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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 5, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm paula newton. ahead here on "cnn newsroom," new travel restrictions underway across the u.s. and the uk in an effort to combat the spread of the omicron variant of the coronavirus. we are live from london's gatwick airport. plus the united states will announce a diplomatic boycott of the beijing games. we are live with details and reaction from beijing.
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and indonesia, the images of both stunning and terrifying. a volcanic eruption has buried entire villages in ash and the threat is not over yet. ♪ ♪ and we begin this hour with breaking news. a court in myanmar has now reached a verdict in the case against deposed leader an san suu kyi. she had faced a dozen of charges including incitement and violation of covid-19 protocols. our cnn's paula hancocks is live with us from sydney with the details. and, paula, as you have indicated. these might be the actual sentencing for some of the charges, but there are more to come. >> reporter: that's right, paula, yes. these are the first two. so the very first verdicts we're
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hearing in the trial against an san suu kyi, the deposed leader of myanmar. what we've heard from sources close to the trial is she has been sentenced to four years and two of knthose years are for th charge of incitement and two for breaking covid rules. now, we have already heard some reaction from amnesty international dismissing these charges, calling it, quote, an unbridled destruction of freedom, talking about the charges being bogus, something that we have heard consistently from many critics of this military junta who took power on february 1st and deposed the democratically elected government. now, as you say, paula, there are a number of other charges against her, at least another ten against her, and some of those are even more serious charges than what she was convicted of today. for example, corruption charge against her which has a maximum term of 15 years in prison, then
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also she is accused and being charged of a breach of the official secret, that carries a maximum 14 years. so potentially if these courts find an san suu kyi guilty of many of these charges which she says she is not guilty of, then she could potentially spend decades behind bars. and this is what we have been hearing from critics of this military junta, the fact that they have been trying to silence critics. they have been trying to keep an san suu kyi and also those in the party around her out of the public eye and unable to be in politics any longer. once they try and consolidate their power. also this goes for the president wen min, a verdict coming in of four years. >> there are others charged with her. i have to ask you, there have been some efforts, international pressure exerted, but it doesn't
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seem to have any effect on the military junta there. >> reporter: it doesn't. there has been widespread condemnation from the u.n., the eu, the u.s., around the world. a group of nations elected an envoy they were hoping would be able to have access into the country and monitor exactly what was happening. they had thought that they had some kind of a deal with the architect of this bloody military coup, but according to asean and what we can see with our eyes, he has not kept with his side of the bargain. he was to stop the killing. well over 1200 have been killed so far according to one advocate group trying to keep count, but everybody around admits that the actual number of dead is likely far higher. paula? >> yeah, and we'll continue to keep an eye on that situation. as you said, there's still a lot more legal proceedings ahead. paula hancocks for us, appreciate the update. now, new covid testing
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requirements are in effect for all travelers coming to the united states. it's part of an effort to curb the spread of the omicron variant which has already been found in at least 16 u.s. states. you see them there. now, anyone boarding a flight to the u.s. must have proof of a negative covid test one day before take-off, or 24 hours. plus foreign nationals must be fully vaccinated to enter the country. that requirement not yet in place for u.s. citizens. a travel ban is also in place for south africa where the variant originated and several other african countries. top infectious disease expert dr. anthony fauci says that ban is actually being reevaluated. >> now as you mentioned, as we are getting more and more information about cases in our own country and worldwide, we are looking at that very carefully on a daily basis. hopefully we'll be able to lift that ban within a quite reasonable period of time. i mean, we all feel very badly about the hardship that that
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might have put upon not only south africa, but the other african countries. for that reason in real time literally on a daily basis, we're reevaluating that policy. >> in the meantime in the uk they will be requiring pre-departure for inbound tests. cnn's anna stewart is live from gat which can airport london. anna, good to see you. those new restrictions give us all that old feeling, that feeling of dread. so many had hoped that these holidays would finally be easier, easier to travel. but what's the uk doing now as they face this new variant? >> reporter: yeah, more restrictions, not what we asked for christmas. last year christmas was pretty much canceled. nigeria has been added to the uk's red list bringing it to ten countries in southern africa.
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only uk can travel. if they arrive in any of these countries, they have to quarantine for ten days in a quarantine hotel at some cost, $3,000. and then as you say, there is all the new testing requirements. so from tomorrow, anyone will have to do a pre-departure test. it can be a rapid one or pcr and then, paula, on arrival into the uk, you still have the need to do a test within two days. all of this regardless of vaccination status. that one on arrival, though, within the first two days, that now has to be a pcr. that is pricey. here in the uk on average it costs around $100. and all that, of course, on top of whatever testing requirements are now required for the country you're traveling to or from. i know there are two flights leaving gatwick to the u.s. they will have to test 24 hours before. it all adds up. it's doable. this isn't a travel ban, but it is expensive, paula.
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>> it's expensive. and obviously dampens what industry were hoping would be quite an uptick in travel. what has been the reaction from industry groups? many people are discussing about how much longer some of these businesses can hang on. >> reporter: it's how long can the businesses hang on and also from some scientists, in fact. i saw a report over the weekend someone was questioning whether the uk government was closing the barn door after the horses bolted. 246 cases were identified, an increase of 50% in just 24 hours. travel in tourism already under huge amounts of pressure. they were hoping for a bit of an uptick in the travel season. bans haven't been lockdown so forth. pe i saw the pie lots union say it's a cruel joke. so many families want to
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reunite. they were hoping to this year, and they now may be put off. not a good picture here. as you were saying, this, though, will be reviewed in the uk as well in the coming days. paula. >> yeah, and i think a lot of those countries are looking for more equity as it seems the variant has obviously spread in many parts of the world. anna stewart, really appreciate that update for us at london's gatwick airport. the new omicron variant has caused concern worldwide. here's what dr. fauci told us about the severity of it. take a listen. >> thus far it does not look like there is a great degree of severity to it, but we've really got to be careful before we make any determinations that it is less severe or really doesn't cause any severe illness comparable to delta. but thus far the signals are a bitten couraging regarding the severity. >> now, as more omicron cases
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are reported, covid vaccine makers are planning to tweak their shots to try to target the variant. take a listen now to what moderna is proposing to do to improve vaccine efficacy. >> i think we are going to learn this more definitively over the next 7 to 10 days. we are doing the experiments needed to assert -- to establish whether the reduction in binding that could be there, nevertheless, allows us to be protective against this variant virus. >> now, earlier i asked dr. scott muskovich if testing before travel would help prevent the spread of the new variant. here's his response. >> for the united states to only request one day, what happens if you caught the disease two days before, three days before? you may not be positive yet, and yet another day or two later you may be just fully shedding and spreading it. so many studies have shown that one-day testing is not enough to
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stop the traveler from catching them with their covid. >> you think things just have to be more strict? have tests upon arrival, and until that comes back negative, you think people should be isolating at least? >> absolutely. i think the uk policy is very solid. i think a test at day three minimum is what the united states should be asking for. and depending on where people are coming from or depending on vaccination status and another test on day five. once you hit day five, you're going to get into the mid 90%s that no one has covid that will then materialize after those tests and that's what we're looking for, a test at day one, that's not going to tell you much. you're going to be maybe 30%. >> yeah, and that's interesting because i know how closely you've been following the data on this for the better part of two years. there's a lot of hopeful speculation about this new variant and possibly it could lead to milder illness. now, what evidence is there of that so far?
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and is it possible in some way, shape or form that it is starting to share some characteristics with the common cold, which as we all know is usually mild? >> excellent, mall a. th -- paula. that is what some of the early data is showing us out of south africa. what we are seeing in maybe the data dr. fauci is referring to is if we took hospitalizations up through the fourth of the two main hospitals in south africa, we found that 70% of those admitted were not on oxygen, which is very unusual. and that means only 30% were, and none were in the intensive care unit. but if you look at the age, those were mostly under 50. so i do believe we all will caveat this. it's a little early to tell. >> now, for viewers here in the united states, we will hear from cnn global economic analyst later this hour on the economic challenges posed by the omicron variant and it's not all bad.
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so stay tuned for that. now, police in brussels used water cannons and tear gas to disperse angry protests against mandatory new covid measures. now, 20 people were arrested in those scuffles. so far fewer than a dozen cases of omicron have been confirmed in belgium. officials aren't taking any chances. on friday the government announced new restrictions including a mask mandate for children over the age of 6. for more on the unrest over restrictions and mandatory vaccinations i'm joined by cnn's melissa bell in paris. melissa, good to see you. you know these protests, they show no signs of simmering down in many different countries throughout europe. i mean, do authorities believe that these confrontations will continue? and i'm interested to hear from you about this get tough approach, because so far i'm not sure it's helped in any way, shape or form. >> reporter: i think the problem that we're seeing, you're quite
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right to point out as far as the omicron virus -- variant, rather, we're seeing the beginnings of that in europe. really what europe is dealing with here is the delta variant still which continues to cause such havoc in so many countries, and in particular in their intensive care units. hence, these campaigns, these restrictions, these changes to the law to try and oblige or encourage those who are unvaccinated to go ahead and do so, because who is in those i.c.u. units? the majority of them, paula, those who have yet to be vaccinated. so very many efforts being made to try and get them to do so. increased restrictions as we saw last week in germany that are essentially forcing the unvaccinated to get vaccinated and ultimately many countries now looking at whether there will be mandatory vaccination because they have to prevent their health care systems once again from being overburdened and facing the kind of collapse that we've regularly seen with these waves. so, yes, as you get close to these populations that have been so recalcitrant that over the
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course of the last year vaccinations have been available in europe refuse to do so. as you target them more and more, you're going to get the kinds of scenes you saw on the streets of the belgium capital. not only there. in austria the third week of demonstrations against the measures that are pretty heavy there since they are obliging people to get vaccinated by next february. first country in europe to do it. also demonstrations in luxembourg where they overran the covid restrictions. there was a gate where you had to show your card at the market. authorities had to intervene. the closer you get to the populations so determined not to get vaccinated that they will find more and more punishing restrictions against them as authorities try and force them to go and get vaccinated. you can be sure that there is only likely to be further protest, further unrest as they try and fight what is increasingly determined efforts by european governments to get them vaccinated, paula. >> so determined that the e.u., in fact, said they might have
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some kind of a vaccine mandate for the entire region. melissa, appreciate the update. thanks so much. now, just over 60 days to go until the opening of the beijing winter olympics, and sources close to the biden administration say they expect the announcement of a diplomatic boycott of the games sometime this week. that means no u.s. government officials would attend the games. silently protesting china's human rights abuses without impacting u.s. athletes who are now, of course, hoping to compete and prepare. president joe biden first mentioned he was considering a boycott last month. cnn's kristie lu stout has been on this story for several hours now, and you've been tracking reaction. i mean, in terms of what the biden administration is doing, again, we have to underscore this isn't going to affect the athletes competing, but certainly it will anger china. >> reporter: absolutely. and when the formal announcement will be made, that will be a very, you know, public criticism of china on the world stage
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concerning an event that is of intense national pride and china will push back. look, we are wait being for comment from the ministry of foreign affairs. meanwhile, we have been monitoring the reaction of chinese social media. and the censors are already at work on the social platform. we noticed the words united states olympic boycott is blocked online in china. this after sources told cnn the biden administration will announce a diplomatic boycott of the beijing winter olympic games. this is not a full boycott. meaning u.s. officials won't attend the opening ceremony of the games due to take place in two months' time. this was expected. the run up to the games, you have u.s. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle demanding a diplomatic boycott over human rights abuses by china, including charges of genocide being committed against uighurs and other ethnic muslim
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minorities in the western region in china, an allegation china denies. last month the u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken said that he was discussing the issue of olympic participation with a number of other countries, other world leaders, like the british prime minister have been weighing the possibility of a diplomatic boycott and china has been condemning these calls, saying that these calls for diplomatic boycott are, quote, malicious hype that's politicizing sports. let's bring up a recent statement for you that came up from a spokesperson of the ministry of foreign affairs. this is what we heard. he said, quote, the u.s. and a handful of countries make an issue of the winter olympic games and so-called human rights issues. this is in essence a smearing campaign in the name of defending human rights. such an act of politicizing sports violates the olympic charter, unquote. a lot is at stake for the olympic host. this is a moment of national pride. this is a moment to have china
11:19 pm
showcase itself on the borld stage. when the winter olympics take place, they host the summer and winter olympics, and that is a point of major pride inside the country. back to you. >> any kind of boycott would obviously tarnish that, and now the biden administration has made clear they don't want to do this alone, right. they are putting pressure on the uk, australia, and canada to go along as well. it will be an interesting week to come. thank you for covering this. still to come, new details about a michigan school system where a tragic school shooting happened. the warning signs missed and an independent call for investigation. after losing his daughter to a school shooting, one father is determined to spare other parents the same heartache. his reaction to what happened in michigan, when we return. vicks sinex. instantly clear everyday congestion.n. and try vicks sinex children's saline.. safe and gentle relief for children's noses.s.
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♪ so, we are learning more about the building where the parents of the school shooter in michigan were arrested, specifically the man whose work space the couple was found in. the 65-year-old contacted police saying he had no idea james and
11:24 pm
jennifer crumbly had active warrants for their arrest. so far he hasn't been charged with any crime. cnn's athena jones has the latest now on the investigation from michigan. >> reporter: hi there. the oxford school district is now requesting a third-party investigation into the events leading up to tuesday's deadly shooting. in a letter from the superintendent to the school's community, they are revealing more about the school's version of the events leading up to that day. so we know now on monday when ethan crumbly was discovered looking at images of ammunition on his cell phone, he said he and his mother had recently gone to a shooting range it was part of the family hobby. tuesday morning after a teacher alerted the school counselor of ethan crumbly's concerning drawings, ethan told the school counselor the drawings was depicting a semiautomatic gun, a body with bullet holes that appeared to be bleeding and the words blood everywhere and the thoughts don't stop.
11:25 pm
help me. crumbly said that was part of a video game he was designing. the letter says at no time did he exhibit behavior that showed he was going to be a harm to himself or others. they say his demeanor was calm. one key point from this letter is that the superintendent writes that ethan crumbly's parents did not inform the school district about their son's access to a firearm or that they had recently purchased him a firearm. what is not clear from this letter is whether the school asked the crumbly's about ethan's access to a firearm. we have also learned more about the man who helped james and jennifer crumbly into that building, that warehouse in detroit, where they were discovered in the early hours of saturday morning. that man is cooperating with authorities. we know he's a local artist there in detroit who uses the location as a work space. and through his lawyer he says he did not know, he wasn't aware that the crumbly's were facing an arrest warrant. this man as i said retained an
11:26 pm
ar arrest warrant and he could face charges for helping the crumbly's. athena jones, cnn, michigan. >> i spoke to the man whose daughter was killed at the marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. he now leads an organization working to protect students in all u.s. schools and said the oxford shooting was largely preventable. listen. >> my beautiful daughter jinah was taken from me in what was probably the most preventable school shooting in american history. over 40 visits by the police to the shooter's home, the school district was aware of the danger this shooter posed. the fbi had tips regarding him, and nobody could put the pieces together to stop this. and sadly we see some parallels here with the recent shooting in oxford township. we see the school doing a good job of initially identifying the
11:27 pm
student, bringing in the parents, but what they failed to do is bring in their behavioral assessment team. their behavioral threat assessment team would have consisted of school personnel, mental health professionals and law enforcement. and the reason you want that multi-disciplinary approach is because each of those folks bring something special to the table. perhaps mental health professional would have looked at some of those drawings and said, we need to get this child help immediately. perhaps law enforcement at the school would have looked at some of these warning signs and said, you know what, we need to search your backpack before we send you back to class. but again, that's why these multi-disciplinary teams are so important. >> now, for more information on tony's organization and the work they're doing to prevent school shootings, you can visit their website at and we thank those families for giving us their insights.
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welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and right around the world. i'm paula newton and you are watching "cnn newsroom." the white house has said president joe biden is looking forward to talking with his russian counterpart when the two leaders hold a video call tuesday. they are expected, of course, to discuss a range of topics, and that includes ukraine. the white house says mr. biden will underscore u.s. concerns over russia's military
11:32 pm
activities on the border with ukraine. cnn's joe johns has more now from washington. >> reporter: plenty on president biden's agenda this week, probably the number one item is that secure video call with russian president vladimir putin. the number one issue on that call likely to be the thousands of russian troops massing on the ukraine border. american authorities say they have a lot of information about it. they even released an intelligence report with a number of pictures of the locations where the troops are massing. what they don't know is what it all means, whether putin is attempting to set up a distraction, or whether he, in fact, is seeking an invasion of ukraine sometime next year. administration officials have said that if putin tries it, there could be a whole round of financial sanctions to make putin pay. joe johns, cnn, the white house.
11:33 pm
senate republican joni ernst is urging president biden to be very clear and very strong during his call with mr. putin. cnn military analyst retired general weighed in on this. >> he knows what russia has done in the past. he realizes that this is another threat by mr. putin against nato and european countries, and he wants to stop it before it starts. but i think what's also interesting, while the president is meeting with mr. putin on tuesday, he has already sent secretary blinken, secretary austin, and remember, he also sent c.i.a. director burns to moscow a few weeks ago. they were all doing preludes to this diplomatic engagements to tell the russians, we know what you're doing, knock it off. it's only going to cause major problems not only for you, but for your cotocracy as sanctions
11:34 pm
get tougher. >> mr. biden said they are aware of mr. putin's actions for a long time and he expects to have long discussions this week. coming up on cnn, more than a dozen people are dead after saturday's volcano eruption in indonesia. we'll have a live report on the rescue efforts and the dangers that remain. this season, give from the heart, with 25 to 50% off everything. don't miss the last big sale of the year. and celebrate every kiss... ...with kay. ♪ ♪ cases of anxiety in young adults are rising as experts warn of the effects on well-being caused by the pandemic. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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mt. semeru is still at level 2, which means the people must be vigilant because the potential threat is still there. yeah, you heard that quote. now the situation in east java's province is quite dangerous after saturday's deadly volcano eruption. 15 people were killed and about 1700 are now displaced after the sudden eruption destroyed hundreds of homes, damaged many schools and left villages covered in ash.
11:38 pm
27 people are still missing. now, the hot ash volcanic gases and smoldering debris are still a threat to those living nearby. for more on this we're joined by will ripley in hong kong. i know you've been following the situation there quite closely. i have to say i've just been riveted by the pictures in an absolutely tragic way. it is hard to feature what some of these people have been through in the last few days. >> reporter: and just to know that as horrifying as what we are watching in the social media videos that are being shared and the footage of the aftermath, it pales in compare so what it is like undoubtedly on the ground surrounded by this devastation. particularly this cloud, these mushroom clouds of ash that were raining down on villages and people were running away in terror, screaming, the greatest danger coming from these pyroclastic flows, the river of mud that initially when the eruption happened on saturday thought was a flood. they thought it was flood waters and then realized in terrifying
11:39 pm
effect that, in fact, it was so hot that it was badly burning people or sweeping them away in a literally burning river of mud and ash and rock and volcanic gas. that is nightmarish enough. then you get back to these villages. at least 11 villages, many of them buried under the ash which is in some cases as high as the houses. it's covering vehicles, covering houses. you don't know if there are people trapped. you don't know if there are bodies down there. but as the rain falls and then it dries, this ash then becomes so hard that people are walking on it, it's almost like mixing concrete. you have the official death toll of 15, including potentially three bodies that were pulled just in the last couple of hours, paula, a man, woman and a child. >> yeah, i mean, will, the images combined with your description is just horrifying. we mentioned that there are hundreds of people displaced at this point. what are authorities doing to
11:40 pm
try and help them? >> reporter: yeah, you're talking about upwards of 1700 at this stage displaced. indonesia does sit on the ring of fire as you know. they are very prone to earthquakes, volcanic eruption, tsunamis. so the government does have plans in place, contingency plans. and mt. semeru is in east java province. in short order they're able to mobilize help for these people. they set up temporary schools, centers, mosques, sometimes people's homes. people are going to be receiving financial assistance at least six months as they try to relocate them into permanent housing. they are getting hem on the ground, but obviously more help is needed. they're calling in for more resources. you have to figure out how to educate students at the 33 schools that have been badly damaged. it's a very difficult sbituatio and they're just at the front end of it. it looks like they're going to be dealing with this a very long time. >> you're so right, the front
11:41 pm
end and the prospect that some of the people will never be able to return to their homes orvilleages. will, really appreciate the in-depth look at what's going on in indonesia. now, i am paula newton. i want to thank you for joining us. world sport is next for our international viewers. but for everyone else, the news continues right here on cnn. new vicks vapostick. strong soothing vapors... help comfort your loved ones. for chest, neck, and back. it goes on clear. no mess just soothing comfort. try new vicks vapostick. fries or salad? salad! good choice! it is. so is screening for colon cancer. when caught in early stages, it's more treatable. hey, cologuard! hi, i'm noninvasive and i detect altered dna in your stool to find 92% of colon cancers even in early stages.
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as the omicron variant spreads further across the united states, it is already affecting the economic picture for next year. goldman sachs cut its outlook for the u.s. economic growth to 3.8%, and that's down from 4.2% on the year now. economists at the firm say that's largely being driven by the uncertainty surrounding this new variant. the worry it could worsen supply chain issues and force countries to implement even tighter restrictions.
11:46 pm
a cnn global economic analyst and author of don't be evil, makers and takers, the rise of finance and the fall of american business, and she joins me now from new york. good to see you. ana, we've got this new variant. yet another curve ball no economy needed. the jobs report last week in the united states was kind of weak and kind of puzzling as well. goldman sachs joining others and saying, look, they're lowering their targets for u.s. growth next year. what is the potential here for this really to destabilize things as we why just starting to get used to the idea of recovery, right? >> yeah, you mentioned the word complex earlier. this jobs report was, it was confusing, it was complex, and there was bad news but there was also good news. let me break it down for a minute. on one hand things came in weaker than expected. on the other hand, it depends on what stats you're looking at. you know, traditional companies are not doing as much hiring. when you look at the household
11:47 pm
survey, it's a more robust survey. people are feeling more optimistic. i think that may represent the gig economy. it may represent people piecing together work in new ways. you do see, though, folks talking about worries about the variant and also worries about child care. i mean, these are still the two things and they're interconnected, of course, that are making people worried about labor markets. in terms of destabilizing, i'm not there yet, and i'll tell you why. you know, if you look at the downgrading of the forecast in the u.s., you've still got a growth rate at 3.8% maybe. i mean, that's the downgraded figure. that is' still a good percentage point above what we saw trend over the last decade or two. so, you know, yes, we're coming off of a low base. yes, we have a pandemic and we're fighting our way back. but i don't feel like the bottom is falling out yet. i think one of the things that's going to be very interesting to see is how the fed maneuvers, you know.
11:48 pm
you know, i know that the fed has said, look, we've had some pretty good reports lately. we're going to start pulling back on our bond buying program. we're going to hike rates. that's always going to be a risky maneuver. that's probably coming in the first quarter and that's where the rubber is going to meet the road. >> yeah, and i want to talk to you about is that in terms of globally. whether you're a central banker and talking about monetary policy or politician talking about fiscal policy, do you think they still have the tools here to deal with this if this new variant ends up really giving us much more adversity than anyone needed? >> well, honestly, they're in a tight spot now. i think it's right for the fed to raise rates. i've been calling for that for sometime because of this very thing. you don't want to have any ammo when you go into another crisis. i wish they raised them last quarter before we knew about the delta variant then you have a little room to maneuver. my concern is they raise rates -- sorry, the omicron
11:49 pm
variant is worse than we thought, and then the debt is stuck. you get a rate hike into a slowing economy, that's kind of the disaster scenario. markets collapse. maybe china slows. maybe you get more spreading in europe. on the up side, people have a lot of money saved. it's really quite interesting. we are seeing behavior in the u.s. savings rates amongst the u.s. population that we haven't seen in decades. americans are not really good at saving, but they've been putting a lot of money under the mattress. so folks are not in a bad spot in terms of that, i would say. >> more broadly in terms of the variant itself, in terms of some of the industries that have been so impacted, we know travel and hospitality just starting to recover. obviously airlines, anything that deals with tourism. but also that tourism piece is not just whole companies. sometimes it's whole countries. places like cuba that were just going to start to allow international visitors now having to deal with this.
11:50 pm
how much do you worry that the drag from this pandemic will be much longer than anyone predicted? >> you hit the nail on the head. you're talking about countries with their economy tied to tourism. those tend to be emerging market countries, many of them. those are the countries with lower vaccine rates. in some cases they haven't been able to get the vaccine. in some populations they haven't taken it as readily. either way this isn't goods for travel and you're probably going to be -- if we're in sort of the situation we were at the spread of the delta variant with omicron, you're going to be seeing cancellations. travel is a huge instrument. it affects retail. it affects restaurants. it affects construction. so that could have a really big knock-on effect for sure. on the up side, i will say the latest u.s. jobs report did have stronger logistics jobs, manufacturing. you're starting to see some of that regionalization we thought
11:51 pm
would happen, not just to the u.s., but countries saying maybe we don't want such far flung supply chains. maybe we'll do it closer to home. that has an up side for countries. >>ly s-- >> i will say, ana, our economy will go further in a week to ten days. we leave it there. thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. now the u.s. is paying tribute to long-time senator bob dole who died on sunday at the age of 98. now, dole was a decorated world war ii veteran who served 27 years as a u.s. senator from kansas, and was once a republican nominee for president. now, dole's family says he dedicated his life to serving the american public. they say he will be remembered for his integrity, humor, compassion, and unbounded work ethic. tributes as you can imagine have been coming in from both republicans and democrats.
11:52 pm
president joe biden has ordered flags flown at half-staff honoring dole as, quote, an american statesman like few in our history. a war hero and among the greatest of the greatest generation. and to me he goes on to say, he was also a friend whom i could look to for trusted guidance or a humorous line at just the right moment to settle frayed nerves. i will miss my friend. that was president joe biden there. cnn's wolf blitzer now with more on the life and legacy of bob dole. >> reporter: bob dole was the kind of politician you'll have a hard time finding in washington these days. much of the country only saw the cartoon image, hatchet man. >> senator dole has richly earned his reputation as a hatchet man tonight. >> sharp tongue partisan. >> you use election promise from my opponent. >> pundits who didn't know better labeled him mean
11:53 pm
spirited. but the man wasn't defined by grouchiness or gridlock. in the senate where he spent the bulk of his political life, dole became a master at forging compromise, working with democrats to cobble together bills that left the country better off. a food stamp bill with george mcgovern. the americans with disabilities act with tom har kin. social security reform with daniel patrick moynihan. >> some might find it surprising given the view that congress has been my life. but that is not so. with all due respect to congress, america has been my life. >> reporter: he also was a driving force behind washington's mag nificent world war 2 memorial. >> i've become a greeter. i greet every group. i can't explain the motion and what it means to these 85, 90, 95-year-old veterans who get a chance to touch the world war ii
11:54 pm
memorial. it's probably the best thing that happened to them in years and they'll remember it the rest of their life. >> reporter: dole was one of those young americans who went to war in italy. dole spent 39 months in hospitals, hovering near death more than once. >> first i didn't think it was fair. then i looked around in the next bed and they were taking away somebody who passed away, or somebody had lost both legs or something else. i didn't feel so sorry for myself. >> reporter: his right hand remained virtually useless the rest of his life. his mind, however, was fine. voters in his home state of kansas sent dole to washington for five terms where he thrived, becoming a republican leader in the senate. he was president gerald ford's running mate in 1976 and ran for president in 1980 and 1988. finally winning the republican nomination in 1996. >> william jefferson clinton has
11:55 pm
a job for four more years. >> reporter: it didn't work out. >> there's a lot more to winning. it hurts to lose an election, but stay involved and keep fighting the good fight. >> reporter: a 45-year political career was over. dole moved on with grace. >> great senator bob dole. >> reporter: after the bitter 2016 primaries, dole was the only former republican presidential nominee to attend the convention that nominated donald trump. he poignantly saluted the casket of fellow republican but frequent rival george bush. and to the end, dole kept the trademark humor so familiar to those who knew him, and so surprising to those who did not. >> we always tried to have a little fun. my view is if it's not any fun, it's not worth doing. you look at your life and reflection, success and failure is part of your life. >> now perhaps one of the most
11:56 pm
celebrated friend ships in bob dole's life was with the late democratic senator daniel inoue. although they came from different parties, they formed a deep friendship bonded by their service in the army during world war ii. both men were severely wounded during combat and actually were hospitalized alongside each other as they recovered. dole once said, recovering from combat wounds can be a long, painful and emotionally challenging process. the two friends helped support each other during this difficult period. in their lives. bob dole there. now, i am paula newton. i want to thank you for your company. rosemary church picks things up from here. we'll have more of "cnn newsroom" in just a moment.
11:57 pm
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