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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  December 4, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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following tuesday's deadly rampage. this is cnn exclusive video of james and jennifer crumbly being arrested. they are charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. a judge setting bond at a half million dollars each after they tried to run, turned off their phones and withdrew $4,000 from an atm. their son, ethan, is accused of killing four students and injuring seven others an while parents in the u.s. are rarely charged for shootings carried out by their kids, prosecutors said they cbought the gun on black friday. even with confronted with the drawing their son made, blood everywhere and the thoughts won't stop, help me. athena, take us through how they were captured. this was some dramatic stuff overnight. and this arraignment that just happened earlier today.
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>> sure. hi, jim. well we know they were found in the wee hours of last night in essentially a warehouse in detroit and we're getting new reporting from my colleague about that arrest. we know they were found inside an art studio on the third floor. we know that detroit police are interested in what they are calling a person of interest. an unknown person who helped guide their car into the parking space at that building and we believe helped them gain access to the building. we're learning they arrived at that warehouse during daylight hours. so they were scheduled to be arraigned at 4:00 p.m. the sun set around 5:00 p.m. yesterday. before sunset, they had arrived at that building. but they were found overnight and arraigned this morning. the prosecutor, karen mcdonald, explaining why in this very rare occurrence, she's going to be bringing charges against the
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parents of this high school shooting suspect because she believes they were criminally negligent. they ignored warnings that their son was potentially going to carry out a violent act. listen to what she said in this morning's arraignment. >> those defendants were aware that she was searching ammunition on his phone at school instead of reakcting to that as a concerned parent, ms. crumbly texted, lol, next time don't get caught. obviously on this very tragic day on the 30th, they were called to the school about their son's drawing, which clearly depicted threats and acts of violence, and instead of disclosing to the school that he had full access to this weapon, they chose not to. chose not to take their son home. chose not to tell anybody that he might be dangerous when it was clear and they had every
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likelihood that he was and instead, they left. >> and soon after is when ethan crumbley allegedly began shooting, killing four teenage students. prosecutors saying these parents were criminally negligent. if they had taken the action they should have, they could have saved these four teenagers lives. >> what was the argument from the defense today? >> well, interestingly, the lawyers for jennifer and james crumbley argued they were never trying to escape. they were always planning to turn themselves in. listen to some of what one of their lawyers said. >> last night and throughout the day, we were in contact with our clients. they were scared. they were terrified. they were not at home. they were figuring out what to do, getting finances in order. this case is absolutely the
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saddest, most tragic, worst case imaginable. there is absolutely no doubt, but our clients were absolutely going to turn themselves in. it was just a matter of logistics and all the prosecution had to do was communicate with me about it. >> so that's what we're hearing from the lawyer. it was all about miscommunication. the oakley county prosecutor saying while they withdrew $4,000 from an atm near where they were meant to turn themselves in. the prosecutor setting $500,000 bond for each of them. both of them entering not guilty pleas on all four counts of involuntary manslaughter. jim. >> a heck of a miscommunication that's at issue here. athena jones, thank you very much. as athena mentioned, there were too many regular flags in the days before the shooting at oxford high school. tom foreman takes us through it.
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>> reporter: before the gunfire that terrified students, police, and balances, there were warnings. >> there was absolute reason to believe the individual was dangerous and disturbed. >> reporter: authorities suggest the immediate trouble starts november 26th when james crumbley takes his 15-year-old son ethan to buy a pistol at a local gun shop. although the dad fills out the paperwork, the son posts a picture on social media. >> along with the caption, just got my new beauty today. >> no, legally, that's not his. >> reporter: the sheriff says by law, the gun can't actually belong to the boy, raising key questions. >> was it given to him? allowed to be picked up freely at his discretion or was it stolen? >> reporter: november 27th, the mother post mom and son day testing out his new christmas
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present. november 29th. a teacher reports the boy is searching for ammunition on his cell phone in class. officials say the school calls and e-mails the mom, no response. but jennifer tests her son, lol, i'm not mad at you. you have to learn not to get caught. the next day, another teacher seeing the boy with a note. >> a drawing of a semiautomatic handgun, the thoughts won't stop, help me. another drawing, quote, blood everywhere, end quote. >> reporter: there is also, prosecutors say, a drawing of a bloody body. the words, my life is useless. the world is dead. shortly after 10:00 a.m., officials say his parents come to a meeting at the school, are told their son must get counseling, but they resist taking him out of school. don't mention the new gun and
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the boy returns to class. his parents leave. >> we have to believe he had the weapon either on his person, in his backpack, or somewhere secreted in that travel route. >> reporter: just before 1:00 p.m., investigators say ethan goes into a bathroom with his backpack, comes out gun in hand, firing. four students are killed, seven wounded. he is apprehended minutes later. at 1:22, officials say, his mother texts, ethan, don't do it. his father -- >> upon hearing that there was an active shooter on that day, mr. crumbley drove straight to his home to look for his gun. >> reporter: 1:37, the dad calls 911 to report his gun missing and to say his son may be involved, but in the wake of the note just hours before the violence, officials thought there should have been more. >> the notion that a parent could read those words and also know that their son had access to a deadly weapon that they
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gave him is unconscionable and i think it's criminal. >> of course, there are questions about whether school officials acted properly, but the school officials say anyone who saw the warning signs who could have stopped this should have done something. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> and let's discuss with former fbi deputy director, andrew mccabe. also cnn's senior law enforcement analyst. andrew, so many red flags that were just missed and it's heartbreaking. ethan's parents pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges this morning, but missed their initial arraignment yesterday. police say they were found hiding in a warehouse overnight after an hours long man hunt. they turned off their phones and withdrew thousands of dollars from an atm, and yet the defense was claiming there was a miscommunication and that's why
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they didn't appear at their arraignment. what's going on here, andrew? what do you think? >> i don't know, jim, i think it's hard to communicate effectively when you're hiding in a warehouse and you turn your phone off. so i think, looking from the law enforcement perspective, and i say this as someone who's been involved in and overseen many, many man hunts for different people. as soon as there's a warrant for your arrest, that warrant, you have any reason to know that warrant is out there and you are not in custody, you're considered to be a fugitive. that's clearly what they were. taking money off, turning off your phone, leaving town, hiding in a warehouse where you don't live. those equal you are fleeing from law enforcement. it's also reasonable to say i was going to turn myself in when you didn't do that. they didn't need an appointment with the prosecution. they could have rolled into any police precinct in oakland county and said hey, we're heard you're looking for us.
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that's what people who aren't running from the law do. so i think to the arguments today were a little hollow. >> the fact is there were warning signs as tom was just laying out. one teacher reported that ethan was searching for ammo on his phone the day before the shooting. there was that disturbing drawing showing a person being shot with the words, blood everywhere, which was reported by a separate teacher on the day of the shooting. at what point do they just need to bang on the principal's door and say call the cops, this is out of control? or are we in a murky area where it is difficult to make that call? >> i don't think that it's that murky. you know, especially in a situation like this where you had a sheriff's deputy, a police presence in the school as a resource officer for presumably exactly that reason. it's hard for me to understand how having been rightly
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concerned about his behavior and about his searches for ammunition and about this note with all this disturbing stuff on it, it's hard for me to understand why they didn't at least let the resource officer know, whose job is to be there and assist in the security precautions in the school, hey, we might have an issue with this young man. so i don't think there's any, i'm not aware of any legal prohibition on them making that sort of contact. i get it. your not you're not going to tell police officer about every behavior problem in a big high school. this one seems to have reached the level where they should have considered doing that. >> and prosecutors have highlighted some of the text messages that ethan's mom sent her son. one message she sent after a teacher saw her son searching for ammo was lol, i'm not mad at you, you have to learn not to get caught. another on the day of the shooting said ethan, don't do it. what does this say to you, andrew, that these texts were being sent by the mother?
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folks out there having this discussion, you know, how can we charge the parents in all of this? your thoughts. >> well, it's really remarkable, jim, on a couple of levels. first, you talk about all those warning signs that the people at the school saw. they didn't have access to or didn't know the one absolutely crucial piece of this puzzle, which the parents did know, and that was that they had purchased him a gun over the weekend. so you know, to then look at the texts from the mother around this incident with knowledge that she had armed him essentially over the weekend. taken him to the range and presumably practiced shooting the weapon. it's really confounding. and you know, you have a case here where the prosecution's going to have to prove essentially that this couple acted unreasonably and those are typically tough cases. it's hard, you're putting that into the hands of a jury. it's a very subjective analysis,
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but those text messages are going to be very influential in potentially convincing that jury that these parents did not in fact act reasonably under the circumstances and that's what could lead to a conviction. >> yeah, i suppose whether or not they're convicted, a message has been sent by these prosecutors in michigan. all right, andrew mccabe, thanks, as always. appreciate it. >> thanks, jim. coming up, the michigan school shooting tis the 32nd since august. that caused joaquin oliver to stand outside the white house demanding a meeting with president biden. he'll join me live.
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four children gone this week at the hands of another. their lives taken in an attack that has become sadly so uniquely american. madison baldwin was supposed to watch her graduate high school this spring.
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she had been accepted to multiple colleges, some with full scholarships. she was an artist who loved to read and write. tate myer was a star football player on the school's varsity team. he helped his team make it to the playoffs this year. >> man, it feels awesome. i mean, it feels great. in the rain. this is where we live. it's like football. tough, muddy. everything about us is tough. >> just last month, his family watched him play in what would be his final game. tate was just 16 years old. hannah was just 14 years old. she was on the school's women's basketball team and her teammates describe her as kind and silly. tuesday night, the day of the shooting, hannah was set to play in her first oxford high school game. justin schilling was incredibly smart and hard working. he was part of the school district's program and a lettered athlete and organ d
12:19 pm
donor. the crowd gathered just as his parents told him good-bye and he was wheeled away to surgery. his single life now saving multiple others. justin was only 17 years old. this is the deadliest school shooting in the u.s. since 2018 when 17 were shot and killed in parkland, florida, then when ten were shot and killed in santa fe, texas. he is since co-founded change the ref, a non-profit hoping to end gun violence. you're here in d.c. because you wanted to meet with, by the way, thank you for being with us. you were here in d.c. you were hoping to meet with president biden about his gun safety plan. i want to talk to you about that in a moment, but first, let me talk to you about this latest shooting in michigan. and get your reaction to the fact these parents have been charged. is it time to send this kind of message to parents out there,
12:20 pm
that you could be held responsible for the actions of a school shooter. zb . >> that's a small victory that we see that happening. sometimes you stay with whoever was able to stop the gun and you don't go back to whatever happened before that and how this minor had access to a gun. i'm glad they're putting it out there on the media so everyone knows that's something that could happen. >> i'm sure you've been following this case and so often, we talk about the warning signs that were missed. the red flags that were missed. in this case, the accused gunman was searched for ammunition. he was drawing pictures that were alarming to the teachers. he was writing the words, help me. what do you make of what happened here? with how the school officials handled this? and does it remind you of
12:21 pm
warning signs that were missed before parkland? >> oh, yeah. 100%. actually, i see a lot of red flags and warnings here in this particular case. and yeah. school should have, they had the chance to do something. to prevent this from happening. for some reason, they didn't. and now there will be part of a problem. so we should work in that area, too. like how anyone that received that message of this is not good, we should say something, and then didn't say anything, i think it should be part of being guilty. this situation. >> yeah. and manuel, you were here in d.c. to stand out in front of the white house this week. there's some video right there. you were hoping to meet with president biden and what happened to your son, joaquin, and all of the other lives lost at parkland and all of the lives
12:22 pm
that have been lost since to these senseless school shooters. what do you hope to accomplish in meeting with the president? meeting with the team at the white house, and are you hearing any updates in terms of whether you're going to get that meeting? >> no, no updates. but the whole thing is that i keep fighting against this for the last four years. this for my family, it's already beyond joaquin. 150,000 people have died since our son was shot four times inside a school. so what have we learned from this experience? probably nothing. when i saw this happening a few days ago, i decided to you know what, i've been saying and preaching enough is enough. what if i really act right now? whatever i have done, hasn't been enough. and i've done a lot. but the message is not strong enough. so i'm sick of this. and i need to do something.
12:23 pm
so i took a plane. came to d.c., and i decided i wanted to talk to biden because biden promised me and my wife, patricia, that he will know how to fix this. that he already did it and he will be able to do it again. so that promise, i need to know what happened. i've been standing outside of the white house trying to get this conversation. i was planning to fly to florida tomorrow and that's not going to happen. i'll be here. i'll stay here. this is my duty. this is not something that i like doing or want to do. this is something that i must do for joaquin and all those kids. >> we were just showing pictures of joaquin a few moments ago. a beautiful young man. just a beautiful kid. and when i look at his picture, it reminds me of the pictures we were just showing a few moments ago. the young teenagers who died in
12:24 pm
michigan. just gorgeous kids. beautiful kids. and they're no longer with us. it's just, it's just as sttound. it's heartbreaking. i want to show you something we just picked up on social media in the last several minutes. put this up on screen. this is a tweet from republican congressman thomas massey from kentucky with the caption, merry christmas, ps, santa, bring more ammo. please bring ammo. he tweeted this today. right after this school shooting that happened in michigan. and there's his whole family there holding these assault rifles and what not. what's your reaction when you see something like this? >> well, that's a huge part of the problem. we have, with some elected leaders like this one that think that, i don't know if they're trying to be ironic, funny, or what, but it's a worst case ever
12:25 pm
that you could handle on social media. this is also something that should teach us who should we elect and not. it's a very nasty post and i think that -- >> does something like that, does it cause more pain for folks like you? >> pain, listen, pain is not the problem here. because the way that we treat these and this is probably a message for those families in michigan. i have a reason to keep on being a father. a strong reason to keep on being a father. and it didn't happen, i didn't feel this immediately after i lost joaquin, but you start feeling that urgency of doing other things as a father. i don't feel sad when i see this kind of weird messages from people or threats. i receive them all day long. i feel that i need to do a better job. it's not working and the reason
12:26 pm
why it isn't working is the amount of victims that i just mentioned. so if you're doing something and it's not working and the result is more victims, you need to change the strategy. >> more motivation. >> yes. i want my pain with me. don't get rid of my pain. and it's actually irrelevant how i feel. because you know what, a month ago, i heard from a judge how my kid was shot twice, still alive, and the shooter came back and shot him again two more times. so do you think i'm going to be concerned about my pain and my sadness? no. this is about the pain of my son, suffering, dying, thinking about me. thinking about his mother. i need to stay outside of the white house in front of the white house to talk to the president for a year, i will. but i'm going to get that conversation. i want to see what's happening. i want to see if there's a plan and if there's a plan, i want everyone to see it.
12:27 pm
>> all right. manuel oliver, i think you're going to succeed. keep us posted. let us know. >> thank you. it was a pleasure. >> we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein.
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russia's military build up. u.s. intelligence says russia has been amassing troops along the border and believe that
12:32 pm
number could grow to 175,000. that's prompting fears russia could launch a military offensive in ukraine within a matter of weeks. the biden administration is warning of severe consequences if russia invades ukraine. matthew chance is following this from kiev. president biden will be talking soon with putin. how do we think that's going to go? >> reporter: yeah, it's going to be obviously a for fraught conversation. we confirmed it did last a few hours that the direct virtual summit will be held on tuesday, the 9th of december. a couple of days from now. be held in the evening moscow time, so in the morning approximately in the u.s. no exact time has been given, but it's clearly going to focus squarely on the concern over ukraine. all those u.s. expressions of intelligence, concern, that the russians are building up forces close to the border with ukraine. tens of thousands already there and as you mentioned, up to
12:33 pm
175,000 estimated could be put in place by moscow ahead of any military action against ukraine. the united states warning that any aggressive moves like that towards ukraine will have consequences for moscow. take a listen to what president biden had to say about it. >> what i am doing is putting together what i believe to be will be the most comprehensive and meaningful set of initiatives to make it very, very difficult for mr. putin to go ahead and do what people are worried he may do. but that's in play right now. >> well, the russians, jim, have decided to spell out what it is they want to prevent them from doing that and one of the things they want is an ironclad legal agreement, they say, a new security guarantee that would
12:34 pm
prevent nato, the western military alliance, the united states, from expanding its presence east wards towards the russia border. they say that's a red line for them. they say it's a matter of russian national security. the u.s. has already pushed back on that and the ukrainians have as well, saying it's up to us, it's up to ukraine to decide what negotiations we have with the western military alliance and they've called the russian demands for an end to nato expansion eastwards of being illegitimate. jim. >> all right, matthew chance, we'll keep our eyes on it. appreciate it. coming up, a new warning on just how contagious the omicron variant may be, plus, what president biden's new travel restrictions may mean for you. that's next. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." knowing where you came from, it gives you a sense of “this is who i am”. oh my goodness... wow, look at all those! you get hungry for more and then you're just like,
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cdc director with a new warning about the omicron variant spreading around the country. >> what we do know is that early data and even mutation data are telling us that this may well be a more transmissible variant than delta. this is going to take some time to sort out. we are prepared though. we are doing genomic sequencing in all these states, but we may start to see more omicron than we have delta and we will be following that very carefully. >> former cdc director dr.
12:40 pm
frieden joins me now. the director says that variant could become dominant in the u.s. that is concerning considering how much trouble we've had with delta. we know that in south africa, covid cases are up 300% since this new variant was detected. are you concerned about this? >> jim, the plain truth is that it's shaping up to be a bad winter. delta is bad and omicron could well be worse. we've already got lots of delta in the u.s. lots of spread. increasing in many places. flu season starting and now the risk that omicron will be here widely spreading and there's a lot that we still don't know about it, but it's covid and it can kill you. >> and starting monday, all incoming air travelers to the u.s. must test negative a day prior to entering, but when asked about just having a vaccine requirement for domestic flights, which is the question that keeps coming up over and
12:41 pm
over again, i've asked it, others have asked it. here's what the president said. >> i continue to rely on the scientists and asking them whether or not we have to move beyond yesterday. right now, they're saying no. >> where are you on this, doctor? >> there are three things we need to do. first, vaccinate. second, mask up and third, balance risks and benefits. vaccinate means everyone not vaccinated needs to get vaccinated. that's what's driving the increased hospitalizations and deaths. everyone who should get boosted should because the more immunity you have, the better you'll be ready to confront omicron or whatever covid throws at us next. and third, vaccinate around the world because that's going to risk our lives if we continue to fail to ensure there are vaccines everywhere. second, mask up. especially if you're older or im immune o suppressed.
12:42 pm
i know we wish we didn't have to wear masks, but the fact is that when many people are together indoors where covid is spreading, masks are a low risk, low burden way to save people's lives. and we have to look at risks and benefits. there are choices people will have to make to get together with friends and family, and to travel. making vaccines required for domestic travel, that may be difficult at this point for a variety of reasons, but fundamental truth is that everyone has to make their own decisions about their level of risk, but if you don't vaccinate and mask, your decision could kill somebody else. >> right. if people aren't vaccinated and they're determined and stubborn about it and they're just not going to get vaccinated and they catch this omicron and get on the plane and spread it around that plane and at the airport, they're spreading it around. needless to say, they're spreading it around. and dr. frieden, a new study finds the variant carries a stretch of genetic material that
12:43 pm
comes from a distant relative of the common cold. that is interesting. do you think omicron is just something we're going to have to live with, that it's just going to be around like regular colds? >> wone of the things that covi is teaching us is that we need to get the data. to respond eflktively to a health threat, you need to learn, act, and do. right now, there's a lot we know about covid and a lot we don't know. it does look like omicron is even more infectious that delta. whether that's because it gets around our immunity or spreads more readily, we don't know. whether it can evade our vaccines, we don't know yet. whether it's more serious, less or more deadly, we don't know. but we know vaccinated, masking and assessing your risk and benefit can save your life and the lives of people around you. >> earlier this week, the cdc strengthened recommendations for
12:44 pm
booster doses saying all adults should get boosted six months after pfizer or moderna's vaccine or johnson & johnson, two months later. do you think the definition of fully vaccinated means that you have your booster? >> it's too soon to say a booster is required, but we can certainly say you're better off confronting covid, including omicron, if you're fully vaccinated and boosted, so every adult should get boosted when eligible. >> i got my booster and it was pretty easy. just went to the pharmacy and knocked it out. took a little while. there were people in the store, but it wasn't that big of a deal. thanks for your time. comparing vaccines to the holocaust and nazi germany. how facebook is making a profit off of truly disturbing rhetoric. and a new documentary, white power on trial, return to
12:45 pm
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compared him to the angel of death. >> not only is she being slanderous and disrespectful to so many people who were killed in the concentration camped, but she absolutely has no idea what she's talking about. she's completely incorrect in everything she says. what i find striking, chris, is
12:50 pm
how she gets no discipline whatsoever from the fox network. how they can let her say that with no comment and no disciplinary action. i'm astounded by that. >> what's even more appalling is that lara is hardly the only one trying to compare the u.s. covid response to nazi germany. of course those comparisons are tota totally ridiculous. this is very disturbing stuff, but kudos to you and your team for uncovering all this. take us through what you found. >> it's pretty disgusting stuff, jim, what facebook is allowing to run on its platform. take a look at some of these ads. one is comparing current u.s. covid restrictions to nazi germany. another one is very direct. it shows a syringe then another
12:51 pm
just condoning political violence saying make hanging traitors great again. this of course just less than a year after we saw gallows outside the u.s. capitol. and look, oftentimes, jim, facebook will make the argument to say look, we have billions of users. we have billions of posts on our platform. but these aren't just random posts. these are actually ads. ads that facebook is accepting, taking money for, then targeting its own users with. so it's not like these are just random posts, jim. >> right, of course not. and facebook whistleblower, frances haugen, reacted to your reporting and how this disgusting material gets on the platform. here's what she said. >> facebook's business model is conditioned on fixing problems after they find them. facebook has known since 2018,
12:52 pm
mark has made comments on it, mark zuckerberg, saying prioritizing content or ads based on their ability to provoke a reaction from you, which is usually the most extreme and polar oizing conten. but mark said at the time, it's okay. ai will save us. only problem is, ai misses lot of problems. in the case of hate speech, only 3 to 5% of hate speech is caught. >> what is facebook saying about what you uncovered and don't they have, do they have a reasonable answer to what you were saying? which is hey, i found this stuff. we found this stuff. why can't you find this stuff and get rid of it? >> exactly. so when we asked facebook about this, the first two ads comparing the vaccine to the holocaust and u.s. nazi germany. facebook said they go against their rules and they won't let
12:53 pm
those run again. incredibly when it comes to the make hanging traitors great again post, facebook doesn't have a problem with it. so they'll still allow that ad to run. to haugen's point there, this is a trillion dollar company. it's one thing to try and monitor the billions of posts their users post, but these are ads this they are accepting, right? that they are taking money for. and part of the reason of course why facebook is so profitable is because they don't want to bother having humans review these ads in a way. so that is how they're making so much money and this is all of course central to their business model. it's in the design, jim. >> yeah. how about take some of those billions of dollars and hire, you know, i don't know, ten or 15 people, you know, maybe 100 people to far et the stuff out. you shouldn't have to do that for them, but thank you so much for doing it. appreciate the reporting.
12:54 pm
top ten cnn heroes of 2021 have been announced, one of whom will be named the hero of the year by you. in our last week of voting, let us introduce one of our top ten. when covid struck, in bali, thousands lost their jobs. this cnn hero found a way to help his community by implementing a simple plan. empower people to trade and collect plastic waste for rice. >> i kept going with this mission because people empower. because people get excited. because of the community that respond to this initiative. i see the smile in their face. i see the cleaner environments. and also i see they can provide for their family. this initiative is to simple and we can do this in every community.
12:55 pm
with clean the environments. we feed the people. and we're proud doing this. my goal is to really spread this movement. i want to inspire people that everything is possible. there is no small dream. if you believe and you do it with the community then you will succeed. >> go to cnn heroes to vote for him for cnn hero of the year or any of your favorite heroes. we'll be right back. (vo) subaru and our retailers believe in giving back. that's why, in difficult times, we provided one hundred and fifty million meals to feeding america. and now through the subaru share the love event, we're helping even more. by the end of this year, subaru will have donated over two hundred and twenty five million dollars to charity.
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