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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  December 6, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PST

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up the phone and speak to zelensky prior to his meeting with president putin. for the most part he's a rational player. on this issue, analysts say he is determined, whether it's now, a i few months from now, a few years from now, to bring ukraine back to russia's orbit. >> this is dangerous, delicate stuff playing out before our eyes. thank you very much. "new day" continues right now. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is monday, december 6th. i'm brianna keilar with john berman. we are beginning with breaking pandemic news. restrictions on international travelers coming to the united states taking effect this morning. if you are entering the u.s., you must show proof of a negative covid test taken within one day of your departure. and foreign nationals will now have to show proof they are fully vaccinated. covid is seurpblging in the
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united states, which the average number of daily cases 120,000, the highest in two months. the omicron variant has been detected in at least 17 states. and that has demand for vaccines spiking. scientists are still waiting for conclusive information about the severity of the omicron variant. in other words, does it make you more sick? dr. anthony fauci says while it is early and things could change, there are some encouraging signs. >> thus far, it does not look like there is a great degree of severity to it. but we have to be careful before we make any determinations that it is less severe or really doesn't cause any severe illness comparable to delta. thus far, the signals are a bibit encouraging regarding the severity. >> cnn's global aviation ambassador pete muntean live at dulles international airport this morning where i think travelers have a lot more in store for them, pete. >> reporter: it's so true, john.
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the changes took hold at mid united states will be implying for the first time. passengers coming into the u.s., need to show proof of a negative test to the airline. the test needs to be taken within one day of their departure. the example is if a flight is on monday, you have to take the test any time on sunday. it's a one-day rule, not a 24-hour rule. it applies to u.s. citizens and foreign nationals regardless of your vaccination status. it was three days. they shortened because of new concerns over the omicron variant. airlines say they are implying with this but do not think this will really impact things when it comes to the variant all that much. this is what united ceo scott kirby told me. >> and the reality is omicron is already out of south africa. it's already escaped. it's on every kopbt tphepblt. covid is unique. it is endemic.
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we need to learn to live with it. but we're not going to learn to live with it by locking down and shutting borders. the right answer is to get everyone vaccinated. >> changes to the transportation wide federal mask mandate was set to expire january 18th. it has been extended two months. the expiration date march 18th, 2022. that applies to all public forms of transportation, including planes, trains, buses, boats, and also here in terminals. john and brianna. >> pete muntean at dulles, thank you so much. one of the key questions overhanging all of this, what is the deal with omicron? how severe are the illnesses there? we get new information from south africa from one of the leading scientists there who may have some answers as to how severe the cases are. that's coming up. this week the biden administration is expected to announce a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 beijing winter
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olympics, meaning no u.s. government officials would attend. the goal is to send a warning message to china without preventing american athletes from competing. joining us how to discuss is cnn political analyst who first broke this story in a "washington post" op-ed, josh rogin. he is also the author of "chays on under heaven." just to be very clear, people here boycott. the athletes are still going. what is the effect of this? is this about shaming china? >> well, as we have discussed, this is a half measure. this is a compromise. the athletes can go. the diplomats can't go. it is what i call a goldilocks approach. not too hot, not too cold. the administration is trying to get it just right. the idea is to send a message that they can't use the olympics to shut up about its genocide. athletes will have to make their
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own decisions. corporations to make their own decisions. and viewers and fans will have to make their own decisions. the u.s. government is not going to go to beijing and say everything is fine here. it is not fine. they have forced labor, forced orphanages, forced abortions, all of that stuff. it doesn't solve the problem. it doesn't let the chinese government use the games to whitewash these atrocities. in that sense, it's better than nothing.
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>> it goes to show you all the chinese government is very rich and powerful. they can't bully everybody. if you do stand up, you don't actually get pup inished that b. and peng shuai is still missing
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in action. >> how does china see this move? >> china doesn't like it. i don't think they're supposed to like it. as my experience, it is very rare that they enjoy having their genocides pointed out. it is not a thing they want. but i think we make this mistake in washington and actually in the media by folk under the circumstancesing how our reaction to a genocide is provocative rather than the actual genocide. >> i don't mean it like that. i mean, how do they receive this? do they take the lesson and absorb and do something? >> that's a good point. i don't think it will convince them to stop the genocide. it could make them think twice about doing worst stuff, before the olympics happen. they were the eyes of the world are on them. they know when they disappear a tennis star or if they do any of the other things they're doing, at least for these couple of months, people care. after the olympics are over,
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that's the real test. when the cameras turn away and we don't have a diplomatic boycott, the genocide will be ongoing. the real test is this popular sentiment that genocide is bad and we should stand up to it. will that survive after the games go away? that's what the chinese government is looking for he will as well. they are hoping the world will turn away. to be honest, i don't know if we will or we won't. i for one am hoping we won't and they will learn eventually that genocides can't be ignored or white whitewashed. >> i don't know. i don't think the spotlight has done a whole lot to deter china as we have seen. josh, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. as soon as this morning, the former republican senator from georgia and trump ally, david perdue, is expected to announce he will challenge conservative incumbent brian kemp in a republican primary for georgia
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governor. this sets up easily the most high profile republican-on-republican battle in the country and a struggle within the gop today. governor kemp is one of the most conservative governors in the country with his only crime in trump world being refusing to over turn joe biden's win in georgia. joining me now is georgia's republican lieutenant governor jeff duncan, author of "gop 2.0." how the 2020 election can lead to a better way forward for america's conservative party. did i frame that correctly. . >> absolutely. i think you did a great job. kemp is probably georgia's most conservative governor in history. he has done everything he needs to do. we have cut taxes, navigated through a pandemic. we've got $6 billion in a rainy day fund. quite honestly, i should know
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better than this. he is the only one to blame for losing on ossoff. it's not any other republican's fault. . >> what issue do you see him running on? what is the big issue for him? >> it appears early on he will try to carry donald trump's water on the conspiracy stuff. that seems to be the only tail wind he's got. it's unfortunate. we what much this play out all across the country. this is a short-term sugar high. it will wear off. the quicker we move on and focus on the next election, the next opportunity to lead this country, the quicker we are going to get the white house back, the senate back, the house back and have opportunities to put our conservative leadership on display. . >> what does it do to your party in georgia? >> well, it continues to disrupt us. it's another embarrassing situation of our self untphself-inflicted
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wounds. talking about the policies we're good at as republicans. believe it or not, we are good at a number of policies. and i think a majority of americans will line up with those. we keep forgetting to remind people what we're good at and doing it with a better tone than 280 characters on twitter. >> governor kemp says perdue promised him he wouldn't run. do you know anything about that? >> well, i've certainly heard the governor talk about that. if that's what he said, it's hard to imagine he wouldn't honor his word. but, look, it's hard sometimes to lose publicly. i'm sure david perdue feels the tension of losing in a public display in the election. he's trying to save face. unfortunately he will create even more disruption and chaos. quite honestly, look, i would be really worried if stacey abrams was the governor right now, right. that's the opponent we're trying to beat. if we had her as governor during the pandemic, we wouldn't have
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had our kids back in the classroom learning, no rainy day fund, wouldn't have a 3% unemployment rate. these are things georgians care about. instead of spending millions of dollars of trying to defend three years of republican leadership. . >> who has a better chance? >> i think kemp does. getting back to work. parents care about having their children educated. brian kemp certainly does. we don't need the traveling circus of donald trump to stay here in georgia. stay in mar-a-lago, work on his handicap. >> do you know that you can beat a trump candidate in georgia in a republican primary?
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>> well, here's what i do know. policies matter. policies matter. the quality of a candidate matter. the quality of a campaign matters. if the only thing you've got is talking the policy of conspiracy theories, you're going to lose. we have seen it play out in senate races here and other races. leadership matters. the next few months, we will be able to put the big decisions on display in georgia. and i think that will result in brian kemp winning the election. >> i appreciate you joining me this morning. thanks so much. >> thanks, john. the parents of the accused michigan school shooter in jail and under suicide watch this morning. why police are accusing them of trying to hide from the law. a republican congressman raising eyebrows with this christmas card released days after the mass school shooting. he said from santa he wants ammo. and the january 6th committee says former chief of staff mark meadows waived his
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decided to deck his family out with a message to santa to bring more ammo. you might ask yourself what the hell is wrong with these people? and it's a fair question only partially answered by the fact that dad is a republican member of congress.
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that's thomas massie from kentucky. whether you think it was trolling or second amendment bra va dough it came days after the mass school shooting. despite being a small guy, master degree from m.i.t., a congressman that voted against giving a congressional gold medal after january 6th, voted against anti-lynching laws, and tweeted and deleted a comparison between vaccine mandates and the holocaust. yeah. and he's largely flown under the radar because he is considered a run of the mill wing nut by those in congress. that's the problem. the palpable weirdness of picturing your family with automatic weapons for a christmas card is only a win if you're trying to play to the base, own the libs, or both. and that's the situation massie
4:20 am
is in. you see, his district is rated r plus 18 in american politics. it means 18% republican registration advantage. that is in a state with a democratic governor. in other words, the only meaningful election thomasy will face is the primary if he wants to stay in power. the plight of the few who had the courage to stand up for real conservative principles and condemn attempts to overturn the constitution. for example, the republicans who voted to impeach trump after the insurrectionists represent gop districts in states biden won. adam kinzinger. in new york and california, republican representatives john
4:21 am
katko are both won where biden won easily. the charter members of the sedition caucus like new york's stefanic now in gop leadership might emerge relatively unscathed. think about the message that sends. trying to overturn an election as politically safer than standing up for basic principles of our democracy. and that's on top of states like texas and north carolina which have submitted lopsided maps favoring the gop. and states like ohio which voted for nonpartisan redistrict anything 2018 only to have the state gop push through an absurd 13-2 map aheaded to the state supreme court. there are only 10 competitive congressional seats out of 116. that's roughly half the number of competitive seats from the same states in the last election cycle according to princeton
4:22 am
university. anyone should see the dangers. bipartisan margins are the way it passes from biden's signature to criminal justice reform and nafta renegotiation under trump. but the number of swing seats has declined dramatically the past 25 years. get this, there were 164 swing seats back in 1997. by 2017, that was down to 72. with safe seats skyrocketing for both parties. it's poised to get much worse. the decline in swing districts has led directly to the decline in lawmakers for both parties. that led to a blurring of the fringe and the base to the point where that's a distinction without a difference. and that's a problem for the whole republic, not just the republican party. and that's your "reality check." >> john avlon, thank you very much for that. >> a new column suggests the media is tougher with president biden than it was with donald trump. first, talk about a cold call.
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a web boss had brutal news for more than 900 of his workers who had just joined him on a zoom call. you're fired. less than four weeks from christmas. chief business correspondent christine romans here with the story. what went on here? >> dumped via zoom. he fired 9% of the workforce in less than three minutes. the ceo told the staff if you're on this call, you are part of the unlucky group that is being laid off. your employment here is terminated effective immediately. and he fired the entire diversity and equity and in kphraougz recruiting team. the call was emotionless.
4:28 am
he called the layoffs gut wrenching but a fortress balance sheet and a reduced and focused workforce together set us us to play offense going into a radically evolving homeownership market. they received $750 million in cash as part of the deal. it has more than $1 billion on its fortress balance sheet. now it has 9% fewer workers. fortune later reported the ceo accused employees of stealing from their colleagues and customers by only working two hours a day. now, this ceo is not new to controversy. forbes said he once sent an email to staffers complaining they were too slow, likening them to a bunch of dumb dolphins. >> look, it sounds like there's
4:29 am
a lot going on there. but the one thing that still jumps out is 900 workers four weeks before christmas without a job. >> they are working with hr for severance but they are no longer working for the company effective immediately. donald trump declared the news media the enemy of the country. he said it's president biden not trump who may have a legitimate gripe with the media. the results here, quote, the media treats biden as badly or worse than trump. joining us now is dana milbank, columnist with the "washington post". first, let's talk about the media outlets, i just want to be clear. they are not all straight news
4:30 am
outlets. breitbart, huffington post, cnn, "new york times", "washington post". what did you find? >> the folks who did this for me cast a very wide net. so you get the extremes and also all of us in the middle to the greatest extent possible. it's kind of what you would expect. it started out for biden fairly favorable coverage the first few months of the year. the last four months, however, biden has been at where donald trump was or lower than where donald trump is in terms of media sentiment. it's not bias. it's the actual words we're using. so we are as negative as a collective media on joe biden, if not more so than we were to donald trump at a time when he was trying to overthrow democracy. that is an indictment of the whole industry. >> can i challenge you on the word "we" though. you are lumping the "washington post", your employer, in with, say, breitbart or this agency
4:31 am
that is doing this research is. can you tell us the effect of that? because i would look at a breitbart and say they did so much positive coverage of trump, so much negative coverage of biden. that brings the difference. >> and it would. what's actually interesting is you would think under biden sort of the left wing media would be favorable to biden. but it doesn't actually happen. he's too progressive, not progressive enough. the effect is he has no real support from the equivalence of the breitbart on the left to the extent there are equivalents there. the bulk are mainstream newspapers, media websites. so i think it does give -- you know, it's not foolproof but gives a pretty good number. we never had such a number before. now we can study these things. >> it was pretty fascinating to
4:32 am
look when you were talking about "the huffington post". you provide the data here. if someone is into excel spreadsheets, you're going to like this. "the huffington post" is perhaps using a critical eye from their political perspective. and people on the right going to town on biden. when it comes to reputable news afrgzs what i have seen is a lot of coverage where they were more positive until afghanistan drawdown. >> august was the turning point. biden's coverage was more favorable than trump before then. there was that honeymoon. even as things have generally improved since then, the coverage has not improved. slightly up from where it was. but still emphatically negative on biden. again, at the same level or at times even more than we were against trump. and i think that's the key. >> so if you're a news consumer
4:33 am
and you consider yourself a news consumer of reputable news organizations, what do you think the takeaway is here? >> i look from the point of view of news producers. we have to do soul searching and see what we are delivering to people. the media consumer should look at what we're saying with a grain of salt knowing we see it as our job to be negative, a adver adversarial. but there's a real problem when we are being adversarial when a guy doesn't pass a bill when another is trying to overthrow democracy. >> they weren't more negative of trump, radio it? just to be clear, we're looking at this last year compared to the last year of the trump presidency, which was a terrible, terrible year. >> right. >> if you're looking at those
4:34 am
news organizations, there isn't really a sign that things are more negative. >> there are. if you look at them overall, even the mainstream ones. you can pick one or two, and that is true. i think the "post" and cnn have done better than the average on this. but i don't think it's anything we should all be celebrating. because we are -- the media as a hole -- look, the coverage should be very much lopsided the other way. here is somebody trying to restore the origins of democracy. he is getting beaten up as much as the guy tearing it all down. >> it is not the job of the reputable news outlets to compensate for the crap that say breitbart is putting out. >> we should each do our jobs in the best way we know how. that's what i'm trying to do. >> i looked at your analysis and
4:35 am
thought if you consider this is one big atmosphere -- i don't mean news outlets. i'm saying media. >> it is a loose definition. . >> if you consider what all of them are breathing into the atmosphere, right, say negative or positive, you get a sense. because a lot of people do consume breitbart as news even if it isn't. this speaks to what is out there for consumption. it is negative if you're looking at this analysis. >> this right. and because i think it was 200,000 articles. ai can do this in a way that human beings can't. it tells us something that we may not even recognize about ourselves. it is studying the adjectives and where they are placed in the stories. it's not our bias, it is our actual sentiment, the words we're actually using. so it is something we need to be conscious of. >> real quick before i let you go, how much do you trust this ai? >> i trust it somewhat. we don't have anything else that's ever been able to quantify it.
4:36 am
it is better than no numbers at all. >> it's fascinating. look at the excel spreadsheets. that's where it gets interesting. dana, thank you. >> thank you. the parents of a michigan teen accused of killing four of his classmates. >> i am not a traitor. every business is on a journey. and along the ride, you'll find many challenges. ♪ your dell technologies advisor can help you find the right tech solutions. so you can stop at nothing for your customers. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too.
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4:41 am
living near joint base pearl harbor. >> reporter: last night at a townhall, the secretary of the navy heard complaints from a lot of people affected by this contamination, really angry, emotional testimony from some people reporting horrible physical symptoms they have been feeling sick, their children have been throwing up, pets have been feeling sick in the last few weeks or even longer, complaining of some fuel or gasoline smelling odor in the water they're using. so this has been a very emotional process for them. here is one woman who was frustrated at the navy's response to all of this. >> this is the navy. this is not, you know, my teenager that is going to the store for me. i'm going to say it before and i'm going to say it again. we get it. things happen.
4:42 am
but the answer that you guys gave us was ridiculous. the answer that you continue to give us is ridiculous. >> there were people frustrated that there wasn't even clear communication about which housing communities were affected by the contamination. as you mentioned, about 700 families, according to the navy, are in temporary housing right now. just to remind folks, the navy shut down the red hill well a week ago sunday. by thursday announced to the public they had found contamination of petroleum in the well. in the course of last week, the local board of water supply out of caution shut down its largest water source on oahu that provides water for 20% of honolulu. so this is a true headache for that community right now. and people are trying to figure out how far back this goes, john. >> this has got to be really, really difficult for the families there. natasha chen, thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you.
4:43 am
reality winner is speak out for the first time in an interview. she did prison time for russian interference in the 2016 election. >> i am not a traitor. i am not a spy. i am somebody who only acted out of love for what this country stands for. >> cnn's katie is with us now. this story is very interesting to hear her speak. what else did she say? >> look, brianna, the reality winner case has been controversial from the very beginning. she's this nsa contractor, former lynn gift. she shows russian interference attempts in 2017. she decides the public is being lied to, prints this document out, mails it to a journalist and she gets caught. there is no question that she has ended up serving one of the
4:44 am
stiffest penalties ever handed down for leaking classified information. she's wound up serving four years. she's out now. which is unquestionably the longest penalty given to a civilian for this particular crime. if you talk to intelligence professionals they will say, look, no matter how just the cause, if we believe the u.s. government has the right and the authority to keep something secret, then we can't have every government contractor and every individual employee making a decision for themselves about what information they're going to release to the public. but in reality winner's own words, she believed she was acting out of patriotism, out of love for the country. and what's more, she knew the risk. she knew she was breaking the law. she chose to take the risk anyway and paid a stiff price for it. take a listen to what she has to say. >> let's listen. >> you knew it was stamped "top secret." you knew what that meant.
4:45 am
>> i knew that. i knew it was secret. but i also knew that i had pledged service to the american people. and at that point in time it felt like they were being led astray. i thought this was the truth but also did not betray our sources and methods. did not cause damage. did not put lives on the line. it only filled in a question mark that was tearing our country in half in may 2017. and then that i meant no harm. >> she felt americans needed to know. but that's not her decision to make. >> no. and that's certainly i think what you would hear from intelligence professionals who say, look, there is a reason we have a higher classification body to make that decision as a whole. advocates would say she suffered grievous harm and was providing a warning to election officials at the state and local level at
4:46 am
a time she and others felt the federal deposit was moving too slowly to alert them to the threat of hackers. she did have a terrible time in prison, not that anybody has a great time in prison. she's in there during covid. obviously, there were deaths at the prison where chefs had he held. and she describes a harrowing fight with depression to include self-harm, thoughts of suicide, struggles with an eating disorder. you know, and i think one of the things -- and addiction to drugs as well. and one of the things that you're going to see here in the coming days is a rekindling of calls for a pardon for her. i think that's pretty unlikely. but we'll watch and see. >> the more you dig into her case, the more fascinating it really is. katie, thank you for sharing this with us. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. a chilling scene at the lincoln memorial. white nationalisting marching.
4:47 am
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in a new memoir set to be released this week, donald trump's former chief of staff mark meadows describes work-related conversations with trump from his time at the white house including private discussions about the elections and efforts to find voter fraud. so why is this important? meadows previously told the house selection committee investigating the january 6th insurrection that conversations like these are shielded by executive privilege. this is what committee member adam schiff had to say about that. >> if he's written anything about january 6th, it's hard to imagine him writing a book and not writing about january 6th, then he clearly is waiving any claim he has to keep confidential his communications with the former president or what happened in the white house. after all, if he can say it in the book, why can't he say it
4:52 am
before congress? >> here with me, ellie honig, senior legal analyst and former federal prosecutor. if meadows writes about stuff in the book or talks about it, can you still claim privilege? >> adam schiff is right. i guarantee you there's a copy of mark meadow's book and a yellow highlighter, highlight anything about january 6th and donald trump. it's a confidential privilege between a defined group of individuals, usually two people, attorney/client, doctor/patient, spouse and spouse. in this case, executive privilege. if one of those people talks about it publicly, it's no longer confidential, no longer privileged. that's what we mean when we talk about waivers. i think adam schiff is right. >> the problem is if the committee wants to do something about it, they have to go to court in. >> yes, if mark meadows fights them, if he says no, that is privileged, they negotiate it somehow, i don't know how they do that or go to court and we're
4:53 am
back into this sort of endless time suck of waiting for the courts to resolve it. >> to the extent me dadows doest want to talk, is he winning here? >> i think he is. they have this deal in place. it allows both sides to save face, meadows is not indicted for contempt and the committee says we're getting something out of him. what did you talk about with donald trump on january 6th, how did donald trump react when he goes to the capital. capitol. meadows says nope. charging him with contempt, going to court takes time. >> another issue for the january 6th committee, john eastman, the lawyer who wrote the blueprint for how mike pence could overturn the election and jeffrey clark may take the fifth. what elie does that mean? >> suddenly that's the rage taking the fifth. any person under our bill of
4:54 am
rights who has any possibility of having their own testimony used to prosecute them later has the right to take the fifth. i'm surprised more people. if steve ban none took the fifth on day one never could have been held in contempt. that's a lawful response to the subpoena. people need to understand how broad the fifth is. you don't have to admit an entire crime. an example, john. say you and i robbed a bank. we'd be bad at it but say we did it. cops knock on my door, do you know john berman? not a crime to know john berman as far as i know. however, i could take the fifth there, because just by admitting i know you would tie us together, that could be used against me in a prosecution of the united states versus berman and honig for this robbery. it's wrong. >> but he can't claim the fifth on each and every thing we're asking him. >> that is true. you can't claim the fifth on everything. what's your name, where do you work? where did you go to college? where do you love.
4:55 am
it's broad beyond that. if jamie raskin thinks it's only to admissions of guilt, it's broader. >> this is what donald trump says about people who take the fifth. listen. >> so there are five people taking the fifth amendment, like you see on the mob, right? you see the mob takes the fifth. if you're innocent, why are you taking the fifth amendment? >> i had experience with mobsters taking the fifth. look, he's partially right, partially wrong there. it's not true only guilty people take the fifth. the fifth is a broad constitutional right we afford to guilty people, to maybe guilty people and to innocent people alike. however, it is true and i think what donald trump's reflecting there, that we do regard taking the fifth as an admission of sorts and i think it's fair game now. look, people want to take the fifth, that's their constitutional right. if the committee wants to say see all these people taking the fifth, that tells you something really bad and criminal happened here. i think that's fair game as well. >> it has a political impact. i don't know that those people
4:56 am
care about that political impact. >> right, that's the big question. would they allow the committee take the fifth and avoid testifying? that's a good trade off for somebody trying to avoid coming out with the truth and avoid embarrassing themselves and donald trump. >> the fifth amendment is a constitutional right. >> it's not easily brushed aside and not a get out of jail free card. you can't be held in contempt but the crimes you're taking the fifth on, you could still be prosecuted for those. >> elie honig, i hope no one asks you under oath if you know me. >> i'm taking the fifth. >> i would. "new day" continues right now. good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm bjohn berman with brianna keilar. it's monday, december 6th. breaking news, restrictions on international travelers coming to the united states take effect this morning. everyone has to show proof of a negative covid test taken within one day of departure and foreign national also have to show proof that they are fully vaccinated. covid is surging again in the
4:57 am
united states. the average number of daily cases now at 120,000, the highest number in two months. the omicron variant has been detected in at least 17 states and that and other things has demand for vaccines spiking. scientists are still waiting for conclusive information about the severity of the omicron variant. does it make you more sick? we're going to speak to a key scientist in south africa who is sometimes called the fauci of south africa in a few minutes and hear what scientists there are seeing when it comes to breathing issues. this morning in michigan the parents of the oxford cool shooting suspect are in custody. we've learned they are both on suicide watch after being held on half a million dollars' bond each. police arrested james and jennifer crumbley at a home 40 miles from their home after they searched for him.
4:58 am
the man assisting them is coming forward and cooperating. athena jones has more. >> reporter: as the community continues to mourn the tragic loss of the lives of four teens, the superintendent for the oxford community school district has requested an independent security review of all safety practices and procedures in place. in a letter addressed to the community details of the school system's version of events. the superintendent saying the initial review of videos of the shooting shows that staff and students acted swiftly and heroically, preventing additional deaths and injuries and said the shooting began when hundreds of students were in the hallway transitioning from one classroom to the other. 15-year-old ethan crumbley faces 24 charges including terrorism, murder and other counts. the parents did not inform the school district they had recently purchased a gun for him and he had access to it. jennifer and james crumbley were captured at a detroit warehouse
4:59 am
early saturday morning. this video scholes the couple being taken into custody after a tip led police to the building. their attorneys say the couple had every intention of turning themselves in. >> we're in contact with our clients. they were scared. they were terrified, they were not at home. they were figuring out what to do, getting finances in order. >> reporter: in the latest twist a 65-year-old polish immigrant identified himself as the person who police say helped the fugitive parents into the building, where they were arrested. in a statement released by his attorney, andres sacora knew the crumbleys were using his work space but did not fully understand what was going. he voluntarily contacted local authorities to provide information and he is fully cooperating with law enforcement to assist in their investigation. no criminal charges have been announced against sakor. as for jennifer and james crumbley they're in the same county jail where their son is being held on charges of
5:00 am
murdering four classmates. the crumbleys were arraigned by video conference saturday morning and charged with four counts of involuntary man sleighter. the couple entered not guilty pleas to all the charges. a judge imposed a combined $1 million bond for both of them and they'd have to post that full amount. an oakland county prosecutor adremsed the seriousness of the charges. >> your honor, this is a serious, horrible, terrible murder and shooting and it has affected the entire community and these two individuals could have stopped it and they had every reason to know he was dangerous and they gave him a weapon, and they didn't secure it, and they allowed him free access to it. >> i'm jennifer crumbley. >> reporter: attorneys representing the parents said the couple had the gun locked up and their son did not have free access t


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