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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 11, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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♪ this is cnn breaking news. i'm kim brunhuber. and we're starting with the breaking news. this hour, a powerful storm system is working its way through the central u.s. millions are at risk. more than 200,000 homes and businesses are without power. and at least 24 tornadoes have already been reported across five states. have a look here. if you look closely you can see a tornado. the darkness makes it harder to see it and even more dangerous. at least two people have been killed in arkansas.
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one at a dollar general store. another at a nursing home where 20 others were rescued. and in illinois, emergency crews are searching for people feared trapped inside a damaged amazon warehouse. some people there waiting on word from loved ones, meanwhile, in state of kentucky, the governor is declaring a state of emergency due to heavy damage throughout the state. >> the damage is significant. we expect multiple fatality. grays county, and and the city have been hit really hard. this is going to be some of the worst tornado damage that we've seen in a long time. >> meteorologist derek van dam is keeping close track of it all at cnn weather center. let's get right to it, derek, what's the latest? >> yeah, kim, we're really firing on all cylinders,
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overnight, tornadoes, all the way from cincinnati to shreveport, i'll highlight different areas and show you what's happening. nashville, you're about to be rocked by a strong line of thunderstorms. there have been tornadoes in this line. keep your eye to the sky, consider your cell phones handy and noaa weather extra loud, you need to receive the notifications or warnings if you're in deep sleep. that's the rick of having nighttime tornado, so many of us are sleeping at this stage where we can be caught off guard. 24 tornadoes -- excuse me, 26 that number continues to go up. that surpasses the month ly average of december, which we see typically 23 tornadoes in 12 hours' time we've seen 26 tornadoes and that continues to escalate. here is photographs, imagery, coming out of northeastern arkansas where we've seen a long
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track and long duration event unfolded late friday into the early morning hours of saturday. the same tornado moved into northern portions of kentucky. it actually covered four states. this is an image of one of the courthouses. this is an after-image, you can see the tops of that building completely cut off, just toppled by this powerful, powerful tornado. and i bring this to your attention because we have, if verified, the potential to break records with this long track, long duration tornado. here it is forming across portions of northeastern arkansas, just near jonesboro, missouri, tennessee and central kentucky. this is a quad-state tornado. as you recall, back in 1925, a tri-state tornado made headlines then. that was the longest duration single tornado event at all times. and that covered about 219 miles. well, this particular tornado is
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verified. covered 250 miles. so that would make it the longest single duration tornadic event in u.s. history. kim. >> really unbelievable. we'll stay on that story, derek van dam, thank you so much. my colleague michael holmes just spoke to storm chaser michael gordon who is sharing the story. here it is. >> devastation. i mean, homes leveled, rubble everywhere. there's -- it's hard to explain, especially in the dark right now. it's very sad. you look around and you have people walking on the streets. other families looking for their loved ones still. i was out earlier before this call, going through some of the homes, trying to help out as much as i could.
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i think the mayfield city -- city of mayfield has been on top of it. they got -- the personnel, they got the search and rescue teams out. they got dogs out now. we've seen a lot more rescue efforts. but the damage is pretty much undescribable. >> and to put that in context, i mean, you chase storms, is this kind of what you do. how does this compare? >> this is probably one of the worst storms that i have seen. the closest i've ever been to such a large tornado in my life, and it's -- like i said, it's really undescribable. there's so much -- >> what does it look like? what does it feel like? as you're looking at this biggest tornado you've seen,
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what does that feel like? what goes through your head? >> i don't know what i was feeling at that point. i was trying to figure out where it was at. and i could see it. and then it would go away. and then i could see it again. but after it got past me is when i noticed really how large this tornado was. when it was coming head-on, it didn't look as large, until it got past me. then i could see the debris flying everywhere. the -- you know, the width of that tornado. and the power. you could just -- you could feel the power. >> the centers for disease control and prevention is offering new details about those who have contracted the omicron variant in the u.s. it says most of the 43 infections have been mild. but the majority of those people have been vaccinated and 14 of
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them had already gotten their boosters. most of half of u.s. states have identified a case of the omicron variant. it comes with an uptick of infections nationwide push something hospitals to the brink. cnn's athena jones has the story. >> reporter: u.s. covid-19 cases on the rise again. now averaging 125,000 new infections a day. up more than 50% over a month ago. case numbers increasing in 26 states. hospitals strained in hard-hit michigan, ohio and arizona. indiana now becoming the latest state to call in the national guard to help overwhelmed hospital workers. >> hospital bed monitors don't feel that -- i mean, we're tired. our people are incredibly tired. >> the surge is definitely upon us. >> reporter: and in new hampshire, the governor warning -- >> it's going to be a rough winter. there's no doubt about it. i don't think the numbers are going to finish peaking until early january.
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>> reporter: the nationwide surge by the delta variant -- >> we need to be on equal footing because we at war with an enemy killing 1200 americans a day. and i just don't see it. >> reporter: doctors say most of those hospitalized are unvaccinated but as the u.s. starts to mark one year since the first shot went into arms, the pace of vaccinations is up 40% over a month ago. with more than 40,000 people getting their first shot a day. 2 million total doses administered a day, half of them booster shots. early studies suggest boosters increase protect against the new omicron variant. dr. anthony fauci telling cnn the national institutes of health will likely have data early next week with vaccine effectiveness. with the cdc confirming cases of those affected by omicron in the u.s. are mile, that mirrors what is hseen in south africa, where the variant was initially
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identified. >> the cases tend on the whole to be milder with fewer oxygenation. so it's testing what we know. it's confirming what we know and certainly know the stage. >> here in new york, kathy hochul has announced a new temporary mask mandate requiring workers to wear a mask in all indoor public spaces unless they implement a new vaccine requirement. the new vaccine mandate will be effective starting monday through january 15th. violators will face a fine up to $1,000 and civil and criminal penalties. hochul saying the new mandate is necessary to get ahead of an increased cases, reduced hospital capacity and increased vaccination rates in certain areas, athena jones, new york. as more european countries see a surge in infections, the uk is urging people to get a booster shot. it comes with a study there that warns two doses of the vaccine
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are unsiff against the omicron variant. cnn's eleni giokos joins me from south africa. eleni are the restrictions starting to pay off. >> reporter: yeah, over the summer, kim, and now recently, have reunited the wearing of masks which they did away with which is controversial in certain public areas and also in close spaces. and is this because you're seeing a doubling of the omicron variant in the uk in two to three days. the house essentially came out this week and said that the omicron cases in the uk could reach 1 million by the end of the month. you've seen a rise in hospitalization rates. i mean, you also saw the data that came through about the third jack is the one that is most effective. and the risk of illness, now
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even coming out of south africa, those that are vaccinated are getting a milder covid omicron illness. now, if i look at the other cases in europe, germany hit record daily data this week. they're clamping down on the unvaccinated saying you can't go in public areas apart from essential businesses if you haven't been jabbed. you've got a big strain on the health cases there specifically coming from an icu ward. but reporting from the highest daily rate with the pandemic, they're not putting restrictions in place yet but you're seeing germany and france talking about the mandates. and they're taking it seriously because they know this is going to be the secret in terms of dealing with the new variant. which, of course, we don't know much about, but the data is starting to show us that the vaccines are working.
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>> yes, eleni giokos in athens, thanks so much. south africa has been rolling out plans to start with pfizer booster shots. unexpert says evidence suggests this new strain spreads more easily, but new infections are on the rise so is vaccine head attention. cnn's larry madowo has more. >> reporter: a procession to drive through soweto. no, it's not a funeral. they're just trying to scare people into getting vaccinated. even death will not convince some south africans to get a covid-19 vaccine. >> i think the government is trying to control us by using the vaccine. >> reporter: the south african government said it has enough vaccines, but vaccine hesitancy is that can be bottling up has spilled into the open. >> the young people, we won't take it, unless we have more information. >> reporter: as south africa
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enters its fourth wave of the pandemic, the country is considering making vaccines and if tore. more than 90,000 deaths and the fear of another hard lockdown has won some people over. >> we're like in a cage. we can't do anything. can't be living like this. why not? why not? we're isolated because you don't want to vaccinate. >> reporter: south africa plans to fully vaccinate at least 70% of the adult population by the end of the year. but the current rate is only about 38% and time is running out. >> there's spirited public debate in south africa in getting vaccine mandates and vaccine passports and those are some of the loud evidence in the public sphere, whether they like it or not they're popping up across the nation. some of south africa's largest companies have announced get vaccinated, face testing or risk getting fired. influential members of the business, trade unions and civil
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society community support restrictions on the unvaccinated. >> there is a much stronger call to strengthen existing provision in mrlegislation and regulation for it to be mandatory in workplaces. in big event, like soccer match, so on. only vaccinated people should enter that. >> reporter: the university has where the it is the growing number of students that will require students and staff to be vaccinated up to the first part of 2022 up to nearly two years in line. >> universities have to get at the young people and they're the potential superspreaders. there is great support by the community. that it was bold and too decisive leadership action in helping the country get to the next side of covid.
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>> reporter: but student leasts oppose the vaccine mandate. >> our responsibility as leaders of society is to make sure our students, our people, are well informed in terms of right. in fact, they have the right to choose to say can did she be vaccinated or not. >> reporter: a recent study found support for mandates. >> what we found half of the support and vaccine mandates at workplaces and the introduction of vaccine passports. vaccine passports to enter public spaces. >> reporter: so far, south africa's vaccination rates are among the highest in africa. the government and private sector think they can do even better. larry madowo, cnn. professor kelly lee is the canada research chair and global health governance. she'sard the leader of the
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pandemic borders project and global health policy at simon university. she joins me from british columbia. thank you for being here with us. you know, when the new variants come predictably, new travel restrictions, right? the south african countries which have been targeted by the latest bans, they've been saying bans are ineffective. they're just bad science. here's a member of the coronavirus task force speaking to cnn earlier. >> the thing is to never have been imposed in the first place. we know that these bans have very little, if any, benefit. and i would have hoped by now that the u.s. would have reconsidered its position. because there's nothing to be gained. >> and then he goes on to say if you were to target the country where is omicron is spreading, you'd basically have to ban travel from some 50 countries not just the ones from south african which the u.s. is
1:17 am
banning right now. what you've seen in terms of the u.s. as far as the travel ban in response to omicron, are we doing it wrong? >> well unfortunately, we are doing it wrong. i would say we never should not use targeted measures. but at this point in the pandemic, when we have globally circulating variants, it doesn't make sense to target a specific country. the problem is this variant in particular has been circulating for i think two months. and by that time, you know, you can't really say that the variant is specifically associated with a specific set of countries. so, putting these targeted bans on, usually it means you're too late. you're moving too low slow. and you might be distracted from viruss from other countries. and it's also unfair, and it encourages countries to be dishonest. and you want them to come
1:18 am
forward. >> it's you're closing the barn door before the horse have bolted. dr. fauci was saying the latest argument with the latest travel ban is just buying the u.s. time. do you buy that argument? >> well, you can buy time if you're at the beginning of a pandemic and there's very little pathogen circulating. you can buy a little bit of time. the problem is now, though, unless you maintain the borders that the u.s. has not done, what you're doing is reacting and you're reacting late. and there's not a lot of time to buy. and like i said, the virus is simulating quite wildly. what you want to do is put that on all travelers, not targeted ones. border measures can be a variety of things, testing, quarantine, contact tracing. targeting those specific countries is not where you're
1:19 am
going to buy yourself time and actually doing more harm than good. >> so, you know, this has been going on for almost two years. you'd think we kind of, you know, know what we were doing when it came to covid and travel bans. i mean, why are we so bad at this? >> well, i guess to some excellent, it's very unpress da s unprecedented. we've never had to shut down travel for such a long period of time. we've come out of record travel in the world, because of globalization, tourism was setting records in 2019. and along comes the pandemic. and we've never really had to restrict travel in this way, so we're in unknown territory in a way. and really, our feeling this shouldn't have happened, countries were supposed to cooperate together under the international health regulations and coordinate their efforts. and we haven't seen that. and we've seen, you know, a lot of national policies taking
1:20 am
priority over multilateralism in a lot of ways. and this is what's happened. it's chaos. and, unfortunately, yes, we've had two years of this, and you would think we'd learn by now that going your own way isn't going to work. the lessons with coordinated response is what we need in terms of travel and other aspects of the response. >> so, with that harmonized -- you know, having harmonized international standards. you've studied w.h.o. reform. you know the challenges. i mean, is that actually realistic given that we can't even agree on much within the u.s., let alone between countries? >> yes. we are in a very difficult time. in terms of cooperation. but i would say that the hope is that coordinating action on travel actually benefits everyone. so it benefits the travel industry. it benefits travelers. and it benefits public health. and there's a win-win-win here.
1:21 am
so if we can coordinate the use of travel measures, rather than having them used chaotically by individual countries and inconsistently, this would really be a tool, really, to get us through this pandemic. if we don't have this, what we're going to have it continued chaos and really undermine the ability of countries to manage the risk from travel from areas that continue to arise and spread around the world through travel. and this is going to harm everyone. so the incentive is there to cooperate. >> yeah, if we know anything, as you say, it's that there will be more variants, and hopefully, by the next one, we will have learned some of these lessons-professor kelley lee, thank you for being with us. really appreciate it. >> thanks, kim. still ahead on cnn, the top diplomats, the world's leading democracying meeting in england
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u.s. secretary of state antony blinken and his g7 counterparts are now gathering in liverpool.
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and tauing their agenda is the volatile situation along the border between ukraine and russia. russia's foreign minister on friday issued an ultimatum to nato to rescind its membership to ukraine aine and georgia and demand that nato quickly rejected. meanwhile a u.s. shipment of small arms and ammunition has arrived in ukraine. cnn's diplomatic reporter nic robertson is standing by in liverpool. nic, unity between russia and china, is that going to be the central theme here? >> yeah, and russia really dominating the issue. look, and all of the conversations we've been hearing that have been coming from leaders, diplomats in recent weeks, it is about unity. so expect that to be repeated here. and i think a hint of it released in secretary of state blinken's audio play list, songs that he listens to himself when he's traveling this type of summit. top of the list, no surprise
1:27 am
"penny lane" from the beatles from this famous city. second on the list, another liverpool anthem "you'll never walk alone." perhaps a subliminal message there, a between-the-lines message for ukraine. they are not alone. that the leaders here want to send russia an unequivocal clear message that if there is an incursion into -- ukraine by russian forces, that are right now we understand amassing more troops from the border, undergoing live fire exercises with 1500 troops very close to the border of ukraine that if there is an incursion there will be a price to pay. and that's what the u.s. secretary said. >> i share the view that it will be extremely serious if russia were to take that action. it would be a strategic mistake and there would be severe consequences for russia. and what we're doing this weekend is working with
1:28 am
like-minded allies to spell us out. >> reporter: this g7, a relatively new in the job of foreign minister seven -- rather, a couple of months now. but also foreign ministers here from japan, from canada, and the pressure, most newly minted from germany, secretary of state antony blinken meeting with her yesterday. u.s. president biden also speaking with the new german chancellor schulz. and overnight talking to her opposite in germany. why, because if economic sanctions are going to be placed on russia because of an incursion, germany will be front and center on that. so seeking early alignment with the new government in germany. but in here talking not just about russia, about china, about afghanistan. only the pressing issue right now, the talks under way in
1:29 am
vienna not producing much progress. expect miramar, the western borders also well, ethiopia, to be topics of discussion. >> all right. we'll be following it throughout the weekend. nic robertson in liverpool, thanks so much. interviews published that reveal that donald trump had hard feelings about israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu congratulating joe biden on winning. trump saying, it was early, okay. earlier to him since. eff him. and on cnn -- >> just imagine what people here in israel thought. because until today, everybody thought they were best friends. and so now, it's clear that this was [ bleep ].
1:30 am
>> a statement from the likud party said the prime minister appreciates the great contribution to the state of israel and the security. and also appreciates the importance of the strong alliance. with food and gas, u.s. president joe biden doesn't believe rising costs are here to stay. that's ahead. stay with us.
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millions across the central u.s. at least 26 tornados have been reported across five states. the storms have claimed the lives of at least two people in arkansas. and dozens of deaths are expected in kentucky where a state of emergency is now in effect. the state's governor just said more than 50 fatalities are likely. scenes of destruction are beginning to emerge from the western part of the state. a tornado warning has also been posted for nashville, tennessee. let's check in with meteorologist derek van dam. derek, it might be even worse than we feared. what's the latest? >> just hearing that news, too, for the first time coming out of kentucky as well. but let's talk about the immediate threats going forward. a night of devastating tornadoes continues. and as we speak, we currently have a tornado warning for downtown nashville. the davidson county region. i'll give you a broader perspective and then zoom in. that shading of red. those are the locations of our
1:35 am
tornado watches. and this line of storms that continues to pound central tennessee, as well as central kentucky with strong winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. and some encompassing tornadoes wedged within these lines of thunderstorms that are currently moving through the nashville area. getting into a little hyper-local detail. you can see nashville. this is davidson county where nashville is located. the tornado warning continue through 4:00 a.m. central time. this also includes sumner and wilson county. this tornado continues to move in a north-northeasterly direction. the actual tornado signals, just to the north of downtown nashville. this is actually a new tornado box that's been issued across basically the same thunderstorm cell. we're getting a 3d or 3d perspective of this, we're note tigging that the top portions of this superstorm thunderstorm,
1:36 am
elevated from 30,000 to 34,000 feet. they're launching 34,000 feet into the sky. this is a significant tornado that's spanning several different states. and we have already seen the destruction. of course, we will get the true toll of the destruction, once the sun rises, roughly about 7:45 this morning. we already have 26 tornadoes. i can barely keep up with updating this graphic. it just continues to escalate in numbers and quantity as well. we can't forget about the severe wind reports that we've had across arkansas, missouri, into tennessee, kentucky, ohio, illinois. the list goes on. let me take you to monet, arkansas, where the line of destructive tornadoes began late friday evening. this is a long duration, long track tornado, this same tornado tracked through four states. we're now calling this the quad-state tornado because it tore a path of destruction from arkansas to tennessee, as well
1:37 am
as missouri and kentucky. and this is a before and after image of the courthouse in mayfield, kentucky. we know the misery going on in this area. and, kim, if this is verified, this could be the longest duration single track tornado in u.s. history covering four states. >> absolutely historic. and lots of people in that threat thrown in nashville will stay on this throughout the morning. thanks so much, derek van dam, appreciate it. americans are paying more for everyday goods than they were this time last year. new data shows a key measure of inflation climbed to a level not seen since 1982. gas prices are up 58%. energy costs up 33%. and grocery prices up 6.4%. and as phil mattingly reports u.s. president joe biden believes lower prices are on the way. >> every other aspect of the economy is racing ahead. it's doing incredibly well. >> reporter: president biden
1:38 am
trying to highlight the positive, as a complicated picture of the economy emerges. >> but inflation is affecting people's lives. >> happy new year! >> reporter: inflation hitting its highest point since 1982. a surge in consumer demand continues to run head-long into pandemic-driven supply constraints. rising 6.8% in november from the year prior, prices were 4.8% from october, ticking couldn't slowly but still at an alarming pace. white house officials keenly aware of what was coming before it was released. >> that data is backwards looking so it won't capture some recent price movements, particularly in the area of energy. >> reporter: point to an array of positive economic signals from easing bottlenecks to gas prices have dropped an average of nine cents. to broader metrics like job, wage and economic growth. >> strength of our labor market
1:39 am
and the strength of wage increases, and the steps that we've seen to try to provide some relief to american families, position our economy and american households uniquely well to address what is a global issue around increases and supply chains. >> reporter: but the progress undercut by apparent reality apparent poll after poll, one president biden himself has made a point to acknowledge in recent weeks. >> it's not enough to know that we're making progress. you need to see it and feel it are in your own lives. >> reporter: and creating a potential road block for the $1.57 trillion chorus of biden's agenda. west virginia joe manchin, for months, primary reluctance to support the bill and as democrats point to reconciliation of that bill, republicans looking at a maneuver aimed squarely at manchin's concern, releasing
1:40 am
analysis of the bill if the bill were extended for ten years. finally it would add $3 trillion to the debt. democrats casting that aside as a political ploy. noting it's an analysis in the words of speaker nancy pelosi an existing bill. >> it's not about the bill that anybody is voting on. >> reporter: and for the white house, obviously, price increases are a big concern for americans and also a big concern for the president and really has an audience of one at this point. senator joe manchin, somebody the president said on friday he's going to be talking to early next week. and this comes at such a crucial moment with that $1.75 trillion package, the democrats trying to move it consider before the christmas holiday, but can't move it in that biden securing that vote, when asked by cnn's kaitlan collins if he could or not, he said i don't know yet. phil mattingly, cnn, the white
1:41 am
house. the u.s. supreme has allowed it tox to keep its abortion law in place. it bars abortion at six weeks before many people know they're pregnant. and also allows to challenge in court. jessica schneider has more. >> reporter: the threat to abortion in texas remains, supreme court justices leaving in place a controversial texas law that bans most abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected around six weeks. anti-abortion advocates are celebrating. >> the court has allowed the texas law to stay in effect for 101 days now and we're confident it's going to stay. >> reporter: while the supreme court did not step in to block the law, it did rule that state supervisors could spend some officials. sending it back to the courts. chief justice roberts writing given the unchilling effect of the state law, the district court should resolve this litigation and end appropriate
1:42 am
relief without delay. but the ruling still dealing abortion clinics a blow. while a lower court consents to the issue, private individuals won't be stopped performing an abortion after six weeks. with payout up to $10,000 per case if the plaintiff wins. and shut down because of that litigation. >> it's going to be hugely problematic as we go forward that these cases continue to be brought and have a continued effect on people's access to abortion care. >> reporter: the law has now been in effect 100 days since september 1st. in that time, abortion clinics in surrounding states have reported being overwhelmed at the number of texas women coming in for procedures. and low-income women without the means to travel have been left with few options. liberal court justice sonia sotomayor saying this should have come to an end months ago.
1:43 am
my disagreement by the court runs far deeper than a quibble over how many defendants these petitioners may sue. abortion writes advocates are vowing to keep fighting even though they said they've only been left with a shred of the case. the supreme court also dismissed the case brought before the justice department that challenged s.b. 8, saying they will continue to challenge the law in the lower courts since the law itself deprives americans of their constitutional rights established under roe v. wade. jessica schneider, cnn, washington. u.s. officials and dignitaries filled washington national cathedral friday for the funeral of former senator bob dole. president biden's eulogy recalled their 25 years in the u.s. senate. despite being on opposite sides of the aisle, biden called dole a genuine hero and a man of his
1:44 am
word. dole spent 25 years in congress, most of them in senate. he ran for president three times, the republican nominee in 1996, losing to bill his casket has been flown to the home state of washington and returned to washington for interment. more coming up from the uk christmas party scandal is now hitting boris johnson and his conservative appear in the polls. we're live from london straight ahead. stay with us.
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1:48 am
cylinders used to treat covid-19 patients ignited. earlier, state media reported they were to replace the hams warehouse filled with am nation. uk prime minister boris johnson is taking a hit in the polls after revealing his staff had multiple parties last year when london was under lockdown. 54% of britons say johnson ho resign. downing street continues to insist there was no party and coronavirus rules were followed. cnn's nada bashir joins me from london. nada, this story isn't going anywhere. what's the latest. >> that's right, kim, with the prime minister boris johnson and his party that video showing his former spokesperson suggesting there may well have been a gathering some sort at downing street ahead of christmas last year. and seemingly making light of
1:49 am
those covid restrictions. now reporting from the news, going that jack doyle might have been present ahead of christmas making a speech up to 50 people in attendance and handing out mock awards and certificates. that will be deeply frustrating for many to hear, this taking place, allegedly, during the time during which the country was under strict covid regulations. and now polling has shown that 71% of britons believe that this party did take place, despite the fact that the prime minister has vehemently denied this. has denied that any covid regulations were broken. and the majority of those people polled who did say they believe the parties did take place, were voters of prime minister boris johnson in the last election. so there's a deep sense of anger and frustration over the suggestion that a party had taken place. as you mentioned, the house has called for resignations and the prime minister and others and
1:50 am
governor and spokesperson has already given her resignation. it's important also as well, london calling for at least the inquiry into potential breaching of covid restrictions at this stage. and the prime minister has called on his cabinet secretary to launch an inquiry into the suggested gathering. there is a real sense of frustration. many will remember last year during the covid lockdowns and during the regulations put in place, the police had pretty stringent measures to shut down social gatherings, handing out penalties and fines on the spot. we heard from social justices and human rights saying during the lockdowns many of these penalties were disprop disproportionately to the black and minorities. there's questions as to whether the government will be held to account there. >> absolutely. we'll follow 9 story,ed that da
1:51 am
bashir in london, thanks so much. wikileaks founder julian assange is one step closer to being textradited to the u.s. his supporters rallied outside of an appeal court in london. that overturned the ruling. the new ruling gave assurances how he's to be treated if extradited. assange is changed with a publishing a massive trove. to his supporters, including his fiancee, that he was doing legitimate work as a journalist. >> i urge everyone to come together and fight for juljulia. julian represents all of our rights, julian's lawyers are attempting to appeal to the appeals court on this decision.
1:52 am
>> julian assange could face up 125 years if convicted on all of these charges. and "cnn newsroom" will be right back. stay with us. lysol disinfectant. lysol. what it takes to protect. feeling sluggish or weighed down? it could be a sign that your digestive system isn't working at it's best taking metamucil everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber, gels to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol
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♪ hey hey merwe're the monkeys never know where we'll be found ♪ so you better get ready we're coming to your town ♪ grammy-award winning musician michael nesmith of the monkeys has died. his manager said he died of heart failure on friday at home. he starred in the 1960s hit tv show "the monkees" with a quartet struggling to get noticed, nesmith and another monkees turned into pop idols at the time. they performed together as the monkees as recently as last month. michael nesmith was 78. that wraps this hour of "cnn newsroom." i'm kim brunhuber. we'll be back in just a moment.
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. this is cnn breaking news. hello and welcome to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada and all around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. i want to get to our breaking news right now. a powerful storm system is working its way through the central u.s. millions are at risk, more than 200,000 homes and businesses are without power. at least 24 tornadoes have already been reported across five states. middle tennessee now the latest area to issue a tornado warning. the main threat just moving past downtown nashville in the last


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