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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  December 7, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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now. hey, don. >> that is the most exposure i've had to social media in like two years. >> you probably are healthier as a result. >> i do. i cut my consumption of social media, and i'm happy. no knee jerk reactions to people's criticism. you take it very well. i just can't deal with it any more. because i get the trolls. >> we'll see what tomorrow night brings. >> can i talk to you about something? we were talking about foreign policy, because you were talking about china and ukraine. but i -- kitchen table stuff that we're going to cover in this show, and that is very happy about the price of gasoline for the car, home heating oil down, and unemployment. those are things that americans really care about in this moment, and for this holiday season. it appears that they are going in the right direction, michael. >> i don't want to sort of talk about against my own a-block,
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because i focused on the situation with ukraine and russia. but to your point, don, what really matters most, at christmas is your son going to get the g.i. joe with the fung fu grip? >> this is not the '60s or '70s or the bionic man with the eyeball. this is ps-5 territory. >> have a good show. >> thank you, sir. see you later. this is "don lemon tonight." breaking news. we want to talk about the house just passed legislation to increase the debt limit with a simple majority instead of 60 votes. you know what that means? ten republicans would have to get on board. k congress has until next wednesday to address the debt limit. as that joe biden is taking on vladamir putin as we just talked about here. thousands of russian troops amass on the border with ukraine. joe biden's message to president
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putin, just a barely veiled threat, saying things we do not do in 2014, we are prepared to do now. a warning that russia could face a world of hurt economically, if putin decides to invade ukraine. compare that to the disgraceful performance from the former president, who cozied up next to putin, taking his word over our own intelligence committee, saying he didn't see any reason to believe russia was behind interference in the election. >> my people came to me, they said they think it's russia. i have president putin, he just said it's not russia. i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. >> while joe biden is locked in a face-off with russia, china is already mad about his diplomatic boycott of the 2022 winter olympics in beijing over china's human rights violations. but as he confronts two
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international rivals here at home, americans are finally getting some relief. finally, right? good news, people. we talk about that. gas prices are heading south, down. the forecast says that they could drop below $3 a gallon. and the outlook for heating cost this winter, getting better, too. that, as there's news from the committee investigating the attack on the capitol january 6. they say that mark meadows has one last chance to cooperate or they're going to hold him in criminal contempt. the former president's chief of staff says he won't cooperate any more, but he's already handed over more than 6,000 pages of documents, including texts, emails and calls during the riots at the capitol. he handed over all that without a peep about executive privilege. now he's saying no. why is that?
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makes you wonder, what is he trying to hide? >> what we found over the last couple of days, honestly, was that the committee was fully intending to continue to press forward, asking about executive privileged items, things that are protected by that. in addition, we found that in spite of our cooperation in sharing documents with them, they had issued unbeknownst to us, and without even a courtesy call, issued a subpoena to third party carrier, trying to get information. and so at this point, we feel like it's best that we just don't to honor the executive privilege. and it looks like the courts are going to have to weigh in on this. >> take note of this. when his former boss realizes that meadows voluntarily handed over so many of his records without once claiming privilege,
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he's going to be mad. furious. mean while, the committee has already sent out more than 100 requests for phone records, and gotten a substantial number back, including from, surprise, one mark meadows. and that may tell you a whole lot about who was talking to whom before, during, and after the january 6 riot. it also might explain why meadows seems to be trying to get back on the former guy's good side. in the face of all that, in the face of everything we know about the former guy, it is still shocking that not only did he test positive for covid days before his first debate with joe biden, we're learning that he was sicker than we knew. his blood oxygen level dip sod low after he admitted he had the virus, couldn't even carry his own briefcase to the helicopter that took him to walter reed, basically medevacing him to the hospital. that coming from, you guessed
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it, mark meadows in his own new book. the book the former president, no surprise, is furious about. it was so much worse than what they told you, the public. now, look, we all know the former president lies. more than 30,000 false and misleading claims during his four years in office. the story of the trump era isn't that he is liar. it's how he manages to suck everything and everyone else into the void. in light of what we know right now, i want you to listen to what the then president's doctor said on the steps of walter
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reed, hemming and hawing. >> -- to disclose that the president had been administered oxygen. >> that's a good question. i was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude that the team, the president during the course of his illness has had. i didn't want to give any information that might steer the course of illness in another direction. and in doing so, you know, it came off that we were trying to hide something, which wasn't necessarily true. >> can you -- do you remember that? right? i had forgotten about that. seems like a lifetime ago, but that was just last year. all the white coats standing there. it was like a sci-fi movie. it wasn't necessarily true they were trying to hide something. how many american lives could have been saved, though? if the former president had told the public how sick he was. how dangerous covid is?
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he put his own life at risk. he put american lives at risk. instead of telling people to take covid seriously, he hid the truth. covid, foreign policy, the economy. our democracy. we need to take these issues seriously. we need serious people. but instead, this is what we have. who are the voices with the power in the halls of congress? anybody from the qanon, congresswoman to matt gaetz, predicting the gop will take power. >> we are going to take power after this next election, and when we do, it's not going to be the days of paul ryan and trey gowdy and no real oversight and no real subpoenas. it's going to be the days of jim jordan and margeorie taylor greene and dr. gosar and myself
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doing everything to get the answers to these questions. >> the list of names. but guess what? what he predicts could very well come to pass. matt gaetz, jim jordan, margorie taylor greene, paul gosar. they've made it very, very clear where they stand on a number of issues, including our democracy. they stand for violent videos that appear to show the killing of a colleague, an attack on the president of the united states. they stand for bogus conspiracy theorys. they stand for on devotion to a former president. let's bring in now our
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correspondents, reporters. jamie, you have an exclusive every night. i love you for coming on elliott, too. bring us some exclusives, we would love it. >> all i can say, don, is if you think donald trump was furious about mark meadows' book, get ready. according to the committee, we have learned that, among more than 6,000 pages of documents that meadows voluntarily handed over to the committee, are messages sent and received during the riot. texts, emails, calls, while the events of the election -- excuse me, after 40 years, i can't believe i did that on tv -- insurrection was happening. the records include "volumes of
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material, including realtime communication as the riot up folded." look, don, we don't have the details of who meadows was communicating with that date, yet. but we do know that a lot of people had mark meadows' cell phone. white house officials, rally organizers, trump loyalists, members of congress. so, don, everyone should be aware if they were communicating with mark meadows, texting, calling, emailing on january 6, the committee may already have those documents. >> oh, wow. wow! so you're right, if he's angry about that, he's really going to be mad about this, all while claiming executive privilege. so elliott, chime in here. because pete aguilar is telling cnn tonight that some records meadows turned over come from a personal device. and get this, that meadows was
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in communication with individuals involved with planning the january 6 rally. there is no doubt that the committee has some follow up questions, correct, mr. attorney? >> correct, mr. host. and moreover, you don't need that person to come in and testify once you have the records. what they can do is ask other people whose phone information is appearing in the records that they have. so i think people get in their heads that you have to have always the big fish, the king pen, the president, the vice president, the chief of staff, whom efficient it is when you're running an investigation. often it's far more valuable to speak to the people around them, providing testimony about what you have hard evidence about in the form of phone records. so these phone records are incredibly valuable. moreover, look at the fact that just yesterday mike pence's chief of staff, mark sh wart, word of his cooperation came up. so yes, it would be valuable to
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have mark meadows to testify, but it's not fatal to the investigation if he doesn't. >> anyone what communicated with meadows on january 6 or the days around it, they've got to be nervous tonight about they said. do you think it will prompt others to come forward? >> i think it does. i think also the fear of what happens if the committee does come trying to speak with you, and they don't comply. they made clear that they will attempt to hold people in contempt. mark meadows might be a more challenging figure to hold in contempt, because of the fact that he's already provided all these documents. number two, he's going to have conversations with the president. but the committee can still go after any of these individuals, right? so they have far more of an incentive to comply right now. so it's not just people that spoke to mark meadows, but people around them. so there's this growing web of individuals who could
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potentially be targets, so they have every reason to want or have an incentive to commit. >> jamie, you also have exclusive reporting on new subpoenas sent out by the committee. what are they looking for? >> so what we have learned is that the committee sent out more than 100 requests for detailed records and have received a substantial number back. they do not include the content. there's not a recording or a text. but they give details about who was calling or texting whom, when they placed the call, for how long the calls lasted. don, this gives the committee potentially the ability to -- just to draw a web of communications about what was going on before, during, and after that january 6 riot. look, the other point here is the committee believes it may be
11:15 pm
able to learn what was actually in let's say those texts on phone calls, from individuals who are already cooperating with the investigation. so if someone like mark meadows is not going to cooperate, maybe someone like mark short, former vice president's chief of staff, maybe they were texting. maybe mark short has that text exchange. and my sense is, it's likely they're already seeing some of these text exchanges. >> interesting. so what can the committee piece together from these phone records, elliott? >> so here's -- just put it in concrete terms, don. under normal circumstances, you might ask somebody what were you doing on january 3rd at around maybe 2:00 p.m. and have the person say, i don't remember. maybe i was eating lunch or something like that. that's a very different question than, on january 3rd, at 2:14 p.m. you had a phone
11:16 pm
conversation with don lemon. what did you talk about at that time? that's incredibly valuable. think about that across the nature -- you know, across every communication that person might have had over a series of days with a series of people and so on. it allows investigators to very specifically target the information they're looking for, rather than -- it's quite limited to the time you have. you only get a couple of hours with them. now they can pin point every conversation, every recipient, every third party, and it makes for a far more productive investigation. >> meadows' about face with the cooperating after he learned about the subpoenas. >> this is an individual that used to be the ranking member on the house committee on oversight, which is a committee that just subpoenas people all the time. what could he have thought was going to happen?
11:17 pm
of course they were going to subpoena his phone records and phone records of everybody else. so the idea that this came out of nowhere makes no sense. who knows what's driving the behavior here? but given the work that he did for his entire time in congress, it's mind boggling that he seems to be so shocked once he got hit with a subpoena. it makes very little sense. >> elliott, always a pleasure. jamie, great job. thank you. see you guys soon. so joe biden going toe to toe with vladamir putin over russian troops on the board we are ukraine. but did he do enough to get putin to back down? >> i will look you in the eye and tell you as joe biden looked president put in in the eye tody that things we didn't do in 2014, we are prepared to do now. everything felt like a 'no'. everything.
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11:22 pm
along the ukraine border. cnn learning tonight that the call turned tense at times. so joining me now, former defense secretary william cohen. good to see you, secretary. thanks for joining us. the stakes are incredibly high here. this is a head-to-head with biden and putin. do you think biden did enough to get putin to back off? >> i think he did enough to make clear what the response of the united states would be should president putin decide to use military force. from a military point of view, vladamir putin holds a lot of cards. he's got 180,000 or more that he could put in very quickly. and move militarily. it would be a lot of bloodshed, but nonetheless, i think the military outcome could be pretty convincing on his part. the consequences of it all, he has to take into account, he's looking at us. we are divided from within. we can't make a decision on
11:23 pm
masks, on covid. we can't make a decision on our defense authorization bill. we are suffering from war fatigue, and we have alienated many of our european alhis that we have tried to make amends now with joe biden. but i think joe biden did a good job in outlining what the consequences would be long-term, and long-term, president putin has to calculate what would that do to unite all of the nato countries against him. those countries that are neutral toward russia at this point, what would they do? so he's got a lot to think about. but if we expect that president putin is going to back down, it's sort of like, are you talking to me? here's a guy who has iron grip control over russia. with a strong military, with nuclear weapons. and so the notion that he's simply going to back away is unrealistic. what i think needs to be done is we need to send our defense
11:24 pm
secretary to all the nato countries and send our treasury secretary to meet with all the nato countries and western countries and say look, if it comes to this, will you be with us? and i don't think we can say that at this point, given the kind of fractures we have seen with the former president and the fact that we had the agreement that really undermined the sale of submarines to australia. >> we need to make sure our allies have our back on this one. >> and we have to do it not on a telephone call but in person. we have the resources, and get that done. >> so the national security adviser, jake sullivan, saying that the u.s. would respond with harsh economic measures if russia invades ukraine. he also said this. watch. >> as president biden looked president puten in the eye and told him today things we did not do in 2014, we prerprepared to
11:25 pm
now. >> what things exactly, secretary? >> well, the economic sanctions for sure. looking at how we could interrupt their economy in terms of their banking system. whether or not they would be able to convert rubles into dollars with oil deals, et cetera. so it could be a penalty upon russia, for sure. but there are nato allies that would be hurt by this, if we imposed sanctions on the pipeline. well, who does that hurt? it hurts russia, but it hurts germany and other european countries. so that's why i say we need to send our secretary of treasury and others saying if we do this, if we impose these sanctions and don't waive them, this is going to hurt you as well as russia. and we're going to have the following measures to help you out from our energy supplies, from our economic help, if necessary. but we're in this together, because this is not the united
11:26 pm
states against russia. this is russia versus nato and the western world, so to speak, in terms of whether or not a country can have an autonomous, sovereign nation that is free. that's the issue right now. president putin came back, and he said no, this is a case of northern aggression. it's nato aggression. but the fact is, what is happening is that putin now has 175,000 troops or will have on the border. he's threatening to invade. he could militarily do it pretty soon. and so i think he's had out his case. he has some issues that have some merit. we ought to listen to those and then find out a way to say how do we calm this down? the last thing we want is a pill tear confrontation. >> i want to get this in. these things don't happen in a vacuum. china is lashing out after the diplomatic boycott of the olympics, saying the u.s. will pay the price.
11:27 pm
that's what they are saying. beijing often talks tough, but they have to be closely watching what happens with ukraine, because they have their eye on taiwan. >> beijing may talk tough. are they in a position to act tough? they have revolutionized their military in the last 40 years. they are nearly a peer competitor on a military basis. so the notion that we could take on beijing, as well as russia simultaneously is far-fetched. but i think they're watching it and saying this is unfair. because they don't believe in universal human rights. their position is, anything that happens inside of china is our business and not yours or anybody else's. we take issue with that. that's the reason we raise human rigs issues. but it's something that is very sensitive to them. they're watching very closely what we do. i don't think they want to
11:28 pm
attack taiwan. they have the capacity to do it. if not now, within a reasonably short period of time. so what we have to do is get back to diplomacy and say how do we reach accommodations with these two powers? beijing is more powerful certainly, in terms of economics, but its growing military power in russia is a military power. how do we accommodate their interests without selling out our values and our interest? and that's why joe biden is sitting in that office. >> and that's why we love having you here, to hear your wisdom. thank you very much. gas prices dropping. dropping after the october boom. how long will the relief last? stay with us. healthier is getting all the stuff you may need to feel better get the door! ♪ ...from the comfort of home. ♪ this is what healthier looks like ♪
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a big economic relief for millions of americans who have been doling with soaring energy prices. the cost at the pump, finally easing up. the financial average for a gallon of regular falling to $3.35. the lowest since october. just look at that. and the government is forecasting gas will drop to $3.01 by january. national gas prices also taking a big dive. they're down by more than 40% since the october peak,
11:34 pm
alleviating concerns that heating bills -- natural, not national, could have doubled by this winter. joining me now the former council on the economic advisers, austin golgsby. can we just celebrate this good news for a minute? >> yeah, i'm kicking myself, because i filled my tank just a few days ago, it was $64 when i filled up my tank. i should have waited. >> this is definitely welcome news for people who have been hit really hard by energy costs. why are these prices dropping and do you think they'll last? >> well, a couple reasons. the biggest reason is the price of oil is dropping. the price of oil has dropped more than gas prices have dropped. so it's probably going to keep going, at least in the short run. some of that may be due to the
11:35 pm
announcements about the strategic petroleum reserve. a lot of that is due to opec and the other oil producing countries backing off. they were trying to restrict output, and that sort of fell apart a bit. and they announced that the -- in january they're going to increase production. i think all of those factors are feeding into this. but gas prices are highly variable. they go up, they go down. by next summer, they'll probably be up again. let's take it while we got it. >> listen, i've been on this earth long enough to see really high gas prices and really low prices and gas lines and so on and so forth. so they fluctuate a lot. this is what i'm wondering if -- we're still in a pandemic, right? still in it. the big question, if this drop in energy prices will apply to other parts of the economy being hit by inflation, things like
11:36 pm
electronics and food, we know they're way up. so what is the reality right now about inflation, sir? >> well, the reality, we're going to get a number on friday, and that number is probably going to be pretty big, because it's not going to include this, it's going to be looking back over the last month. so we're probably still going to have several months of high readings of inflation. we're still working through a bunch of supply chain issues that have nothing to do with oil. you know, the ports and the computer chips and all of that type of thing. there is definitely the possibility, though, that if we can get control of the virus and get control of the supply chain problems, that is people can go back to spending their money on services, not all trying to buy physical goods at the same time, that we could have big drops in the unemployment rate.
11:37 pm
the gdp economic growth rate kicked way up, 5, 6, even 7% at an annual rate. and inflation is starting to ease. you would think people would be feeling a lot better than they have been in the last couple of months, if that happens. >> the reality is a lot of this is beyond the president's control. we say that every time, but they do get the blame for the good and bad. if inflation remains stubborn, what options does the administration have? >> not great options in the immediate term. they can do things like the strategic petroleum reserve, but that's a temporary fix. i think they have to get chrome of the virus. on that side, it's not that promising. this omicron variant looks like it's spreading very rapidly in different places. so that could send us back into a whole other round of this. let's hope that doesn't happen.
11:38 pm
i think anything they can do to shift what american consumers are spending their money on, away from physical goods, which we're at these unprecedented levels of spending money on physical goods. everybody trying to do that at the same time. of course the supply chain can't handle that. if we can go back to spending money on services by getting control of the virus, i think that would go a long way to easing the pressure on inflation. >> listen, i just want to ask you. the markets are all over the place, gas prices are coming down. what is the health of the economy? it's kind of confusing to people, the actual health of the economy right now. >> it's confusing. what you said is right. the job market is very strong. waging are up. unemployment is down to a very low level. so for people that want to work
11:39 pm
and find a job, this is a great moment to do that. there's still a lot of reluctance, especially in sectors where there's exposure to the disease or where people are not vaccinated. so i think we're going to have to work our way through that labor scarcity. economic growth clearly slowed in the summer. but if we can get a handle on this, the forecast at least are for robust rebound in terms of growth. and we just got to manage the inflation side. but it could be quite strong, more like what it was at the beginning of 2021, where we felt like, yes, we're taking the roof off! >> thank you, austin. always a pleasure. so he was sicker than we knew. details coming out on how bad the former president's covid case was. we have those, next.
11:40 pm
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here's what we're learning about. the former president's blood oxygen level dipped down to a dangerously level hours after he tested positive for covid-19. another revelation from mark meadows that wasn't previously shared by the white house or trump's doctors. let's discuss now with dana bash here. dana, another one for mark meadows' book. and he writes, october 2 of last year, that morning, the doctor pulled me aside and delivered some bad news. although the president's condition had improved, his oxygen levels had dipped down to about 86%, and could be trending lower. a dangerously low level for someone his age.
11:45 pm
compare that to what we heard from trump's physician. >> this morning, the president is doing very well. he is not on oxygen right now, that's right. >> hi ne never received any at ? >> i'm not going to get into all the testing, but he -- and all the staff routinely are tested. >> did his oxygen level ever dip below 90? >> we don't have any recordings here of that. >> at the white house or here, anything below 90? >> no, it was below 94%. it wasn't down to the low 80s or anything. >> okay, dana. good evening by the way. that was a dance. was it a cover-up? what was going on here? >> sure. it certainly seems as though it was a cover-up. it was a pretty messy one. i mean, it was a pretty
11:46 pm
inadequate one. because if you remember, don, at the time, while that doctor was saying what appears to be many things that were just not true about the then president's health, mark meadows who wrote this book was quietly at first saying on back ground meaning not for attribution, that the president was in really bad shape and it came out that it was him and he had to fess up to it. this is now being put in a book where the form er chief of staf hopes to make some money off of revelations on what really went on in those days. what it is reminding us is how little we knew about what was going on in general, especially when it came to the very dire situation of the leader of the free world's health. >> yeah. and just how serious covid could
11:47 pm
be and was. we know the former president is a -- to your point -- >> yeah. >> this is an example of how people around him and all of us, we got all swept up in this culture of deception, because we didn't participate in it, meaning the people on the outside they did. but we had to live with it. go on, i'm sorry. >> yeah, that's right. and you were making this point, don, that it was very, very crucial for him to be making these -- putting everything behind a very thick curtain at that time, because remember, it was a month before the election where he was already in complete denial mode about covid. and the last thing that he and the people around him wanted to do was admit that everything he was projecting about covid, that it wasn't as bad as it was, that you didn't need a mask, so on
11:48 pm
and so on, it was just not true. and he knew it wasn't true, because he was suffering. and it took a very long time for them to convince him to even go to walter reed, even though he cheerily needed it, because his case of covid was so bad. never mind the other revelation that we got. i believe it was last week, about the fact that he had an initial positive test before he went to the debate. that was the moment things went off the rail. >> mark meadows, this book, i mean, w-you know what. he's got to be really miffed. pissed, let's just say it. >> you know who's miffed? the former president. >> that's who i'm saying. dana bash, always a pleasure. thank you. >> nice to see you, don. >> you, as well.
11:49 pm
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11:54 pm
training. >> department still lacks an overall training infrastructure to meet the needs of the department. the level of intelligence gathering and expertise needed and an overall cultural change needed to move the department into a protective agency as opposed to a traditional police department. >> so on this show we're going to continue to report extensively on the needs of the capitol police and d.c. officers who are beaten by rioters and who have had the courage to come forward to describe the horrors they experienced, like officer michael fanone. >> at some point during the fighting, i was dragged from the line of officers and into the crowd. i heard someone scream, i got one! as i was swarmed by a violent mob, they ripped off my badge. they grabbed and stripped me of my radio. they seized ammunition that was secured to my body. they began to beat me with their fists and with what felt like
11:55 pm
hard metal objects. at one point i came face to face with an attacker who repeatedly lunged for me and attempted to remove my firearm. i heard chanting from some in the crowd, get his gun and kill him with his own gun. >> officer daniel hodges describing how he was nearly crushed to death, trapped inside a doorway by people he calls terrorists. >> i remember him foaming at the mouth. he also put his cell phone in his mouth so that he had both hands free to assault me. eventually he succeeded in stripping away my gas mask . a mob of terrorists were coordinating their efforts now shouting heave, ho as they crushed me further against the metal door frame. the man in front of me grabbed my baton that i still held in my hands and in my current state i was unable to retain my weapon.
11:56 pm
>> officer hodges lucky to be alive after that horrific ordeal. capitol police say 130 officers have left the force this year. it's really past time to put all measures in place to protect these officers. up next, more than 100 subpoenas. we're going to tell you who and what the committee investigating january 6th is targeting now. wh, what you'll need, and help you build a flexible plan for cash flow designed to last. so you can go from saving... to living. ♪ ♪ ♪ (sha bop sha bop) ♪ ♪ are the stars out tonight? (sha bop sha bop) ♪ ♪ ♪ alexa, play our favorite song again. ok. ♪ i only have eyes for you ♪
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tonight a cnn exclusive. the january 6th committee issuing subpoenas for the phone records of more than 100 people, including former top trump administration officials like chief of staff mark meadows. the white house saying president biden was direct and straightforward with russian leader vladimir putin in a conference call they had on the possibility that russia might invade ukraine. biden threatening strong economic


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