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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  December 6, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PST

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very good monday morning to you. we begin this morning with encouraging news on what we know with the coronavirus pandemic. first new findings on the omicron variant preliminary data from south africa suggests omicron cases are less severe, that is so far, but early indications.
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i was told last hour vaccines still appear to be effective against omicron. >> early indications is that you will be proetected against serious illness. the booster dose can arguably increase antibodantibodies. but what you care the most about is protection against serious illness. >> and we're seeing a big junch in jump in the number of vaccinations here in the country. the cdc says demand is up. right now averaging more than 2.2 million doses per day. also new this morning, new coronavirus testing requirements are in effect for all international travelers coming to the u.s., everyone regardless of their nationality or vaccination status must be tested within one day of departure, had been three days. all of this as we're seeing an uptick of new infections, averaging more than 100,000 new
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infections per day. that is the highest level in months. we should note that that rise is not necessarily because of the omicron variant, early for that to show up in the numbers so far. a lot to get to, and let's begin with pete muntean, he is at dallas international airport. so had been three days, now one day. are you seeing an effect there at the airport? >> reporter: we'll have to see how smooth this really goes. flights in the air right now are among the first to have to comply with this. passengers coming into the u.s. now need to show proof of a negative coronavirus test to their airline, that test needs to be taken within one day of their flight. the cdc puts the example this way, if your flight is on monday, you can take the test anytime on sunday. a one day rule, not a 24 hour rule. this applies to foreign nationals and all u.s. citizens, and it also regardless of your vaccination status. so this is pretty strict. and the cdc really wanted this it said because of these new
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concerns over the new omicron variant, it tightened that time line as you mentioned from three days to one day for this testing requirement now. airlines say that they are going to comply with this, they will be checking for those negative coronavirus tests, but they pushed back on how effective this is really going to be. this is what united airlines ceo scott kirby told me. >> the reality is omicron is already out of south africa, already escaped, it is on every continent. covid is unique, we need to learn to live with it, but we won't by simply locking down and shutting borders. the right answer is to get efrn vaccinated. >> reporter: another big change when it comes to the federal transportation mask mandate, it was set to expire january 18th. now it has been given a two month extension, now it is expiring march 18, 2022, and that applies on all public forms of transportation.
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and also here in terminals when we're seeing huge numbers when it comes to air travel, about 2 million people pass through security at america's airports just yesterday, numbers on par with the thanksgiving travel period. >> pete muntean, thanks very much. the u.s. is seeing a big jump in vaccinations, that is good news. and elizabeth cohen is joining me now with details. two pieces to these numbers, the overall daily number of shots, but also the portion of that that is the first time shots. >> that's right. and that is really what we want to look for. i think the doctor was getting this message to you that yes boosters are important, but not necessarily as important as that first set of shots, that is what people really need to get. most of us have, some of us unfortunately haven't. but perhaps the omicron variant hearing that news made people move because let's take a look at a comparison from two weeks, one before thanksgiving and one
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after. so if you look at the weekending november 21 and you look at seven day averages, that week it was an average of about 527,000 new shots, new shots, per day. people getting their first s shots. the weekending december 5 after the omicron news, there were nearly 619,000 shots per day. so that is a significant difference. let's hope that that keeps up. if we look overall right now, 75% of the eligible u.s. population, that means everyone age 5 and above, has been vaccinated. that is a good number, but if we really want to nip this in the bud, it does need to be higher. jim. >> that's right, still tens of millions who haven't had a single shot in this country. elizabeth cohen, thanks very much. joining us now, dr. adam brown, a covid task force chair at envision health care. great to have you on. >> thanks for having me. >> it is an uptick, i like to accentuate the positive here.
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is that significant enough uptick to make a difference in where the pandemic stands? >> we'll take it. i think that it is a good move that we're starting to see more people vaccinated. one of the things that i am a little concerned about is our capacity for vaccinating people as we do see an uptick in also people that are wanting to get their boosters. but that is a good thing because more than 40% of our population are not fully vaccinated. and a large portion are not boosted. so that gives us a lot of opportunity there. but also gives the virus a lot of opportunity for spreading. >> and i know that it is hard to get appointments. trying to get the second shot for our daughter, pharmacies seem somewhat overwhelmed. so efficacy, because that is key, at the worst point, and that is only going back eight or nine days ago, folks are going are existing vaccines going to withstand omicron. it is early like all the data, but we do have the ceo of moderna telling cnn that as well as the ceo of pfizer saying early indications are at least in preventing severe illness the
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signs are positive. >> that is what we really care about. we do care about preventing at severe illness and hospital stations. but remember, we also want to prevent transmission.hospitalst. but remember, we also want to prevent transmission. so it would be nice to see that the vaccines are efficacious. but i want to remind people, 99% of the cases here in the united states today and for the next few weeks are going to be delta. and so when you are with your family over the holidays, when you are with your friends at parties, the most likely disease that your friend or family member could be carrying or you could be giving to them is delta. and we know what the vaccines do to prevent that disease. so that is really where a lot of our focus needs to be while we also look at omicron. >> and so the guidance has remained the same. every doctor that comes on the air, yourself included, get shots, get boosted. looking at the data, dr. fauci has expressed optimism even though it is early about what we know so far about omicron.
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what is your view? >> so i am encouraged to see that it appears that it may be a little less severe. so that is a good thing. but i also want to say this is early and we are seeing that this is a disease that is highly transmissible. remember delta was much more transmissible than the original forms of the virus. it appears that this may be more transmissible than delta. so if we have a large portion of the population exposed, a lot of the people that are un undervaccinated, we have the potential also of having severe disease and also overwhelming our health care system. so while i'm encouraged by this news, we are early in this because it has only been about a week and a half. >> and no question the country is experiencing another increase in infections too even in the midst. and that is prior to omicron contributing. okay. another piece of information that is encouraging, and that is that research shows that teens and young adults who had developed a type of heart inflammation known as myocarditis, that they had mild
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symptoms only, none died, and most recovered quickly. this is key because this had been a reason for vaccine hesitancy for some parents and young people. how important are these findings? >> i think that that is a really good finding because what we do know is that covid-19 can car myocarditis. and so the chances of getting the disease, covid, first is very high. especially in an unvaccinated individual. we also know that there is a relative risk of getting myocarditis. so i think hearing more and more evidence coming out that the vaccine causes very mild if very infrequent cases of myocarditis, that is a good thing. and reaffirms the reason why we should get kids vaccinated. >> yeah, we hope the work gets out. thank you for joining us. still to come, the parents of a mchichigan teen accused of killing four class mates are in custody.
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and there could be additional charges coming. plus georgia's elections will once again be thrust into the national spotlight as former republican senator and trump ally david perdue has announced that he will enter the race to challenge governor kemp. and also china is advancing their space capabilities at twice the rate of the u.s. what that means for u.s. national security, that is coming up. firefighter maggie gronewald knows how to handle dry weather... ...and dry, cracked skin.
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there are new details this morning from the fallout of yet another tragic and deadly school shooting. the person who authorities say helped the parents of the spegsed shooter ethan crumbley as they taemgted to evade police has come forward through his attorney and says that he was roped into letting jachlgmes an jennifer crumbley use his detroit work space for hours over the weekend and that he did not know that they had arrest warrants out on them. as of yesterday afternoon, i has not been charged and is cooperating with police. and the district superintendent where the shooting occurred has requested and independent third party investigation into the shooting that claimed the lives of four teenage students. later today, a visitation will be held for one of those students. there he is, 16-year-old tate myre, he is credited with saving lives by confronting the shooter. athena jones is live in oxford,
7:16 am
michigan this morning. i'm curious what the school is saying in the wake of this tragedy. >> reporter: good morning. well, since the very day of the shooting, there have been a lot of questions raised about the school's handles of ethan crumbley and now we're hearing more of the school's version of the events and how they responded on monday and tuesday when two separate teachers raised concerns about the behavior of ethan crumbley. monday it was because they saw him viewing images of ammunition on his cellphone and tuesday it was because they saw a disturbing drawing that crumbley had that depicting a semi automatic gun, a body that appeared to be bleeding and words like blood everywhere. and also the superintendent says in the letter that school counselors and school staff decided that based on ethan's answers and demeanor and the answers they crumbley's parents, they concluded that he was not likely to inflict harm
7:17 am
or on others. and they said that he had to get counseling within 48 hours. and they told crumbleys to take ethan out of the school but they left the school without their son app throw return to work. but because ethan crumbley had no prior disciplinary infractions, he was allowed to return to class. one interesting thing brought up in the school superintendent's letter is that the crumbleys did not tell the school district about the fact that they had bought a firearm for ethan, that he had access to a firearm. it is not clear if the school asked directly about access to a weapon. listen as they talk about potential charges against school officials. >> it is under investigation, so, no, we have not ruled out charging anyone. our first priority is keeping the community safe and holding the people accountable who could have prevented this. and right now, the crumbleys are
7:18 am
those two people. none of this should have happened. a 15 1/2-year-old should not be sitting in jail facing life in prison. these children who were terrorized and killed and shot, none of it should have happened. and it could have been prevented. >> reporter: so there you hear the prosecutor saying no decision yet on charges. some legal experts saying that civil suits against the school are much more likely than criminal charges. but the sheriff of the county has said that they would like to have been looped in on these reports from teachers, their concerns. because they could have acted. and he gave examples of times in the past when school officials have alerted law enforcement and they have been able to handle the situation and avoid this kind of carnage. >> athena jones, thanks so much. joining us now, former acting commissioner of the baltimore police department. good to have you back, sir. i want to ask you a couple
7:19 am
questions about your impression of missed warning signs here starting with the school. the school even as it was having conversations with the parents, there was a conversation with the parents that very morning, the morning of the shooting. did not according to the sheriff ever alert local law enforcement to the possibility of a threat here. i know schools have to make judgment calls. was that mistake in your view, was it negligent in your view? >> jim, it was a negligent deadly mistake by the school. i believe this could have been prevented if the school resource officer, if law enforcement, was made aware immediately when the first teacher saw what he was writing on the pad. >> let's talk about the parents here, possibility of criminal charges. i don't want to turn you into a lawyer here, but you talk about
7:20 am
not sharing information. as athena jones was mentioning there, even in the midst of warnings being raised it seems they didn't tell the school that they had given him a gun. is that negligent? >> we can see that these parents aren't the best parents. these parents were basically in it can the kwith the kid and of course that is something that the prosecutors have to prove. but imagine this, jim, imagine if as soon as they saw it, the resource officer was pulled into the room with the parents, with the administration, and said you know what, we're going to check your son right now based on what we see. all they needed was reasonable suspicion, not probable cause. two entirely different things. but they had the reasonable suspicion based on what the first teacher had seen. they had it.
7:21 am
and he should have been searched. his bag should have been searched. if he didn't have the gun in the bag, then you check his person. reasonable suspicion, they had it and they missed it. >> here is a question for you. do you in the midst of this -- and clearly there is a lot of blame to go around here. by the way, four students are dead, right? and others are still fighting for their lives. the big issue is the access to the weapon itself, right? i mean, bad parenting exists in this country, always has, sadly always will. schools can't easily at least police their entire student body, you know, be both mental health care professional, legal adviser, right, policeman or woman in these cases. i mean, you are an officer of the law. you served in baltimore with its own gun violence problem. is the issue here the access to the weapons? >> it is not only access to the
7:22 am
weapons. that is part of this. but that failure to communicate. it is one thing that i always try to stress in dealing with any crimes, any issues. i go back to the first rule of accurate timely intelligence clearly disseminated to all. how in the world do you have a kid drawing this stuff in class, ammo, blood everywhere, the thoughts won't stop, whatever it was, they had it but didn't talk to, didn't communicate to the police. so we have mistakes across the board here. my concern is will these mistakes impact a trial. we need to get the kids justice, we need to get their families justice, we need that community restored after this tragedy. so it is all a mess, but it looks like the sheriff, the prosecutor are getting their acts together to make this a prosecutable case.
7:23 am
and i hope they do. >> and so it is a way of claktclakt i collecting data so people can act on it. always good to draw on your experience. >> thanks, jim. coming up next, a well-known trump ally throwing his hat into the georgia governor's race. david perdue just released a video explaining why he is challenging the republican incumbent brian kemp who you may remember angered trump because he would not aid him in overturning election results in georgia. more coming up. the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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recall chesa boudin now. former gop senator david perdue has officially entered the race now for governor in georgia. a few minutes ago perdue announced a republican primary challenge against the incumbent republican governor, brian kemp. a spokesperson for donald trump has confirmed to cnn the former president will endorse not surprisingly perdue. >> i like brian. this isn't personal. it is simple. he has failed all of us and cannot win in november. instead of protecting our laelaebs elections, he caved and cost us two is that the seats, the senate majority and gave joe biden free rein.
7:29 am
think about how different it would be if kemp had fought abrams first instead of fighting trump. >> and remember trump said the election was stolen which it wasn't and so trump going against kemp. perdue hoping to make a comeback after the senate race helped give democrats a very thin majority. joining me to discuss is a political reporter from the constitution. first to the obvious question, trump endorsing senator perdue. he doesn't like kemp because kemp wouldn't do what he wanted with the georgia election. >> yeah, you're right. and it actually goes back a little further than that. they fought over coronavirus restrictions, the former president didn't like when the governor reopened the state's economy in an aggressive manner. and didn't like that he left kelly leffler for that open
7:30 am
seat. but it really blew open last year when the governor refused to call a legislative session that would have overturned the election results and led to a wave litigation and distrapctio from the senate runoffs. >> perdue didn't straight up call the election stolen in his video announcement, but he did say kemp did not protect the election. is that part of his message, is he going to tow the line on the big lie? >> yeah, it does seem like that. he is saying -- he's been calling for more investigations, election integrity. he is using those buzz words that signal his loyalty to trump and it signaled that he agrees with trump without saying that the election was stolen or rigged or the other lies that trump has promoted. >> so the lieutenant governor also a republican called this another example of sel self-inflicted rounds for the gop. listen to what he had to say.
7:31 am
>> quite honestly, david perdue should though better than this. he is the only one to blame for losing his election to johns onoffon ossoff and he ran the worst campaign ever. it appears that he will try to carry donald trump's water on the conspiracy stuff and that seems to be the only tail wind he's got. >> so how divisive, damaging, what a primary challenge like this be for republicans there, does it strengthen stacey abrams? >> it will be an all-out brawl, it will be ugly and expensive and you are already seeing the battle lines being drawn listening before david perdue made this announcement with republicans taking up arms for either governor kemp or senator perdue. and you will only see that accelerate. this is going to be just very bi bitter. and it does play into the hands of stacey abrams and georgia democrats who are saying that
7:32 am
democrats are united behind stacey abrams and behind warnock who is on the ballot next year and behind extending medicaid. so democrats basically reacted with a sense of confusion and excitement that this was actually happening, that perdue is actually going to challenge governor kemp. >> exactly one year ago today we note senator perdue skipped a debate with jon ossoff, also skipped a debate just before the november general election, attended a trump rally instead. does perdue debate stacey abrams or is this a broader strategy? >> that is a very good question. you're right, that was a year ago. he was under a lot of pressure to show up, to at least, you know, waive the standard, give republicans something to cheer about. but many of own advisers pushed back internally on that decision.
7:33 am
so he also skipped some major campaign rallies, did more of under the radar campaign push. i'll tell you this, governor kemp is a worker. so governor kemp will be out there going around the campaign trail, holding many, many events. and david perdue will be under the gun to do the same thing, to be out there and be very visible in grass roots organizations, something he started do before this announcement but something that he will have to accelerate as next year nears. >> big lie lives on in parts of georgia at least. greg, thanks so much. a u.s. diplomatic boycott of the beijing olympics is expected to be announced this week. how is china reacting? we'll be live from shanghai next. their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th.
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this week president biden is expected to announce what is known as a diplomatic boy cold front the 2022 beijing olympics, that would mean no u.s. government officials would attend. t but athletes would be able to compete. china is warning it will take, quote, resolute countermeasures against the biden administration should that happen. david culver is in shanghai this morning. david, what else are chinese officials threatening here? >> reporter: they are saying that is this all political maneuvering on the part of the u.s. and they also say you may not want to show up, but you weren't even invited as of yet.
7:39 am
i struggle to see this as their being shocked or stunned as it has been discussed for several weeks and months, this dip diplomatic boycott. but i'll read you a little bit more from the foreign ministry here that came down just a few hours ago. they say the u.s. should stop politicizing sports and hyping up the so-called diplomatic boycott so as not to affect cooperation in important areas. this is like the middle ground for the u.s. because biden can appeal to folks in the u.s. who want him to stay tough on china, he can show of course officials will not show up this beijing as really a plethora of issues from human rights violations with uighur muslims to the crackdown on pro democracy protests in hong kong, to issues with taiwan, to covid origins. you name it, we've been through several issues that are facing china and the u.s. and really the world at this point. but china is using this as a moment to step up its nationalistic rhetoric and
7:40 am
bolster its support domestically. but this could pose a bigger problem for china because what is worse than not having u.s. athletes attend but having them attend and to be here in the mainland on chinese territory and to use these human rights issues as potential platforms to vocalize their concerns with how the chinese government has been acting. that would be a major issue. >> sure, especially the situation with the concerns about culver, thank you so much. a top official is warning that u.s. is losing ground to china with space capabilities and china could overtake the u.s. by the end of this decade. kristin fisher is joining me now. you moderated a panel of expert this is weekend. they have been warning about chinese progress for a number of years now. what in particular is concerning them now? >> just the speed with which the
7:41 am
chinese are developing this cutting edge technology. take a look at that hypersonic weapons test a few months ago. the general that was on the panel said that china has tested hundreds of hypersonic weapons over the last -- excuse me, tested hundreds of hypersonic types of technology over the last, you know, five years or so while the u.s. has only tested nine. and so that level of testing is what, you know, an example of what the u.s. really needs to work on. and just listen to this quote from the vice chief of space operations general david thompson. >> the fact that in essence on average they are building and fielding and updating their space capabilities at twice the rate we are means that very soon if we don't start accelerating our development and capabilities, they will exceed us. and 2030 is not an unreasonable
7:42 am
estimate. >> that is quite a statement. and that is just nine years away. >> is this sense of urgency making a difference? because we've heard space force officials warn about this, but capabilities in space as well, offensive capabilities in space. do they have the sense that this is moving the dial here in washington? >> part of the reason the space force was created of course was on to speed up this acquisitions process. right now all these panelists are pretty much in agreement that the bureaucracy is bogging down the process. and congressman jim cooper said that he was a huge advocate for the space force but it is not moving fast enough at this point. and when i asked him if china is now in a space race officially with the united states, congressman jim cooper, not only did he say yes, he said hell yes. >> i believe it. and of course you have russia with their offensive test a couple weeks ago. kristin fisher, thanks so much. former white house chief of staff mark meadows is expected
7:43 am
to appear for a deposition this week in the ongoing january 6 investigation. how far is he willing to go? we'll have details on that next. first, here are other things to batch for on a busy news monday.
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former white house chief staff mark meadows is expected on capitol hill at some point this week to give a deposition to the house select committee. meadows reached a cooperation agreement, has shared documents with the panel, but only after he was faced with the threat of criminal contempt charges, criminal contempt of congress. and he is promoting his hugh book that includes some details about the day of the insurrection including conversations and interactions with the former president. joining me now to discuss is jennifer rogers. jennifer, great to have you back. how can the president's former
7:49 am
chief of staff simultaneously claim executive privilege to prevent some cooperation with the january 6 committee but also publish a book that describes a lot of his interactions with the president, is that possible legally? >> that is a great question. the answer is it is not quite as simple as some people have made it out to be. the holder of the privilege to the extent that the privilege exists here and there are a lot of reasons why former president trump should not be able to assert executive privilege, but the privilege to the extent it exists belongs to the former president, not to harmark meado. so he can't waive it, but by speaking about these conversations in public and putting that information out there, that really diminishes the arm that former president trump can claim from this information coming out. so it is not so much a waiver, but he can't say that i'm g grievously harmed by this information and that influences the executive privilege analysis a great deal. >> so we've seen a lot of folks
7:50 am
claim executive privilege with regards to their interactions with the president in this investigation and others. but also this new tactic of claiming the fifth amendment right to not incriminate yourself. what does that mean? does that mean they figured out kind of a way to get around things here, that they are skren winly worried about criminal exposure as well? >> it has to be a genuine worry, it has to be a good faith assertion. what you say when you invoke your fifth amendment protections is that you have a good faith belief that if you don't invoke, you may be subject to criminal charges. so that is really amazing actually that two lawyers for the former president john east man and jeffrey clark have said that because of conversations with the former president, they could be criminally charged if they disclose that information. that is really amazing. so you do have to have that good faith belief. it is not just a semi stall tactic the way that executive privilege is. >> but does it have to be good
7:51 am
faith in this case? forgive me for being a skeptic here. given that it seems some analysts who say that the advantage of that right is that you can engage the committee, claim the fifth, and therefore prevent the possibility of contempt charges. so you win on all fronts. >> it definitely will stop doj from bringing concept charges because they know that there is the basis for a good faith belief. i mean, it is tricky here because you are not in court. when you are in court in the course of a regular proceeding, there is a judge there. and so what often happens is the parties talk to the judge about what the good faith belief is. sometimes without the prosecutors present so that the judge is convinced in the good faith belief. here there is no judge, so a little dicier than it normally would be. who is kind of making that assessment. but i think that we all know frankly from information that has become public, for example the conversation that was recorded with former president trump and the georgia secretary
7:52 am
of state that there is a basis for criminal liability here for these folks who were advocating an overthrow of the government. i don't think in a anyone is really questioning that they do have a possibility of charges here.think in a anyone is really questioning that they do have a possibility of charges here. >> the deposition was post opposed with michael flynn, they want him to testify about a meeting where they discussed election lies, possibly delaying the certification. and flynn still says that he is engaging with the investigation. you are either cooperating, right, engaging, does that just mean answering their phone calls? where does that stand? >> so it seems to me that after steve bannon was actually charged, a lot of folks said, oh, you know, holy moly, i don't want to be charged myself so i'll take a different tact which is not the complete blow off but this dance of i'm engaging. michael flynn has been one of the most steadfast loyal
7:53 am
trumpists out there. i wouldn't expect him to be particularly cooperative. this one i think is probably more of the stall tactic. >> jennifer rogers, wouldn't be the first stall tactic we've seen in this investigation. thanks very much. coming up next, touching, moving tributes to the victims in the oxford, michigan school shooting. how the detroit lions and the university of michigan honored their memories. happy holidays from lexus. get $1500 lease cash toward a 2022 rx 350. ♪
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in sports, the detroit lions finally put an end to their 15 game winless streak sunday in a last second victory against the vikings. but following the win, lions head coach dan campbell dedicated the game to the oxford community and those four students killed in last tuesday's high school shooting. >> this game ball goes to the whole oxford community, all those who were affected. >> i hope they were all watching today able to enjoy their win and take their minds off it for whatever it may be, three hours. i think anytime that we can do that, it is a lot bigger than sports and today is one of those special circumstances that we were able to rise to the occasion and make something special happen. >> for those four teenagers killed, lost their lives. the university of michigan, it also honored the victims in
7:59 am
saturday's big ten championship game by wearing a special patch on their jerseys with four hearts for those four victims and the number 42 in tribute to oxford high school star football player tate myre who is credited with saving lives that day. >> we wanted to honor tate myre in this game, you know, dedicated the game to him for his courage and what he did in the shootings in oxford. he is a hero. our 42nd point up there and my patch fell off, but yeah, it is -- i think god was with us. >> well, you splyou may have he there, that michigan won by scoring how many points? exactly 42. maybe some divine intervention. thanks so much for joining us today. i'm jim sciutto. at this hour with kate bolduan starts right now.
8:00 am
hello, everyone. here is what we're watching at this hour. troubling trend again. covid cases and hospitalizations on the rise in the u.s. as new travel rules are going into effect. new york city taking a step no other city has to boost vaccination rates. standing up to china, the biden administration set to announce a diplomatic boycott of the beijing olympics. ramping up the pressure over its human rights abuses. and the investigation widens, michigan authorities look into whether a school shooting suspect's parents had an accomplice and if school officials failed in acting on warnings. thanks for being here. let's begin with the pandemic. all travelers coming into the united states are required to test negative for coronavirus within one day of departure now. the new requirements now in effect apply t


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