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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 29, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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hello, welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states. and all around the world. you are watching cnn "newsroom." omicron is spreading. there's still much we don't know about this new covid variant. and many health experts are saying it's too soon to hit the panic button. investors did panic on friday with the news. we are watching the global markets to see how they're reacting today. european markets opening now.
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growing tensions between china and taiwan. beijing sends two dozen war planes into the taiwan air defense zone . thanks for joining us. the world health organization is taking stock of the covid-19 omicron variant and says the over all risk is very high. as the world races to understand and contain the new form of covid-19. u.s. president biden is set to speak later today about what the u.s. knows about the variant. remarks come as u.s. travel restrictions take effect on south africa where the variant was first detected and several neighboring countries. medical experts say if it isn't already in the u.s., it probably
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will be soon. australia and canada reported cases on sunday. and there are a number of infections in europe. g 7 health ministers meet in the coming hours on omicron. after this warning from the european commission president. >> we are now in a race against time. why that, because we know not all about this variant. but it is a variant of concern. and the scientists and manufacturer need two to three weeks to have a full picture about the quality of the mutations of the omicron variant. >> cnn is covering this story from all angles around the world. in paris. and we have will riply in hong kong. japan is preparing to take drastic measures to curb the spread of the omicron variant.
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in the past few hours officials announce plans to temporarily close japan borders to all foreign visit tors starting tuesday. for more i want to bring in cnn will riply. live from hong kong. will, why did japan dd to ban all foreign visitors for now? what's the reasoning behind the decision? >> when you think about the japanese prime minister perspective. he's get pressure from the public to keep it out of the country. they remember the widespread out break of the delta variant. that was happening at the same time as the tokyo 2020 olympics. i was there covering it. i was inside the olympic bubble and there was fear in japan that foreigners would bring the variant and the virus in. as it turned out, inside the bubble case numbers were low. it was outside the bubble and the general population that the virus was spreading very quickly. and so, some might call the element of politics here.
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with this fear among many in the japanese public this danger is going to come from the outside. when in fact, the real way to control this is test more people. and to make sure you identify the variant. which in many countries may already be present and just haven't identified it yet. >> what's the situation in hong kong? given the variant has been detected there. and how much concern is there of any possible impact on the upcoming beijing winter olympics? >> the good news here from the hong kong international airport is the two cases that were identified last week in my quarantine hotel. two floors down. are the only two cases that hong kong confirmed so far. there's obviously a lipted number of flights coming in. every passenger is tested for covid at the airport and tested repeatedly in quarantine. i have been tested for covid three times and i haven't been in quarantine for a week yet. i'll have more tests coming in the next days. hong kong is tightening
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restrictions even further. not residents if they have traveled to eight southern african countries over 21 days that are banned from entering. if they hold a resident card they did come in. but go through more strict quarantine protocols than what i am experiencing now. directly from the airport to government quarantine facility. every single day for seven days they are tested. then can move into a quarantine hotel to finish out 14 days of isolation. at their own expense. >> all right. many thanks. japan isn't the only country taking extreme measures in response to omicron fears. israel was the first country to close its borders to all foreigners. in attempt to contain the new variant. cnn joining us now from jerusalem. why did israel decide to ban all foreign travelers? what's the scientist basis?
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>> what we have heard the clip is they need two to three weeks to understand the new variant. and how it works. and how it's affecting the vaccine. essentially the authorities saying they are not taking any chances and closing down the borders. for two weeks. it was on november 1 that after so many months, a year and a half, israel finally opened the borders to vaccinated tourists. now they shut themselves down again. and they are putting even heavier restrictions on israels returning. no matter where they are coming from, vaccinated or not, will have to enter quarantine and take multiple tests. before they can be released. . length of quarantine is depended on if they are vaccinated or unvaccinated. returning from red countries, essentially the countries in africa. aside from the north. will be sent directly to quarantine hotels for at least a period of time when they get a negative test and can quarantine at home. anybody with a suspected or
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confirmed case, two people with confirmed cases in israel. they are going to have the location tracked. by a cell phone. by the israel security services. aside from those very heavy restrictions on the border, life in israel essentially continuing on as normal. no more restrictions on gatherings. this is coming -- this is important for people. the hanukkah celebration started last night. and also in exactly two weeks, the miss universe pageant is taking place in the southern city. so far authorities and organizers say that competition is expected to go on as planned. >> all right. the latest from jerusalem. thanks for that. the uk is already confirming three cases of omicron. over the weekend, prime minister johnson announced a series of targeted measures to combat the variant. cnn is live in paris. for more on those measures.
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and how the rest europe is responding to this latest threat. let's start with the uk. what are you learning? >> so, the uk will now require everybody who is coming into country to isolate. until they have a negative test. at the end of a second day after arrival. some of the extra measures the administration now putting into effect. to make sure this is not spreading. into the wider community. so once again masks will be mandatory in public places. this is something that some people are opposed to. it speaks to the attitude across europe. of trying to make sure that the variant doesn't really make its way into the wider population. because the world health organization is warning, risk of potential surge is quite high. even though they are learning a lot more about what this could mean. that's why authorities here across europe are forcing people into quarantine especially those who have flown into the country
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from south africa. we saw in the netherlands for instance a couple that tried to flee from quarantine. and tried to get back on the plane. were detained and taken back to quarantine. after 13 of the 68 positive cases from a flight ended up being of the omicron variant. here in france the health ministry is saying they are eight possible cases. but it's only a matter of time until some of those end up being of the omicron variant. and one of the guidelines of the european union has given to the entire block is for boosters to be given out to people who are already double vaccinated. this morning the french president taking a booster shot. to encourage people this is one of the tools in our arsenal. to protect ourselves against the new variant. and trying to speak to scientists and who first isolated and identified this variant. so across the region, a huge state of alert.
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and the controversial decision to ban flights from south africa. to force people into quarantine. and to try and limit. an emergency break. trying to learn about the variant and how to control it. >> of course, we have witness some antivax sentiment across parts of the european continent. is there a sense that this new variant has maybe woken some people up and realize they do need to get out and get a shot. or the reverse? >> it's too early to tell. the antivax sentiment has been strong in parts of europe. and it's only been a few days since the new regulation. the this new variant was discovered and the very quick action by governments across the region. to lock down at least in terms of international travelers coming in. however, one of the major decisions is to try and encourage vaccinations. that's what many health
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authorities are saying. get vaccinated. please make sure you are double vaccinated. get a booster shot. and for people who are already uncertain about getting vaccinated, they see these as extra signs of government overreach into their private lives. it might be possible you could see more protests from people saying we want to make those decisions. we don't want the government to determine what to do in those aspects. >> many thanks. appreciate it. everyone as countries around the world shut their doors to south south africa, many medical experts say the scientists deserve more credit. they detected the new variant swiftly, they were also quick to inform the global community about the potential threat. here's how one expert put it. >> south africa has some of the best virologists in the worl. they cut their teeth on the hiv
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pandemic. have been honing their skills in this field for decades. and so the fact they disinfectanted this so quickly, informed the rest of the world so promptly. is a testament to that science. >> experts say it's also unclear whether the travel ban will actually make a difference. and yet many countries are moving forward with them anyway. it's prompting backlash from south africa president. and more on this we want to turn to cnn joining us live from johannesburg. what did south africa president say about this? what is the likely impact of the new travel bans on the region? >> look, i'll talk to you about my personal experience. i'm stuck in south africa now. i cannot get a flight out. to my new home in dubai. it's been absolute pandemonium. since the announcement of the identification of omicron. and that is because the uk was
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very swift to put south africa on the red list. after that we saw so many other countries jump on board. doing the same. many say this was an aggressive knee jerk reaction to the identification of omicron. as we heard from the experts it's because of south africa excellent sequencing and ability due to hiv and aids experience. we were able to identify it here in south africa. that being said, the omicron variant has been identified in many other countries. since the announcement on thursday. so the fear here is already that omicron has already spread. we don't know what the origins are. the president says the bans are discrimination and unjustified. >> we are deeply disappointed. by the decision of several countries to prohibit travel from a number of southern african countries.
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including our own. following the identification of the omicron variant. this is a clear and completely unjustified departure. from the commitment that many of the countries made at the meeting of the g 20. country last month. >> promises broken from the g 20. to try and help african economies recover. and another big blow the fact that there's been vaccine inequity. and that means that you can see more variants emerging because of the hording of the vaccines. right now south africa scientists are trying to figure out if it's more dangerous and whether vaccines work against the new variant. so vastly different from delta. >> we have so much to learn on this. many thanks. the dow jones saw its worst day in more than a year last
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new covid variants call for new covid vaccines of course. even though there's not much data yet on the omicron variant. scientists at moderna are confident they can develop a specific vaccine for it within a few months. moderna chief medical officer warns they cannot rush the science. >> our platform we can move very fast. we think within weeks to maybe two to three months we would be able to have a omicron specific vaccine booster. available for testing and then administration. so this is going to go at the fastest possible speed. we have to do careful science now. we don't want to misstep. academic community around the world needs to to generate data
12:20 am
that we can be certain of. if we have to make changes. >> one doctor treating cases of the omicron variant in south africa says symptoms have been mild in the patients she's treated. until more data is available it's simply too early to tell what the variant is capable of. take a listen. >> so so far, we have only seen breakthrough infections. not severe. again, it's not going to give severe infection. it doesn't make any sense. medical sense. at this stage. >> so let's look at numbers. global markets looking to recover this week after being rattled by news of the variant. things are looking up for u.s. futures after friday logged the worst day on the dow in a year. and european markets are opening
12:21 am
higher as well. so for the latest on the markets. live from london. good to see you. >> good morning. it doesn't look like the broad sell off friday is continuing today. asian markets were low. looking at europe open it's stronger today. paris all up around 1%. that's not reversing the big los we saw on friday. down between three and a half and 5%. similar story u.s. futures. wall street opening in a few hours time. not reversing the losses. on friday given it was the day after thanksgiving. people were away on holiday. volumes were quite low. that may have exacerbated the moous there. the oil markets as well. all trading slightly higher today. up 5%. again, not reversing double digit losses we saw on friday. this sh what i think we can
12:22 am
expect to see this coming week. volatility. investors still worried and waiting to see when we get more information about the variant. and what it means for the global economy. does it mean more travel restrictions? we have seen quite a few over the weekend. does it mean potentially wider lock downs and restrictions across the world? until investors know that, we'll see a risk approach. with some buying in the dips. >> of course we have seen this reaction before. so what are pharma companies saying about the variant and how much hope might that give the markets that any need to panic about this. >> pharma companies were higher on friday. that's because they were quick to announce they are looking into the variant. they will be deciding whether or not it likely the variant could evade current vaccines and whether or not a booster is needed. as you heard that from moderna,
12:23 am
also actually we heard similar comments from pfizer. if needed if a new booster is needed to tackle the specific variant, it could be made relatively quickly. given a platform. we could see a new booster if needed. some time in the beginning of next year. >> very encouraging. many thanks. u.s. president biden spent the holiday weekend reacting to the omicron variant. what advisers are telling the president as he prepares to update the nation on the fight against the pandemic. did you know some deododorants y not last all day? secret works immediately!! and is designed to last for up to 48 hours. with secret, keep it fresh.
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welcome back, everyone. u.s. ban on travelers from south africa and nearby countries is now in effect. as the world races to contain the omicron variant of covid-19. the u.s. hasn't reported any cases of the variant yet. but top disease expert dr. fauci says it is possible the variant is already here. on monday, the president is expected to provide an update about the new variant. and the u.s. response. cnn has more. >> reporter: a white house status report on the omicron variant telling us a lot that we don't know. the president issuing a statement after flying back from nantucket for thanksgiving vacation. now here at the white house, speaking with among others, dr. fauci. the statement from the white house giving a great deal of at
12:28 am
trix to the president's medical adviser. dr. fauci informed the president while it will take approximately two more weeks to of definite information on the transmiss billty and other characteristics of the variant. he believes existing vaccines provide a degree of protection against covid-19. boosters for fully vaccinated individuals provide the strongest available protection from covid. the president is expected to give an update on the situation. on monday. also on monday. travel restrictions to several southern african nations including south africa. will go into effect. >> joining me now. cnn senior political analyst. always great to have you with us. just as president biden was starting to see progress in efforts to fight the pandemic,
12:29 am
another variant appears. this time the omicron. he's putting travel restrictions in place on monday. we'll talk to the american people about that. how big a set back could this be for him? >> it's too early to tell. obviously any further downturn in our effort to contain the virus will have a direct impact on his standing with the public. clearly i think the biggest single factor in his slipping approval rating was of the rise of the delta variant. the kind of interruption of the sense that his presidency the promise of his presidency was that life was going to return to normal. it hasn't. any further disruptions i think obviously would be threatening to him. we just don't know yet how big a rock in the road this will be. >> yeah. so many questions still on this. and despite president biden efforts to get the economy working again, and get more people vaccinated. the american people don't appear
12:30 am
to understand what he has actually achieved so far. if approval ratings are anything to go by. how much is that a failing opt part of white house messaging? and how much is it about politics working against him? >> i think several things. the biggest factor of all is reality. that americans thought we were on a glood path to return to normal. that was tremendously disrupted by the rise of the delta variant. and secondly, the inflation is just a daily force. and factor in peoples lives that is very hard to message around. there are a lot of positives in the economy. that are developing in terms of job growth. and gdp growth and stock market return. that are basically being eclipsed by the continuing struggles of covid and the inflation the hope in the white house is if both of those work themselves out sometime in 2022.
12:31 am
the under lying conditions will come to the floor. and biden could recover substantially. maybe not in time for 2022. but we have seen this movie before. we have reagan, clinton and obama. all came into office with the economy in turmoil. it didn't turn around fast enough to save the party. in the second half of the term, the economy ascended. so did that they. and won reelection comfortably. >> if all that happens, what does that mean for 2024? >> right. the history is that there is no clear relationship between what happens in the midterm and what happens in the reelection. we have had some cases where big losses for the president party in the midterm have foreshadowed a win by the other side in the next election. in 2006 and 2008. and 1960.
12:32 am
just as often a big midterm win hasn't prefigured a loss in the presidential election. it's hard for a president to convert legislative success in year one. into political success in year two. almost always the president's party loses seat in the first midterm. often the economy kind of works its out through the presidency. and some of the programs they are able to pass in the year one, biden has a lot of options on that table. are felt by more people by the time of the reelection. it's very premature to draw conclusions from what happens in 22. which looks difficult for democrats. to what may happen in 2024. >> the trump era remain in mexico policy is expected to be back in operation. soon. federal judge ordered the biden administration to restart it. under a key immigration promise. so how will that likely play for the president?
12:33 am
>> right now he's facing very low ratings on his handling of the border. and there is kind of a action reaction cycle to the way the american public responds. when trump was impoedsing his ard line policy when he was in office. there was a big backlash against that. biden has tried to unwind many of the policies and polls suggest there's a backlash against it. i have been writing about immigration since the early 1990 ds. and the two north stars i have felt and guided all the way through. americans are pragmatic. they do not believe it is plausible or realistic to deport the 11 million or so undocumented individuals or here in the u.s. and they favor some kind of policy that will allow them to stay. on the other hand americans believe in the rule of law. and they want the border to be orderly and under control. and that balance is very hard for presidents of either party
12:34 am
to strike. trump went too far and in one direction. biden maybe too far in the other. in a way, the court ruling might be seen as a little bit of a blessing in disguise. it is forcing him to take some of the harder line measures he would take. enormous heat within his own party. >> interesting. thank you so much. for years, portugal was the exception in europe when it came to far right politics. a growing populous movement is on the verge of becoming one of the countries largest political forces. the party has been accused of racism. for its stance on immigration and minorties. many are buying into the drain the swamp rhetoric. and the groups leader tells us he sees some similarities between himself and donald trump.
12:35 am
>> it's olive picking season. in a town facing an exodus of young people, weighs heavily on the locals. >> i meet 73 year-old farmer. who today has 296 kilo,s of olives to process. >> this is the land ripe for political picking. and portugal rising populous party whose name means enough. is plucking away at the worries and anxiety. despite the party leader won't get his vote in the upcoming election in january.
12:36 am
>> while he turns his back on portugals largest far right party. and end the dictator ship. in the local cafe in town -- >> he tells me he and his entire family are voting for sheg a. they had enough of people receiving benefits. >> down the road, a baker for 25 years, says he hasn't made up his mind whether he'll vote for the party. >> the economy is struggling with very few jobs in the largely agricultural area. he says the role the community is taking advantage of the system.
12:37 am
>> while he and others believe the party can improve their quality of life, many are fearful about the growing support for a party they see as for the stance on immigration and the community. a local tells me they have been exploited for votes. >> our mother goes further. >> away from the dusty. these concerns are echoed some silently. in various corners of the portugal. all the way to liz ban. >> the party is expected to shake up the political landscape of parliament. potentially acting as king makers. in the upcoming election. >> the party is here to stay.
12:38 am
i pressed him about the accusation of racism. >> you don't consider it racist? >> his language during the interview is moderate. more conciliatory. but policies aren't so. i ask him whether he compares himself with other populous leaders around the world . >> whether some in portugal like it or not, they are joining a new normal across europe. one of declining traditional parties. complex coalitions. and extremes.
12:39 am
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with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. in just a few hours from now the u.s. and allies will resume talks on irans nuclear program. there comes after a nearly six month break in discussion. and the election of a new president in iran. expectations are low. and if deploem si fails the u.s. is prepared to use other options. >> iran uranium enrichment is
12:43 am
way beyond internationally agreed levels. >> iran has been using this time to advance the nuclear program. >> talks stalled late june. with the election of a new hard lined president in iran. will finally restart monday. the out come is uncertain. stakes are high. u.s. insisting iran must move forward. >> this window of opportunity will not be open forever. >> the 2015 iran nuclear deal called the jcpoa. was a signature achievement of the obama biden leadership. >> cut off every path way to develop a nuclear weapon. >> years of negotiations. cut iran's path way to a bomb. by limiting uranium enrichment and committing them to international inspection. it wasn't perfect. un monitors confirm it worked.
12:44 am
until 2018, when president trump pulled the u.s. out of the jcpoa. >> we will be instituting the highest level of economic sanction. >> iran response. upping the enrichment. stymy inspections. tensions rose. the u.s. killed the iran's top general. teheran strikes back. top nuclear scientists mysteriously shot dead. teheran blames israel. confirmed by the u.s. >> diplomacy is the best way to prevent iran from gaining a nuclear weapon. >> biden has been trying to get back into the agreement. and limit the missile program. iran has been playing hardball. six rounds of negotiations stalling. even as they ramp up enrichment. >> the main issue in upcoming
12:45 am
negotiations is actually removing all the illegal sanctions. against iran. >> and since the last round of talks, an added uncertainty. iran has a new u.s. skeptic government. with new negotiate tors. at the recent g 20 summit, president biden met with european partners to firm up a plan if the talks stall again. iran will exploit any differences. the clock is ticking. so far, iran's calculation appears to be the talks or lack of them are going in their favor. >> the president of ukraine says a group of russians in ukrainians is planning to launch a coup against him in the coming days. saying he has audio of plotters discussing the plan. and that one of ukraine's richest men is behind the move.
12:46 am
with the support of moscow. kremlin denies having part in the alleged plot. tensions between kiev and moscow are reaching a fever pitch. concerns growing russia maybe planning a full scale invasion of ukraine. a situation military experts say must be taken seriously. >> you can have a very significant military escalation. significant land grab. and that's not -- that shouldn't be discounted. on the other side, you have a major demonstration that gets the u.s. to say we don't need this other headache in ukraine. we can back off. we have focus on china. this is an opportunity to step back from the ukraine. that's appeasement. it's not how the situation gets resolved. change the russian calculus. >> taiwan is accusing china of conducting so called gray zone
12:47 am
warfare. beijing sent 27 war planes into taiwan air defense identification zone. on sunday. including 18 fighter jets. five nuclear capable bombers. and a aerial refuelling aircraft. cnn in hong kong. she's been following this. what's the latest on this incident? the threat it may pose to the region. >> the latest is we heard from taiwan defense minister, about a couple hours ago. he said that taiwan is capable of responding to china. when these air incursions take place. on sunday taiwan said it had to scramble its jets yet again. to warn away china's air force. the incident again took place on sunday. some 27 chinese military aircraft entered taiwan air defense zone. not the territorial air space of taiwan. it's a broader area that patrol
12:48 am
and monitor. as this was happening, chinese president xi jinping meeting with top military brass. in beijing. since october national day holiday in china, china has been ratcheting up displays of military might. around taiwan. including air incursions. in october taiwan says about 150 chinese military aircraft entered taiwan air defense zone. and on sunday 27 including five nuclear capable bombers and a new aircraft that made its debut. according to china state run media. this aerial refuelling tank. we're still waiting for chinese official comment. on this incident. in the past, china says it carries out such exercises in order to protect sovereignty. chinese media reporting on the meeting sunday between the chinese president and top military generals in china. including quoting the chinese
12:49 am
president. let's bring up the statement. saying it is necessary to make great efforts to strengthen scientific and technology literacy and improve the ability to win wars. he made the statements as the air incursion was taking place. it's necessary to strengthen prk cal experience. see the world. strengthen muscles and bones. and develop talents in fiery military practice. a very strong message. that accompanied that strong display of chinese military might chlgt. >> all right. thanks for that. one week later, waukesha, wisconsin falls silent to honor the victims of the devastating attack. during a christmas parade. we'll have the details. wait, what? adding lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria detergent alone, can't.
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12:54 am
opening statements are expected to begin after a jury is sworn in. max well faces up to 70 years in prison. if convicted of all six charges. she denies any wrong doing. >> another high profile trial is starting later today. with jury selection. american actor charged with making false reports to chicago police. in 2019. when he claimed he was the victim of a hate crime. the former empire actor has pleaded not guilty to all charges. and has repeatedly denied allegations. he faces up to three years in prison if convicted. >> it's been one week since a christmas parade in waukesha, wisconsin became the scene of a deadly crime. an suv tore through the celebration killing six people. and injuring dozens more. many of them children. we have more on those still in the hospital.
12:55 am
>> reporter: the city of waukesha held a moment of silence sunday afternoon. at 4:39 p.m. central time. to mark the moment one week ago when an suv crashed into the crowded christmas parade. six people died and 60 others were injured. people also lit blue lights at that time to remember the victims and show support for the families with injured loved ones. children wisconsin hospital says they have seven remaining patients. three are in serious condition. one of the patients is a 11 year-old on a ventilator with a broken pelvis, fractured skull and laceration tos her lung. according to to her mother. posting heartbreaking updates on social media. saying her daughter had the vehicle grill marks on her chest. and flung 20 feet. wisconsin senators issued a rare joint statement saturday. saying outside individuals or groups may attempt to exploit the tragedy for their own political purposes. they didn't provide more details
12:56 am
about why they made the statement. other than saying they have full confidence in the local officials and they should be afforded the respect and support they di serve to under take responsibilities without outside interference. the suspect was involved in a domestic violence earlier. and left the scene just before driving his suv through the crowd. brooks a brooks was a registered sex offender in nevada. and had a warrant in that state. he was leased on bond this month after running over the woman who is the mother of his child. he's charged with five counts of homicide. a judge set his bail at $5 million. saying he believes he's a flight risk. >> thanks for that report. thank you for your company. have yourselves a wonderful day. cnn "newsroom" continues next.
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hello and a very warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and right around the world. i'm esa soares right here on "cnn newsroom." as more countries detect cases of the omicron variant, scientists scramble to see how the vaccines will hold up. >> how trabs miss sibl is this? we don't know that. how severe is this? we don't know that answer. >>


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