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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  December 17, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PST

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good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is friday, december 17th. i'm john berman with chief white house correspondent kaitlan collins. >> i couldn't stay away. i had to come back. . >> back for more punishment. this morning, what might be the most complicated moment in the entire pandemic. not the deadliest, not the worst, but the most nuanced, most confusing and possibly the most challenging. we are seeing huge increases in coronavirus cases. and that in itself is causing major reactions. a new group of colleges and universities shifting their classes online. broadway has canceled performances. one minutes before opening curtain. new outbreaks in pro sports. the league has delayed multiple games. the nba and nfl updated their protocols, on the one hannishing
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new requirements, on the other hand, speeding up the time asymptomatic players can get back to the field or court. companies now cracking down on the unvaccinated. new orleans public school system became the first to mandate vaccines for children ages 5 and up. >> look at the numbers. the u.s. is averaging 119,000 new cases each day. 40% higher than a month ago. coronavirus hospitalizations are up 40% at more than 67,000 people. icu beds are 78% full. and one in five of those patients has covid. nationwide, 1,326 coronavirus deaths are being reported on average each day. the cdc predicts that hospital admissions could reach record levels in the coming weeks. with cases and deaths looking a lot like what we saw last winter, with holiday approaching prepandemic levels.
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president biden is pleading to those who have not yet gotten vaccinated. ? for unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for unvaccinated. for themselves, their families and the hospitals they will soon overwhelm. but there's good news f. you're vaccinated, you have your booster shot, you're protected from severe illness and death. period. >> the cdc is now out with a new recommendation that people should not receive the johnson & johnson vaccine if pfizer and moderna shots are available. that guidance is coming as the agency's advisers cited data of the safety of the shot. and people have developed rare blood cotts, nine of whom have died. how americans are feeling all about this is senior data reporter harry entin. i'm imagining a lot of hip lash for people right now. >> i think there is a lot of
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whiplash. if we look right now at our data and compare where we are right now compared to three months ago in our polling, what do you see? you see the percentage of people who say it is still necessary to take precautions. it is still a majority at 55%. look at our last poll in august/september. this tells you people are worn out by this even as omicron is on the move at this point. >> right. the other numbers you're seeing, the big question is what do people feel about this. people feel unvaccinated americans are continuing to go about their business, their everyday life. it's the vaccinated americans who are more cautious here and are questioning whether or not more precautions should be taken right now. . >> yeah. we see the same thing, right. you would think unvaccinated would be the ones taking the most precautions because they are most at risk. it is in fact, the vaccinated,
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61% still feel it is necessary to take precautions in evident activities. the unvaccinated, it is just 33%. nearly double feel they need to take precautions. the unvaccinated are going out and unfortunately they are the ones most likely to spread the illness and the ones most likely to go outside and do that. >> has anything changed when it comes to vaccine mandates and whether or not more people are supportive of instituting those on a bigger scale across the united states? . >> yeah. i mean, look, if you look at our polling you see perhaps a slight tick up in requiring covid-19 for everyday activities. it's now 54%. it was 51% in august and september. but that is within the margin of error. more than that, the way i would really just look at this, the country is pretty split. 50/50 town the middle. if you look at other polling you see decline of those in favor of vaccine mandates. in our polling, slightly more say yes than no.
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but it's very, very close. it is very divisive. >> one question that raises is what we are willing to do when it comes to omicron. everyone is asking if they need to change activities under everyday life. when it comes to two of the things we heard issue approximated, booster shots and masks, what does it look like for those numbers? . >> yeah. if you look at masks at this particular point and booster shots. here. take a look at masks. masks should be required for everybody. overall, it's just 49%. this is well within the margin of error. people should be able to choose slightly higher, 51%. the majority say masks should be required, vaccinated, 56%. people who should be wearing them no doubt in indoor spaces, 23% say masks should be required. once again, we are seeing the split between the vaccinated and unvaccinated where the vaccinated want to be more
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cautious. and the unvaccinated, the ones who should be the most cautious out of everybody are the ones who say, you know, we want to go about our lives. we don't in fact, want to wear our masks at this particular point. >> what does that mean for the level of vaccinations? we had the divide over people who were fine with wearing a mask, didn't have any issues with it and people who were very anti mask. the divide transferred over sometimes to vaccines. what is the status when you look at the national landscape as people are questioning how many people have gotten a booster shot and how many people are vaccinated. . >> the percentage who say they are unvaccinated pretty much stayed the same at 22% in our polling. if you look at the cdc numbers, it's roughly 1 in 5. to me the interesting thing is about the boosters. in our poll, 36% say they are fully vaccinated and boosted. that's higher than what the cdc has. if you add that with the fully vax and tried to schedule the
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booster, 46% say they are fully vaccinated and boosted or tried to schedule a booster. that is less than half of all americans who say they want that booster at this particular point. that's a message that i think the government and everybody else is going to try and sort of has to push more at this point and they're not exactly breaking through. . >> yeah. and the white house has been pushing this. they have been talking about this. clearly, though, if it's not encouraging people to get boosted, that is going to be a big issue with omicron. that's what dr. fauci has cited. if you do get the booster shot, you will be better off for the new wave of infections. it comes down to where you get your information from and who you trust. so when you look at the numbers, harry, what are you seeing with where people are getting the information from? >> these folks really do not trust the government at this particular point. at least elected officials. the cdc is the most trusted at 68%. people in their own community,
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58% are confident will make the right decisions on the new coronavirus variant. joe biden, the president of the united states, the leader, just 49% believe -- they're confident he will make the right decisions. and congress at just 35%. the fact is we need our public health officials delivering this message. those are the folks that the people trust the most. the people in the community, the cdc, the folks you know every day and the medical professionals. they're the best ones to deliver the messages. >> that number for president biden, 49%. he has tied so much of the success of his presidency, when we talk about his legislative agenda, we will talk about that coming up, he said the cornerstone will be how they handle the pandemic. of course he's appealing to people to get their booster shots. harry enten, thank you so much for bringing us all the numbers this morning. >> my pleasure. america is not right for omicron. he writes, the new variant is a
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far greater threat at the collective level than an individual one, the kind of test the u.s. has repeatedly kwraeuld. ed yong, your piece really depressed me, right. it's not an uplifting piece of journalism at all. why do you think the united states isn't ready? >> all right. so on an individual level, things are not great but not catastrophic either. we know omicron has made everyone, all of us, a little less protected against infection than a month ago. certainly if you have a booster, your ability to ward off catching the virus is okay, about the same as fully vaccinated people were against delta. and your protection against severe disease and death is going to still be quite high. so that's okay. but at a societal level, things look much bleaker mainly because of how fast omicron is spreading.
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this thing can really move, and it is doing so. and that huge wave of infections is going to come crashing down upon us, society and our health care system regardless of the fact that some people have been boosted and will be protected against hospitalizations. i cannot stress this enough. that health care system cannot take any more. it is already overwhelmed. don't ask if omicron will overwhelm it. it is overwhelmed right now. there's not enough health care workers. they have too much work. . >> and i know you spoke to several doctors as you were reporting on this piece. given the fact that it is already overwhelmed by the delta variant, now they have this new variant as people are figuring out does it cause severe disease, what does it look like. still a concern for unvaccinated americans. what did you hear from doctors how they are viewing this? i imagine the doctor fatigue we have already seen is just going to be amplified even further. >> yeah.
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it's really hard to do justice. the scale of the burnout and the exhaustion that america's health care workers are facing right now. even if the delta wave and the omicron wave had never happened, they would be in a bad place. huge numbers of them have quit their jobs, quit medicine entirely because of all the traumas the last two years. now you add a delta wave on top of that and omicron on the horizon, as one person said to me, they're just grasping for resolve. and this is going to affect all of us, right. it's not just to do with covid anymore. as one person said, the level of care we have come to expect from the american health care system no longer exists, right. and that's for everything. if you get into a car accident this christmas, that's a bad shot because of just how frayed everything is right now. and i think we absolutely need to have that in the back of our
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minds while making every decision about omicron, gatherings, boosters, about anything. if we continue to do this to our health care workers, we are all going to suffer covid or otherwise. . >> and i get that. the health care system is overwhelmed. you can go to certain states. and that's even before omicron. michigan has an outbreak. they are being pushed beyond the limit already. but i do think there are questions about what vaccinated and boosted people should do. is society still reacting to a previous situation in this pandemic? ? do vaccinated, boosted people now just need to stay home and not visit their grandparents during the holidays? and if they test positive in the nfl, how long before they get back on the field? have we adjusted to the new world? >> this is the crux of the piece
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that i wrote. vaccinated and boosted people might feel a bit more secure. they might feel i'm not going to hospital, why am i going to change my behavior? and the answer is that we should still take this seriously because we can still, and i'm one of them, ping the virus across to more vulnerable populations quickly enough, because omicron spreads to quickly, to land enough people in the hospital to break our already broken health care system. this is not anything any of us wants to deal with anymore. we're tired. but hard decisions still need to be made. i mean, look, this is small stakes, but i am 40 today. and i canceled the birthday party we had planned because of omicron. small decisions can still make a big difference. and i think that everyone needs to take this seriously. you asked if we are still reacting to a previous iteration
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of this threat. i think we are. we are reacting -- we are treating this as if wor living in a world in which there is a functional health care system to protect us if we get sick. i don't think we're living in that world anymore, and i think we need to make our calculus birthday because of it >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday. so sorry you're spending like this. you tweeted, if people are tired of reading these pieces, i guarantee i'm more tired of writing them. >> thank you. >> i sympathize with people. >> you raise really important questions. thank you. so president biden hitting the pause button on his build back better plan for now. why the move is leaving many democrats furious. while democrats are fighting for joe manchin's support on just about everything, republican leader mitch mcconnell has a proposition for him. we'll tell you what that is. and there's been a warrant issued for alec baldwin's cell phone after the deadly shooting
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100% stain removal, 24 hour stain resistance to lock in your whitest smile. crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america. like the $1.75 trillion package will not be delivered by christmas. president biden says the build back better plan will have to wait until 2022 after it hit a roadblock, the roadblock named senator joe manchin of west virginia. we are learning some senate democrats are really mad. cnn's sunlen serfaty joins us from capitol hill. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, john, democrats up here on capitol hill are angry,s they are frustrated. there was a closed door meeting on thursday where democrats gathered and vented openly to each other, lamenting their inabilitiaby to get things done
3:20 am
promises made to the american people. and the fact that they are unable to get things done when they have control of the house and senate right now. certainly central to those broken promises is failure for them to get the build back better plan this year. that was something president biden acknowledged in a statement yesterday noting the disagreements that still remain with democratic holdout senator joe manchin. president biden saying in a statement in part, quote, my team and i are having ongoing discussions with senator manchin that will work through next week. it takes time to finalize these agreements, prepare the legislative changes, and finish all the parliamentary and procedural steps needed to enable a senate vote. we'll advance this week together and over the days and weeks ahead. and so much of that frustration that democrats are feeling is this 50/50 senate split. senator hire row that saying it
3:21 am
sucks. we can't stand in the way of things moving forward. senator manchin not relenting to this pressure. he said, quote, no one pressures me. i am from west virginia. all of this comes as the senate parliamentarian rejected immigration provisions from being included in the build back better plan. that certainly is another blow for this bill, john, and certainly for democrats as well. . >> sunlen, mazie does not minutes words. >> manchin left many in his party frustrated, mitch mcconnell said the door is always open for manchin to switch sides and join the gop. >> he comes in frequently. he likes to talk to you guys. he likes to talk to everybody. and i enjoy our conversations. it would not surprise you to know that i have suggested for years it would be a great idea representing a deep red state like west virginia for him to come over to our side. >> now, he made those comments
3:22 am
as manchin met with mcconnell in his office for 30 minutes yesterday. both declined to go into detail very much about what it was exactly they discussed, john. but the idea that this is going to happen is almost close to zero, it seems. >> we cut off the most important part of the sound bite. while he said he's been asking for a long time, said i don't think it's going to happen. and if mitch mcconnell says it's not going to happen, that was music to democrats's ears. i'm sure mitch mcconnell made democrats happier than he has made them in months on anything. he basically said i'm not going to get manchin. i'm not going to get him. so, you know, democrats should feel good about that. >> it's interesting, though, to see how the president himself talked about manchin. he told jeff zeleny, joe has always been with me at the end. at the end of the day, he always comes through. that is a big question given this bill is not happening before christmas like president biden wanted it to. when i talked to president biden last week, he sounded very
3:23 am
uncertain about whether he could get him on board. it went from this level of high confidence at the end of the day he will have him to, you know, clearly what's happened now with the bill stalled. . >> the one thing i do wonder is manchin continues to say they agree on $1.75 trillion. so they agree on the amount, which is not nothing. i understand it's hard to fit it all in. but it's not nothing. . >> it's almost impossible to fit everything in. because if what manchin wants to do is what ultimately happens and they stick with the price tag, it means the other priorities they have, which is a really big bill, they will fall by the wayside. that's why you are seeing the level of frustration. we should note this is something senior manchin has been saying for some time now. . >> at some point the white house has to take him at his word what he will put up with. >> vice president kamala harris gave a wide-ranging intereninteo the wall street journal, the 2020 election. when asked if biden will run again, she said i'll be very
3:24 am
honest, i don't think bit, nor have we talked about it. training us is tarini parti. that was interesting. there was so much about that exchange that's interesting, right. it is the nonanswer but the answer. i'm not going to directly say i think he's running. but i'm going to say we haven't talked about it. a lot to digest there. >> reporter: a lot to digest. and what's really interesting here is i actually asked her twice. i asked her first if she had talked to the president, if the president had told her that he intends to run. and she said, you know, i want to be very clear about this. we've never talked about it. i haven't thought about it. we are focused on the pandemic, the economy. but i asked again, but you are assume the president is running. and she again repeated that answer. definitely very interesting here. we have heard from her supporters over this past year that she is sort of walking this fine line where she doesn't want to seem too politically
3:25 am
ambitious. because obviously she's run for president in the past against the current president, and she doesn't want to overshadow him. she is trying to talk about this in a careful way. it ended up just opening more questions with that response that she gave. >> tarini, it's so interesting. this came up yesterday. the deputy press secretary seemed to have a different answer than what the vice president did. >> i can't speak to the conversation that the president and vice president has said. i don't have any more to add to that. . >> the president says he plans to run again, he means with harris on the ticket? >> yes, he does. there's no change. yes. >> so the white house seems to be framing this as a pretty simple yes or no answer. >> and it should be a yes or no answer. i did this interview on wednesday. jen psaki, as early as monday
3:26 am
when some sports and speculation about other democrats potentially considering running in case biden decides not to run, she again had shut that down and said he intends to run. and that's my message to those democrats potentially considering running for president. they had to do this repeatedly now. and i think what the vice president was perhaps trying to do was just to, again, you know, try to keep the focus on the issues and say heats what they talk about. and they don't really talk about politics. but of course it is very notable if they have in fact, not ever talked about 2024. >> i'm sure you asked that question and were expecting the easiest answer, which is yeah. then she says what she says and you're like, oh, really? >> that's exactly right. that's why i followed up and asked her again just to be sure. i was surprised she gave that same expense. . >> thank you for your interview.
3:27 am
a lot more in there as well. people should go check it out. >> thanks for having me. police issuing a warrant for alec baldwin's cell phone pertaining to the "rust" movie shooting. hear what they are looking for. and kim potter, who said she pulled a gun instead of her taser, will take the stand in her own defense, which could come as early as today. at capella university, we know the world is pretty smart. wicked smart. so we made flexpath smart enough that you can finish the bachelor's degree in business you've started in 18 months for $18,000. that's smart. capella university. don't just learn. learn smarter.
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the whole town was just leveled. that is how a kentucky man described the aftermath of last week's tornados in his town of mayfield, kentucky. he took a haunting photo in the region theater that captures the whole situation perfectly. it seems really as if there is a movie there. but, no, that's the reality in mayfield now. and shawn joins me now.
3:32 am
gosh, you know, that picture really is so beautiful yet so sad in many ways. just talk to me about what you saw at that moment. >> yeah. it was just the culmination of a full day of touring the town. there was a lot of emotions built up throughout the day. we finally had a moment to just kind of relax for a moment. you know, i saw this thing, and i wanted to remember it forever. that's why i took the photo. so later on, a few days from now or whatever, i can look back on it and kind of relive those emotions and get it all out at that point was my intention. . >> what are the emotions you're feeling? >> you know, it -- i can't find a single word for it. i mean, it's just a -- you know, there's anger. there's pain.
3:33 am
there's sadness. there's also joy. you know, for appreciating what i have. you know, there's -- there's a lot. so many words. and i'm still trying to wrap my head around it. . >> and as you are thinking about yourself -- and i do hope you take a moment to make sure that you're okay here. one of the things from being there, shawn, that i felt is everyone is looking out so much for everyone else. they're not pausing to make sure they're okay here. and it is so i think painful for so many people. so i encourage you to take a moment for yourself. but in the meantime, you're just busting your ass to make sure christmas happens for everyone there. tell us what you're doing. >> you know, i didn't sleep that night. i woke up and i was like, you know, somebody has to do something about these kids. they're sleeping on cots. they don't have toys. they have nothing to play with. you can see the sadness in their
3:34 am
face. the night prior i saw a child embracing his mom, crying and describing how he had lost his christmas. it broke me in half. it really just shredded me inside. and i had to do something. and so i decided, hey, i was going to reach out to as many people as i could in my circle and raise as much money as i could and bring everything to them and get everything going. it's rolled up into this big thing now. i have a santa costume. we're going to have an event. we're going to put the toys in the kids' hands and let them unwrap them, let them reconnect with their friends that they might have not seen for days now. it's turned into this really big thing. and i find myself wandering the toy aisles of walmart and just listening for kids and their families talking about how they can't afford things because of
3:35 am
their situation that this has caused them. and i find myself playing secret santa. i approach the kids and the family and just let them throw whatever they want in the cart and i go and buy it for them right then and there. we're trying to make as much of a positive effort in this community as we can. and so far it's going pretty well. i really appreciate it. >> you have a week left to grow the beard, shawn. keep it up. you're terrific. let me just say, you're just terrific. and i'm so impressed by everything you're doing. i think we have the go fund me page that people can contribute to this. we'll tweet it out so people around the country can help out and make a difference to all the people in mayfield. shawn triplett, thank you for being with us. and thank you to everybody at cnn. you know, even now i'm still getting help from some of the people, connecting me with others for truckloads of toys
3:36 am
headed our way. i'm really excited. thank you. and thank you to everybody that's helped out. i really appreciate it. >> that's the least we can do after everything you've done. thank you so much. new developments in the investigation into the "rust" movie set shooting that killed helena hutch skpeupbs wounded joel souza in october. a search warrant has been issued for alec baldwin's cell phone according to court documents from santa fe county. the warrant says officials are looking to obtain messages, call logs, photos and videos, as well as any private messages sent on social media platforms in relation to the movie production. joining me is criminal defense attorney joey jackson. joey, what do you think they're going to get for this? >> good morning to you. good morning, john. i think, first of all, there's a due diligence obligation. remember, there is a criminal investigation. in light of that, you want to cross your is and dot your ts. whenever you do a search warrant, you know there is
3:37 am
probable cause to believe a crime was committed. and there's evidence there that would be material and relevant to the investigation. i think what you do is not only look for information as to anything prior but during and, more importantly, after. who were you communicating with. what specifically did you say? what did you know? was there any collusion with respect to what you should tell or who to tell it to. all of this information goes to whether or not there was t a crime committed. it's a heavy lift to establish that at that point. but i think that information they glean with regard to who he was speaking to, photographs, other information on the phone would be critical to the investigation. . >> forgive me for having a criminal mind, joey. whenever i see this, or mark meadows, so why wouldn't he have erased his cell phone? >> potentially, that could be the case. that's problematic also. why would you do that? there is a demonstration of consciousness, of some type of
3:38 am
criminality. in the event you did nothing wrong and communications were pure, in the event you didn't collude, in the event there's nothing on the phone, that would be problematic. why in essence would you do that. there is no suggestion that he would have done that. there are a lot of different technological things that could restore and retrieve information otherwise taken off the phone. >> what's also your take, something separate, on the kim potter situation. this officer who shot daunte wright. she ended up grabbing her gun instead of a taser. she is going to take the stand in her own defense. is that a wise move? >> i think it is highly problematic. there's three reasons why someone wants to take the stand. one, you want to humanize them, demonstrate they are an individual just like you, they're relatable, just like you. they're a mother, daughter, they're something. beyond that, you want to go to the issue of symmetry.
3:39 am
people expect two sides to every story. people are told, the criminal system allows you to be quiet. more importantly, they talk about a relevant matter. here it is problematic highly for the following reasons. if you testify, which she is going to testify, she has to make certain admissions. what are those admissions? remember what she is charged with, not with intentionally killing him but in doing it because she was reckless or careless. so now when you testify, it's fair to say that you were trained in the use of a taser, isn't that right? your last training was in march 2021, a month before this. you got a perfect score. you were trained several times before that. you know the distinction between the two. and in fact, you indicated that you meant to takes him, no the to shoot him, isn't that right? what am i saying to you? she has to make an admission, in a was reckless or at least careless. one relates to reckless conduct,
3:40 am
15 years, the other to culpable negligence, 10 years. the last point, her attorneys have been arguing that deadly force would have been appropriate in any instance. well, she's going to have to take the stand and have to admit but you didn't think it was appropriate, didn't you, because you didn't employ deadly force, you deployed the tearer. oh, my god -- she says certain things i can't say. but the bottom line it's fraught with difficulty because she has to make admissions to negligence, recklessly, that admits the elements of the crime. >> people have been taking the stand in their own self-defense. it will be really interesting to see what she says. joey jackson, thank you for joining us this morning, as always. up next, as covid-19 cases are surging, more treatments to combat the vie are us this time around. pills, rapid tests, boosters. but there are big questions on whether that's enough. plus, "sex and the city"
3:41 am
star chris noth accused of sexual assault allegations. the rnc agrees to foot huge sums from president trump's legal fees not from when he was president but his own dealings in new york. what is going on with this unusual agreement?
3:42 am
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with president biden warning of a winter of severe illness and death for those who are unvaccinated, health experts are stressing the importance of testing, making insurance providers reimburse for the rapid at-home tests is still not in effect yet. so if you want to get tested, you might have to pay for it. elizabeth cohen joins us now. this is going to be such a big part of this, especially now
3:46 am
with the omicron variant that everyone is so concerned about. and people are saying, well, if you are vaccinated, you can get-together with your family, maybe take a rapid test first. while they are relatively inexpensive, you are getting one, buying one for every member of your family and taking them often, those costs can add up. >> reporter: they certainly can, kai kaitlan. you really want to test pretty often, a period of time before you see them, then maybe again, then after. there's a lot of testing that goes into this. so they are had he only about $7 a pop. if you have a big family and you need to test often, that can add up. that's why the biden administration is trying to make sure so insurance companies have to pay for them. if there were easy, rapid, at-home testing that was afford bible, people really might do it. that could go a long way to curb
3:47 am
this pandemic. >> yeah. and the plan so far to have this reimbursement, you still have to file a claim to get money back for the test that you buy. >> right. >> it's not like they are just covering it at cost. i'm wondering what you make of this of why other nations have made these tests free or basically free. sometimes they're a dollar in some countries. why the united states hasn't adopted something like that. >> reporter: you know, i don't know. i think you would have to ask a political expert in some way why that's happened. one thing i definitely noticed from the public health side, other countries have much more centralized authority in these things. for example, if anyone has ever wondered, gee, why do we keep getting data from israel. they have a single payer system, as most of the world does, they have one authority. they just have more control over these things. it is 50 different states. the united states is huge. people have lots of different opinions about things. you're trying to control a much
3:48 am
larger game. and so i think other countries it's much easier for them to flip a switch and say, all right, these are all going to be the equivalent of a dollar now. it's harder to do that in the u.s. >> of course all the countries will be dealing with the omicron variant. we have seen health officials say they are expecting a wave of infections. you have seen how fast it is spreading not just in the united states but all across the world. i do think that raises questions about where we are, what position we are in when it comes to this pandemic as we have been with other variants, compared to the delta variant or the original strain of this virus. and people have said we are in a much different position when it comes to vaccines being widely available. boosters, of course, everyone being encouraged to get those. and also treatment. there is a new pill where there was good signs, good data on how much it could prevent hospitalization, severe illness. but the pill is still not ready yet from the fda. what next steps does it have to go through before everyone can access it? >> reporter: so before i answer
3:49 am
that, merck has a similar pill, anti viral pill. the results are, depending upon who you ask, are pretty similar to pfizer's. that will probably be the first one that people will have access to. but the second one from pfizer -- the way the fda has been doing this, it's been about six weeks or so for them to review the data and to have an advisory committee meeting and make a decision, which is amazingly quick. pre-covid, you never got anything even close to that. i think in the next month or two, we could see pfizer's anti viral pill on the market. before anyone thinks, oh, if i get covid, no big deal, the testing stuff that we were just talking about, that plays into it. you have to get the pills early, like within three to five days of having symptoms of covid. so you have to realize you're having symptoms of covid, get a positive test, and we have just gone through some of the reasons why that can be difficult. if you go for say a pcr test at
3:50 am
a pharmacy, you have to get the results back. i will tell you once at a pharmacy, a big pharmacy with a big name, it took two weeks for me to get results back. then the doctor has to describe it. none of this is quick. >> that is going to be of high concern for a lot of people. elizabeth cohen, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks. and just like that, peloton pulling this viral ad of "sex and the city" star chris noth after sexual assault allegations. and congressman mo brooks, why he is looking to redeem himself with donald trump just as his senate campaign struggles. ♪ ♪ you are my fire ♪ ♪ the one desire ♪ ♪ you are, you arare, ♪ ♪ don't wanna hear you say... ♪ ♪
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3:55 am
and the city is facing two accusations of sexual assault. according to the hollywood reporter, the two women who accused him saying see him in his mr. big character in the hbo max series motivated them to come forward. peloton is pulling its add. cnn's chloe mellas joins us. what are the two women saying about these accusations? >> reporter: good morning, ind indicate hand. two intense fasters for chris noth and peloton. in "just like that," chris noth's character passes away after an intense ride on peloton. then you saw stock plummet. in after effort to spice things up for peloton, they had mr. big, chris noth, come back in the ad that ryan reynolds
3:56 am
actually produced showing mr. big is alive and peloton, all is okay. now peloton pulling the ads, cutting off ties with chris noth in the wake of these horrible accusations. but chris noth is denying the incidents. one alleged incident took place in new york in 2015. the other in los angeles in 2004. these women used pseudonyms for their names in the hollywood reporter. they say they saw him reprise his role in the hbo max series. he is sayings this is categorically false, that he would never cross the line like that with anyone. >> yeah. certainly not the attention they wanted to be getting on the show. chloe, we know you will stay "on the story". thank you so much for joining us this morning. . >> thank you. and look at this man. he is what you would call a daring man. diving at 176 miles per hour into the crater of the devil's
3:57 am
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