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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  January 5, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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where his father was assassinated to see it happen. some q followers believe john f. kennedy and others are only pretending to be dead. >> can you give me any names? >> michael jackson. >> michael jackson is coming back? >> michael jackson. robin williams. he was with our group last night. >> reporter: none of their predictions have ever come true. so they embraced other conspiracies about the election, the pandemic, and any other topic that fits their agenda. no conspiracy is too wild, no prediction too unlikely for a movement that continues on. up next, president biden, vice president harris are set to speak at the capitol tomorrow on the one-year anniversary of the insurrection. what we can expect to hear from them, next. so every touch will protect like the first. pampers
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vice president will say tomorrow at sir moans marking the worst attack ever by americans on american democracy since the civil war. as we have been learning all year, this was not spontaneous, not an isolated event. it was part of a larger campaign to pressure everyone from county election officials, state lawmakers, secretaries of state to the vice president of the united states to overturn the election. in our last hour we had the coauthors of" peril" bob woodward and bob costa. they called it a crime against the constitution and robert costa said the more you pull up the rug the more you see whose fingerprints are on this. there is all of that and the breaking news. cnn kaitlan collins joins us now from the white house with that. we know president biden and vice president harris are going to speak at the capitol to mark tomorrow's anniversary.
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do we know much about what they are going to say. >> i think for president biden, when he starts to speak after the vice president has given her remarks, it is going to be pretty blunt. it is a speech he has been working on for several days. he had nothing on his public schedule today because this is something he was focused on given how big the moment is, talking about the implications of not only what happened that day, how far reaching they have been and what we have learned in the days and months since that attack happened. when it comes to role his former predecessor played in invoking and starting the riot, that is something that president biden is expected to take on head on according to what jen psaki told us in the briefing earlier today. >> i would expect that president biden will lay out the significance of what happened at the capitol and the singular responsibility president trump has for the chaos and carnage that we saw. and he will forcibly push back on the lie spread by the former president in an attempt to mislead the american people and his own supporters as well as distract from his role in what
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happened. >> i think that was a key line there talking about how jen psaki says they believe former president trump has tried to distract from the role he played in what happened that day. of course his rally before happened, what happened before hands, the days leading up to it, how he denied what actually happened in the election. that should be a big focus of what president biden says on capitol hill tomorrow morning. it is doing to be a really significant speech. i think also looking back to what president biden was doing on that day a year ago he was preparing to give a speech on the economy, to talk about that. of course that speech was then delayed by two hours as people watched in basic disbelief what was going on on capitol hill that day. now of course a year later president biden will be up there talking about the day, marking it. one other thing -- voting rights i think has been a big discussion that has come out of what happened on january 6th. you will hear president biden mention it tomorrow, but not in any significant or big way. the white house says that's because he is going to atlanta next tuesday to give a speech on
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voting rights there. that has become something that has been a push at the forefront for democrats now as you have seen the legislative part of the agenda has been stalled lately. it wasn't at the forefront for president biden his first year in office but they say it is certainly something that's at the forefront now. >> appreciate it. the house select committee on january 6th heard from stephanie grisham, the former white house press secretary. joining us now with the latest ryan noble. what do we know about grisham's meeting with the committee tonight? >> what is probably the most remarkable about grisham's appearance in front of the committee is that she wasn't subpoenaed, the committee didn't ask her to appear but it was born out of a phone call she had with jamie raskin a member of the committee where she was candid about her experience around the trump family in the days leading up to and on january 6th. during that conversation it was clear to raskin that she had information to share that meeting took place with the select committee.
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after grisham left she didn't shed light on what she told the committee but said she is fully cooperating with them and is willing to answer whatever question they have about her connection to what happened on january 6th. joining us now, dana bash, an degree mccabe, and carry cordero, all by the way testing negative today, for covid. including myself. i assume, right? i didn't actually see your results but i trust you all. dana, what have you been surprised about how much has changed this past year. >> how muches that changed and how much -- >> hasn't. >> hasn't changed, right? in the immediate aftermath, as we were watching and then that night, a year ago tomorrow we thought things were finally going to change after the republicans you played last hour, so many republicans, republican leaders from kevin
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mccarthy, to mitch mcconnell, to others who are now -- >> lindsey suddenly seemed to have a spine for a second. >> now are in total -- not even denial, just completely ignoring it. were very out front saying this is the worst day that i have spent here in congress. and now they are not. and the reason is because of the immense, intense pressure that is still, to this day, coming from the trump base on these people who they feel that they elected to do the -- their bidding. but their bidding is the bidding of the former president. and that is because the lies continue. and the echo chamber continues to really reverberate. and it's because not just of the former president, but of the conservative media who amplify the lies. >> i am curious, kerry, it seems
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the progress that has been made isn't so much -- though there has been progress coming out of the investigation into this. but the progress seems to be made by republican legislators around the country putting in stricter voting rights laws, attempting to put them in, who are calling for sham audits of legitimate elections and talking about running candidates at every level to kind of manipulate the system in the future. >> that's right. as we look at the anniversary tomorrow there is the retrospective part, the criminal culpability for those who attacked the capitol. the political accountability that we are not yet seeing with respect to individuals who might have been involved in the planning or planning or incitement of it and then there is the place, what does it mean for elections in the future? that's what's going on in the states with respect to efforts to limit access to voting, efforts to counter the integrity and the confidence that people
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have in the electoral systems. despite the fact that the 2020 was a really secure election, there are still these activities intended to discredit future elections. and that is the scary part going forward, the fact that there continue to be politicians a the federal, state, and local level, who, for political expedience, and for their own purposes, are undermining confidence in future elections. >> andrew, what do you make of what the fbi has been able to accomplish over the past year, and the department of justice? obviously, there are a lot of democrats that would like to see the department of justice doing more. >> sure. i think on a couple of levels i think the way the fib has handled the immediate aftermath investigation has been -- has been laudatory. i know some folks are frustrated by the fact there are still monies of folks, potential rioters who have not yet been identified and certainly not been charged. that is an incredibly tough process they are going through. it's an investigation on a scope
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that we have never seen before. for those of us who have been in the investigative trenches, we are not surprised to see that that's taking some time. for me, the much bigger question is what has federal law enforcement, very specifically, the fbi, done to address the underlying mistakes and the underlying misses that led to this massive tragedy? january 6th was absolutely a massive failure on the part of federal law enforcement. it is the fbi's number one priority to prevent acts of terrorism in the united states. we had a massive act of domestic terrorism on our very capitol grounds so that is a failure by definition. we have not yet heard from the fbi or from director wray exactly what they think led to that failure. i think many of the senior leadership public responses and testimony has been defensive rather than transparent. and so, a year after this
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attack, we are still left wondering, what happened inside the fbi, inside dhs, that led to this massive oversight? and that is very concerning. >> do you think from the law enforcement standpoint that, you know, these extremist groups are more closely watched now? that we know more about the potential threats? >> i have no doubt. i'm quite confident that at least within the fbi resources were likely reprogrammed, strengths and the attention of our analysts and our agents have been trained much more seriously on the domestic terrorist threat. and director wray has head of to that effect. the question is, what were the underlying assumptions? what were had he -- how did they think about the intelligence that they had before january 6th? and how have they changed those assumptions and that math now. >> you talked to the chairman
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who said if we think anything warrants a referral to the department of justice we will do that. do you think the committee is moving forward to referring criminal complaint? >> it certainly seems that way. the question is about -- where are they focusing here? and how high up are they focusing here? i think the combination of what ben nie thompson said to me abot that, that they are not going to basically pull their punches, they are really going to be focused on criminality if they do find that that is a potential. and what merrick garland said today, which is that -- they don't care if it is anybody who was there, or maybe not there, in terms of planning, they are going to focus on those people. it's an open question. if you listen to liz cheney, she's clearly trying to build a case for going after the former president, for going after donald trump in a criminal way.
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it's really unclear whether or not -- if they actually do make that referral, which would be pretty remarkable, whether any justice department can see a former president as criminally culpable. but it seems like that is where they are headed. >> kerry, one of the things that, you know, we heard so much coming out of this last year was realization that so many of the things that we assume about our democracy are really just norms. they are not codified in law. has there been progress or much to actually codify those norms and make them more sort of bedrock laws in this country? >> i think our democracy is in a difficult place right now. and it's in a difficult place because at the political branches there are politicians and members of congress and a political movement that exists in the country that still is unwilling to acknowledge the legitimate result of the 2020 election and continues to use
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that issue as a way to undermine democracy. i think from that perspective, it's in a bad place. the other indication that it's in a bad place is something that attorney general garland spent a large portion of his speech on today. the middle part of his speech where he talked about political violence. and he talked about violence that's going on all across the country, whether it is threats against coworkers, threats against airline workers, against law enforcement and against elected officials both at the local level and at the federal level. what he described is a lawlessness that is going across the country that, in his words, if we don't get -- i'm paraphrasing but if we don't get control of itates really going to continue to be a problem. i thought that was a really important message that he send. and he spent a substantial amount of time talking about it. >> appreciate it. when we come back we will talk more about the threats to
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democracy, the ongoing threat with the coauthors of "how democracies die". and patrick mcenroe joins us on australia's decision to keep novak djokovic -- thank you, i have got to learn sports -- out of the country over his vaccine status. this is a huge story. we'll be right back. >> woman: what?! >> vo: ...i searched for someone who really knew my car. i found the experts at safelite autoglass. with their exclusive technology, they fixed my windshield... then recalibrated the camera attached to my glass so my safety systems still work. who knew that was a thing?! >> woman: safelite has service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ i've always been running. to meetings. errands. now i'm running for me. i've always dreamed of seeing the world. but i'm not chasing my dream anymore. i made a financial plan to live it every day.
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when a former president of the united states writes a newspaper column it generally doesn't include the words, i fear for our democracy, yet that is the headline on jimmy carter's essay in the "new york times" today. i fear for our democracy, the former president said. as we go into tomorrow he's hardly alone in that sentiment. former generals, former government officials, also people who study this for a living including our next guests, coauthors of the best selling and deeply troubling "how democracies die". daniel, i am wondering what your
6:23 pm
current view is on the threat to democracy in this country. have things changed or not changed in a year since january 6th? >> i think it is pretty clear that january 6th was really a turning point for us. it's momentous. it will have long run consequences. it could be an indicator of democracy further rerailing, a moment where we rally behind democracy or could also be a moment where we continue to lichl alone and careen from extreme to extreme. if the republicans take the house they might try to impeach joe biden. i think it's in our hands how woe interpret the eechtsz from the last year. >> steven, jimmy carter says our great nation teeters on the brink of a widening abyss, we are at risk of civil conflict and losing our precious
6:24 pm
democracy. americans must set aside differences and work together before it is too late. do you agree with former president carter. >> yeah. i think it is significant that a former president who spent much of his time in office defending human rights across the world is now worried about protecting election officials in the united states, is now worried about getting voters access to the ballot box s worried about losing our democracy here in the united states. i think it's just -- it is a profoundly troubling column to read. >> daniel, the fact that we don't have a shared view of january 6th in this country, that there are still -- you know, you look at the polls of -- among republicans about the acceptance of the idea of political violence being justified in some cases, about who was involved in january 6th, what was actually behind it, it's really -- we don't have
6:25 pm
shared facts. and when that -- when you don't have that, it's hard to make compromises. >> one of the things that steve and i are doing, and some research thatter doing, we look at other similar events that happened in other cups, france in the 1930s, spain in 1981, where there has been assaults on parliaments. and the question is how does the general public interpret the events and understand what happened? in some countries there is a polarized history. in those places democracy later gets into trouble n. places where citizens and parties and politicians of all stripes kind of rally around the kind of truth and try to discover what really happened, democracy can consolidate. erpt intoing facts correctly, understanding what really happened, getting to the bottom of what really happened is absolutely critical, to have a shared understanding of what happened. because in a way if we have this polarized fake history of what happened in effect what we are doing is excusing violence. excusing violence only encouraging more vience.
6:26 pm
it is critical that we get the facts right. >> here we had the republican party i think it was in cobb county who will planned tomorrow to have a vigil for people who had -- insurrectionists who are, you know, in prison now, awading trial -- in support of them on the day of the anniversary. >> yeah. again, looking a of the historical record, there are three kinds of interpretations that often come. first people say well it wasn't that big of a deal. then they will say it was a false flag situation. and then incorrectly they will say the insurrection is for the humans. this is in the upside down world where those attacking democracy, the peaceful transition of power are supposedly heroes of democracy. this is building a counter-narrative that is very, very destructive. >> what does it say that the former president also intended tomorrow to have a press
6:27 pm
conference filled with the stuff he has been spewing out this past year for anybody who would linen television from the dining room at mar-a-lago? >> there are a lot of evidence that when many countries suffer occasional assaults on democracy, coup attempts and the like. when political leaders rally behind democracy, forcefully, publicly denounce the assault on democracy and line up behind the democratic government, the result is that the public accepts a single history and accepts that this behavior is beyond the pale. when the opposition party -- when one of the parties tined of poopoos it or is silent or condones the message that's when the message is sent to the people that, all right, maybe this is acceptable, maybe this is okay. and as daniel mentioned that makes it more likely that it is going to happen again.
6:28 pm
what republicans have done, by failing to impeach president trump after he tried to insight an insurrection, after he tried to steal an election, and by failing to get behind an independent investigation of what happened on january 6th, republican leaders are -- are basically telling their followers that, yeah, maybe this was okay. incredibly dangerous for democracy no and daniel, i was talking about this in the previous segment. again, if the norms that were kind of highlighted as being so vulnerable, as so many of the things we take for granted about our democracy are based on norms, not based on law, things that are codified -- the fact that it doesn't seem like much has been done over the last year to -- to kind of try to, you know, pour some concrete around those norms and make them stronger, that's worrying. >> yeah. so there is a couple of key
6:29 pm
pieces of legislation in the senate right now. the freedom to vote act. also efforts to reform the electoral count act which is the set of rules regulating what happens when the electoral college votes are counted. these things need to be reformed. i think there is active discussions. and they need to happen immediately. they need to happen within the next potentially nine months if there is a change in government this coming fall. i think democrats really have a big agenda. there is growing pressure and i think these events of january 6th are only kind the tip of the iceberg. they are a useful moment for all of us to pause and reflect that we had problems before january 6th. we continue to have problems after january 6th. the most we can make of this moment is to use this moment to do exactly as you described to fortify our democracy. >> i appreciate it, as always. on the same subject, don't miss fareed zakaria'sdomary.
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up ahead, why the selection committee is eager to talk with sean hannity. blam
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still no response tonight from sean hannity to the tex messages released last night by the house january 6th committee. the fox anchor sent the messages
6:34 pm
to allies of the former president before and after the riot. the committee says they demonstrate an awareness of the president's strategy during the insurrection. in one text to chief of staff mark meadows and jirm jordan four days after the attack hannity writes guys we have a clear path to land the plane in nine days. he cannot mention the election again, ever. i did not have a good call with him today. there is not much left to do or say and not knowing if it is peruly understood. ideas? joining me now, carl cameron. good to see you. does it bosurprise you that the public hasn't heard from sean hannity or fox news since the text messages were released by the committee last night? >> i suspect there have been a lot of closed door conferences how to deal with it.
6:35 pm
i suspect a lot of fox news watchers are wondering when they are going the apply. bottom line, it look like sean may have been playing both sides of the fence and got caught. fox view ers saw him as gun ho for all of this when in fact he was talking to both meadows and jordan saying we have got a problem, it is bad and it is going to get worse. hopefully, tomorrow will be a proper memorial ceremony and we will have a time to think approximate just how damaging the last year has been because of it all. and, frankly, it goes to the very top, the president -- the former president, donald trump, was the biggest purveyor of all of this stuff. and sean hannity for all intents and purposes was an act light of rush limbaugh 25, 30 years ago as a radio talking head. and he's not a journalist,
6:36 pm
doesn't profess to be. in fact, he says that himself. and so it really is the politicians who have to be held accountable to this, too, particularly the likes of jordan and meadows. >> i was initially stunned at just the level of his, you know, free sense of, a, importance, and that he should be communicating with all these people and is clearly deeply involved in policy decisions and, clearly, it sounds like he talked to the white house counsel or privy to the counsel's ideas, he is talking to jordan, he is talking to mark meadows. as you said, he's not a journalist. obviously it would be unacceptable for a journalist to be having this kind of relationship with the people they are covering. but it does seem to be -- i mean, i think the hypocrisy of what he's saying on air versus what he's saying behind the
6:37 pm
scenes -- i don't know if any of the viewers will care, but to me, that, i guess, is the most troubling. >> well, and it also per pet waits misinformation and disinformation from an april corps, one of the most popular brimtime anchors in the country on cable news. and much of it isn't news at all. much of what you see on most of fox now are talking heads spitting out their opinions. and oftentimes t, taking the opinions of very dangerous people out there in the general public and making that somehow reality when so much of it is just comes right out of their head and isn't real. it is -- it's really, really important that tomorrow the country take a good, hard look at this. and we have to stop beating each other up. there has to be some connection here. it is time for people, families right down to kids and grandpas,
6:38 pm
have to be able to talk to each other. there is generational divides that are coming because of this. god knows between the pandemic and the politics, it is easy for this democracy to begin to corrode even faster. we have got start talking to each other and trying to be a little bit more friendly and stick to facts instead of fantasies. >> i agree with that. i think people -- all of us in public jobs on television have a role to play in that. it is something i think about a lot and want to contribute to the positiveness of what can be. and there should be a lot of that. carl cameron, i appreciate you joining us tonight. thank you. >> thanks, anderson. up next there is more breaking news. we were just days from the australian open, and the world's top tennis star has been ordered to leave the country. details ahead.
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there is more breaking news tonlts. the world's number one ranked tennis player, novak djokovic is embroiled in a covid controversy and may not be able to play in the australian open. after being held at the australian airport for hours he
6:43 pm
was refused entry into the country after his visa was canceled. the minister said he did not have a valid medical exemption for his covid vaccine. according to reuters in a facebook live chat in 2020, djokovic said, quote, personal le i am opposed to vaccination, i wouldn't want to be forced to take a vaccine in order to be able to travel. joining us, patrick mcenroe. i wonder what you make over everything that happened over the last hours with djokovic's visa? >> it started out as a firestorm in the tennis world has become a firestorm politically in australia and become a you-know-what show. it is a disgrace what happened from start the finish here. look, novak djokovic, i don't agree with the fact he has
6:44 pm
decided to make his own decision not to be vaccinated. but he did follow theed by thelines that were presented to him as far as getting a medical exemption so that he could go and play at the australian open. now, when he made the trip to go to australia from europe, which takes well over 24 hours, he released an gramm picture, anderson, in which he said i have been granted a medical exem exemption, i'm on my way to australia, can't wait to go to try to win my tenth australian open. that created a firestorm from the australian public who as you know has gone through six different lockdowns for over 250 days in the last just over a year. so the citizens of melbourne, australiaia are not looking too kindly at someone coming into their country unvaccinated with an exemption when they themselves were not able to get exemptions to see loved ones that were seriously ill in the hospital. that created this firestorm. the prime minister got involved.
6:45 pm
i think that's where novak djokovic became a political pawn in australia. >> i mean, over the last two years, he hasn't followed covid protocols closely, right? >> not at all. i mean, he had a tournament that early on in the pandemic in the summer of 2020 was supposed to help raise money for people in serbia, and neighboring countries that turned out to be an absolute disaster because he got covid, his wife got covid. numerous other players got it as well. there was videos of them partying a of the a bar, no social distancing, no mask, and so on. then he is very koi about whether he is vaccinated or not. he has not said one way or the other. he said as you noted in a facebook live post, i don't believe in vaccines in order to travel. guess what. the world has changed, the world is different, you are entitled to have personal beliefs and take your own stands but you are
6:46 pm
not entitled to impose them on people all over the world particularly when you are traveling from country to country. it's his right to say i don't want to get vaccinated but it is not his right to say i can go to any country i want to and not abide by their laws. that's where australia bring down the hammer. but i don't think the government looks that good either because novak was able to get on the plane supposedly with this visa and during his plane ride they decided to override the decision because we don't think his medical records deem he has the exemption necessary that he can get into the country unvaccinated. >> yeah. wow. patrick mcenroe, fascinating developments. as you said, it has just blown up. i really appreciate you being with us. ahead a new gop legal threat against twitter and social media
6:47 pm
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as washington and the nation prepare to remember the failed coup at the capitol, the battle over dangerous misinformation continues on a number of other fronts but the top house republican is doing nothing to stop more lies from his own caucus. instead house minority leader kevin mccarthy is threatening social media giants days after twitter closed one of congresswoman marjorie taylor greene's accounts for repeatedly spreading covid misinformation. mccarthy tweeted twitter, all big tech if you shut down constitutionally protected speech, not lewd and obscene, you should lose 230 protection. should mean shutting down the business model you rely on today, and i will work to make that happen. mccarthy was referencing section 230, the law that limits tech companies' liability for posted content. in september, he warned without
6:52 pm
evidence the telecom social media companies complying with the january 6th committee could be breaking the law. with no signs of punishment by mccarthy against his own members, randi kaye shows us how they and colleagues are spreading some risky falsehoods. >> reporter: republican senator ron johnson of wisconsin pushing the false claim on twitter that rinsing with mouthwash can help keep covid-19 away and reduce the viral load in saliva. there is no scientific evidence to support this is an effective solution to the pandemic. a month earlier, republican senator rand paul of kentucky falsely claiming in a tweet that natural immunity from having covid is better than either the pfizer or moderna vaccines. keep in mind, the cdc recommends getting vaccinated even if you've had covid, since you may not be protected from other variants and nactural immunity s unreliable the claim of 99.82%
6:53 pm
natural immunity is likely 100% wrong. be ever she was permanently suspended from twitter for spreading misinformation, georgia's republican congresswoman marjorie taylor greene bizarrely claimed masks are child abuse, and in another tweet, doubled down with this flawed claim. these vaccines are failing and do not reduce the spread of the virus and neither do masks. that's just not true according to the cdc. and what about this tweet from the republican house judiciary committee last month, inaccuratelily asserting if the booster shots work, why don't they work. that was then re-tweeted by republican congressman jim jordan. remember, the cdc says boosters will help protect against severe illness and death. no question some tweets are more memorable than others like this controversial animated video tweeted out by arizona congressman paul gosar. it's since been taken down but the republican congressman's
6:54 pm
video features a giant that resembles himself appearing to kill democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and attacking president joe biden. go satelli gosar who was censured by the house denied it was a threat. also tweeting nonsense about the big lie on january 6th. biden should concede, i want his concession on my desk tomorrow morning. on the same topic, republican congressman matt gaetz pushing this unsubstantiated claim, fbi operatives played a role in the january 6th capitol riot. piling on, marjorie taylor greene with this unfounded and unproven assertion on twitter. there was mass voter fraud on a scale that should terrify every american regardless of political party. republican congressman mo brooks also falsely claiming on twitter on january 6th evidence mounts that fascist antifa infiltrated trump rally and stormed capitol. before sowing doubt about it in
6:55 pm
his own tweet adding i don't know the true facts yet. >> that's not true, of course, the facts are plain to see, and twitter is now simply drawing a harder line on lying about them. anderson. >> thanks very much. up next, a reminder tonight about what's at stake for america told through a life well lived. ty bad... try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? now get powerful relief with robitussin elderberry. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! . tonight we remember the oldest known living u.s. world war ii veteran who died at 112 years old today, in the fight for democracy that he was a part of decades ago that takes on powerful meaning on the eve of the january 6th riot. according to the national world war ii museum, lawrence brooks served in the predominantly african-american 91st engineer battalion stationed in new guinea and the philippines during the war. brooks is survived by five children, 13 grandchildren, and
7:00 pm
32 great grandchildren. his wife died in 2008. just four months ago, brooks was honored on his 112th birthday with a drive by celebration and parade at his home in new orleans. the city also issued an official proclamation recognizing brooks' milestone birthday. what an extraordinary life. thank you for your service. the news continues, let's turn things over to don and don lemon tonight. >> we should all be so lucky to live so long and have such a legacy. you know, anderson, i was watching you earlier, that guy, part of the greatest generation, you were talking to arthur cap lin, and i thought it was a fascinating confers about what is the line between personal responsibility and, you know, following the rules and helping the greater good as mr. brooks' generation did. that line is skewed now. >> yeah, we don't talk about citizenship a lot, and being a citizen and what that means and what responsibilities come with that, i think. i think it's something we should try to talk about more, yeah. >> i'll see crow tomorro