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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 4, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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'm watching it fall ♪ watch the full story at this is cnn breaking news. hello and welcome to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada and around the world, i'm kim brunhuber. i want to get to our breaking news. just a short time ago the parents of the suspect in tuesday's deadly school shooting in michigan were booked into oakland county jail, the same jail where their son is being held. james and jennifer crumbley were taken into custody in detroit after hours on the run. police say they were given a tip about the couple's whereabouts. >> we got a tip that they were here. that possibly the fugitives were
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at this location. the vehicle was spotted. our officers responded in a matter of minutes. when they got here. they set up perimeter, did surveillance. we notified and activated our special response team. they came out and they were able to take the fugitives into custody. >> well, they certainly appeared to be distressed, as you can imagine. and as indicated, they were in a commercial building in a room. we were able to take them into custody without incident. but however, they were very distressed as they were walking out. >> any indication that they were aided in getting into the building. >> yes. yes, in fact, they were aided, and we're looking at that portion of the investigation. that part is very active right now. >> authorities consider the couple to be fugitives after they failed to show up for their arraignment on charges of involuntary manslaughter friday afternoon. my colleague paula newton spoke
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with cnn's shimon prokupecz, just right after police revealed someone helped the crumbleys in the building where they were discovered. listen to this. >> reporter: there was some question, that i certainly had, okay, why did they wind up here in detroit. so, now, we know. that the police are working an angle where someone told them to come here. that someone perhaps may have helped them get inside this building. they didn't break into the building. i want to show you, paula, that you might not be able to see. let me just show you, the car it's kind of behind -- this guy here is standing, so you can't see. the car is parked in a parking spot. they just came in drove through this parking lot, parked the car and it's just sitting there in the parking lot like nothing. so someone saw the car. it's really striking. the car is just there, taking a space. so, they clearly knew to come here, and we know that, we didn't know that before.
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they clearly knew to come here and there would be a place for them to hide out. it didn't work because someone saw them and called 911. and the chief saying well, thank you, to the community for doing that. as a result, the police were able to take them into custody. but yeah, that curveball that now someone else is being investigated for essentially aiding them. aiding their escape, for help for being on the run. now, that person is potentially facing charges. >> yeah, shimon, we could see the car. and actually, that is troubling, right they just basically drove right in. parked this car, as if they were parking up to a mall or something and got into this building. which is why the chief said, look, there could be other charges pending here. we're getting a much better look at the car. as you said, it was there. they weren't even making an attempt to kind of hide it. and they were in the building right next to where that car was parked. shimon, i also want to point out and this is no small thing, they
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did say that they basically were distressed, they surrendered to police. but they were not armed. i have to say when police approached them they couldn't have known that. these are people that bought guns and knew how to handle guns? >> reporter: right, they couldn't have known that when you see the team, s.w.a.t. team that came in here, there's video of them going into the building. they knew, they had a lot of information. they were able to prepare, suit up and go that in and look through the building. they found them. they found them in a particular area of the building. so, they don't know if they knew the owners of the space in the building. so that is something they're still trying to figure out. but it is really interesting that someone let them in. that's going to be an interesting angle once we learn who that person is. >> legal experts have pointed out that the charges against the crumbleys are unusual. the prosecutor said the
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egregious behavior before the shootings led to the charges being filed. cnn's alexandra field reports. >> while the shooter was the one who entered the high school and pulled the trigger there were other individuals who contributed to this. >> reporter: in a rare move, the prosecutor holding the parents of a school shooter responsible in the deaths of four teenagers hunted down investigators say by their son in the hallways of a high school. >> anyone who the opportunity to stop this from happening should have done it. >> reporter: james and jennifer crumbley, each charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter following tuesday's attack. >> we have an active shooter incident. so far, we do have confirmed injuries. >> reporter: the oakland county prosecutor saying the father bought the semi-automatic handgun used in the shooting four days before the attack with his 15-year-old son by his side. the shooter later posting a picture on social media with the caption just got my new beauty today. and his mother in her own now
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deleted post writing mom and son day testing out his new christmas present according to prosecutors. within days, the son's behavior sets up alarm bells at oxford high school. prosecutors rang out a string of glaring that followed. >> searching ammunition on the cell phone during class and reported the same to school officials. >> reporter: jennifer crumbley doesn't respond to messages from the school. but investigators say she does send a text message to her son. lol, i'm not mad at you, you have to learn not to get caught. the next day before the shooting another teacher makes a shocking discovery. >> the drawing of a semi-automatic handgun pointing to the words the thoughts won't stop, help me end quote. another section, a drawing of a bullet with the following words, quote, blood everywhere, end quote. between the drawing of the gun and bullet is a drawing of a person who appears to have been shot twice and bleeding.
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below that is a figure of a laughing emoji. and further down from the drawing my life is useless end quote. to the right of that, quote, the world is dead, end quote. >> reporter: officials say the suspect and his parents met with administrators, law enforcement isn't notified. neither is the school resource officer. but the crumbleys told to get treatment within 48 hours, they never ask where his gun is, likely in his backpack. as news of the shooting breaks on tuesday afternoon, a text from jennifer, don't do it. minutes later, prosecutors say james crumbley calls 911 to report a missing gun that had been stored, investigators say in an unlocked drawer. >> i by no meenls am saying that an active shooter situation should result in a criminal prosecution against parents but the facts of this case are so
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egregious, this doesn't just impact me as a prosecutor and a lawyer, it impacts me as a mother. >> harry litman is a former u.s. attorney and host of the talking feds podcast. he joins me from la jolla, california. sir, how rare are charges like these in circumstances like these against the parents? >> it really depends on what you mean by like these. from looking around, i haven't seen charges like this against parents and, obviously, they sort of alarm people with thinking that now every time there's a rampant shooting they'll simply blame the parents. but that's really in my view a mistake and way of looking at it. and i think you can run this analysis if the parents were, say, adult roommates who had bought him a gun, given him access. known he was likely to use it
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and not done anything with it. so, i'm confident, though i can't cite you case, letter and verse that there have been involuntary manslaughter cases for people like that before. and i think everyone's kind of shocked at seeing that these have been brought against parents tend to distort what the prosecutor is really saying which is as in any case where somebody doesn't intend to kill, but does action that unintentionally causes the death involuntary manslaughter charges can result. those, i think, are not 1 in a million. >> yeah. well, that's an interesting way to frame it. to sort of see them as roommates, let's say, rather than parents but we're seeing it through the lens of parents here. the prosecutor called it unconscionable and criminal.
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is it criminal? one could call tell bad parenting, they could come to the conclusion that they ignored red flags, what exactly is the basis for the charges here? kind of the conspiratorial way that ethan's mother texted him, you have to learn not to get caught? is it the fact that the parents didn't check the backpack, what's the basis? >> all right, for starters even though the father reports that his gun is missing. they bought his gun for him as a christmas present. they stored it in an unsafe way. they knew he was carrying it. they knew he was looking for ammunition which they laughed off. they knew when dangerous and called to the school and they could have done something about it that they didn't and they were cavalier about it. and again, i think it's a very natural reaction as a parent to think, oh, my god, in addition to a tragedy to this could i be
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held criminally responsible. but that is not what is basically the theory of the state here. it's the conduct that they did. and i'll go back to a roommate who buys a kid a gun, knowing he can't have it. lets him go out using it. has he caused the death? if you don't know how to parent and you're flummoxed by a child and you know they have problems and the child does a rampage shooting, have you caused those deaths? i don't think so. but you buy the gun, give it to him and know he's buying ammo, have you caused the death? arguably. i don't think it's a clear victory. it's a hard case including for these reasons. it gets tied up in these issues of parenthood. but i think it does fit the facts and the law, and that's notwithstanding, as opposed to because they're parents. >> let's look at the process here. i mean, the prosecutor
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announcing charges against the parents without informing the police so they could arrest them. i mean, the sheriff said he heard from the media that he was being charged with a felony. how unusual is that? clearly to be a mistake. >> yeah, it's both unusual and bad for them if it happened. there's bedlam and bad confusion here and they'll be trying to unscramble things over the next many hours. but, yeah, it does seem as if nobody took into account the possibility that they would abscond, which, by the way, their 15-year-old is in jail. it is a remarkable thing to do. but i certainly agree. it should have been much more methodical if it was as reported. i just don't think from my own experience we should be too certain to credit every kind of fact that's being reported about the process now. it's obviously frenetic on the
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ground. >> really appreciate you helping unpack some of the legal issues there. harry litman. really appreciate it. >> sure. thank you. thousands gathered in downtown oxford, michigan friday night holding candles and shedding tears as they remembered the lives cut short. the vigil also paid tribute to first responders and the seven people wounded in the attack. [ bells ] >> bells rang and four minutes of silence were observed, one for each of the four teens killed in the shooting. mad isyn baldwin, tate myre, haa st. juliana and justin shilling. reporting at least one case of the omicron variant.
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the world health organization saying no deaths have been attributed to the variant so far and most cases have reportedly been mild. more than two years into the pandemic, the u.s. is approaching 20 million cases. and 100,000 new infections are reported daily. hospitalizations have been on the rise almost a month with 58,000 patients now being treated and deaths due to covid are around 1,300 per day. while omicron is causing concern the head of the centers for disease control and prevention said the delta variant remains the main driver of infections in the u.s. let's take a look at your covid headlines across europe. a grim forecast from the german health minister saying on friday that german icus will hit a new peak around christmas. right now, there are 4,800 patients in german intensive care units. mask and face coverings are
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mandatory in rome and sicily. the new rule will run at least until midnight on december 31st. and in an effort to curb a recent surgery in cases ireland is closing nightclubs and limiting outdoor events to 50,000 capacity. and immigrants warning that omicron could produce a large wave of infections and that could lead to high numbers of hospitalizations. we have this story covered from all over europe. we have cnn contributor barbie nadeau in rome. but first, let's go to salma abdelaziz. salma, we don't know what's going on with omicron, but experts say they better act there or else. >> it's disturbing news from the scientist body, that advises the government. and they say if, let me
2:16 am
emphasize the if here, if there's any significant reduction in the vaccine efficacy with the omicron variant that could lead to sickness and that could put huge pressure on the government here. what's the government's plan? the plan is boosters, boosters, boosters because we simply don't know how effective the vaccine will be against the new omicron pom but the best bet we have. authorities are trying to get an offer, invite, everybody single person over the age of 18 will be invited to get a booster by end of january. this is a huge effort. not because of the number of vaccines available, but because of the staffing and resources required. 2.5 million shots per week here, you need to ramp that up significantly. basically, this health government needs to get to the
2:17 am
levels that they had during the first rollout of the vaccine, these doctors putting aside other procedures and appointments, putting their time and interests into putting out, rolling out the vaccines. but the theory is again, will she's vaccinations be enough? do more restrictions need to be rolled out. i will tell you the example of ireland, just last night, the prime minister in a televised address rolled out new restrictions in place through the christmas period and after new year's. he said, quite simply, while addressing people, we cannot take the risk of not having social measures in place because if this variant turns out to be more deadly, more capable of evading the vaccine, more transmissible, the irish prime minister wanting rules and restrictions in place already. indoor settings reduced. the number of households at home, that's reduced as well. here's again that usual point. ireland is a highly vaccinated country. the prime minister was actually
2:18 am
thinking the youth there for their efforts, their sacrifice. unlike in germany and austria where we've seen governments quite angry at the unvaccinated. really pushing people to get the shots. really two pictures here, kim, leaving the vaccinated populations, prime ministers and governments taking steps to you put restrictions in place. and populations like here in the uk, authorities trying to get more boosters out. kim. >> absolutely. thanks so much, salma. we heard barbie, turning to you, more restrictions in uk and ireland. also in other places in europe, like rome, where you are. and especially germany. >> that's right, in germany, they're focusing on punishing people who have not had a vaccination. not a booster, not having had the first vaccination. the vaccination rates are low there. and number of new cases continue to rise, and number of deaths
2:19 am
following suit as well. here in rome today you have to wear a mask, face covering outdoors where people gather which in rome is pretty much everywhere. they're trying to limit the spread, not of omicron, but delta variant which is dominant here. we were locked down last year during the holidays. people are out shopping and celebrating and enjoying themselves. now, they're going to have to wear a mask to do it. we're seeing other restrictions like that with face coverings across europe as cases rise. italy, though, is one of the few places that always had a mask mandate indoors since 2020. we have not been not been able to wear a mask doing shopping. it's getting more strict in roam and sicily, kim. >> i want to ask about this idea of mandatory vaccinations, austria making it compulsory,
2:20 am
germany as well, the eu entering into discussions as well. how realistic do you think that is? >> well, each eindividual country, you have to quote to adopt something like that, like the eu. to have a mandatory vaccination doesn't sit well with a lot of countries. a lot of places have that, you can't go to work unless you show that you're vaccinated. and in italy, we have the green pass which means that a negative covid test no longer counts to get into a dining place or cinema or theater. something like that. so they're sort of putting a lot of pressure that haven't been vaccinated to get them, if they want to do anything interesting, i guess, to have their vaccination. whether they can compel the entire population to get a vaccination or be fined. in greece, everybody over the
2:21 am
age of 60 has to be vaccinated. they posed a monthly fine until they do. there are a lot of holdouts of those who do not want the vaccination. kim. >> we all about that in this country and the u.s. listen, thank you to both, salma abdelaziz in london, and barbie nadeau in rome. with tensions over the years a growing fear that russia is plan an invasion of ukraine. ahead, we'll explain what joe biden is prepared to do to keep that from happening. plus breaking news from the deadly shooting in michigan. parents are now in jail after skipping and going on the run. we'll have the very latest after the break. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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>> there's growing fear that russia may be planning a new invasion of ukraine as tensions between the two countries reached their highest level in years. moscow denies having any plans for an invasion but kiev and washington aren't just taking
2:26 am
vladimir putin to his word. >> what i am doing is putting together what i believe to be the most comprehensive and meaningful set of initiatives to make it very, very difficult for mr. putin to go ahead and do what people are worried he may do. >> cnn's senior international correspondent matthew chance is following developments from kiev, ukraine, and has this update. >> reporter: well, russia is planning an imminent invasion of ukraine, diplomacy has urge yently stepped up with u.s. and russian officials that a summit is planned. no date has been announced for the direct online talks between president biden and vladimir putin. but the kremlin says it hopes the summit will be held in coming days. russia with u.s. and ukrainian officials say it's deployed tens of thousands of troops is
2:27 am
demanding new security guarantees from the u.s. to stop any further expansion of nato to the east. ukraine which gets military assistance from nato and ultimately wants to join the alliance says that moscow should have no voice in that process, calling the russian plans illegitimate. all of this amid reports from u.s. officials that they have intelligence that more military points have been taking place near the ukrainian border. moscow denies its planning any invasion. but president biden said the u.s. is putting together a comprehensive set of initiatives in his words to make it very, very difficult for mr. putin to go ahead sand what people worry he's going to do. u.s. officials have warned that more severe economic sanctions against russia would be on the table if a russian attack against ukraine takes place. matthew chance, cnn, kiev. >> the relationship between russia and ukraine has been tense and dangerous for years
2:28 am
since russia annexed crimea in 2014, so if the two countries were to go to battle again, will it be a similar situation, i spoke to a russia expert who said that things have changed for both countries over the last several years and it would in fact be an entirely different kind of war. here he is. >> of course, russian military is developing, it's more high-tech than ever before. it's modernized but the ukrainian minister that moscow has known very well is not the same as 2014 either. first it has new weapons and the psychological that existed before, officemen, servicemen, who were in military school in soviet time. they were on the front lines at
2:29 am
that time. psychologically it's very difficult for the ukrainian to fire on russian men. >> and it could be crippling sanctions by the west that could do serious damage to the western economy. still ahead, the parents of the michigan school shooting suspect are now in custody, after being on the run. why prosecutors decided to charge the couple in the deadly attack. plus, michigan prosecutors say ethan crumbley had access to the gun that the parents bought days before the shooting. red flags that she said they ignored. stay with us.
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welcome back. to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada and around the world, i'm kim brunhuber. this is "cnn newsroom." an update on the breaking news, after hours on the run, the parents of the suspect in the deadly michigan school shooting are now in custody. they're in the same jail where their son is being held. james and jennifer crumbley were arrested shortly after police discovered a car in detroit believed to belong to the couple. according to authorities they were aided in getting access into the building where they were later found. the pair were supposed to show up on charges of involuntary manslaughter friday afternoon. instead, authorizes said they turned their phones off and with drew 4,000 $ from an atm. prosecutors say the crumbleys opened fire on tuesday, killing four students and wounding several others. meanwhile, thousands gathered together friday night at a vigil remembering those lives cut
2:34 am
short by gun violence. so the parents of ethan crumbley will eventually have their day in court. each has been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. but what kind of precedent is there for holding parents of a young shooter responsible. more from brian todd. >> i'm jennifer crumbley. >> reporter: james and jennifer crumbley, have the range distinction of being parents charged in a mass shooting that their son ethan committed. each parent facing four counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> i expect everyone to have humanity and to step in and stop a potential tragedy. >> reporter: just how rare is it for parents or other adults connected to child shooters to face criminal charges? >> this is extraordinary. this virtually never happens. i can think of one case, again, another michigan case, but it's extraordinary, even though these events sadly happen all too
2:35 am
commonly. >> reporter: daniel webster of johns hopkins who has been studying this issue for 30 years is referring to one case in flint, michigan in 2000, where a man pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter was sentenced to six years in prison after a 6-year-old boy found a gun in a box and killed a classmate. in this case, the prosecutor laid out information against the parents saying that james crumbley purchased a hand gun but it was really for his son which she says the son's social media shows. >> it is illegal to purchase a handgun for a 15-year-old. >> reporter: experts say it was the parents' alleged inaction on the morning of the shooting that could give them the most trouble. that's when prosecutors say crumbley's parents were summoned to the school after a disturbing note was found on his desk, notes about violence and guns and deadly violence.
2:36 am
the crumbleys doesn't ask where the gun was and refused to take him home. >> they had enough knowledge that it was criminally negligent for them not to have taken steps to not taken steps to protect the other students in the school. >> reporter: parents are vigilant about gun safe when children are young, but then -- >> once they become 10 or 11 years old there are gun owners you simply tell them the rules, you don't touch this when i'm around and that those rules will be obeyed and that, of course, is ridiculous. >> reporter: in this case, crumbley's parents may not be alone being adults to face possible charges. when asked if she's looking for other charges, oakland county prosecutor mcdothdz would only say the investigation is
2:37 am
ongoing. brian todd, washington. >> earlier, cnn spoke with oakland county prosecutor karen mcdonald about some of the warning signs ethan crumbley showed leading up to the shooting and how his parents reacted to this behavior. >> my son, feeling that we'll likely find out more information about his past. but what we do know, this gun was purchased. it was purchased for him. he had access to it and he was as event as the day of the shooting and the day before exhibiting behaviors and statements that are very concerning. and any reasonable person would look at that, particularly if they knew he had access to a weapon and say something is wrong. and i need to do something. particularly if it were his parents, the people who actually purchased the weapon for him. so, you can't really look at what will occurred the day before the shooting and the day
2:38 am
of and say we had no warnings. it was a definite warning sign. and it was, unfortunately, ignored. and -- but except for the promise to get counseling, mom and dad said nothing, they never disclosed that he had a weapon. they never asked him where his weapon was. we think it was in his actual backpack while they were meeting with him. and he went back to school, and in just a few hours later, he started firing. >> stay with cnn, as we continue to follow this breaking story. two years into the global pandemic, and the new omicron variant has health experts on edge. so, just ahead, we'll go live to south africa where new infections are breaking out at alarming rate. and i'll talk to a covid expert on just how bad the omicron variant could get here in the u.s. that's just ahead. stay with us. prescribed contains the most topical pain relief ingredient.
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the world health organization says no deaths have been reported so far from the omicron variant. and most cases appear to be mild, but the mutated virus has spread quickly to nearly 40 countries that has health experts worried. in south africa where omicron was first round, covid cases have quadrupled since tuesday. the majority are small children, cnn's larry madowo is johannesburg, larry, what more are scientists learning how fast it's spreading and how it's affecting people? >> reporter: kim, scientists say that the new variant is predictable but less severe. they have data, south africa just entered the fourth wave of its covid pandemic, so far, cases of 2 million of covid
2:43 am
pandemic, and death around 90,000. however, the important thing to take away from here is the quadrupling of cases in four days. that's extraordinary. a positivity rate of 24.3%. it's still early days to figure out the number of hospitalizations related to omicron variant because still, like i say, early days. cases are up, hospitalizations are up. and in one small of area, in the province of gauteng, some of those admitted in the hospital are under 2 years old. they're also seeing in south africa, somewhere already vaccinated are getting reinfected. but the infections are less severe. and omicron cases less severe. but they're going to need time to get through that. however it does appear here in gauteng province where johannesburg is, there are more cases reported here than anywhere else. that is why the world health
2:44 am
organization is sending a third team to this province, they're going to help with surveillance. they're going to help with contact tracing. and they're going to make sure they're helping authorities here deal with this situation. >> yeah. to do that, they'll have to get more people vaccinated. but the vaccination problem in south africa is very different from, kenya, where you're normally based and they have a vaccine shortage. johannesburg, they have vaccine, but the problem is hesitancy. is there a plan to push people to get vaccinated? >> reporter: that's what authorities say they hope will encourage them to get vaccinated. there's criticism of travel bans to south africa. and white house press secretary jen psaki saying south africa turned down some vaccines from the u.s. because they hadn't put enough in arms here.
2:45 am
in the country, south africa has the highest vaccination rate than any other part of the country. but there are hesitancy from people who say they told to us get two vaccines, and now another one. what is it eight and nine shots. they're feeling that hesitancy from people who already were reluctant to get vaccinated because they feel this might be a cycle that keeping recurring to no end that will give them something to worry about with health experts to help explain it to people why it's important for them to get that protection. because even the early days they say the vaccines are likely effective against the omicron variant. >> an important message there. thanks so much for your reporting. larry madowo in johannesburg, appreciate it. earlier, i spoke with icu and emergency room physician dr. andre campbell with the omicron variant and whether it's a huge problem here.
2:46 am
>> we hope not. so, let's talk about what's going on in south africa. remember, there's only 5% of people vaccinated on the african continent. 36% of people in south africa vaccinated. here, we have varying rates. some states are in 40%, some above 60. but the national average is 60% vaccinated, that's not boosted. so that means if you are not definitely vaccinated two shots and boosted, then you need to get your booster. so only 20% of people here are boosted. so that means because it's spreading rapidly in south africa, there's a chance that the same thing may happen here. but so far with collecting information, it's too early to tell. the first cases that have come in the united states have been people who are vaccinated. and they're having fairly mild cases of being able to stay home. not like right now. right now, as of today, we have 51,000 people in the hospital with delta in the united states.
2:47 am
we have 13,000 in the icu. we have about 120,000 cases, this is all delta. right now, this country is on fire with delta. everybody is worried about omicron. the problem is there's a lot more mutations. instead of having 20, it has 30. and that's why they're worried that the vaccinations might not work but so far they seem to be holding up. and the people who have to worry, of 20% of people, 60 million people are not vaccinated in the united states. those people, if omicron goes through those people in the united states, it's going to be a problem. >> i just want to follow up on something you said about most of the cases being relatively mild. south african doctors have reported that as well, similar to what we're hearing from the european health officials about the cases there. but is there a danger, the discussion around the perception of milder symptoms could sort of lure us into a false sense of security here? >> i think that is -- that can be the case.
2:48 am
but i think everybody's on guard. within one week or so, ten days, we've really come a long way, just trying to understand things. so, right now, we'd say it's too early. we can't be complacent. and we have to be on guard to really watch out for it. so if this thing is picking up -- so they went from a couple cases to several hundred -- almost 1,000 cases in south africa in a shorter -- remember, most of those people are unvaccinated. so it may be different there than here. we must not be complacent. the masking, the handwashing, making sure you're boosted. three shots total, you need to do that. >> quickly before we go on the booster. administration is telling everyone they should get vaccinated and the booster. this is a question i'm sure you're asked all the time, should people wait, you know, just a little longer for the vaccine companies to see if the
2:49 am
vaccines work against omicron. and if they don't, wait for the new follow-up? >> well, that's a good question. but i think the answer for that is get vaccinated now. don't wait because the new formulations will take some time. we know right now that the vaccines are working very well against what we have in this country with delta. i would say don't get alarmed by omicron now. don't panic. but you need to panic -- 99%. delta is on fire in some parts of the country. some parts of the country are not so bad, new york, california, it's not as busy, 70 something, 80 people infected in the hospital now only one or two. that's because we have a 77% vaccination rate in san francisco. the answer is don't hesitate, get your vaccination. the booster should be done.
2:50 am
only 20% of people are boosted. weed edneed to get that number high. >> dr. andre campbell. thank you. >> thank you for having me. coming up a blizzard warning issued for hawaii. an update from the cnn weather center. on just how much snow will fall in the t tropical paradise. stay with us. ...that led... this onene. celebrate every kiss, with kay.
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a blizzard warning has been issued for hawaii. the big island is forecasted to get up to a foot of snow in the mountain peaks. wind is also a major threat with wind gusts of 100 miles per hour. so, let's bring in meteorologist derek van dam. derek, what's going on here? there's no snow where there should be snow? and snow where there shouldn't be snow. >> it's backwards, kim. yes, from the u.s., we expect the snow with only 6% of snow coverage, it's dwindling as the days progress. i saw that go from 12th two days ago to 6%. then we skip across the pacific ocean as you mention to the harm tropical paradise of hawaii to
2:55 am
look for snowfall. it's not unusual to see snow in hawaii. 11,000 feet or high. mauna loa, this area does receive snow during the winter season. and today is no different. but it's the amount of snow and it's the wind that's going to accompany it. that's why the national weather service has issued blizzard warnings for some of the highest elevations. the big island. 1 to 4 inches possible. 12 inches of snow on a volcano, incredible. we barely are that in the colorado rockies, look across the hawaiian archipelago, and with the satellite imagery that we've noticed, picking up on the snow pack on mauna loa, you see the top portion of the volcano that indeed is the snow that's formed on that region lately. an area that wished they had snow is colorado. i wish it. many of the skiers and
2:56 am
snowboarders do as well. obviously, the drought trends in the wrong direction. 98% under minimal snow pack. they'll have to wait until the end of this week to get any measurable snow and they'll take it because people steve amrolle past the most measurable snowfall. 227 days and counting. kim. >> yeah, i know if you don't get snow in some places it dries up spring and summer. >> go to hawaii for that. >> yeah. >> a flight to hawaii. >> yeah, wouldn't we all like that. listen. that's all we have, i'm kim brunhuber. thanks so much for watching, for viewers in north america, "new day" is next. for the rest "dubai def2020."
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