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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  December 9, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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it's a little blue planet. it's far more than that. the context of the earth and the universe is something that needs profundity. >> more william shatners, if i could say that. if i could be so bold to say that. >> it requires poetry. >> i have never been so angry that i do not have a second hour of television right now. i'm so thankful to have you come on. thank you for sharing your experience. thank you so much. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. hello, everybody, and welcome to "inside politics," i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing a busy news day with us. important omicron news in the last hour. the fda says it's okay for 16 and 17-year-olds to get a vaccine booster shot, and omicron provides another giant covid question, will you soon need a fourth shot. new and breaking news this hour, a source confirming to cnn the new york attorney general wants
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to depose former president donald trump, and asked him if he lied about the value of his property. plus, a place of honor for a fallen son of the senate, the late bob dole lying in the capitol rotunda this hour. we begin with the important news about the former president donald trump, the new york attorney general wants trump to sit for a deposition. it could happen as early as next month, and it is part of a civil investigation into the trump organization for potential fraud. according to a source familiar with the matter. now, "the washington post" is first to report news of the potential deposition, and it's almost important also to note the former president has not been charged. cara >> the new york attorney general's office wants to question donald trump under oath and according to "the washington post" they want to do that by january 7th. this is part letitia james new york attorney general civil investigation. whether they had lied about the value of their properties,
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condos, officer towers, golf courses. this investigation has been going on for a long time. they did depose eric trump, one of the top executives at the country. the timing of this comes as the criminal investigation, which james' office is also working along with is come to go a head because the manhattan d.a., sigh vance is stepping down. he didn't run for reelection. big questions on what the next steps will be in a criminal investigation. a spokesperson for cy vance's office said in a public statement that the deposition that james' office is seeking is separate and not part of the criminal investigation. these are two parallel investigations. we can expect that the former president will move to fight this deposition. he has moved toll fight many o these depositions. particularly because it comes with the threat of a criminal investigation ongoing. it involves some of the same leaders of the offices there with james being involved in both of those. the trump organization issued a statement saying this is a
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political witch hunt, stay tuned, i think we probably will see some additional developments in court, john. >> cara ska nel, appreciate the hustle. let's discuss in studio, cnn's malika henderson, former federal prosecutor, shan wu, let's start with you, what does it tell you, the head of the trump organization before he was president. it's logical he will fight it. what does had tell you the attorney general has decided i want to depose donald j. trump. >> he's an important person to depose very logical that he would do that. for his team, this is bad newsmenews. he's going to make a far more worse witness. he'll look to delay it. as a last ditch effort, they might consider raising a 5th amendment privilege, even though it's a civil deposition. >> can you do that? >> yes, you can.
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you heard kara, witch hunt is a refrain the former president has used. one of the arguments you would expect is that letitia james is running for governor but moments ago she tweeted this, i have come to the conclusion that i must continue my work as attorney general. there are a number of important investigations and cases underway, and i intend to finish the job. i'm running for reelection to complete the work new yorkers elected me to do. significant development for new york state politics, and takes away for the argument from the public sector. >> i'm sure they will still make that argument anyway even though she's not running for governor. she was sort of barely running for governor anyway over these last few weeks. listen, she has been very effective at her job. if you think about the people who have gotten pushed aside, fired, had to resign because of investigations she has launched. if you are donald trump, this makes you nervous, and you see the big pushback from him and his allies as well.
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we know the donald trump who sits before folks. he has a tendency to lie, both in public and sometimes under oath as well. we'll see what comes of this. but it isn't a surprise, as you said, that they want to talk to the head of the trump organization. >> let's shift to another investigation to which trump is central, a different issue, the january 6th investigation. we have new detail about what trump's former chief of staff mark meadows turned over to the committee. the materials we are told include texts from meadows about exactly what the then president was doing during the deadly riot up at the capitol. meadows, voluntarily turned over the records but doesn't want to ask questions. meadows central witness for the committee here, paul, they want to get him, i assume, i saw what adam schiff and others view this as a stalling tactic. >> absolutely. that has been the trump plan since the committee started the work, the idea being if they can stall this out all the way until the end of december next year,
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they believe the republicans will win the majority in the house and kevin mccarthy or whoever becomes speaker will simply let this committee disappear and vanish. i don't know if meadows can stall that long. even in the case with steve bannon where they're going to trial in july, the committee is upset it's taking that long, but that still leaves them another four or five months after that trial is done to try and grind it out and get more information that could be bad for trump. >> the investigation essentially starts on election day and runs through the insurrection. that's what committee is trying to put together. the big question is what was the president doing, did he take it urgently or watching with joy as his supporters stormed the capitol. 6,000 documents meadows turned over including from his personal cell phone and e-mails, discussions from what trump was doing during the riot. liz cheney saying nonprivileged documents meadows turned over include documents directly related to what president trump
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should have been doing on january 6th during the attack. she of course making the case that he was negligent in his duty. they have the documents evidence. they want meadows to talk about it. >> that's right. and he actually has talked about it to a certain extent in his book, and it's note worthy that the sort of more aggressive action he's taking against the committee and in support of the president, is coming at a time that the president is less thrilled about what he's revealing in his book, and we know how much the president, you know, likes to sue people or former president likes to sue people or threaten to sue people. this seems to be a trumpy response from mark meadows at a time when the president is unhappy with him and questioning his loyalty. >> if you listen to mark meadows, this is the argument he makes, not in a court of law, but in a court of trump, meaning on fox news. >> we received a subpoena that went to our telecommunications
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carrier that was so proed, you would -- broad, you would have to do some kind of legislative contortions to do a legislative subpoena. >> he was voluntarily cooperating. then figured out the committee was doing what it should be doing, getting all the documentary evidence it can, meaning subpoenaing cell phone records, which was common sense, and he has a good attorney and he knew that. he decided, never mind, i'm not cooperating. does he have a case. >> it's a completely frivolous lawsuit. the court has to ask, at what point did you realize you were cooperating with an unconstitutional investigation. he has been giving documents saying they're cooperating and, there's a panic setting in saying this is really wrong, we shouldn't be doing this. he has already begun the process, makes no sense. >> if he's trying to run out the clock, you can drag out a case for weeks and months, would a j judge look at it and toss it out. >> a judge should look at it and
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♪ light 'em up, up, up ♪ ♪ i'm on fire ♪ ♪ so light 'em up, up, up light 'em... ♪ age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. this hour, president biden holds an urgent call with ukraine's president, the president will ask for patience and trust, that heck back vladimir putin from invading. the call coincides with the headline summit, the american president makesing the case tha democracy is worth it. covid frustration, economic uncertainty, and by a direct attack by the former president of the united states on the
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peaceful transfer of power. >> this is the defining challenge of our time, democracy, government of the people, by the people, for the people can at times be fragile, but it also is inherently resilient, capable of self-correction and capable of self-improvement, and yes, democracy is hard, we all know that, it's the best way to unleash human potential and defend human dignity, and solve big problems. and it's up to us to prove that. >> straight to the white house and our chief correspondent kaitlan collins, talking globally about democracy, he has to have an in the moment real conversation in moments. >> reporter: when he said democracy is hard, we know that. it seems to strike not only with what he's dealing with this week but since his presidency, given the weeks before he took office the fact that january 6th happened, it's something that has lop loomed over his presidency, a fight ongoing with the former chief of staff.
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so president biden wants to hold this summit, john, something he has talked about on the campaign trail and since he took office, talking about the global conversation, yes, democracy is worth it. this is the route people should take, essentially, the world is at this inflection point where it comes to do you want to be a democracy or a country like the other nations that we've seen that is ruled by an authoritarian. and you have seen some of those try to undercut this democracy today, china and russia. china holds its own democracy summit, so called democracy summit, they are one of the least democratic nations in the world. trying to undermine this by pointing to things that have been happening here inside the united states, not only talking about january 6th but voting rights and the things you have seen happen and play out across the time that joe biden has been in office. he's making this argument today talking with these 110 countries as the white house says this is really an evolving conversation, it's not saying, hey, we're all democracies, this is how great this is, it's really a reflection point, they say, but they are getting criticism, john, for the invite list because there are some nations
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on there that would make people a little bit skeptical about their claims to a democracy. there are some nations that say they should be on here, and are not. members of nato, and the european union. that's going to be looking at all of this, as this is a two-day summit going on at the white house, virtually of course. >> appreciate you sharing your insights, jill dougherty, former white house correspondent. it's great to see you. so the president of the united states is going to pick up the phone to president zelensky in a few moments, what does president zelensky need to hear, he has a hundred thousand russian troops on the border. what does he need to hear from the american president? >> two things, at least from his point of view, he needs with assurances by president biden, u.s. is sticking with them, will support them, he knows they're not a member of nato, so there's no obligation, and the president of the united states has made it clear the u.s. is not going to
9:17 am
send troops, no boots on the ground, but zelensky wants to hear we've got your back, and we're going to the madden, we will help you as much as we can. there's another side to this, john, which is that biden really also has to encourage zelensky to begin to work toward or to put the minsk agreements which potentially could solve that conflict in eastern ukraine that he has to begin to work on those, two. so it's -- there's a balance here. >> and part of the issue from my perspective, anyway, and tell from your experience judging putin, is you're right the president of the united states made clear yesterday this is not a question of american troops. it's not a question of nato troops. they're trying to use diplomacy here, you hold off on the energy sanctions against russia because of the impact it might have on the global prices. if you won't punch vladimir putin in the mouth or the wallet, what is the incentive on putin's side to back off.
9:18 am
>> he knows what's come fing if invades invades ukraine, cutting off russia from the swiss banking system. they wouldn't be able to convert rubles to dollars and that's serious. there would be more arming of nato allies in eastern europe, more arming going to ukraine. there are serious things that the u.s. president could do. >> biden had the direct conversation with putin the other day. the white house said he was tough, made it clear, he's not obama, trump or obama, that he will be tougher than obama was back in 2014. the president had putin in mind at the democracy summit when he said this. >> they seek to expand their ownport, export their influence around the world and justify the repressive policies and practices as a more efficient way to address today's challenges. that's how it is sold. by voices that seek to fan the
9:19 am
flames of social division and political polarization. >> how much does this play in? >> you were in moscow with vladimir putin all the time, questioning america's democracy, and poke it. he's tried to interfere in our elections, trying to undermine america's democracy, and the state department official you know quite well is the politically inconvenient where the united states is best positioned to lead the effort, to promote democracy, america has a glass house problem. as you're trying to deal with putin, and xi. how much does it undermine the american president that there are open wounds in our democracy. >> that's a real dilemma, as you just heard him say, you know, it's a fragile democracy, a democracy in action, et cetera, but he has to say we've got problems but we can solve them, and that's what democracy is about. i was watching russian tv this morning, and it was a very mocking type of who do they
9:20 am
think they are talking about democracy, and by the way, we, russia and china are not invited and then they described president biden as kind of like a schoolteacher, you know, and struggling people about democracy, and also their point is, the u.s. is setting itself up. and to the deatriment of the united nations. >> here today, next week, and next month, it's a conversation we'll continue. great to see you. giant news from the fda, the agency expanding the authorization of pfizer booster doses to those who are 16 and 17 years old. my windshield cracked. the experts at safelite autoglass came right to o me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, sasafelite replace. ♪
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big breaking covid news, the fda just last hour authorizing vaccine booster shots for those 16 and 17 years old. adults already have the green light for boosters. the biden says the third shot is a smart defense against the omicron variant. omicron cases are confirmed in 22 of the 50 states, and the cdc director says are mostly mild. 3/4 are in fully vaccinated individuals, and a third are in the individuals who had already received his boosters. let's bring dr. jonathan resigner from george washington university. one of our medical advisers ft what does it tell you they're
9:26 am
expanding boosters to 16 and 17-year-olds, and they say these cases are mild but omicron is breaking through the vaccine. >> yeah. so first the good news that the fda has cleared the pfizer vaccine for 16 and 17-year-olds. this is a three-dose vaccine, and eventually, everyone who gets this vaccine will need to get three doses, so it was important for the fda to understand whether this was safe for adolescents, and basically clear whatever concerns any of their advisers had for myocarditis in the teenage group. i expect that the next group they will evaluate rapidly will be the 12 to 15-year-old group, and then very quickly after that, understand whether the booster strategy is safe for 5 to 11-year-olds. this is a three-dose vaccine. and what i want people to understand is that it's not just
9:27 am
sort of a good idea for people to get a third dose. this should be mandatory. people need to understand that they will not be fully vaccinated and fully protected unless they get a third dose, a booster dose. as for the concerns about the cases in the united states, the judicial report that the cdc director referred to was 43 cases, so there were about 30 of those cases had been vaccinated. and some of those had been boosted, still small numbers, some of the people had been boosted within two weeks. that's sort of so the booster can get full efficacy. we know from pfizer data that just broke this week that now shows or strongly suggests that a booster restores the ability of the pfizer vaccine to
9:28 am
neutralize omicron, and so i think we're going to have the tools going forward to keep omicron under control. i'm hardened by the fact that it does appear from places like south africa that folks who are getting this virus seem to have a milder course with it. we'll have to verify that in greater numbers, but the message going forward is you're protected if you're fully vaccinated but the message also should be you're not fully vaccinated unless you get three doses. >> we're waiting to see if the government changes that official designation to the third dose. as we do, we're talking about protection against omicron at a time delta is changing the map in ways that are quite disturbing. we have 45 states trending in the wrong direction. more new covid infections this week, the deep red in those states, maine, massachusetts and connecticut, al of these others, that's 50% more new infections this week than last week. if it's red, if you're part of the country, your county is red, that means uyou have high covid
9:29 am
transmission, which is a giant slice of the country, and i want to do one other map and bring it up here. this is icu, intensive care units in the satate of new hampshire. 46% of icu beds are covid patients where we're going to need help from the national guard, what does that tell you about delta? >> delta is our current enemy, and until and unless it's replaced by omicron, let's not worry so much about omicron. delta is killing on average t 1,200 americans every day. in about a week, we're going to pass a grim milestone of 800,000 deaths in the united states and we need to be on a wartime footing because we are at war with an enemy that's killing 1,200 americans a day. and i just don't see it. you know, still 18% of american adults are unvaccinated, and that's who's going to die from this virus, whether it's delta or omicron.
9:30 am
the people who are going to die in the next several months are the unvaccinated. a couple of weeks ago the german health minister stated something very starkly. what he said in germany this winter you're either going to be -- after the winter, you're either going to be vaccinated, recovering from covid or dead. and i think that's true in the united states. >> it's a stark way to put it. >> after this winter, you're either going to be vaccinated, recovering or dead. >> when you speak like that, in stark terms, forgive me for interrupting, when you speak about a war footing, here's a kaiser family foundation poll when you get your children vaccinated, among parents, half of parents say 49% say 12 to 17 their kid is vaccinated. 30% of parents with kids 12 to 17, definitely not.
9:31 am
3 in 10 say no. we should be on a war footing, and everybody should be getting vaccinated. >> i think school districts around the country are going to have to put in place vaccine mandates for children, the same way they have vaccine mandates for polio, and measles and rubella. if you're not vaccinated at some point in the united states, you're not going to be able to go to school. how else are we going to get people to understand. what i would tell parents is if you don't vaccinate your children, they are going to get sick. hopefully they'll do well, but they are going to get sick, and then they're going to be out of school, and then perhaps you're going to be out of work taking care of them because they're going to be out of school for ten days. the vaccines are safe, and very effective for kids. and kids don't mind getting the shot. these kids, it normalizes the life for kids because they can more freely interact with their friends and have sleep overs,
9:32 am
kids don't mind getting the shot, if you want to take care of your kids and keep them from getting sick, get vaccinated. talk to your pediatrician about this. your pediatrician will not be equivocal about it. >> koup next for us, the trump effect, now and for those thinking about 2024, the big lie has a big role, so does a big ego.
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fresh examples of how the trump effect defines republican politics in the immediate focus on the next election and the early maneuvering for 2024. david perdue is our new exhibit a in the here and now. perdue is making loyalty to trump and his big lie central in his new primary challenge against georgia's republican governor brian kemp. governor kemp refused to help trump cheat. perdue said he would not have certified the georgia results. this is what he said, not with the information that was available at the time and not with the information that has come out now. now facts clearly do not matter to former senator perdue, but remember this too, a recount confirmed joe biden won georgia, and several trump legal challenges failed. let's discuss them. as we do, cnn's gabby orr joins the conversation. it's proof positive david perdue wants a mainstream republican
9:38 am
businessman now a big lie. >> he's now a full on trump supporter. it's not just georgia. we're seeing this in other states, north carolina, ohio, where there are these republican senate primaries where, you know, there are candidates who trump as has endorsed and seeing someone like pat in north carolina, who trump thinks because he's lost in the past he's not going to endorse him, and we're seeing this republican primary play out there. i think, you know, next year, we might have some indications of, you know, how republicans can position themselves if there is any lane at all for someone who perhaps supports trump policies but doesn't quite support the president himself or the big lie. so that, you know, we'll see how those primaries play out, including this one. >> the president of the united states holding a international forum on protecting democracies, and you have candidates who are running, actively ignoring
9:39 am
democracy. >> and perdue, it's kind of forgotten. in the summer of 2020, there was this complicated two senate races happening at the same time, and different methods, but his race was just a straight head to head, and he was -- he needed to get 50% of the vote, and he was actually running back then as a kind of mainstream establishment republican who wanted to win the suburbs outside of atlanta, and was saying nice bipartisan things about issues, contentious issues like police reform, and he was getting recruited to go back into the senate race, and he lost and kelly loeffler lost, and raphael warnock is running again. people wanted him to run in the senate race, he said no, because he didn't want to get caught up in the trump stuff. >> and he got nudged and pushed into this. let's take a leap forward to 2024, most republicans think donald trump will run. and he had a conversation, what if you don't.
9:40 am
>> if donald trump decides not to run in 2024, who out there will that base flock to? >> if i do decide that, i think my base is going to be very angry. i'll discuss that subject right after the midterms. i know exactly, i mean, i have two or three that i think would be very good, but i'll make my decision. >> gabby, you have a great piece on cnn about how this affects everybody thinking about running in 2024, nikki haley, former u.n. ambassador says i would not run. kristi noem, i'm counting on him running. rick scot says he ought to run. there's a host of other potential candidates who give different answers, some like liz cheney, running against trump whether trump's in or not. if you're thinking about 2024, you have no choice but to think of trump. >> there's no way around it, and as you mentioned, there are a few republicans who have come out and explicitly said they would not challenge him in a presidential primary. there are others in a different
9:41 am
tier where they have said, you know, we're counting on him running, as kristi noem has, marco rubio saying that he was of course be the nominee if he did run. others indicating support but not quite going that far, and you have this group like liz cheney. and trump aligned candidates, mike pompeo, who aren't weighed in as 2024 but talked about as possible candidates and haven't said they wouldn't challenge him in a primary. that is notable for people like mike pompeo, mike pence, two people who served in the trump administration who haven't explicitly said they wouldn't challenge him in a primary. >> you mentioned pence. cnn's randi kaye got the opportunity to ask. >> reporter: if donald trump runs for president, will you still run? >> you know, our focus is on 2022. i can honestly tell you in 2023, my family and i will do what we have always done. we'll reflect, we'll pray, and determine where we might best
9:42 am
serve and we'll go where we're called. >> he doesn't have a prayer against donald trump in 2024 should he run because he doesn't really have a lane. he thinks it's white evangelicals, but i think donald trump is probably more popular among white evangelicals than mike pence is. he'll toying with it, maybe i'll run and pray and look for the lord's guidance, but i think he doesn't have much of a lane outside of these white evangelicals, and the base doesn't like him. trump has turned the base against him. >> again, because he didn't help him cheat. that's the reason which we can never forget the reason because he wouldn't help him cheat. a look at the fraying relationship between two men who want to control washington. congressman kevin mccarthy, senator mitch mcconnell. knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this purur. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin. we're carvana, the company
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today some new and fascinating reporting, new insights into what might be the most important relationship on capitol hill if republicans retake power. senator mitch mcconnell and congressman kevin mccarthy hope the midterm election translates, the majority leader and house speaker, it impacts gop strategy and unity now meaning day-to-day and could be a bigger problem if the two had big governing responsibilities. we did get a glimpse of this in recent weeks. mcconnell held a 30 minute
9:48 am
leader and tried to get him to buy into a debt ceiling deal. mccarthy informed mitch mcconnell the proposal wouldn't fly in the house and republicans would bail on the defense legislation according to a gop lawmaker who later heard about this conversation. our chief congressional correspondent manu raju joins us now. this is your reporting. it's an interesting relationship to borrow a phrase from a previous dynamic, who knew, it's complicated. >> reporter: it's playing out on the senate floor, the senate is going to vote on a fast track process to allow the debt ceiling to be increased on a simple majority threshold, a long way of saying there's a deal to default on the national borrowing limit, and who may cut that deal. mitch mcconnell worked behind the scenes with chuck schumer the democratic leader, and he tried to bring mccarthy in the fold as you noted there. mccarthy did not want to go in the initial plan, mcconnell and schumer worked on a separate plan to move this forward. mcconnell is in a different position, politically and also institutionally, in the senate
9:49 am
you need to have 60 votes to get anything through and avoid a default by as early as next week. 50 democrats, 10 republicans need to hold hands. the republicans in the minority, the democrats don't need their votes, most pieces of legislation, and kevin mccarthy has rallied republicans to oppose virtually anything. and that is one reason we have seen a split between mccarthy and mcconnell, and keeping the government open. that's another deal that mitch mcconnell brokered to keep the government open until the middle of february, and also the infrastructure bill, mitch mcconnell, one of 19 republican senators to vote for the plan. one of the signature achievements of joe biden's presidency so far, mccarthy, on the other hand, whipping his colleagues to oppose it. all showing how these two are dealing with it. among everything here, john, donald trump. kevin mccarthy needs donald trump to potentially become speaker in the next congress, take back the majority. mitch mcconnell wants nothing to do with trump, and says this next election is about the
9:50 am
future, not the past. >> such a fascinating dynamic to watch. manu raju, grateful for the reporting, let's bring the conversation in the room and pick up where ma knew left off. when you talk about trump, these two are very different. >> how on the outs with him are you? he's pretty critical of you. >> say that again. >> reporter: he's pretty critical of you, he's not shy about it. >> you get that impression, right. >> when's the last time you talked to donald trump? >> this morning. >> can you tell us about it? >> he called up. he was on the golf course. >> did he talk about yesterday at all or? >> no, no. >> catching up. >> wasn't even campaign. >> i have lots of friends, i talk to a lot of people. >> it is in many ways, you can talk about separate policy differences but it's the dividing line, is donald trump the future or the past. >> i want to note about mitch mcconnell, he said that if donald trump is the nominee, he would still back him. so it is sort of disat ataste f
9:51 am
donald trump only goes so far. he has a different body of folks. they have to run statewide races in the senate, and if you're in the house, kevin mccarthy, you have these very red districts and redistricting that's going to help you get back to the majority, so they're in a very different position and that's why they're behaving in very different ways. v trump. >> mcconnell's autobiography is called the long game, slow and methodical and maps out each step, and it took him a couple of decades to become republican leader. mccarthy with just four years in the house became the house majority whip, the fastest person ever to get to that point on the leadership ladder. mccarthy is a man in a hurry, and mcconnell is slow and methodical, and they are taking very different approaches to trump. mccarthy needs to get every
9:52 am
single republican to vote for him to become speaker, just about, at least get to 18, and he's going to need trump to give some sort of endorsement or stay neutral. that's why he sucks up to him in public. >> and if they were actually -- if the republicans take both chambers, and it is leader mcconnell, and speaker mccarthy, the republican family feud makes governing more complicated. >> it would, and i think it's interesting to see if mcconnell's strategy evolves at all. he's trying to pretend donald trump doesn't exist. he wants move on. so he's basically operate in sort of a very different reality than what might happen, especially if trump decides to run for president again. >> mcconnell says wite have to accept the fact that the 2020 election is over. we know somebody who does not accept that fact. an emotional tribute on capitol hill as the president, congressional leaders honor the late senator robert j. dole.
9:53 am
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9:58 am
>> my fellow americans, america has lost one of our greatest patriots. we may follow his wisdom, i hope, and his timeless truth, but the truth of the matter is as divided as we are, the only way forward in democracy is unity, consensus, the only way. god bless bob dole. and god bless america. >> dole, a world war ii hero, former presidential candidate and a giant of the senate passed away on sunday, he was 98. good signs today for the u.s. economy, weekly claims for unemployment benefits hit 52-week low. 180,000 people filed initial claims last year. that's the smallest number since september 1969. wages are up, businesses are trying to hold on to the employees they have.
9:59 am
an estimated 4.2 million workers quit their jobs in october. a quick update, developments from the january 6th committee, cash patel, the former chief of staff is meeting with the select panel this hour. cnn spotted patel in the capitol. the committee subpoenaed patel in september, not having real work makes him more powerful. that's the line from arizona congressman paul gosar. today on the matt gaetz podcast, gosar thanked speaker pelosi for taking away his committee responsibilities, and he promised retribution. >> when nancy pelosi took committee assignments did she victimize you or empower you. >> empowered me. >> will our leaders have the guts to throw members of their committees. >> they'll have to deal with this dog if they don't. >> what will you do? >> i can make things pretty
10:00 am
miserable. >> it's that time of year when the stars come out to honor some of humanities best. join anderson cooper, kelly ripa, live as they name the 2021 cnn hero of the year. the 15th annual cnn hero all star tribute is sunday, right here on cnn. thank you for joining us. download "inside politics" wherever you get your podcast. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. hello, i'm ana cabrera in new york. right now, a phone call that stirs chilling memories of the cold war. president biden is holding a critical call with ukrainian's president zelensky to discuss russia's military build up along ukraine's border. there are growing international fears that those russian troops will invade. the white house has warned russia's president putin and is now weighing its options. we'll unfoldll


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