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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  November 29, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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sort of playbook by the way he went about the bannon case. so i would look for a decision within a couple of weeks at most. >> eli honig and carrie cordero, thank you. i'll be back here tomorrow at 1:00. the news continues right now with alisyn and victor. hello, i'm victor blackwell, good to be with you. >> and i'm alisyn camerota. the world is waiting for answers about omicron. we know very little other than it was detected in south africa. it is a highly mutated variant that appears to spread easily and could have some vaccine resistance. but scientists say it will be a few more weeks before there is data to confirm that. >> this variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. and we'll fight this variant with scientific and
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knowledgeable actions and speed. not chaos and confusion. >> the omicron variant has now been found in more than a dozen countries including canada. the rapid spread is prompting the u.s. to restrict travel from southern africa. >> and now the u.k. has just recorded the first case the community transmission. that means the infected person did not travel to south africa so far no confirmed omicron infections in the u.s. but the president said today, that sooner ore later omicron will be here. nick valencia is at the international airport in atlanta. in a moment we talk about the travel ban but let's tart with kaitlan collins. kaitlan, tell us more about what the president said about omicron. >> reporter: well he was hoping to reassure the nation because he doesn't have a lot more specifics that what y'all just laid out there and that is what his scientists are working on and dr. fauci has told him it will be about a week or to
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before they know more including if it is more transmissible and how much more severe disease and if they could evade vaccines. and so the president is urging americans to get vaccinated and to get a booster shot if you haven't gotten one so far because he noted the millions of people in the united states who have been vaccinated but have not yet gotten a booster shot. so he said, if you're someone who got your second shot after june 1st, before june 1st, you need to go and get your booster now. so that is what the president is talking about in the meantime as they are waiting to learn more about this. of course he's essentially having daily briefings with his top covid-19 advisers to talk about it and you saw dr. fauci standing there with the president today and of course the big question is whether or not this changes anything when it comes to these vaccines and the president said his top aides are in touch with the manufacturers of moderna and pfizer to talk about whether or not they need to make bhoooster
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that could be omicron specific. >> we do not yet believe that additional measures will be needed. but, so that we are prepared if needed, my team is already working with the officials at pfizer and moderna and johnson & johnson to develop contingency plans for vaccines or boosters if needed. and i will also direction the fda and the cdc to use the fastest process available without cutting any corners for safety. >> reporter: the president also said that they are throwing everything they have essentially at this effort. of course the white house press secretary jen psaki was just talking about the lessons they learned from the delta variant which was very contagious over the summer so the president will be speaking again on thursday to the nation to talk about what they want to do for this winter when it comes to concerns over the spread then. the president said right now that does not include any more restrictions or lockdowns but instead focused on boosters and testing. and one thing we should know about the travel restrictions that are going to place today,
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the president defended it saying that it does buy the u.s. more time, not a lot but enough for scientists they look to evaluate how much of a threat this new variant does pose to the united states. >> so let's talk about the travel restrictions, nick. the united states travel ban against the eight southern african nations have been in effect overnight. what is it like. >> for one passenger it is a nightmare and this is prior to the travel restrictions going into eskts. so you could only imagine what kind of disruption it is having for the passengers trying to get stateside. but i spoke to the passenger would caught one of the last flights. the flight landed early yesterday evening here in atlanta and to her surprise, she said she was not subjected to any additional screening. and she said in her opinion she feels that the news is being overblown by omicron and wouldn't be surprised if that strain was already here in the united states. >> no, there is no measures.
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the measure is only taken in the countries that everyone is so hard on. i wouldn't be surprised. and again, when you have the vaccine, you could carry those things and show no symptoms. so people just need to stop panicking so much. >> reporter: there is a close eye here on flights coming in from south africa because delta, the home town airline indicated it will be business as usual and continue the flights to south africa despite the travel restrictions. of course u.s. citizens and lawful permanent residents are exempt as are spouses and children of the groups among other people. we did reach out to the cdc to see if there will be any additional screening for those passengers who arrive here. they yet to get back to us but this is what the atlanta airport is saying talking about how prepared they are for passengers to arrive here. saying as was the case with prior health related travel bans, hartsfield jacksackson is working with the cdc to prepare
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for patients impacted by the monday travel ban announcing, and passengers are urged to change with airlines. the next flight to leaf here from atlanta to south africa will take off later tonight. the next direct flight will happen on wednesday. so we'll be keeping a close eye here on what happens at the airport. >> nick developencia, and kaitlan collins, thank you very much. joining us now leana wen. doctor, great to see you, as always. so all sorts of experts have told us that the next two to three weeks are going to be filled with uncertainty, obviously that could be anxiety provoking for a lot of people. we don't yet know really what omicron is like. i was interested in hearing from the south african doctor who first saw this new variant on november 18th and what she said she's been seeing in patients. so here is that data point. >> the crisis that we've seen
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last week and the week before last week was mild cases. so we are looking for the severe cases because severe cases will say we are in trouble. i presume that -- but not now. it is mild symptoms and it could be treated at home. >> so just to reiterate. she's seeing mild cases, people who are tired, scratchy throat but no loss of taste or smell. your thoughts? >> i hope she's right. i mean the best case scenario is for us to find out that omicron was just a -- nothing to worry about. that it was a false alarm and if it turns out that somehow it causes much less severe disease, than fantastic. but we can hope for that but we have to prepare for the worst. and if the worst that happens is this was a false alarm, then i think we should celebrate that. right now, i believe that pro president biden is doing the right thing when it encourages
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boosters and for him to come out and say americans get vaccinated, if you're not already, get boosted if you haven't. that is really important. but i also think that the travel restrictions are necessary at this point in an attempt to slow down seeding of this virus if in fact it turns out to be more dangerous. >> so let's talk about the travel restrictions. there has been obviously some pushback from south africa specifically, other southern african nations and we heard from the former fda commissioner scott gottlieb about these travel restrictions. first we'll listen to president rama poso of south africa and then scott gottlieb and then i want your response. >> these restrictions are completely unjustify and unfairly discrimination against our country and our southern african sister countries. prohibition of travel is not informed by science, nor will it be effective in preventing the spread of this variant. >> we're punishing south africa for doing the right thing and
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telling other nations that who want to sequence strains that they find, giving them real disincentive. so this is a bad step from a policy standpoint. >> bad step from a policy standpoint. they say that it is counter productive, that south africa doctors found this and raised their hand and the next country that finds something won't do that. what do you say? >> i very much understand and sympathize with that point of view. i understand that many people in south africa feel like they're being punished for doing the right thing and could this be a disincentive in the future but the at same time we need to buy time. we need to understand more about omicron, we need to do the lab tests, we also need to prepare the american public. and i actually think if anything that the biden administration should go further, because right now their travel protocols have a lot of loopholes.
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americans returning from sou southern africa. >> thar not going through screening, they should go through mandatory quarantine and why not have screening, universal screens and quarantining and testing for all international travelers. if anything, i think the biden administration should go a lot further. >> doctor wen, would you explain why it is important to still get boosted if we don't know today if omicron yet evades the vaccine protection? >> yeah, it is a very good question, alisyn. here is the key. we know that the vaccines we have are very effective against the variants that we have already identified. omicron may have or it looks like it does have additional mutations that could render the vaccines less effective. but all signs point to the vaccine still being somewhat effective. and the other thing too is getting a booster increasing your antibody response including against new variants that are
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developing. so our best protection now against the variant would be to get the booster dose for those who haven't already. though we cannot forget about the other measures that have been in place as well, including indoor masking which i believe that states and local jurisdictions of businesses that have let go of indoor mask mandates, they should bring it back as well as an additional step to protect against omicron. >> you mentioned preparing for the worst. we know that govern hochul in north ko new york, to restrict nonessential surgeries. your former health commissioner there, is there that type of thing, even though there is no case of omicron in the u.s., yet, that would you like to see cities and states start to do? >> yes, it is. all along in this pandemic, we have seen the united states being behind. we wait until something terrible
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happens and then we take action and by then it is often to late. well, i would much rather that we be proactively prepared. i'm happy that so far we have not yet found omicron cases in the u.s. but most of us believe that it really is a matter of time and a matter of days perhaps before that occurs. and we should prepare our health systems. the worst case is that this was all false alarm but right now we're facing a delta surge as well so all of the protocols like marki-- and masking and bos will save lives even if it is a false alarm. >> dr. leana wen, thank you. the clock is ticking for congress to avoid a government shutdown this week. we're live on capitol hill. also the politics of the pandemic. one republican congressman said the new omicron variant is part of the democrat's plan to cheat during the midterm elections. we will try to unravel that ahead.
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the senate is back to work today and december is shaping up to be extremely busy for lawmakers. they will tackle the debt ceiling, biden's build back better act and the investigation into the january 6 insurrection. >> but the top priority government funding runs out december 3rd as in this friday. cnn chief congressional correspondent manu raju joins us now. where do things stand right now. >> reporter: we do expect a resolution to avoid a government shutdown by this friday and congress is expected to do what congress typically does, which is punt and pass a short-term resolution to avoid a government
11:18 am
shutdown. probably extending government funding we're told to mid to late january. but they need cooperations from both chambers from particularly in the senate to move things quickly and will push it once again up to the brink before they avoid a government shutdown. and then december is just filled with a laundry list of activity and they could be forced to punt on several other key issues. by mid-december, another major deadline to raise the national debt limit. that is something that if not done would lead to the first ever default in american history. the treasury department said congress has to do that by december 15th. but the democrats an republicans in the senate believe there could be a deal. and mitch mcconnell met with the majority leader before the thanksgiving recess but they still don't have a deal and it is not certain how that will play out. in other issues loom large, the annual defense policy bill, that is done year after year and authorized pay increases for the troops and a host of national
11:19 am
security, and they still need to resolve the differences with the house and get it through both chambers in the year and the build back better bill, joe biden's agenda, roughly $2 trillion to expand the social safety net and deal with climate change. that is still awaiting action in the senate. it is uncertain whether joe manchin will get behind it and what will the senate look like to reconcile that with the house and they want to do all of that by christmas. unclear if they could do it or if they'll be forced once again to punt. >> manu raju, thank you. and the omicron variant is fuelling texas congressmon and former white house physician ronny jackson claims democrats are using the new omicron variant to push mail-in voting and cheat in the midterms. joining us now, gloria borger and scott jennings.
11:20 am
scott, thanks for being with us. scott, i want to start with you. i'm not going to ask you to agre adefend that unless you agree with that but this is an important change in the pandemic here in the u.s. as a political weapon, is that what is coming from the rest of the party or is he out on a limb by himself? >> i think he's out on a limb. i think what everyone hopes and prays for is that variant comes and goes and is mild and doesn't change our trajectory which is the vaccines work and they continue to work and we'll get back to normal life some day. i think what he's tapping into is that a lot of republicans believe that during the pandemic voting laws were changed to accommodate the pandemic and that we were all trapped inside, and a lot of republicans believe democrats want to put those into law permanently even if the pandemic goes away. and so that is what he's tapping
11:21 am
into. and i suspect he won't be the only republican you hear sort of giving voice to that general concern. >> gloria, just to remind people this is the former white house doctor and he was found in a pentagon inspector general investigation to have been drunk, and intoxicated, impaired on the job, so i'm not sure how much stock anybody should put in his medical opinions. but now he has constituents that i assume will listen to him. >> sure. i mean, look, sure he does. just like gosar or a marjorie taylor greene or boebert, these are people who just want to stir the pot. they want to make donald trump happy. they want to continue to bring up the big lie. because it gets them attention. and you have a leader in the house into kevin mccarthy who refuses to publicly tell them to shut up honestly.
11:22 am
and so, they go on, he may take to them privately and say you shouldn't have done that, and you should apologize and go out and say something but he hasn't said this is not what our party stands for. the republican party, he should say, doesn't stand for rigged elections. the republican party stands for free and fair elections. and i believe scott would agree with that. but mccarthy is not willing to chastise these people publicly. >> gloria, let me -- >> go ahead. >> i i ththink this is a good matter, strategically what is the best way to deal with it if your goal is to moderate behavior. they're hoping for the establishment for the leadership to come down on them publicly because this gives them the ability to say the establishment in washington, the swamp is after me. one thing that i've heard from the leadership circles is
11:23 am
they're trying to handle these more privately in the hopes of getting behavior modification down the road and sort of avoid getting into the tit-for-tat that may be some -- you saw boebert and majory taylor greene and jackson and trying to provote one of the public backage forth because they think that helps them more if somebody from the leadership comes down on them. >> but is mccarth's goal behavior modification or just to be speaker. >> i think both. >> both. >> but is he staying away from criticizing the boeberts for his islama phobic joke about ilhan omar or marjorie taylor greene's pick one because he didn't want to alienate that portion of the party and the votes he needs. nancy mace talked about what she would like to see from leader
11:24 am
mccarthy. >> the responsibility to lower the temperature and this does not do that. i didn't come to congress to throw bombs on twitter, to raise and take advantage of people by saying crazy things to raise money or to be a comedian. i'll leave comedy to dave chapelle. i was encouraged to see they does is a poll jazz. >> you do condemn this -- >> 100%. >> you so have the moderate in the party saying he needs to come out and condemn it and she does even if he doesn't. >> right. and look, she couldn't have been more clear. this is ridiculous. this is not what she wants party to stand for. but mccarthy has got donald trump on one side, who loves marjorie taylor greene, endorsed gosar for example, and he also doesn't want to alienate donald trump who believes he's the wizard behind the curtain and he may well be, who knows. and i remember with my kiddies,
11:25 am
you could put them in the corner for a timeout and we talk about behavior modification and hope, well, maybe that would work but very often that didn't work until you did it a bunch of times. and until the caucus, the republican caucus does it as a whole a bunch of times saying this doesn't reflect well on us. but we haven't seen that either. and maybe people want to just sort of close their eyes and say well this isn't really happening and we don't want to give them the attention, the oxygen that scott is talking about. but at a certain point you have to say, as the congresswoman said, this is not what we came to congress to do. >> yeah, and also we should say that governor of arkansas is also calling out some of this hateful re hateful rhetoric. i think it is interesting when you hear republicans say they're disgusted by this and saying it out loud and i think he speaks
11:26 am
for all of us when he said the goal should be back to civil discourse and it is increasing the divide in this country. so i think we have time to play for you. let me play for you governor hutchis son. >> even if our members, if they go the wrong direction, i mean it has to be called out, it has to be dealt with. particularly whenever it is breaching the civility, whenever it is crossing the line in terms of violence or increasing a divide in our country. >> scott, do you think it is notable that we're hearing from it seems like more republicans, elected officials now? >> i do think it is notable. i mean, nancy mace, governor hu hutchisson, i've talked to a number of republicans, nobody goes into public office to then have to turn around and spend a huge chunk of their time defending, you know, comments from people who are dumber than a bag of hammers.
11:27 am
if you think that this is your job as a congress person, to make up a story and tell a joke, i mean, it is not what most people i know go into politics for. they all believe it's garbage and beneath the republican party and by the way i think most people believe this decreases our chances of winning elections. and so if you're not in public service for the purpose of passing laws, making changes, winning elections, so you could pass more laws, then what the nell are you doing? >> right. >> and i think that is most what republicans see it and everybody wants republicans to win the midterms and take back the white house and i think most people believe that if the boebert model is one the we're going to follow, the chances of doing one or both go down drastically. >> well let's see what kevin mccarthy does. let's see if she is ostracized by her own party and see whether in a private caucus party member members stand up to say to her, you have to stop doing things like this because you did not represent my party.
11:28 am
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let's move forward on the breaking news, the house select committee investigating the january 6 insurrection will soon voeft on a criminal contempt of congress refer follow for jeffly clark. >> ryan nobles has the latest. when could this happen, ryan? >> reporter: it is going to move very quickly. in fact, the house select committee investigating the january 6 insurrection is set to meet on wednesday for a business meeting, where they expect to vote out a criminal contempt of congress referral for jeffly clark, the former department of justice official and this will go to the full house for a vote as soon as thursday where the department of justice will decide whether clark should be prosecuted from ignoring the subpoenas. he's an important player. he was a trump loyalist inserted into the department of justice after the november elections and was specifically peddling the
11:34 am
big lie within the department of justice. and encouraging the act attorney general and his deputy to use the department of justice to investigate fraud claims that are no basis in fact. clark was also someone who when subpoenaed by the january 6 select committee was pretty defiant. now he did come to congress, he came in front of the committee but once he was behind closed doors to sit for his interview, he wouldn't answer any questions. claimed that he had executive privilege claims and also claimed that there was some level of attorney/client privilege that prevented him from answering questions. committee disagreed and believe he has a responsible to answer the questions that is why they're taking this step. important to point out this rarely happens, before the steve bannon criminal context referral, the last time this happened was during the reagan administration and it now happened twice in a couple of months. >> thank you, ryan. twitter ceo jack dorsey is out effectively immediately. dorsey cofounded twitter back in
11:35 am
2006. le stay on the board until his term expired next year. >> let's bring in tech reporter brian fung. why is he leaving? >> well he said it is time for someone who isn't a founder to lead the company. he said companies often who place too great of an emphasis on what founders want and how they believe the company should be run and that is limited and increasing a single point of failure. yes, dorsey is a co-founder of the company. he sent the first tweet in 2006 and was brought back in 2015 to rein rigor ate growth and since then they have dealt with misinformation and hate speech on the platform as well as the potential for regulations and legislation now facing the company. and other tech companies as well. and but at the same time, twitter insists that this is the right time for dorsey to step aside and he does acknowledge this was his decision and he owns it. let me read you a snippet of
11:36 am
what dorsey wrote to employees earlier today. he said, quote, i want you to all to know that this was my decision and i own it. it was a tough one for me, of course, i love this service and company and all of you so much. i'm sad yet really happy. there aren't many companies that get to this level and founders that choose their company over their own ego. i know we'll prove this was the right move. big step, turning point for twitter here. we'll see what happens next under the new ceo -- >> we know exactly who you mean. >> thank you. >> apologize. >> we know exactly who you mean. the new ceo. >> parag agrawal. >> thank you so much. >> the sex trafficking trial for gil ghislaine maxwell is underway. we'll tell us what is going on inside of the courtroom for jeffrey epstein's long time companion. that is next.
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11:42 am
us now. what should we expect during the six weeks? >> we're expecting to hear just a lot about the inner workers of this conspiracy that the government alleged with ghislaine maxwell and her friend and former really associate, what they allege, jeffrey epstein. essentially there are six federal charges against this former british socialite, having to do with recruiting of underage women for sexual exploitation of jeffrey epstein purposes and she say they would recruit the woman and make them feel comfortable and buy them things to do sexual favors for jeffrey epstein. so we'll get more details about the inner workers including hearing from six of the alleged -- rather four of the alleged victims throughout the trial. on the government side we're expecting opening statements to start momentarily and they should last before we get to the government witnesses. but their argument is that maxwell -- i'm sorry, is that
11:43 am
the alleged victims don't remember everything that happened. of course all of the alleged incidents happening decades ago. so we're waiting to hear more about how the opening statements go before we start hearing from the witnesses. but as you said, this trial expected to take six weeks, go through the holidays, ghislaine maxwell is going to turn 60 during that time behind bars and remember this is a pivotal mom moments again for the me-too movement and this is one where we have women as a defendant and the makeup of the jury will be perceiving this women throughout the aftermath of this movement. >> brynn, thank you so much. let's bring in cnn legal analyst and defense attorney joey jackson. let's start here. jeffrey epstein is dead. >> right. >> and there are members of this jury who want some justice for these girls, the vehicle for that is ghislaine maxwell. how does a defense attorney navigate that, that variable?
11:44 am
>> yeah. so with great difficulty is the answer. people want accountability, right. and when it comes to that accountability to the extent that he's not there, who is next up. who aided and who facilitated and groomed and assisted him in this endeavor. i think the attorneys will say she's just equally as a victim as these girls were. she's it no knowledge of this. she put her trust in him like everyone else. think about mr. epstein and how many people he fooled to gain the riches and the status that he made and the fact of the matter is she was one of his victims just like the others. i think we'll hear that the big thing to overcome is you're going to hear compelling testimony, from now women then little girls, with respect to chapter and verse. when did you meet miss maxwell, what did she do to you and what promises were made as to schooling or other things in your life. how do they over come that, i think they'll attack the
11:45 am
victims' credibility and the issue is whether that is enough. >> many of the many salacious details or elements i should say about this trial are the big name friends that jeffrey epstein had from prince andrew and beyond. is that all likely to come out at this trial? >> so, it depends, alisyn, because the issue is one of relevance. if you're in the courtroom, the issue is how is that relevant as to ghislaine maxwell, what does it show and establish as to whether her conduct was more likely or less likely to have been committed and i think there are limitations by the judge on those issues. but make no mistake about it, the person who is going to loom the largest over this case is going to be the one to your point who is not there and that is going to be jeffrey epstein. >> let me ask you about one of the jury -- the witnesses. this is minor victim number three, judge has determined that jurors will hear the account, but cannot convict maxwell based on what is revealed about her
11:46 am
because she was 17 at the time. that was the age of consent. as a defense attorney, how do you keep a jury from hearing that account and not taking that into account? >> yeah, so there is a lot of different things that will happen. because what you're dealing with is a mass amount of conduct. you're dealing with issues and allegations as to him flying people to florida, to sante fe, new mexico, to london and new york and you have this confluence of factors. if this were a one-off, right, there would be easier to otherwise justify and explain what your client was doing. when there is a whole bunch of other evidence, it is difficult to limit it. but what you have to do is remember to look at everybody in isolation. could their memories have been faded. you've going to hear an expert, i believe, as to the issue of memory and how it fades and how things happen. but you'll hear other experts as to grooming and sexual abuse which is the person who is the predator really getting them to the notion that, hey, i'm going to abuse you now.
11:47 am
you're going to hear an expert from the defense councillor act that and i think the defense is going to say it is reliable and credible, my client is not guilty. and i also think that she'll testify, quite frankly. i think she's certainly very savvy and think she has a story to tell and could be very compelling. whether that carries the day and she could counteract these other very compelling women, now women, then girls, is going to be another matter. >> that is interesting. too bad there aren't cameras in the courtroom. >> yes. >> what if ghislaine maxwell said i doesn't know they were underage. >> she's going to say a lot. one of the charges is a deposition that she gave that she sat for sworn testimony in connection with a lawsuit. and as part of that, she denied knowing anything about massages, anything about jeffrey epstein conduct or anything so that's charging her with perjury leigh lated to and that and if she has a story to tell in a compelling way, she'll again, he's a manipulator, and i'm a victim,
11:48 am
and they're victims, don't convict me for putting my faith in someone like everyone else did. >> joey jackson, thank you. >> a array of smash-and-grab crimes are climbing stores. there are mobs of thieves who make off with all of these expensive items in these very brazen raids as you could see, they're caught on camera there. so what could be done to stop all of this? as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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11:53 am
retail stores in these smash and grab robberies. it's been happening and california to illinois to minnesota. >> the day after thanksgiving stores in los angeles, lakewood and monterey, california, all got hit. in lakewood, thieves made off with sledge hammers and crowbars from a home depot store. cnn's josh gamble joins us from los angeles. did they catch those home depot robbers? >> yeah, well, a development in that specific case, we're learning over the weekend that the beverly hills police department here near los angeles stopped a vehicle matching a description from that brazen robbery. four people were taken into custody in that vehicle. police say they also found new tools. that one brazen incident really of concern to officials because we're not just talking about stolen merchandise, stolen handbags and clothing but they stole crowbars and hammers, things that could be used in future robberies. we have seen so many at a nordstroms near los angeles. thieves took off with over $25,000 worth of merchandise. a security guard was injured during that incident.
11:54 am
in overbrooke, illinois, a dozen suspects overwhelmed security making off with over $100,000 worth of merchandise. these obviously of great concern to law enforcement. we're told many cities are placing officers on tactical alert, including here in los angeles, which means additional officers will be available to respond to these types of incidents. in oakland, officials there issued a statement saying opd will have additional staffing to address the increase in violent crimes. several teams will support the parole officers responding to illegal side shows or other violent crimes. of course this isn't an issue for law enforcement. these retailers want to see more customers. they want to allay concerns that customers might feel unsafe. we heard from one security official in los angeles, take a listen. >> we are monitoring the situation with the smash and grab robberies across the country closely and we have a great relationship with lapd and
11:55 am
local authorities. we are working closely with them to make sure we're preparing. >> reporter: now, as it relates to the suspects themselves in these different incidents, not all of these are connected but we're seeing the same type of tactic going in with overwhelming force. officials are trying to glean information about these groups. obviously coordinated where you have a dozen people rushing into locations. as to why this is happening, we're told that the stores were full of goods, obviously around the holidays, remains a hot market for hot items. alisyn, victor. >> josh gamble, thank you. and we'll be right back. what's strong with me? i know when i'm ready for a rest day. i can be ready for anything... tomorrow.
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the xfinity black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today. it's the top of the hour. hello, everyone. welcome to newsroom, i'm alisyn camerota. >> and i'm victor blackwell. president biden is urging patience and cautioning against panic as the world waits for answers about the new coronavirus variant omicron. we have just learned from the world health organization that we could learn more about the transmissibility over the next


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