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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  December 2, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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hello and welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing your day with us. another covid reset. today the president outline as new plarngs getting insurance to pay for them and convincing companies to give you time off so you can get boosted. mark meadows repeatedly peddled bogus things about the election fraud. democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez says that makes him leader of the, quote, ku
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klux klan. we begin with the big white house rollout of the winter coronavirus plan. the president visits the national institutes of health next hour for the big announcement. we're told he will focus on getting more children vaccinated and seniors boosted, plus insurance reimbursement for at-home covid tests and new travel restrictions. the timing is tough. winter is coming, and the new coronavirus variant is here. another case verified this morning. and with the public health challenge comes this reality. more uncertainty and stress we see. let's get straight to our cnn chief white house kronlts kaitlan collins. what are we going to hear? >> he's going somewhere he hasn't been since three weeks after he was inaugurated. months later still dealing with the pandemic of a different scenario. with the new variant, it's going to be looming over what the president is talking about, which is combatting covid-19 in the winter months and trying to
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contain it or contain a potential spread. one of the steps they're taking is stricter testing requirements when you get on a plane headed for the united states. before when you traveled, you had to get three negative tests before you boarded a flight. now you're only going to have 24 hours before your departure to have a negative test. no word on whether you'll have to quarantine when you get back to the united states. that's something the president will announce today. in addition to tsa extending their mask mandate it. was set to expire, john, next month. now it's going to go through at least mid-march 2022 before they revisit that decision. a few other steps they're taking. they're going to talk about boosting vaccinations, having these family clinics where kids can go get their first shots, maybe grandparents can get their booster shot. maybe try to set up that situation. one other thing of note, they want to have private insurance
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companies pay for the at-home rapid testing. rapid is key to all of this. there are a few caveats with all of that. it's likely not to go into effect until mid-january. of course, the tests have not always been in an abundant supply here in the united states. it's part of this overall effort they're taking steps as they're trying to learn more about the new variant that is now in in t the united states. >> let's bring in the medical director at the baylor college of medicine. it's great to see you again. i want to put up the transmission map. red means you have a high incidence of covid transmission. we have the second confirmed case of the omicron variant today. from whau yo have heard about what's in this plan, a, what
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jumps out at you, and do you see anything that's missing? >> i think increased testing, availability of testing, decreasing the cost of testing is a huge part of the plan. although home tests may not be as reliable as the ones we are given in the clinics or hospitals, that's a huge boost for people who know to quarantine themselves and isolate themselves so as not to expose others to diseases. if we can get the insurance companies to help out, that's a great idea. but i think we need to focus on getting americans vaccinated. >> the president will make that pitch again today, but to that point, the president is a politician. you live and work in one of if states that has been central to the red/blue divide or conservative/liberal divide. democrats overwhelmingly
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approve. republicans overwhelmingly disapprove. independents are split. whether you will get vaccinated or not, 79% disapprove of the president's handling of the coronavirus. help me with your perspective. when you encounter somebody who's refusing to get a vaccine, doesn't like the government telling them what to do, how do you break through? >> you know, john, i'm not sure if it's my job. in the beginning i took it as a personal responsibility to convince people vaccines are the way to go. i've taken a step back. now i'm trying to step back. there's an age-old thought. you are going to have to learn for yourself what is right for you. vaccines are safe, and they do
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prevent you from getting severe illness and from dying from covid. i don't know what else to say about it. >> excellent point. one of the things the president will continue to encourage today is those who are vaccinated to go out and get the booster. i want you to answer this question. two confirmed cases. when do you think we will have a better sense of that? how worried do we need to be about the new variant? >> i think any never variant that appears should be a cause of worry because it shows us the caseload is still high enough. so, yes, it is a pause for concern. we need to see if our vaccines are effective against this variants, if our vooern vaccine
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helping or making it more difficult. >> thank you so much. jonathan martin of "the new york times," felony zanona and artie. let's put it up here again. 83% of democrats approve. 88% of republicans disapprove. independent split. can he break through? >> it was interesting listening to the doctor right now. he sounded a little bit burned out from trying to take on the responsibility of getting people to understand some pretty basic messaging. at the same time were some lessons in terms of crisis. look at the messaging on masks.
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now you have to do the same with boosters. look, this is something you need to do, and when we have more science, we'll do. that in the meantime do "x." that's not so easy to put on a bumper sticker. >> we can show you more. do you support mask mandates, 86% of democrats say yes, sure, i get that. 79% of republicans say no. there are a handful of republicans who want to object or block it. they want to vote to dough night finlanding. they want to have a vaccine mandate. >> it's become a prominent rallying cry and it comes as they're increasing to blame biden.
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at the same time, they're working to work against his efforts. there are red states who offer financial benefits to employees who refuse to take the vaccine and are losing their job because of it. and you see on the right things are -- ronny jackson tweeted hopefully the new variant is made up to help democrats. >> there you have it. it's a challenge in that people are exhausted. >> people are tired. whether you're trying to break through, millions have been given to people. look. look at the data. americans are tired. >> no. there's a fatigue factor that i think transcends the part san divisions that i think does create a kind of a feeling of ma
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laez that comes with the pandemic, i.e., the supply chain. once you realize the issue has become more polarized. they have two different versions of reality. i think what's problematic for the president is when you look past the two parties and you look at the independent, you know, he is not near where he was at the start of the year with independence. i think that's because of what you were saying. we can move past this. liberation day is here. turns out not so much. >> in fact, there are some key states where you're seeing very obvious hospital rates, whether it be michigan. these are also political.
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it will be interesting to see where rubber meeting the road. unfortunately the disease is very priernlt. you are alone. no one sees what's going on. as it touches more people, there will be a shift. >> that's a fascinating point. we're going into the winter. hopefully it's not as bad. stay with us. mark meadows, the trump chief of staff played middle man. we'll feel you in on the details next.
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chief of staff and his bigger than before known role of pushing election conspiracy theorys inside the government. sources including former trump administration officials and others with direct knowledge are telling cnn meadows is a conduit. we should also note meadows is cooperating at least in part with the january 6th select committee. let's get straight with paula reid. take us inside the new reporting. >> reporter: it reveals how meadows reached out to connect them with trumpal lyes over claims of voter insurrection and voter fraud. now, meadows' attempts to pressure officials, for example, at the justice department, those have been well documented. we learned meadows also reached out to officials at the fbi,
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pentagon, nation at security council, and the national security intelligence with fraud claims of what he once said was potential evidence of a massive cop spearcy by china to use thermostats to change results of vote machines. >> is it safe to assume they want the committee to know all about this? >> absolutely. what will be of significant interest, john, is even after they validated the election results, meadows continued to show a willingness to undermine confidence, passing along election fraud information to advisers like mike flynn and sidney powell, saying he was doing it at trump's behest. meadows' attorney did not respond to cnn for comment on this story. you can read all of our stories on >> thanks for sharing that
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report are us. let's bring the conversation in the room. elliot williams joins us. mark meadows has cut a deal to cooperate with some caveats with the committee. when you hearing in like this, he's going to claim he has some privilege. he probably has grounds to negotiate over certain documents, but when details like this become public, how does it afect his case of how much he's going to have to share? >> when he's talking government officials and not the white house, any claim for executive privilege is going to fall aapartment they would say we were asking about foreign elections and china. that's what his lawyers will say. >> even if his source is rudy giuliani? >> that's why you put him under oath, where did you get the information, what did you do
9:19 am
with it, and so on. any argument he has got, this privilege, it's falling apart. >> it gives us more insight what the committee is trying to do. we focus on the insurrection, almost the anniversary of it, that dreadful day. they're going back from the election day. brad raph rat lis burger said he tried to cheat. >> was nene discussion about former chief of staff mark meadows and what his role may have been to try to instigate some of these conversations with you and other georgia officials? >> no. they just referred to a couple of texted i received from him. obviously i did have a call. that was initiated by mark meadows calling my deputy of state. >> you learn about the breadth and scope of the investigation but also if you believe the
9:20 am
chief of staff was central to all of this, then the president was is central to all of this. >> absolutely. they didn't just immediately go down the criminal contempt route. once you do that, you're giving up on consequently showing it. he could show up and not answer in a way that's satisfying to the committee. i know he's a major key player in the investigation. >> i just find meadows to be a fascinating character. you're on the hill every day and you know what he was like in the house and his colleagues have some strong views on him. but for somebody who's trying to keep his relationship with president trump viable, he's now agreed where president trump has declared a dead letter.
9:21 am
the headline of this book is president trump tested positive. those are a funny way of showing. >> you know what else was striking about the reporting. that he didn't necessarily believe the lice he was pushing, that he was doing it to please trump and the lengths he would go to achooev that. >> he's supposed to put his country first he's cooperating for now. someone who's not cooperating for now, there could be a contempt citation over the weekend. they're trying to give jeffrey clark a couple more days. this goes bane. i think -- he was supporting president's lies. he met with trump over the weekend. the president intended to replace him with mr. clark who could try to stop clark from
9:22 am
certifying the electioral collee votes. i sometimes and i just did laugh at@these details when you go through them because it's so lieu cruz, except this was a coup attempt in the united states government >> i would think more like low tide reveal as lot of things. what you want to do is create consequence. it may not be the consequence people expected fwurks idea is to make people feel pressured, how they behaved in a moment of pressure and how it mattered to the public and what that means and have it once. fool me once, shame on me, but there's going to be a lot. there's going to be another election. there have been efforts to undermine elections going forward. this way the public media is more prepared on what to look for.
9:23 am
there are people out there. especially in clark's case. they did not cooperate with the committee. did he have one? >> no, he doesn't have much of a case. it gets a little complicated because he's going to plead the fifth, which makes it a little tougher to charge him. it was a little bit masterful to schedule a vote, not have it, bring him in, and make him plead the fifth amend to every single question, because, number one, if he does it every single time, it makes him look disingenuous. if he does it only sometimes, wait a second, there are some things you believe you're criminally liable for. so he doesn't have a great case, they have a citation they can bring out. >> you've heard parts of this before. listen closely. mike pence still trying to find a path to a future in politics, trying to explain that day. >> on january 6, i said i believed there were
9:24 am
irregularities of which i was concerned and i wanted them to have a fair conference. i know in my heart of hearts on that day, we did our duty under the constitution. i don't know if president trump and i will ever see eye to eye on that day or that many of our most ardent supporters will agree with my decision that day, but i know i did the right thing. >> he did in the end do the right thing, but he tries to skirt there. he's trying to find a way to keep them from disliking him more. >> i don't know looking at the electric. >> i think they can do it by, you know, staying true to his legacy, and his obituary is
9:25 am
going to say he did the right thing. >> you're way ahead. >> who knows what the future holds. >> if the kids don't know what you're talking about. >> a younger john king. up next, holding one of his own members accountable o. rance, so you only pay for what you need. wooo, yeaa, wowoooooo anand, by switching you could even save 665 dollars. hey tex, can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. yeah. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer
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progressive democrats are trying to turn up some heat on the republican leader kevin mccarthy, asking him to remove republican congresswoman lauren boebert from committees after she made a racist comment. in a letter he said there must be consequences when members of congress demonize an entire reliegs and promote hate from their positions of public trust. he's signaled an unwillingness to go after congresswoman boebert at this moment. she's worried about giving them more publicity and helping them raise money. let's bring the conversation in the room. this is from aoc w oo ocasio-c member of the squauchltd kevin mccarthy is so desperate to be
9:31 am
speaker he's working with his ku klux klan caucus to look aside and target members of congress, this cannot be ignored. speaker pelosi yesterday essentially said, i get it, i agree with you. i'm afraid we will help them, actually help them if we go after them. but there's a great frustration among the members of the squad that they're the ones who take the brunt of these threats. >> i caught up with sean patrick mahoney. he said if we play whac-a-mole with every stupid thing republicans said, there would be no hours left in the day, but at the same time, we have to hold members accountable. it comes down to what democrats are going to do about it. members of the squad say death threats are on the rise, they do feel it. i can't remember the last time it's been this bad. january 6th was just coloring everything. you can't blame democrats for
9:32 am
feeling this way when you have gop colleagues spreading lies that are leading to death threats. >> this is republican congresswoman nancy mace. he publicly awarded gosar by saying he would get his committees back. he posted the video in which he kills aoc. why don't we hear him speak publicly? this is congresswoman mace. >> he's between a rock and a hard spot. he works extremely hard to bring people together. you see 19 democrats who have announced their retirement. you saw what happened in virginia, a trucker in new jersey become the state senator. we have an enormous opportunity to turn things around next year, and that's what all of us should be focused on. >> wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. some things, maybe.
9:33 am
we can win, we can get power if we don't talk about these things because we need your votes, but not hate and racism in your ranks. leadership condemns it. >> that's not kevin mccarthy's approach right now. he's making the bet. the wind is blowing in their direction and they've got to keep things tamped down and we'll have the majority next year. the longer-term issue is you don't make these issues go away by tamping them down. they're going to come back and bite you if and when you do have the majority. and i think that's perhaps what he's not taking into account. >> he's trying to get there first, and you're not going to tell them no tot feed the beast. i don't think anybody is waiting for a particular profile enkurjsment in terms of
9:34 am
somebody's going to speak outed on this or that. i don't remember that being his m.o. but the issue is, again, creating consequences. do people in this district want to have people stripped of power or are we in a political environmental where being media-friendly, being in front of the camera constantly is more powerful than holding any seat. >> we were told committees are stupid. she doesn't care. >> you're not there to govern. >> that gets to the heart of the tension in the conference between the folks who want a platform and those who actually want to do committee work and legislate. there's an unexplored element. >> he's behold on the the voters. not just the members of congress but voters. >> coming up, a much watched race next year.
9:35 am
stacey abrams says she's running for governor again. will it be a rematch with donald trump and brian kemp? not if he gets his way. of... this is the planning effect. ♪ ♪ ♪ (sha bop sha bop) ♪ ♪ are the stars out tonight? (sha bop sha bop) ♪ ♪ ♪ alexa, play our favorite song again. ok. ♪ i only have eyes for you ♪
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where's mom? she said she would be home in time for the show.
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9:40 am
by your zip code, background, or access to power. georgia is going to move to its next and greatest champion ter. we're going to need leadership. leadership that doesn't take credit without also taking responsibility, leadership that understands the true pain folks are feeling and has real plans. >> an abrams/kemp race would be a marquee rematch. she refused to help donald trump cheat in 2020 and she's trying to find a big challenger. kemp would like to run against stacey abrams again. he talks about politics, a far left agenda, he talks about she just wants power, and he talks about the biden agenda. he wants to run a traditional republican race, but? >> yeah. he could be facing a serious
9:41 am
primary with david perdue who lost a runoff in january and is now being encouraged to run against kemp by none other than do donald j. trump, why? as you said earlier, he was not happy with him. and if perdue does that, that could really create a bloody republican primary for the first half of the year and give abrams a better chance. >> to your point, this was trump's statement yesterday. the maga base will not vote for him. sought good republican will get my endorsement and some good republican will win. governor kemp refused to help trump cheat. but the stacey abrams/kemp, that's next year. her whole calling card, p organize, sign up, vote, and do
9:42 am
it in way that overcomes. to many this is a fascinating test, especially in the middle of this national test. >> i have to say, following the supreme court oral arguments yesterday in a case that could affect roe v. wade and then her announcement, i feel it was like some sort of starting gun for 202, you know what i mean? the biggest issues are reaching their boiling point, but to your point, she's a very consistent candidate. you know, voting is good. it's not like some crazy holt potato issue, even though it's become more politicized and she's become more consistent. i don't see her as a wild card. the wildest part is who the republican candidate is. >> but to that point, she is a consistent candidate. she's an energetic candidate. can she convince democrats who might be discouraged. maybe you voted for joe biden and you're not getting everything you wanted, and please come out >> and please come out.
9:43 am
the other big question i have is if perdue doesn't come in, what does he do? stump for him? try to discourage him from winning? we saw what trump did in the georgia senate races, lost to the republican and handed the majority to the senate. he equip and joked before stacey abrams would have been a better governor than brian kemp. >> joked. >> joked. >> i was at the rga a few weeks ago in phoenix. there was some talk there that actually the better case for the party would be if purdue was able to beat kemp in the primary because they are so conservative. there's chatter that trump is so dead set against kemp that he's going to undermine him in a general election. if just 20,000 gop leaders stay home, that could be devastating.
9:44 am
and then secondly, the stakes here for stacey abrams. she has been very clear for a long time she wants to be president of the united states. it's difficult to climb that next rung on the ladder if you can't win your home state first. this is a huge choice for her to make. there are people in the parties who were skeptical she was going to run because they thought she couldn't afford the possibility of losing two in a row. she's casting it aside. big gamble. >> she's making it a big race. up next, new details, sad details about the horrific school shooting. the suspect's pashltss met with the school about their son's behavior just hours before the shooting rampage. ♪didn't even notice,♪ ♪no punches left to roll with♪ ♪you got to keep me focused♪ these are the faces of listerine.
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some startling new details as investigators retrace the details leading up to the shooting at an oakland county school. the parents had a meeting with school officials hours before the shooting, that after two teachers sep wratsly reported concerning behavior. the suspect will face charges as an adult. let's get straight live to shimon prokupecz. he's live in oakland county with the latest. >> reporter: the sheriff
9:50 am
revealing new deill about these meetings that the teachers, two separate steechers, one the day before the shooting and one the morning of the shooting, separate teachers raising issues over some of what the alleged shooter was doing, some of the things he was saying, and behavior concern. here's the sheriff talking about that this morning. >> on the day prior to the tragedy, a teacher in the classroom where he was a student saw and heard something that she felt was disturbing in terms of his behavior. the day of the shooting, a different teacher in a different classroom saw some behavior that they felt was concerning. and they brought the child down to an officings had a meeting with school officials, called in the parents, and ultimately it was determined that he could go back into class.
9:51 am
>> reporter: and, john, this is raising a lot of questions certainly for people living in this community, wondering why law enforcement was never brought in to this concern, perhaps raising the idea that the school knew something and should have done more to prevent the attack. as for the parents, we are waiting on word from prosecutors. yesterday they indicated that the parents are likely to face charges in this investigation. we're awaiting word on pro prosecutors if that's expected any time soon, john. obviously that would be a significant development in this investigation. >> shimon prokupecz, grateful for the report. a very sad case. four students as shimon noted died at that michigan high school. 14-year-old madisyn baldwin was expected to graduate this year. she had already been accepted to several colleges. justin shilling was 14, captain of the bowling team. hana st. juliana was supposed to
9:52 am
make her debut with the women's basketball team tuesday night and tate myre, he was 16, a football player. the deadliest shooting since may 2018. coming up, concerns growing about russian military maneuvers at the edge of ukraine. and into the driver's seat.
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topping our "political radar," donald trump tested positive for covid-19 three days before the presidential debate in 2020 and six days before the white house publicly disclosed the president was sick. he denies that happening. meadows appears to agree. >> if you actually read the book, the context of it, that story outlined a false positive. literally he had a test, had two other tests after that, and it showed that he didn't have covid during the debate. >> okay. a key meeting today between the top america and russian diplomats but no clear path forward on easing the tensions between the regions. >> reporter: john, this highly anticipated sit-down between the secretary of state anthony blinken and his counterpart was
9:58 am
sobering. it did not lead to a de-escalation of this crisis between russian and ukraine, nor did blinken lay out what the serious consequences would be if russia decided to invade you krachblt he did tell russians there would be serious costs from the u.s. and its allies if russia does decide to go forward with military action. >> laz recover and i had candid conversations. we'll have an opportunity to take it back. >> reporter: blinken has not made up its mind. what the u.s. and nato are seeing right now is very similar to what they saw in 2014 when russia did invade and ended up annexing cricrimea. john? >> thank you.
9:59 am
speaker pelosi said the house will vote today on keeping the government funded. there's still a few republican senators who could torpedo the bill. they're trying to take a stance against president biden's vaccine mandate. the los angeles chapter of planned parenthood has been hit by a ransomware attack. it happened back in october. exposed information on patients. things such as snurngs diagnosis, and procedures were stolen. doug emhoff made history. he took part in a celebration of hanukkah at the white house. >> and then to think that today i'm here before you as the first jewish spouse of an america president or vice president celebrating hanukkah in the people's house, it's humbling,
10:00 am
and it's not lost on me that i stand before you all been behalf of all the jewish families and communities out there across our country. >> the menorah used in that ceremony last night was made by artist and holocaust survivor manfred ancer. an ana cabrera picks up our news stories right now. soon the president will address the nation to unveil his winter strategy to combat covid-19. we're learning at the core of his plan is more access to testing, more boosting, and more requirements for traveling as the cdc now predicts total covid deaths in the u.s. could top 800,000 by christmas.


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