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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  January 3, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PST

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good morning to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i am brianna we hrar back with john berman, january 3rd, 2022. >> it is great to see you looking healthy and happy. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> i'm not sure this is how you expected it would be. >> 2021 ended onnen interesting note. we begin with breaking news. 25 million people under storm warnings. parts of the eastern u.s. could see snowfall totals up to eight inches amid the first major winter storm of the season. a snow emergency is in effect here in washington, d.c. this has forced the federal government to remain closed today. d.c. public schools are now closed until thursday because of the storm as well as coronavirus. >> and with case numbers skyrocket, miguel car dough that said there will be bumps in the road as schools attempt to
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reopen. more than 30 colleges and universities have already announced changes to the start of the semester. 45 states have had a more than 50% rise in cases over the last week. look at all the red in that map in terms of the rise in indication. the this is the hospitalization look, which is what most people consider the more accurate way to look at the pandemic. 28 states are seeing rising hospitalizations. meanwhile, the biden administration is considering once again changing the guidance on those who test positive. the new guidance, which has been in effect for only a few days at this point, advises people can return to work and school five days after testing positive with no requirement for a negative test. dr. anthony fauci said the agency, the cdc, could soon issue an update on that. much more in just a moment. let's begin, though, with the weather. let's go to cnn meteorologist chad myers in the weather center, which i guess is powered this morning. i guess there are hundreds of
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thousands of power outages in georgia where you are. >> reporter: yes. tornado watches in the coastal carolinas from the same storms that brought wind to georgia, bringing wind to the north carolina, south carolina area. but the big story today is going to be the snow. the first significant snow for the blue ridge, for d.c., annapolis, into southern new jersey, a lot of snow. i know you said up to eight inches. but models are saying much more than that. maybe even double that in some spots. we are seeing a lot of heavy snow right now. one to two inches of snow per hour. it may snow four or five hours. this is what the radar looks like down to the south. range changing to light sleet and snow in south georgia. same in the blue ridge right now. the roads are a mess. with this much snow, wet roads getting colder. temperatures in the upper 20s. the roads are not going to be slush. they will be freezing. 'em the bridges first.
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this is what the radar will look like. we move you that ed to 9:00. snow all across the delmarva, d.c., annapolis, all the way out to the east coast. this is where the snow will be the heaviest. by noon, still snowing. it does move away. this is a one-day event. but some plates will be piling up snow. 8 to 12. there may be areas in the pocket that could see more than 12 inches of snow. look at the windchills out west, though. 13 degrees below zero is what it feels like in des moines. john. >> chad myers, we'll be watching closely. the mid atlantic states, more than 12 inches of snow the next few hours. thanks for that, chad. >> u.s. airlines cancels flights yesterday. 1,700 today. this marks the eighth day in a row of 1,000 cancellations during a holiday travel season hit hard by the pandemic and the bad weather here. cnn's pete muntean is live at
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reagan national airport with more. pete, give us the latest here. >> reporter: brianna, a quarter of all flights have been canceled here at reagan national airport. the snow coming down pretty hard. no doubt another huge day for flight cancellations across the country. look at the numbers. 1,700 flights canceled today nationwide. 10% of all flights at southwest airlines. another 10% at skywest, one of the smaller regional airlines that operates for delta, american, and united. but 13% of all flights at jetblue. we have seen long lines at airports in atlanta, chicago. in atlanta, some passengers had to stay overnight in the airport. this one atlanta passenger has been trying to get home since thursday. >> i tried to leave on thursday. and then they canceled it. and then we tried to reschedule for saturday night, and they rescheduled it again and canceled it.
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and then today they canceled on the way to the airport. now we are rescheduled for tonight. >> reporter: have they given you any kind of lodging or anything at all? . >> no, not yet. >> reporter: that's got to be frustrating. >> it is. but as long as with we can get back, it will be good. >> reporter: american airlines said covid callouts have been consistent with what it is seeing the last few days. chicago o'hare is the most impacted right now. they are trying to rebook passengers so they do not hit snarls when they get to the airport. 15,000 flight cancellations in total since christmas eve. the tsa anticipated today will be one of the busiest days for air travel with everyone coming home at once. we will see how busy it is with all of these cancellations. >> very bad timing. pete, thank you for that report. >> we were headed to florida for
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vacation and our flight got canceled, so we drove. >> that woman who was talking, thursday to monday, they could have driven. >> it turns out florida is far from new york, but was worth it. mayor bowser is showing all students to show results of a negative test before school starts on thursday. the district deals with a skyrocketing surge of cases. gabe cohen live in washington with a look at what schools across the country are dealing with. gabe. >> reporter: yeah. and, john, as you mentioned, d.c.'s mayor said without that negative covid test, students and staff will likely get turned away if they try to come back to the classroom this week. so many districts are grappling with this. they are urging them to keep
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classrooms open given the health crisis so many are facing right now. we are hearing from hraelgt experts the parents can take to keep kids safe >> she's a little fighter. >> reporter: rachel spent the day after christmas debating a trip to the er after her daughter tested positive for covid and developed a frightening fever. >> we're terrified. she's been through a lot. we have tried so hard to keep this from happening. >> reporter: the number of kids hospitalized for covid has hit record highs. the vast majority are unvaccinated. how concerned should parents be? >> i think parents need to take a deep breath, first of all. >> reporter: they are covid specialists and mothers. >> i know it's really hard. >> reporter: coming off holiday gatherings, it may keep covid
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surging. so they want to limit indoor group activities, keep kids 2 and older masked in public and at school. and rapid testing. kids 5 and older are eligible for vaccination. cdc data shows as of last week, 23% of children 5 to 11 and 62% of kids 12 to 17 have received at least one dose, compared to 86% of adults. >> so i appeal to parents that if your child is 5 and older, get that child vaccinated. >> reporter: some schools are starting january with virtual learning, though the cdc wants districts to keep classes open. the u.s. education department put out a guide for school, advising them to host vaccination clinics and test students after an exposure rather than quarantining an entire class. >> it's scary that he is going back to school. >> reporter: a covid long hauler
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herself says her 16-year-old son is battling brutal anxiety from the pandemic and needs to be in class. >> there is a big concern. but it would be more detrimental for him to be home than at school. >> reporter: if a parent tests positive, the cdc considers their child a close contact and say families should follow local health recommendations, based on their kids's vaccination status and school's rules. >> if you tested positive, when you send back on monday? >> i would do my have he best to get a test and monitor for symptoms. >> reporter: the cdc says keep them out of class and activities and get them tested. >> if you test negative, i would test again the next day. >> reporter: you think still hold them out for a day and get them tested again? >> i would. especially if they have a sore throat. >> reporter: what if they can't get a test? >> the safest thing is to isolate or quarantine in the
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home. >> reporter: the cdc shortened the period of isolation from 10 days to 5, and that applies to children too. districts in chicago, los angeles and new york are districting millions of free tests to students. and the biden administration is about to start sending a half billion rapid tests to homes for free. >> i'm having my son pcr tested today simply because he has a cold. >> reporter: robin jackson is still struggling with this question for her son. >> what can i do to ease his anxiety about going back? >> reporter: what would you say to her? >> look, it's scary. it's out there. at the same time it's an infectious disease that we have some treatments against. we have some vaccines against. so try and live your life. >> reporter: and the u.s. education secretary says that as schools reopen, there will most likely be some bumps in the road. some of them will probably be short staffed due to infections.
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and, remember, so much of the local health guidance, it is so much of the health guidance, i should say, is still local. experts are urging parents if you have a positive case or unique health situation you should be making two phone calls, one to your child's pediatrician, the other to their school. >> gabe cohen from washington, where there is no school today. let's bring in a family medicine physician based in florida. first, doctor, i want to get your opinion on the cdc guidance that has been shortened. we should say it looks as if it's about to change. let's play what dr. anthony fauci said over the weekend about possibly adding a test to this controversy will guidance >> people are getting concerned why not test people at that time? i myself think that's a reasonable thing to do. i believe the cdc soon will be
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coming out with more clarification of that since it obviously has generated a number of questions about at that five-day period should you or should you not be testing people. >> what do you think about where this guidance stands, dr. burrows? >> well, i thought the guidance was flawed when it came out. i understand why the cdc is doing this. they are trying to get people back to work. they're trying to make sure that we have, you know -- not have the financial aspects of covid. but it certainly is, you know, confusing to both the providers and to the patients when you're telling people they can go back after five days. so i do think they will amend that and i think that's the right thing to do. >> what about the testing, dr. burrowes? >> it is very reasonable if you test for covid and five days later you can go back to work. they should be tested again in my opinion. i tell people to quarantine for
3:13 am
10 days still. >> so, why weren't there tests from the get-go when you had so many doctors saying this really should be an element of this? >> yeah. i think that they're looking at the supply chain. we have been having issues. at my office, we have so many positive cases of coronavirus. just last week, we ran out of tests. we didn't have the ability to test with rapid tests because we were having issues just ob obtaining them. i think they were taking that into account. that being said, they should be doing what's best for public health. this current policy is not in the public's interest. >> one question i have as we move into january with these very high case numbers, but hospitalizations which aren't breaking the bank just yet as it were in many places is how can we move forward? how can we live with this safely going forward? look, the rule for schools, the unspoken rule for schools was
3:14 am
don't accepted your kids to school if they're sick. don't go to work if you're sick. is that enough? >> no, it's not enough. first of all, the way forward is the vaccination. we have the tools to move forward. we're adjustment not utilizing them. we have a vaccine. we have several vaccines. and you can pick one, right? we have local governments that are doing the right thing. i live in florida. in florida we're not doing the right thing. in florida, our governor, desantis, is fighting schools on schools that want students to wear masks to schools. he said he is protecting people's freedoms by not making mask mandates. you cannot get on an airplane without a mask, so why should you go to school without one? people muddying the waters is why we are having an issue going forward. >> here in d.c. when my kids go back to school this week, they
3:15 am
will be taking a test and they have to test negative in order to get back into school. how should schools be doing testing? how often do they need to do testing to keep kids safe? >> great question. i'll use new york as an example. in, in, they are saying if you come into contact with covid that you need to go home, take a test that day to see if you're positive or negative, and take another one in five days. and they're actually giving the students two kits. the initial kit and the five-day kit. while that's great for this particular outbreak. what happens next week, the week after that? the reality is to make it safe, we have to increase our testing. but the problem with that is that we don't have the supplies. so until we get everything coordinated and have enough tests to make sure we're testing our students at least, you know, three times a week, if not every day, this will not work.
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>> all right. dr. burrowes, thank you so much for your insights as we await changes in the cdc guidance. we really appreciate it. up next, former president trump's reactions to the insurrection and what his daughter was telling him to do. and marjorie taylor greene permanently banned from the platform. what she posted that took it too far. he is wearing a patriots jersey. played one game on the patriots. antonio brown's bizarre exit in the middle of a game. i mean, i have never seen anything like this. took his shirt off, walked off the field shirtless. what his teammates are saying this morning. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom ♪ ♪ for me and you ♪ ♪ and i think to myself ♪
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testimony of former president trump's actions and communications on the day of the attack. let's listen. >> the committee has firsthand testimony now that he was sitting in the dining room next to the oval office watching the attack on television as the assault on the capitol occurred. it's hard to imagine a more significant and more serious dereliction of duty than that. members of his staff were pleading with him to go on television, to tell people to stop. we know leader mccarthy was pleading with him to do that. we know members of his family -- we know his daughter -- we have firsthand testimony that his daughter ivanka went in at least twice to ask him to help stop this violence. >> whitney wild is with us. they are getting a clearer picture. >> reporter: that is really critical. they need to zero in on why the
3:22 am
former president waited so long to call it off. it has been detailed in several books by outstanding journalists here in washington is the former president's daughter, ivanka trump, made several pleas with him to call this off, to let it go. and it still took about 187 minutes for him to finally put out the video in which he finally told rioters, while being very special, they should go home. what they really need here are the records from the trump white house, as well as firsthand testimony to piece this all together. that's more difficult to get than some of this other forensic analysis they can get from the lengthy list. 300 people they have spoken with, as well as people who have voluntarily put forth records. that's going to be one of the key lines of questioning. what we learned from the chairman bennie thompson sunday in an interview with dana bash, they are zeroing in on the funding.
3:23 am
they are getting a little more clarity about what their man concerns are regarding the flow of a ton of money surrounding the stop the steal rally and the events around january 5th and 6th. here's what the chairman told dana bash this weekend. >> we have some concerns, but we have not made those concerns public at this point. but we do think it's highly concerning on our part that people raise money for one activity, and we can't find the money being spent for that particular activity. >> reporter: watching this interview, i actually thought that was one of the most rell va tore comments in this interview, where did the money go. we have two lines of questioning, what was going on with the white house, what was going on with the money. finally, brianna, we know the committee is zeroing in on what was going on at the willard. what we know now is former
3:24 am
police commissioner bernie caric basically said, look, he is going to stop funding suites at the willard and wanted former new york city mayor giuliani to pick up the tab. so there's all of these questions who was paying pore what, what was the intention, what was happening. and then another crucial question, brianna is what was going to inside those war rooms at the willard. >> yeah. very important questions. whitney, thank you for the report. joining us is achieve legal analyst jeffrey toobin and frances rooney. the 187 minutes that liz cheney and others say they have direct testimony that the president was told and did nothing, liz cheney called it a dereliction of duty, which is very specific language there. before we get to the legalism indications, i want to talk about the moral significance of direct testimony that the president didn't step in for that long.
3:25 am
>> well, it's tremendously important to that part of the story of january 6th, which is the whole white house donald trump part of the story. what did the president know and when did he know it, the great question that's always asked in congressional hearings. and the real question for the committee now is, how are they going to tell that story, who is the witness, what are the documents they're going to show. because the committee has got to move to a new stage now. we have a lot of congressmen and women talking about what the evidence is. now, the public is going to have to see that evidence. and how are they going to present that evidence to the public? that's the really hard question, especially around donald trump since there's been so much lack of cooperation. that's really the heart of what this committee is looking at. but we don't know yet how they're going to tell that story. . >> jeffrey, congresswoman cheney
3:26 am
uses the phrase dereliction of duty, i think for specific legal reasons. why does she keep harping on that? >> well, because the issue of whether there was any criminal conduct by the president or anyone around the president is a critical one. and two washington federal judges have held that obstruction of the counting of the electoral votes is a crime. that several of the people inside the capitol can be charged with obstruction of congress, as well as some other offenses. and that raises the question of whether anybody else in connection with this riot can be charged. people who encouraged it, inspired to make it happen. spe and i think she is saying the president may be one of them. >> how concerning is it that the committee has learned he was
3:27 am
getting this input, ivanka trump two times at least imploring him to do something about the situation at the capitol. how big a deal is that? >> well, i think it says something good about ivanka trump that she tried to do that. and i think probably the committee will find other people tried to do the same thing, which will put them in conflict with the grand master himself. and that will be important for the american people to know who was at least trying to stop the damage. you know, this guy has a history of defying laws. and what liz said, dereliction of duty, you know, he took an oath to uphold the constitution. jeffrey would have to weigh in on whether it's illegal or not. he has a history of defying lie and running rouning rough showe people. >> go ahead, jeffrey. >> if i could just add, what did
3:28 am
he say about the rioters? he said we love you. we love you. so that was hardly a condemnation of the people who were engaged in this insurrection against the laws of the united states. so it's all -- all that story has to come out together. . >> and meanwhile, congressman, on thursday, which is the an le le -- anniversary, he was giving a speech at mar-a-lago. how concerned are you about what he will say? . >> you know, i really don't care what he said. i'm more concerned that the committee act with great haste and get the facts out before the american people. these big lies that have been told throughout history by autocratic leaders have generally led to seriously adverse consequences for the people of those countries. and this was pretty close to that. when you add all things that happened, 1/6, efforts to stop the vote counts in different
3:29 am
states, efforts to make pence refuse to certify the election, put it all together and it's a pretty scary threat to our american institution of democracy. >> gentlemen, thank you both for being with us this morning. >> thank you. the mayor of new york city having quite a couple days in office, witnessing an assault to defying the teachers union. israel rolling out a fourth vaccine shot to combat the worldwide covid surge. what is the data behind this decision? some of my best memories growing up were cooking with mom. so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ ♪
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starting today in israel, they are rolling out a fourth covid shot. this is a booster on top of the booster for people older than the age of 60, as well as health
3:34 am
care workers. it comes as omicron-fueled infections are rising to levels not seen in months and as they lift some of the covid restrictions there. we have the details on the world watching israel this morning. elliott. >> reporter: very much so, john. again, as israel becomes the first country in the world to roll out the second booster shot for high-risk groups, people around the world, countries around the world grappling with unprecedented levels of covid infections. we will be looking to see what happens here to see if it is something they also want to emulate. fourth time's the charm? israel's immunosuppressed began receiving their second shot on new year's eve. president naftali bennett said they would be joined by 60 and over and health care workers. >> omicron is not delta.
3:35 am
it's a different ball game altogether. we must keep our eye on the ball, act swiftly and decisively if we want to continue, engaging and working with an open country as much as possible throughout this pandemic. >> reporter: to that end, bennett also announced that quarantine requirements would be lifted completely on people exposed to an omicron carrier, so long as they test negative and vaccinations are up to date. with long lanes and cases doubling every few days, israel is bracing itself or to the full force of its fifth covid wave. it may not last. >> our projection is this wave will be rather quick and within three weeks i estimate that at least 2 million people hear in israel, which is about one fourth the population is going to be infected. and that may lead to a sort of herd immunity after which we may
3:36 am
see a slowdown. >> reporter: for now, though, israel is hoping the lower level of severity, together with the rollout of a second booster, will help keep the number of serious cases down and like other covid waves before it, this one, too, shall pass. and another piece of news. israel, which bought itself a bit of time by pretty much closing its borders is relaxing. so people coming from orange-rated countries who are vaccinated or recovered, can come in. they have to quarantine for an hour. unvaccinated, a week. those on the no-fly list are the united states, uk, and uae, among others. john. >> interesting. the world watching what is happening in israel today. thanks so much for being with us. as more people are experiencing a covid infection, there are new questions about long-term covid or long covid and what we know. dr. jason maley is an instructor
3:37 am
at harvard medical school, beth israel covid-19 survivorship program. doctor, thank you so much for being with us. we talk about long covid, and i think a lot of people have heard about this now, we are talking about things like debilitating brain fog, fatigue and other symptoms that can last for months on end. what are doctors seeing? >> reporter: that's right. exactly that. we are seeing patients who mainly had mild covid initially. and as they recover, they either have continuation of those symptoms, shortness of breath or debilitating fatigue or feel improvement for some period of time. over the coming weeks and months after recovering, they start to notice their thinking is different, their memory is not as sharp as it used to be. they have difficulty breathing. their heart races, they have unexplained pains. realm symptoms head to toe affecting people and in some
3:38 am
cases, persisted. >> i think that is one of the toughest things about long covid. risk factors like diabetes, obesity, are not the risk factors for long covid. as you said, people who are very healthy are suffering from this. what do you say to patients who need to advocate when there is so little information and doctors don't know a lot about it. >> yeah. we see many patients who, because these symptoms are not necessarily manifesting externally in the way, say, a broken leg wood, they are overlooked even by medical professionals, family and employers. and people feel discounted. part of what we are doing is trying to raise awareness. this is a clear injury happening after the virus and after they have been described as a long time but not gained this recognition that it is getting now with long covid. >> doctor, do vaccinations help protect against long covid? >> there's some limited data, at
3:39 am
least from prior to the delta strain and prior to that that people who had been vaccinated and had a breakthrough infection were less likely to develop long covid. and hopefully by preventing infection altogether we would prevent long covid. >> yeah. no covid, no long covid. a very good point there, dr. maley. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. so twitter is saying enough is enough to congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. how they are finally cracking down on her spread of misinf misinformation. five strikes and you're out. circle back, asking for a friend. no worries. the top phrases that should be banished in 2022. we wouldn't have anything to say on the news. there would be zero copies. >> no worries is what i always say. what am i going to do? i don't know. is specially formulated with our dermatologist-backed blend of ingredients to improve your skin's resilience.
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new this morning, twitter has permanently banned the personal account of georgia. >> reene: congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. the company confirmed to cnn that taylor greene was banned for repeated violations of our covid misinformation policy. however, her congressional account remains online. cnn's sunlen serfaty live on capitol hill. sunlen, explain what happened here. >> reporter: well, john, the congresswoman of course has a long history of tweeting out conspiracy theories and misinformation. and she has been suspended temporarily by twitter in the past. but this time, for one of her accounts, it is a permanent suspension by twitter. twitter citing five strikes and you're out policy, saying her account has been permanently suspended for repeated violations of our covid-19 misinformation policy. now, the tweet that the
3:45 am
congresswoman sent out that prompted this permanent suspension included a misleading graph that purportedly showed deaths related to the covid-19 vaccine. the congresswoman claiming the deaths due to the vaccine has been ignored, which notably is misleading. the congresswoman responding to this twitter suspension by blasting big tech. she said in part in a statement last night, quote, social media platforms can't stop the truth from being spread far and wide. big tech can't stop the truth coming as democrats can't stop the truth. i stand with the truth and the people. we will overcome. this affects her personal account, the account she tweeted through the most. but her official account, her congressional account is up and running. >> marjorie taylor greene says the truth. i'm not sure that word means what she thinks it means based on how she uses it.
3:46 am
it only took five, six, seven, dozens of times for twitter to finally ban her? sunlen serfaty, thanks so much for being with us. i have never seen anything like this before. stunning display, in many ways disturbing and tragic display from now former tampa bay bucs antonio brown in the middle of a game, just walked off the field. what do we know about his condition? where does this go from here? and what led congresswoman ocasio-cortez to call congress people a bunch of creepy weird doughs. it has something to do with men wearing sandals. >> well. your insurance at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. doug blows several different whistles.
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wide receiver antonio
3:51 am
brown's days as a buccaneer are over after he left the field in the middle of the game in a way we have never seen before. andy scholes with this morning's "bleacher report". wow, this was something to see. >> reporter: this was pretty wild. i'm not sure we have seen a pretty good player leave mid-game and quit on his team and likely in the process end your career. but that's what antonio brown did yesterday. it happened in the third quarter against the jets. brown's teammates were seen pleading with him. he was very frustrated. he took off his jersey, pads, shirt and gloves, threw those into the stands before waving to the crowd on his way to the tunnel. bucs head coach bruce arians said he was trying to get brown to go into the game but brown refused twice so arians told him to get out. after the game he said brown had been dismissed from the team. >> he is no longer a buc.
3:52 am
that's the end of the story. let's all talk about the guys who went out and won the game. >> we want to see him at his best, but unfortunately it won't be with our team. >> he did not fly home with the team but posted on instagram, one time saying thanks for the opportunity. elsewhere, scary seen at fedex field in d.c. watch the left side of the screen. jalen hurts walking off the field. fans trying to get a high-five when the railing gives way. hurts helped them up and took pics with them. it was a dangerous situation. everyone seemed to be okay. hurts said he loved the passion from the eagles fans. the season started there in washington with a pipe bursting and water gushing all over the fans. now it ends there at fedex field with a railing falling over. i know a lot of them want a new stadium. it appears they need it. >> yeah. thank god they didn't have far to fall.
3:53 am
that's the real story. going back to the anthonyeo brown thing, andy. berman brings up this important point. is he well? >> i'm pretty sure he's unwell based on what you have seen from him over the years. it seems to be a cry for help. i know there's a lot of concern for him. there are questions about whether the nfl has put winning in front of the well-being of his players. >> a lot of fans pointing to the one bic hit he took that was really bad. so, you know, it's hard to tell. you never know if the player has cte until he's passed away. >> he's made a bunch of bad decisions too. all kinds of bad stuff here. but this year.
3:54 am
>> it raises serious questions about health and mental health. so the first major snowstorm of the season, 25 million people are under winter storm watches and advisories this morning. where this is headed next. say no more. seriously, no more. the top 10 phrases that should be banished from our vocabularies in 2022. food is l”" so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ i want to make the most of every meal we have together. ♪ at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. find a northwestern mutual advisor at every business is on a journey. and along the ride, you'll find many challenges. your dell technologies advisor can help you find the right tech solutions. so you can stop at nothing for ur customers.
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irritating or not? you make the call. nope, we're not talking about me. lake superior state university has just released its annual list of phrases that they say should be banished from our vocabulary, a list they have released every year since 1976 highlighting words or expressions they say are overused to the point of uselessness. number one, wait, what. two, no worries. three, at the end of the day.
3:59 am
four, that being said. five, asking for a friend. >> six is circle back. seven, deep dive. eight, new normal. nine, you're on mute. ten, supply chain. no worries is an australian slang term. . >> kangaroo is not on the list. koala bear. yet no worries? >> that is what every australian says. growing up in an australian household, i say it constantly. i'm going to have nothing to say if that happens. >> you have a vegemite sandwich. >> she'll be right is what australians say. but they also say no worries. >> men at work have a whole song. isn't one of their albums titled "no worries"?
4:00 am
>> that is my full knowledge right there. i have hit the ceiling. >> it covers a lot. >> no, no. i think the bee gees lived there a while, too. all right. enough day continues right now. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. including australia. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. it is monday, january 3rd. happy new year. we do begin with breaking news. more than 25 million people are under winter storm warnings and advisories this morning. parts of the eastern u.s. could see significant snowfall. chatted myers says over a foot. this is the first major winter storm of the season. snow emergency in effect for washington, d.c. the federal government will remain closed today. and washington, d.c. public schools are closed until thursday because of the storm but also because of coronavirus. with case numbers


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