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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  January 6, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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moment of unity quickly vanished. >> you were saying hello to the police officers. they tried, valiantly, desperately with the help of metropolitan police officers to hold the line that day. >> it's kind of -- i didn't expect it when i cam up here. you live with it every day. you walk these halls every day. to be here one year later, there is a heavy sense of trauma in the air. it's palpable. it's really almost hard to describe. we do that for a living. >> right. >> i felt it just the minute i got out of the car, also in talking to the officers who are behind us right now, one after another having trying hard not to have tears in their eyes. one told me he couldn't sleep last night because the images of people scaling the walls of the capitol were, are indelible in his mind and he just can't get over it. another saying, you know, a year ago today, in just a couple of
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hour, i had pepper spray in my eyes. these are the people who we have to remember because they were working so hard to protect -- they do every day, so hard to protect the capitol and the people they've sworn an oath to protect and they felt really, really helpless. >> and we're waiting to hear from the speaker, who is an institutionalist. she wants to remember this day. it should be remembered. it should never be forgotten. people want to whitewash it, my opinion mize it. that to me is a continuation of the attack. >> yeah. the impact of january 6th continues to linker as dana pointed out so ultimately there, not just on the people who tried to save this building from attack, also on the politics, itself. it just has deteriorated to a place where i have never seen particularly in the house chamber where the speaker is gaveling in right now. it's interesting to see how many republicans participate. most are not coming back to the
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capitol on the senate side, johnny isakson at a late memorial service in georgia. so this will be mostly a democratic event, remembering what happened today when at that moment, that time, as i said, people came out and they were stunned. they were aghast. they were distraught about what happened. they were criticizing donald trump. a year later, that's just not the case for most republicans. >> the speaker, the most powerful women in politics, no offense to the vice president of the united states either, that for a long time has been the most powerful woman shares that with the vice president. we heard this morning from the president who came back to statutory hall, where we saw some of the violence go through right there. just an incredibly powerful speech from the president of the united states what is at stake one year later trying to shake people, who want to say, it was a bad day, let it go. the president saying, it was a hell lot more of that. >> there is so much to say about the words he used. about how remarkable it was to
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call, to need to call the former president, his predecessor. the man he beat a liar. but what struck me in listening to him, the fact that he isn't needed to give that speech. but here we are one year later and other events that we have borne witness to as journalists, 9/11 comes to mind. when we mark those moments, we come together e together in a non-political way. in a way that addresses what we all saw and felt with our own two eyes. the fact that we're e here we are run with u run u one year later. we were there a month later, not even days later in this capitol behind us and there is not a shared sense of events. because of the former president and the people who amplify his lives, somehow convincing people who they saw didn't actually happen and the fact that that event divided us more as opposed to united us the by a so many
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events have happened in our history. it's hard for me to wrap my head around. >> again, this is a crime scene, it's been cleaned up. the investigation continues. again, this is an opinion. we're not supposed to be in the opinion business. on this day, the crime continues when people will not own up that we do not have as you mentioned a moment of unity, the republican leader of the senate is forgive me an excuse at a memorial service for a republican senator that passed away. if you believe it's a coincidence, i'll sell you a bridge. but they're not here today tells you enormous about lowry diglously sadly polarized this town is. >> yeah. no question about that. >> let's listen to the house, the speaker of the house. >> the chair will address the chamber. today one year ago the capitol and those who worked within it were targeted in a violence insurrection that sought to
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undermine democracy. as we acknowledge the horror of that day, we honor the heroism of so many, particularly u.s. capitol police, institutional staff, floor leadership committee and member's staff. we had a session this morning where we could say thank you to many of them, unfortunately, covid did not enable us to have the full house. we will have another time when it allows. as we acknowledge the horror of that day, in the face of extreme danger, they all risked their safety for our democracy by protecting the capitol complex, members, staff, press, et cetera, press within, safeguarding the ballots and those ha hog my boxes to validate the election and ensuring that congress could accomplish a purpose on our duty to the constitution and to our
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country. that day and the days after, they were the defenders of our democracy and their courage and patriotism remain anyt inspiration. because of them, congress was able to defeat the insurrection. to return to the capitol that same night to ensure the peaceful transfer of power took place. because of them, and our members, the insurrection failed. one year later, this sacred space legislation learned, visitors welcomed, defiled in damage. as we reflect on that darkest day, we remember the insurrection sought not only to attack the building but to undermine democracy, itself. when the violence itself is made on the capitol, its purpose was to thwart congress' constitutional duty to validate electoral count and the assault did not deter us from our duty.
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i say again in this capitol, a symbol of democracy to the world that evening the congress because of the courage of all of you rose to honor our oath and protect our democracy. we did so honoring the words of president lincoln during the civil war. fellow citizens, he said, we cannot escape history. we will be remembered in spite of ourselves, no personal significance or insignificance can spare us one or another. we hold the power, therefore, we bear the responsibility, lincoln said. today, we accept responsibility as daunting and demanding as any previous generations of leadership have faced. since the january 6th insu insurrection, there have been continuing assaults on the integrity of our elections, which are the basis of our
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democracy. let us be true to the founders who brilliantly established our democracy and made it a model for the world. let us honor the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform who protect that freedom with their lives. and let us remember the words of another president, our patriarch, president george washington. when he delivered the constitution to the congress, he said this, he said, this constitution represents the creation of a government which will allow for the continuation of vigorous debate, but relies upon the common sense and good faith of the american people to find the better angels of our nature. as we proceed, let us find our common ground, reach our nation's heights with liberty and justice for all, remembering the words our our great
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patriarch, in the spirit our chaplain recognized with lincoln, with charity for all. let us acknowledge today as i conclude, i want to acknowledge our fallen heroes of that day. u.s. capitol police officer brian sith nick. howard living good. metropolitan officer jeffrey smith, u.s. capitol police officer billy evans, of a later assault. now i ask our members to rise for a moment of silence in their me memory. [ moment of silence ]
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thank you. pursuant to section 11 d a pass resolution 88 the house stands adjourned until 6:30 p.m. on monday january 10th, 2022. >> speaker of the house nancy pelosi reflecting on what happened, the horrible events in that chamber in this capitol on those grounds, taking time to pay tribute and moment of silence and honor the police officers that lost their lives the days after that insurrection. one of those killed in a separate attack near the come in the days after the insurrection. the house is adjourned. as the speaker spoke, the only republicans in the chamber were liz cheney, a member investigating the insurrection and her father, the former vice president to the united states, dick cheney, who was a member of the house republican leadership in the day. >> as you were speaking, you
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couldn't see it. you were looking at the camera. the house speaker came off the day and came down into the well to greet liz cheney and her father dick cheney. you could see how kind of empty it was. but the fact that she came down onto the floor and made a point of greeting him and, more importantly, the fact that he made a point of being there as a symbol to stand with his daughter but also stand with the rule of law and the republican party that he thinks, and he certainly, he was certainly a controversial guy, but he believes in the basics of the constitution and obviously wanted to stand by his daughter. >> again, the fraud of the america first trump part of this, is that that is putting america first. you done have to agree with dick cheney or nancy pelosi, maybe you are somewhere in the middle, to think this is a day, this is a day and one year ago was a day that the country is supposed to put all that aside, that there are more important things that
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republican and democrat. there are more important things that president biden says than wing and losing the rule of law, procedure, order, institution are supposed to matter. but the absence of all those republicans today just jumps out and speaks volumes. >> it shows what this is at the end of the day. this is politics. we are in a game of politics, particularly for republican leadership who realizes that the majority is within reach in november, but they don't believe that talking about january 6th or dealing with january 6th in any meaningful way will help them increase their chances in taking back the house. they'd rather be criticized for ducking these events, not getting cross wise with donald trump and instead letting the moment move on and focusing on the biden economy and the agenda, the economic agenda, the economic woes of the country. they believe that will get them into power. not january 6th. which despite what we already
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saw this horrific attack on the come, they want it essentially to be something most voters forget about and fought reflecting long in november. >> and their ecosystem, they get a lot of help from conservatives, i will put it in air quotes, media outlets that don't want to talk about this day or my opinion mize the day or whitewash this day or make up fabricated lies, it was antifa, that is flat out bs. which is one of the reasons the president today in his speech decided to call it out, using some of the language republicans used. >> this wasn't a group of tourists. this was an armed insurrection. they weren't looking to uphold the will of the people. they were looking to deny the will of the people. they were looking to uphold a free and fair election. they were looking to overturn one. >> the question is, from today, where does that go? it was a very powerful speech, perhaps the most important
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speech the president has given. he's about to hit the one year mark. can you have a conversation with a piece of the country that still is live ac fantasy? >> it's unclear. i mean, the question is, was that a speech that was delivered to -- he was preaching to the true believers or whether he was preaching to people who were willing to ul actually listen to facts and there is no evidence in anything that we've seen over the past year that people who are down the rabbit hole of lies are willing to come out and listen to something like that. he was giving a speech that he needed to give as president of the united states for today and for history. >> today and history. you made a key point a moment ago, most republicans played i made the calculation, we need to say stay with donald trump, don't cross him. we want power. the power lust is before the principles of the country.
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so they will stay with this one. let's go back to one year ago today, in this hour, donald trump delivered that strategy speech. he said, fight like hell. he lied and told the supporters, i will march with you. the next hour, the rioters reached the perimeter. in the 2:00 hour, he tweeted. not back down, but mike pence failed the test, didn't have the courage to do what was right. the president lit the news at noon. he continued to light it throughout the day. at 2:38, the support, please support capitol police. he didn't say back down. trump loyalists say that was a way of fighting the police. he released a video at 4:00 p.m. to go home. republicans think that is the man they want to follow. >> it's completely remarkable. there was the potential this was it. we moved into the impeachment
9:16 am
trial phase. they could have voted in the senate to end dominican republic's clear once and for all, 17 republicans were needed to convict him and then ultimately to say you can't run for office ever again. that did not happen. the republican leaders calculated for whatever reason, for political reasons, reasons they believe could hurt them politically they were not going to vote to convict him. even mitch mcconnell who called him morally and practically responsible, at the end of the day, he is the leader. a lot are reckoning how to deal with it. >> as we deal with that complication, it's a plight we are looking forward. when we come back, we will go back one year ago today, trapped in the gallery. members share their accounts of where they were and how it shaped where we are q1 u one year later. 1 u one year later. > u one year later. >u one year later. > one year later. >one year
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. >> take your pins off. >> pins off. >> and they are just a small piece of the harrowing experience more than 20 house democratic lawmakers trapped above the gallery as that trump insurrectionists stormed the building one year ago. one of the lawmakers joins us now. thank you for your time. i am looking at your pin, take your pip off, so the insurrectionists wouldn't know you were a member of congress. that was the idea there.
9:22 am
how often, how often do you relive that moment? >> oh, every day. it's trauma. anybody that's been through trauma knows when you experience a potential death situation it changes you. but i have to say, i speak for my colleagues, it's so much less about us. the real trauma was our country's trauma. that's what we think about every day. that's why we're on a mission to repair to invest in the foundations of democracy and reflect on the fact that those that stormed the capitol that day and put us in that position are not the ones we are afraid of. we are afraid of the republicans who are showing no courage, who refuse to be here to commemorate the day, whose absence of duty at a time the country needs it the most. that's what we're fearful of. that's what we think of every day. >> you want this day to be called democracy day? >> i do. >> you want to commemorate this day as democracy day. does the fact that dick cheney is on the floor applause for
9:23 am
them for standing up for the constitution and putting party ahead of constitution, that's it. you have a gallery group, try to have this conversation, one year later, are things better or are they worse? >> they're worse. i mean i can't lie. the culture in congress is damaged. but it's not all lost. i have to say, there is an entertainment industry in america too making things a little worse than reality. we are all human beings, everyone of us in congress. there are a lot of good republicans. they're scared and afraid and fearful. that is the problem. we have to find an antidote. i celebrate liz cheney and dick cheney that courage is a rare commodity. i have to tell you, the spirit of self preservation always being placed above principle is what we have to change every one of us. >> i want dana bash to join the conversation. i first want to read, i am deeply disappointed, we don't have better leadership in the
9:24 am
gop to restore the constitution. >> very telling. you walk those halls every day, you are talking to republicans. you mentioned we're all human beings. what conversations do you have with republican who's are scared in your words to not be here today? they know better, right? >> they do. dana, i actually reflect on january 6th right after the insurrection, we all retreated to a safe room. there were probably more than a few dozen of us, democrats, republicans, all of whom in the chamber, now in the room together, there was a remarkable but fleeting moment of unity in which every single person in that room recognized our duty to go back in the chamber, to get the job done and more importantly hold those accountable who incited it. it's the erosion of that, the dispacing of that tension that really troubles us. and my conversations with many of mu colleagues on the other side of the aisle are human once and behind the scenes and their private reflections are very different than their public
9:25 am
ones. that is this culture of fear. they are fearful for their safety and their family's safety. one of my dearest friends is resigning because of that fear i believe and that's shameful. that is the great problem we have to recognize. >> who is that, that's resigning because of fear in. >> i don't want to be unfair to state his name. it's a feeling felt by many. >> on that day, on that day, you shouted out at one of your republican colleagues, said you believed he and people like him had created the environment where this was possible. a year later the man who would be speaker of the house kevin mccarthy said he will get his committee assignments backs. paul cosar posted that video, a cartoon he calls it in which he killed, his character kills a democratic member of congress aoc and letens the members of the united states, how do you puncture through to improve that climate? >> you know i scream that, john. i scream this is because of you.
9:26 am
because it was. i spoke for tens of millions of americans who had seen this slow motion train wreck on election day to that certification day. i don't like to brake decorum. i'm not a screamer. i have a high threshold to screaming. from that podium, he screamed back, shut up. how do we address that? we have to recognize. we have 800 people charged with crimes that day, insurrectionists, rioters, the ones that inspired it, enable it and continue to walk the halls of congress and mar-a-lago that's how we hold people to account. they are the responsible ones. i think the january 6th commission will uncover that. then it's up to americans. democracy requires every one of us to participate. it's the will of americans to hold people to account, we will. we have to send people to congress, populate congress with those that put that integrity first. >> congressman, you say it's not about you. it's about what happened to democracy. but the fact is that you were in
9:27 am
that gallery in the house behind us. you were there. you were a potential victim. i mean, you were a victim. and so, we as parts of civilizations always remember moments like that and rely on people like you to tell us tore h for history's sake. tell us what it was like to be in there? >> it was awful. for those of us inside, it was trauma. there were 20 minutes we thought being taken hostage would be the best case scenario. to sit next to close texting and calling loved once saying good-bye are feelings i will never forget. it's analogous to being on an airplane going down in those last moments. it seems trivial in hindsight. it lives with us. but i want to convert that anger and that trauma to gratitude. here hosting a lunch right now
9:28 am
across the street at the capitol for 800 capitol police officer and capitol staff unheralded, under appreciated or recognized for what they do every day, particularly on that day to save us, the capitol, to give us another day to do what's right. it was an awful day. staffers, journalists, the capitol police officers, many of whom, some of who have taken their lives of it. some of who have resigned. it's time for americans to set aside policy issues and start placing the principles of preservation way above it. if we don't, there is no winner. >> grateful for your time, sir. if you go to that lunch, please extends our thank you. are you absolutely right, the staffers, the people we don't see get enough credit. when we come back, suspense, bomb shell reports, one year later, a lot we don't know. we'll take a closer look at where we do stand in the january 6th investigation. only pay for what you need.
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and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at announcer: tired of pain radiating down your leg and lower back? get relief finally, with magnilife® leg and back pain relief. and get living. available at your local retailer. . today those determined to learn as much as possible about what happened here a year ago are planning significant progress. the investigation committee is aggressively gathering testimony and they praised then vice president mike pence for breaking with mr. trump and has
9:34 am
hope pence and his team will got for facts. >> you know former vice president pence was a hero january 6th. he refused the pressure of the former president. he did his duty and the nation should be very grateful for the actions that he took that day. we look forward to continuing the cooperation we've had with members of former vice president's team and look forward as well to his cooperation. >> congressional correspondent ryan nobles joins us with details of where the investigation stands. >> reporter: yes, it turns out the select committee views itself into the most comprehensive look, they did an exhaustive amount of work. the committee says want the they've collected more than 35,000 documents, they've interviewed more than 300 witnesses and issued more than 50 suspense as they hope to piece together exactly what happened here a year ago. of course, the big question, though, is the actual goals of
9:35 am
this committee met with the expectations that many americans have for the work that they are doing. remember that this is not a criminal investigation. it's a congressional investigation and as a result the work that they are doing is aimed towards different goals and may be what some in the public are hoping for. the committee made it clear this is what they hope to accomplish. first, they want to korea it the definitive narrative of what happened on that day. they also plan to offer up legislative recommendations to prevent a future occurrence like this from ever happening again. if along the way they do discover criminal activity, they are prepared to hand that over to the department of justice to prosecute and then hold those individuals accountable. and it is that last point, where there is perhaps a little bit of contention, john, because the committee is not dissuading anyone from the notion that it is very possible that they turn up criminal activity. in fact, in an interview i had with the chairman betty thompson
9:36 am
this week, he said it was purposeful it took so long for the national guard to arrive here to offer aid to the police. they will have to provide specific evidence to back up that claim. but the big question is, will they find criminal activity for people close to the former president trump or even trump, himself, when this investigation wraps up be every the mid-term elections. john. >> ryan nobles. grateful for the latest update. i think it has surprised many people how aggressive and methodical this committee has been going up the trump chain and inner circle. this is the formerer staff secretary stephanie english i engli english ham. she was asked who went up to tell mr. trump to stop it? . >> i know mrs. trump did not. i know he was in the dining room gleefully watching on his tv as
9:37 am
he often did, look at all the people fighting for me. hitting rewind, watching it again, that's what i know. >> if you think of this a year ago it's like a 9/11, it was, test an attack on our government. you think of the committee building a narrative that includes the then president of the united states gleefully watching on his tv, hitting rewind, watching it again, look at all of these people fighting for me. that is reprehensible. >> look. there is a lot of testimony to back up the fact that he was watching tv at the time. englis gar grisham was not in the white house. people are pleading with him, to speak up more first, his allies, his family members, ivanka trump went to him as well as donald trump, jr. i talked to senator lindsay graham, he called ivanka to press the president to do
9:38 am
something about it. he didn't do it. that will be a big part of what this investigation looks at here, exactly what donald trump's hole el e role, is what he did and did not do. it was striking the amount of voluntary cooperation. they are getting voluntary cooperation just like stephanie grisham did last night. >> to that point, thank you to republican leader kevin mccarthy in the sense that republicans walked away, their own members came up with a plan for a bipartisan investigation. one of kevin mccarthy's deputies. they walked away from it. you had liz cheney, adam kinz i kinzinger, those are on the committee. is this committee going to get a lot more done because it does not have the typical republican distractions if you had a jim jordan or other trump allies trying to blow it up all the time? >> maybe. maybe. that's in the select committee. if there were a bipartisan independent commission like 9/11, there would be a different ball game.
9:39 am
there would be so much credence given to their investigation. it truly was bipartisan. all of the recommendations that they made, because we want to not just understand what happened, but also learn from it and make sure it doesn't happen again. all of the recommendations they made were implemented. it's hard to make recommendations out of this select committee, which only has two republicans on it. it's hard to imagine they will be implemented. >> that's why the republican leadership opposed it. it would be unasalable. now it's a democratic-led committee. yes, there are two republicans on it. they can argue it's a bipartisan investigation. >> it made liz cheney more ardent in her determination to get to the bottom especially in the 187 minutes while the president was foughnot doing anything. still ahead for us, exactly one year ago at this time, marchers began moving from the former president's speech to the capitol building. brand new video inside that
9:40 am
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9:45 am
the results. we know this, cnn was right there in the middle of it all. take us back. >> reporter: hey, john, yeah, what struck me this morning, this afternoon, a year ago, was there was a sense of an anticipation and ability really among many trump supporters that today january 6th, 2021, would be the die that the election was overturned. it was just around right now, actually, that we began walking with trump supporters who started marching from trump's speech about a mile here at the white house to here to the u.s. capitol. we spoke to some of them as they were leaving on the way down here. have a listen. >> in two weeks time joyed will be inaugurated here in washington, d.c.. >> he can be inaugurated all he wants, he won't be my president. >> reporter: do you think the election was rigged? >> stolen. do you believe it wasn't?
9:46 am
you're a sore loser. >> absolutely not. he's a landslide winner. he did not lose this election. this election was stolen and we will never, ever, ever have a fair and free election again. >> reporter: and, john, just as we arrived here with those trump supporters and i checked the time on the video, i checked on my phone last year, it was just around right now that right here, there were barriers similar to these, basically, they were pushed along here. that is when trump supporters push through that. that was the initial breach into the capitol ground. then we saw them come up here towards here through up onto the lawn and, of course, then the rest was history. but that was really that moment that crashing of those first barriers was the sign for all of us that something terrible was really about to happen.
9:47 am
>> and we all have the gift i guess you would call it of hindsight now, it's hard to use that word given what happened. but as you were walking, some of these people were here to protest. some had this fantasy trump won the election. to what degree did you have a feeling some were inclined for violence? >> i mean, there was just such a sense that people were not going to leave here without the election being overturned. we saw in the video we played there. some of the first people on the lawn here, they were in tactile gear. they seemed ready and prepared for violence. >> grateful for your live reporting today, last year on that date, you were so helpful to us. we appreciate it so much. this chilling video shows the mob, holding officers underneath the building. it happened three hours as capitol police somehow held the
9:48 am
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, those that want you to forget what happened one year ago today want to you forget this, the most enduring democracy one year ago. what happened to police trying to unseat american democracy.
9:53 am
that is washington, d.c. police officer daniel hodges being crushed between doors as he tries to hold back the rioters who had reached the outer perimeter of the capital. the mob ran into a frenzy, trying to stop them from being certified. in that scrum, a police officer beaten from is flag pole. here a justice department evidence video showing the rioters stealing the badge of the former d.c. metropolitan police officer. he says this morning he is still searching for perspective. >> a year out now i'm just angry. i mean, i went through the whole rolodex of emotions. now i'm just angry. and i would ask anybody who doubts the reality of january 6th to question your own motivations behind that. >> finding the men and women who
9:54 am
attacked those officers is now the mission of attorney general merritt garland, known to speak methodically, yesterday he gave an update in the largest criminal investigation in fbi history. the part is being analyzed the most today. >> the justice department remains committed to holding all january 6th perpetrators at any level accountable under law. whether they were present that day or were otherwise criminally responsible for the assault on our democracy. we will follow the facts wherever they lead. >> let's bring in the former assistant u.s. attorney or now law professor of baltimore, grateful for your time today a. prominent washington attorney well known to audience, george conway. he wrote this in an op-ed today. as president, trump had the duty to intervene, instead, as the january 6th congressional committee is learning, he spent
9:55 am
hours watching it on tv and that dereliction of duty along with his open and manifest desire to stop the election. if the attorney general moons what he says, trump's day on the dock will come. if not soon then soon enough. did you listen and come to the same conclusion he is aiming at trump? >> i think it's certainly within firing range. i'm not so sure it's a given around there are a couple of things. i think it's important that he said whether they were there or not. because i think one of the big possible objections to any indictment of donald trump is that listen, he didn't affirmatively do anything. it was dereliction of duty, which isn't a crime. it is a problem under the military code, but i think merritt far land need to be very careful. he is building new law here. there is not a crime that suits on the book what happened
9:56 am
january 6th. so i agree that this is a big message yesterday that he is starting with the lower fish, working it's way up, in cripple history. a huge deem over 1,000 arrests, church warrants are out there. several are already charged. it's absolutely not a given he will get to the top of the executive branch. >> it is american tradition to move on, if you will, to not try to go look back at potential political crimes by foreign political leaders. what makes this different? >> what makes this different, john, is what we heard from the vice president and president which is american democracy is hanging in the balance this moment. we could see a january 6th in the future that is successful with or without violence. when i say successful, that is canceling, tossing, throwing out, putting in the far garbage people's votes. if you get to the ballot box, throwing your votes out. it's about preserving american
9:57 am
democracy, which is not our birth right as we saw a year ago today. >> grateful for your insights on this important day. i appreciate it very much. to our viewers, don't forget, join jake tapper, anderson cooper with police, lawmakers and leaders, live from the capital tonight january 6th 8:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. for more ahead, inside politics, a congressman on the floor as the insurrectionists were reaching the capitol, reflects on that day, calming it calling sadly just t the beginning. almi sadly just the beginning. lming sadly just the beginning. ming c sadly just the beginning. ing ca sadly just the beginning. ng caly just the beginning. g calling it just the beginning. calling it just the beginning. calling it s just the beginning.
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hello, everybody, i'm john king live on capitol hill. this is cnn live coverage of the insurrection one year later. a moment of silence at the capitol about an hour ago to honor the sacrifice of the men and women who protected this building from the mob. speaker nancy pelosi reading the names of the fallen officers on the house floor. also last


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