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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  January 6, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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hello, everybody, i'm john king live on capitol hill. this is cnn live coverage of the insurrection one year later. a moment of silence at the capitol about an hour ago to honor the sacrifice of the men and women who protected this building from the mob. speaker nancy pelosi reading the names of the fallen officers on the house floor. also last hour, a remarkable
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scene. the former republican vice president dick cheney who served in the house many years ago accompanied his daughter liz cheney where he spoke with reporters. his words aimed squarely at current day republican leaders who give donald trump's big lie a pass. >> it's not a leadership that resembles any of the folks i knew when i was here for ten years. >> also this morning, a forceful speech from the president of the united states, joe biden. the president's warning, our democracy remains one year later quite fragile. biden telling the nation today, he will climb into the foxhole as he put it to win the battle of our time. >> i did not seek this fight brought to this capitol one year ago today. but i will not shrink from it either. i will stand in this breach. i will defend this nation. not allow no one to place a dagger at the throat of
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democracy. we will make sure the will of the people is heard that the battle prevails, not violence. but a thauthority in this natio will always be peacefully transferred. >> biden reminding people of simple truth, too much republicans want to deny. there are these. donald trump lost, donald trump is a former president. now president biden never used his name. 16 times he referenced the former president and he made clear that in his view the former president put a dagger to the throat of american democracy with his big lie and watched for hours as the mob paraded through the halls of the capitol building behind me. cnn's dana bash, and melanie, you were among those inside that building when it was breached? >> i was. 21 of the moments that stands out to me when we were thrown into the house chamber, the doctors were locked.
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the chaplain handed out gas masks and in that moment i realized this is real, we are in serious danger. so often you get a bomb threat. throughout the day we were if denial this was happening. i told my family members this is the safest building in america right now. i'm okay. that wasn't true. it's also pretty remarkable that in those moments i had so many members of congress who were on the floor. they were going at each other. that's something i also remember the tension filling the room that day. that still exists very much today. >> it still exists. there are many republicans, trump apolg poll gists and sick fants -- sycophant s, no, yes, our politics may be divide. but that day it was different. >> from the first time in our history, a president had not
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just lost the election, he tried to prevent a peaceful transfer of power as a violent mob breached the capitol. but they failed. they failed. and on this day of remembrance, let's make sure such an attack never, never happens again. >> both directions, if you will, of what the president says are important. he wants people to look back and say, don't listen to them. when they tell you, it's just another day. it was just a protest. no, but 2kru6r7 wtrump was tryig to stop, his supporters were trying to block, all the lawsuits had been thrown out, they were trying to stop the peace. transfer of power period. >> that's why it is important to remember that what happened here on this capitol campus was the violent climax to something that had been building thanks to the lives of the then president, not just from election day to
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january 6th and to today, but even before that, he was sewing the seeds of mistrust, of distrust, of the elections, just in the off chance from his perspective that joe biden would win. it was a very, very methodical move that he made. and the fact is that what happened here was something that actually should be remembered as a moment in history. and there are are -- there is another news organization and i use even though i have friends who are true supporters who work at fox. for the most part, particularly evening programing, i think this is one of the days it's important to call out, they are making fun of these remembrances. they are pretending like we are all hysterical in trying to memorialize and capture what happened on that historic horrible violent day here in the capitol and it is reprehensible.
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and they know better. >> they know better. but they are still a propaganda outlet for him and cover up their own involvement in the attack on democracy and attack by this institution, which is why, it will be fascinating to watch how this plays out, how it plays out in the investigation. but the president of the united states today trying to shake people, maybe people that didn't vote for him, saying, this day was different. listen. >> finally the third big lie told by a former president and his supporters. since the mob who sought to impose their will to violence on the nation's two patriots. is that what you thought? when you looked and the mob ransacking the capitol, destroying property? literally defecating in the hallways? rifling through the risks of senators and representatives, hunting down members of congress.
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patriots? not in my view. >> you don't have to believe us. this is a really important message for people at home who might still believe lies or fantasies or support for the former president. you don't have to believe joe biden. you can see it with your own eyes. they beat police officers, you know, for the party that says it backs the blue. they've ransacked a shrine of american democracy. they were trying to stop the election. but the fact that the president of the united states has to use blunt language juan year later to try to shake people to accept what happens is a part of the problem. not his problem. >> it's still very terrifying. i mean, we live when you have a national tragedy like this, there would be a shared sense of trauma, a shared sense of experience. i thought today it would feel differently than for me. as dana was mentioning, there are people making fun of people like me that talked about my experience? they have seen over drama cised.
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i think marjorie taylor green truly believes it, there are so many other republicans, that do not believe it, votedian what i to overturn the election because they did not have the political courage to stand up. >> that's the thing for the people who have come to believe these lies, you have some sympathy or empathy for them, because they have for whatever reason you know come to actually listen to people who are lying to them. we seen that happen throughout history. people believe propaganda conspiracies. so many people that walk these halls know better. they're allowing it to happen. what the january 6th committee in releasing methodically some of the text messages from the prime time fox news hosts exposed is that they know better and they're act and that makes it even more hard to wrap your mind around. >> but the cynicism of it makes
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the crime, the continuing conspiracy to undermine democracy even more so it's an important point. this should be a moment of american reflection. that's our capitol building. everybody, democrats, republicans, independent, it was attacked by american citizens, the president of the united states lit the fuse. everyone should stop and say, well, in a moment like that. but we can show the pictures on the house floor today, the house speaker, yes, she's a dr. she's also an american, she led the moment of silence. two sitting there, liz cheney defied trump with courage, is on this committee now investigating. and her father, the former vice president of the united states, gerald ford back in the ford white house days. the defense secretary, the vice president of the united states, a former member of the house who thought one day he might be a speaker. you have to go back through the generations to find a republican who is willing to say, i don't stand up for my country first. america comes before democrat or republican. >> who would have thought dick
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cheney would be on the left today? i was in the chamber, democrats were lining up to speak to him. speaker pelosi said we were honored he was there and thanked him for that courage. there were no other republicans xaept for marjorie taylor green and matt gaetz. most republicans don't want to talk act jbout january 6th. that acknowledges trump's roam. >> steve bannon said he was still proud of what they did january 6th. think about that this is an election year a. lot of this i think so to debate. what should we debate first? one year ago, a violent attempt to overturn the election unfolded. nancy pelosi gavelled in both chambers to count electoral votes and certified joe biden's victory. vice president mike pence was beside her. at 1:08, cnn captured this moment on camera, rioters
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breaking a fence barrier and at 1:11:00 p.m., donald trump wrapped up that infamous speech outside the white house, urging the crowd one last time, ma up to tmarch to the capitol. >> we are going to try and give our republicans, the weak ones, because the strong ones don't need any of our help, we're going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness they need to take back our country. so let's walk down pennsylvania avenue -- >> coming up, he was on the house floor as the rioters breached the capitol. congres congressman joe nagoose joins us one year later. the planning .
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. we gather for the greatest democracy this world has ever known and there are millions of people watching today's proceedings. the eyes of the world are on us now. my colleagues wondering if we will keep the faith, wondering if our constitutional republic will hold. >> that was democratic congressman joe neguse speaking one year ago today as they were evacuated by capitol police. he served as a house manager in president trump's second impeachment trial. grateful for your time on this important day. in that speech just before haul
10:17 am
held broke loose, you were talking about the eyes of the were on us. you were threatened. where are we a year later? i don't mean it as trite as it sounds, are we better or worse? >> it was a surreal day. certainly, i could not imagine what would unfold over the course of the next 24 hours. it's a tough question in terms of where we are today. of course, there are many of us deeply concerned about the disinformation and misinformation, the lies that have only metastasized since january 6th. that should give us great cause at the same time i derive great strength knowing those who tried to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power ultimately failed. for me a defining memory for that day will not be evacuated but returning to the house floor that evening and certifying the election at almost 4:00 in the morning as you will recall,
10:18 am
ensuring that bedrock principle holds here in the united states. but the question is will it hold in the future? >> what was it like on the house floor? about this time anything hour later a year ago today in. >> as said it was surreal, to be honest, none of us anticipated this happening. we were all committed to doing the work of certifying results. my colleague serves in nebraska and representative schiff and lofgren started getting text messages from my wife and family members and friends alerting me something had gone terribly wrong. sten my hoyer, the majority leader sitting behind us removed shortly thereafter i admit one of your colleagues reported minutes ago the chaplain reported rather a police officer came over around said it had been breached. the whom experience as i said
10:19 am
was surreal and clearly traumatic for the congress, for the country, for all who were in the capitol i am so grateful for the police officers who zachary fiesd for me and my colleagues to keep us safe on a harrowing day like republicans. >> you have accountability, what happens in the culture in the sense that donald trump was impeached twice. he is still the leader of the republican party. that's unthinkable. that's the world we live in today. a year ago you had an exchange with scott perry, who was trying to help donald trump subvert the election. the january 6th investigative committee now is investigating. they want to talk to people like congressman perry. where do you see that investigation going and should often because you have a pin you get excused if you will, i'm a member, you can't do that to me. should the republicans be put in the chair under oath? >> look, i trust chairman
10:20 am
thompson and vice chair cheney, leading january 6th. i trust their judgment. they will make judgment at the end of the day they've issued voluntary requests and i would hope members of congress would do the right thing and participate in that process it dovetails with what president biden said in a speech i thought was powerful and compelling. the misinformation that has permeated so much of the public over the course of the last 12 months should be disconcerting to every american the select committee's job of uncovering the truth, i hope they get to the bottom of it and able to interview every witness that they've requested. >> so let me take another time, to that very point, we will not put it on, we were listening to your colleagues lying, lying
10:21 am
still. so we cannot air that. so we don't perpetuate the lies. but there is an ecochamber, an ecosystem that does that continues to this day. again i known there for 35, 36 years. i asked myself, how do you break through? what do we have to do? >> it's confounding. i don't have a good answer. we all struggle, clearly the ecochambers have created and ecosystem whereby people can go a full day, a full year, without ever being exposed to an idea different than they already have and the reenforcing is so much of the televised ecosystem, we're sharing the truth on that terrible day, talking about what needs to happen is critically important. >> what's it like as a member of congress? what has it been like? your colleague dean phillips was in this chair last hour saying
10:22 am
that there was a fleeting moment of bipartisan one year ago it went away when the republicans realized there was no overcoming the power of the lies that the former president has been spewing. what's it like on a one-on-one basis with the republicans who probably know better? >> well, i'd say this. i give credit where credit was due. ultimately, there were some republicans that stood up and shows country over party in the days and weeks after january 6th. liz cheney is a prime example. my colleague couldn't be more accurate that moment of bipartisan if you will was fleet, unfortunately. there was a moment there where i thought we all would come together and do what was necessary to safeguard our republic. unfortunately, former president trump, very much has a stranglehold on much of the republican party as it exists today so many of my colleagues, president obama said today know
10:23 am
better, nonetheless to perpetrate these lies and misinformation. it will be a long road ahead. it will take people to stip on both sides of the aisle to step up and say the truth on january 6th. yeah, the environment here as you know couldn't be more polarizing. to some extent, this existed before january 6th. but it has accelerated in ways none of us could imagine. >> there is a difference between pol polarization, exactly the goal. that is what republicans, most of them. they should be applauded with courage, they're trying to white wash, make the case this was just another day in a messed-up town. get over it. we can't get over it. >> that's right. what itself so disturb secretary so many of them were in the chamber with us on january 6th. it's not as though the republicans were there. right. to the extent you now hear them describing it as a tourist visit, all the rest.
10:24 am
>> they were scared. >> yes, of course, everybody was very worried about their own safety, the safety of their staff and ultimately the safety of our republic and what it says to the rest of the world that you have the first breach of this building the citadel behind us. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> coming up, not calling them out by name, slamming him, more on president biden's strong condemnation of his predecessor on this important day. that's next. >>
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. sharing some video with you here. you see it there, the former vice president dick cheney and his daughter liz cheney departing the house floor. the only two republicans on the floor nancy pelosi led the nation in a moment of silence to remember the tragic events here at the united states capitol one year ago. also this morning, a defining speech of the president of the united states. president biden promising he will stands in the breach he says and fight for american democracy. the president making a pointed
10:30 am
attempt to puncture donald trump and his big lie. just listen. >> what did we not see? we didn't see a former president who had just rallied the mob to attack, sitting in a private typeing room off the oval office in the white house watching it all on television, the former president of the united states of america has created and spread a web of lies about the 2020 election. the big lie being told by the former president supporters trying to rewrite history because the former president lost instead of looking at election results from 2020, the former president and his supporters have decided the only way for them to win is to suppress the vote. he's not just the former president. he's a defeated former president. >> jeff zeleny, kaitlan collins joins our conversation. i'll start with you. joe biden was making a very
10:31 am
important point about america's democracy but he also went out of his by a to be very personal in addressing the former president. not only assigning blame for what happens one year ago today, mr. trump insists on being called president trump. joe biden former president, former president, 16 times i think i believe then liar, liar, defeated. this was personal. >> yeah there were lines that seemed to be written and sting. almost sometimes for an audience of one, where you saw president biden leaning towards the cameras as he delivered some of them, including that one saying he's not just a former president. he's a defeated former president. it isn't something you usually see from president biden. he tries not to talk about the former president. he said not doing so today specifically was by designed. he said this isn't about joe biden versus donald trump. it's a bicker issue here. it's about democracy here. there is something more at the heart of this i think that was what he was talking about there
10:32 am
in his speech. at the capitol he told supporters the reason he felt the need to do that, to talk about the former president's role in what happened one year ago today on january 6th. he said to heal from a wound, you have to show the extent of it, to show how deep it goes. that's what he was trying to do in that beach is today on the capitol in the same hall where writers were roaming freely one year ago today, because not only did he say he rallied that day. he talked about how he was watching television outside the oval office. he said a lack of action. not doing anything in the hours that followed. >> let's listen to a little more of the president. he was trying to make a point about donald trump. he seemed to almost be trying to goad those in the senate 35 plus
10:33 am
years, say he he knows a lot about the republican party and does it today. >> i see no longer wanting to be the party of lincoln, eisenhower, reagan, the pushes. but whatever my other disagreements are, the rule of law and the role of a single man, i will always seek to work together who them. to find share solutions where possible because we have a shared belief of democracy and anything is possible. anything. >> on the one hand, jeff speaking to history. on the other hand driving right into the extremely complicated politics of today. >> johnny, he absolutely was. now you can add the chains to that long litany. we seen a former member of the house dick chosen e cheney alongside his daughter. the only two literally on the
10:34 am
house floor so this is exactly what president biden was talking about. i was struck watching the president's remarks. this is not something he wanted to hijack. since that day in november, the saturday after election, when he was declared the winner up until the point of him taking the oath of office. he rarely talked about donald trump. one year ago, it was joe biden. he came to the cameras, deliver ac speech on the economy and it was delayed several hours. i was in that audience watching everything happen but this is something he's not wanted to talk about. now it is an issue he cannot ignore. he has been criticized by democrats for not really focusing more on voting rights, more on election reform. so we are told that is going to be more of a clarion calm for this second year of his
10:35 am
presidency. he will be delivering a speech in atlanta, giving more specifics on that. this suit is not a fight he wanted. it is a fight he'll take on. we have stood here and criticize and critiqued him. many wanted to know if he was engaged or not. this morning was a speech of joe biden, perhaps in statutory hall, in a place he worked so long. he sounded stronger than i think we've heard him almost deliver any speech in this presidency. >> i think think to your point, it was a fascinating speech as the voting rights becomes more prominent. grateful to the important reporting. coming up, how domestic extremism continues to be done and what is not done sadly to fight it. >> >
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. welcome back. we are live today from the united states capitol. exactly one year ago today our country and democracy was violently attacked. the day should have been about certifying president biden's victory. it is about staying with victims
10:41 am
like this. protesters ransacking their effort to overblock the return of the 2020 elections. the mob tried to make it way through the speaker's lobby, fearing for their lives, the crowded insurancists inside made their way into the senate chamber. some called for the hanging of then vice president mike pence. >> hang mike pence! >> today in the capitol statuary hall, president biden placing the blame for that horrific day squarely on donald trump. >> the former president of the united states of america has created and spread a web of lies about the 2020 election. he's done so because he values power over principles because he sees his own interests as more
10:42 am
important than his country's interests and america's interests and because his bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy or our constitution. he can't accept he lost. >> it is critical to remember, those were american citizens, federal officials say domestic extremism is still one of the threats. dozens of extremist groups have been charged. experts say we should have seen them coming. warned us, not enough has came. one of those experts is oren siegl, the vice president of the anti-defamation league. grateful for your time today. let's look back. you make the case a lot of the clues were there. if people were studying and tracking closely, what was being said online by many of the participants in what happened here programs it could have been prevented. take us back. what clues were missed and why?
10:43 am
>> so this was an insurrection organized in plain sight. social media hosted by not all of the extremists was clear for anybody to find. we also saw examples of violence in d.c. in the months beforehand analyzed by similar narratives. it seems like anybody identifying was raising a red flag. yet at the end of the day it still happened. >> so, critical question one year later is have the lessons been learned? we have to ask, after 9:11, one year after january 6th, does the government and various agencies of government have a better hand him on this? >> i think most people in this country are hungry for accountability. even stability in this time of
10:44 am
chaos. and the fact that we've seen over 700 insurrectionists arrested is a step in the right direction. but real accountability also acquires addressing the deeper issues and the tactics that brought insurrectionists to the capital in the first place. our democracy is being tested by extremists. we need to come to term with the fact that they rely on enablers in elected office, enablers in social media, enablers with megaphones and broad audiences to help them spread their messages that undermine democratic institutions and basic civility. violence is often not far behind. >> in your work, you continue to track what's happening i ask the government learn things. what about these groups? there is no volunteering at the capitol today. around the country, you see evidence of exchanging tactics.
10:45 am
exchange. >> extremists are globing on to other cultural issues, we're seeing, for example, proud boys showing up at meetings, are medical professionals, school boards, election officials threatened? harassed for just doing their job? extremists never lose an opportunity to leverage a crisis. they recognize in order for them to keep the momentum going to win hearts and minds, they have to focus locally. extremism is in our local communities. >> one of the conversations for a long time, especially in the last year was is it to improve networks? has that improved a year ago in. >> there is an extremist mike great, there is a complicated ecosystem. i think the short answer is no, they have not done enough. it shouldn't be so easy for my analysts and investigators to
10:46 am
find conspiracy theories and narratives and disinformation that we know animates people to action. it's still easy to find and the companies need to do much more because our democracy is at stake. >> we appreciate you calling it out, if they won't act, at least we have village lapt people like yourself. oren siegl, thank you for your time. >> coming up for us, the lessons learned from the capitol attack and the challenges that remain to protecting our democracy. >> >
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it's a scary scene. plain and simple.
10:51 am
it is a scary scene, and every american has the right to protest, even if what they're protesting is a fantasy, meaning that the president of the united states won the election. he did not. wolf, there's a line and it's not a fine line. there's a clear line between activism and anarchy. it's sad to say but not a surprise to say that the president has been consistent in failing this leadership test when there are obvious questions of right and wrong, black and white questions of right and wrong before him. that is my voice there during our coverage in the studio with wolf blitzer one year ago today. dana bash and melanie are with me. there's no violence behind us today. thankfully. but the attack continues. it continues every time donald trump lies and chips away at the credibility of the people and the institutions that are vital to our democracy. more importantly, the sad lies of one selfish man cannot undo it. it's all the help he gets from republicans here and around the country that is the spreading cancer. we all -- all of us, everybody watching, have some personal experience. we know what cancer does when it
10:52 am
gets its way. this cancer has to be stopped. i don't know how, but this cancer has to be stopped. >> and i think one thing that doesn't get talked about enough is the way that january 6th has fundamentally changed the institution that is congress. january 6th continues to color everything they do up here. i know staffers that have quit, members that are retiring in part because of their experiences during the insurrection, the police force is completely depleted and demoralized. you have democrats who don't want to work with republicans on bills. there are still metal detectors outside the chamber and not because democrats are scared of rioters. they don't trust their own republican colleagues, so i think we talk a lot about the scars of january 6th, but in a lot of ways, it's still an open wound. >> yeah, and dean phillips, the congressman from minnesota, sat in this chair last hour and said that at least one of his friends across the aisle, republican friends, is leaving congress, is retiring, because he is scared, and it is the fear -- the fear that we all saw that was so palpable here exactly a year ago that doesn't -- maybe it's not
10:53 am
the physical fear for all of these republicans, but it is they -- the fear of, god forbid, losing their power, losing the love of the constituents who are being lied to and therefore losing their seat. and they -- so many of them have chosen that over love of country, and i know that sounds, you know, somewhat quaint and even corny, but it is important to say how unprecedented it is to see so many members of congress choosing that. >> and the challenges that so many people believe this. because they're being told this by people who influence them. and we have to respect their disenchantment. we have to respect their disafaction and disillusionment but we have to every day challenge their belief in a fantasy. donald trump lost. he had every chance. there are ways to appeal. challenge local officials. go to court. he did all those things. he lost. >> and about one year ago, right
10:54 am
now, the then vice president was presiding in the house chamber and he had just released a statement that didn't get a lot of play because -- for obvious reasons, but in it, he pushed back against his boss, against the president, pushing him to try to use his presiding role, and he said it is my judgment that my oath to defend the constitution constrains me from taking unilateral authority to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not. he is one example of somebody in that moment standing up for his constitutional role and they tried to hang him. i mean, at least, they had the gallows here. >> the challenge is more republicans need to stand up now. stand up now. >> yep. >> now, now, now. that's the way. we close the hour, this hour, with this flashback to a change moment back on insurrection day. it was 1:59 p.m. eastern standard time one year ago, the u.s. capitol police chief receives initial reports, rioters had breached the doors, and the windows, of the capitol
10:55 am
building. they were trying to break in, and they did. just minutes later, this was the scene. captured by surveillance footage. the mob breaking down the windows, busting down the doors, and letting their co-conspirators in. a flood of insurrectionists brandishing american flags racing into the building to hunt down lawmakers. never forget this day. never forget the day. when you watch the images, to this -- to this moment, it's just stunning. this day is different. don't let anyone tell you this day was not different. and that does it for me on this special edition of inside politics. thank you for your time. please be sure to join jake tapper and anderson cooper tonight for an unprecedented gathering inside the capitol building with the police, the lawmakers and the leaders, "live from the capitol," tonight, january 6th, one year later. it begins right here 8:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. alisyn and victor pick up our coverage after a quick break. >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology
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