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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  December 8, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PST

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nonwhite. joe biden, 50% women, 39% nonwhite. he made it a centerpiece. he has done so. so many of them, particularly as it relates to national security, are being slow walked by ted cruz, josh hawley and marco rubio. this is the permanent chair of the fcc, the first woman to hold this job. she was confirmed, wait for this, confirmed by the senate, 68-31. you don't see that all that often. so there is diversity in who joe biden is nominating and who is being confirmed. hawley and cruz are slow walking this. yes, this person can be the ambassador to whoever. no, we want to have a full hearing, to go full debate in the senate. that slows the process down. i'll go back to where i started,
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zero ambassadors in africa. zero. huge amounts of national security and state department jobs unfilled, appointed but unfilled. that is a problem for our country. guys? . >> also, chris, overnight, republican congresswoman lauren boebert decided to copy one of her republican colleagues and posted a photo with her children, some of them rather young here, holding what appeared to be semiautomatic rifles in front of their christmas tree. i know she is just trying to troll people who didn't like congressman massie's photo. but this is a statement that can't be ignored. >> politics, particularly in the trumpest wing of the republican party, performance art rather than anything else. this is just performance art. i think lauren boebert views her job as a member of congress to
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troll the left. most members of congress see their job as legislating, getting things done pore their district. unfortunately, brianna, these sorts of things, boebert, matt gates does this, marjorie taylor green, or these things animate the base of the republican party at the moment, which means you will see more of it. but trolling whoever you like is not a part of the job as a member of congress. we seem to have forgotten that. the main job is to represent your constituents and get things done for the country. this isn't that. . >> i look at that and i see, look, four beautiful kids. but i think of four beautiful kids in michigan who are not there with their parents. . >> yep. . >> who were on the other end of the gun. i just wonder about the indecency of a member of congress putting this out there as they are suffering ahead of not having their kids for the holiday. it's just unbelievable, chris.
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. >> totally agree. . >> thank you. and "new day" continues right now. i'm brianna keilar alongside john berman on this "new day". the january 6th committee casting a wide net issuing subpoenas for the phone records of 100 people, also losing the cooperation of a key witness. and a tense two-hour call with vladimir putin. what do we know about whether this call made a difference. as the world scientists are tracking the impact of the omicron variant, we have brand-new data on how effective the pfizer vaccine and the pfizer booster is against it. a suspect is in custody after a huge christmas tree in midtown manhattan is engulfed in flames.
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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is wednesday, december 8th. i'm brianna keilar along with john berman. we are beginning with breaking news. a potent antidote for inflation. gas prices are going down, dropping to $3.34 a gallon nationwide. many of them predicting below $3 a gallon in 2022. >> but, wait, there's more. remember all the talk of skyrocketing heating costs for the winter, they are also dropping dramatically. right to chief business correspondent christine romans with all of this. the numbers dropping significantly, romans. . >> absolutely. it's welcomed relief for american consumers. the government says prices at the pump into keep falling. the energy department predicted tuesday the national average will fall to $3.01 in january, averaging $2.88 for 2022.
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this is based on projections that global oil production will increase faster than demand. that's a reversal of the past 18 months. and the report says the emergence of omicron and new travel restrictions could dent consumption. it is currently at a seven-week low. $3.34 a gallon. recent drops in crude oil prices are showing up at the pump finally. oil prices crashed over concerns omicron could derail energy demand. meanwhile, dire predictions of sky-high home heating costs may not come true this winter after all. warm temperatures and rising production there is sending natural gas prices lower. now down 40% from the october peak. cooling energy costs, if they last, offer critical release for household budgets. energy sticker shock has been one of the biggest drivers of the highest u.s. inflation in decades if, and it is a big if, 23 inflation peaks, it could set up consumers well for next year. think of this.
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64 million people receiving social security get a cost of living increase next year of 5.9 %. that's the biggest increase in that check in about 40 years. and wages are rising the most in years. a new conference board survey finds companies are planning the biggest wage increases next year since the 2007 recession. there is a lot about inflation and how sticky it is. it will mean you will get more money in your paycheck. for social security recipients, there are cost of living adjustments to caution the inflation you have been feeling this way. major breaking medical news. pfizer, which has been looking at how its vaccine handles the omicron variant, put out new data which shows the original two-dose regimen of pfizer that omicron can evade that somewhat. but, and this is what i think is getting the most attention by the markets, that if you're boosted, that may provide nearly
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full protection against omicron. what are the markets saying here? >> we do know that covid is the biggest driver in the global economy right now. that is the biggest factor. and vaccines, we know vaccines that work and can evade the variants are the most important to getting back to a normal post-covid world. this would be viewed as welcomed news in global markets. . >> you can see stock futures rising right now. they popped just after this pfizer news came out. so you can see what the markets think of all of this. christine romans, thank you for all of this. >> i'm feeling good about my booster. >>? i'm feeling great. that was a good decision. >> i'm fully boosted today. two weeks after. very exciting. a cnn exclusive. the january 6th house committee has issued more than 100 subpoenas for phone records, and many of these targeted former trump officials and associates, including former white house
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chief of staff mark meadows. he said he will not cooperate. he turned over messages sent and received during the capitol riot. cnn law enforcement correspondent whitney wild is with us now on the very latest here. whitney. >> reporter: well, this is basic there a road map. the 100 subpoenas or so are giving the house select committee a web of communications leading up to, on the day of, and following the riot. this is going to be significant, brianna, as it drives their investigation. it does not include the content of any messages that went back and forth. it is just the meta data. who was calling whom at what time. that is important as they bring in more people to get this colorful testimony as they try to build their case. there was a significant blow to the house select committee this week. you spoke about it earlier. this about-face from mark meadows. earlier he said basically, or we had reported at least that he had planned to cooperate.
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however, now his attorney is telling the house select committee they do not plan to cooperate. and they're making a very similar argument to what steve bannon has made, brianna, that they have every intention of working with the committee in this very good-faith effort. but they're concerned that the committee is going to ask about information that is covered under executive privilege. because of that, they are kefrpbd the committee has no respect for the boundary of executive privilege. they can't answer any questions in a deposition. meadows' letter stressed they are still willing to consider written questions. take that for what it is worth, brianne ma and john. he could very well end up among this list of people who now face a possible -- could possibly face contempt of congress charges. let's go back to the subpoena. i think this is also important. these phone record subpoenas also include people that the department of justice has investigated in their roles against the insurrection. even absent of a steve bannon or
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mark meadows testimony. this information is really bringing what happened leading up to the riot, a day of the riot, and afterwards into much clearer focus. . >> yeah. look, worth noting, meadows was cooperating until trump got really ticked off about some of the revelations in the new book. thank you for that update. >> former chair of the house intelligence committee mike rogers and former ranking member jane harman. this republican and democrat get along, so brace yourself for something that you don't get to see often. and i do want to sort of relish in this moment of bipartisan comedy with a t. but this subpoena for all of these phone records here, how might that be used? what kind of trail could it give to investigators? >> what meta data is the to/from. gentleman january 6th, you can narrow down the list and compare
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to prior to that of the same patterns. they can start to narrow down their investigation on things that matter. i imagine as chief of staff he will get calls unrelated to that. you want to try to narrow it down. that meta data will help investigators narrow it down significantly. >> it's kind of a launching pad to find more information. you don't have the text messages. but the committee at this point, they have people cooperating, they are getting this data, congre congresswoman. steve bannon's trial not until july. mark meadows no longer cooperating. . >> well, clearly the plot is to slow roll until the fall so the committee impact will be minimized. and i think that's unfortunate for the country. we need to remember that on 9/11, and i think mike was there too. i surely was there. america was under attack. and what did we do to respond? we formed a bipartisan independent commission lead by lee hamilton and tom kaine which
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found out what happened and recommended answers, most of which have been taken. and we haven't been subject to a major attack, foreign attack since. this time america was under attack from within. all of these members of congress were potential victims. all of them. republicans, too. and we need to find out what happened. the senate rejected an independent commission, unfortunately. the house is doing its best. and i think that if they can find the facts, and i agree with mike. the meta data will be useful in narrowing down who meadows to, maybe who the president spoke to this day. this was not the normal course of business. it will be interesting to see what happens with an executive privilege claim given where the calls were made and who made them. but at any rate, we have to know what happened. and then let voters understand that before they cast their vote. >> both of you, whether at the end of this, given the head
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winds, the limitations, what will come of it? will there be criminal referrals made to doj for things other than contempt of conscious, actual actions. . >> it certainly could be. you have to set up all the facts for the referral, really important. and you can't do it on, you know, press reporting and other things. that's why that meta data is important. if there are five key figures that surface to the top about those calls during the actual raiding of congress, those people -- then they're going to be able to go out with a second round of subpoenas, saying we would like your phone records, we would like you to talk to us. you will have a narrow set of recommendations from the committee. and i would be surpriseed if there weren't some criminal referrals. the 23efbi is being very thorou on its investigation. you already see them happening. that body of information will also be really important for the
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committee. so if they're done and the fbi investigation is done, i'm going to guess that the fbi probably had gotten there first and done that charge and made that arrest would be my guess. >> what do you think? >> could happen. i think the committee is being responsible. it is bipartisan. the two republicans on the committee are getting a lot of pressure, but they're not backing down. and i think the fbi is being very responsible. and the fbi, mike, since you left it, had a checkered record. . >> it broke when i left. is that what you're saying? . >> i'm saying when mike and i left congress, the same thing happened to congress. but i think every t will be crossed and i dotted before we get to the end of this. i think everybody's interest is in learning what happened and making recommendations to prevent it from happening again. i was just in europe, and people are questioning our leadership in part because the results of the election last time are questioned and in part because we can't seem to move forward in
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any coherency way. yesterday was a great day for president biden, but i know we'll discuss that in a moment. >> she helped with our tease. . >> we're so happy to have you. we're not going to let you go just yet. stick around for us. up next, president biden's warning to vladimir putin, expect consequences if russia invades ukraine. plus, more on our breaking news from pfizer on how well it works against the new omicron variant. a pfizer scientist will join us ahead. and how supply chain issues could threaten a breakfast staple. this holiday season, give your family the gift that keeps on... going? our very own energizer bunny! energizer ultimate l lithium. [snowball splat and windshield wiper] the #1 longest-lasting aa battery.
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or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes switching fast and easy this holiday season. president biden is warning vladimir putin against invading ukraine. he said the consequences of a military escalation would be
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severe. cnn has reaction from washington to the ukraine. >> reporter: i'm kylie atwood at the state department. president biden and president putin had a high-stakes conversation on tuesday. the national security adviser describing the conversation as straightforward and useful. also where president biden made clear what the repercussions for russia would be if they chose to invade ukraine. there would be high stakes economic measures, providing more support to ukraine, more support to nato allies along the eastern flank. but the national security adviser said that the united states still does not believe president putin has made a decision if he will invade ukraine or not. >> reporter: i'm matthew chance in kiev where the biden/putin call could make the biggest impact of all. it is ukraine that is facing tens of thousands of russian troops amassing its borders,
4:21 am
poised, vladimir putin told president biden that ukraine will never join nato. putin demanded that sophisticated weapons systems, missiles, never be deployed here either. they remain uncertain that military tensions in russia, which has been threatened with u.s. sanctions will now calm down after the call or ratchet even higher. >> all right. back now with the former chair of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers and former ranking member jane harman. you mentioned you thought the way the white house and the president handled this yesterday you have high praise. why? . >> well, i thought it was biden's finest foreign security policy of his presidency. the reason i liked it so much, he called our allies in advance
4:22 am
and spoke to them about his strategy for the call. he called in after the call and gave them the download of what occurred. and he was really speaking for the west to a phi who is operating on the chaos theory. i think russia is -- doesn't have a good hand but putin is playing it as well he can. just staying at the border for a long time keeps him in the news above the fold. and i think that's part of his goal. what i thought was good about the content is we do have bigger sticks. and we should put them on the table. one is the banking system. i'm sure mike is going to talk about that so i won't. the other is the assets of putin and his cronies in the west. the real estate assets, their bank accounts and all that which we can freeze. and really embarrass them. i mean, a lot of russian money is in the west. and the final thing to say is that this is a big deal.
4:23 am
it's not just what happens in ukraine. it's also how china views what happens in ukraine as china is figuring out next moves in taiwan. and finally, germany is standing up a new economy, a coalition. the government is reconsidering the nor stream 2 pipeline deal. they can't be too reckless here. . >> how do you assess how this went? >> obviously, the messaging i thought was good. however, it results in a sternly worded memo to putin. we don't have a lot of options. when he said we would do these things if you invade, there were things we should do now. more exercises in poland and czechoslovakia with nato troops to show the seriousness of the event. if you do this, we will be really mad at you and come and get you with some of these other sanctions. they do have teeth.
4:24 am
not access to the swiss system and banking means commercial commerce gets much more difficult for russia in the sense in which they have it now. that calculation is going to fall a little bit down on his decision, his being putin, about do you do it or not. the troops being there accomplishes one very important mission. he did not want ukraine to move to the west economically, commercially, militarily. he's going to get that. >> who is? >>? putin is. no one will invest with all the chaos around it. the more we can pash back early -- and, again, saying you're going to put in defensive weapons is a threat. announce the weapons shipments. if putin has casualties coming back across the border, he has,
4:25 am
problems at home. and he knows it. anti-air, anti-armor. we should be doing it today. . >> it is nato's decision, not putin's decision whether ukraine will join. but that's not going to happen. but i do think ukraine is part of the west. this is pulling ukraine closer to the west, not as a member of nato but certainly as a western country. there's plenty of room to reduce ukraine. >> one thing to remember you can't swing a ring of italian sausages without hitting 15 russian intelligence officers. they have flooded the zone. and so they have other options. cyber nefarious activities. they have intelligence information going on for the separatists in the east. so he is very clever how he is trying to set this table.
4:26 am
and i think we would do better to push back on all the activities he's doing now, including cyber, information operations. . >> i hope we are. with all infection, not everything has to be in the press. . >> we will end it here on that note because we fundamentally disagree with that. . >> we had former ambassador to ukraine yesterday talking with us and he said this is the front line of a larger war and we have to have our eyes trained on it. and your voices are essential to that. . >> i think we finally do. . >> jane harman, mike rogers, thank you. up next, what scientists say about the vaccines. >> some he has big news to talk about. so instagram's top boss about to be grilled on capitol hill. how the company is already trying to head off some tough questions. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can havave her cake and eat it too.. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day,
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breaking news moments ago. pfizer says two vaccine doses may not be enough to protect against this infection from the new omicron variant we're seeing. that protection gets better, though, with a booster dose. with us now is the chief scientific officer, president of worldwide research, development and medical of pfizer. we also have our own cnn chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta. you're the expert here. we'll let you take it away with questions. >> okay. well, thank you. good morning, doctor. thanks for joining us. the news that a lot of people heard the past couple days is there was a 40-fold drop of neutralizing antibodies of omicron. you said in the past 10-fold reduction would be of concern to
4:32 am
you. what is the level of concern right now? >> good morning and thank you for having me here. we agree the two-dose is you still have relevant protection for disease but clearly the drop in antibodies is substantial. however, the good news this morning is our data show when you get your boost, the antibodies rise 25-fold and are now similar to the two-dose protected well against ancestral strains as well as delta. all in, you will get your third boost and you have a robust, quite impressive antibody response as well as a
4:33 am
strengthening of the t cells. that is really the takeaway. you're right, two doses is on the weak end of this new variant. t cells may help you to be protected against severe disease and hospitalization. but it is time to get the third boost, and you should be very encouraged by this morning's news. >> okay. i just want to make sure i got that straight. what you're basically saying is three doses against omicron is similar to what we saw with two doses with the original strain. and that a third shot here really does increase your level of protection. is it your position now that to be fully vaccinated that would mean you would have three shots as opposed to two? . >> i think that's a good way to look at this as we have the omicron strain, the pwraegdth of the immune response, the represent tore, as we call it to
4:34 am
cover omicron as a new distant relative to the strain. it does really cover three doses. >> okay. i just want to be clear, when you talk about the effectiveness of the vaccine, i think we often co mingle breakthrough infections with illness. when you have a drop in the effectiveness of the vaccine that you're talking about here, do you mean people are more likely to develop these infections? they may test positive without having much in the way of systems, or protection against severe illness that drops off as well? >> i think with the two doses you are expected to still have some protection against severe disease. >> what does that mean, some protection? . >> well, you know, what we
4:35 am
really need is observation of studies on large number of patients that are vaccinated, two doses and are exposed. what we can only say is that the t cell response is still active as 80% of the vaccine seems to still cover relevant responses for comb kron. but for your antibody response, which plays a critical role to prevent infection and symptomatic disease, it's down with two doses quite a lot. if you get your third dose, it rises 25-fold, very dramatically. to be protected from omicron, you need a three-dose vaccination. the three-dose area is what you need. >> to be fully vaccinated,
4:36 am
you're saying. i know there has been some development work on an omicron-specific booster. would you advise, based on the data that you're seeing, that people potentially wait for that booster, or they go ahead and get a boost of the existing vaccine now? >> i advise that based on the new data we are presenting, everyone should get vaccinated and as soon as possible get the third dose. it is available in the u.s. and many, many other countries. and there is really no time to wait until march next year when with we will have a vaccine available just to cover all opportunities of what we may learn meanwhile. whether we need a variant vaccine or whether there may be
4:37 am
a need for additional boosts as we get into spring 2022, that needs to be evaluated. we do believe it will vary you well protected through the winther into the march season when we have the ability to provide 4 billion doses that can be either continued of the current or a supply of an omicron variant vaccine. we see experiments testing various variants that there is some plausibility to consider the vaccine. we just want to be certain about the durability and the strength of the current vaccination before recommending. but you can feel well comforted
4:38 am
by us having those two options in hands, that large capacity to produce vaccines and working with many agencies in u.s. and elsewhere to monitor the threat of omicron, or any other possible variant that may emerge from now to then. we really don't know how long omicron will be circulating in the spring. that is why it is work in preparation. but i think we have all the tools available. and just to end my optimistic message with a third boost that we believe will cover everyone through the winter season, the final days and weeks of seeking regulatory approval for an oral treatment for covid with our five-day tablet treatment seems to predict to be highly active against oomicron.
4:39 am
all our modeling data shows it should protect against omicron. and you will hear about this soon from us. i think there is ample opportunity to keep us going through the winter season as we come to spring we will understand which is the coronavirus mutation, most available and which should be deployed. >> okay. well, dr. dolsten, thank you for leaving us on that optimistic note. we will come pack and talk to you about the oral pills in the future. thank you. the headline, brianna, john, as you heard, a 25-fold increase in neutralizing antibodys with that third shot. this will be a big topic of discussion. is it three shots that are required to be fully vaccinated or not? you heard it obviously from dr. dolsten what he thinks on that. >> the big takeaway, if you take the optimistic view from pfizer,
4:40 am
the company producing this vaccine so they have an interest here. but the bottom line is they seem to be saying if you get a booster, you are protected against omicron. that sentence, as we head into the winter with whatever uncertainty exists about omicron, that's a big deal. >> that is. because i think for the last few days obviously there's been a lot of uncertainty. and i think what everyone heard just a day ago was there was a 40-fold drop in neutralizing antibodies. that doesn't mean there is a 40-fold drop in vaccine effectiveness. those two things don't translate directly. obviously, it's concerning when you have that sort of drop. what dr. dolsten is saying, what pfizer is showing is the third shot does significantly increase 25-fold at least your overall neutralizing antibodies. keep in mind there is a big cushion we talk about here. if you have a 25-fold increase in neutralizing antibodies, he said that will provide the protection you need through the winter. . >> well, the markets are
4:41 am
reacting positively to this news. not that they all have medical degrees. about you they like this in terms of what it might mean for the winter. thank you so much for helping us out with this and helping us understand the significance of this. >> of course. >> mr. everyone should catch the new episode of "in the blink of an eye", a woman's accident that sanjay chronicles. how bad are the symptoms? the first person identified, named with omicron in the united states will tell us exactly how he felt. up next, naked bagels. unshmeared bagels. how supply chain issues could be making a new york institution scarce. . your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside.
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this morning a breakfast institution is under threat because of supply chain issues. a bagel with a shmear, a large helping of cream cheese, is a staple of any smart person's diet. now cream he's isn't making it to the restaurants and delis and
4:47 am
it's unclear when this shortage will end. joining me to discuss is the third-generation owner of barney green grass on the upper side of manhattan, gary greengrass. we don't often get to meet our heroes. that's what this moment is for me. i lookic your food so much it's overwhelming to speak to you. tell me what's going on with the cream cheese. how much of a problem is this? >> john, thanks for having me. it's a problem. there's a shortage of cream cheese, one of the major suppliers of cream cheese in the country is kraft, and they're running behind. i think they have a shortage of boxes and bags when they're making the product for institutions like restaurants and bakeries. the supply chain for corregated boxes has been hindered. and therefore it puts tremendous
4:48 am
pressure on the market. and now it's like some kind of valuable diamond that we're looking for every week. . >> that's the way i would describe the food at your restaurant. it is a valuable diamond. how many days worth of cream cheese do you have at this point? >> well, i mean, we're good right now. we try to stay ahead of the curve. we're good through the weekend. i'm expecting a delivery today. but, again, the whole story of all that's going on is the -- the answer is they're coming in. they wind up with a trailer truck and it's got a small amount on it. so we're expecting a nice-sized delivery today, but i won't know until i see it. but we're definitely good through this weekend >> if it doesn't come, i don't want to jinx anything, but what would happen? >> well, we're trying to be positive. obviously i have tofu cream cheese which is a soy-based cream cheese. >> no, you don't. >> maybe those who can't have
4:49 am
dairy. we pack it in coffee grinds. people really don't see it. they may have to go back to butter, nice, creamy butter. but i am positive and i do believe we will be able to take care of our customers. >> i have no doubt that you will. what's this doing to prices inside the deli? >> well, in terms of the cream cheese, prices have gone up slightly. as with all situations in the pandemic era, prices are going up. we're in the middle of inflation. things have very -- just everything is being priced so high. i expect cream cheese to take a hit as well. although it is on the lower end of items right now. >> if grandpa greengrass would see the prices of cream cheese
4:50 am
and other prices rising, what would he think? >> he would think he landed on mars. for example, an item like sable fish, which is very popular now, it used to be the he would be turn ing over. this is where guys in the smokehouse used to practice how to slice on slabel. now it is not a diamond, it is like a bitcoin. >> is that because of inflation? is it $69 a pound because of inflation or is something else going on? >> it is supply and demand. it is a -- it is -- raw fish is black cod. over the last 15, 20 years and more markets have bought the raw product of black cod and that's raised the price, the demand, the dsupply and demand. you have eastern european countries coming online. everybody is look for that
4:51 am
product. if you want the real deal, you have to pay up. >> gary greengrass, it has been an honor to speak with you. i have my fingers crossed for that shipment of cream cheese today and you have my mouth watering merely talking about the sable at whatever cost. so thank you very much. >> no, thank you. have a great day. >> you too. >> a bagel without cream cheese? that's like a cucumber sandwich. what is the point? >> he says we have to go back to butter. it doesn't seem like a palatable solution. let me tell you about the sable. it is to die for. >> sounds amazing. totally down. >> it will change your life. cnn with exclusive new information on the phone records being subpoenaed by the january 6th committee. we're going to ask a committee member what they hope to learn from it. another country announcing a diplomatic boycott of the beijing olympics after president biden made this move. and staiinstagram's top boss ab
4:52 am
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with fitbit sense and daily readiness. just in to cnn, congressman ayanna pressley introduced a resolution to strip lauren boebert of her house committee assignments for her anti-muslim comments toward representative ilhan omar. daniela diaz live on capitol hill with the latest here.
4:56 am
daniela? >> reporter: that's exactly right. sources told me this morning that congresswoman ayanna pressley plans to introduce a resolution sometime today that if passed would strip congresswoman lauren boebert, a republican from colorado, of her committee assignments for her very racist and anti-islamic rhetoric toward fellow progressive ilhan omar. now, sources have told manu raju last night that house speaker nancy pelosi has not yet decided where she stands on this issue of stripping committee assignments from congresswoman boebert for her comments because democratic leaders are very worried about stripping committee assignments to any sort of members for any outlandish things they said, especially considering that in this case, congresswoman boebert was not threatening violence toward omar. instead, she implied omar was a terrorist, in a fake story she said they met in the elevator. now, sources have also told us
4:57 am
that the resolution which plans to come out today is unclear when it will hit the floor and if at all, but of course keep in mind that omar said and told our cnn's jake tapper during the state of the union on sunday that pelosi promised her that there would be -- that she would act on this issue. she said in a quote, i have had a conversation with the speaker, and i'm very confident that she will take decisive action this week. now, cnn has reached out to pelosi, and boebert, and has not yet heard back, so it is unclear how this will proceed, but we know that this is happening today. john? >> daniela diaz, i appreciate that, thank you very much. i guess the key question though is it is going to be introduced by ayanna pressley but will pelosi allow it to the floor. >> we have seen the republicans, gosar, margy rijorie taylor gre they're reprimanded, sometimes stripped of their committee assignments, you have to do that if your leadership, but they're there to do work.
4:58 am
they're there in congress to be like perform tiff victims, make a name for themselves, raise money, be these characters and this just plays right into that even as leadership does have to take these actions. >> you're not taking anything away from them that they care about is what you're saying. >> kind of, yeah. "new day" continues right now. good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is wednesday, december 8th. i'm john berman alongside brianna keilar this morning. we do begin with breaking news. pfizer announced that two doses of its covid vaccine may not be enough to protect against infection from omicron, but the bigger news might be that pfizer is saying that with a booster, with a third dose, there is evidence that it does neutralize omicron. >> this pharmaceutical giant says two doses may still provide protection against severe illness. so that is definitely something to keep in mind. let's bring in cnn's senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. elizabeth, how significant is
4:59 am
this announcement knowing, of course, this is coming from the company that makes this vaccine? >> right. absolutely. that's something we want to keep in mind, brianna. but what is interesting is this really does jive with research that came out yesterday from a group of south african researchers who don't work for pfizer. so that definitely makes you feel better about it. i got to say i breathed a sigh of relief, not 100% relief, but some relief when i talked to the south african researcher yesterday and i breathed another sigh of, not 100%, but relief today when i saw the pfizer data. let's break down exactly what it means because it can get really confusing. so what this data shows overall is that two doses may not provide sufficient protection against infection with omicron. against infection. in other words, if you got two doses, you may still get infected with omicron, but if you don't get really sick, that's not necessarily such a horrible thing. however, what the data also shows is that two doses may still give significant
5:00 am
protection against severe disease, that's what dr. alex seegal, the south african researcher told me yesterday, he believes two doses will give significant protection against severe disease, against ending up in the hospital or ending up dead. and pfizer also says that a third dose may give more robust protection, may be able to protect you from infection in and of itself. so this is -- this is overall really good news, it seems that just two doses will protect you against ending up in the hospital or in the morgue and that a third dose is even better. but i will say this is all lab research at this point. we need to know more and they're doing those studies and we expect to know more even just in the coming days. brianna? >> look, the fact that you could avoid it altogether with a booster shot or this third dose, you know, or avoid passing it on to someone who can't get a vaccination as of yet, small children, for instance, elizabeth, thank you so much.


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