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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  December 8, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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two boys. but do you have any friends who have been reunited or -- >> you're cleaning that up right there. >> my children better not be watching. >> i'm sure you love them both equally. >> obviously. >> obviously. >> cnn's coverage continues right now. >> i'm so in trouble. good wednesday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm jim sciutto. we're following two developing stories this hour including the first real evidence that existing vaccines may protect against the new omicron variant. this morning, the ceo of pfizer says preliminary lab studies show that three doses of its vaccine, two shots plus the booster, are able to neutralize the new strain. that's good news. we'll have much more on that in a moment. a crucial day for the investigation into the capitol insurrection. cnn has exclusive new details on
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more than 100 subpoenas targeting trump officials and associates. in the next hour, the january 6th committee is proceeding as planned with a scheduled deposition of former white house chief of staff mark meadows. meadows is expected to be a no show. if that happens, the committee chair says they will hold meadows in contempt. let's begin with that breaking news on vaccines. cnn's chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta with us now. you just spoke this morning with pfizer's chief scientific officer. this sounds like good news with the caveat that it is coming to us from the company that is responsible for the vaccine itself. what do we need to know this morning? >> yeah, we do need to hear to your point from the cdc and fda about this data, but what we are hearing from pfizer is potentially good news. the headline for me, when i spoke to him, was that basically, you know, we used to think of the significant protection against illness that people got from two doses of the
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vaccine with the original strain. they're saying you can get that same level of protection against omicron with three doses. so this is the two shots and then the boost. here is how dr. michael dolson put it. >> i advise, given on this new d data that we are presenting that everyone should get vaccinated and those that have given the two doses should as soon as possible get the third dose. where do we need a vaccine or maybe need for additional boost as we get into spring '22 that needs to be evaluated. we do believe the third boost will carry you well protected for omicron through the winter and into the march season. >> so two big points there, one, the booster does seem to offer protection in terms of
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antibodies. really does increase antibody levels to where dr. dolsten thinks it will be protective against severe illness and to some extent against infections. we don't know how long that lasts, though. the durability, if you will, of the boosters. that's an open question going forward. and also at this point he's saying -- people say there may be an omicron specific booster in the spring. what he's clearly saying is don't wait for that. because if you get a booster of the existing vaccine, it does offer you that protection we're talking about. >> there are two big questions here. one was efficacy of the vaccines and boosters, that seems to be good news. what is the data show us to this point, sanjay, on the severity of disease and, again, i know this is early in terms of the data, the severity of the disease that omicron is causing. >> you know, it is still small numbers of patients here. so we look at what is happening in south africa and talking to doctors on the ground there who are taking care of patients, it
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does appear to be that people who are testing positive have milder disease. we saw hospitalization rates go up for a period of time where johannesburg is located, but they have started to plateau now as well. you see the numbers there. but i can tell you based on the trends that we're following this week, the numbers are starting to come down a bit. so overall, again, early, want to be careful here, mild disease, as you well remember, jim, it can take a couple of weeks for people to come into the hospital that do develop severe disease. that's the reason they want to wait longer before making more definitive statements. >> to your point, and we talked about this so much over the last two years, this is developing, right, and the science is coming at us as it does, in drips and drabs and in some respects. when it comes to vaccines here, we're talking about pfizer, we have this new information from pfizer. what about people who are
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watching right now who were vaccinated with moderna or with j&j and then maybe their booster was moderna? what should they take away from this information this morning? >> i think what they take away is that they probably also need to get a booster shot. the pfizer data is coming out this morning. we'll probably hear about moderna and johnson & johnson in the next several days or weeks. but the reality is even before we started talking about omicron, there was emerging evidence that the existing vaccines, while protective, their effectiveness may be waning over time. all adults should get a booster shot, two months out from johnson & johnson and six months at least out from pfizer and moderna. one thing to keep in mind is people say, well, i'm not six months out, should i go ahead and do it now anyways? there is -- the way the immune system works, there is virtue in waiting. you want to give some space between the prime and the boost. your boost will have more of an
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impact if you give it the right amount of time before you are actually boosting. >> so let me ask you this, sanjay, given this news that a booster helps protect against omicron and what we already knew that you referenced that you have waning immunity after a number of months after the first two shots, are we reaching a point where we need to change the definition in effect of fully vaccinated, that fully vaccinated really means three shots? >> it really sounds like it now at nothis point, jim. i asked him that question and i think he was pretty much saying that that is now going to be the definition, three shots to be fully vaccinated. the government has not said that yet to be clear. this affects people's travel plans coming up. i want to be careful how we frame this. still two shots are considered fully vaccinated. that may change. there are other viral illnesses, hepatitis, for example, other illnesses which you get multiple shots, three shots or even more,
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before you are considered fully vaccinated and that's it. it is not like you're giving a yearly shot after that. or maybe a booster years down the line. we'll see how that sort of plays out and how durable the booster is. >> all right. you'll be right there to walk us through it, which we appreciate every time. sanjay, thank you. turning our attention now to capitol hill, the stage is set for the former white house chief of staff to be held in contempt of congress. mark meadows is expected to skip his deposition. his attorney says meadows will no longer cooperate because of what he cites as overreach by investigators. >> former member of congress, meadows, defying congress. all this as former trump associate and chief strategist steve bannon has a trial date set for his own contempt case. but have to wait a few months for that. whitney wild has been following the story. whitney what do we expect to see
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this morning, particularly if meadows doesn't show up? >> an empty chair at minimum because we know that they are willing to go ahead with this deposition. they expect meadows will skip it. what is likely is that we might see a little movement from the committee. there is some -- it is not exactly clear yet exactly what they're going to do. there has been a suggestion that they're definitely going to move forward with the criminal contempt charge, but the chairman of the committee, bennie thompson, also said they want to keep all of the options on the table. so there are a list of options and that could include immunity. he stressed they want to get information. that's the most important thing. so this is not definite, but it is certainly something -- a tool in their arsenal. meanwhile, as you pointed out, we have the steve bannon case, which is really the road map for how the rest of these criminal contempt cases are going to go. we have basically a timeline here. bannon in september being subpoenaed, bucking that
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subpoena, later on. we had this status update in november 12th, he was indicted, i'm going through the timeline here, september 23rd to be specific, the committee issues a subpoena. november 12th indicted for contempt of congress. we know he's going to go to trial in july. that was a splitting of the difference, doj wanted to go to trial in april. he wanted to go to trial in october. the judge said split the difference, we'll go through july. but, again there are a lot of people who are watching the bannon case and trying to decide how they're going to operate around the committee, but it is proof that they are planning to move forward with criminal contempt cases. another example of that would be the jeffrey clark case where they got very close to actually going to a house floor vote on criminal contempt of congress for clark, but then almost simultaneously with their vote to move forward with that, he said, okay, i'll do another round of testimony, which he plans to plead the fifth. this is all a long way of saying
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that these cases are not falling out in the exact same way but people in the periphery are watching them and they know criminal contempt is on the table, which is why it was our understanding that meadows agreed to cooperate in the first place. he's given over 6,000 documents. he's among the people who have been subpoenaed for their phone records for the telecommunications companies. and then as we move forward and look at that exclusive reporting by cnn, amazing reporting from my colleagues, there are people who are under investigation by doj wrapped up in that subpoena as well. there is a wealth of information, even absent of testimony, that is bringing how this all happened into much clearer focus, jim and erica. >> whitney wild, good to have you following it. joining us to discuss, peter callan, good to have you on. question with memeadows. meadows is somewhat different in that he was chief of staff to the president, does he have a stronger executive privilege argument than say bannon who did
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not have an official position at the time of this which might make it less likely doj prosecutes if there are contempt referral? >> i think he has a much stronger claim here than bannon did. the -- we kind of view the executive privilege as something that should protect the closest advisers to the president of the united states so that when he's ma making a difficult decision and needs advice from his advisers, they won't be worried about what they say winding up before congressional committee or on television. so and who is closer to the president than his own chief of staff? so i think meadows has probably one of the stronger executive privilege claims of all of the witnesses who have been subpoenaed. >> what has come up, though, and especially more so in the last couple of days is you have this claim of executive privilege and you have meadows attorney saying that this committee has no intention of respecting boundaries concerning executive
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privilege. we know documents have been turned over already to the committee. this book was just out yesterday. how do you square those two? >> it is hard to square it because meadows on the one hand was thought to be someone who had been turned by the action against bannon and was fearful of a criminal contempt indictment and suddenly became cooperative. but now he's withdrawn his level of cooperation. so it is really hard to figure where he stands. but what we do know is that he has produced literally thousands of documents that are being reviewed by the committee, and there may be substantive information in those documents that may be helpful to the investigation i don't think they're going to get anything helpful from him testifying before congress. >> so steve bannon was charged by the justice department, but his trial is not going to be until july, notably four months before midterm elections when it is possible republicans take over congress. a lot of this does seem to be deliberate playing of the
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timeline here, right? pushing this out. can we expect if meadows does get a referral here to be able to push this out as well? it seems to serve the interests of the accused here more than the investigators. >> yeah. it does, jim. i think it also demonstrates how upl utterly toothless congress is in its ability to enforce subpoena powers. a prosecutor presenting a case to the grand jury, if that witness doesn't show up you send police detectives to pick him up, he's told before the judge, you don't testify before the grand jury you will remain in jail until you do. if the witness says i'm not testifying, he's hauled off to jail. sometimes we have seen cases in the past where witnesses have been locked up for as much as a year refusing to testify before a grand jury. now, compare that to congress. congress has to have a vote of the entire congress on the contempt citation, the speaker of the house or the president of
6:14 am
the senate has to refer it over to the executive branch to the u..s. attorney who has to decid to prosecute, then presented to a grand jury, then an indictment and a full year passes by the time you get a resolution of it. you may have a new government in power by that time. it is a toothless power. they do have another power they never use, called inherent contempt and that's similar to the power i just described a prosecutor being able to do. they could have the sergeant at arms take the person into custody for a contemptuous act. that hasn't been used really since the early 20th century, even though it is on the books. >> paul callan, always good to talk with you. appreciate it, thanks. >> thank you, erica. just ahead, president biden sending a message to vladimir putin that invasion of ukraine will not be tolerated. we'll speak with one of -- one congressman pushing for stronger actions against russia to talk about what comes next. plus, democrat plans to
6:15 am
introduce a formal resolution to strip republican lauren boebert of her committee assignments over her anti-muslim remarks. this as the colorado wrongwoman injects herself into another controversy offering her own family gun photo. >> those are children. next hour, opening statements in a manslaughter trial of kim potter, the former minnesota police officer who claims she mistook her gun for a taser, her taser for a gun when she shot and killed daunte wright during a traffic stop. feel stuck with student loan debt? ♪ move your student loan debtbt to sofi. earn a $1,000 bonus when you refi-i— and feel what it's like to get your momoney right.
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sources tell cnn that biden issued a firm and direct warning to putin over its buildups, russia's builtup of forces over ukraine and possibility of an invasion. >> the state department says the troop buildup is much more lethal now than it was during the 2014 invasion of crimea. biden warning putin that things will be very different this time around if there is a military conflict. cnn white house correspondent arlette saenz is with us now. what more do we know, arlette? >> reporter: the white house is waiting to see whether president putin will heed president biden's warnings of dire consequences if he moves forward with an invasion of ukraine. now, while the focus, the goal for president biden in that two-hour conversation with putin was de-escalation, sources tell cnn that the call did grow tense at times as they talked about the military buildup and the possible consequences that could follow.
6:21 am
a senior white house official shared one of the quotes that president biden said directly to putin saying, one nation can't force another nation to change its border. one nation cannot tell another to change its politics, and nations can't tell others who they can work with. the national security adviser jake sullivan said that president biden also made it clear that the u.s. is ready to take stronger action if russia does invade ukraine than it did back in 2014. now this could include military shipments to ukraine as well as economic sanctions on russian officials including members of president putin's inner circle. also that nord stream 2, that controversial gas pipeline to europe, could also be in jeopardy if there is an invasion. now, white house officials, they say they do not believe that putin has decided whether he will actually invade ukraine in the coming months. but there are contingency plans
6:22 am
being discussed at this moment about possibly evacuating american citizens from ukraine if that security situation in the country gets dire. now, president biden has also been speaking to allies in europe, offering them a debrief of his call with putin and one thing that white house officials also say is that the president offered putin some sort of off ramp to try it approach and address this diplomatically. there will be conversations on lower staff level over the course of the coming days and weeks to see if a diplomatic path can be reached, but certainly the white house insists there is still more work to do as they're waiting to see putin's next move. >> and so we wait and we watch. arlette saenz, appreciate it, thank you. i'm joined by democratic congresswoman marcy captor of ohio, the co-chair of the congressional ukraine caucus. congresswoman, thank you for taking the time this morning. >> thank you, jim, very much. >> you heard arlette there describe the warning that
6:23 am
president biden delivered to president putin, one nation cannot force another nation to change its border. but also a sense of what the u.s. threatened if russia were to invade, a combination of economic sanctions and other measures. do you believe the president said and threatened what is necessary to deter a russian invasion? >> of course you can't predict russia. she's invaded ukraine in the crimea area already and several other adjoining nations like moldova, like georgia, like armenia. she's trying to reassemble her former set of soviet ties, colonies. so i think it is very unpredictable. we know the 20th century was all about the politics of fossil fuels and oil. most important steps that we can take as a world, liberty loving people, everywhere, to become energy independent, including in ukraine. it is taking too long.
6:24 am
>> let me ask you, given that, the president had an opportunity to act in that space earlier this year and sanction and therefore block nord stream 2, which is a way this many americans, many europeans see that russia keeps energy leverage over europe. was it a mistake for biden at the time not to block that? >> it is too bad that former german chancellor gerhard schroder personally benefited by going to russia and becoming a client of the russian state in pushing this pipeline. we have very strong alliances, our strongest alliance is with nato, democratic republics on thecontinent. this up ended discussions. i think putin sees america disunited and this is the time to take advantage of that. and to rattle his saber around the region. president trump, when he took
6:25 am
office, he allowed the pipeline to proceed. those four years were wasted when president biden got to the white house -- >> but president biden had an opportunity earlier this year to turn that around and by wathe w has an opportunity now. kind of gives putin what he wants, right, does it to let it go forward even in the midst of this threat? >> i think we have to use every diplomatic and military means we have and that includes our alliances in nato to try to stop further russian aggression and that means to be more aggressive about pushing them out of ukraine now in the crimea. in terms of the pipeline, that gives russia a real handle on european energy supplies in the future.
6:26 am
now, we're told that through other sources that that gas pipeline would only make up a smaller percentage of the fuels available to europe, but we as a country, we as the free world, we as a nato ally, the leader of the free world, have to help ourselves and europe become energy independent and do everything we can with ukraine to give her the benefit of that as well. i don't see as much pressure there, i don't see as much cooperation there as needs to happen. and that's the other side, so that russia does not make europe dependent on imported gas. >> the -- tomorrow president biden is going to convene a democracy summit designed as a show of unity, supporting democracy particularly in the face of two, not just one, authoritarian regimes that in russia and that in china. i wonder given u.s. divisions at home, and by the way, attacks on democratic institutions here at home in the u.s., does the u.s.
6:27 am
have the influence it had in the past to push this kind of message internationally? >> when you meet with people who lived in sub jugated societies and you can see the desire for liberty in their eyes. unless you traveled around the world, unless you met these people, you don't know what i'm talking about. robert dole who will be honored here, senator dole, this week, in the capitol, said america must unify to rediscover her greatness. i think we're at that point in the society with some of the internal social divisions that i think russia helped to exacerbate. we as a country have to grow up and meet our responsibilities to liberty on the face of the globe. that means strengthening our relationships. no one knows more about that than joe biden. he chaired the foreign relations committee in the senate for over three decades. he comes equipped for the job.
6:28 am
i think rather than complaining about the pipeline, which is -- i don't like what has happened, but we have to put the foot on the accelerator of energy independence with our nato allies and push russia out of ukraine. >> let me ask you, one issue at home, of course, is redistricting and gerrymandering. it is one of the reasons we have such a divided congress, right, the districts are drawn in such a way that it is easy to elect, not easy to elect moderates and by the way, your district under the new ohio map, has become a lot less friendly for democrats here. by the way, democrats and states they control have not been innocent of this sort of thing as well. are you concerned that both parties are worsening the divisions with this kind of redistricting? >> there is no question about it. it is one of the reasons when the country is unrepresented here in the congress because of the way the lines are drawn, it helps to fuel more conflict and ohio, we will in the next congress have 15 seats based on our votes so we voted both for
6:29 am
president obama twice and for president trump, when he was elected. we should have eight republican seats and seven democratic seats out of 15. we will be lucky to get two, maybe three seats as a democrat, a democrat, out of the 15 based on the way the state republican party has drawn the map. that's gone all around the country, texas, other states. it is a tragedy. it is a national tragedy. >> congresswoman marcy captor, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. still ahead, speaker pelosi says it is up to republicans to discipline congresswoman lauren boebert. why progressive democrats are now looking to force pelosi's hand. and the opening bell on wall street just seconds away. dow futures up again as investors react to news from pfizer that three doses of its vaccine are proving effective against the omicron variant. wall street has been on a rally all week as fears over the new strain have dwindled.
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see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. u.s. house passed two pieces of key legislation overnight. a bill to create a one-time process that will allow democrats to raise the debt
6:35 am
limit with no republican support and national defense bill. the $770 billion defense bill includes military pay raises and policy changes. it will likely get a vote in the senate later this week. also more money there to help ukraine and defend against china. lawmakers passed a bill that will allow senate democrats to raise the debt limit with a simple majority rather than 60 votes. that bill now moves to the senate where the minority leader mitch mcconnell expects to have the republican votes needed. this despite pushback from some in his own party. once that bill passes, senate democrats will vote on a separate measure to raise the debt limit but without any republican votes. congress has until november -- december 15th to avoid financial catastrophe and address the debt limit. didn't that break the filibuster rule then there? >> well, you know, things do get interesting, don't they? yes, they do. >> just for a moment, but they did. >> there you go. progressive democrats also now
6:36 am
moving to punish congresswoman lauren boebert for her anti-muslim remarks today. congresswoman ayanna pressley set to introduce a resolution that would strip her of her committee assignments after boebert implied on several occasions that congresswoman ilhan omar is a terrorist. >> lauren fox joins us live from capitol hill. i wonder, democratic leadership doesn't seem to be in a great rush to do this, based on nancy pelosi's comments, getting pushed by progressives. what is happening here? >> reporter: well, this is part of the challenge of democratic leaders, right. when they have a republican leader in kevin mccarthy who doesn't take action against his colleagues and his own members, when they make these kinds of islamophobic comments, when they repeatedly make these kinds of comments, this wasn't something she just mentioned once, this was something that cnn revealed in multiple videos. she talked about back home in colorado, so that's one of the
6:37 am
challenges for nancy pelosi. look, the democrats are meeting for a caucus meeting right now. i've been asking sources whether or not this has come up yet in this meeting. expect that this is going to be a a delicate balance, because you have democrats arguing you can't let these kind of comments go unanswered, there has to be some kind of action taken when you have a member of congress making up what has been seen as lies from representative lauren boebert about incidences in which she argues that a colleague was a terrorist or she compares her colleague to a terrorist. so that is what is going to be unfolding over the next couple of days and hours. we do expect that the progressives are going to unveil this resolution later today, basically asking that boebert be removed from her committee assignments. what action house speaker nancy pelosi takes still remains to be seen. we asked her as she went into her caucus meeting whether or not she was going to take action, pelosi argued that this
6:38 am
is really a question for kevin mccarthy. jim and erica? >> and we will see if in fact he agrees. at least publicly, i suppose. separately, lauren, i want to ask you, lauren boebert perhaps not surprisingly really it is on brand is now jumping into this recent controversy involving representative massey, who posted a christmas picture of his family fully armed. she is tweeting out a picture of her own with her children armed in support of massey. i say it is on brand because we know, well documented, she talks about it a lot, her love of firearms and of guns. but also, you know, you would argue she put that out there because she wants us to talk about this picture, she wants us to talk about something controversial. >> reporter: exactly right. this is always the challenge with someone like representative lauren boebert. really the challenges
6:39 am
democrats are trying to grapple with in their own caucus. these are the kind of stunts that get media attention, that get you fund-raising, that get you noticed from your republican base. but obviously this is happening in the context of a horrible school shooting that occurred and representative thomas massie of kentucky faced a lot of backlash for a similar photo that he posted of his family holding firearms, holding long guns in a christmas card. she basically is just jumping on that bandwagon, but it goes without saying that this is something that she views as essential to her brand, this is something she views really as going to win her points with the conservative base. this is the challenge right now for the republican party. >> lauren fox, appreciate it as always. thank you. just ahead, not exactly what you're going for when you light up a tree. this happened overnight here in new york city outside fox news
6:40 am
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6:45 am
his rear view mirror. potter it charged with first and second degree manslaughter, could face up to 15 years in prison. she has pled not guilty. adrienne broaddus joins us live. video evidence at play here. this moment was captured on camera. what role will it play in the case? >> reporter: jim, it will be critical. and you are talking about that body camera video, worn by the former brooklyn center police officer kim potter. but it will come up to this jury, the jury will have to decide whether or not they believe kim potter is guilty of these manslaughter charges. let's talk about the jury for a moment. the breakdown right now, it is made up of 14 people, 12 will sit on that jury panel, the other two will be alternates. seven white men make up this jury. four white women, two asian women, and one black woman. notably no black men were
6:46 am
selected for this jury. at the time of the shooting that killed daunte wright, i asked his family how did their son identify. they told me wright, who is their son, of a white woman, son of a black man, identified as a black male. meanwhile, opening statements will get under way here in hennepin county later this morning. it is a name you've all heard before. this is the same county where derek chauvin was convicted. and this will all play out in the same courtroom as well. but a different judge. jim and erica? >> we'll be watching, adrienne broaddus, appreciate it. thank you. police in new york arrested a man suspected of setting fire to a 50-foot christmas tree outside fox news' manhattan headquarters. >> wild video. a bystander captured that video of the tree going up in flames overnight. brynn gingras is live there with
6:47 am
an update. it is pretty remarkable to see, brynn. >> yeah. the video is stunning, erica and jim. good morning. behind me the shell of what is left of that artificial tree. i will say they have removed half of what the decorations were left after that enormous fire. it didn't all completely go up in flames, but that is what is left and we now see nypd around this area as well. i'm told from police sources, a 49-year-old has been arrested on several charges including arson. they were able to arrest him on the scene. they believe that he's the one who did it, saying he had a lighter in his pocket and the good thing, though, guys, to point out is that there were no injuries. because i can tell you as you know, we are not far from rockefeller center, the big tree even after midnight when this took place. it could be pretty busy around this area. there are no injuries and, again, a person under arrest on numerous charges, including
6:48 am
arson. back to you. >> brynn gingras, thank you very much. it is the first day on the job for germany's new chancellor. he's weighing new issues with president biden. we're live from germany next. we'll look at what you've saved, what you'll need, and help you build a flexible plan for cash flow designed to last. so you can go from saving... to living. [school bus passing by] [kids laughing] [bikes passing] [fire truck siren] [first responder] onstar, we see them. [onstar advisor] okay. mother and child in vehicle. mother is unable to exit the vehicle. injuries are unknown. [first responder] thank you, onstar. [driver] my son, is he okay? [first responder] your son's fine. [driver] thank you. there was something in the road... [first responder] it's okay. you're safe now. for people living with h-i-v, keep being you. and ask your doctor about biktarvy.
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6:52 am
for the first time in 16 years germany has a new chancellor. oh love schultz replaces angela merkel. >> merkel leaves office after presiding over europe's largest economy for four terms. fred pleitgen is in berlin.
6:53 am
germany has loomed large in so many of america's big foreign policies, particularly standing up to russia given all happening in ukraine right now. is shulz expected to be a similar presence and partner for the u.s.? >> one of the things that he has said in the past couple days is that to him and to his new administration, relations with the u.s. are of the utmost importance. obviously you had angela merck whole had pretty good relations with the brags, pretty difficult over trz though. schultz says he values the multilateral lichl that biden has brought to the table. yesterday at a press conference he said he liked the way that he spoke to the u.s.'s nato allies and spoke to them again after he spoke with russian president vladimir putin. so the germans are saying they do want very close relations
6:54 am
with the united states and they want to be a strong partner within nato and, of course, maintain a strong leadership role within the european union and a strong partnership with the united states as well. one of the things to really keep an eye on is germany's new foreign minister, first female foreign minister. she comes from the green party. the thing about her, she's extremely critical of the nord stream 2 project. that doesn't mean germany has any sense of leaving that project. it does mean you have someone in a senior government role who is very critical of that project. by the way, the german government going on the road very quickly. olaf scholz is going to paris to meade emmanuel macron, the president of franz. that's seen in germany as a big commitment to that alliance and also to relations with the u.s. as well, jim. >> we'll be looking to see how those meetings play out. interesting to watch that
6:55 am
dynamic between the two. fred pleitgen, appreciate it. thank you. pfizer says three shots of its covid vaccine, your two initial shots and your booster, those three offer the same protection against the omicron variant as two shots had against some of the original strains of the virus. could that impact current booster time lines? we're going to ask. stay with us.
6:56 am
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or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes switching fast and easy this holiday season. to you. i'm jim sciutto. >> i'm erica hill. we begin this hour with
7:00 am
promising news this morning on how well vaccines may work to fight the omicron variant of covid-19. pfizer ceo says preliminary lab studies show three doses of this vaccine are able to neutralize this new strain. >> three doses against omicron are almost equivalent to the two doses effectiveness of the original variant. we are waiting to see. you may need to go to get the third booster faster, and that's something that the health authorities should consider very carefully and make their recommendations. >> three shots to neutralize the strain. that's important. we're going to have much more on that in moments. we are also watching capitol hill this morning where former white house chief of staff to former president trump, mark meadows, is scheduled to show up this hour for a deposition with the january 6th committee. scheduled. however, he is expected to be a no-show. if he does not appear, the committee chair says they will hold meadows in


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