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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 5, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ hello, everyone. i'm paula newton here at cnn center. ahead, coming to america. brand new covid testing requirements will now meet you at the gate before takeoff in an e. to curb the omicron variant. a trump era policy critics say is inhumane, making a comeback under the biden administration. the impact a court order having on the so-called remain in mexico immigration rule. plus, ash as high as roof
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tops. 14 dead, 1300 displaced after a volcano erupts in indonesia. ♪ ♪ new covid testing requirements are now in effect for all travelers coming into the united states, and it's part of an effort to curb the varian. anyone boarding the flight to the united states including citizens must have proof of a negative covid test 24 hours before takeoff. plus, foreign nationals must be vaccinated to enter the country. now, that requirement not yet in place for u.s. citizens. cnn's nadia romero has more on the details of these new
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requirements. >> reporter: holiday travel plus the omicron variant continues to cause concern about the spread of covid-19. in late november, scientists in south africa were the first to identify the omicron variant. where and when it first emerged is still unclear. but cases are now reported in dozens of countries including europe and here in the u.s. coronavirus cases in south africa nearly quadrupled over four days in the past week. but south africa's president said this weekend the omicron variant is more transmissible. hospitalizations are not increasing at an alarming rate. so the monday after thanksgiving, the biden administration barred travelers from south africa and other countries in southern africa from entering the u.s. that decision and global travel restrictions sparked enter ashl criticism, with unofficial calling the ban a travel apartheid. here's dr. anthony fauci's response when asked about the ban. >> that ban was done at a time when we were really in the dark.
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we had no idea what was going on except there seemed to have been an explosion of cases of omicron in south africa. so the ban was put on to give us time to figure out what is going on. now as you mentioned as we get more and more information about cases in our own country and worl worldwide, we are looking at that daily, and hopefully we can lift that ban within a reasonable period of time. we all feel very badly about the hardship that might have put upon not only south africa, but the other african countries. for that reason, we're re-evaluating that policy. >> now, the newest biden administration travel policy starts monday. all enter national travelers to the u.s. need to have a negative covid-19 test the day before they fly. since last month, international travelers to the u.s. must be vaccinated. right now, there are no such requirements for domestic travelers. nadia romero, cnn, atlanta.
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police in brussels resorted to water cannons and tear gas to disbersurse protestors. so far, fewer than a dozen cases of omicron have been confirmed in belgium, but officials are take nothing chances. on friday, the government announced new restrike suns, including a mask mandate for children over the age of 6. although the omicron variant has caused alarm worldwide, here's what anthony fauci said about it. >> thus far it does not look like there's a great degree of severity to it. but we really got to be careful before we make any determinations that it is less severe or really doesn't cause any sever illness comparable to delta. but thus far, the signals are a bit encouraging regarding the severity. >> so as more cases are reported, though, covid vaccine
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makers are planning to tweak their shots to target that new variant. take a listen now what moderna is proposing to do to improve vaccine efficiency and efficacy. >> i think we're going to learn this more definitively over the next 7 to 10 days. we're doing the experiments needed to establish whether the reduction in binding that could be there, nevertheless allows us to be protected against this variant virus. >> dr. scott moscowvich is a national consultant for covid-19 testing and joins me from hawaii. good to see you, doctor, as we are here on the cusp of new, extended travel bans, testing here in the united states. that testing regime for all incoming travelers now. this tightening, negative test requirements, how much do you think these measures will actually help in stopping the spread of the variant? >> not all that much, paula.
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i would say i would compare this to the uk measures that they're putting in, which i think are exemplary, where basically they're requiring the same test the day before, but then they're requiring you to stay in your hotel or home where you're going until you have a test on day three. and possibly day five, depending on your vaccination status. if you're unvaccinated, you may have to stay in quarantine an entire ten days. for the united states to only request one day what happens if you caught the disease two, three days before? you may not be positive yet, and yet another day or two later you may be fully shedding and spreading it. so one-day testing is not enough to stop a traveler from catching covid. >> you have tests upon arrival and then until that comes back negative, you think people
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should be isolating at least? >> absolutely. i think the uk policy is very solid. i think a test at day three minimum is what the united states should be asking for. and depending on where people are coming from or a vaccination status, even another test on day five. once you hit day five, you'll get into the mid to high 90% that no one has covid that will materialize after those tests. that's what we're looking for, a test at day one. you're going to be maybe 30%. >> and that's interesting, because i know how closely you have been following the data on this for the better part of two years. there's speculation about this new variant and possibly it could lead to milder illness. what evidence of that is there so far, and it is possible that it is starting to share come characteristics with the common cold, which is usually mild?
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>> excellent, paula. that's exactly what some of the early data is showing us out of south africa. what we're seeing in the data that maybe dr. fauci was referring to is, if we took hospitalizations up through the 4th of the two main hospitals in south africa, we found that 70% of those admitted were not on oxygen, which is very unusual. and that means only 30% were. and none were in the intensive care unit. but if you look at the age, those were mostly under 50. so i do believe we all will caveat this. it's a little early to tell. but with the data we have out of south africa, it's okay so far. the other thing we look at with those 50 mutations that we're finding, there is a snippet that is almost identical to a common cold coronavirus, and we're thinking it's possible that there could have been what's called a co-infection where someone had this cold and they had covid, and they basically
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were breathing in the same cell, creating a variant. with that being said, it could make it more closely related to a bad cold versus the full delta, way too early, though. i don't want to qualify any of that. but that's the early information. >> and for those of us who just can't do a deep dive on the science, what you're saying is if it does end up having this in common with the cold, we call it the common cold for a reason, right? a lot of us get it, but it's incredibly mild is. this the way that perhaps, you know, covid might develop in this way? >> yeah. i mean, i do believe that if you look at all of us who have spent our lives studying this and look at virology, as covid goes, it will migrate to something that our immune system can deal with. i don't want to call it the common cold, but maybe a flu. but this is not the flu. people are dying of it. you need vaccinated. but yes, we think when we hit
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two years from now, we may be dealing with this and go, so what? >> you made my year already, just with that explanation right there. before i let you go, i want to get to something. we just heard of the co-founder of moderna. what i thought was so interesting about what he said was two things. one, even if this is milder illness, reinfection will still be a big problem with this variability and all of us should be acting differently in the next few weeks and we do need to mask up again and watch what we're doing at large events. >> boy, paula, i've been saying this in all my lectures and talks. let's bring up another point that's so important. if you look right now in the united states, somewhat are we, 12% fully vaccinated because you need three shots before you're fully vaccinated. across the world, we're finding
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when you only have two shots or one of johnson & johnson, you're not fully vaccinated. so that is one of the big issues. as you see it across europe, we are definitely having issues. so we need to basically continue with our masking. >> yeah. it's not something people want to hear this close to the holidays. but we do hear you, doctor. appreciate you weighing in. thank you. >> thank you, paula. now, tensions between china and the united states are flaring up again. just ahead, what beijing is saying about a possible u.s. diplomatic boycott of the upcoming winter olympics. plus, why president trump's remain in mexico immigration poll sit is back in effect, and what the biden administration hopes to do about it.
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sources close to the biden administration say a diplomatic boycott of the beijing olympics is expected to be announced this week. that means no u.s. government officials will attend the games. silently protesting china's human rights abuses without impacting, of course, the u.s. athletes who are hoping to compete in those upcoming games.
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joe biden first mentioned he was considering a boycott last month. we're joined now from hong kong with the latest. i know you've been following the reaction and there has already been reaction from china. >> well, on chinese social media, the centers are already at work. in fact, on the popular social media matt form, the words "u.s. olympic boycott" are being censored. this after self-sources told cnn that the biden administration plans to make an announcement this week it will do a diplomatic boycott of the olympic games. this is not a full bull cot. this means u.s. officials would not plate in the opening ceremony in the games. this was widely expected for moments now. in the run-up to the beijing olympic games, u.s. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle demanding a diplomatic boycott of human rights abuses in china, including the charge that china
9:17 pm
is committing genocide against the uighers in the we were region, an allegation that china denies. last month, the u.s. secretary of state said that he was discussing the issue of olympic participation with other nations, and that other world leaders, including the british prime minister, is considering and has been weighing a diplomatic boycott. china has repeatedly condemned these calls for diplomatic boycott of the beijing winter olympic games, calling them malicious hype. last woeek, we heard this from spokesman. let's bring up the statement for you, in which he said this -- now, paula, a lot is at stake here for the olympic hosts. you have national pride.
9:18 pm
you have this exercise of soft power on the world stage, and when the beijing winter olympics do kick off, it will effectively make beijing the first city to host the summer and winter games, which is a major point of pride inside china. >> and they do not want anything to spoil that. it will be an interesting week to come in relations for sure. now, a trump era immigration policy is back in effect today. the administration says it still wants to end that rule, but for now, it claims its hands are tied. cnn's matt rivers explains. >> reporter: remain in mexico is back, for now. the signature trump era immigration policy, which forced tens of thousands of people in wait out their claims in mexico, is set to be reinstated on monday. president trump held it up as a
9:19 pm
effective way to reduce illegal immigration, something that joe biden hammered him for. >> this is the first president in the history of the united states of america that anybody seeking asylum has to do it in another country. that's never happened before in america. they're sitting in squalor on the other side of the river. >> reporter: now, biden is the second president on that list. despite terminating the program after he became president, a federal judge ruled the administration broke federal law. the supreme court declined to reverse the decision, and after a new agreement was reached, the program kicks off once again monday. >> we believe in following the law, a and that's what we're doing, as there was -- there was a ruling that required us moving forward with implementation. >> reporter: several changes have been made to the program. migrants will be proactively asked if they fear going to active, processed within six months and categories of
9:20 pm
vulnerable people exempt will be expanded. >> we see people today even who are already living in these terrible circumstances, and yet more people will be returned to these dangers. >> reporter: during the trump administration, tent cities along the border sprang up, migrants waiting for their asylum here, living in squalid conditions. easy prey for the criminal organizations operating at the border. new jersey senator bob menendez says his concern is now the program is expanding, pointing to several examples in a statement, saying in part, by adding new nationalities to this policy, applying remain in mexico border wide and limiting access to counsel, the administration is going for beyond a good-faith implementation of the court's order. for some migrants already living in mexico, they said the conditions they're forced to wait in on the way north are terrible. >> translator: we sleep badly with our children here. i think the migration authorities should find another
9:21 pm
way. >> joe biden once described the remain in mexico policy as dangerous and goes against everything we stand for as a nation of immigrants. why is he keeping it? >> he stands by those comments and statements. the secretary of homeland security put out a men memorandum conveying we wanted to end this. >> reporter: they said the administration is formally preparing to end the program, saying it fails to provide the fair process and humanitarian protections that individuals deserve under the law. but he says he can't cancel the program until the courts let him. it's unclear when that will happen. demand the meantime, as we have seen in our reporting throughout the year, be it in honduras or southern mexico or the northern border, migrants are going to keep coming. only now getting to the u.s. just got that much harder. matt rivers, cnn, mexico city. still ahead on cnn,
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the u.s. is paying tribute to senator bob dole, who died on sunday at the age of 98. dole was, of course, a decorated world war ii veteran, who served 27 years as a u.s. senator from kansas. and was once a republican nominee for president. now, dole's family says he dedicated his life to serving the american public. they say he will be remembered for his integrity, humor, compassion, and unbounded work ethic. tributes have come in from both republicans and democrats.
9:26 pm
joe biden has ordered flags flown at half staff honoring dole as "an american statesman like few in our history. a war hero and among the greatest of the greatest generation. and to me he was also a friend whom i could look to for trusted guidance or a humorous line at just the right moment to settle frayed nerves. i will miss my friend." cnn's wolf blitzer has more now on the life and legacy of bob dole. >> reporter: bob dole was the kind of politician you'll have a hard time finding in washington these days. much of the country only saw the cartoon image, hatchet man. >> senator dole has richly earned his reputation as a hatchet man. >> reporter: pundits who didn't know better, labeled him mean spirited. but he wasn't defined by grouchiness or gridlock.
9:27 pm
in the senate, where he spent the bulk of his political life, dole became a master at forging compromise, working with democrats to cobble together bills that left the country better off. a food stamp bill with george mcgovern. the americans with disabilities act with tom harken. social security reform with daniel moynihan. >> congress has been my life some think, but that is not so. with all due respect to congress, america has been my life. >> reporter: and he was a drive before washington's world war ii memorial. >> i can't explain the emotion and what it means to want of these 85, 95-year-old veterans who get a chance to touch and feel the world war ii memorial. it's probably the best thing that's happened to them in years and they're going to remember it the rest of their life. >> reporter: dole was one of
9:28 pm
those young americans who went off to the war, on a hillside in italy, an explosion severely damaged his shoulder, and spinal cord. dole spent 39 months in hospitals, hovering near death more than once. >> first i didn't think it was fair. then i looked at the next bed and somebody had lost both legs, so i didn't feel so sorry for myself. >> reporter: his right hand remained virtually useless the rest of his life. his mind, however, was fine. voters in his home state of kansas sent dole to washington for five terms. where he thrived, becoming a republican leader in the senate. he was president ford's running mate in 1976 and ran for president in 1980 and 1988, finally winning the republican nomination in 1996. >> william jefferson clinton has a job for four more years. >> reporter: it didn't work out. >> it's a lot more fun winning,
9:29 pm
it hurts to lose an election. but stay involved and keep fighting the good fight. >> reporter: a 45-year political career was over. dole moved on with grace. >> great senator bob dole. >> reporter: after the bitter 2016 primaries, dole was the only former nominee to attend the convention that nominated donald trump. he poignantly saluted the casket and rival george bush. and to the end, he kept the hu humor. >> we always tried to have a little fun. if it's not fun, it's not worth doing. >> you look at your life and your own reflection, i think success and failure, it's part of your life.
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the white house says joe biden is looking forward to talking to his russian counterpart on tuesday. they're expected to discuss a wide range of topics, but obviously that includes ukraine and other regional issues. the white house says mr. biden will underscore to vladamir putin u.s. concerns over russia's military activity on the border with ukraine. david sanger is a cnn political and national security analyst and joins me now from vermont. again, never a dull moment in foreign affairs here. at this point, i would argue that russia has played its hand very well. they've got at least tens of thousands of troops amassed on the border and vladamir putin got what he wanted. he has a meeting front and
9:34 pm
center, virtual, with the president this week. >> well, he does. how they played their hand or whether they overplayed it is going to take a little while to know. what's missing right now, paula, from all of this is understanding putin's intentions. i think that's what the president wants to try to get at in the tuesday meeting. right now we know that putin has, you know, just roughly 100,000 troops only the border. the unclassified u.s. intelligence that could go up to 175,000 in january. i have spoken to some people who think even that number may be low. but whether that is because he's intending to do an invasion or that he wants us to think he's going to do an invasion, that's still unclear. it's very possible that he may, through a combination of information operations, cyber
9:35 pm
attacks like the ones they have done before on the ukraine electric grid, simply seek to destabilize president salinski. >> at this point, though, in terms of the president confronting putin on this, this week, do you think he's coming to the table with good intelligence that tells him what putin's true intentions might be? >> i don't think so. i mean, i think understanding intention is very difficult. and what we have learned about putin is that he mays pretty much for the short term, and occasionally makes lightning-term decisions that work out. his move into syria, which president obama thought would fall apart on him pretty quickly, has remained. obviously, seizing crimea is
9:36 pm
something they've managed to keep, but at a high price, like the western sanctions imposed seven years ago. i think at this point what you will see happen in the conversation is that joe biden is going to try to flesh out putin's full intentions and put putin will be trying to figure out what the united states means when it says it is fully committed to the independence and sovereignty of ukraine. does that mean we would send american forces? i doubt it. that we could really crank up sanctions? probably. that we would arm the ukrainians. almost certainly. but who know it is that would be enough to hold off the russians? >> you laid out the omgss there, but what about negotiating something here? putin has declared his red line.
9:37 pm
he does not want to see ukraine even think about becoming a nato member. >> well, in an odd way, keeping ukraine from joining nato is the easiest one for joe biden. if they were going to invite ukraine into nato, they would have done it in the seven years since crimea fell back into russian hands. they haven't done so. and there's no indication that i see that nato believes ukraine is ready for that yet or nato is ready to make that commitment to them yet. i think what's going to be more complex is putin is watching ukraine gradually move more and more into the sfees ofsphere of the west and that's what he is trying to stop.
9:38 pm
>> thank you, david sanger. >> great to be with you. in indonesia, at least 14 people were killed and 1300 displaced after a sudden volcanic eruption left villages covered in ash. at least 13 people right now are still missing. now, the hot ash, volcanic gases and smoldering debris are still a threat to those living nearby. i'm joined now by will ripley who is in hong kong. the volcano is still active, right? it seems like the weather could be hampering rescue efforts. what more do we know? >> there are just a number of factors right now making things difficult. the heavy wind and rain, that's forced rescuers to stop in some areas. we received word three more bodies have been pulled from
9:39 pm
cold lava that they were buried underneath. so we can now presume the death toll is at least 17 people who are dead. another 13 still missing and dozens wounded. a lot of the wounded are suffering from bad burns, because this mix of gas and rock that can be distaken as flood waters, they move that quickly. but they are in some cases fate llly hot or people are severely burned. the good news is that the volcano is located in java, which is where jakarta is also located. so there are hospitals available and they are able to treat the people coming in. they're not inundated to the point of being overstretched at this point and they're able to call in military resources
9:40 pm
because of the fact that they are in the most populous area. but you have a massive humanitarian situation on your hand when you talk about 1300 people from these 11 villages. these are houses and buildings buried under volcanic a ash. ad add if rain and the ash hardens almost like concrete. 33 schools damaged, and these people are going to be in limbo for six months, getting government assistance. in some cases, these villages are not salvageable. there are two more incidents in the early morning hours and later in the morning of these p pyro flows. so certainly we need to watch closely indonesia. this is a nation used to dealing with this, because they sit
9:41 pm
right there on the ring of war. so earthquakes, tsunamis, they get it all there. >> just as you were speaking, we're looking at the pictures and it gives you even a glimpse at the challenge ahead. we really appreciate you keeping us updated on this story. for our international viewers, "world sport" is next. for those in the united states, i'll be back right after a quick break. what the he— henrnry? thanks. if it's “out decorating the neighbors” season, it's walgreens season. ♪ ♪ what a pain in the— alice? if it's “lets wrap this up?” season, it's walgreens season.
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now, as the omicron variant spreads further across the u.s., it's already affecting the economic picture for next year. goldman sachs cut its outlook for u.s. economic growth to 3.8%, down from 4.2% on the year. now, economists at the firm say that's largely driven by the uncertainty surrounding a new var variant. they worry it could force countries to implement even tighter restrictions. we're joined now by a global economic analyst and author of
9:46 pm
"don't be evil, makers and takers, the rise of finance and the fall of american business" and she joins me now from new york. good to see you. we have this new variant, right? yet another curveball, the jobs report in the u.s. last week was weak and puzzling. goldman sachs saying look, they're lowering their targets for u.s. growth next year. what is the potential here for this really to destabilize things as we were just starting to get used to the idea of recovery, right? >> yeah, yeah. you mentioned the word complex. this jobs report was -- it was confusing. it was complex. and there was bad news but also good news. let me break it down for a minute. on the one hand, things came in weaker than expected. on the other hand, it depends on the stats you're looking at. when you look at the household survey, it's a more robust
9:47 pm
survey. people are feeling more optimistic. that may represent the gig economy and people kind of piecing together work in new ways. you do see, though, folks talking about worries about the variant and also worries and child care. these are still the two things and they're interconnected, of course, that are making people worried about labor markets. in terms of destabilizing, i'm not there yet. and i'll tell you why. if you look at the downgrading of the forecast in the u.s., you still got a growth rate at 3.8%, maybe. that's the down glade graded fi. that's still a good percentage point what we saw it trend over the last decade or two. yes, we're coming off of a low base. yes, we had a pandemic and fighting our way back. but i don't feel like the bottom is falling out yet. i think one of the things that will be very interesting to see is how the fed maneuvers. you know, i know that the fed said look, we have had some good
9:48 pm
reports lately. we're going to pull back on our bond buying program, hike rates, that's always going to believe a risky maneuver. that's coming in the first quarter. >> i want to talk to you about that in terms of whether you're a central banker and talking monetary policy or a politician talking about fiscal policy, do they still have the tools to deal with this, if this new variant ends up giving us much more adversity than anyonei thi fed to raise rates because of this very thing. you don't want to have no ammo in another crisis. i wish they would have raised them last quarter before we knew about the delta variability. my concern is they raise rates, the delta -- sorry, the omicron variant is worse than we thought.
9:49 pm
and then the debt is stuck, because you get a rate hike into a lowing economy. that's a disaster scenario. markets collapse, maybe china slows. maybe you get more spreading in europe. on the upside, people have a lot of money saved. it's really quite interesting. we are seeing behavior in the u.s. savings rates amongst the u.s. population we haven't seen in decades. americans have been putting a lot of money under the mattress, so folks are not in a bad spot in terms oh of that. >> and memorial broadly in terms of the variant itself and some of the industries impacted. we all know that travel and pos -- hospitality just starting to recover. but sometimes it's whole countries. places like cuba that were just going to start allowing international visitors, having to deal with this. how much will the drag of this
9:50 pm
pandemic will much longer than anyone predicted? >> you are talking about countries with lower vaccine rates, in some cases the populations haven't either way, this isn't good for travel, and you're probably going to be -- if we're in the sort of situation that we were at the spread of the delta variant with omicron, you're going to be seeing some cancellations. travel is also a huge instrument. it affects retail. it affects restaurants. it affects construction. you know, so that could have a really big knock-on effect for sure. on the upside, i will say the latest u.s. jobs report did have stronger logistics jobs. it had stronger manufacturing, so you're starting to see some of that regionalization that we thought would happen amidst covid, some jobs coming back to different regions, not just to the u.s. but countries saying,
9:51 pm
make we don't want such far-flung supply chains. maybe we want to do things closer to home. that has a jobs upside for some countries. >> i will see now, all of our faith in science. the economy will go the way of science. we'll know more thankfully in a week to ten days. ronna, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. we're now learning more about the building where the parents of the school shooter in michigan were arrested, specifically the man whose workspace the couple was found in. the 65-year-old contacted police saying he had no idea james and jennifer crumbley had active warrants for their arrest. so far, he hasn't been charged with any crimes. cnn's athena jones has the latest now on the investigation from michigan. >> reporter: the oxford school district is now requesting an independent third-party investigation into the events leading up to tuesday's deadly shooting. in a letter from the superintendent to the school's community, they're revealing
9:52 pm
more about the school's version of the events leading up to that day. we now on monday when ethan crumbley was discovered looking at images of ammunition on his cell phone, he told a school counselor and staff member that he and his mother had recently gone to a shooting range and that shooting sports were a family hobby. we know that on tuesday morning, after a teacher alerted the school counselor about ethan crumbley's concerning drawings, ethan told the school counselor that the drawings, which depicted a semiautomatic handgun, a bullet, a body with bullet holes in it that appeared to be bleeding and words like "blood everywhere" and "the thoughts don't stop, help me," crumbley said that drawing was part of a video game he was designing. the letter says at no time did counselors believe that ethan crumbley exhibited behavior that was going to be a harm to himself or others. they say his demeanor was calm. the superintendent writes that ethan crumbley's did not inform the school district about their
9:53 pm
son's access to a firearm or they had recently purchased a firearm. what is not clear is whether the school asked the crumbleys about ethan's access to a firearm. we've also learned more about the man who helped james and jennifer crumbley into that building, that warehouse in detroit where they were discovered in the early hours of saturday morning. that man is cooperating with authorities. we know he's a local artist in detroit who uses the location as a workspace. through his lawyer he says he did not know -- he wasn't aware that the crumbleys were facing an arrest warrant. this man has, as i said, retained a lawyer, and he could still face charges for having helped the crumbleys. athena jones, cnn, pontiac, michigan. meantime, as you can imagine, support across the state of michigan is pouring out for those affected in the shooting, including from the detroit lions. the state's american pro football team scored their first win of the season on sunday against the minnesota vikings. both teams played in helmets featuring an oxford-themed decal, and staff and players
9:54 pm
from the lions dedicated the game to the oxford community. >> first thing i'm going to start with, this game ball goes to the whole oxford community, all those who were affected. >> we hope to be a light for those people and a positive -- a positive thing that they could have fun watching today. i hope they were all watching today and were able to enjoy that win and we could take their minds off for whatever it may be, three hours. >> some fans came with fsigns that said oxford strong. as you can see there, many of the players obviously emotionally affected by this as well. we're taking a turn here. a powerful winter storm is moving through the northern united states. heavy snow and high winds are expected from north dakota to northern michigan. storm warnings and advisories are already in effect across the region.
9:55 pm
meantime public school's in hawaii's maui county are closed monday because the potential for catastrophic flooding on the island. we want to bring in meteorologist pedram javaheri now. look, some of this weather is to be expected given the time of year. yet when you hear about hawaii, you have to wonder what's going on. >> absolutely. when you say catastrophic flooding in hawaii, we know portions of the islands across hawaii here among the wettest on our planet. but we're talking 15 to 25 inches of rainfall, paula, within just a few days across this region. widespread coverage of flood warnings, flood watches across this region from maui points all away across the big island. significant rainfall in place. the forecast continues to bring in a very potent and slow-moving system that's going to produce another round of very heavy rainfall. again, near the top of the charts when you see in excess of 10 to 15 inches and in some areas pushing 20 inches in just a matter of a few days. that's across the hawaiian islands. across portions of the northern united states, minnesota in particular, significant snowfall, about 1 1/2 to almost
9:56 pm
2 feet in a few spots. notice the coverage here across portions of minnesota and north dakota. 12, 14, 16 inches of snowfall accumulating there in the last couple of days. you notice blizzard warnings still in place for blizzard conditions, including places such as fargo. so that northern tier of the u.s., a couple million people underneath these alerts. about a million people across the u.s. scattered from that region to points across the south and even into new england with high wind warnings, as high as tropical storm-force winds and it is plenty cold as we talk about the snow accumulating to have windchills across this region as low as 30 below. an incredible amount of cold air in place given winter is still a couple of weeks away. the windchills in the morning hours, duluth, minneapolis, 5, maybe 10 below. certainly a dangerous setup across that region of the u.s. >> a note to travelers. some of this might affect flights. appreciate that weather update. i want to thank everyone here for watching "cnn newsroom." i'm paula newton. i'll be back with another hour of news from around the world
9:57 pm
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