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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 3, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm anna coren live from hong kong. ahead on "cnn newsroom." there have been 90,000 people that are in the hospital right now and 1200 deaths per day. that is not a trivial situation. >> as covid cases surge across the u.s., flight delays and cancellations are happening at
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an unprecedented rate. we'll have a report from one of the busiest airports in the world. plus, i'll discuss with my guests how hong kong is handling their zero covid strategy. as the political crisis grows, the prime minister resigns and we're live in the region with the latest. a post holiday surge in covid infections is gripping the u.s. right now. the u.s. is now averaging about 400,000 new cases a day and experts warn it's likely to get worse in the days ahead. well, that surge fueled mostly by the omicron variant is also crushing hospitals which are overwhelmed mostly by unvaccinated americans. also today at least 5 metro atlanta school districts have joined others nationwide in moving to remote learning after
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the holiday break. one of the largest teachers unions in new york is urging the mayor to let public schools move online. this as the former head of the fda warns the new omicron variant can be more dangerous for young kids. >> does appear based on a lot of experimental evidence this is a milder form of the coronavirus. that's good for most americans. the one group that may be a problem for is very young kids, toddlers who have trouble with upper airway infections. they get more croup like infections and bronchiolitis. we are seeing rising hospitalizations among that pediatric segment. >> with more school breaks winding down i asked an emergency physician in honolulu how to keep children safe as they return to the classroom.
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>> getting home tests into the hands of every student and the so to speak test to stay in school. that's a very good strategy. or, you know, if parents aren't comfortable, there should be a good option for virtual learning for at least most of january. i don't think it would extend all the way into february or march, just a temporary virtual option. so testing, virtual and then also high quality masks are going to be important. this omicron variant is more transmissible and doesn't need as much virus in the air to infect anybody zblels the fda is expected to authorize pfizer booster shots for kids over the age of 12. how do you feel about this as a physician? >> i think it's massively important. the people that we are seeing admitted mostly are unvaxxed or people are getting sick enough to end up in the emergency
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department are those who are not -- are fully vaxxed but not boosted. so i think it's definitely going to go a long way to getting kids safe on a whole and it's going to contribute to schools being safe, but we can't -- unfortunately schools are going back tomorrow, many of them. many of them are going back the week after and it's hard to get somebody -- a group like that that's large vaccinated so quickly. >> thanks to dr. dara ocarol. holiday travel is a nightmare. 4,000 flights were canceled around the world sunday. more than half of them were in the u.s. airlines have been struggling with staffing issues as employees test positive. add to that the ice and heavy snow sweeping across parts of the country leading to more cancellations. cnn's ryan young spoke with some stranded travelers.
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>> reporter: every year at heartsville jackson international airport, this is one of the busiest airports in the country. when you think of all the flights we've seen canceled today, there have been long lines of people trying rebook their flights just to get out of town. we've met several families here who have been impacted greatly by the canceled flights across the country. when you add in the weather mix you can understand the frustration that is building across this country when it comes to flights. now on sunday more than 2500 flights were canceled and on saturday more than 2500 flights were canceled. so you understand that people are desperate to try to get back home, especially during this holiday time and try to get back to work on monday. we talked to this one couple who was having a difficult time getting to the west coast. >> i tried to leave on thursday and then they canceled it. we tried to reschedule for saturday night and they rescheduled it again and canceled it. then today they canceled it on the way to the airport.
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now we're rescheduled for tonight. >> you guys, any kind of lodging or anything at all? >> no, not yet. >> that's got to being frustrating. >> it is but as long as we can get back west, we'll be good. >> thousands of flights canceled and when you put this together, the holidays are already a tough time to travel as well. when you put covid impacting airlines, when you put the fact there is weather impacting parts of this country, it's really hard for some of these families to get back to where they're going before monday morning. hopefully as we see the boards start to clear and some of this weather start to lift, people will get a chance to make it home. back to you. u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin has tested positive for covid-19. austin made the announcement saying he developed mild symptoms at home on leave. his immediate staff have started contact tracing. austin informed president biden whom he last met with before
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christmas. he is fully vaccinated and has received a covid booster. he said he was last at the pentagon on thursday. he followed all covid precautions the short time he was there. cnn is covering the pandemic from around the world. we are in london where secondary school students in england are advised to wear masks in school. barbie nadeau is in europe, in roam. elliott gawking is in jerusalem as israel rolls out four doses. we'll hear from nada, barbie and elliott. foirs christi -- kristie lu stout. what's the latest? >> reporter: cases are following but the worry is growing.
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china reported 101 new cases of covid-19 infection. that's down from 131 new cases the previous day. the vast majority of those cases in the northern chinese city of xi'an. home of the teracotta warriors. it's home to 13 million people. with the beijing winter olympic games now just over one month away, china is going all out throwing its entire pandemic playbook to end the outbreak in xi'an. millions of people are under lockdown. they can't leave compounds only to get tested for covid. they cannot leave to get food. they cannot leave to get other central supplies there. have been public shamings of individuals deemed to be in breach of strict covid-19 protocols. on sunday we learned xi'an has removed two top communist party officials from their post because of their handling of the pandemic. here in the cnn hong kong
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newsroom we've been closely watching, monitoring chinese media to get a sense of what life is like during that prolonged, strict lockdown of 13 million people. i want to share this clip with you. in this clip a man is being beaten by anti-pandemic workers in the clip and this is video footage that first emerged on social media in china since it's gone viral. we see a man trying to enter a compound in xi'an with a bag of steamed buns. there is an altercation between him and anti-pandemic workers. he stumbled and all the buns, the food he's holding scatter all over the ground. local police, they responded to this video after it went viral in a statement that they said they acknowledged, yes, there was an altercation. there was a dispute. afterwards they said the two staff members involved have apologized, been fined and detained for seven days. the chinese government has
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vowed, meanwhile, that there will be three to five days worth of groceries for people across xi'an still stuck in their homes. anna. >> kristie lu stout, many thanks. many warn the region faces a new waive of coronavirus as cases rise. nowhere near the amount of infections seen in other parts of the world. cases are slowly ticking up. held at bay by some of the most restrictive measures in the world. most recently they ordered all cargo flight crews would have to quarantine for seven days up from a three-day requirement. here's the moment it was announced. >> increasing omicron cases the government say to further tighten the quarantine crisis in effect from 00 hours on january 1st 2022, all locally based air
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cargo crew who have laid over at overseas places or taiwan will be required to stay in designated quarantine hotels for seven days until obtaining negative tests. >> airline warns the new measure will lead to dramatic disruptions in service. airlines that violate covid measures face a ban from operating passenger flights. joining me now is dr. ivan hung, a clinical professor and chief of the infectious services division. they say the city is at a tipping point as it faces a potential fifth wave with omicron. do you share her concerns? >> yes. i think recently we have several imported cases of omicron and of course these are unfortunately
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case that is have been getting into the community and we have crossed a few more cases that are being spread by these individuals so right now we are waiting for more results to come through and hopefully there won't be more cases coming through. >> less than 70% of hong kong's population is vaccinated. i know you are calling for a far more aggressive strategy to boost the vaccination rate. tell us what you are suggesting. >> currently we have a zero tolerance policy. hopefully we will be able to get over 90% of the population to have at least two doses of the covid-19 vaccine and hopefully by may we will have more than
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70% of our population have at least received three doses of booster vaccination. so by then we will be in a better position to open up and we can hopefully not have further quarantine. >> don't you think that's a little ambitious considering we know the elderly are refusing to get vaccinated? only 20% of the folks over 80 are vaccinated. this is a program that has been going on now for ten months and yet there are now calls to mandate vaccination in schools and workplaces. is that fair? >> well, basically what we are doing now, the government, is now adopting a so-called vaccination bubble. so what we are doing right now is that we -- subjects who have not been vaccinated will not be
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allowed in restaurants and cinemas and libraries and other public places. this, of course, is now able to have an incentive to encourage people who have not been vaccinated to get vaccinated, especially for the elderly people who would like to, of course, taking dim sum and drinking tea in these restaurants. already within a few days we are seeing a record rise of more than 50% of the daily vaccination rate. hopefully we will be able to, you know, catch up and reach the so-called 90% by april. >> this proposal to have this vaccine mandate in schools, are they talking about students, that students have to be vaccinated? >> well, we're mainly talking about for adults and elderly who have a low vaccination rate. for schools we are talking about
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secondary schools, age between basically students aged between 12 to 17. hopefully with the availability of the volunteer vaccine for children, then we will be able to move down the age group to 5 to 11 with the parents having a choice of biotech or the second type. >> hong kong has some of the most draconian quarantine efforts. it's affecting hong kong's status as a business hub. do you envision the government changing these rules considering the rest of the world is learning to live with covid? >> yes. i think as i've said earlier on we are now finding time in the next few months to increase our vaccination rate, especially with the omicron being very contagious and yet, of course, it's a milder disease with far fewer, you know, severe cases
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requiring hospitalization. so hopefully within the next few months once we have, you know, increased the vaccination rate we will be able to relax and of course step down from these very stringent infection control measures. then hopefully by that time we will be able to open up. of course, we're expecting cases to come in. nevertheless, it won't too much stress on our health care system and also that -- knowing that the coronavirus actually behaved less active in warmer weather so we will be in a much better position to open up. right now there are very few cases and then of course our health system is not under stress at all. >> so you think hong kong could be opening up to the world, not just china but the world in the middle of the year? >> absolutely. i think with the increasing vaccination rate, if we can get up to 90%, we can open up to not
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only mainland china and the rest of the world. >> let's hope you're right. appreciate your time. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. pleasure. there's more political uncertainty in sudan where the prime minister has resigned amid mass protests. those details ahead. the house committee investigating the attack on the u.s. capitol is revealing new details just days ahead of the january 6th anniversary. entist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performaman. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam is the #1 cold shortening brand! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam. zinc that cold!
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sudan is in deeper political turmoil with the resignation of the prime minister. the move came as video showed antiat this-coup demonstrators running through smoke and tear gas. they say security forces killed three protesters on sunday. the military ousted him in october and briefly detained him. he was reinstated in a deal with coup leaders but his supporters
12:22 am
denounced the agreement. we're joined from uganda with the details. upon his resignation he said our country is going through a dangerous turning point that may threaten the entire survival if it's not remedied soon. what is going to bring the people of sudan together? >> reporter: it's not clear at this time, anna. that's the short answer. the more complicated answer is that prime minister, former now, is essentially admitting he was unable to bring the different divided factions in sudan together. he said the reason he took this job back in august of 2019 because it was based on political consensus. he taut this had as a unique sudanese model, trying to get the military and civilian wings together. it's failed. it didn't have the same level of commitment and harmony when it started. the signs not all is well during the october 25 coup when the prime minister was obtained
12:23 am
under house arrest. for weeks it was not clear where he was. six weeks ago he was reinstated. that gave the military rulers some small drop of legitimacy. all of that is now gone. this is how he explained it when he gave his resignation last night. >> translator: even after the october 25th coup we signed a framework with the military in an attempt to get back on track with the democratic transition, to put an end to the bloodshed and safeguard what had been achieved in the past two years and to adhere to the constitutional declaration that governed the transition. >> reporter: there's a great deal of concern within sudan and what this means. the leaders should set aside the differences and come together. they have a plan here. there is supposed to be a democratic transition in 2023. whether that will happen now is a big question mark. who becomes a prime minister is
12:24 am
a big question mark. it's towards a full civilian rule again. >> larry, i wanted to ask you who are the front-runners or is the military now certainly back in charge? >> reporter: yes, the military is firmly back in charge. the general, who is the military ruler of sudan, needed the legitimacy of the prime minister but he's now left the building. whether or not he appoints somebody else, it will not make the demonstrators go back, go away from the streets because even though he was supported initially, they refuse to support his reinstatement. whoever else gets appointed, what sort of government gets instituted next, they need the key legitimacy. internationally they have to figure out how to deal with
12:25 am
whoever is in charge. >> we know 59 people have died in the last few months as a result of it. larry joining us from uganda. thank you so much. a suspect is under arrest and charged in connection with a fire at the south african parliament. it caused extensive damage on the first and second floors of the old assembly building and the third floor roof collapsed. the suspect is expected to make an appearance in court on tuesday. people believe someone tampered with the sprinkler system. president joe biden and vice president kamala harris will deliver remarks on thursday. as that date approaches, the leaders of the house select committee are revealing disturbing facts about that day. here's vice chair liz cheney.
12:26 am
>> the committee has firsthand testimony that president trump was sitting in the dining room next to the oval office watching on television as the capitol was assaulted, as the violence occurred. we know that that is clearly a supreme dereliction of duty. one of the things that the committee is looking at from the perspective of our legislative purpose is whether we need enhanced penalties for that kind of dereliction of duty. we've certainly never seen anything like that as a nation before. >> cheney also says the committee has heard firsthand testimony that ivanka trump during the capitol attack asked her father at least twice to put a stop to the violence. well, millions are bracing for a winter blast across the u.s. the latest forecast coming up. plus, israel is rolling out a fourth covid shot. we'll have a live report from jerusalem to find out who is eligible. please stay with us.
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learn how abbvie could help you save. welcome back to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm anna coren live from hong kong. you're watching "cnn newsroom." at least 14 million people from texas, u.s. east coast, currently under a winter storm warning. snow is possible in northern alabama, georgia, south carolina and tennessee. federal government offices and schools are closed in washington, d.c., and there are winter weather alerts throughout new england. cnn meteorologist paedram javaheri has more whampt can people expect? >> this is a very dramatic
12:31 am
change. portions of the southern united states were dealing with record temperatures and we see this imposing storm system push through and already transitioning from temps in the upper 70s and lower 80s from memphis to atlanta to 44, that's the afternoon forecast high in atlanta by the time we get to monday afternoon. you'll notice even in new york city, from 60 cut it in half down into the lower 30s. houston, one of the more impressive ones. 85 degrees in the month of january to 30 as we transition quickly. notice as the system passes through, gusty winds already being felt across much of the region. the system will push in across portions of the north atlantic. underneath the winter weather alerts. parts of northern mississippi, northern alabama have picked up snow showers. generally one to two inches. can see this linger into the
12:32 am
appalachian mountains, eastern areas of tennessee and where it gets interesting. the highest totals there around parts of the delmarva, including the nation's capitol, which has been very kwie whet it comes to wintry weather. it has not snowed here in about a year. no measurable snowfall. you take a look at what things have done. you take the virus into consideration, the disruptions in place. in addition to wintry weather coming in, 1500 flights already preemptively canceled on monday morning. notice nearly half of the flights centered across the northeastern airports. a lot of disruptions. quite a bit of snowfall across parts of say the mid-atlantic later on in the morning. >> pedram, good to see you. authorities in colorado still searching for a man and a woman after the devastating wildfire that tore through boulder county on thursday. the marshall fire charred more than 6,000 acres destroying nearly 1,000 homes.
12:33 am
no deaths have been reported. investigators are still trying to learn how the fire started. the boulder county sheriff said a search warrant was executed at a private property but gave no further details. with the holidays over and people returning to work and school, health experts fear covid cases fueled by the omicron variant could explode past what we're already seeing. just take a look at the seven-day average of new cases in the u.s. experts warn it's likely to get worse in the days ahead. a vast majority of the country seen here in dark red struggled with at least 50% more new cases in the past week compared to the week before. so far hospitalization rates are below their previous peaks. escalating covid cases driven by the omicron variant are forcing governments worldwide to consider new measures. india is set to begin vaccinating children from 15 to 18 years old today. this comes as the country
12:34 am
reported nearly 23,000 new cases on sunday. france announced on sunday that it will ease quarantine rules for the fully vaccinated and showe shortened the time from booster shots. more than 120,000 people tested positive between christmas and new year. england's secondary school children will wear masks when they return from holiday. the u.k. secretary said they wanted to keep as many kids in school as they can. israel says it will offer a fourth shot to people over 60 and medical staff. israel approved the pfizer biontech booster last week. cnn has reporters all around the world. nada bashir is in london. barbie nadeau has the story and elliott gotkin has the story
12:35 am
from israel. cases are expected to surge in the coming days. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: that's right, anna. so the expectation is that this additional booster shot or the fourth dose of the covid vaccine, which was approved today, and as of last night was approved over 60s and health care workers will offer an additional health care protection and israel's fifth wave which is getting higher all the time. we just got the latest figures in the last hour. 6,500 people. it's at 1.88, the rco level. that's the highest level. the initial rollout of the vaccine to those over 60s and health care workers last night.
12:36 am
talking about 20,000 daily cases perhaps by the end of the week. topping out at 50,000 perhaps. also as professor aaron siegel, one of the government's covid advisers, he's talking about the potential for 2 million israelis, out of a population of 9.5 million, ultimately being infected with the omicron variant. the result of that is it could result in a herd immunity. anna. >> many thanks. let's now go to rome and cnn contributor barbie nadeau. how are the hospital systems across europe zmoepg. >> reporter: well, you know, we're seeing more reports of people in hospital, but nothing like those previous waves despite the surge in numbers. you know, one of the big concerns more than the patients in the hospital are the health care workers. so many of them are in contact with positive cases and have to quarantine. looking at shortening the length
12:37 am
of quarantine in many countries and discussing that as well. the focus certainly in italy, france, all over europe is schools. getting these kids tested. we're at a testing site in rome and people are getting tested so they can go back to work or the teachers have to get tested before they can go into the classroom and things like that. the focus is to get kids back in, to allow them to stay in school despite the surge in cases, anna. >> barbie, obviously we've been through a tough lockdown beginning of the pandemic. how are people feeling now? >> reporter: you know, people in italy are very compliant. they have a high vaccination rate. people getting their booster shots. people getting tested. we saw people getting tested so they could go to other people's houses for new year's eve celebration and christmas celebrations. people are hyper conscientious here. two years ago italy was the
12:38 am
first epicenter outside of china. the number of deaths were devas devastating. nobody here has forgotten that. that's why we're seeing such a compliance. it's against the law not to have a mask on outside across the country. you see people adhering to those policies as well. we're not seeing the kinds of protests that you've seen elsewhere across europe against restrictions, anna. >> barbie nadeau in rome. many thanks. now to london and cnn's nada bashir. what is the situation in the u.k.? we're hearing about secondary students needing to wear masks. >> reporter: anna, it's much like here. what barbie mentioned, the focus is getting kids back in school and minimizing the disruption to education. facemask wearing will be compulsory to students in secondary schools. that's students between the ages 161 and 19 and there will be new air filtration systems being introduced to some schools as
12:39 am
well. the government is also urging students and teachers to take a last test before returning to school after the christmas holiday period. many of them returning tomorrow and wednesday. so there is a focus and an emphasis on testing now. there are also considerations for bringing back into schools twice weekly testing for students and teachers. really the focus is on limiting disruptions to schools to have significant staff shortages, not only in schools but a variety of sectors. that is a course for concern. we've seen the government shorten the isolation period to tease from 10 to 5 days now. the government is working on contingency plans and they're working to see how this will impact various industries and what they can do to mitigate them. we're looking at retired teachers to return to the workforce and fill the need where there is in certain schools. making it easier for hospital schools to fulfill the need
12:40 am
there. even allowing to shorten the process for overseas nurses to register to work in the u.k. so there's a real focus on mitigating the risk opposed by the spread in terms of stark shortages and workforce shortages there. we've seen a real focus once again on the vaccines. we've heard from the prime minister saying they're not looking at adding further restrictions. the cabinet minister is saying that the data just doesn't support the introduction of tougher measures but this could all be temporary. we're still looking at data. still waiting to see how the easing of those measures over the christmas period, gathering on christmas day and of course over new year's will impact the numbers. we know from the health sthaekt icu rate, the admission rate is looking stable in comparison to the peak of last january. data remains to be seen as to how the christmas holidays have impacted that. anna? >> nada bashir joining us from
12:41 am
london. appreciate it. thank you. in the world of sports lionel messi and three of his teammates have tested positive for covid-19. the french football club says the four are in isolation and subject to, quote, the appropriate health protocol. paris st. germaine is set to play monday in the round of 32. u.s. president joe biden tells ukraine the u.s. will act decisively if russia invades. more on that shortly. plus, prince andrew is facing lots of legal trouble this week as he tries to have a sexual assault lawsuit against him dismissed.
12:42 am
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12:45 am
ukraine. that statement from mr. biden came during his call with ukrainian president vladimir zelensky on sunday and ahead of next week's diplomatic talks between the u.s. and russia in geneva. last week mr. biden spoke by phone with russian president vladimir putin urging him to ease tensions and warning of a, quote, heavy price to pay if russia invades ukraine. nic robertson joins us live from moscow. what more are we learning about the call between president bide dep and zelensky? >> reporter: the ukrainian president welcomed the call. said it was a clear indication of the strength of bonds between the united states and ukraine. he thanked biden for that support. biden promised him, you know, that -- to back ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. there was a couple of key take
12:46 am
aways from both sides here. i think from the ukrainian side the message that came clearly from them was the importance for them and others to decase late the tensions. ukrainians talked about this in terms of de-escalating tensions to keep the peace in europe along with the united states and partners in europe. he said that clear sense of a bond between ukraine, the united states and european partners and that sense of the de-escalating tensions in ukraine keeps the peace in europe. i think from the united states side we began to see an area where i think we'll hear a lot more of the conversation directed once the talks get going in january, and that was a need for what the united states described as confidence building measures to reduce tensions with active diplomacy but focused around the mince 2 agreement,
12:47 am
2015 agreement in the dombas region where russian backed separatists have had their own elections over the past few years. by ukraine -- ukraine will likely interpret discussions around that topic as an effort by russia to consolidate its influence in that eastern region of ukraine, but the fact that the united states is sort of focusing part of their readout here on this phone call around the minsk agreement and confidence building, it seems that's the direction some of the conversation is going to. that's what they will focus on. >> the high-ranking u.s. and russian officials are due to sit down in geneva starting on the 9th of jan.
12:48 am
is that a hopeful sign the russians are considering easing tensions? can we read into it that way or is that just wishful thinking? >> reporter: you know, russia's coming into this with a very clear set of requirements. it made those public which put pressure on the united states to get into the talks which is a very clear line on ukraine not being allowed to join nato, for nato to roll back what russia sees as expansion. for nato to say ukraine can't join is something i think is very unlikely to hear nato say. so in many ways the positions and the red lines on both sides are far, far, far apart. the fact that there is a dialogue would seem to support what russia says, that it has no intention of invading ukraine, but the mere presence of its troops and other things that have happened over recent months give a great deal of alarm to
12:49 am
the united states and nato partners. russia annexed crime me yeah in 2014. invaded georgia in 2008 is a partner that -- whose word cannot be held at face value, that it needs to be tested and there needs to be negotiations. >> nic robertson joining us from moscow. many thanks. the largest remaining independent news outlet in hong kong is shutting down. city citizen news said the decision was made to protect everyone's safety citing major changes in the society and deteriorating media environment here in hong kong. this comes less than a week after pro democracy news outlet danyews was shut down. they have raided their office and arrested seven people with the allegation. the woman accusing prince andrew of sexual assault is making an unusual demand.
12:50 am
ahead on cnn, what her lawyers want the prince to show proof of in court.
12:51 am
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in the coming hours prince andrew's legal fight face a test. they say this shields the prince from her lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault. that deal is expected to be unsealed later today in a new york courtroom. cnn's max foster joins us now from london. max, a lot at stake. what can we expect? >> reporter: well, the first moment really today is this document becoming unsealed. prince andrew's lawyers have previously suggested that there is an agreement between guiffre and epstein that say she wouldn't follow up. prince andrew is hoping they can dismiss this case altogether or at least the judge will dismiss this case and she'll -- the judge will be considering this tomorrow and tuesday. so prince andrew is focusing on finding ways to get the case out
12:55 am
of court. the most recent attempt failed. that was to say that they felt the new york court didn't have jurisdiction in this case because guiffre is living in australia. all of these attempts have failed so far. if the case continues, it looks as though we'll get depositions and people like prince andrew, sarah ferguson and even the dutch chess of sussex could be a person speaking to this case. it could heat up after tomorrow, anna. >> max, guiffre's team is asking prince andrew's team to give proof of his condition, where he was incapable of sweating. what more can you tell us about this? >> it's quite fundamental. she said it happened at ghislaine maxwell's house and they had been to a nightclub earlier in the evening and at that nightclub prince andrew was
12:56 am
sweating profusely on the dance floor according to guiffre. prince andrew claims he never went to that nightclub. he also said he had a medical condition that meant he couldn't sweat at that time. so guiffre's lawyers are saying we want to see some documentary evidence that he has this condition. prince andrew's team saying it doesn't exist. it's immaterial to this case and it's a private matter. to say it's a private matter when he went on to bbc television to talk about his sweating condition is confusing. we'll wait to see what the judge says on tuesday. >> max, quickly, any word from the royal family with all of this going on? >> reporter: no. very typical. the longer it goes on the more it damages the crown. they can't be seen to interfere with this.
12:57 am
they're referring everything. >> max foster in london. great to see you. thank you. thank you for spending part of your day with me. i'm anna coren in hong kong. cnn continues. ioiotic to naturally help soothe digestive upsets 24/7. try align, the pros in digestive health. and join the align healthy gut team up and learn what millions of align users already know. how great a healthy gut can feel. sign up at also try align dualbiotics gummies to help support digestive health.
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