in the uk. ten african nations now on the red list requiring passengers to quarantine for ten days in a government-approved hotel at their own expense, but there are stricter measures coming in across the borders in the european union, too, and we've seen that across the globe now. other countries taking the tighter mushures, but that has been a call for some backlash. we've heard from the world health organization calling these decisions hasty warning against tough travel restrictions without the
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scientific evidence just yet and just in the last hour we've heard from the president to call less on travel restrictions and more on other countries in fighting to help with vaccine inequality. only 17% of the people on the continent are vaccinated and it's up to wealthier countries to help these countries obtain the vaccine so there's a real pressure now on european leaders, not only to fight the spread of this variant but also to take the appropriate measures needed as called by the scientists. >> and the president is heading back to washington now where he'll get an in-person briefing on omicron, but what's the view from the white house right now? they have a lot already on their plate, and here they want to prepare the country, of course, people are looking for information, but they have to be careful as they don't know too much not to overreact, so what's the outlook right now from the white house?
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>> well, it's definitely a caution approach, and as you said the president is returning from nantucket after spending the thanksgiving weekend with his family there. the white house putting out a statement no surprise just a little while ago indicating that the president will get a briefing this afternoon from his covid-19 team, including dr. anthony fauci. of course, there are a whole host of questions that developed since the weekend began, including whether or not the variant is in the united states at this time. now if you listen to what the experts are saying, it's clear that they don't have any conclusive information about that. nonetheless, what dr. anthony fauci is saying is you have to assume that it will happen any day now. listen. >> do you think it's already here in the united states? >> i -- we have no evidence that it is, so i'm on the against that. we will find out because cdc is looking at tens of thousands of
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viral isolets every week so we'll find out if it's here. >> we have a pretty good surveillance system, but as we all know when you have a virus that's already gone to multiple countries, inevitably it will be here. the question is will we be prepared for it, and the preparation that we have ongoing for what we're doing now with the delta variant just needs to be revved up. >> so paula, back to your question at the top. clearly the president of the united states is being very cautious at this stage as we know. the president has ordered travel restrictions on people traveling here to the united states from southern africa. that does not include american citizens, but as you know, paula, from covering the white house yourself, there's a political approach to covid and there's a scientific approach. the political approach that biden is taking is to be as cautious as possible while the scientists are saying more or less wait and see. back to you. >> thank you both for your
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reporting. last hour i spoke with moderna's chief medical officer dr. paul burton and asked him why officials are already worried the omicron variant could elude the protection of some of the vaccines. >> just a shout-out to the whole covid community around the world that's really been able to sequence this variant and provide amazing information to the world so quickly. it's an amazing feat. the network for genomics surveillance in south africa, for example. what they show is that this is -- >> here we see president biden is answering a new questions as he -- as he gets his travel under way. let's take a listen. >> all right. we're going to come back to this. right now we're going to go back to dr. burton. >> just a shutout to the whole code of community around the world that's really been able to
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sequence this variant and provide amazing information to the world so quickly. it's an amazing feat. the network for genomic surveillance in south africa, for example. what they show is that this is a virus now with at least 50 mutations, many of them spanning the previous variants of concern. alpha, beta, gamma and delta. at least 30 mutations in the spike protein alone that we know lead to immune invasion and escape and also increased replication so this is what makes it so concerning to us. >> what we hear again and again from health experts over the past 48 showers we don't know too much about this variant but people should get a vaccine or a booster if they have already had their first two shots, but here you're saying it's possible, even likely, that this could elude the vaccine, so how do you reconcile those two statements? >> yeah. look, i think, paula, you know, we have to go through a couple of weeks yet of uncertainty. there are three questions we
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really need answers to, our transmissible is this variant? howie is veer is it, and will the antibodies that were produced in response to the current vaccines affect it and we won't know that last question answer for a couple of weeks but the best prositex to get vaccinated if you're on the fence. if you haven't been vaccinated get vaccinated and now everybody over the age of 18 in this country is at least eligible for boosting so if you're eligible for boosting, get boosted as well. by doing that we at least know that you'll get the first line of critical protection and then, of course, there's additional simpler things that you can do. hand-washing, social distancing it and mask wearing, when appropriate. these two together right now until we know exactly what's going on will be critical in our line of defence. >> so if it turns out that this particular variant does not work with the current vaccine, how long would it take to come up with a booster or a new version of the vaccine to protect
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against a variant like this? >> yes. so, paula, moderna, we've been testing variant specific boosters and vaccines over the summer, one to the beta variant, one to the delta. our platform we can move very fast. we think within, you know, weeks to maybe two to three months we would be able to have an omicron specific vaccine booster available for test willing and then for administration, so, you know, this is going to go at the fastest possible speed, but we have to do careful science now. we don't want to misstep . the academic community around the world need to generate data that we can make some changes on if we have to pivot on. >> dr. craig spencer is the director of global health at columbia university medical center. dr. spencer, thanks so much for
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joining us. what is your reaction to what you just heard from moderna's chief medical officer? >> with everything around omicron the answer to many of his questions as well we just don't know. what i really want to do is just take a second for all of us to take a deep breath. there's a lot of hype. there's a lot of panic. there's a lot of fear. some of it may be justified, but the -- the thing is that we're just not going to know for a few weeks. we have people right now at the world health organization, the amazing scientists in south africa that were transparent that did this work, they are all working on getting us these answers right now, but the reality is that we just don't know whether this is more transmissible or less, whether it causes more severe disease or not, or what impact it has on our vaccines. now, to follow up on what was said by the representative from moderna, you know, i think that the lead on this story should not have been about the travel bans or how scary the variant may be. it should have been that this is a problem caused by global
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vaccine inequity and moderna is one of the companies that has been prioritizing its pharmaceutical profits over getting the rest world vaccinated. for example, in botswana, they were paying -- botswana was one of the countries where the genomic sequence for this new variant was discovered. paying one of the highest prices in the world, nearly double watch we're paying in the u.s. and the delivery of their vaccine from moderna was delayed by many months meaning over a third of people in botswana right now are vaccinated. we know unvaccinated populations give the voyeurs places to mutate and create more variants. we can't build walls and we won't boost our way out of the pandemic in the u.s. we need to do more to get the world vaccinated. >> we did ask moderna if they should be selling the vaccines at cost. you can hear his answer on our website but he really didn't give a very satisfactory explanation to whether they should be doing more to make
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sure that that vaccine gets distributed in other parts of the world. but some experts are saying, i mean, we don't know, but it does appear that some experts are saying at this point what they are observing is that this virus this, variant is more highly transmissible but it appears -- it appears that it does not present as serious symptoms as other variants, so that appears to be some glimmer of hope, but where do you fall on that? >> we don't know. look. we don't know how long this variant has been around. that is been a couple of weeks or months? i personally am not taking any information as 100% credible unless it's coming from the amazing team that's doing this work in south africa or from the world health organization there. will things that circulate that say this is scary or that it's not that. we have reason to freak out and then reason to not freak out. i think the one thank we can do regardless what have we find out about this variant in the coming weeks and months is the same thing we've been doing all along, protect yourself, get
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vaccinated. if you're currently unvaccinated and this does not encourage you to get your vaccine or your booster if you're eligible then i don't know what will. we know that covid is going to be around for a long time i guarantee that omicron is not the last of the variants that emerge. will one come along that's scarier and more transmissible and cause more severe disease? i don't know, but we do know vaccination has been our best line of defense against, you know, infection, and that is not something that needs to just be held here. this is something that we need to think about globally. i've been coming on this program since february talking about global solidarity and global vaccine equity and it's only now that we're starting to see the impact of what many people have been warning about for months. >> well dr. craig spencer, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> a few moments ago president biden landed at joint base andrews. he very quickly answered a question from the press about travel restrictions due to the covid variant. let's take a look. >> are you considering travel
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restrictions on europe or any additional countries? >> having a meeting when i get back to the white house. >> when do you expect to make your remaining fed picks? >> all right. very quick there. we're expecting that he'll get an in-person briefing, but the new variant is causing quite a bit of confusion at airports around the world, including here in the u.s. nick neri is at hartsfield jackson in atlanta. paulo sandoval is in new york. nick, atlanta, of course, a major delta hub and are servicing south africa today. what have you been seeing on the ground? >> reporter: well, we're seeing a packed airport. in fact, it's gotten a lot smoother since we've been here. earlier this morning we were hearing from airport officials who were telling us there's a 40-minute wait. right now 11 minutes, but, of course this, busy travel day this post holiday weekend comes
11:15 am
as we're hearing news of the emergence of a new variant omicron. we're asking passengers how it's factored into their travel day and joined here by some of the travelers. what's your name guys? >> chris. >> and rebecca. >> and these are? >> lily and lila. >> hey, guys. how are you? >> you are travel back to los angeles today? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: you heard me talking about this variant omicron. you have sort of seen the headlines a little bit. what do you think about this? >> i don't do much thinking about it. i know we're going to hear more and more variants. every six months we'll hear about a new strain that will be more deadly or more, you know, potent perhaps in some way or another. we're just going to live our life. we're going to take precautions. we're both vaccinated. not totally against boosters, so we deal what we need to do to keep our loved ones and family safe but we're not going to stop living life. we'll keep doing what we do. >> reporter: i talked to you off camera. delta is continuing to fly to south africa. this is where the news of the variant first emerged from south
11:16 am
africa. does it give you any pause to come through the airport here knowing that delta, which is based here in atlanta, is continuing to fly to south africa? >> not really. >> reporter: what about you, rebecca? >> no. >> reporter: not at all y.or why not? >> i feel like there's probably a handful of different variants that we haven't discovered yet come from any other part of the world. this is just the one we've discovered and we just can't live afraid. we're going keep going about our life. that comes with some risk factor but we've already accepted it, talked about it and accepted them. our kids are safe just naturally because they aren't super affected by this. some variant shows up that is super dangerous for kids we'll take different precautions and for now we feel safe when what we've done. >> reporter: you're going back to los angeles and they take things very serious there in terms of the covid-19 protocols. what are your impressions traveling here in the south and atlanta and sort of the differences that people approach this virus? >> i like a more freedom-based approach. you can take your own precautions and keep yourself as safe as you need to.
11:17 am
we have elderly, you know, more compromise the family members that we take precautions around but they make their own decisions. we make our own decisions and careful when we need to be careful. >> reporter: thank you, guys. thank you, girls. i love your masks. those are so awesome. did i hear you like unicorns? >> yeah. awesome, she's got some unicorns on her shoes. you like owls. thanks so much for take the time with cnn. >> reporter: thank you. thank you. a lot of passengers are getting here about two and a half hours early just because they are expecting these large crowds. 400,000 less than the 2019 pre-pandemic numbers which is, you know, pretty close to the pre-pandemic crowds that we saw. again, lines moving very, very smoothly here. 11-minute wait to get through the tsa checkpoint. >> paula? >> who doesn't like unicorns really. it's great to heart folks to get this perspective. appreciate all of your
11:18 am
interviews today. seems like a lot of folks are saying, look, i'm going to live my life. don't seem too worried which is why they are at one of the busiest airports in the world. paulo, you saw arrivals arrive at new york airport. what it was like? business as usual? any unusual precautions? >> reporter: remember, paula, these travel restrictions haven't kicked into place yet and when we learned during the visit to new york is it's already led to complications even as some u.s. citizens are headed from south africa to the united states. we brought you that story last hour of a new jersey man who made it home safely because he had a non-stop united reservation from johannesburg here to the northeast and the rest of the family got stranded in south africa after a layover in dubai. now it's a question of if, not when they will be able to get on a flight back to the united states, but we're also getting a better idea what have it was like, for example in, south africa as news of this new variant began to spread here and
11:19 am
also what the process was like for some of those u.s.-bound travelers as they make it back into the united states before those restrictions kick into place. i want you to hear directly from a couple that was traveling just today that we member of the michael and haley as they described the process of getting off that plane after hearing about this variant. >> they were checking for people's tests to see the negative result from the last 72 hours, and then they had this really cool station here where you could take a covid test on site and they give you this little at-home test kit in case you're feeling any symptoms in the next few days. >> i think it was -- the irony is sort of like just a few weeks ago all the south african-specific restrictions kind of loosened up a little bit so it's too bad that just a few weeks later they are kind of back in that situation again. >> you hear there that they were basically vacationing in south africa and that's really what stood out for them is a lot of the people there obviously now concerned in south africa of what this could potentially
11:20 am
mean, especially for tourists such as themselves. they were certainly looking forward welcoming people back and now obviously they know after seeing first than this has the potential to change the situation on the ground as nick was touching on delta a little while ago at united airlines. they will continue to provide that service as united airlines is saying they are determined to maintain a safe and vital link for essential supplies and personnel from the united states to those affected regions in southern africa. >> paolo and nick, thanks so much. ketch mccarthy has spoken to coming woman lauren boebert after caught making anti-muslim comments and we'll also speak about the challenges that christmas tree farms are facing.
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house minority leader kevin mccarthy says he's spoken to gop congresswoman lauren boesch in the wake of her anti-muslim remarks and the republican leader is encouraging boebert to meet with the democratic lawmaker she targeted minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar. the colorado republican was heard on video making islamophobic making comments implying that omar was a suicide bomber. rachel, thanks for being with me. >> absolutely. thanks for having me. here's an idea that these two folks should sit down and talk about this. it's not a disagreement. it's not a dispute. it's a racist islamophobic comment that one made to the other. is there really anything to be gained from these two women and lawmakers sitting down and talking about this. >> look, i would say that what mccarthy is doing here is a lot more than we've seen the gop leader do in the past few weeks and few months when we saw the
11:26 am
fringe lawmakers make really sort of grotesque comments about democratic colleagues. i mean, just two weeks paul gosar, the republican from arizona who is sort of in this fringe wing posted a video of himself murdering another congresswoman, alexandria ocasio-cortez. mccarthy said nothing about this. did not encourage a sit-down and democrats ended up taking him off his committee and censuring him. he called her and he issued a public apology. will he say with that a jay. she will walk it back and is clearly getting pressure from others to walk back that apology but the fact she said that she was sorry and that she's reached out toil han omar's office is something that we haven't seen these republicans do in the past, and so i think in that regard democrats would say that this is a welcome first step. obviously they are going to want to see more in terms of, you know, future actions. they don't want to see this sort
11:27 am
rhetoric again, but, look, any time someone makes a comment like this that's clear islamophobic there could be a teachable learning moment and if boebert is sincere she should sit down with omar and try make am amends, people on capitol hill would welcome that. >> it's more than that has been done. boebert said she was sorey if she offended anyone in the muslim community but her colleague far right congresswoman marjorie taylor greene says boebert has nothing to apologize for second out this tweet saying never apologize to islamic terrorist sympathizers, communists or those who fund murder with our tax dollars. ilhan and the jihad squad are all three and undeer is vifng an apology. so what kind of problem is there here for the house minority leader when on the one and he's trying to clean this up?
11:28 am
boebert apologized but then you have marquez-green coming out and basically doubling down. is this a good cop-bad cop thing? >> yeah. this complicates the situation enormously. as you know, marjorie taylor greene, she has sort of lauded over this power she has over mccarthy saying she might not vote for him for speaker. she could bring other fringe members along with her. she wants to see him be tougher. she calls him weak and she's close with lauren boebert, too. like these two women. often you can see them on the house floor together. they are walking together and the fact that one of her fellow sort of far right republicans is rebuking lauren boebert for suggesting she is apologizing is going to complicate this whole situation. basically she's trying town do what mccarthy -- this damage control that mccarthy is doing behind the scenes right now and, you know, that could sort of get mccarthy to sort of back off because he needs this woman to back him to become speaker some day and he want to be speaker some day so it complicates the
11:29 am
situation, and i'm not sure how it's going to end up this week, but i'm sure this is not last we've heard of it. >> complicated indeed. on a policy friend, members of congress return from thanksgiving break this week with big items to do, the debt ceiling deadline and build back better legislation. it's shaping up to be a real busy and consequential week on capitol hill. based on your reporting, do you think the democrats will find a way to keep the government operating and pass the final piece of biden's economic agenda? >> yeah. i don't think we're going to see a shutdown. nobody wants a shutdown democrats or republicans, democrats obviously be in power. don't want to be blamed for something like that. democrats have put together or put forth a christmas day deadline that they want to finish the big back better before december 25th and that's complicated by the fact that they have a whole laundry list of to-do items that they have to complete before they do that. they have to fund the government that. requires an agreement with
11:30 am
republican senators. they have to lift the debt ceiling which janet yellen, the treasury secretary needs to be lifted by mid-december, december 15th so they have got to do that. they are going to try to do a big national defense bill that they have to do every year. that takes amendments after amendments, a lot of hours and debate and a lot of things in the senate moves very slowly so it's a lot of things for the senate to do in december, and if they want to get biden's bill done and want the biden agenda completeded, they will have to do all these other things before so it's going to be a really busy not just this week but the whole month of december is going to be a mess for them but they say they can walk and chew gum at the same time. we'll just have to see if they real de. >> thanks so much for joining us, rachel. >> thank you. so have you gotten your christmas tree yet? if not you may want to get cracking. next, why christmas freeze may be the next victims of the supply chain crunch. hi. so you're the scientist here. does my aveeno® daily moisturizer really make my dry skin healthier in one day? it's true jen.
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across the country people are scrambling to find what they need for the holidays, everything from turkey and christmas gifts are harder to find and it will cost you more. it's no different for anyone who wants a real christmas tree this year. >> they had, oh, my goodness, maybe a third of the supply that we've seen in past years, and they are tiny. they are cute, but they are like charlie brown trees. >> we do wholesale, but we've cut our customer back a little bit and we're not taking on any more new customers because we
11:36 am
don't have the tree. >> the christmas tree association is warning that this isn't the year to buy a last-minute tree and a live tree will set you back about $78. bob schaffer is ceo of noble mountain tree farm which has more than a 4,000 acre tree farm and he joins us from salem, oregon. thanks so much for being with us. as you just heard, a customer and a seller both say they are having trouble finding enough trees. so tell us how is your business looking this year? do you have enough supply? >> our company does have enough supply. in fact, our numbers are up a little bit this year. the heat dome but the christmas tree industry in uncharted territory. we got 117 degrees which is 10 degrees higher than the highest temperature ever recorded t.dim pact our number one species grown on the west coast which is a noble fir.
11:37 am
it's estimated we lost 40% to 50% of the seedlings but we also had about 12% to 18% of the estimates still a little bit vague on noble fir trees that were impact by the -- by the heat, and they were burned to the point that they were not able to be saleable this year. the good somers point that they will come out of it so in the future it will give us a bigger selection and some higher -- some taller trees. so that's -- that's a good thing. our company, the noble fir and the nordman fir, the number two and three species grown on the west coast, were not impacted. fortunately our numbers were up inside those species so our customers are getting as many trees as they ordered or more. maybe not just as many noble fir as they had hoped to get so for our company they were in pretty good shape. they were smaller growers who were impacted more than the
11:38 am
major growers. nine major wholesale growers in oregon and most of them are spread out to where there wasn't a huge impact on their overall production. numbers are down a little bit, but for the most part i think we have younger fields we can go into, so we can get, you know, younger trees that are a little bit shorter if we need to. in our case we were in pretty good shape, but other growers are shipping some shorter trees in some instances. >> a couple of inches, that's not the worst news when it comes to a christmas tree but we did hear some folks saying that they have to charge more for trees. are you experiencing that, an increase in sales price this year? >> we quote our customers early on so our prices were already on -- already set before the june 27th heat hit us, so we
11:39 am
opted to go with the pricing that we had set which is not significantly higher than prior years. some growers may have opted to raise their prices a little bit but for real freeze i don't see a huge increase in the -- in the retail price for this coming season. i've read that there's a shortage of fake chinese trees because of logistics issues getting them off the docs or even on to the docs so their prices are up as much as 30% from what i've seen in the stores, but i don't look for huge increases in retail pricing for real christmas freeze for the most part on the west coast. >> and it's interesting. some more good news for your industry. we've seen more young people are buying fresh like real christmas freeze as opposed to the artificial trees you just referenced. is that something you've seen over the past few years, more young people, more young
11:40 am
families going out and wanting to get a real tree? >> that is actually what i think is creating the shortage perception, full. last year a lot more young families opted for a real fresh tree and really appreciated it. retail remembers saying that 89% of the people right now who bought a real tree for the first time last year wished they had done it sooner, so the perceived shortage is because of a huge increase in demand for the real tree, and so because of that overall there may be a shortage because our -- our production on the west coast is going to be about the same, but with the demand being up again this year significantly from what our retailers are telling us there could be towards the end of the season some people looking for a tree that might not get it. the other issue for us is the logistics. i mean, oregon ships about
11:41 am
8,500, 8,600 trees south and southeast in about 20 days. that's obviously a very seasonal shift in demand for market trucks. it's very difficult for us to get trucks right now. some growers indicate they are paying as much as 40% more than they have paid in the past to try to get a truck, so when it comes to shopping early, actually that may not be necessary because trees are going to be probably be delivered later than they had been ordered just because of the trucking shortage that the industry is experiencing in the northwest right now. >> that's really interesting. sounds lime some supply chain glitches but younger folks, millenial families and parents are really driving this demand that could create some shortages. bob schaffer, thanks so much for being with us. >> no problem. glad to be with you. have a great day. as americans return home from their thanksgiving holiday,
11:42 am
a winter storm brewing in the northeast could make travel tough. the latest forecast next. ♪ there are beautiful ideas that remain in the dark. but with our new multi-cloud experience, you have the flexibility you need to unveil them to the world. ♪
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. as one of the busiest travel weekends of the year is still under way, winter weather could make for messy weather for travel. cnn's gene norman is at the cnn weather center in atlanta. all right. gene, what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: yeah, good to join you. looks kind of dicy in parts of
11:47 am
the northeast. we're also tracking some rain along the gulf coast. could be tricky driving for folks along the i-10 and the only delay as far as airports is a 30-minute delay in boston. logan airport up there. but it's all due to this little clipper system that's bringing more snow to parts of the great lakes and in some cases could be kind of heavy. watch out if you're driving anywhere from buffalo back down towards cleveland over to detroit. snow being reported in all three of the locations and even a couple of flurries in the big apple and philadelphia earlier today so along i-90 and i-75 those will be your slicker spots for driving and watch out for potential airport delays in these areas. the winter weather advisory in effect outlined in purpose, especially to the east of the great lakes. that's where they could see anywhere from six to eight inches of snow. it's not over yet. there's another clipper system coming in tomorrow. if you thought maybe i'll wait this out a day i might want to rethink about that because more
11:48 am
snow is anticipated with a little bit of pockets and higher snow amounts. out to the pacific northwest. still seeing soggy conditions there so along i-5, paula. just a mess in and around seattle. >> gene, thank you so much. >> and tonight join fareed zakaria for an in-depth look at china's leader. "china's iron fist" begins tonight at 9:00. we're back in a moment. ♪ i had a dream that someday ♪ ♪ i would just fly, fly away ♪ hi, my name is tony cooper, and i'm going to tell you about exciting medicare advantage plans that can provide broad coverage and still may save you money on monthly premiums and
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what a weekend for college football. the rivalries did not disappoint. here's cnn's coy wire with who is heading to the playoffs and
11:53 am
who is heading home. >> paula, when a top five matchup between michigan and ohio state is not the first game we're talking about, you know it was a wild day. before we talk about that game. we head to auburn facing number three alabama in their iron bowl rivalry that they expect and the tide's high-powered offense was held to one field goal in the first seconds of the game but with 1:25 in regulation, no time-out. the tide rising to the occasion. sophomore qb bryce young moving down the field to auburn's 28-yard line and then comes the big blow, a sensational throw and incredible catch. jakari brooks corner in the end zone touchdown. tying it up with just 24 seconds to go forcing the first overtime game in iron bowl history but it ends up going to four overtimes
11:54 am
and that's where young hits john meechie, his 13th catch of the game and heartbreak in georgia. auburn playing their hearts out but bama avoids a huge upset and gets the win to keep their playoff hopes alive and well. >> i'll tell you what. the players, i'm so proud of the way they competed in the game and fought. that's what we wanted to do at halftime and i couldn't be prouder of them. i think they were a little bit of out of sorts and i could see it in their eyes so i told them to go play and have fun at halftime. just go have fun, man. quit worrying about the result and just have fun. >> at what point did that become fun for you? >> when we got the ball. >> how about this sunday fun day for you. 70-year-old nick saban, one of the greatest leaders of all time budget of out moves in the locker room with the boys. bama gets a showdown with the undefeated number one georgia bulldogs in the s.e.c. title game in atlanta next weekend. now to ann arbor. snowy scene for number 5 michigan and number 2 ohio
11:55 am
state. booed blood between two of the winningest programs ever. michigan hasn't won since 2011 and used a decade of despair to demolish the buckeyes. bulldozing the way for hasan haskins leaping into the history books. in the final minutes, haskins delivering the dagger into the heart of the buckeyes. his fifth score of the day marks the most rushing touchdowns in the 125-year history of the rivalry. 42-27. coach jim harbaugh getting his first win in six tries in this game. they will face iowa in the big ten title game. for some perspective this michigan one was the third in a series since the ipod was released, not the iphone, the ipod way back in 2001. back to you. >> that's a long time. coy, thank you. and next just more countries detect cases of the omicron variant. scientists scramble to learn how the vaccines will hold up againstterm the latest in minutes.
11:56 am
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hello and thanks for joining me. i'm paula reid in washington in this weekend for fredericka whitfield. now as a number of one industries confirming cases of the new omicron variant klum, scientists are scrambling to learn what that could mean in the weeks and months to come. some fear another devastating blow in th


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