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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  December 2, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PST

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♪ >> good morning to our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. it is thursday, december 2nd. i'm brianna keilar long with john berman. it is here. the first case of the omicron variant in california from a traveler who recently returned from south africa. they have mild symptoms that are improving. that's all we know. listen to dr. fauci at a cnn
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townhall last night. >> having a single person who had what would be considered a breakthrough infection, because the person was fully vaccinated, doesn't really tell you much at all. it's only a single person, anderson. so you can't make a broad general statement or extrapolation for what would go on with unvaccinated people, people who are boosted. so there is still a lot to be learned. . >> dr. fauci went on to say holiday travel is safe for those who are vaccinated. more than two dozen countries on six continents. this was expected here in the united states and elsewhere. this is not some surprise or calamity. overnight, france joined the list, confirming a positive case in an unvaccinated man in his 50s who just returned from nigeria. later today, president biden, and this is a big deal, he will visit the national institutes of health and deliver remarks on his plan to fight the pandemic, to deal with the omicron variant as the united states enters its
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winter months. because of the variant, he plans to extend mask requirements on planes, buses, trains and boats through march. natasha chen in los angeles this morning with the very latest on all of this. natasha. >> reporter: john, let's talk about the fran resident who traveled to south africa and the timeline of what happened here. this person left south africa on november 21st and landed in san francisco on the 22nd. now, over thanksgiving, that resident started feeling sick and got a test on the 28th. a day later, received a positive test result. and here's where the san francisco health officials are saying this person did a good thing by being proactive in reaching out to the local health department upon getting that positive test result. because this person was aware of the omicron variant and aware that that was a possibility having traveled back from south africa. by november 30th, the university
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of california san francisco labs were doing genome sequencing and confirmed that it was the omicron variant and sent it to the cdc to have it confirmed as well. this all happened rather quickly as soon as the positive test happened. the person, as you mentioned, was fully vaccinated. two doses of moderna had not gotten the booster. they say this person had not gotten that second shot more than six months ago. so it wasn't time for a booster yet. they are doing contact tracing right now. and the people in close contact with that individual so far have not tested positive. as you mentioned, the individual reportedly has mild symptoms, did not need to go to the hospital and is improving right now. of course the u.s. right now tests a one in seven positive samples to see which kind of variant it is. largely, it is still delta, john. . >> so that patient is doing
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feign, not hospitalized, no sign of community spread yet. we will speak to a top san francisco health official later to get the latest update on all of that. thank you very much. >> thank you. a new report shows a significant increase in the number of americans who are getting their covid booster shots. cnn's jacqueline howard is joining us live with the details. this is welcomed news. >> it is welcomed news, brianna. what this report shows, in the last month, the share of fully vaccinated adults has more than doubled. this is a survey from the kaiser family foundation. they polled adults in november, last month. and you see here, among 1,800 fully vaccinated adults. about 23% say they have already received their booster dose. 37% say they definitely plan to get their booster. 19% say they probably will. that is a big uptick from the
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previous month in october when 10% say they received their booster. as you know, brianna, health officials like dr. anthony fauci say it is important to get your booster dose at this moment. they are working on boosters in the future that could be specifically targeted against variants like omicron or delta. don't wait. receive your booster. have a listen. >> if you are eligible, six months with a double mrna dose, get boosted now. we may not need a variant-specific boost. we're preparing for the possibility that we need a variant-specific boost. but the mistake people would make is to say let me wait and see if we get one. if you're eligible for boosting, get boosted right now. >> brianna, it seems fully vaccinated adults are following that guidance. it looks like more are getting their booster doses. brianna.
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>> i am boosted and proud of it. jacqueline howard, thank you so much for that. >> reporter: i am as well. thank you. . >> so is berman. very much boosting happening this morning. yeah. me three. i got boosted yesterday. i'm either feeling the side effects or i woke up at 3:00. it's all same. the president will lay out fighting covid through the winther protecting americans against the omicron variant. jeremy diamond live at the white house. jeremy, what are we going to hear? >> reporter: listen, the white house is still trying to learn amount about this omicron variant. we will hear president biden outline his strategy for batting the delta virus, omicron in the winter months. president biden announcing increased screening for international travelers, increased testing availability. and also ramped up efforts to get americans vaccinated. on the international screening front, you will see the move we
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talked about yesterday. need to go provide a negative test taken within one day of departure. and domestic travel in march. on the testing front, expanded availability of tests. millions being shipped out to federal health centers. they will require private insurers cover the costs of at-home tests. they can be reimbursed by your private insurance. on the vaccine front, you have more clinics coming online, including family clinics. that is what the biden administration is announcing today. clinics that will have doses for children as well as adults so the whole family can get boosted or vaccinated for the first time. finally, you will see these emergency response teams that we saw during the covid surges help with mono colonial antibodies. 60 plus deployments will become
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available. all of this is something president biden will outline in a speech at the national institutes of health this afternoon. >>. >> jeremy diamond, we will be watching. please keep us boosted in the meantime. thank you. a fourth student has died after a 15-year-old student stormed a high school in michigan yesterday. an incident forced his parents to come to the school less than three hours before the attack. investigators have also discovered videos of the suspect talking about killing students. cnn's shimon prokupecz live in oakland, michigan with more. shimon, it seems like, you know, it's just deja vu. we were learning there were big red flags ahead of this shooting. >> reporter: yeah. certainly that new information, the red flags, those behavioral concerns all being revealed by investigators about 24 hours after the shooting, investigators not being specific
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about what that information is. prosecutors saying she is concerned about trying to case and making sure the victims here get justice. the 15-year-old accused of killing four and injuring others at oxford high school is now charged as an adult. >> i will enter a plea of not guilty on his behalf. >> reporter: both the suspect and his parents appearing in court virtually. he faces two dozen charges, including terrorism causing death and four counts of first-degree murder. >> in terms of the premeditation required for first-degree murder charge, this just wasn't even a close call, unfortunately. this was deliberate. this was planned. well in advance. and disturbingly so. >> investigators say they discovered troubling videos on the suspect's cell phone the night before the deadly incident. while they did not give specifics. >> you talked about shooting and killing students the next day at oakland high school. >> reporter: the suspect had
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meetings with school officials the day before and the day of the shooting for concerning behavior, and another undisclosed issue. in fact, the parents were brought in the morning of the shooting and had a face-to-face meeting with the school. we did not learn of that meeting, nor of the content of that meeting until after the shooting. >> reporter: videos posted on social media showing chaos and terror happening, as some students and teachers barricaded and evacuated their classrooms. . >> i heard screams come from the hallway. and the first gunshot happened. and my teacher, he walked into the classroom, he locked the door, he told us to call 911. and then we heard the rest of the gunshots go off, more screams. >> reporter: while oxford high is blocked off with yellow police tape as authorities continue their investigation, outside the school a memorial is growing. a small way to remember and honor the four teenagers who died in the tragedy. among them, hanna st. juliana
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who played basketball, the 14-year-old was set to make sure high school debut in the sport she loved tuesday night. 17-year-old madisyn baldwin in her senior year and accepted to several colleges, khrurg to her family. justin schilling was 17 years old and co-captain of the bowling team. he passed away at a hospital wednesday morning. and tate myre, star football player, he, too, was 17. >> he was smart. he could play well. he was really good at football. and he's really good at wrestling. and me and him used to joke around. me and him used to play. he used to have this cool smile. javon pittman describing the loss of his classmates. >> i can't see justin. i can't see two of my closest friends. tate was like a brother to me. and justin was, too.
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>> reporter: brianna, the investigation is not over. the prosecutor indicating to us that she intends to pursue potential charges against the parents of the alleged 15-year-old shooter. of course a lot of questions over the gun and how he got his hands on that gun. remember, his father purchased that gun, prosecutors say, four days before the shooting. >> shimon, thank you so much for that report. coming up, donald trump has attacked the truth. he did that his entire presidency. why the evidence about his covid status continues to mount now. plus, a fox news personality doubling down on her insane comparison of dr. fauci to nazi angel of death doctor as the network remains silent. for the first time in decades, baseball owners lock out the players. no agreement right now. will there even be a baseball season? ♪
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we're learning more about former president trump and his administration hiding that trump had tested positive for coronavirus before heading to multiple events including a debate with then-candidate joe biden. he lied from the very start of this crisis. here's just a few from february. >> by april, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away. >> the coronavirus, which is very well under control in our country. >> we're very close to a vaccine. >> we're going down, not up. we're going very substantially down. >> it's going to disappear. one day, it's like a miracle, it will disappear. >> he also claimed this about the seriousness of the illness. >> in many case, when you catch this, it's very light. you don't even know there's a
3:17 am
problem. sometimes they just get the dismissals. sometimes they just get something where they're not feeling quite right. and sometimes they feel really bad. about you that's a little bit like the flu. it's a little like the regular flu that we have flu shots for. and we'll essentially have a flu shot for this in a fairly quick manner. >> but we know he didn't actually believe this virus would just go away or it was like the flu. we know that from a conversation that he had three weeks before with reporter bob woodward. . >> and so that's a very tricky one. that's a very delicate one. it is also more deadly than your, you know, even your strenuous flus. >> according to a later conversation, he wanted to downplay the situation. >> i wanted to always play it down. i still like playing it down. >> yes. >> because i don't want to create a panic. >> he made similar claims months later.
3:18 am
>> if you look, the numbers are very minuscule compared to what it was. it's dying out. >> we followed them with this terrible china virus. and we are likewise getting under control. >> that was july when about 50,000 people per day were being diagnosed. this was trump on testing. >> anybody that wants a test can get a test. >> we took over an obsolete broken testing system. >> there's not a lot of issues with testing. >> we have done more testing than any other country combined. by doing all of this testing we make ourselves look bad >> testing makes you look bad? no. it tells you how sick and how bad the pandemic is. the u.s. lagged testing, far behind in testing. . >> and trump also lied about how the disease affected children. here's just one instance. >> if you look at children, children are almost -- and i would almost say definitely.
3:19 am
how almost immune from this disease. >> that's not the case. thousands of children were reported hospitalized due to coronavirus and thousands of others suffered from the multisystem inflammatory syndrome. this is not even the first time he lied about his own coronavirus 689. trump's condition was so concerning there was talk of putting him on a ventilator. >> now we are learning that he personally might have put hundreds of people at risk by lies and object fist indications about a positive test for coronavirus. he tested positive so says his former chief of staff, although later the very day he was tested positive he did test negative. this morning the very definition of non-denial denial. trump tested positive for coronavirus days before anyone knew and three days before the first debate last year. meadows now is somehow trying to weasel out of it.
3:20 am
>> well, the president is right. it's fake news. if you actually read the book, the context of it, that story had a false positive. literally had a test. had two other tests after that that showed he didn't have covid during the debate. and yet the way the media wants to spin it is to be as negative about donald trump as they possibly can. >> meadows does write there was a negative test the same day trump tested positive. still, there was a positive test the white house hid from the country. here's a portion of the book written by mark meadows, obtained by "the guardian". it says, stop the president from leaving, the white house physician told him. he just tested positive for covid. it wasn't possible to stop trump. but when he called from air
3:21 am
force one, his chief of staff gave him the news. mr. meadows said, i've got some bad news. you've tested positive for covid-19. after a brief but tense wait, meadows called back with news of the negative test. he could almost hear the collective thank god that echoed through the cabin, he writes. the communications director at the time, maggie haberman, knows you were on to this realtime, very close to reporting this in realtime. what do you think the most significant part of this is? >> mark meadows has a history of lying about my reporting before he confirms it. i can't describe which one is worse. i can decide which one is worse. it's bad that they are on the one hand acknowledging they were imperilling all of these people. not actually acknowledging. he's pretending, no, this wasn't a positive. he's surprised people didn't see
3:22 am
this some act of radical transparency. the test that he is describing, john, were antigen tests. >> the negative test. >> the antibodies. all that said is there were no antibodies. we don't know whether there was virus in his system or not. there is an actual science to this. it is not you get a positive and a negative, and you go with whichever you like. >> why did this end up in the book? >> i think mark meadows needs to make money, honestly. i think he has legal bills and they are not being paid by the former president. i think he got an advance. who knows how much it was. i think he is trying to sell a book. i don't know that the former president is upset about this. the people i have spoken to, he wasn't. he may get upset looking at the coverage. that's off what happens.
3:23 am
why mark meadows doesn't certain things is a mystery. >> what about describing the former president's bronze hue. >> i thought that was odd. >> it might be on the line of what would upset trump. >> what is confusing about watching this, particularly from what you showed from news max, he is showing so hard to not offend the former president. he is trying so hard not to say things that are going to upset him. yet describing -- and i'm not saying meadows did something wrong. it's just a fact. we also know trump considers covering him accurately to be covering him unfairly or a way that he doesn't like. the fact that he described how bad he look, skin hue, dark circles under his eyes. certainly is true. anybody who watched that debate thought he didn't look good in the first debate with joe biden. >> this came out the same day,
3:24 am
within 24 hours when we learned mark meadows is going to for a deposition in the january 6th committee. is he splitting from trump? >> i don't think so. a, i think "the guardian" gets aed month of the books and early and they did here. b, i don't know the extent of his cooperation with the january 6th committee. and i think that's important to bear in mind. you know, i've heard conflicting signals about is he actually being that forth coming or just doing something where he can check a box and tell folks like us he is cooperating. >> one of the possibilities he wrote this is because he, they, then the care. they don't think they did anything wrong, which is very revealing. >> i said to several people in trump's world yesterday, many of whom, trump himself was not upset. a bunch of folks around him were for a variety of reasons including the aspects of what meadows describes as to how he acted after that positive and then the negative test.
3:25 am
folks i talked to do not remember him telling people, treat him as if he's positive on the rest of this trip. that struck folks as not in line with what actually happened. but i think meadows -- he seemed to think he was writing a story that would be received as, oh, look, this is proof trump was negative before the debate. this is just proof that he had a positive test. yes, i did chase and was trying to get confirmation of. we don't know enough about the other kinds of tests. we don't know about what was happening when he headed in against an opponent, who was susceptible to the coronavirus. >> we played sound yesterday of dodging questions when the president did or didn't test positive. jonathan reiner said conley should have resigned or stood in the way of trump doing the debate. >> dr. reiner is in a better position to decide what another
3:26 am
physician shouldn't or should not do. i can't believe his duty of care was no to alert more people they could be in trouble. i get the argument is we didn't want to create a panic with the first test. but once you knew he had it for sure october 2nd, since he is being helicoptered off to walter reed, do the chronology and tell everybody what happened. i hear his obligation is to his patient. i don't know one way or the other. . >> once you do know for sure october 1st or 2nd, reverse engineer and tell anyone near the president. >> or wait a year and put it in the book and object when people cover it. >> thank you very much. holocaust survivor sat here with us and called it disgusting. a fox host with a disgusting reference to joseph manage la, one of the most twisted nazi criminals on record. did this fox host apologize?
3:27 am
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backlash, fox news personality lara blow began is doubling down on her comparison of dr. fauci to dr. josef mengele. he performed tests, including on children. in the meantime, fox news staying silent. joining me is the president and ceo tpaoeric fingerhut. thank you for joining us.
3:32 am
i wonder what you think is the most alarming thing about this whole comparison and the doubling down of it by lara logan. >> well, i think the most alarming thing is unfortunately there is of course no comparison whatsoever. the fact that this is seemingly a comparison that is being used more and more in public and not being refuted is a growing sign that we have a real problem with holocaust education. brianna, a study in 2020 of millennials and gen z that found 44% of americans ages 18 to 39, couldn't even identify what auschwitz is. that's why one of the high priorities of the j with he ish federation of north america is to advocate. in 2020, congress passed the never again education act, which allocated funds to promote
3:33 am
holocaust education. about 20 states require it. we have a growing number of people who don't understand what this horrific crime and evil was all about. and to allow it to be compared in any way to a public policy debate that you may disagree with in our current society is outrageous. >> fox is just standing by here. what should fox be doing? >> i think we all have a responsibility, including the channel that aired this, to be affirmatively telling the story about why this is an outrageous and impossible comparison to be made and to educate people about what in fact, auschwitz was about, the nazis were about, the holocaust was about and amazingly what mengele was about. if true, what was said on that report, this reporter has been hearing this from all over the world, then that's the story. the story is how is it possible
3:34 am
that even, as i said, we have still the last generation of holocaust survivors we have to care for, that such a growing number of people don't understand and appreciate the history of this outrage and to allow it to be compared in the same sentence with a disagreement over what's the appropriate policies today and not have that refuted is completely irresponsible. >> it has to be remembered accurately, right? we have to remember the conditions that went into creating the holocaust. we are seeing over and over this comparison being thrown around. we are especially seeing this from certain republicans who are bringing up the holocaust or nazis in a way that is not at all accurate. >> look, this is an outrageous comparison wherever it's brought up. you're right, we have seen it more and more.
3:35 am
our federations understand there is a relationship between what we're seeing, the ignorance that is behind lack of knowledge that's behind these comparison and the rise of anti-semitism. it is why we are undertaking the largest philanthropic campaign. we have seen a rise in violence which is a downstream effect of much of this anti-semitism. and so back to the point that i made at the beginning of this conversation, we have an affirmative responsibility, and in my view so do all news outlets, to educate our -- educate society about what really happened. we cannot allow this to be forgotten, to fade into memory and to be normalized in conversation because it was a uniquely evil and horrific time. and, yes, indeed, it was inflicted on the jewish people.
3:36 am
as it relates to today's rise of anti-semitism, it is a very obvious relationship. >> obvious. eric, thank you so much for being with us and talking with us. >> thank you for having me. up next, a big day for the supreme court. seeming poised to uphold mississippi's abortion law which raises the future of abortion rights. the women's tennis association suspending all tournaments in china over concerns over peng shuai. and i didn't pull the trigger. alec baldwin speaking out in an emotional new interview. what about that claim? how could that be? ahead. gold. your strategic advantage.
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♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ this morning the very real possibility that roe versus wade, which protects a woman's right to have an abortion could
3:41 am
be over turned. for two hours they heard a case that could fundamentally offer choice for millions of women. >> they have no basis in the constitution. they have no home in our history or traditions. they've damaged the democratic process. they've poisoned the law. they've choked off compromise. >> will this institution survive the stench that this creates in the public perception, that the constitution and its reading are just political acts? i don't see how it is possible. if people actually believe that it's all political, how will we survive? how will this court survive? >> the case revolves around a mississippi law that plans to
3:42 am
seek abortions after week 16, regardless of rape or incest. a conservative majority split whether to stop at 15 weeks or overturn roe completely, which would allow states to ban abortions at any time or entirely. standpoint professor alexis hogue and jill fillapovich. you have at least three justices who want to throw out re altogether. and two who want to say mississippi law can stand beginning at 15 weeks. why is this important? >> it is important to identify which justices are which. on the far right, we have alito, gorsuch and thomas. and the two sort of in play perhaps, kavanaugh and barrett. so what could happen is chief justice roberts does want to
3:43 am
maintain the legitimacy of the court. he may try to thread the needle so we retain somehow roe but uphold the mississippi ban. to me that is the best case scenario. john and i are classmates from law school. that is terrifying. i think you're on the same page with me. >> definitely. the law says after the point that the fetus can survive outside the woman's body. that happens well after 15 weeks of pregnancy. so even if the mississippi law gets upheld at the 15-week standard, as alexis says, the best case scenario, we are doing away with established supreme court precedent and throwing this wild card out to the states. why not 6 weeks, why not 4 weeks? it creates total legal chaos and
3:44 am
functionally guts roe without doing it outright. that's the best case at this point. >> that's what you consider to be the best case. the alternative is the gorsuch, thomas, alito way. overturn it completely, which mean each state gets to decide. 20 states, maybe more, just outlaw each and every abortion. >> exactly. and that's what is so terrifying, leaving this decision up to the individual states. if we can return back to our period of reconstruction following the civil war, the whole point of the 14th anticipate was to protect the rights of people who were marginalized, enslaved back people. the fact that it protects an individual's right to bodily dignity, liberty and to leave that up to the states, the whim of a majority vote of state legis legislators, cuts directly against what we have with the fourteenth amendment and due process clause.
3:45 am
>>. >> you identified brett kavanaugh as one of the big unknowns with amy coney barrett. john roberts indicated 15 weeks might be okay with him. brett kavanaugh, during his confirmation hearing, talked about the importance of precedent and really seemed to indicate that he believed in relying on precedent. he talked about roe. he talked about casey. listen to this. . >> what would you say your position today is on a woman's right to choose? . >> well, i was a judge -- >> as a judge. >> as a judge, it is an important precedent of the supreme court. roe v. wade and planned parenthood versus casey. casey is precedent on precedent, which is an important factor. >> it was enough to convince susan collins, who is
3:46 am
pro-choice, to vote to confirm brett kavanaugh. this is what she said at the time. >> we talked about whether he considered roe to be settled law. he said that he agreed with what justice roberts said at his nomination hearing in which he said that it was settled law. >> but yesterday, jill, brett kavanaugh could not have been more different. he listed. he put together a laundry list of cases that the supreme court had overturned and suggested precedent didn't matter as much. and then he also said this. >> the reason this issue is hard is that you can't accommodate both interests. you have to pick. that's the fundamental problem. >> and he went on to say if you have to pick it should be the states, more or less, who have
3:47 am
to pick, or indicated that's what he might think. that's a big change. what he said yesterday really it is an important thematic difference from what he was saying out loud in 2018. >> well, women's health groups, feminist groups knew when kavanaugh was being confirmed that he didn't support roe v. wade, that he would be a conservative vote against abortion. none of us are fortune tellers. none of us can tell how a justice is going to vote in the future. but they were screaming about the no, ma'am nation. we knew he would be a vote against roe. susan collins knew he would be against roe. everybody knew what he was saying about press department was a bit of a weasel dodge. he was saying, all right, well, i care about precedence. he can say that and then also as a judge decide in this particular case he doesn't believe they are as strong as other arguments, which is
3:48 am
exactly what he indicated in the arguments yesterday. none of this is a surprise. it was entirely predictable. susan collins could have, should have predicted it. >> she was asked by cnn. and at the time her response was she hadn't seen it yet. she needed to look at the video to see what brett kavanaugh said. classmates. glad for the reunion here. >> thank you. at this moment, baseball canceled. major league baseball canceled. new information over whether there will even be a 2022 season. four big trials happening in america. all the admissions, the regrets and key witness testimony. our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs...
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major league baseball announces a lockout as players and owners fail to reach a new collective bargaining agreement. andy scholes as this morning's "bleacher report" for us. you know, andy, i love almost everything about the '90s. i want to bring it all back with the exception of tamagachi and the mlb lockout. >> no reason for baseball fans to panic just yet.
3:54 am
they have a few months to figure this out. it does show the state of the relationship between the players and the owners. this is the first work stoppage in baseball since the players went on strike back in 1994. and the two sides meeting in irving texas ahead of a deadline this week. their final meeting yesterday lasted just seven minutes before they decided to go their separate ways. the owners locking out the players. they said it was necessary despite the league's best efforts to make a deal. the major league baseball players association said the shutdown is a dramatic measure and it's not required by law. it is the owner's choice. the lockout freezes all league business until an agreement is reached. no trades. no more free agent signings. no more are allowed inside club facilities. you're going to inside all images and videos of players have been completely removed. like i said, there's time.
3:55 am
pitchers and catchers isn't until april. there is a reason to believe a little worried about this situation. >> yeah. oh, my gosh. i don't want to see this. also, i don't want to see the m macarena. berman, i'm sure you feel the same way. >> i think more about the expos who were robbed, andy. they were robbed in '94. >> my astros were doing well that year. geoff bag el winning mvp. companies are complaining about the supply chain issues and wages. but the same companies are doing well. christine romans here to lay it out for you. a report that trump stoked
3:56 am
the violence on january 6th and should be h-- stoked the crowd n january 6th and should be held accocountable for the riot. [laughing and giggling] (woman) hey dad. miss us? (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future. with the season of audi. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ serena: it's my 3:10 it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours.
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fire and water damage like it never even happened. servpro. 40 places could break records today. the records will continue for tomorrow. places like st. louis will be 20 degrees above where you should be. colder air is coming, but we will take the warm air while we can get it. christmas and the rest of winter on the way. temperatures nice a couple of spots as well. you hear worry about supply chain and wages. two full years into the covid economy, these companies, most of them, are doing well. really well. cnn chief business correspondent christine romans here with that. >> good morning, john. look, where you talk to america's ceos, business leaders, they are, drum roll, please


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