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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 30, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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to compete, and he cried real tears because that's how important he is to the game and how tickets shot through the roof. >> this is my point. golf for him was more than his livelihood. it was his identity. so the emotional impact of changing -- of this changing his life. i can imagine there were some very dark days for him. okay. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. the message, be concerned but not too concerned. "the lead" starts right now. top u.s. public health experts lay out what we do and still do not know about the new coronavirus variant as we learn new details from the very first patients. first on cnn, donald trump's chief of staff is now cooperating with insurrection investigators. what does he know? plus, as one recovering addict described it, it actually fries your brain.
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a close look at the surge of meth in america through the eyes of a man who got hooked at the age of 11. welcome to "the lead." i'm dana bash in for jake tapper. we start with the health lead and new confirmed cases of the omicron covid variant with u.s. health officials racing to ramp up vaccinations and testing before a case is detected in the united states. 20 nations have now identified cases of this new strain. and it continues to have an impact on the global economy. moments ago, the dow finished the day's trading down more than 600 points after the moderna ceo said the vaccines may not have the same amount of protection against the omicron variant. but there is so much we don't know about its mysterious mutations like how dangerous is it? how easily can it spread as scientists race to learn more.
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and countries cut off travel from south africa where the variant was first discovered. a doctor there told cnn's world's response has been an overreaction. cnn's nick watt starts our coverage. >> reporter: the question is when, not if, the omicron variant reaches the united states. could already be here. among the first to study omicron, this guy. >> it looks like a problem, but we don't know to what extent it's going to be a problem. i wouldn't at this point say that this is hugely different from stuff we've seen before. >> i think we'll get some information on transmissibility and severity in the coming days, maybe a week or two. i do think it will take some time for us to get a better understanding of the impact on vaccines. our estimate is between two and four weeks. >> here's what we already know about omicron's mutations. >> these mutations have been associated with increased transmissibility and immune evasion.
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>> reporter: will vaccines work as well as they did against the delta variant? there is no world i think where the effectiveness is the same level, moderna's ceo told the "financial times." if omicron does indeed diminish protection from vaccines -- >> boosters should reduce dramatically the gap. >> reporter: cdc guidance was that all adults may get boosters. now says the cdc, they should. >> are lockdowns off the table? >> for now, yes. >> why is that? >> because if people are vaccinated and wearing their masks, there's no need for lockdowns. >> reporter: this variant was first detected in southern africa. now dominant down there. >> what we are presenting to primary health care practitioners are extremely mild cases, mild to moderate. so these patients, they don't need to be hospitalized for now. >> most of those are younger individuals. we believe that it is too soon to tell of what the level of severity is. >> reporter: remember, this will
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likely not be the last coronavirus variant. >> omicron is like a wake-up call as though we needed another wake-up call to vaccinate the world. one of the best ways to keep americans safe is actually to vaccinate the world. >> reporter: because the more the virus spreads, the more it mutates. china has promised to send another billion vaccine doses to africa. italy calling on wealthy countries to not just dish out doses but actually help getting them into arms. and the cdc is now stepping up surveillance at four of our busiest international airports. jfk, newark, atlanta and san francisco. they'll be testing more people coming from specific areas of the world. the cdc is also now going to analyze one in seven of all positive tests looking for variants. dana? >> nick watt, thank you for that
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report. i want to bring in chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta. dr. gupta, thank you so much for joining me. in today's briefing, dr. anthony fauci laid out all the things we don't know about the omicron variant, including whether it can evade the vaccine. so given that, can you explain to our viewers why it is so important to get the shot? >> well, there's pretty clear evidence, i think, if you look at some of the early data from south africa that the vaccines do present some -- do provide some protection. south africa is a country about 60 million people, about 16 million people have been vaccinated. and what they are finding is the people showing up positive with this new variant are almost all unvaccinated. so that's a data point that i think they'll pay attention to and another reason that people should get this shot. but i want to show you something else. if you track the trajectory of the pandemic through south africa since the beginning, starting with the original variant, look what happens here. this country has largely been
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unvaccinated. they didn't even start vaccinating until february of this year. they have the surge. they get a lot of infection immunity. it comes down. but look, about three, four months later you get another variant and another surge which tells you two things that infection-acquired immunity isn't lasting very long but that the vaccines are providing more protection. this is an interesting snapshot of this big question that people keep asking. vaccine immunity versus infection-acquired immunity. south africa teaches us an important lesson here. get vaccinated because of the durability and ininfection-acquired immunity doesn't last so long. >> that graphic really helped explain it. i want to ask about testing. the cdc director called covid testing in the u.s. robust. so given that, does it surprise you that none of those tests so far have shown that the variant is here in the u.s. yet? >> it does surprise me a bit.
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our surveillance testing is certainly better than it was and as nick mentioned about one-seventh of positive tests are then going and getting their genomic sequence done to foind out which variant it is. we shouldn't be surprised if omicron is here. over the summer we stopped testing. we had a real lull in testing. we talked a lot about this idea of having plenty of home tests. they are more available now but i think people have not been using them as much as they could. antigen tests, dana, are good for answering the question people are really often trying to ask, which isn't do i have the virus in my body. the question they're asking is, am i contagious? i feel fine, but am i possibly contagious? because people without symptoms can spread those antigen tests can do a great job answering that question. people can buy them in stores. i've been buying them going into the cooler drier months, have them at home.
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it's a good way to just be sure. >> admiral girard was the testing czar for trump's task force. he's really stressing the unknown of this variant that is so concerning. listen to what he said. >> we really don't know how omicron is going to affect the elderly or those who have chronic conditions. so we have no evidence that it's worse but i don't want people to assume it's just mild and we can just blow this off. >> it really feels like public health officials right now are damned if they do and damned if they don't. trying to warn people but not freak them out. >> we're seeing the scientific process unfold real time. people as far as hearing this information, they often hear it when we have a lot more of these details nailed down but such as been the nature of this pandemic. we're all learning this together. i can tell you i've been going deep into the data in south africa, specifically in guatang province where johannesburg is located.
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i want to show you what's happening with hospitalizations over there. this is something that probably has got the admiral's attention and other people's attention as well. over the last three weeks, the numbers have gone up significantly. close to quadrupled in terms of hospitalizations. now dana, it's sort of late spring over there in terms of climate. it's past flu season. it's getting warmer. typically hospitalizations are going down. they've been going up. is this related to this new variant, omicron? we don't know for sure. but this could be the sort of thing that gives people a little concern if hospitalizations are going up. is there a population of people who are more vulnerable? my guess is there is, just like we've seen and that's the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions. we should know more within the next couple of weeks. >> even looking at that remarkable climb, what you said earlier is important to keep in mind. most people in south africa are not vaccinated, which is a reminder, get your shot, get your booster. >> dr. sanjay gupta, always good to talk to you. thank you. >> you, too, dana.
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breaking in our national lead, a high school shooting leaving three dead, all believed to be students. the gunfire erupted this afternoon at a school just north of detroit in oxford, michigan. cnn's alexandra field is following the breaking news. you are getting new details on the suspected shooter. >> he's believed to have acted alone, and police are saying that he's a 15-year-old sophomore at that high school. the sole suspect who opened fire at oxford high school this afternoon a few minutes before 1:00. authorities say they received some 100 911 calls.
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25 agencies rushed to respond along with 60 ambulances. they are saying in total nine people were shot, three students killed. another six people, including possibly a teacher injured. the suspect was taken into custody without incident, according to authorities. there is a deputy who is permanently stationed at that high school. that deputy was apparently helpful in assisting with the arrest of the student who is the suspected shooter. the whole thing lasting about five minutes from the time that those shots rang out. authorities say some 15 to 20 shots were fired. it is not clear at this point what could have motivated the shooter. more details coming this afternoon, dana. >> alex, thank you for that report. we'll stay on this story as developments come. thanks again, alex. turning to our politics lead. the story you saw first on cnn. trump's former chief of staff mark meadows is cooperating with the january 6th committee and is expected to appear for an interview. cnn's paula reid joins me now.
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paula, what do we know about this deal and when he will appear? >> this is a really significant development for the committee. for meadows to provide some documents and agree to sit for an initial interview. this is a dramatic shift in the relationship between top trump ally and house investigators. and for meadows, this means the committee is not going to pursue criminal contempt proceedings against him, for now. but that could come around again. as you know, this is delicate and there's a big question about what exactly will happen and any potential interview. will investigators actually get the answers to the questions they have? because we've seen meadows' attorney has said they're trying to negotiate a way for meadows to cooperate without having to waive executive privilege. now we know some members of the panel have said, look, they have plenty of questions for meadows that have nothing to do with trump. so there is a possibility they could try to negotiate something here but we heard representative adam schiff say earlier today that he'll assess the level of
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meadows' cooperation after he testifies. so, look, even a willingness to engage and to cooperate stands in stark contrast to another trump adviser. of course, steve bannon. who is now facing criminal contempt charges. this is normally the way the process works. we'll see, though, where it actually leads. >> so interesting. meadows a former member of congress. not sure if that has anything to do with it. but all of this is happening, the former president's lawyers, they report today. they went before judges again in order to argue that certain documents should not be allowed to go before the january 6th committee. that they should be kept away. what did the judges say? >> the judges today, the three-judge appeal panel, they appeared skeptical of this argument that trump lawyers have made that the former president should be able to keep some of his records secret, even though the current president, president biden, said no. he cites the extraordinary circumstances of january 6th and said, this not what executive privilege is meant to protect.
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the committee should have access. but heat hear what one of the judges said about what's really at stake here. >> this all boils down to who decides, who decides when it's in the best interest of the united states to disclose presidential records. is it the current occupant of the white house or the former? >> look, there are a lot of novel questions that are raised in this case. trump lost at the lower court. likely whatever happens here at the appellate court, this case is very likely going to be heading to the supreme court, whether they take it up, that remains to be scene. >> beyond the actual substance of whether or not congress will get to see these documents which matters the most. all these precedent-setting decisions that courts are going to make. thank you. good to see you, paula. president biden today is hoping to remind americans what he's accomplished. is it enough? we'll talk to the man in charge of keeping democrats in control of the house, next.
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with the president in rosemont, minnesota. >> reporter: president biden in minnesota today touting the benefits of the new infrastructure law. suddenly overshadowed by the stubborn fight against coronavirus. the white house waiting to learn more about the new omicron variant. but bracing for a potential threat to the nation's economic recovery. which fed chair jerome powell warned congress of today. >> greater concerns about the virus could reduce people's willingness to work in-person which would slow progress in the labor market and intensify supply chain disruptions. >> reporter: the president is urging caution, but not panic. as he travels to cities across the country. explaining how the $1 trillion infrastructure investment can improve the lives of americans through new roads, bridges, broadband internet service and more. the administration is also intensifying its push for the second piece of the president's economic agenda. still stuck in the senate. at the same time, the white house is balancing a two-tiered crisis. rising covid cases and
1:25 pm
inflation. both global challenges hitting close to home here in the u.s. >> this mutational profile is very different from other variants of interest and concern. and although some mutations are also found in delta, this is not delta. it's something different. >> reporter: the president set to deliver a comprehensive covid strategy on thursday. >> i'll be putting forward a detailed strategy outlining how we're going to fight covid this winter. not with shutdowns or lockdowns. but with more widespread vaccinations, boosters, testing and more. >> reporter: from new hampshire to michigan to minnesota, the white house is working to boost the president's standing. and that of other democrats as he leads a sales pitch of a major bipartisan accomplishment that has eluded so many presidents before him. today's visit is designed to show the job opportunities coming to communities across the country as the law begins to be implemented. treasury secretary janet yellen told lawmakers today there is
1:26 pm
bright economic news ahead. >> our unemployment rate is at its lowest level since the start of the pandemic, and our economy is on pace to reach full employment two years faster than the congressional budget office had estimated. >> reporter: now president biden is set to focus on that bright news in the economy, trying to push this forward to get his agenda passed in the final month of this year. but i'm also told that the president was briefed a few moments ago on that shooting in michigan, and that is the sad, somber event that he'll be talking about when he begins his comments here in just a few moments. >> that's unfortunate, but expected. jeff zeleny, thank you so much, traveling with the president in rosemont, minnesota. and here to discuss is democratic congressman shawn patrick maloney of new york who is in charge of getting democrats elected to the house next year, holding on to majority who told "the washington post" that the white
1:27 pm
house message right now on the democrats' agenda isn't working. and i want to start there with you. the president is about to speak as we just heard from jeff zeleny trying to sell the bipartisan infrastructure bill, look ahead to the social safety net package he hopes will pass the senate. if the white house came to you and said, here, mr. chairman, write this speech that you think delivers the best message to help you keep the majority in the house, what would it be? >> well, the reason i said free joe biden is that i think joe biden has the voice of the working and middle class families like the ones so many of us grew up in. he understands what it's like for a family to struggle to live the american dream if your country has the back. i want him to be the messenger and so my plan would be get the president out there. put him with hard hats on the factory floor. i love it when he's behind the wheel of a pickup truck or talking to families out there making ends meet. that's the voice of working middle class people that he's
1:28 pm
the heart and soul of the democratic agenda. we are accomplishing real things that will create jobs, grow our economy, end this pandemic and move us forward as one country again. and i want the president out there communicating with the american public. >> earlier this month i spoke with congressman josh gottheimer. i went to his new jersey district. and he's a vulnerable democratic member. i want you to listen to what he told me. >> how much do you hear from your constituents about their desire to get the social safety net and climate provision bill passed? >> they don't talk about it as a bill. they talk about the parts of it which i think we need to do, too. whether you're talking about lower taxes or talking about pre-k or child care, when you talk about it that way, those were all -- it's all bipartisan things that democrats and republicans care about. we've just gotten a little lost on how we talk about it.
1:29 pm
>> is he right? have you all gotten lost on how you talk about the agenda that you're trying to convince the american people is going to help them? >> yeah, he is right. and the fact is that we need to sit down and talk to people like you're at their kitchen table. and tell them what it's going to mean in their lives. it's not like we've been sitting around. we have been achieving these difficult hard objectives. these are important pieces of legislation requiring almost unanimous support among the democratic party. and we've achieved that. first on the rescue plan which saved our economy millions of small businesses. then on the infrastructure bill which will create millions of jobs. you can get with a high school education. ask the building trades what that means. people get that. and we're right on the cusp of passing the most important investments in our families. you'll have cheaper child care. so you'll be able to afford prescription drugs like insulin. you can keep an elder parent at home longer and more affordably. those are real things people
1:30 pm
get. but we have to achieve these results, stick together. i'm proud of the president and proud of my party for getting it done and we're going to go tell people about it. >> i don't need to tell you, it's about telling people about it and the goal politically is to get voters to your side and get the base energized. and on that note, some progressives say the party has been too moderate to excite the base. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez recently told "the new york times," there is all this focus on democrats deliver, democrats deliver, but are they delivering on the things that people are asking for the most right now? in communities like mine, the issues that people are loudest and feel most passionately about are the ones that the party is speaking to the least. how do you respond to that? >> i'm not sure what she's referring to specifically, but i can tell you when every 3-year-old and 4-year-old in america gets to go to school, not day care, school, with universal pre-k, that's going to be popular everywhere. but in my district, talk to
1:31 pm
carpenters and plumbers. talk too steam fitters and iron workers. they'll tell you that infrastructure bill means good jobs for as far as the eye can see. climate activists. i know alex and ria cares a lot about the climate. i'm a weapon with hoar that and we're doing the most important climate work that's ever been done right now in both the infrastructure bill and in the build back better bill. what does that mean? hundreds of thousands of charging stations built with good union labor for millions of new electric vehicles. an electrified federal fleet. these are just some of the measures in that bill. i know there's more we need to do to protect the vote and guarantee the right to vote. she may be talking about that. we need to keep fighting for those things. she is right. but give the president some credit. give these democratic majority some credit. we've done big things with no margin to spare. we're about to do one more big thing and it's to all in the first year. >> and as you know, the question is will voters give you credit?
1:32 pm
that's exactly what you were talking about today is making sure that the message is tailored so that people understand that. thank you so much, congressman. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. it's a feud that started between a republican and a democrat. now it's escalated with a republican congresswoman calling a gop colleague, quote, trash. we're going to talk about what this means in the big picture, next. ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber... [ sighs heavily ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you've built with affordable coverage. look! oh my god... oh wow. ♪ i want my daughter riley to know about her ancestors and how important it is to know who you are
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or live chat at today. in our politics lead, a fight between progressive ive democrat ilhan omar and boebert
1:37 pm
who made inflammatory anti-muslim comments jumped the aisle. marjorie taylor greene butted in defending boebert and called her conservative colleague nancy mace, quote, trash in the gop conference after mace condemned boebert's hateful comments on cnn sunday. that's a lot to talk about. we're going to continue to discuss this. there's so much back and forth it's kind of hard to keep track. but i'll keep going. so mace has been hitting back at greene all day. and i want to show a tweet where she first of all corrected greene's spelling of "your." without you're. and mace wrote, i'm a pro life fiscal conservative who was attacked by the left all weekend as i often am. as i defied china will in taiwan, while i'm not as -- i'm not -- what i'm not say
1:38 pm
religious bigot or racist. you might want to try that over there in your little league. she also tweeted this. we're going to put this up on the screen and i think you can see what it is up there. i see what it is. a bat and in the middle, i won't say it and then crazy. and then she went on fox business this afternoon and said this. >> make no mistake. marjorie taylor greene is a liar. she's crazy. she's insane. she's bad for the party. >> so i want to talk about this, not about the member on member and frankly woman on woman attack here but about what this means about where we are right now in the discourse of politics. i feel like every time we have this conversation we think, this is the bottom of the barrel. and then suddenly, the bottom drops even further. >> right. to me, the story here is what this says about the republican
1:39 pm
party, not just politics. because these are arguments and fights that are happening within the republican party. you are seeing this, you know, fringe -- they aren't really fringe anymore because they're becoming mainstream members like marjorie taylor greene, lauren boebert who either throw out islamophobic comments, lies about election fraud, you know, you name it and they are not held accountable by minority leader mccarthy. so that's what this is about. and it's a pattern that is repeating and mccarthy still has yet to forcefully weigh in on this latest episode. he is trying to kind of just panel things at the margins and it's because of the fact that he's facing a choice which is, does he choose to just stay quiet and allow these members of the party to continue in this way because he knows that he wants to win the majority in the house? or does he actually try to tell the republican base, this is not
1:40 pm
the direction that we want to go? >> we know the way that he's been answering that question and it's the former, not the latter. >> he's afraid. he's afraid to lead because, if he leads, the way he knows he should, i believe, it leads him away from donald trump. these are people who are joined at the hip with donald trump. donald trump said, you know, gosar is a great guy. marjorie taylor greene is absolutely wonderful. and also in the video that cnn revealed today of boebert, she was speaking before an audience when she made those islamophobic remarks again or the first time, i'm not sure which it was, and they were laughing and applauding. they weren't horrified at what she was saying. they were saying you go. you go, girl. so she had a great line and she was going to use it over and over. so she knows who her audience is, too. and so they want to win. he doesn't want to speak up. the democrats don't want to get involved in that fight too much because it's not their fight. democrats fight over child care.
1:41 pm
they're not calling each other names. >> basically fighting over who is the most trumpy. >> yeah. >> and i know alice, you spoke with marjorie taylor greene just before coming on and she told you about the conversation she had about this sort of battle with the former president donald trump. >> right. i just spoke with her. she had a conversation with trump earlier this afternoon. she says former president trump is 100% behind her and he is supportive of what she's doing and the way she is engaging with fellow members of congress. democrat and republican. and he also says with regard to congresswoman mace, he is frustrated with how she has taken it to marjorie taylor greene and he told marjorie taylor greene that he would be happy to get involved in a primary fight against congresswoman mace in south carolina. that is frustrating. here we have two, in my view, very strong conservative republican women that should be working together instead of working to knock each other out and it's not helpful to the
1:42 pm
party. look, kevin mccarthy has a lot more important things to do than separate the mean girls into their respective corners. but until he does that and puts them in time-out and tells them to stop that, we'll continue to have these conversations. this does nothing to further republicans, the constituents of these congresswomen. all it does is raise their national profile, help their fundraising and hurts the republican party. >> she claims that trump said, which is that he would back a primary opponent against nancy mace. that's why -- that's one of the main reasons we're having this discussion because it is about the heart and soul of the republican party which, to your di dismay, bill crystal, is still firmly with donald trump. >> it's even gone as you said at the beginning, worse. it's more than kowtowing to trump. a school shooting in michigan. neither of them thinks it's inappropriate to have this insane, childish and embarrassing dispute on that day. god forbid they should say something about how you might have gun -- mild even mild gun
1:43 pm
control policies that stops a 15-year-old from taking a gun into a school and shooting his classmates and a teacher. god forbid they should say anything serious about omicron variant and about the virus. these are anti-vax -- marjorie taylor greene san anti-vax republican. i think mace has been a little more qualified but god forbid they should have anything to say about possible health policies. it's beyond embarrassing at this point. >> one thing that's important with regard to congresswoman greene, she says she's tired of what she calls the uniparty, the republican party where everyone agrees with the same policies and no one really stands out for the real soiled hard-core conservative issues. >> like the anti-vaccine? >> exactly. >> yeah. what hard-core issue does marjorie taylor greene stand for? give me an example. >> certainly donald trump. she's certainly -- >> that's not an issue. that's a person. >> in terms of the solid core, she talks about family values. she certainly talks about with regard to limited government and with regard to --
1:44 pm
>> but i want to -- >> i understand. no, i understand, alice, but you are a more traditional conservative. and that really speaks to what we're talking about here that conservativism is low taxes and maybe social -- and they're not debating that. they're debating whether or not people are loyal to donald trump. >> because donald trump not a conservative. you'd agree with that, correct? >> exactly. >> donald trump is not a conservative. responds a lot of money. doesn't care about conservative issues. donald trump is about donald trump. therefore, the party is now about donald trump and not about policy. >> we have to leave it there. we've got to leave it there. thank you all for that spirited discussion. appreciate it. up next, a look at a drug all over america's streets with some users telling cnn they first tried meth when they were 11 years old. >> how many people you know do meth? >> everyone.
1:45 pm
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- san francisco can have criminal justice reform and public safety. but district attorney chesa boudin is failing on both. - the safety of san francisco is dependent upon chesa being recalled as soon as possible. - i didn't support the newsom recall but this is different. - chesa takes a very radical perspective and approach to criminal justice reform, which is having a negative impact on communities of color. - i never in a million years thought that my son, let alone any six-year-old, would be gunned down in the streets of san francisco and not get any justice.
1:49 pm
- chesa's failure has resulted in increase in crime against asian americans. - the da's office is in complete turmoil at this point. - for chesa boudin to intervene in so many cases is both bad management and dangerous for the city of san francisco. - we are for criminal justice reform. chesa's not it. recall chesa boudin now. we're back with the latest installment of our series "united states of, a diction." and what one drug user says actually fries your brain. today a look at meth, a highly addictive stimulant that can also cause long-term heart and brain damage and violent
1:50 pm
behavior. there's been a massive spike in deadly meth overdoses in the united states over the last year. cnn's kyung lah takes a closer look. >> reporter: fresno county sheriff's deputy on his typical graveyard shift. dig, away night after night. at a deadly national crisis. >> out of the road. we're trying to help you. >> something is causing her to panic and to be paranoid. >> reporter: that something is likely the drug law enforcement most often sees in the central california county. >> methamphetamine. when is the left time you used? >> very common for meth users that smoke it. this is also a common way to use it is they inject it. >> reporter: this needle belongs to this driver. >> your car is expired big time. >> reporter: this man says deputy burke can search his car. >> needles in the car? >> reporter: and then talks to us about ha diction. he asked we don't show his face.
1:51 pm
>> do you use a lot? >> i've been using a lot like on and off all the time since, like i said, 13. >> why did you get started when you were 13? >> i have an older brother i looked up to and he found like that he wanted to introduce it to me, i guess. of course, since i'm a kid, i'm going to say yes to my brother, you know? and then from there on, just took control. >> would you say you're a meth user? >> of course. i'm a drug addict. >> reporter: he'd been in and out of prison and just lost his job as a forklift driver. high took meth just yesterday, worried about how he'd take care of his family. >> how old are your kids? >> 7 and 5. >> how old are you? >> 28. i'm trying to stay straight so i can have my kids straight. >> how many people you know do meth? >> everyone. >> methamphetamine is such an addictive drug. they can't get rid of it. can't stop it. even if they want to, they can't. their body won't allow them.
1:52 pm
>> every stop deputy burke makes on this shift involves meth. >> having a hard time? need a program? >> methamphetamine would be the number one drug used in fresno. it's so easy to obtain. it's not difficult. it's all over the streets out here. >> reporter: new cdc data shows meth is all over the country's streets, and it's getting worse. more than 1 in 4 overdose deaths this year involved meth and other psycho stimulants. that's up nearly 50% from last year. in california, deaths were up 64% year on year. and in fresno, no other drug, includie includingent in -- including fentanyl comes close. >> reporter: dealers used to cook meth in super labs. >> we'd hit these labs and see nothing but blister packs. you had to have it. and the minute we stopped it --
1:53 pm
>> it was over. >> now mexican cartels use common chemical agents in mega labs. >> they're like costco. huge, huge skrael industrial-sized buildings. >> and you can manufacture it at a much higher quantity? >> smuggled across the border as liquid, difficult to detect means cheap prices. >> no words, right? >> and high supply impacting life across fresno. >> not even meth anymore. >> do you feel different on today's meth than the stuff -- >> violent. more violent. >> reporter: john chapman lives in the neighborhood deputy burke patrols. while he shares a common story -- >> i think i was 11, 11 1/2 when i started. >> who introduced it to you when you were 11? >> my mom did. >> your mom gave you mect? >> at age 55, he managed to quit? >> my legs will start spasming and stuff from it. >> it gave me nerve damage. what it does, it fries your
1:54 pm
brain. f. if you had kept going, what would happen to you? >> i'd be dead. >> deputy burke keeps pressing, night after night. >> i want to see somebody who is constantly high on methamphetamine to change their life, become a productive citizen. i think they want it as well. >> you're all done? >> this is not a problem just in fresno or in california. eight states recorded higher meth overdose numbers than california, including virginia, massachusetts and mississippi. dana? >> what an incredibly powerful and important piece. thank you. appreciate it. and the lead's united states of addiction continues tomorrow with a key tool to combat overdoses. next, one of the world's greatest golfers reveals his
1:55 pm
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2:00 pm
over. the last time woods played competitively was in december of 2020 with his son charlie. i'm dana bash in for jake tapper. thank you for watching. our coverage continues now with wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, the u.s. is urgently tracking the spread of the omicron variant. it's now in at least -- at least 20 countries and the cdc is stepping up surveillance at u.s. airports as federal officials brace for the variant to be detected here. also tonight, former white house chief of staff mark meadows is now cooperating with the january 6th select committee. a critical shift in the investigation. at the same time, former president trump is fighting in court to block the panel from getting hold of his records. but the judges hearing his case appear to be skeptical. and cnn uncovers new video


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