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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  December 6, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PST

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good morning, everyone. it is monday, december 6th. it's 5 a.m. here in new york. thanks so much for getting an "early start" with us. i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm christine romans. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. we have reports from london, johannesburg, washington. we begin with new rules for international travelers coming to the u.s. everyone has to show proof of a negative covid test taken within one day of departure.
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that applies whether you're a u.s. citizen or not. foreign nationals have to prof t prove they are fully vaccinated. that does not apply to americans. there is still so much we don't know. one of the biggest questions, how dangerous is it? >> thus far it doesn't look like there's a great degree of severity to it, but we've really got to be careful before we make any determinations that it is less severe or it really doesn't cause any severe illness comparable to delta. thus far, the signals are a bit encouraging regarding the severity. >> at the same time though delta remains the dominant strain in the united states. still, cdc director michelle walensky says omicron is being carefully watched. >> we know we have, you know, several dozen cases and we're following them closely and we
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are every day hearing about more and more probable cases so that number is likely to rise. >> u.s. now averaging about 120,000 new covid cases a day. as you can see there, that is the highest level in two months. the good news here though, vaccine demand is skyrocketing. it is now the strongest it's been nearly since may, early may. cnn's an na stewart joins us frm london's gatwick airport. how are they coping? what are you hearing? >> reporter: good morning, laura. yeah, it's been okay. everyone is coping. i just met some american travelers heading home to florida, their flight taking off in a couple of hours. for them, it was moving their predeparture booking from a few days ago to just yesterday. it can be a rapid antigen test around $40. not too expensive. some people did it by zoom.
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some people went to testing facilities. one woman did wait two hours despite having a scheduled appointment. the message is it is expensive, it is something that requires organization and also tourists coming from the u.s. to the u.k. have to do a test within two days of arrival. that used to be a rapid test. that now has to be a pcr. that's more expensive. anyone arriving you have to have a test two days before. travel in a pandemic is possible. it's doable. you have to spend money on the test and you have to be organized and you have to be flexible given the rules keep changing. it can change where you are and where you're trying to get to. >> anna, thank you so much. to south africa where omicron was first detected. covid case numbers there are spiking five times higher last week than the week before.
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this morning south africa's president and the omicron -- said that omicron variant appears to be dominating new infections nationwide there. let's bring in cnn's larry madowo. he is live in johannesburg. so nice to see you, larry. how are officials there dealing with this surge? >> christine, officials here in south africa are preparing hospitals for an increase in hospitalizations though it has not come yet but that could be because we're at the very early stages of the fourth wave of the pandemic in south africa. they're encouraging south african s to get vaccinated. as this disease spreads through the population, the reasons to get vaccinated are compelling. south african president is saying that cases have more than increased. in fact, it was just the last week cases are up five times and the positivity rate 123.8%.
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two weeks ago it was 2%. they are considering a vaccine mandate if only to increase herd immunity. one of the fear there is might be another hard lockdown to try and limit the spread of the disease. at the same time, a lot of anger, frustration to those travel bans which affect south africa and majority black nations in the southern part of the continent. the president has repeated something. they called it traveled apartheid. some people on the streets have told me this is racism. why is it that these travel bans only affect african nations and not anyone in western europe, u.k., germany, france or portugal that have also reported cases of the omicron variant. a lot of anger about that. >> larry, so nice to see you. thank you so much. laura? new tensions between the u.s. and china.
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the biden administration is announcing a diplomatic boycott. we're joint live from hong kong. >> reporter: we just heard from china's ministry of foreign affairs. they will take resolute counter measures. we've been monitoring chinese social media and the words united states olympic boycott have been actively blocked and accept sored. this after several sources told cnn that this week the biden administration plans to announce a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming beijing galgs. t games. this means they would not attend the opening ceremonies. this was expected.
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u.s. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been demanding diplomatic boycott over human rights issues in china including the fact that they are abusing we g we gars. this is the polite tieization of sport. we have fresh comment from the spokesman of the administrator. the u.s. should stop politicizing sports and hyping up the so-called diplomatic boycott so as not to affect china-u.s. dialogue. this is a grave offense to the 1.4 billion people of china and he mocked american politicians for being, quote, in his terms coatly mockish, sensationalist
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and manipulative as china had yet to invite them to the beijing games. >> certainly an escalation. christi, thank you. all right. breaking news overnight. a myanmar court has sentenced civilian leader er aung san suui to four years of civil unrest and violation of the civil secrets act. she has denied all charges. she was myanmar's state counselor and leader until the military seized power back in february. still ahead for you, the parents of that 15-year-old michigan school shooting suspect arrested after an hours' long man hunt. how and where authorities captured the missing couple. that's next. posed dentin to helr sensitive teeth. my patients are ablele to have that quality of life back. i recommend sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair.r.
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our clients were ak r absolutely going to turn themselves in. >> the police say they were hiding when they were arrested. nearly 40 minutes from their home. >> where they were and how they were seems to support the position they were hiding and
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weren't looking to surrendering at that point. >> a man accused of helping the gunman's parents has come forward. cnn's athena jones with more. >> reporter: good morning, christine and laura. the oxford school district is now requesting an independent third party investigation leading up to tuesday's shooting. in the letter the superintendent of schools is revealing more about the school's version of what led up to that day. we now know that on monday when ethan crumbley was discovered looking at photos of ammunition, he said he had recently gone to a shooting range with his mother and that shooting sports were a family hobby. tuesday morning when another school alerted the school counselor to ethan crumbley's concerning drawings, he said the pictures and words and phrases like blood everywhere and the thoughts don't stop, help me,
2:15 am
crumbley told a school counselor that was part of a ved yes game he was helping design. at no time did counselors believe ethan crumbley could cause harm to himself and others. his demeanor was calm. he appeared to be acting calmly. one key point here though is that in this letter the superintendent writes that ethan crumbley's parents did not inform the school district about their son's access to a firearm or that they had purchased him a firearm. what isn't clear is whether the school asked the crumbley's about ethan's potential access to a firearm. we've learned more about the person who helped the crumbley's get into that building, that warehouse they were discovered in and arrested in in the early morning hours of saturday morning. that man is now cooperating with authorities. he's a local artist. he uses that warehouse as his work space.
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he siaid he's aun wear they wer facing an arrest warrant. the man is a polish immigrant. just days after that school shooting in michigan, gop thomas massey tweeted a christmas photo asking santa for more ammo. outrage from parents who lost children with gun violence, this from fred guttenberg whose son was in the parkland shooting massacre. since we're sharing family photos, this one is the last photo that i ever took of jamie. the other is where she is buried. >> that's quite a juxtaposition. isn't it? >> the world is on watch as tensions escalated over potential russian problems with ukraine.
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to build a future of unlimited possibilities. welcome back. new fears over russia's potential military invasion of ukraine. russia has been increasing troops steadily along the border in the last few months. a recent panel at the ragan institute's national defense forum. this is what james mccon knowville was asked when he thinks what will happen. >> i don't know what they're going to do but i'm very, very concerned about their posture. it's in the news. somewhere around 95,000 to 100,000 russian soldiers on the border of ukraine that gives a
2:22 am
lot of options to the russians. i'm not quite sure what they're going to do but to me that is a terrible -- going to have a terrible impact on the stability and security of our european friends. i have serious concerns about that. >> cnn's fred pleitgen joins us live from berlin this morning. fred, we've seen the buildup of tens of thousands of troops this fall. what is happening on the ground? where does this go? >> hi there, laura. that is the big question as to where exactly this is going to go. however, if you ask the u.s. intelligence who was here talking to cnn, the ukrainians as well, they believe the russians are amassing the forces and they could launch a large scale investigation as early as the early months of 2022. some are talking about that being ready by january 2022. obviously a lot of concern there on the ground, on the ukrainian side. the u.s. obviously but also the u.s.'s nato allies as well. the big thing that everyone is
2:23 am
looking forward to now is the phone call between vladimir putin, the russian president, and president biden. that's set to take place on tuesday. we just got some information from the kremlin. they just had a talk with journalists a couple of minutes ago. they expect that to happen around 6 p.m. russian time and 10 a.m. eastern. the two presidents will be speaking to each other. unclear who else will be on that call. essentially what president biden wants to do is make clear that any invasion of ukraine will be very costly to the russians. one of the things that's currently in play is possible massive sanctions. the russians for their part are saying they want concessions from the u.s. and nato. they say they believe nato is infringing upon russia and they want assurances that ukraine will note become a nato member. nato is rejecting those demands from the russians already, laura.
2:24 am
>> no doubt this will be a big topic of conversation on that call. thank you. president biden and the russian president will speak on a video call. president biden is warning them to stay out of ukraine and he believes his administration has leverage. >> what i am doing is putting together what i believe will be the most comprehensive and meaningful set of initiatives to make it very, very difficult for mr. putin to go ahead and do what people are worried he may do, but that's in play right now. >> his voice, you can hear -- he must have a head cold because he's got that deep voice there. jasmine wright joins us live from washington. jasmine, what's the level of concern from the white house heading into this week? >> reporter: yeah, christine. the level of concern from the white house is high over this troop buildup. that's why you see them taking
2:25 am
deliberate steps with their messaging very discipline. w jen psaki said in a statement biden would discuss strategic stability, cyber and regional issues and underscore u.s. concerns with russian military activities on the border with ukraine. i want to note that this call will come exactly -- almost exactly six months to the day after president biden met with president putin in geneva. later he told reporters of that meeting that he told putin really that there need to be basic rules of the road that we can abide by. flash forward to friday where we saw the president saying he is looking at measures that will make it very, very difficult for president putin to proceed. so now one of the questions is kind of what comes next. well, secretary blinken said some of these actions could be high economic impact measures that they have not taken before but still as we just heard my colleagues say, we don't really
2:26 am
know exactly what those measures are going to be but headed into this week there are very, very high stakes for this white house, something that they're acknowledging with this call. >> yeah. all right. thanks so much, jasmine. nice to see you this monday morning. coming up, a well known trump ally throwing his name into the georgia governor's race. david perdue's chances next. introducing the biggest advancement in the history of small business bookkeeping. having someone else do your books for you. i'm linda, your quickbooks live bookkeeper. let's do this linda! sounds good! a live expert bookkeeper who understands your business. felipe, i've categorized last month's hair gel expenses. steve, i just closed your books. great, how are we looking? profits are up! on to next month. on to next month, linda! get your books done for you by trusted experts.
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good monday morning, everyone. this is "early start." >> i'm christine romans. time for our top stories to keep an eye on today. the biden administration is set to announce a diplomatic boycott of the beijing olympics this week. a protest of ongoing human rights. a court in myanmar sentencing aung san suu kyi to four years in prison. the 76-year-old nobel peace prize winner charged with incitement and breaking covid-19 rules. she was myanmar's state counselor and de facto leader until the military seized power in a february coup. in chicago will jesse smollett testify in his own defense. attorneys for the former "empire" actor won't say. last week two brothers spent hours telling them how they paid
2:32 am
him to be maga supporters in the attack. the statue itself is one of the largest remaining con if he had der rate flag. the dancing grannys performing after nearly half of their blems killed by a speeding driver. the grannys walked in a parade in franklin, wisconsin, on saturday. they had to do it for their fallen friends. the well that delivers 20% of honolulu's water supply shut down. a test found petroleum in the red hill well. they have offered alternative housing to 7 million service members and civilian employees living near joint base pearl harbor. the georgia's governor race about to get interesting.
2:33 am
david perdue plans to announce a primary challenge against georgia governor brian kemp. now purdue, a trump ally lost in a runoff election against jon ossoff. trump recently urged purdue to run against couple p who resisted his demands to overturn the 2020 loss. stacey abrams announced her campaign for governor in georgia. she lost a closely fought 2018 race against kemp by a margin of 1.4 percentage points. time for three questions in three minutes. let's bring in john harwood. you heard that there. the plot thickens in the georgia governor's race. david purdue challenging brian kemp for the gop seat. what does this look like? should stacey abrams be happy about this? >> reporter: well, certainly she should be happy with this and democrats generally should be happy with this. first of all, stepping back, it is slated to be a bad year for
2:34 am
democrats next year because of how people feel about the economy, because of how people feel about president biden. so democrats are in trouble going into 2022. if there's something that would give them a leg up, it's the possibility of holding on, breaking through, surviving 2022, it is a fracture within the republican party and donald trump encouraging that fracture. so in the case of the georgia governor's race, purdue and kemp are ideologically similar. kemp was a trump supporter until it was time to call the 2020 election and kemp was not willing to cheat on behalf of trump. trump didn't like that. you have a difficult primary ahead. that gives stacey abrams an opening. she's an electric candidate but she would be an underdog. this is something at that may
2:35 am
give her a shot and may encourage democrats to think that trump is going to mess with other primaries in ways to help democrats next year. >> john, where you are in washington, d.c., a disturbing scene. a group of white nationalists calling themselves the patriot front marched on the lincoln memorial shouting reclaim america. you know, this is happening at the same time the fbi director says the greatest threat is white supremacy. domestic terrorism. >> this is in front of the lincoln memorial. >> it is. john, i just wonder, have we learned anything since charlottesville. as soon as i heard them saying reclaim america, it had memories of jews will not replace us. >> what we've learned, laura, is that there is a significant amount of fear and desperation among a certain segment of the american population, particularly blue collar whites, that they are, eclipsed, replaced, supplanted by the
2:36 am
changing culture, race, racial profile and demography of the united states. that fueled donald trump's rise. the idea that foreigners are coming in. you see that on fox news. tucker carlson talks about the great replacement, about beleaguered whites feeling like their country is being taken away and that for a small sliver of those people, that frustration boiled over into behavior that is dangerous. charlottesville was an example of that. the january 6th insurrection was an example of that. and that's what happened at the memorial over the weekend. now, again, 100 people, it was not a mass movement. >> yeah. >> but that exists in pockets all around the country and it's something that the -- as the fbi director has said, america's got to be vigilant about. >> i can't believe this one did not turn violent but they feel
2:37 am
like a powder keg. >> they're hiding behind white masks. the jobs numbers on friday, john, a messy jobs report. i'm wondering how the white house feels about this. on the one hand as both you and i know, there's two different surveys. the one survey shows businesses net adding jobs, 210,000 jobs with a big disappointment. the other survey of households shows a much bigger number and a job rating that fell to 4.2%. it's so hard to grasp in one word is this a good report, is this a bad report? when you look at that number, isn't it in. >> it was a disappointing report, but i think the white house feels and economists generally feel it wasn't as disappointing as it looks for the reasons you mentioned. usually the establishment survey is one economists have greater confidence in. it's been very difficult during the paneling dem mick to get accurate reads because it doesn't come in. pollsters deal with nonresponses for people they call to take the
2:38 am
temperature of public opinion on. businesses have been slowed to turn in their data. stuff comes in late and that's why we see the upward revisions later. it is not likely that the economy gained millions of jobs which is what the household survey indicated. it is more than a couple hundred thousand. i expect we'll see upward revisions later. still, that is something to signal concern about how resilient the economy is going to be going forward. and of course we've got a lot of difficulties in terms of supply chain, in terms of tightness in the labor market in certain places and not in other places. fueling inflation and posing a danger as the omicron variant threatens to make it worse than everybody expected. everybody's been counting on the pandemic receding as the key to a real economic resurgence in 2022. >> goldman sachs just lowered the growth outlook for next year because of omicron and the risk it faces. we had 22 jobs that just
2:39 am
disappeared in 22 months. it's hard. the magnitude of the covid collapse and the covid impact on the economy, people just need to be patient. hard to measure it honestly. >> hard to measure. >> john harwood. thank you. nice to see you this morning. >> thank you, john. you bet. now to this. endemic flaws, human costs, polled resources that's how the biden administration views a controversial policy that is about to restart today. the president tried to scrap the trump administration's policy of forcing migrants to stay in mexico as they wait for their immigration court dates in the united states. it's known as the remain in mexico policy but a federal judge ordered the biden administration to restore it. priscilla alvarez has been covering this from the very beginning. pris priscilla, how is this going to work under the biden administration holding its nose. >> reporter: laura, the policy is going to operate largely the same way it did under the trump administration. it will become the second trump
2:40 am
era border policy to be in effect under the biden administration. as you mentioned, it is a kourd order that required the biden administration to revise this policy. over the last several weeks the united states has been in ongoing discussions with mexico where the nonmexican immigrants will remain. they've made some changes. for example, providing access to counsel. speedier court proceedings. transportation to the port of entry when migrants are coming back for their u.s. court date and providing the covid-19 vaccine. now the biden administration says this will start small and expand over time. this has done very little to quell the concerns of democratic lawmakers and migrants who are waiting in squalor and waiting in dangerous conditions until their u.s. immigration court date. this is still in effect and that will take precedence over this
2:41 am
policy. now the biden administration is also still appealing this court order and is prepared to terminate the policy a second time if that court order is overturned, but in the interim, laura, as you mentioned, a policy is going to go in effect today. the remaining mexico policy. the biden administration condemned in the early days of the presidency. >> still trying to fight this at the same time as it's trying to implement this. see how it works out. priscilla, thank you for staying on top of it. we'll be right back. all roads and all bridges.oss it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service. to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want, and need... and weeed more time. so, we want kisqali. living lonr is possible and proven with kisqali in premenopausal women wh hr+, her2- metastaticreast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor alone.
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welcome back. at least 15 people are dead and 27 others are missing two days after indonesia's mount semeru erupted. a thick, suffocating player of white ash blanketing the east java province. 1700 people have been displaced by the eruperuptions.
2:46 am
hundreds of homes and schools destroyed. will ripley is following this from hong kong. how is this search and rescue going? i can't imagine it's easy. >> reporter: they are facing a lot of obstacles. there are widespread power outages. there is heavy wind and rain. there are piro plastic flows which are these scathing rivers of hot mud that people mistook for flood waters when the eruption happened only to find when this who the mud hit them they were swept away in the scalding hot, burning cloud of ash, rock and volcanic gas. absolutely terrifying scenario. they've been pulling bodies out throughout the overnight hours including the bodies of a man, woman and child recovered overnight. the death toll of 15. 27 people missing. as you mentioned, 17,000 displaced. at least 11,000 villages buried under ash that in some cases is
2:47 am
higher than the village. with the rain mixing with the ash, it's like mixing concrete. they're continuing to search. some of the rescue crews digging with their hands trying to find anybody who by some off chance may have survived. indonesia no stranger to this natural disaster. they sit on the ring of fire, a lot of earthquakes, tsunamis. the government has launched a pretty extensive emergency response trying to relocate all of the people staying in emergency shelters right now. laura? >> will ripley, thank you for staying on top of that one for us. the lions cap an emotional week in detroit with a dramatic come-from-behind win dedicated to the victims of the oxford shooting. andy scholes has the bleacher report. >> reporter: it took a full calendar year but the detroit lions have a win. it's been 364 days since they notched a win. jaylen elliott honoring oxford
2:48 am
high school player taten meir who lost his life. they honored the victims with decals on their helmet. down by four points. no time-outs. they led the lions down the field. then on the game's final play. in the end zone for the game-winning score. throwing a touchdown. goff immediately ran over to celebrate with head coach dan campbell. the win is dedicated to the four students who died and the seven who were injured. >> this game ball goes to the whole oxford community. all those who were affected. >> i hope they were all watching today and able to enjoy that win and we could take their minds off of it for whatever it may be, three hours. i think any time we can do that, that's a lot bigger than us.
2:49 am
we were able to rise to the occasion and make something special happen. elsewhere around the league, minchu mania is back. any chance you would arrive to a game looking like to? doubt it. minchu arriving to the game to replace jalen hurts who was injured. eagles win that 33-18. chiefs hosting the broncos looking for a fifth win in a row. patrick mahomes getting his team on the scoreboard first. he's going to scramble for a 10 yard touchdown. he's going on to win 22-9. mahomes never lost with the broncos. now 8-0. the game came down to the final seconds. lamar jackson is going to find andy watkins with 12 seconds left. instead of sending the game into overtime with an extra point, the ravens go for the two-point
2:50 am
conversion but jackson's throw a little off target and mark andrews bobbles it. incomplete. steelers win 20-19. women's basketball. tough day for catie beckers. beckers going down after a non-contact knee injury. she had to be carried off the floor by some of her teammates. reining national player of the year scheduled to get an mri in the coming days. college football. playoffs are now set. wasn't be a whole lot of drama. alabama now number one after beating georgia for the sec championship. going to take on miami. michigan coming in at number two. they'll face georgia. that's in the orange bowl. both of them going to happen on new year's eve. guys, little disappointed. the committee got off easy once again. they didn't have any tough decisions. there is no fan base really irate about what happened. maybe next year. congrats to the four teams.
2:51 am
>> congrats indeed. andy, thank you. appreciate it. president biden ordering flags to be flown at half staff at the white house for his friend and former senator bob dole. dole died sunday at the age of 98 years old. he served 27 years as a senator from kansas and ran for president three times. earlier this year he announced he was being treated for advanced lung cancer. president biden remembering him as a states man like few in our history and a war hero among the greatest of the greatest generation. taylor swift with a gracious gesture breaking a musical record. ♪ ♪ >> the 10-minute. >> maria: lease version all too well now the longest song to ever take the top spot. the singer sent flowers to this man, the man whose record she
2:52 am
broke, done mcclain. his song "american pie" first set the record with 8:37. flowers for don mcclain. he put a picture of the flowers what a class act nkts very classy. >> let's get a choke on cnn business news. monday morning. looking at markets around the world. asian shares closed lower. futures opened higher. stock futures mixed leading higher for the dow and the s&p. s&p perfectly flat there. a lot of discussion about how a deadly and virulent omicron variant will be. it was a tumultuous week following a weak u.s. jobs report. the nasdaq alone lost 2% on friday. selloff for high value tech stocks. the nasdaq lower for the week. small company stocks taking a big hit. the russell 2000, small company stocks fell nearly 4%.
2:53 am
now down more than 10% from the record high. that is a so-called correction. it was the surprise of a lifetime for dunkin' donuts employee ebony johnson. one of her loyal customers joanne barker. when she found out she had fallen on hard times and had been evicted, she got to work with a nonprofit organization to find her a home and get it fun furnished. >> improve her life and the life of her kids so she could continue to provide the excellent service that she does. >> the kids are just as excited as their mom with a fully furnished home. just in time for christmas. >> i love the personal relationships. that's what it's all about. the kennedy center honors returning to washington, d.c., with a big celebrity bang. five honor res, bette midler, just teen o. diaz were all
2:54 am
honored. >> president biden teasing michaels about the long line of comedians who played him over the years. >> michaels, mr. wise guy over here. he's trying out seven guys to play me. you can't laugh at your self, we're in real trouble. >> do you want me to play you? >> huh? steve, i'm afraid you understand me too well. >> okay. i want to see steve martin play him. >> that was steve martin poking fun. national treasure, steve martin. >> he really is.
2:55 am
thanks for joining us everybody, this monday morning. i'm christine romans. >> have a great monday. i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next.
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