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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  December 10, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PST

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slowed due to the rise in online shopping. for those stores left, the holiday displays are even more meaningful. >> when there's lots of us, it makes it important to keep people visiting the store. >> reporter: nostalgia sheens over lexington avenue. each window inspired by a designer's childhood memory, a favorite toy dean saur, sweaters knit by mom, a jewelry box with a ballerina. . >> that's our job is to provide that little relief so that everyone can get themselves into that holiday spirit area yearning for. >> reporter: perhaps the most stored windows of all, macy's. . >> these windows are macy's gift to the city. >> reporter: the flagship store
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has been delighting new york city for more than a century. >> we are carrying the tradition of enchanting our customers and new yorkers. >> reporter: they paid tribute to frontline workers. now a return to the traditional as shoppers come back to the city. covid-19 and its variants are still here. . >> you still have to wear your mask and get your vaccines and stuff. but it's nice to be out again seeing people, enjoying things. it's great to start over again. >> reporter: but a dose of holiday cheer is making the season a little brighter. all right. that is all to say that new york does the holidays best. you have to look back and think about where we were last year. we were just starting to see shots going into arms. we are talking 200 million americans who are vaccinated. this is real cause for celebration for so many families. a lot of people will be happy to put up with the travel headaches to be able to celebrate. >> it was nice to see all those
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smiles in that piece. thanks so much. "new day" continues right now. hello. i'm brianna keilar with john berman. on this "new day", overknight a florida college student is in custody after allegedly plotting to shoot up his campus. we'll have the disturbing new details. >> former president trump souring on one of his closest international allies, telling one reporter f him. what's behind the fallout. and begging congress for help as crime hits record levels across several cities. chris christie said it's undeniable that trump gave him covid and mark meadows' silence was inexcusable. ♪ >> welcome to our viewers in the
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united states and around the world. it is friday, december 10th. i'm brianna keilar with john berman. >> and it has been a roller coaster week for the group of lawmakers investigating the january 6th insurrection. new, donald trump's efforts to keep records secret involving his administration's response to the riots rejected by an appeals court. next stop, the supreme court. if the justices will take the case, more on that in just a moment. also this week, the committee getting a hold of communications involving former chief of staff mark meadows, communications that congresswoman liz cheney calls very interesting, communications that detail trump's actions during those hours. the committee also deposed several key players, including memo author john eastman chris krebs and former defense department kash patel. he stopped his cooperation with
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the committee, if he was really cooperating at all. he is suing the members, along with speaker pelosi. more of trump's allies, including roger stone, have indicated they will plead the fifth. a judge set a trial date for steve bannon's contempt charges in july. that is a pretty long time to wait. liz cheney said they will not let trump hide what happened or obstruct the investigation. she said, quote, the investigation is firing on all cylinders. brianna. >>. >> joining me now is cnn contributor steve vladic, professor at the university of texas school of law. steve, good morning to you. is it a foregone conclusion that this case will go to the supreme court? >> hey, brianna. i think it's a foregone conclusion that president trump will ask the supreme court to step in. basically yesterday's ruling by the federal appeals court in washington gives trump 14 more days. until december 23rd to ask the
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supreme court to continue to prevent the turning over of documents from his administration to the january 6th committee. if he doesn't file, as of december 23rd, those documents will be handed over. he will ask to continue the pause and take up the appeal. i will less certain the justices will respond favorably. >> these judges at the appeals court level weren't impressed by the arguments trump's lawyers were making. did trump's lawyers make any arguments that the supreme court might take seriously? . >> yeah, it is certainly the case that there are some arguments about executive privilege in this case that might appeal to two or three of the justices. but i think part of why we saw the appeals court do what it did. remember, back in november, they froze the handover of documents, expedited oral arguments, wrote this 6-opinion that we got
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yesterday in 10 days. part of why that all happened was to convince the justices that there's really nothing to see here, that this is actually a pretty outlandish claim by the former president and his lawyers. that where you have congress and the sitting president agreeing as to what kind of materials can and cannot be handed over, it would be a remarkable precedent to allow someone who is no longer in the oval office to come in and prevent that from going forward. i think there are one or two justices, maybe even three justices who would be interested in this. but, brianna, in the posture the case is in, former president trump is going to need five of them to agree to keep the document turnover on hold and to rule pretty quickly. that's why i think we will have a decision one way or the other by pretty early in january. . >> we'll be watching. steve, thank you for that. former new jersey governor chris christie is responding to the revelation that the former
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president trump had tested positive for covid several days earlier than was publicly known in that former chief of staff mark medicine toes didn't tell anyone. listen to this. >> if mark meadows knew that somebody that i was sitting across in for four days had popped a positive test, he, as white house chief of staff -- put aside the president for a second. obviously, the president as my friend should have looked at me and told me that. that's obvious. but what is less obvious is that mark meadows saved this for his book. he saved it for a book. i was in the hospital in the intensive care unit. he didn't call and tell me. so i think that's inexcusable. >> you had always suspected that you got it from the president; is that right? >> the only reason i suspected it was because he was the only person i didn't know his testing regimen that i was in close contact with. all the other people we spoke
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about -- >> did this confirm that you did get it from the president? >> i think it's undeniable. >> you were very sick. you could have died. >> sure. so could he. >> and the president knowingly walked in to work with you four takes without a mask and expose you to covid. and then he went and met with gold star families. >> i'm not excusing any of it. it's all brand-new information and i'm giving you what our raw reaction was. i was as close to him as are right now. i was playing joe biden. we had very dispirited disagreements. saliva was flying back and forth. . >> covid particles were going everywhere. >> it turns out. i didn't know. i was tested every day before i went in.
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six of the seven us in that room. bill, hope, kelly an conway, me, stephen miller and donald trump all wound up with covid in that room. >> joining me is cnn political commentator and the host of "firing line" on pbs, margaret hoover. this is a really good interview. and it's really interesting how you pressed him. we didn't see it just there. but you started asking him a really interesting line of questions. given this, given that you think it is undeniable that trump gave you covid, you still refer to him as your friend? . >> and chris christie said, well, that comment about him being a friend is more of a historical reference. we've been friends for 20 years. he said in his book, oh, donald trump and i are friends. maybe it is looser than you and i's might be, john. but he is really clear that he
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feels betrayed. and he understands the phone call that the president made to him when he was in the hospital very differently now than he did at the time. of course president trump called him to say you're not going to tell anyone you got covid from me? and chris christie said, well, why would i do that? well, new he understands full well that the president had given it to him and knew full well that he was exposing those six in the prep room let alone the gold star families. >> he was in a bad way in intensive care. >> he could have died. and he says very early on, this was touch and go at the beginning. could have gone either way. and he's most angry at mark meadows. >> right. >> by the way, the white house doctor also knew. many people are complicit in the fact that the president exposed his key and top staffers.
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>> he's made at trump, too. he was very mad at meadows. i'm not sure he ever liked mark meadows. he really is mad at trump. and also sean conley. i think sean conley had a responsibility to tell the people in that room. >> he absolutely did. the best part is cnn's dana bash let christie know he had been potentially exposed. if you have any doubt she is one of the best sourced reporters of that white house, she is the one who said to get a test. they got him straight to emergency, the emergency care. . >> i want to ask you about a development overnight that gets to the personality, and i think may have driven this episode between covid and christie and everything else. it has to do with benjamin netanyahu. trump did an interview on the peace process or the various accomplishments he said trump had toward middle east peace.
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but in the process of talking to trump, he got trump to reveal he's ream angry at netanyahu, extremely angry for the fact that he ever called to congratulate biden on his way. listen to this. trump says it was early, okay. let's put it this way. he greeted him very early. earlier than most world leaders. i've not spoken to him, yet anja hue since. f him. there was no one who did for israel more than i did. and the first person that congratulated biden was netanyahu. >> by the way, after 12 hours. it was not like he picked up the phone as soon as arizona was called. then he good did what every world leader does, call and con garage late the president of the
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united states. it is consistent with how chris christie is being treated by donald trump. how donald trump treats everyone. he said in the same statement, bolsonaro believes it was a lie. vladimir putin believes it was a lie. so his friendships about who is going to reinforce his own untrue world view that he still won the election. >> he said putin waited. . >> why wouldn't netanyahu be on the side with me. back to chris christie. that distinguishes him from any other republican who is potentially looking at 2024. chris christie is running on the platform that donald trump lost the election and is lying about it and has to stop the conspiracy theories, which is refreshing to have someone from the right calling out trump for his lies and his vanity. >> it's not just enough to have it be a republican conspiracy theory or domestic conspiracy. he wants it to be a global
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conspiracy theory on this. the idea that putin waited, why didn't you. you say it's always about trump here. and that's the case with christie. he didn't care about spreading covid being patient zero. he only cared about himself. whatever progress was made in the middle east, it doesn't seem that he cares for that for what it was, progress in the middle east, he cares what it means for him permanently. >> everything that happened on his watch is only relevant to the extent that it perpetuates his legacy, good name and reputation. >> i do wonder how netanyahu responds to this if he wants to get back into politics or still is in israel. can netanyahu become prime minister again in israel without trump. >> as he is fighting corruption charges. and trump is enormously popular
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in israel. i look forward to how he plays it. >> margaret hoover, great to see you in person. everyone should go watch all of it. christie talks a lot. but you get him to talk in ways that he normally doesn't. >> thanks. 8:30 don't. murder rates reaching all-time records. a police chief calls it worse than a war zone in his city. how two students may have headed off a mass shooting on a florida college campus. and inside a michigan hospital once again swamped with covid patients. >> now they're here with a mask on their face, teary eyed, staring at me asking if they're going to live or not.
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a wave of brazen store robberies as ceos pleading with congress for help. san francisco, los angeles, and chicago are among the cities that have seen the smash and grab mob attacks targeting retailers. and that's why the ceos of target, best buy, home depot and cvs are among more than 20 retail leaders who sent a there effort to congress yesterday urging lawmakers inform, integrity, notification and fairness in online retail market places. this would make it easier for consumers to identify who they're buying from and harder for criminals to sell stolen merchandise onlean. if they can't sell it, they're not going to steal it. three weeks to go left in 2021. 12 major u.s. cities are hitting an all time high in murder rates. one of those cities is roc
4:21 am
rochester, new york. it broke a record with 79 to date. joining me now is the captain of the rochester police department. thank you for being with us this morning. look, you said rochester is like a war zone. how so? >> just the amount of violence and gunfire that we've been seeing lately has just been through the roof. over the weekend, we had an incident at 9:00 in the morning and we had over 40 gunshots fired through one of the main streets here in the city. we have innocent people going to buy christmas trees that get shot. it's just -- it's been very challenging year for us here in rochester. >> and this is something that's new? >> well, you know, probably within the last 18 months. if you go back to, you know, 2017, 2018, 2019, we were
4:22 am
averaging 30 homicides a year. granted, one person getting killed is too many. we don't live in a utopian society and we're going to have some level of crime. we go on average of 30 homicides a year in 2017, 18, 19, to almost 80 for the year so far. >> so what do you think changed? >> well, you know, it's like the perfect storm. we always get asked why is crime through the roof? there is no single factor the reason why crime is the way it is today. i could list 10 different reasons. obviously it starts at home. at one point does a child learn it is okay to pull a trigger or go steal something. you have kids having kids. poor family structure at home. you have failing school systems. we currently have a juvenile
4:23 am
justice system that does nothing to help the children had they're getting in trouble at an army age. let's face it, it is not common for kids to go astray. so what are we doing to help our children when they go astray? you have a 14-year-old kid that gets caught stealing a candy bar today, stealing a car tomorrow, carjacking next week. by the time he's 17 years old, we are arresting him for murder. >> there but is that different in 2021 that it was in 2017 and 2018? >> yes. we've come up with raise the age programs in new york. anybody under 18 is considered a juvenile. you go back several years and we had all kinds of programs. whether shock boot camps or stuff like that. we love our children. we want our children to succeed. what we are doing now, i can give you an example here in rochester earlier this year.
4:24 am
we had a 14-year-old kid arrested three times within the last year. the fourth time we arrested him it was for lighting a man on fire who was sitting in his chair in his living room. we failed that kid. we did nothing to get him to counseling and the services he needed. unfortunately, sometimes, you know, you may need to put these kids into a home, a kid jail, if you will. we are failing our kids by not intervening and not stepping in and simply giving them a ticket and asking them to show up in court in two days. >> you put some of the blame on political leadership in the state. if you could wave a magic wand and change two things, what would those two things be? . >> i would get rid of the partisanship that currently exists when we talk about crime. crime is not a partisan issue. we all have the same goal, we want to be safe, we want our families to be safe. you talk about some reforms that
4:25 am
come in. sure, you always need to evaluate systems to see if you can make them better. when you do them and you make changes, you need to bring people to the table with the expertise. if you're doing bail reform you to bring the district attorneys in, the police in, bring people from probation and parole in. nobody was consulted during any of these changes. again, we all have the same goals. we want to be safe. we want to be able to protect people. let's sit down, let's find some common ground and have adult discussions on how to solve the problems. >> captain frank umbrino, i hope you have a safe holiday. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, john. i appreciate it. parents suing a michigan school for not preventing last week's deadly shooting. their lawyer joins us live. anguish among staffers in a michigan hospital where patients are dying at a rate never seen
4:26 am
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this morning covid cases on the rise in many parts of the country. health officials warn it might be the start of a winter surge as more people head indoors. some scientists believe covid could become seasonal after the pandemic ends. cnn reporter jacqueline howard joins us. what's going on here? >> reporter: scientists say covid-19 is looking more and more seasonal. and that's what we see with other respiratory viruses as well. but when you look at test positivity rates, the percentage of tested people who test positive, scientists say early on in the pandemic, the test positivity was high because we were just starting to test people and identify covid-19. but over time, if you remember
4:31 am
last year we had a summer surge, followed by this big winter surge. you see here between november 16th and march 24th. and then this year we had another summer surge. now scientists think we are entering another big winter surge. these are the early signs of this seasonal pattern emerging. so, john, that's why scientists really do think we could see covid becoming seasonal in the future when it turns into an endemic fade. where it will no longer overwhelm our health systems. i spoke to association of county and city health officials. she said they plan to talk about this in the new year. we plan to begin having listening sessions in early january to talk with jurisdictions and their health officials about what we need to be thinking about to transition from pandemic to endemic. the idea is to envision what
4:32 am
this looks like long term and what metrics and considerations would be utilized to make the determination. john, it will be interesting to see what comes out of the talks in early january. . >> let's get them to a low enough level where they don't overwhelm the health system. thank you. another reminder that the covid crisis is far from over. michigan has seen more this week than any other time in the pandemic. a hospital is overwhelmed with cases and deaths yet again. what did you see, miguel? >> reporter: yeah. talk about overwhelming a health care system. that's a lot of what we're seeing in michigan right now. look, we were in the same hospital in april during the third wave. it is now the fourth wave. it is worse now. and with christmas and new year coming up, it may get a lot worse. clive ellis, one of thousands of
4:33 am
patients suffering with covid-19 here stretching michigan hospitals to the breaking point. when did you know you had to come to the hospital? what were you experiencing? . >> my oxygen numbers were down in the upper 60s, lower 70s. >> reporter: oh, dear. that's very low. . >> yeah. >> reporter: what does it feel like? . >> it feels like a wreck. >> reporter: unvaccinated. this is the 66-year-old's second bout of covid-19. whatever natural immunity he had. . >> this is my second round. this is way worse. >> reporter: this is worse than the first? . >> yeah. the first one was bad. >> reporter: didn't help. his message now. would you encourage others to get vaccinated now, though? . >> yes. >> reporter: how bad is it? how bad is covid? >> it's terrible. you don't want it. >> reporter: still, there are those like 62-year-old deborah
4:34 am
laroche who said vaccination just isn't for her? . >> i didn't want to be vaccinated. >> reporter: do you think you'll get vaccinated after this? . >> no. >> reporter: why? . >> i should be okay now. >> reporter: you think? . >> yeah. >> reporter: the sickness, death, and seemingly endless suffering taking its toll on those who come to work every day to save lives at lansing's sparrow health. . >> the other day i had my first panic attack. i didn't know what it was. i'm a nurse. say should know these things. i couldn't get out of the car. i'm like what is going on? and it was a full-on -- i said oh, my gosh, i'm having a panic attack. >> reporter: stress, tension, anxiety on the face and in the lives of every health care worker here. . >> i've gone home a few days and had days where i just cry. as a mom it's really hard because my kids are challenged to see that. so i have to put on a brave
4:35 am
front for them too. but it's awful. >> reporter: those most staff here are vaccinated, sparrow has no mandate for its workers and is still suffering a shortage of staff, worn thin by endless shifts and treating sickness and death. >> it is so hard. we had seven people die tkwred. they are seeing this death and the families left behind who are krao ig over the loss of their loved one who was unvaccinated that could have been prevented. >> reporter: hospitalizations here higher than ever. in just the last month, admissions to hospitals statewide have exploded. rising 88%. >> many of our hospitals who are no longer able to accept emergencies in their emergency departments. we have almost every hospital who has people waiting in their emergency departments to get aadmitted. >> reporter: sparrow hospital at triage level code red, the highest. no room for other patients,
4:36 am
elected procedures on hold. the wait for a bed once admitted, two days. its emergency department swamped for weeks. . >> and how often is your emergency department overwhelmed to that level? . >> we have been that way over a month. . >> over a month? . >> yeah. perpetually. we have had that many emergency department patients in our emergency department that need to be on the floors. and we can't -- there is nowhere for them to go. >> reporter: health care workers from the nurses to the doctors, to those who sanitize and ready rooms for the next victim of coronavirus get up every day and go at it again. how does the stress manifest itself? >> on the days i came to work, i would be stressed out. but now it comes having to come to work. i love my job. it is just the heaviness and
4:37 am
working with these people who before they walked in the door had a normal life, healthy people, out celebrating thanksgiving. and now they're here with a mask on their face, teary eyed, staring at me asking if they're going to live or not. desperation. and it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: now, another stressor on the health system in michigan is the flu season, regular old flu is also bad this year. they are starting to see outbreaks. that is putting setbacks. even if you get the vaccine today, you may not be fully protected by christmas but you will have some protection. . >> it's an absolute war zone for the nurses and doctors. i was struck by that woman you were speaking to on supplemental oxygen saying even after this ordeal she won't get vaccinated. >> reporter: you know, look, one thing that nurses also told us, not only are they treating these
4:38 am
people, but they come in and ask like it's starbucks. no, i don't want that treatment. i want ivermectin. and the hospital has to actually fight their own patients to give them the treatment that actually works. it's madness! get vaccinated! . >> miguel, i'm just struck by the fact -- i think you have done michigan before. no, is this the first time in your national roving, covid hot spot tour? >> reporter: yeah. we were at this same hospital back in april during the third wave. we went to beaumont health system as well. there are three federal strike teams at different hospitals in michigan. sparrow wants a federal strike team. there are just not enough to go around. there's too many in michigan already. hospitals across the entire state are just filling up to the point where literally they're not going to be able to take patients even more, and it's going to get worse. . >> it really is stunning that
4:39 am
you've been here and you're here again and there are still people unvaccinated. i have to believe it weighs on the health care workers. exhaustion. >> reporter: seeing their faces -- you can literally see it in their faces. they are exhausted and over it. that's why most are leaving the business. not because of vaccination mandates because they are stressed out or taking higher pair traveling nurses jobs. it's just too much stress. >> yeah, look. they're burnt out. there's going to be a lot of -- already are, nurses and doctors who need mental health help. this is like ptsd waiting to happen what they have been through at this sustained level. miguel, thank you so much for such an essential report. travis scott sitting down with his first interview since the astroworld tragedy. who he blames for the concert crash. and a student may have
4:40 am
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so new this morning, in this new interview, travis scott tells charlamagne tha god. in an interview he denied knowing concertgoers had been hurt or people were begging him to stop the show. >> people say they collectively heard folks screaming help every time you stopped the song to get your attention. did you hear any of those screams? >> no. any time you hear something like that, you want to stop the show. i stopped a couple of times to make sure everybody was okay. and i just go off the fans's
4:45 am
energy as a collective. call it response. i just didn't hear that. >> joining me now is the attorney for the family of one of the victims who died at the astroworld event, tony busby. thanks for being with us. the family, if they had a chance to see that video, i'm curious what their reaction is. >> disgust. this is clearly public relations driven. somebody decided it would be a good idea for travis scott to speak. he continues, each time he does speak, to try to deflect blame. we learned as children if you screw up, just admit it. every time you try to pretend you didn't know this or that, it makes it worse. . >> he said he couldn't tell what was happening in the crowd. why don't you believe him? >> because i've stood on that
4:46 am
stage, and i can see the vantage point that he had. because i've seen hundreds of individual cell phone videos of what was happening in the crowd, because i have talked to more than 100 people who were there, including security personnel, paramedics, et cetera. he is going to have a hard time making that case. i thought it was interesting that this. he picked and approved the questions. he won't be able to do that in this court proceeding. what question would you ask him? >> why? he said -- i had an earpiece in. no one told me there were these problems. my question would be do you have an earpiece in your eye? you could see. we see in the concert that you can see somebody in a tree well outside the concert area. but yet you couldn't see the people, the masses of people piled up in bodies and the cpr going on.
4:47 am
i don't buy it. nobody is going to buy that. so those are the questions that will be asked. like i said, when you mess up, you just say, you know what, i really screwed up. no one is suggesting that travis scott is 100% responsible or at fault but certainly he has responsibility. let's not forget the people went there to see travis scott. it was his name up in lights. he was the individual who was the one who brought people there. we know what his past conduct was. we know he has been arrested for inciting riots. he has encouraged people to get into concerts that were not ticketed. he has even encouraged people in the crowd in the past to beat people up or jump off the balcony. we look at the lyrics of his songs where they talk about getting injured in the mosh pit or jumping from a balcony.
4:48 am
i'm an artist. i have no responsibility. nobody is going to buy that. he has been surrounded by people who enable him. the acosta family is looking for him to take accountability and responsibility. and so far he has not done that. we're going to help him do that. >> tony buzzby, i appreciate your time this morning. thank you. . >> thank you. a delta flight forced to make an emergency landing overnight after violence breaks out on board. we have the breaking details on this just ahead. and what happened between donald trump and benjamin neta netanyahu. bad blood between the one-time close allies.
4:49 am
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4:53 am
hagans is in custody after posting a message to a group snapchat that two students -- that wtwo alert students notice was troubling and they in turn told the authorities about it. cnn's nick valencia joins us live now. how close was this? relay what happened here. >> good morning, john. this 19-year-old suspect laid out these plans to carry out this attack on his university, saying that he was going to bring a collapsible gun tucked inside a backpack filled with hundreds of rounds of ammunition. according to police, to quote shoot up the school. now the 19-year-old you're looking at there on the screen, john hagins, posted the threatening messages on snapchat in a group message that was then anonymously reported to police by two alert students. this plan, according to police, was set to happen on the last day of classes before winter break, when police say hagins knew the campus would be full of students taking their final
4:54 am
exa exams. he was arrested outside his apartment where police found the backpack with hundreds of rounds of ammunition with a collapsible rifle. the chief there said he con confessed to the messages, writing the messages. he says by the grace of god this plan was thwarted. >> by the grace of god, those two students came forward and thwarted that plan. he has already confessed to making these statements. he has confessed to it. he may want to claim that it was all a joke, and he wasn't serious but it, but we don't find anything funny about discussing a mass shooting on a campus. if he was looking for attention, he's got it. >> chief young went on to say that he believes that the suspect sold his vehicle as a way to pay for that gun and ammunition. now, it is unclear what the motive was, but the chief said he was a danger -- in danger of failing classes. he's being charged with attempted first degree homicide and terrorism and being held
4:55 am
right now this morning without bond. john? >> just goes to show the difference that two students can make, just by paying attention. got to tell somebody when you seeing some like that. nick valencia, thank you very much. >> you got it, john. today will be the ninth day that the father of a parkland shooting victim stands outside of the white house demanding a meeting with president biden. manuel oliver and his supporters say the biden administration needs to take unilateral urgent action to address gun violence. oliver says he'll go to the white house every day until the president agrees to meet with him and he's now with us. this father of parkland shooting victim joaquin oliver, the founder of change the thank you for being with us again. we spoke with you in the beginning of this effort out in front of the white house last week. you have not had a meeting with the president. you did meet with a senior adviser cedric richmond. tell us about that conversation. >> i had a call, a phone call
4:56 am
with him. he was asking me what is it that i'm looking for. and now witness statement that the white house made, they're making these calls, like, that was the call. that was the conversation that i was looking for and it is not. i told mr. cedric i wanted to talk to the man that made those promises. and that's not you, mr. cedric. i was very clear that until i meet with president biden, and by the way, it already has been more than 900 victims ago since i arrived, then i will be fine because i have very specific things i want to discuss with him. >> he took part in an event that you were part of, explain -- you talk about the promises that the president has made, explain them as you see them. >> he took part in an event that, like any politician, that is running for any office, will be glad to be part of. i was presenting him in a rally
4:57 am
in florida. president biden needed more latino community supporting his campaign. my wife and myself were opening this event for him. before that we had -- this was the second time that we were -- had the chance to talk for a few minutes and this is when he told me that he is willing to solve this problem, which i believe, i still believe, and the fact that he already did a lot getting together republicans and democrats to work for better solutions in terms of gun violence. >> you know, we look at congress, and congress has essentially thrown its hands up in the air. they're just deadlocked on this issue. the white house sent you a statement trying to highlight some of the things that president biden has done on ghost guns, on stabilizing braces, on encouraging states to drop -- adopt red flag laws like the one that florida passed in the wake of parkland that has been employed thousands of times
4:58 am
at this point. what do you say to that? >> well, i say that announcing and encouraging -- that's something i can do. right. i'm not the president of the united states. we just heard the sheriff in florida thanking god, for the grace of god, we were able to stop a mass shooting. that's not right. we cannot rely on the grace of god and not have our politicians moving on. i need to be okay with everything this administration has done. that means that some bills are on hold in congress, and now we need to wait for senate. i had a meeting with chris murphy yesterday, and i asked him the same question what are you going to do? what is going to happen? so, no, that's it. we're working on them and at some point -- and that will never happen. those bills don't save lives. put it that way. laws might save lives. but as long as you have a bill that is not passing, not going anywhere, we're not moving forward. in the meantime, people are
4:59 am
dying, kids are dying, kids are sick of this, they showed yesterday, hundreds of kids in front of the white house, because someone was fighting for this to happen. and now it is happening. now i need to hold joe biden accountable because i like him, because i voted for him, and because i want to be along with him, the ones that protect our kids and create a better future. >> how long are you willing to stay outside the white house? >> i am willing to stay there until i get my meeting. i don't have any rush. i didn't have any plans for christmas. so now i have one. actually i'm going to spend my birthday there on sunday. so, yeah. this is a new -- my wife is here now. so that makes everything easier. and i think this is convenient for everyone. i think this meeting will also allow president biden to have someone witnessing what he's planning to do and once i get out of that meeting, i will let
5:00 am
everyone know that this president is the one that he is -- he is that person that made the promises and he will accomplish all those. >> manuel, you are clearly tireless. we have seen how creative you are. you actually, in june you duped an ex-nra chief into giving a fake graduation speech before thousands of empty chairs, students who would have graduated, but who were not going to graduate from college because they are dead. and now you're on this, you know, almost ten days in, outside the white house, do you ever think, like, all of this that i'm doing and it is not making a difference. do you ever feel that way? >> i do. and that's why i need to do new things. frustration is not an option here. empowering is the option. like, i always said that, like, if i'm trying to do something, and you're right, we have not stopped since february 14th, four


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