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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  December 6, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PST

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good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is monday, december 6th. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. we do have breaking news this morning. restrictions on international trampers coming to the united states take effect this morning. everyone has to show proof of a negative covid test taken within one day of departure. foreign nationals will have to show proof they are fully vaccinated. the average number of daily cases of covid is 20,000. that's the highest in two months. omicron variant has been detected in at least 17 states. that has the demand for vaccines spiking. scientists are still waiting for conclusive information about the severity of the omicron variant. in other words, does it make you more sick? dr. anthony fauci said while it's early and things could change, there are some encouraging signs. >> thus far, it does not look
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like there's a great degree of severity to it. but we've really got to be careful before we make any determinations that it is less severe or really doesn't cause any severe illness comparable to delta. but thus far, the signals are a bitten couraging regarding the severity. >> this morning we are watching tensions between the u.s. and russia risings, one day ahead of the president's highly anticipated video call with russian president vladimir putin. in michigan, the parents of the oxford, michigan school shooting suspect are in custody. we have learned they are both on suicide watch after being held on half a million dollars bond each. police arrested james and jennifer crumbley at a wear house in detroit 40 miles from their home after law enforcement spent hours searching for them. a man who assisted the crumbleys
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has come forward and is cooperating with authorities. a diplomatic boycott of the olympic games in china. sources tell cnn the biden administration is expected to announce this week that no u.s. government officials will attend the 2022 beijing winter olympics. that's just a couple of months from now. it would allow the united states to send a world stage of china about human rights abuses. joining me now is s.e. cupp. and mara. it isn't everything the united states could do. the united states could boycott the winter olympics in beijing. it is a clear signal that china, we do not approve of what you're doing. >> it is. as you say, it's not all, but it's something. and it is registering with china.
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china has already sort of herbed a threat, don't go down this road. china takes this as sort of an affront. and i think highly it's important to notice how thuggish the chinese government is when it comes to human rights and the sort of temporary disappearance of peng shuai, but the uighers and other religious groups, this is a real evolution for america when it comes to china, especially when it comes to joe biden. back when he was a senator he was really glowing about the role he thought china would play in the world and america's ability to transform it. years later as a vice president talks very apologetically about china, and in particular its one-child policy. telling a group of chinese people in china, i understand it. that didn't go over very well here. and now to a place where joe biden is really taking -- you
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know, holding china to account on these issues have that really long sort of, you know, confused and befuddled and flummoxed. >> they are calling for a full-out boycott of athletes also. this predates the issue with peng shuai. >> yes. >> the tennis player who disappeared and then appeared in a video maybe under duress. and with the uighers, people are calling a genocide. >> they are incredibly significant. sit important for them to be addressed. it is nice to see the united states take that place on the global stage where they are holding countries to account for the human rights issues. had we talk about the context of the olympics especially, it's important to keep in mind, one of the most famous olympic protests in history was the black fist in the air in 1968. so when we talk about the united
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states' role in the global community, it's worth noting there are a number of international organizations that continue to call the united states out on our own human rights abuses, including things like the death penalty, which puts us in the company of saudi arabia and iran, highest incarceration rates in the country. if we talk about our place in the global stage, holding others to account is incredibly important. directing that same energy at protecting the united states' human rights abuses is also important. >> first of all, china will absolutely say that, get your own house in order. don't medal in our internal politics there. but, again, this is a show that china very much wants to go on without a hitch. it now has a major hitch. now there will be a lot of focus on what do athletes do when they win a medal? do they decide to protest? it's a fair question. >> it is. it puts them on the spot. they saw this in the last olympics. when you're openly vocal about
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the host country's human rights abuses, the spotlight will be on the athletes who go. they will not only have to talk about what china has done but what the u.s. has done. and maybe even be in a position to defend that. i'm not sure that's why a lot of athletes get into the business of being athletes. now to the fallout we are continuing to see from boebert's comments about ilhan omar. we heard omar taking specific aim at the house leader for not really doing anything about this. here's what she said. >> mccarthy is a liar and a coward. he doesn't have the ability to condemn the kind of bigoted islamophobia and muslim rhetoric being trafficked by a member -- >> why doesn't he have the
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ability? >> because this is who they are. . >> what do you think about that, mara? >> a lot of attention is being paid to coward and liar. that's understandable. but we do see this pattern from mccarthy over and over again where there's either silence or extreme delay of condemnation or lukewarm condemnation where in the past it would have received widespread condemnation. one repeatedly and openly calling a member jihadi, making up a story implying they are a suicide bomber. he either can't or he won't do it. and the question is why. so does he feel like he has to appeal to the fringe members of the caucus to one day be speaker of the house, or does he think the fringe is more representative of the base than a lot of other people do? >> i think it's both. it is incredibly craven and disappointing that he is interested in being speaker and
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doesn't want to tick off this wing. ilhan omar is right. he is absolutely a coward. that is not leadership. but i will say, and she is correct in her diagnosis of the party and mccarthy and the boeberts of the party. completely correct. but i will say this is not a fight that is good for anyone on either side, in either party. ilhan omar, i have long commented on and written about her extensive anti-semitic remarks which i think are indefensible and repeated. as recently as this past june she was stepping on it. and offending members of her own party. adler, for example. these are not the best advocates for two very important messages about anti-semitism and islamophobia. these are very imperfect messengers. and i think both parties should kind of want this dispute to be
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settled and go away. i don't think it looks good for either party. >> she said she's confident pelosi will step in and punish boebert. >> probably. but whatever the benepunishment i think it benefits boebert. we saw literally the days after this controversy erupted, she is posting fund-raising calls on twitter. this i think will benefit her in the long run because of who she is speaking to. >> it will benefit omar as well for her fans. i just don't think for either party it is the best. >> congressman massie put out a christmas card where they are all posing with weapons. and it says santa, please bring ammo. the timing of this when in
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michigan, the school shooter was searching for ammo the day before he killed four of his classmates strikes many people as flat-out insensitive. >> so here's the thing. he had every right to post that photo. his family has every right to own those guns. just because you can do something does not mean you should. this is a question of basic decency. you note the timing of this photo being posted just days after teenagers were killed at oxford high school. next week marks the anniversary of the sandy hook shooting where 20 children were killed just days before christmas. what do the christmas cards of those families look like. yet here you have a sitting member of congress posting this photo with his family in the context of the holiday spirit asking santa khrauz for ammunition. to call it insensitive would be kind. >> of course it's insensitive, distasteful. all of those things.
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but i think if you don't like that picture, and i don't like that picture and i'm a gun owner. you are probably never going to like that picture. not just because of the timing. not just because of the issue of gun violence and gun crime and mass shootings. i don't think you will ever like that picture. so i think we need to be a little honest about that. but i also think this is a kind of naked attempt to doing whistle at the crowd that thinks, you know, idiots like the st. louis gun couple are heroes. kyle rittenhouse is a hero. and i think there is some politics and culture warring going on in this christmas card. again, i own guns. i have occasionally posted pictures of me hunting or whatever. this is a very different thing, i think. this is political. and a wink at those kinds of crowds. >> if you guys could just stand
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by. georgia's elections are once again thrust into the national spotlight. as former republican senator and trump ally david perdue is expected to announce his challenge to governor kemp. it would set up a contentious race on the gop side. look, for political observers, this is fascinating. perdue sees opportunity. kemp has been targeted by trump repeatedly. that guarantees this is going to be a very, you know, a race full of fireworks. >> yeah. fireworks might be an understatement. this is going to be an ugly, extensive, brutal race between two iconic figures in the georgia republican party. david perdue, one-term senator whose cousin was the first republican govern since the reconstruction of georgia, both with solid bases, both with lots
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of money, both with lots of name recognition. it's going to be all-out war is what brian kemp's camp has predicted for weeks now. >> yeah. a total war, as you write. for the republican party, i wonder what this means when you have these two sides that battled when it came to the big lie on full display. >> yeah. and on the one hand, you have a governor who refused to call a special session to overturn donald trump's election last november. on the other hand, you have a loyalist. one of the first u.s. senators to endorse donald trump who has called for more investigation into the false claims of election fraud and has backed up the former president's efforts to overturn the election. so it will be a battle between pro-trump factions. and something that worries republicans who want to focus on 2022 rather than relitigate 2020. >> i assume he would not be able
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to resist the two on this, trump. the two are already jabbing at each other. what are we seeing? >> the predictions of total war are coming true. you have brian kemp's camp essentially blaming david perdue for all the things they blamed joe biden for. inflation, immigration problems. they call runaway government spending. they are blaming david perdue for this because of his run-off defeat in gentlemanen that flipped control of the senate to democrats. and david perdue's camp is swinging back calling brian camp saying, hey, if he had focused more on donald trump than placating stacey abrams, they would never have these problems. you can see stacey abrams right in the middle of all of this as well. >> thank you so much. always wonderful reporting for you on georgia. berman, if republicans are trying to look forward, this is going to make it difficult. >> this election is now about
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one thing, the primary race. brian kemp is a very conservative governor. this is not about policy. in fact, with se and mara here, this is about one thing, which is brian kemp's refusal to hand joe biden's victory to donald trump. that's the perdue platform. >> it is also about trump's ego. you know, this is really remarkable that you've got a guy, donald trump who lost the senate and white house, and perhaps other places like idaho, massachusetts and maryland, we'll see. it's worth risking a renin couple bent seat to a democrat to get the guy you really don't like out. and, i don't know, if you listen to what the rga is saying, republican governors association is saying, they are saying, listen, we support our incumbent republicans. we fully intend to re-elect all of our incumbents. they know the name of the game is hold those seats. donald trump is saying, not on
3:16 am
my watch. i will spend money to counter that. it's amazing. it's wild. >> trump is so upset. you're absolutely right, everything is about trump's ego. he is so upset he said he would rather see stacey abrams in that seat. he may get his wish. let's not forget how formidable she is. she turned them blue for the first time in 30 years. he may very well get his wish to get brian kemp out. i don't know if that means perdue is in. >> thank you very much. great to see you. the parents of the accused michigan school shooter in custody this morning. why police suspect they were on the run. . tho, key decision point in the trial of empire actor jesse sphoel et accused of staging his own hate crime attack. will he take the stand? and a ceo lays off 900 employees right before the holidays on zoom. we'll tell you how well that went down. ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪
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the parents of ethan crumbley, the teen charged with shooting and killing four students at a school in oxford, michigan, have been charged with involuntary manslaughter. they are currently in jail and under suicide watch. they were captured at a detroit warehouse after a brief manhunt. athena joins joins us live with the very latest. athena. >> reporter: good morning, brianna. it was a stunning development when we learned authorities could not locate the crumbleys. a tipster spotted them and alerted police. since the day of the shooting, a lot of questions have been asked about the school's handling of ethan crumbley. we are now hearing the school's version of events. as the oxford community continues to mourn the tragic
3:22 am
loss of the lives of four teens, the as opposed to for the oxford community school district asked for a security review of all safety practices and procedures in place. details of the school system's version of the events released. the summit saying the initial review of videos of the shooting shows staff and students acted swiftly and heroically, preventing additional deaths and injuries. he also said the shooting began when hundreds of students were in the hall way transitioning from one classroom to the other facing terrorism, murder and other counts. as for his parents, the superintendent said they did not inform the school district they had recently purchased a gun for him, and that he had access to it. jennifer and james crumbley were captured at a detroit warehouse after a tip led police to the building. the couple had every intention
3:23 am
of turning themselves in, said their attorney. >> we're in contact with our clients. they were scared. they were terrified. they were not at home. they were figuring out what to do, getting finances in order. >> reporter: a 65-year-old polish immigrant identified himself as the person who helped them into the building, where they were arrested. in a statement released by his attorney, he said he knew they were using his work space but did not fully understand what was going on. the statement says sikora voluntarily contacted authorities to provide information. and he is fully cooperating with law enforcement to assist in their investigation. no criminal charges have been announced against sikora. as for jennifer and james crumbley, they are in the same jail where their son is held. the crumbleys were arraigned saturday morning by video conference and charged with four
3:24 am
counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the deadly shooting. a judge has imposed a combined $1 million bond for both of them. and they have to post that full amount. oakland county prosecutor stressed the seriousness of the charges. >> this is a serious, horrible, terrible murder and shooting and it has affected the entire community. and these two individuals could have stopped it. and they had every reason to know he was dangerous, and they gave him a weapon. they didn't skew it. they allowed him free access to it. >> i'm jennifer crumbley. >> reporter: attorneys representing jennifer and james crumbley, said the gun was locked up and their son did not have free access to it. and one more thing about that gun. the school superintendent writes jennifer and james crumbley did not inform the school district
3:25 am
that they had recently purchased a firearm for him. what is not clear from the superintendent's letter is what kind of questions school officials said about ethan's access to a gun. brianna. >> all right. athena, thank you for that. we're boeing to speak live with the prosecutor when you saw on the zoom court hearing in the 8:00 a.m. hour. we have brand-new data on the effectiveness of mix and matching johnson and john booster with pfizer. a man walks into a vaccine clinic with a fake arm. the latest way to try to cheat vaccine rules.
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! so new this morning, demand for covid vaccines in the united states rising sharply. it comes as more americans are becoming eligible for booster
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shots and concerns are growing over the omicron variant. elizabeth cohen joins us now. good news that more people are getting vaccinated, elizabeth. >> reporter: it is good news. it's unfortunate that it took the fear of a mute ant -- a mutation to make them do it. or at least that's what it seems like. it is always good to have shots in arms. let's take a look at the numbers. if we look at the week ending november 21st, about 527,000 americans per day were getting their first covid-19 shot. now if you look more recently at the week ending december 5th, it was nearly 619,000 people in the united states were getting first shots. that's a big jump in just a few weeks. the obvious difference would seem to be the fear of omicron, which emerged during the two time periods. now let's take a look overall in the united states. about 75% of eligible people in the u.s., that's everyone ages 5
3:31 am
and up, has gotten at least one shot of a covid-19 vaccine. good number but needs to get better. >> right. it is. it's an outstanding achievement. however, it means tens of people are walking around unvaccinated. new data is out this morning about the johnson & johnson vaccine. and its efficacy as a booster to some of the mrna vaccines. what's going on here? >> right. so we know that when you get a booster, you don't have to get the same one you got originally. if you got moderna for the first two, you could get pfizer as a booster or johnson & johnson. this is a johnson & johnson study. keep that in mind. they looked at pfizer for initial vaccines and gave some of them a johnson & johnson booster and some of them a pfizer booster. small study, about 65 people. they say people with johnson & johnson did better, their
3:32 am
antibodies lasted longer after the pfizer booster. and it helped memory cells, immune memory cells. again, small study done by johnson & johnson. do these differences mean anything? are they significant? who knows. this has not been published in a medical journal or reviewed by anyone. people should not get fussy about what booster they get. boosters help. and it really -- it doesn't seem to matter in any significant way what booster you get. >> get boosted. elizabeth cohen, thank you very much. some vaccine skeptics going to extremes to get a vaccine certificate without getting a shot. a man in italy tried to use a fake silicone arm and the nurse nearly fell for it. you know, i almost want to laugh and just be incredulous with this, but this is terrible.
3:33 am
>> reporter: yeah. it is terrible. you know, this comes as today, december 6th, the new restrictions are in place across the country. you have to be vaccinated or have recovered from covid in order to go to a restaurant or theater. it's no longer enough just to have a negative covid test. so this man, who is actually a dentist, 50-year-old, tried to work the system. and this nurse, we spoke to the nurse. she at first was a little bit embarrassed. she thought maybe he had an artificial limb and reached for the wrong arm. this is a dentist. he had already been suspended because he was a no srabgs and refused to get a vaccine. but this is just outrageous. he hasn't been charged with anything yet. but he will be investigating. he's been reported to the local authorities, who are taking this very serious. brianna. >> so she just felt the arm and
3:34 am
realized it was wrong. is that right, barbie? >> reporter: she said it was a different color to his skin. he just lifted a little bit of his sleeve to get the vaccine. and she really was flabbergasted, you know. but she said at first she thought it was an artificial limb and she should have been going for the other arm. and he admitted this is what he was trying to do. and he said let me go, let me pass. she was very upset because she takes this very seriously. this was the first epicenter outside china. a lot of people gave a lot, especially in the medical community in this country. >> the stories out of italy at the height of the pandemic were just horrific. barbie, thank you so much for that report. a suppose the good news is the arm does have some immunity now, right? the fake arm has 80% efficacy against covid. this is ridiculous.
3:35 am
>> i don't think he got the shot. even the fake arm doesn't get that. did he think he was going to get away with that, berman in. >> it's outrageous. it is outrageous what people will do not to stay healthy. >> it is a sign of probably worse things is the truth. amid a recent string of high-profile defendants taking their own defense, will "empire" actor jesse smollett do the same? russian troops on the border with ukraine.
3:36 am
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i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ today is actor jesse smollett's trial resumes. will he take the stand? two brothers who told jurors
3:40 am
that the "empire" actor plotted an attack on himself and paid the brothers to carry it out. joining me is charles f. coleman jr. they have a decision to make. do you put jesse smollett on the stand after a lot of physical evidence, after a lot of testimony that appears damning against him. >> normally the answer to this question would be unequivocal no. as a former prosecutor i was super excited any time that a defendant wanted to take the stand. why is that? because you're having a layperson step into an arena that's not theirs and be cross-examined by a prosecutor trained to pick apart every part of your story. that is better for the one asking the questions rather than answering them. his defense team has to be thinking about putting him on the stand. there has been a lot of damaging evidence that has come out, both physical and testimonial. you just mentioned the two
3:41 am
brothers. and the physical evidence they put in front of the jury. the last-ditch effort that this defense team has is going to be able to put him on the stand and hope that he can give a different version of the narrative offered to them from the prosecution. let's not forget, he is an actor. that is a very important point. at the end of the day, sometimes trials are not always about the xs and os. sometimes they are about the drama, what it is to be in the courtroom and get that feeling. if he can tell a compelling narrative, it's possible he may be able to get one of these about credibility more than the physical evidence. but the key is he's going to have to survive a cross-examination. >> for him the issue might be things are going so badly, what else is there to lose? might as well try. >> absolutely. >> the cornell law review said it's about 50/50 that people,
3:42 am
defendants, end up testifying. it's not as unheard of as you think, but it's a risk. >> it's usually against the advice of counsel. >> really? >> yeah, absolutely i would be curious to see how many of those defendants who took the stand were advised by their attorneys not to do so. now, ultimately, it's the client's choice. and so an attorney can't say i'm not going to put you on the stand unless they know they are going to purger themselves. normally you're going to advise your client, hey, listen, this is an arena you may not be prepared for. you are walking into a prosecutor who is ready to eat you alive. >> always a pleasure to see you. happy holidays. >> you too. a chilling scene at the lincoln memorial as white nationalists march with shields for what they're calling a mission to reclaim america. and she is the former nsa leaker who spent time behind bars for revealing classified secrets. in her very first interview, she
3:43 am
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the lions capped an emotional week with a dramatic come from behind win. look, this is a special one as we see here, this power of purpose playing out. >> it certainly was a special win yesterday, brianna. it took nearly a full calendar year to finally get a win, 364 teams since the team last notched a "w." he wore his number 42 jersey when he arrived at the stadium. he was a high school football star for oxford and died trying
3:48 am
to stop the gunman. they were down by four, less than two minutes to play. goff led the lions down the field. on the final play, hit st. brown in then zoned for a game-winning touchdown. he immediately ran over to celebrate with dan campbell. he said the win is dedicate to the four students who lost their lives and seven others injured in the shooting. >> this game ball goes to the whole oxford community. all those who were affected. >> i hope they were watching today and able to enjoy the win and we could take their minds off of it for whatever it may be, three hours. i think any time we can do that, it is a lot bigger than our sport, bigger than us. and i think today was one of those special circumstances we were able to rise to the occasion and make something special happen. >> michigan coach harbaugh dedicating his win in the big ten title game to tate myre.
3:49 am
his family was at that game. what was special is michigan scored 42 points in the big ten title game. that was tate's number. >> unbelievable. unbelievable, berman. >> look, it was really sweet. the lions, everyone was ready, andy, the lions won for the first time in 364 days. and then it was so meaningful. >> the whole community looking for a little bit of hope. a football game like that gives them a little bit at such an important time. president biden about to hold a critical call with vladimir putin amid warnings of a military buildup along the border with ukraine. we will talk about biden's options. stunning images at the moment a volcano erupted in indonesia as a desperate search for survivors goes on, dozens it appears killed at this point. we have the very latest.
3:50 am
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protests turning violent in brussels, belgium. police fired tear gas and used water cannons as they pelted officers with rocks, chanting freedom. they are angry about covid restrictions to entering restaurants and bars. here are some of the other stories making headlines around the world. >> reporter: i'm fred pleitgen in berlin. russia continues to a mass forces near the border with ukraine. both u.s. and ukrainian sources tell cnn. all of this comes as president joe biden is set to talk to vladimir putin on tuesday. biden says he wants to make clear to putin that any invasion would be costly for russia.
3:55 am
the russians, meanwhile, say they want guarantees that ukraine will not become a nato member state. >> reporter: i'm nick paton walsh in london. an acute winter of hunger ahead of it. 23 million people will face food insecurity in one of the worst levels ahead. this is down to a drought, awful harvest, international aid that the country is so reliant on drying up. and the taliban causing cash to dry up. plus years of mismanagement. this means in the months ahead, there are hundreds of thousands of afghan children who could face life imperilling conditions because of lack of food. >> reporter: the situation remains highly dangerous right now in indonesia. 15 people dead, 1,700 or more
3:56 am
displaced. the sudden eruption destroyed hundreds of home, damaged schools, left entire villages covered in ash. two dozen people are still missing, some believed to have been swept away by skwaeugting piles of mud. >> reporter: the deposed leader of myanmar is sentenced to four years of prison on in citement and breaking covid-19 rules. in all, there are almost a dozen charges against her, which carry a maximum sentence of more than 100 years. the 76-year-old was arrested back on february 1st when the military 00 ta took control. her supporters say they are politically motivated. amnesty international say they are an unbridled destruction of freedoms. >> our thanks to all of our reporters. this biden-putin phone call will come as new u.s. intelligence
3:57 am
shows it could a mass 175,000 troops along its border with ukraine and could begin a military offensive within a matter of months. that is what is being planned here. bianna, 175,000 troops on the border with a plan. what's putin doing? >> listen, we have been here before. putin views ukraine as the crowning achievement during his reign. he thinks they have historical ties with russia. and that is where ukraine belongs. obviously anybody who thinks putin is bluffing here should think twice. because we have seen him in the past not only with crimea in 2014 but obviously with georgia in 2008. i will say the only somewhat hopeful news with this intel sharing from the united states with its nato allies, because it does seem to have brought more nato allies, those a bit more skeptical like germany and
3:58 am
france on board here with just how serious putin may be. . >> they think it's serious. >> yeah. . >> they're going to take it seriously. the question is what are they going to do? president biden said he would make it very, very tough for putin to invade ukraine. >> yeah. actions speak louder than worse. we saw a similar troop a massment in the spring that led to the geneva summit. many suggesting that this virtual meeting tomorrow may not be the last, that putin wants a face-to-face meeting in early january. but there are few options on the table for what could possibly deter putin this time. perhaps it is circumventing the new chancellor coming into germany that is not as committed to nord stream. other than that and more sanctions, there doesn't seem to be more on the table. >> you spoke to the ukrainian
3:59 am
ambassador. >> she said first and foremost, this is a sovereign countries. we don't want wars. but obviously we are prepared to defend ourselves. and their military has beefed up the last few years since that 2014 invasion. obviously not to the like of russia's troops. but russia would be in for a longer, bloodier war here. she also said something that stood out to me. i'm happy. we're all happy for this conversation between the two leaders. one thing we are not going to accept are any decisions are made without ukraine at the table. that may be wishful thing. >> ukraine is not really at the table when biden speaks to putin. one of the things the u.s. has said, asked, is ukraine not to be provocative here which feels like victim shaping. >> and zelensky made that audacious claim that russia was backing a coup that was supposed to happen last week.
4:00 am
i think it would be wise to pick up the phone and speak to zelensky prior to his meeting with president putin. for the most part he's a rational player. on this issue, analysts say he is determined, whether it's now, a i few months from now, a few years from now, to bring ukraine back to russia's orbit. >> this is dangerous, delicate stuff playing out before our eyes. thank you very much. "new day" continues right now. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is monday, december 6th. i'm brianna keilar with john berman. we are beginning with breaking pandemic news. restrictions on international travelers coming to the united states taking effect this morning. if you are entering the u.s., you must show proof of a negative covid test taken within one day of your departure. and foreign nationals will now have to show proof they are fully vaccinated. covid is seurpblging in the


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