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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 12, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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hello and welcome to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada, and all around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. ahead on "cnn newsroom" -- >> they're going to lose a whole lot of people. one block from my grandparents' house, there's no house standing. there's no house standing and we don't know where all of those people are. >> entire areas wiped away. the destruction and devastation after 34 people tore through six states. we have reporters fanned out
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across the regions shattered by the storms. plus we're live in italy where emergency teams are searching for survivors after several buildings collapsed many a reported gas leak explosion. we begin with the staggering damage from one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks in the u.s. in decades. at least 84 people are feared dead after a series of powerful tornadoes ripped through several states. the worst of the devastation was in kentucky. the governor says at least 70 people likely died in his state, alone, and it's feared many of those deaths happened inside this candle factory that collapsed in the town of mayfield. more than 100 people were inside when the storm hit, just 40 have been pulled from the rubble. dozens more are unaccounted for.
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in all, more than 30 tornadoes were reported across six u.s. states from friday night into saturday morning and cnn meteorologists say a single long-track tornado may have stayed on the ground for more than 250 miles, carving a path of destruction from arkansas to kentucky. in illinois, an amazon warehouse collapsed, killing at least six people. in arkansas, at least one person was killed when a tornado ripped through a nursing home. many others were trapped and at least 20 people were injured. u.s. president biden has now approved a federal emergency declaration for kentucky and he says the government is ready to provide whatever other help is needed. here he is. >> this is likely to be one of the largest tornado outbreaks in our history. the federal government will do everything, everything it can possibly do to help. >> cnn is covering the story across several states from all angles, from the staggering damage and loss of life in mayfield and dawson springs
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kentucky, where to edwardsville, illinois, where part of that amazon facility collapsed to the white house with the latest on the response. dawson springs in western kentucky is dealing with the crushing effects of the torn tornadoes. there is destruction almost everywhere and as cnn's ed lavendera tells us, residents are numb at the sight of it all. >> reporter: the city of dawson's springs has nearly 3,000 people and much of it has been left like the ruins that you see behind me. we are about 70 miles east of the city of mayfield, kentucky. and this is an area where many of its residents were watching the storm as it started moving toward them. we spoke with one gentlemen who was watching and tracking the tornadoes on a radar. and when he realized that his neighborhood, this neighborhood, was about to take a direct hit, he decided to leave and get away, which was probably a smart decision, because for miles and miles, many of the homes look like what you see behind me. piles of rubble. you might be able to see there
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in the distance, some homes essentially sheared in half. the destruction here is really stunning. when we first pulled in, we walk up on to a porch, a concrete porch that is left in tact, but no home attached to it any longer. this depose on for miles. this looks like the epicenter of an explosion that is simply just massive. the medical examiner here in this county, hopkins county, tells us that the tornadoes here killed ten people and that in this area, this is the hardest-hit area of the county. overnight, no power for as far as we can see. this is a sea of darkness, all around us. so many people left homeless that the county has set up c cottages at a nearby state park so people with get some shelter here, especially through these very frigid nights that are expected. as we walk around here, we talk to some people who were rushed here to this scene, who were helping people escape from the debris field. they described pulling people
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out with broken bones. the nearby hospital that has treated people said that they treated nearly 100 people from around this area with traumatic injuries, caused by this storm. and the one thing you're left with, as you watch other people comb lthrough the rubble, right to find whatever belongings they can salvage is really a sense of people stunned and in disbelief of what they have endured here. ed lavendera, cnn, dawson spring's kentucky. >> the mayor of mayfield now says that her town looks like matchsticks and the human toll isn't yet known. cnn's brynn gingras is there. >> reporter: waking up this morning, kentucky's governor fears the death toll in this state could rise past 100. it's the worst devastation that this state has ever seen. take a look behind me at what we're looking just in the center of this town of mayfield. it's hard to tell what these buildings actually were, because they have all just been
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decimated. and we're talking about for miles. in fact, as my crew was driving into this town on a four-lane highway, the second that we saw the sign that said welcome to mayfield, it's like we entered a completely different world. nothing is recognizable. a candle factory not far from where we are, with more than 100 employees working around the clock to meet christmastime demand, that building is now a pile of rubble. one worker telling cnn, that they were warned, some got out safe. about 40 people were rescued as of yesterday, according to the governor. others, though, among those feared dead. fema teams are in the state and efforts to find those lost is going to continue later today. in mayfield, kentucky, i'm brin gingras, cnn. >> misty thomas is the executive director of the west kentucky chapter of the american red cross and she joins me now from eddyville, kentucky. where you are, you're not very far away from mayfield, clearly one of the hardest hit areas.
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you spend some time there today. give me a sense of just what the first responders there have been doing to try to get to survivors, and so on. >> thank you for having me on. and i did spend a large portion of my day in mayfield. and i can tell you that as we're seeing the photos of the devastation, until you get there, it's taking on that tangible feeling of the voer. it's been a more mournful day in mayfield, because the destruction is unlike anything we've ever seen. i spent the majority of the day not looking at the destruction, but watching these first responders. these people that this is their community and they're stepping into their volunteer and their professional road to help their community in need. and it was such a heart-warming and impressive thing to watch these heroes jump into action, str strategize together, all of these different first responder groups coming from all over western kentucky to band together and move forward to see this community heal.
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that's really from my perspective, watch ing that happen is a brighter spot. it was awesome to watch those first responders strategize today and get a plan of action to move forward. >> we're just showing as you're talking, images of all the damage. the community has been absolutely devastated, block after block of houses. downtown, talk us through exactly what the needs are and how you're helping. >> the needs are great. we're still assessing those and taking our directives from emergency management as to where things will come in and where they will begin to accept in-kind donations from the community. but as red cross right now, what we're ask for are blood donations. you may or may not know that we are in a national blood appeal. there was a blood shortage before these devastating
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tornadoes ripped through kentucky and actually five states. we have, at this time of this newscast, 160 blood products that were actually utilized for victims of the tornadoes, so we're asking you to go to you can put in your zip code and find the nearest blood drive. and monetary donations. you can these families have a lot of needs. and we're taking those donations right now in being able to move forward and helping them meet those needs. >> i'm sure there are so many people out there watching this who really want to help. i'm glad that you jumped on that and told people how they can do that. in terms of just damage that we're seeing, it's not just the buildings, but the power grid. is that make recovery more complicated? >> when i was driving from owensboro to mayfield, which is
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about a two and a half hour-trek for me, in that travel path, i lost cell phone service for about almost two hours of that ravel path today. and i had two phones on two different carriers. so that tells you that we have a disruption in cell service, because the tornadoes were widespread. there is cell service in mayfield, but those power grids are down. we have four shelters in place right now that you can find those at if you are in that area and need sheltering. it does make it challenging, but this is what emergency management does best in these first-responders. they pre-plan more these things and have those generators and all of that equipment if place, ready to go, so they can get those shelters and those rescue efforts up and going.
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>> speaking of these extreme weather events, pride didn't specifically link this event to climate change, but he did say that weather across the board is becoming more extreme because of climate change. so what needs to be done in terms of improving the warning systems and preparedness if we keep setting new records on the severity of weather events like this? >> i'm glad you asked that, because red cross has great tools in place that families can utilize right now. you can do to your iphone or android app store and you can type in red cross. and you'll see a plethora of apps that will do multiple things for you. one of those is going to be emergency. once you download that, you can put in your location, location of loved ones, and you'll get an almost immediate response of severe weather and other emergencies that are happening around you that you need to be alerted to. there's also a first aid and
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safety app. when we are in these unprecedented times and you're needing that information, you can pull that app up quickly and gather that information for you and your family. i would encourage people to prepare themselves in that way. just download those apps and put those on your fphone, because they are great tools to have. >> a great reminder for folks all across the country as these things become unfortunately more and more time. misty thomas, thank you so much and the rest of the crews at the red cross, all the first sporp responders out there. thanks again. >> thank you. have a great day. >> and we know that many of you out there want to do something to help the victims of this tragedy. well, the cnn impact your world site has vedrified ways to do just that. you can go there right now, visit to help. coming up, we'll go to the cnn weather center to find out what caused this historic
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back to our top story. at least 84 people are feared dead after a series of powerful tornadoes ripped through six u.s. states. kentucky bore the brunt of the devastation. the governor says at least 70 people likely died in his state and he fears that toll will rise. the single largest loss of life may be at a candle factory in the town of mayfield. 100 people were inside when the storm hit, leveling the building, dozens are still unaccounted for. in illinois, six people are dead after an amazon warehouse collapsed during the storms. at least four-related deaths were reported in tennessee. crews were able to rescue one near nashville after the storm reportedly picked up her mobile home and it landed on top of her. let's bring in meteorologist derek van dam. derek, you and i were here live
2:18 am
early. i know -- you just said it, casually, paw really, we should take a moment and say how incredible that is. and it just underscores how massive and historic these tornadoes were. >> without a doubt. and, you know, it really was the perfect confluence of atm atmospheric ingredients, coming together in this exact moment, this exact area to create this unfortunate situation that unfolded friday night into saturday morning. record warm temperatures streaming in from the south. that's met by a very cold air mass to the north. you combine that with a powerful upper level jet stream and that's when mother mnature mean business. it's that confluence point, that triple point where those work together. the storm prediction center recognized it ahead of time, highlighted these areas as the greatest risks of severe storms, including tornadoes, and indeed, that is what took place.
2:19 am
now, just to put this severe weather outbreak into context, in the month of december, we typically see about 23 tornadoes across the entire continental united states. we saw over 30 tornadoes touch down, and that's still being addressed by the national weather service, but we got that in 24-hour period. that's really saying something. in fact, we set some records. 100 tornado warnings issued by the national weather service, which is the highest ever for a single day in the month of december. that's pretty incredible. and unfortunately, this is a dire statistic, but we do have the potential, once we finalize and realize the number of fatalities from this particular event that this could be nudged into the top ten most fatal tornadic outbreaks across the u.s. not something we want to see, to say the least. the storm's evolution was just incredible. it lasted for roughly eight to ten hours. and there was one storm in particular that did the longest
2:20 am
tracked storm, that has preliminary a record-breaking track. that was over 250 miles. so quite insane to talk about that. because, the previous record was 1925. the tri-state tornado outbreak that impacted three separate states, that was a very impressive storm. but this traveled over 250 miles, preliminary. so now the national weather service goes skpand veinvestiga all of these particular individual spots. how much damage was there and how much wind can they associate with that. and we have a scale to write those things. and the images we are seeing there, they are conducive to ef-5s, the top level, the top echelon of that scale, definitely, kim. >> so many experts and emergency responders saying that they've never seen anything like this before. derek van dam, thanks so much. back in mayfield, kentucky, cnn crews caught up with one resident whose home was hit by the tornado.
2:21 am
robert miller described not only the who roar of the storm, but the rush to help other victims in the immediate aftermath. listen to him. >> we got a closet with -- put some mattresses inside, because it's nothing new to hear tornado warnings around this area. so we was only out on this front porch, and i remember seeing just all the power -- the last thing i remember, the power went out, the sky turned pblue, and seen the funnel cloud over that way. i ran inside. i told my other buddy who's in bed, and he's out here trying to finish his cigarette. he barely made it back inside, and that was it. it hit so fast, everything started caving in. it was nuts. right next door, about three houses down, people were screaming. i helped a little old lady out from the rubble. so my first thoughts was everybody else. i checked everybody on the house and, everybody was good. there was a bunch of other people on the other street, five or six people doing cpr on, i
2:22 am
think stit was a little boy and heard he didn't make it. >> emergency officials are giving up hope of finding any survivors at that amazon warehouse hit by a tornado. the twister tore into the facility in edwardsville, illinois, during a shift change friday night. the structure was partially collapsed and some people were trapped underneath the rubble, but as polo sandoval reports, officials now say there's no one left to save. >> families here in western illinois receiving some truly heartbreaking news, as the state's governor updates the death toll from two to six people, all workers at this amazon fulfillment center. you can actually see what's left behind here, after one of dozens of tornados that touched down on friday night actually caused that partial collapse of the building here. this is now transitioning from a search and rescue mission to a search and recovery. one official saying now that there is no hope of finding any survivors. now the big question is whether or not there are any people that are still unaccounted for.
2:23 am
they may have to be recovered in the days ahead. meanwhile, as we heard from governor pritzker on saturday night, the governor sharing a message of condolence for the families of those six people who were killed here. >> please know that the people of illinois stand with you. we are one illinois. in this moment, and in the days, months, and years to come, you are not alone. we will stand with you to help you through your grief and then to honor your loved ones. may their memories be a blessing. >> reporter: governor pritzker also adding that he and his office have been in contact with amazon. the company saying it does intend to assist the community in rebuilding and recovery efforts. there are still so many questions here on the ground as to what kind of protocols and policies were in place to make sure that employees could stay safe. authorities confirming on
2:24 am
saturday night that this building that you see behind me did not have a basement. as we enter sunday, that will be one of the key questions here is what kind of options did the staff here have to actually seek shelter as the severe weather was threatening on friday night. polo sandoval, cnn, edwardsville, illinois. people in a town in sicily were jolted out of their bed today by the sound of a blast. just ahead on cnn, at least three people are dead, buildings have collapsed as rescuers search for the missing. plus, the white house moves to approve assistance for the communities hit by the tornadoes. and why president biden wants to wait before he pays them a visit. stay with us. is now a good time for a flare-up? enough, crohn's! for adults with moderate to severe crohn's oror ulcerative colitis, stelara® can provide relief, and is the first apapproved medication to reduce ininflammation on and below the surface of the intestine in uc. you, gettingng on that flight?
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welcome back to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada, and around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. this is "cnn newsroom." let's get you the latest on the devastating tornado outbreak. about two hours from now, the sun will be coming up in western kentucky, but the nightmare will be far from over. at this moment, the truth death toll is not known. kentucky's governor fears that number is at least 70 and could easily top 100 lives lost in his state alone. one big question mark, just how many people died in that candle factory in the city of mayfield. more than 100 people were inside when the monster tornado made a direct hit, but only around 40 people were pulled from the rubble. we're hearing from one woman who was rescued from the factory. she was stuck under a pile of rubble, losing feeling in her
2:29 am
toes and growing more and more worried. well, at some point, she started broadcasting on facebook live, asking for help. listen to this. >> we are trapped. please, y'all, get us some help. we're at the candle fasctory in mayfield. please, please. y'all! y'all, please send us some help. somebody, please send us some help. we are trapped. the wall is stuck on me. nobody can get to us. y'all, we can't move. andrea, calm koun. y'all -- please, y'all, pray for us. just get somebody to come and help us. >> and kentucky wasn't alone. at least four people were killed
2:30 am
in tennessee. here a woman is rescued in kingston springs in nashville after the storm tossed her mobile home like a toy. and in illinois, an amazon warehouse collapsed near st. louis, killing at least six people. officials say the search and rescue effort has changed to search and recovery. as communities start to come to grips with the zaiting aftermath, the white house is responding. president barack obama is promising the government will dodo everything it can to help. >> president biden says that he plans to visit the communities devastated by a string of tornadoes over the weekend, predicting it might be the largest outbreak of tornadoes in american history. the president says he will not travel to those regions until he knows that his presence there will not hinder from rescue and recovery efforts. the president has said that his heart aches for those who had lost loved ones, those who still do not know where their family
2:31 am
members are, and also, the rescue teams and first responders working on the scene. the president has pledged federal assistance, approving an emergency declaration for the state of kentucky. he has also said that he will offer more federal assistance if the states feel that they need it. but take a listen to the president talking about a possible visit to see and survey this damage firsthand. >> i spoke with -- i started off this morning with the governor of kentucky, and offered to, i said, i'll be happy to come, but i don't want to be in the way. when a president shows up, he shows up with an awful lot of personnel, an awful lot of vehicles, an awful lot of -- we can get in the way, unintentionally. so what i'm working with the governor of kentucky and others, who may want me to be there, is i want to make sure that we are value added at the time, and not are going to get in the way of the rescue and the recovery, but i do plan on going. >> while no timeline has been
2:32 am
laid out for a possible presidential visit, on sunday, the homeland security secretary, alejandro mayorkas and deann chriswell will visit the region to survey damage, as they are looking to offer that federal support, as so many communities are reeling after these storms. arlette saenz, cnn, the white house. we're following developing news from a town coping with a different kind of tragedy on the italian island of sicily. emergency teams are desperately searching for swurvivors after several buildings collapsed. civil defense officials say at least three people were killed. barbie nadeau joins me now life from rome. barbie, sadly, that death toll has just climbed over the last hour. what's the latest? >> they're still searching for six people they believe are trapped under the rubble. of course, as time goes on, it becomes more people to find people who have survived this. these are stone buildings that just exploded when this gas line
2:33 am
erupted overnight. they don't know yet exactly what sparked that. there's some talk that it could have been someone using the elevator or that there could have been some shift. this is a highly seismic area. this is a near a very popular tourist area near sicily. but this is not a tourist town. this is a small, close-knit community, so everybody knows each other there. what makes these things always more devastating, everyone who has gathered around, as the rescuers look for people, know exactly who's trapped under the rubble, and that makes it even harder, kim. >> as you say, a small town devastated, but they're also coming together to try to help, right? >> that's right. and early this morning, the mayor did a facebook live, saying anybody with shovels or any kind of equipment, please come down and try to help. they were using their bare hands. these towns don't have large fire departments and rescue services, so they had to wait
2:34 am
until people could come from large areas with different equipment. they were doing anything they could to try to see if anyone was alive. and they were able to pull two women out alive. one was able to call on her cell phone and say where she was, exactly. but there were 50 people left homeless. this really damaged other buildings nearby. and with a gas leak, a gas pipe going underneath the buildings, they had to secure that as well, to make sure that everybody was safe, kim. >> thanks so much, barbie nadeau, in rome. concerns are growing that the united states has entered a new winter surge of the coronavirus. average cases have increased well over 60% in just the last month and are now hovering around 120,000 new infections a day. hospitalizations are rising, too, and more than half have been in midwestern states, like michigan and ohio. the delta variant is still the dominant strain in the u.s., with the omicron variant has been detected in at least 27
2:35 am
states as of friday. in south africa, where the omicron variant was first identified, there are plans to roll out boosters for eligible residents by the end of the month. omicron is pushing case numbers up quickly, but so far, scientists haven't found evidence that it causes more severe disease. a doctor who treated some of the first omicron patients told cnn that the variant mainly causes mild infections, at least among the vaccinated. our david mckenzie is in johannesburg and joins me now live. david, health officials there seem to be treading this careful line between taking urgent action to fight the variant and then tamping down some of the more alarmest rhetoric about omicron we're seeing elsewhere. is that right? >> i think that's right. and because south africa has been living with this variant for at least some weeks, but of course, it was circulating ahead of the announcement in late november, kim, there is a sense that this will be a bellwether for the rest of the world.
2:36 am
at this stage, the cases have been rising very fast. some indications that the speed of that acceleration is slowing down, but it hasn't necessarily been met with an equivalent rise in hospitalizations or severe cases. of course, that is something that everybody is watching extremely closely. there's always a lag between a wave rising and then hospitalizations and then tragically, deaths. but at this stage, clinicians and ambulance workers and health workers i've been speaking to constantly over the last few days say that they haven't seen that level of extreme rise in cases or previous waves. just an anecdote, one of the major charities that works here, helping people get access to things like oxygen concentrators, that was completely inundate d in the lat wave. at some point a couple of days ago, they hadn't received a single request. whether this is prior infection
2:37 am
blunting the impact of a new variant or the level of vaccination in the country, we don't know. but there is some signs of h hopefulness that could translate into other parts of the world. kim? >> thanks so much, david mckenzie in johannesburg, really appreciate it. embattled british prime minister boris johnson faces a new twist in the growing scandal over 2020 christmas parties. a photo has emerged showing him hosting a christmas quiz party at 10 downing street while the country was under strict covid-19 lockdowns. the photo was published by the mirror as johnson and his sk conservative party were already taking a beating in the polls. nadia, this controversy now directly involving the prime minister. what more can you tell us about the controversial photo, which i think you have with you, right? >> reporter: that's right. this is the photo published by the sunday mirror. boris johnson hosting a christmas quiz party in downing street in december of last year.
2:38 am
the headline they've dgone for, taking us for fools again. this obviously coming just days after the prime minister's former spokesperson was shown in video from december of last year, suggesting this a christmas party was held in downing street and seemingly making light of the covid restrictions that were in place at that time. this photo shows boris johnson in downing street with two other individuals hosting this christmas quiz party. and this was, of course, during a period in which social restrictions were in place, social gatherings prohibited. the government taking pretty stringent measures, discouraging christmas parties and gatherings, as well as general family gatherings over christmas. but what we have heard from the downing street spokesperson is that this was a virtual christmas quiz party, that those present in downing street, as reported by the sunday mirror, were there working, as part of the covid response. already in their offices and may have stayed behind to take part in this quiz, from their desks.
2:39 am
but as i mentioned, you can see boris johnson in this photo with two other individuals. and there are reports from the sunday mirror that others in downing street were part of crowded groups around computers taking part in this virtual quiz, although cnn hasn't been able to independently verify these claims. but even show, there is frustration that the prime minister himself was implemented in several quiz parties. when many were unable to meet with loved ones during christmas. and there has been a real effect on public confidence in the prime minister and his government. recent polling showing him at 54% of adults in britain think that the prime minister should resign. now, the prime minister has said that his cabinet secretary will be carrying out an investigation, but others are calling for the government to be held to account legally. they're calling for a police investigation, including london mayor sadiq khan, although the metropolitan police has said that it's taken a look at k
2:40 am
correspondence and at the video and at this stapge, there isn't enough evidence. but as the government is looking to bring back those tougher covid restrictions, including mandatory mask wearing in public transport, cinemas, and shops as well as encouraging people to work from home from monday, there are concerns that the government won't be able to convince members of the public to stick to these rules, given that boris johnson's own staff members in downing street and members of the government clearly weren't adhering to the rules as prescribed to the government last year during the height of the pandemic. so there are some serious concerns there. but really, a real call for the government to be held to account over this alleged breach of covid regulations. kim? >> yeah, so many twists and turns to this story. thanks so much for the update, nadia bashir, in london. still ahead, g-7 foreign administerses are hoping to deter possible russian aggression in ukraine by making
2:41 am
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the foreign ministers of the g-7 nations are holding a second day of meetings in england with the goal of deterring russian aggression towards ukraine. after the g-7, a senior u.s. diplomat will travel to kiev to deter russians and consult with nato and eu officials in brussels. even though ukraine isn't a member of nato, the u.s. and its allies are increasingly alarmed by massive buildup of russian forces near the border. moscow maintains the troops are only defensive and have no intention of invading ukraine. cnn's international diplomatic editor nic robertson is standing
2:45 am
by in liverpool. you spoke with a host of these meetings. the british foreign secretary. what did she tell you? >> on the issue of russia, she said she's sent a very clear message to the russians, to vladimir putin, of the consequences and costs. big consequences and severe costs. interestingly, on the issue of the talks with iran, the nuclear talks that are going on right now in vienna, that we heard the german foreign minister just yesterday here saying that her opinion was that the talks right now with iran had been set back significantly by iran, that advances that had been made in six months of previous talks by iran, by these iranian negotiators had essentially been thrown out. lis liz trust, the british foreign minister, had a very clear issue for iran on this issue at the talks to change their approach.
2:46 am
>> there is still time for iran to come and agree this deal. and it's the last chance, as i've said, but there is still a chance for them to do that. and i would urge iran to come back to the table with a serious of offer. >> reporter: one of many issues being discussed here, finding a way to reach out to low and middle-income nations that china might be forming relationships with, to show them that there are alternatives to get investment, for development for those countries, from friendlier nations, who have transparent democratic values, such as the g-7. a big push there to meet china's outreach across the world, which is now seen as unsettling and destabilizing. >> and looking forward, nick, as i mentioned, in the intro, the u.s. assistant secretary of state, who oversees europe and
2:47 am
eurasia will be going to ukraine and russia to talk about that military buildup we were talking about there. what are we expecting to come out of this? >> well, it's very clear that this is a follow-up to president biden's conversation with president putin a little over a week ago, where the outflow of that conversation was that conversations should be picked up at a lower diplomatic level. this is a very senior diplomat traveling to brussels to hear from the eu, kiev to hear from the ukrainians, and moscow to hear from the russian leadership. and of course, her position will be bolstered, knowing that the united states allies at the g-7 here, who represent 50% of the global gdp, will have delivered a very strong, clear, united and unambiguous message to president putin about the costs of invading ukraine. >> this is how the british
2:48 am
foreign minister seatpelt out t message. >> we have sent a very clear message to vladimir putin from this g-7 meeting and we want russia to stop its aggression with respect to ukraine. and we were very clear that there would be severe consequences that incursion took place. >> reporter: i think the other important part of the diplomacy that we're hearing from the state department and the white house, of course, is that there will be no talk with russia about ukraine without ukraine at the table. so nothing about ukraine without ukraine at table. so whatever that conversation, the assistant secretary of state for european and yeurasian affairs has. this appears to be a follow-up
2:49 am
conversation to see if they are change their tone, not accepting their points, per se. >> appreciate the reporting, nic robertson in liverpool. thanks so much. and we'll be right back.
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we want to take another look at the deadliest tornado outbreak in the u.s. in years. the loss of life and property absolutely devastating. and it's left people stunned, as at least 30 tornadoes ripped through the six states. here's what they're going thr through. >> this event is worst, most devastating, most deadly tornado event in kentucky's history. we will be north of least 70s lives lost here in kentucky. i think we will have lost more than 100 people and i think it could rise significantly.
2:54 am
>> we're seeing things that none of us have ever seen before. the damage here is undescribable. it's changed the landscape of the city that we know here in mayf mayfield. >> i'm looking for my wife and i need her. so if anyone knows or has seen her, please contact me. i want to find my wife. i want to find and know if she's still somewhere safe. i hope she's somewhere safe.
2:55 am
>> the windows start breaking, dogs s flyi ing through the air. i didn't know what to do. walls feel like they were caving in. it was just very scary. >> i want everyone to know that today you are not alone, today kentucky is absolutely united. we're united with our people. >> this is one of those times when we aren't democrats or republicans. sounds like hyperbole, but it's real. we're all americans. we stand together as the united states of america. and so i say to all the victims, you're in our prayers.
2:56 am
>> we know that many of you have been asking how you can help the victims of this tragedy. the cnn "impact your world" site has verified ways to do just that and will be updated as more information on resources becomes available, but you can go there right now. visit to help. that wraps this hour of "cnn newsroom." i'm kim brunhuber. cnn "new day" weekend is next for our viewers here in the united states and canada. for our international viewers, "reconnect maldives" is next. ♪
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♪ good morning, everyone. welcome to this special edition of "new day weekend." it is sunday, december 12th. i'm amara walker in for christi paul. >>, and i'm boris sanchez, live in edwardsville, illinois, this community reeling after being hit by an ef-3 tornado that left six people dead. unfortunately, scenes like this playing out behind me are also playing out in several states with rescue an


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