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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  December 1, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PST

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keilar. we begin with breaking news. donald trump tested positive for coronavirus three days before his first debate against joe biden on september 29th, 2020. this stunning revelation is in a new book by former white house chief of staff mark meadows obtained by ""the guardian". a positive test the country never knew about, a positive test before he ultimately aadmitted that he had covid. days after attending event after event after event with vulnerable people. there was a subsequent negative test. but this raises all kinds of questions about honesty, timing, and why the white house chose to accept one test. >> meadows wrote that he knew each candidate was required to test negative within 72 hours of
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the start time, you he said nothing was going to stop trump from going out there. "the guardian" said it obtained this book. we have reached out to all parties involved and we are waiting to hear back. >> this is the timeline. saturday, the 26th, trump hosted the rose garden event for amy coney barrett as she became a supreme court justice. no mask, no social distancing, and what was called a superspreader event later, many of that event would test positive. that is when according to the new book, according to mark medicine toes, the president first tested positive. then later he did have a negative test, according to meadows in this new report. the very next day, trump attended an indoor event with gold star families. then chris wallace at fox said he was not tested at the debate
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because he arrived late and they allowed him on stage because they were relying on the honor system. then he tested positive, according to his doctor. friday, the 2nd he went to the hospital in the evening. . >> joining is rich el bade and cnn medical analyst, professor of medicine senn and surgery on the george washington university, dr. jonathan reiner. i want to start with you, doctor. we learn from what they are reporting that trump was symptomatic throughout this whole process. he was tired, they suspected he had a little cold. this went on for days until we found out many days later he was positive. what revelations, questions do the questions raise for you? >> well, first of all, brianna, we knew last year, several of us last year were saying the president had to be positive at
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the debate or before the debate. because when he tested -- when it was announced that he tested positive two days after the debate, he was already quite sick and was hospitalized the next day. typically it takes about a week after someone tests positive for them to become ill enough to be hospitalized. but this revelation, i mean, really the big story to me is that the white house knew that the president was positive on saturday. three days before the debate. they did a second test with an antigen test, significantly less sensitive than the rapid molecular pcr test that the white house was using at the time, which tested -- in which the president tested positive. so what this tells me is that the white house team, the president, his entire senior
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staff, were willing to endanger anyone and everyone in order to advance the president's electoral chances. they were not going to retest him before the debate because they knew he was already positive. and the big picture is they were willing to endanger the life of joe biden and his team by having the president attend that event positive. . >> not to mentioned gold star families and everyone else that the president came in contact with over those days, right? . >> right. and one other thing. the president's physician, sean conley, knew that he was positive. and if there was a conflicting test, you would never rely on an antigen test to be the confirmatory test. you would always do a pcr test. so dr. conley knew that the
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president was positive. if he had any honor, he would have resigned rather hand let that go forward. yet he kept that secret >> if meadows is to be believed, he had a positive test. we don't know exactly what kind of test it was. he referred to it as an old style test that was positive. then he took a negative test, the antigen test. they chose to go with the negative test and base all of their actions, all of the people that trump came in contact with after that, off that negative test, according to meadows incident to play some sound from sean conley, the white house physician we have. this was after the president had already been hospitalized, rachel. and this is where you see him being, as i would call it, squirrely about the timing of the various tests. let's listen. . >> can you tell us when he had his last negative test?
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thursday, wednesday. do you remember? . >> i don't want to go backwards. >> maybe the reason he didn't want to go backwards is because of the truth there. >> they were willing to do anything to keep him on the trail. so putting the lives of gold star families and the future president on the line there was something he was clearing willing to risk. my question is what sort of accountability will we see on this. on capitol hill, they have been focused on january 6th. there is an independent select committee that has been studying the white house response to covid. does this come up there? and the timing is interesting. yesterday we learned mark meadows was going to be
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cooperating slightly with the january 6th committee. he was concerned about going to jail. and so making a small attempt to do this. this is something that won't play well with trump. part of me wonders did this come out today specifically to try to cake over the story line .
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former chief of staff mark meadows. but as you mentioned, what did the rnc know, chris christie know. a lot of people were exposed to this at this superspreader event. a lot of people could have spoken out more publicly after telling the white house and doing nothing. there are going to be a lot of questions about who knew what when and accountability. >> dr. reiner, if you can, talk about the science here. again, the fact that there was a positive test. we >> tony: exactly what kind. but then the negative tax with
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this antigen test. what should have happened then? . >> right. so what we know is the white house for months was usings, as one of their primary tests, the abbott i.d. now rapid molecular, very sensitive test with about a 15-minute response time. but what the book says is that as the president was about to liftoff from the white house, that test came back. it would take about 15 minutes to result. that test came back positive. that test should have been -- now it's possible that maybe they had tested him with an antigen test. regardless of which test came back positive, the president should have retested immediately with a laboratory-performed pcr test. mind you, when he tested positive five days later that thursday, that's exactly what they did. they sent a pcr test to walter
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reed to confirm that the president was positive. so they needed to confirm that the president was positive with a pcr test after that first test. regardless of which test it was. instead, they relied on the abbott binax now test. it is very, very reliable when it returns a positive test. but it's well-known that with lower levels of virus earlier in the disease, that test can have a false negative. that's not how you confirm it. in any event, if you had conflicting tests, you would need a third confirmatory test. either that tay or the next day. now, they knew the debate was coming up on tuesday. and it's clear that they did not want another test which would confirm that the president was
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positive. now, the same day that he tested positive was the amy coney barrett announcement. seven people were infected. the president, mrs. trump, two senators, chris christie. there were seven people who were infected at that event only certainly as a consequence of meeting the president. that event did not require masks if the attendees tested negative. what they didn't know is that the host of that event, the president of the united states, was going to infect them. there were an outside event and two meet and greets, inside, which raises the risk of infection to a freighter degree. the president himself was the super breader event. he likely infected row that
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mcdaniel the day before on the 25th. three takes later, at the time of the debate with 77-year-old joe biden, the president of the united states has active covid. and the white house knew it. and if the story is correct, then the white house physician knew it. and the white house physician never should have allowed the president to dedebate. that is something many people would resign over rather than allow that to go forward. his responsibility was to be the president's physician, not the president's enabler. >> yeah. let's not forget the doctor had taken an oath himself. we will keep focusing on this. this is a perfect still very much the central nervous system of the gop. we're talking about a stunning disregard for human life.
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from joe biden, to the gold star families who already suffered enough loss, to all the people he came into contact with, including his own staff, family members and his own children. thank you. new information about the chaotic scene at this mass shooting in michigan. a 15-year-old sophomore opened fire, killing three, bounding eight others. >> some of the kids managed to escape through a window. shimon prokupecz is there with more. what can you tell us? >> reporter: police saying this shooting lasted five minutes. they say that it was the quick reaction by responding officers enforcing the alleged 15-year-old shooter to surrender, to put his gun down that saved lives.
3:13 am
a 15-year-old boy is in police custody this morning suspected of shooting and killing three students and injuring eight others at oxford high school in michigan. . >> preliminary investigation revealed the weapon was purchased november 26th. four days ago by the boy's father. >> reporter: they received 100 911 calls about the incident. . >> the deputies took a suspect into custody within five minutes of the original 911 call. they recovered a handgun from the suspect. tate myre, hana st. juliana and mad sin baldwin. >> this touches us all personally and deeply and will
3:14 am
for a long time. this wound will never go away. >> reporter: oxford high freshman took these videos in his sign language class. >> sheriff's office stphrfrplts you need to come out. . >> we're not willing to take that risk right now. >> reporter: the students then evacuate, climbing through a window. aidan page said he was in the classroom when his teacher took action to protect the students sitting inside. >> we heard two gunshots. after that, my teacher ran into the room, locked it, we barricaded and covered the windows and hid. the very first thing in my head was, this is actually happening? i'm going to text my family, say i love them just in case if i were to die.
3:15 am
>> reporter: governor gretchen whitmer emotional while speaking about the shooting. >> this is every parent's worst might mayor. . >> this is a uniquely american problem we need to address. at this juncture we need to focus on the community, the families, supporting all the first responders, including the incredible people at our hospitals that are working so hard to save the lives of those who are fighting for their lives right now. >> reporter: president biden weighed in on the incident while on a visit in minnesota. . >> as we learn the full tails, my heart goes out to the familiesen during the unimaginable grief of losing a loved one. . >> stunned by the tragedy that ended three young lives far too soon. >> they didn't deserve to die tonight. we're all family, a community. and i think we need to really go through this together.
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>> reporter: and, sadly, guys, this morning a 14-year-old girl who a ventilator, she continues to fight to survive, continues to fight for her life. as we wait word from prosecutors on whether they're going to charge the alleged shooter, the 15-year-old, as an adult. . >> shimon we will be awaiting that information. up next, stricter coronavirus testing being weighed for all u.s. travelers. we'll talk about what the biden administration is considering. colorful emojis, the trash in the gop. that is a quote from a republican. the republican party dealing with its own infighting. kevin mccarthy's phaoupblg of unity a mess. my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward... even after paying for this. love you, sweetheart they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. come on, grandpa!
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considering stricter testing for all travelers arriving in the united states. athena jones live at newark national apart. even before they leave to come to the united states. >> reporter: hi, john. that's right. this is all part of trying to make international travel as safe as possible. it's stepped up surveillance for covid and of course for the omicron variant specifically. this is the sort of thing that dr. rochelle walensky telegraphed to reporters on tuesday. here's what she had to say. >> the cdc is trying to make travel as safe as possible. considerations around additional post-arrival testing and soft quarantine. >> reporter: and so to that end, top government officials have been discussing several measures under consideration including
3:22 am
requiring everyone who enters the united states to be tested for covid-19 a day before their flight and having all travelers, permanent residents to be tested again after returning home regardless of their vaccination status. now, no final decision has been made so we don't know what the new regulations will bement these are the things under consideration. currently they are required to wait three days. this moves up the timeline quite a bit. again, in an effort to make sure international travel can be as safe as possible. >> athena, four major airports, i tkpwrunderstand, will do thei scre screening. >> reporter: the setup they have here, express check, for international arrives, this is going on not just at newark but john f. kennedy in san francisco
3:23 am
and atlanta hartsfield jackson. again, part of trying to keep up a step up surveillance for this omicron variant. this will allow increased testing of covid for specific international arrivals and increase the cdc's capacity to identify these cases and of course to trace them later. they're going to be working with state and local health authorities to keep track of all of this to enhance surveillance and keep an eye out for travelers from anywhere that could be coming into the u.s. with covid-19 and particularly with this ohm kropbt variant. of course this is a week of changes to travel rules. just on monday, the u.s. banned travel from several african countries. >> some think it's something the u.s. could have and should have been doing all along. athena, thanks.
3:24 am
how transmissible, is it, is it more severe than other versions of covid, and how effective are vaccines against it? important data is now coming from south africa. and joining us now from south africa is a doctor who is treating patients sickened by omicron. the vice chair of the south african medical association joins us. doctor, can you tell us what you are seeing in terms of transmissibility and severity when you are seeing patients. >> good morning to you. thank you for having me on your program. what is happening, what we see on the ground is that we are seeing younger patients and we are seeing minor cases of omicron. the people that are being hospitalized largely
3:25 am
unvaccinated, about 90% of those are unvaccinated. but there is a very few number of people who are getting admitted because our health care system is not under pressure. it is not that widespread in our provinces. obviously, we are still getting that information as to the spread of this omicron in the country. it is not what it is touted to be out there. the south african government has not put the country under any federal restrictions. like i said, there is nothing much that we see beyond what we have seen with the delta variant. >> so let me ask you about that. as we spoke yesterday with one of your colleagues, dr. coseer, she was talking about hospitalizations that have gone up. she mentioned the mild cases, right, that you were seeing as well. but we are seeing dimensions to
3:26 am
hospitals, which, you know, that's not a great indicator. it is a pretty bad indicator. they are off four times in the province not where you are but in gauteng. what do you think about that? >> well, in gauteng where this variant is concentrated, we have not seen that much hospitalization. all we see is that those patients that do get aadmitted are patients who are not vaccinated. but if you compare the other provinces, the other eight provinces, there is no height there. one is still sitting at 25 cases per day. there is not much in terms of
3:27 am
transmissibility that is beyond what we have seen with delta. we are getting statistics from the national stpinstitute in so africa that is coordinating information regarding the omicron and the whole covid-19 epidemic in the country. >> well, thank you so much for being with us. we are looking to you and other doctors in south africa as we try to figure out what's happening here. thank you. >> thank you so much. the infighting in the republican party hitting a fever pitch. the far right members of the conference are ignoring kevin mccarthy's plea to stop the insults. controversial tv doctor mehmet oz wants a new title.
3:28 am
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>> she's crazy. she's insane. she's pad for the party. . >> so after that, congresswoman greene tweeted she had spoken with trump about mace and mace responded bless her f-ing heart, although she opportunity say ef f-ing. . >> what it says if you say something that is batshut crazy you're going to raise money. she's a grister of the first order and she does it to raise money. >> this morning house minority leader mccarthy held separate meetings with congresswomen mace and greene urging them to end their public feuding. moderates fear the infighting will fight pack efforts to question the majority next year.
3:34 am
melanie zanona joining us now. >> gop leadership knows they have a problem on their hands. they would rather talk about the pine agenda, where they are very united. he hauled them in for separate private meetings. his message was knock it off. stop attacking each other. after the meeting i caught up with greene and she took another swipe at nancy mace saying she doesn't have the support of donald trump. and then nancy mace, as she was exiting her meeting and walking on the house floor said all i want to say about marjorie taylor frein is blesser effing heart. >> hauling them back in.
3:35 am
just a point i will make there. thank you. freight reporting. . >> thank you. >> political news out of pennsylvania or entertainment news. controversial dr. mehmet oz is running as a republican and a pennsylvanian for that matter. harry entin joins me now. . >> hello. . >> talk about dr. oz and his chances, where he stands among republicans right now. . >> yeah, look, here's the teal. if you look at the polling before dr. oz not in the race, look at this. last month, 78 percent of registered pennsylvania voters were undecided. this is a field wide open for dr. oz to get into. >> first of all, i should note one of the reasons it's so wide open shawn parnell more or less dropped out. . >> correct. . >> because of legal issues he had been having. what do the betting markets say. >> the betting markets, which is
3:36 am
a view of conventional wisdom, this is your chance of winning, look at that. he's up at 36%, ahead of the rest of the field. unless you're really into pennsylvania politics, you probably haven't heard of these other three going on here. shawn parnell left the race. he was endorsed by former president trump. he was suggesting up all the oxygen in the room. all of a sudden he gets out. it leaves the room wide open for somebody who can build name i.d. very quick in that state. . >> obviously donald trump will be a major factor. . >> donald trump will be a huge factor. donald trump, just like with republicans nationally, in the state of pennsylvania, he is beloved. look at that. 75% favorable rating. this gives you an idea if you get in the race in pennsylvania and you're a republican, you can't annoy this guy. if you do, pennsylvania republicans will turn against
3:37 am
you. . >> trump endorsed shawn parnell, who dropped from the race. will he get behind this phi. who knows? he has been speaking flowingly about trufp the lashrlast -- tr the last few days. >> look, president joe biden, his numbers in pennsylvania, just like they have nationally, have dipped. you can see this very well. you look back at october 20th, his favorable rating was 52%. you look at october of 2021, it's 45%. that tends to be a pretty good recipe for a republican to make gains nationally. it's also probably going to be the case in pennsylvania. and if you don't mind, i'm going to jump ahead of slides. i'm going to jump ahead because i think it works so well as a transition. when a president's approval rating is below 50%.
3:38 am
the president's party lost all four. '94, '06, '10, '18. the president is running the opposition party. the opposition has won all four of those places. if president joe biden is unpopular in pennsylvania a year from now as he is today, that would leave the door wide open. >> what do we know about celebrity politicians in general? . >> i mean, look, they can be fairly successful, right? obviously, we think of former president trump as a successful politician in so far as he won the presidency. you go back to 2008, al franken won minnesota. arnold schwarzenegger in california. '98, jesse ventura. tprefpl thompson, '94. and ronald reagan started off with the tpwaoub that toral race
3:39 am
in 1966. there are plenty celebrities who have made that jump from being a celebrity or entertainer to winning major statewide political office. will dr. oz be one of those, we >> tony:. but certainly there is a road map here. it has worked from. . >> most of the people were involved in the political role much more so than dr. oz. but we'll see. . >> we will see. but this is a unique time in our politics. as i pointed out earlier on, when you essentially have 78% of the field that's undecided, that is something you can jump into, get name recognition, which dr. oz is planning on doing >> that is a very high number. thank you. . >> thank you, sir. a new sign that climate change is accelerating. rain felt last august in green land. may not sound like a big deal.
3:40 am
it sounds like a huge teal. we'll explain much more about why mark medicine toes finally cooperating with the january 6th committee. just how helpful is he willing to be? ♪ ♪ there are beautiful ideas that remain in the dark. but with our new multi-cloud experience, you have the flexibility you need to unveil them to the world. ♪ ♪ (man) still asleep. (woman vo) so, where to next? (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future. with the season of audi.
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first on cnn, form other president trump's chief of staff mark meadows agreed to cooperate, some, on the january 6th insurrection. meadows has provided 6,000 emails to investigators. a statement from his lawyer reads, as we have from the beginning, we continue to work with the select committee and staff to see if we can reach an accommodation that does not require mr. meadows to waive executive privilege or forfeit the longstanding position that
3:45 am
white house aides cannot be compelled to testify before congress. joining me is jeffrey toobin and laura jarrett. jeffrey, explain what's happening here. he's turning over emails. he has agreed to appear before them. he is not waiving executive privilege. how is this going to happen? . >> we don't know. there was a confluence of interest here. mark meadows, unlike steve bannon, does not relish the idea of being indicted. he wants to avoid that fate. the kphet doesn't want to get bogged down into a legal fight that will get them nothing. so meadows is going to provide something. he will provide emails. whether he will provide useful testimony and meaningful emails, frankly, i don't know. and i don't know if anyone knows at this point. because that is a very ambiguous statement. . >> the question is, why did he change his tune?
3:46 am
if the whole goal was to slow walk things, and even if you know you were going to get overturned by the courts eventually, the goal was to delay, delay. that was the end goal. why now? is it because the court of appeals appears to be willing to rule against the president on executive privilege? we don't know all the ins and outs. >> we don't know. but steve bannon was indicted. >> yeah. . >> and that's a criminal case. he's been arraigned in federal court. i don't think mark meadows wants that. >> he's a former member of congress. he doesn't want that. >> he has a lawyer. . >> and he's a good lawyer. >> he wants to secure his place in civilized society. that is his incentive. >> inside the deposition he could sit there, the house committee could ask him questions and his lawyers could say he's not going to answer that because of executive
3:47 am
privilege but he could answer things that have nothing to do with the president. . >> and members of the committee have signaled publicly they are interested in conversations that he has had with other people. there's a lot of work that the committee is doing on what was going down inside the willard hotel in the day leading up to it. we don't know that meadows was there. but was he talking to people in the room, to jason miller. his conversations with him and bernie carrick are not privileged. there's so much news on all different fronts, including the president's covid test. the arguments before the supreme court about the mississippi abortion law. this has the potential, jeffrey, to completely overturn roe versus wade. . >> this is a case of epic importance. mississippi has banned abortion at 16 weeks of pregnancy.
3:48 am
since roe v. wade, the law of the land has been the government cannot impose an undue burden on a woman's right to choose abortion before viability, which is, say, 22 to 24 weeks. so 16 weeks, everyone acknowledges is not a viable fetus. that is a -- if they uphold this law, roe v. wade is no longer the law of the land. that is enormously important. >> what's interesting to note is how transparent the state has been, right. in other cases,s you see them trying to wriggle around and say, well, this doesn't count for whatever reason. let's chip away at roe on the edges. this is a full-out brawl, a full-out desire to overturn the law that they have been explicit about. >> one reason the oral argument which will be so interesting, 10:00 eastern time, streamed by the court, will they try to find
3:49 am
some sort of ground to uphold the law but not specifically overturn roe v. wade. that will be something from justice kavanaugh, justice parity, who have not spoken out. >> thank you very much. >> congresswoman ilhan omar played this disturbing voice mail she received after her call from lauren boebert -- who made a bigoted anti-muslim attack on her. a nation numb. 11 people shot at school. three of the students killed in what is the 651st mass shooting in america this year.
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so, for the first time ever, rain fell in greenland during the month of august at the highest point of their ice shading. it is obviously an indicator of the accelerating climate crisis. joining me is chief bill weir. >> it is hard to put into words. yes, if it rains one day, you shrug, that's life. this is two miles high in the coldest place in the world. i was just up there. the sheer scale of this ice sheet on the biggest island in the world is staggering. this followed a melt event in
3:55 am
july in which 8.5 billion tons of ice turned to water on a single day and raised sea levels permanently. you have to twoer about the miamis and the shanghais of the world. >> what does it mean if it rains on the glaciers? >> if the ice melts, it will stay the same. this is land ice. when it goes into the oceans, it gets higher. we built so many trillion dollar economies along our coastal edges now. just one tkphraeurber, if it goes, and it's going faster than anyone predicted, is enough to raise by two feet. on top of that, the fresh matter flowing into the gulfstream, this conveyor built from the caribbean up the east coast to ireland, uk and down, that
3:56 am
controls the weather in the western hemisphere. it is creating this lens which changes the physics which could make it super frigid in the uk and unlivable in the caribbean. i went up there. i want to mention this guy's nape. i sort of wanted to pay homage to the first responders of climate, hosting anderson cooper, tried to sound the alarm. he became the first man to drown on the ice sheet last summer when he fell into a thin film of ice into a watery crevasse. i think we should pay attention to when these folks are saying, hey, the arctic is going three times faster. >> what an awful tragic irony that is. >> it really is. >> thank you so much for your reporting on this. stunning new revelations
3:57 am
about the former president. a report that claims donald trump tested positive for covid earlier than they knew before his first debate with joe biden. >> another community in mourning after a deadly school shooting. what we are learning about the 15-year-old suspect next. [music: sung by craig robinson] ♪ i'm a ganiac, ganiac, check my drawers ♪ [sfx: sniffs] ♪ and my clothes smell so much fresher than before ♪ try gain flings and you'll be a gainiac too! the only detergent with oxiboost and febreze. ♪ and my clothes smell so much fresher than before ♪
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