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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  January 7, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PST

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good morning to viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is friday, january 7th. i'm brianna keilar with john berman. the great american experiment known as democracy is at a crossroads. president biden calling it an inflection point in history. he delivered what could be one of the most important and deeply personal speeches of his presidency. his scathing and fiery remarks laying out the stakes for democracy while strongly condemning the violence and donald trump's lies that have weighed on biden's first year in office. >> the former president of the united states of america has created and spread a web of lies
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about the 2020 election. he's done so because he values power over principle, because he sees his own interest as more important than his country's interest. you can't love your country only when you win. i will stand in this breach. i will defend this nation. i will allow no one to place a dagger at the throat of democracy. >> president biden never actually said trump's name, but obviously very clear who he was talking about. and trump fired back at the speech calling it political theater. new this morning, cnn learned about what could have been a terrifying close call one year ago. then vice president-elect kamala harris was inside the democratic national committee headquarters when a pipe bomb was discovered outside. that was on january 6th. this is the image of the pipe bomber who is still at large this morning. now, harris was evacuated that
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day, but it does raise questions about her security. this as the department of homeland security is now warning about increased online threats on extremist platforms the past 48 hours, including some against lawmakers. joining us now cnn political commentator bakari sellers and ethan demi in pennsylvania's lancaster county who announced he was leaving the gop after the january 6th attack. he is now the pennsylvania state chair of the serve america movement. bakari, first to you. as a democrat, to hear swroeb say i didn't create this breach but i will stand in the breach, how important was that for democrats to hear? >> it was huge. he was forceful. he was clear. it was a good moment. it was a good speech. it was sobering. and it's what joe biden does best when he's talking about the soul of our nation, when he talks about the value of democracy. what has to happen next, though,
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is what a lot of democrats are thirsting for. it's the accountability for those individuals who financed this insurrection. it's the accountability for those members of congress who helped foster this environment, who helped participate in this insurrection. so i know merrick garland is doing his job. he's doing it with pwhreub speed is probably the best way to describe it. while joe biden's speech yesterday hit all the right notes, a lot of democrats, independents and republicans alike are still waiting to make sure we have that accountability so this doesn't happen again. oh, and, john, one last thing, who planted the pipe bombs? that is the wildest thing on earth. w 6th to figure out who put the vice president's life in danger and who planted these pipe bombs throughout d.c. >> no, certainly. we're keeping our eye on that story. ethan, to the speech, what did you think of it? >> had i thought it was a good speech. on january 6th, americans used violence to stop -- to try to
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stop a free and fair election. that's the truth that president biden spoke to. unfortunately most republicans are unwilling to accept. >> ethan, i want to play one thing that stuck out to me. because biden's rhetoric was strident yesterday. we haven't heard him speak like that before. really not at all. i want you to listen and watch his body language when he talks about how he refers to the former president. listen. >> he's not just the former president. he's a defeated former president. defeated by a margin over 7 million of your votes in a full and free and fair election. >> a defeated former president. he literally leaned into that as if to say loser. why do you think he did that? why do you think that message
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needs to be sent to some in your former party? >> he was beaten. we have elections. they're free and fair in this country. at the end of the day, someone wins, someone loses. historically, when you lose, you go home in defeat and you work together after that to try to govern. what we have here is a former president who is unwilling to accept defeat and a party also unwilling to accept defeat. instead of trying to work together and govern, they are trying to relitigate the last election. >> bakari, this speech also -- just how mad he was, was this a message that the president can reach across the aisle and reach some republicans? >> well, i think january 6th every year this is a reminder of what the trump party is and what the party of republicans during the trump era actually looks like.
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some people believe joe biden to be naive after his 40 years in congress. to use his forceful rhetoric, his relationships and to reach across the aisle in moments lookilook -- like this, a lot of individuals look lost. tkaeub dick cheney, who will never become a democrat by any stretch of the imagination. they are not home in donald trump's party. so there is an opportunity to gain some support for certain initiatives. there is an opportunity to gain support for certain candidates. >> we see pictures now of dick cheney, who was with his daughter. former house of representatives, republican whip. he has rights to walk on the floor. he was there. he chose to be there clearly to send a message yesterday. and we have -- we have this.
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i can give you a sense, ethan, what the former vice president said. he said i am deeply disappointed at the failure of many members of my party to recognize the grave nature of the january 6th attacks and the ongoing threat to our nation. that's from former vice president dick cheney. i guess my question to you is what happens now? it is january 7th, 2022. what happens now? >> the big thing is how do we build that governing coalition? we really only have one major party that is pro-democracy. a lot of folks like myself who are now independents. there are country-loving republicans. democrats really need to find a way to integrate us into that pro-democracy message moving forward because we need to make sure there are wins in congress so we can keep that coalition moving forward. unfortunately, that's not what i'm seeing out of the biden administration. he wants to be a unifier, but i am not seeing a whole lot of
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compromise on passing legislation. it is still very much a far left agenda he is trying to push through. and i think we need to recognize the pro-democracy coalition is country-loving republicans, it's independents, it's third parties, as well as the democratic party. >> well, ethan demme and children's book author bakari sellers, thank you for being with us this morning. appreciate it. . >> thank you. >> thank you. fareed zakaria investigates the fight to save american democracy. this new special begins sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. thousands of children sitting in limbo as chicago schools stay closed. classes canceled for the third straight day amid a standoff with the teachers union and the teachers over coronavirus policies. adrienne broaddus is live for us in chicago with more. i think the question is how long is this going to go on, adrienne? when will they get back to school? >> reporter: this is the big question, brianna.
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members of the teachers union said their target date to return to the classroom is january 18th, if not sooner. all of this on top of the district reporting a record number of new cases. i want you and our viewers to take a look at this number. six the break, cps is reporting more than 422 new cases among its students and more than 270 cases amongst staff. as you know, this is the third straight day school has been canceled for students in the chicago public schools. it all started on tuesday. that's when members of the chicago teachers union voted refusing to show up in person, requesting to switch to remote learning citing covid concerns. in response, the district canceled. now, the city's public health commissioner says she is in favor of more testing. that's one thing members of the union are requesting.
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she said schools are not lead to go a significant spread of covid. listen in. >> they're worried that the schools are not safe. i get that we are in a covid surge and that there is a lot of worry in chicago overall. but when i look at risk/benefit in chicago, more than 9 0% of our staff fully vaccinated, much higher vaccination rates among children than the national average, and we are not seeing schools be the source of spread. >> reporter: on thursday, the district tweeted in-person learning may be available for students today. but telling parents do not send your child to school unless they receive a call from the principal. the city's mayor and the president of the district said the conversations between the union and the city and district
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were, quote, productive. brianna. >> yeah. look, we know that spread in schools is lower than it is in the community. but i also wonder about those tests. because just looking at washington, d.c. here, adrienne, they've tested more people, i think, and they have seen a lot more cases. there really aren't many positive cases. it makes you wonder in chicago if they need more testing. adrienne, thank you so much. all right. happening right now, right outside. more than 60 million americans under winter weather alerts across the country for heavy snow that's falling very quickly. frigid conditions and icy temperatures from coast to coast. let's get to meteorologist chad myers. chad, i had snow in my hair when i walked in this morning. >> i bet you did. you didn't walk to work, did you? just getting out of the car, i imagine. it will be a slow and dangerous commute anywhere from nashville through west virginia, even lexington picked up an awful lot
3:12 am
of snow. these are the areas that are still going to be snowing for a while. here's what the radar looks like now. we are seeing the purple color from boston all the way down to about the pine bare reprens of jersey. we see the white. that's lighter snow. you see the blueish purple. that is where the heaviest snow is falling right now and where the travel is most dangerous. w el continue to have this dangerous travel throughout the day. this is what it looks like right now. i'm going to move you ahead to 8:00 or 9:00. things will begin to slow downer new york city. the heavy snow will stop in a couple of hours. not for you, boston. it will continue to snow through the 2:00 hour. the heavy snow, add that for four more hours before it pulls away later on this afternoon and things do get better. windchills behind this are in
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the single digits. some spots 10 below zero. still more snow to come. not much more, new york city. just another hour or so. look at the windchill in chicago. 15 degrees below zero. >> wear a hat. after what happened in virginia, everyone along the east coast is taking these warnings much more seriously. think twice before you get in your car. chad myers, thank you very much. >> you get. six of the president's former health advisers are telling him you need a new coronavirus approach to fight this. they call it the new normal. they have a really striking critique. that's next. >> plus, novak djokovic being treated lookic a prisoner. that comes from his mom. this is amid the vaccine dispute still happening this morning in australia. now other tennis stars weighing in. and if you thought senator ted cruz going to cancun was pathetic, watch him backtrack on his january 6th comments.
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3:19 am
typically occurred in the most severe influenza years before the current pandemic. a former director of the federal agency which was involved in helping to develop a coronavirus vaccine. rick, thank you so much for being with us. i think everyone wants to know what this new normal will look like. >> brianna, thanks for having me on this morning. there's a lot to unpack, so i encourage people to read them very, very carefully. we're entering three years of this page and becomingen increasingly convinced that the sars-cov-2 virus that causes covid will be with us for a very long time, very similar to what we have seen with influenza, after the 1918 pandemic and 2009 h1n1, we are still living with influenza with the tools we have to control it. that's what we anticipate will happen with sars-cov-2. the new normal will look like a
3:20 am
feature where we have sars-cov-2. we have amazingly sharp tools of scientific research. if we use them appropriately we can control this virus like we do influenza. >> what does the biden administration need to do on vaccines? >> it's really important to acknowledge the last two years of work and science in the public health arena, private sector arena in making vaccines. these are remarkable tools. however, we're continuing to use a vaccine that is over two years old, and the virus has continually changed. we need to harness the tools to make the johnson & johnson, pfizer and moderna vaccines, with he need to sharpen the tools as it changes.
3:21 am
we are seeing one arm of immunity become weakened because the virus has changed. if we update our vaccines to match the omicron, not only can we reestablish both arms of immunity, but we can be prepared for the next change of the virus. that's what we should be doing with influenza and sars-cov-2. >> you wouldn't have the same flu shot in 2022 that you had in 2021. >> largely, brianna, because we are learning as we go. i don't think many people anticipated the virus would change as rapidly and as much as it has. so it's a new virus and we're learning about it. but it has shown us that capability now when it changed from the original strain to alpha, beta, delta, and now to omicron. we need to, with humility, use what we know about the vaccines and stop the virus. >> you kind of saw this.
3:22 am
let's be clear, a year ago at the beginning of the biden administration you said our convenience are going to get weaker and fail. we must now prepare for variants. has the biden administration's response been insufficient? >> i think the biden administration has been solely focused on making sure we get people vaccinated. the priority has been vaccinating as many people as possible. that is a really important goal, to get everyone vaccinated as soon as possible. they have been overwhelmed and caught off guard by the virus as it changes. there is a lot to tackle in handling the pandemic and they need to acknowledge other things need to happen in parallel. pwraoepbd their approach, use all the tools we have together. and together we can stop this virus. >> well, look, a lot of people
3:23 am
who would be considered friends of the biden administration joining you in these articles. they're so worth the read. rick, thank you. >> thank you, brianna. up next, novak djokovic getting heat from his competitors over the vaccine drama playing out in australia. wife rafael nadal has little sympathy for the world's number one tennis star. >> oh, i hadn't heard that. i can't wait to hear that. we know the 2020 election was not stolen, obviously. but many still push trump's election lies in so many running for office. that story ahead. age isis just a number. and d mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health.
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novak djokovic is being treated like a prisoner by australian authorities.
3:28 am
that claim coming from the tennis star's mom. mom is getting involved. it is believed djokovic has been transported to the park hotel in melbourne after having his visa blocked ahead of the australian open. anna coren with the very latest on what's happening there. anna. >> reporter: it is interesting to say the least. we are not expected to hear from him until the lawyers front the court hearing monday morning, 10:00 a.m. djokovic is expected to learn whether or not he will be allowed to stay in the country and compete in the australian open. but this experience has no doubt come as a shock to a world champion who has never quite been treated this way. behind tinted windows of this four-story hotel in the heart of melbourne is where the world's number one men's tennis star is staying. it is a world away from what
3:29 am
novak djokovic is accustomed to from his previous trips down under. as the defending australian open champion arrived to claim his 10th title and break the all-time record for 21 grand slam wins. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: instead, the 34-year-old unvaccinated serbian, who has been very outspoken about his anti-vaccine views, was given a serious dose of reality by the australian border force when he attempted to enter the country wednesday night. they canceled his visa, regardless of receiving an exemption from two panels of medical experts and ordered the tennis star to be deported. . >> rules are rules. and there are no special cases. >> reporter: but rather than getting on a plane home to belgrade, djokovic's lawyers are fighting for him to stay in the country and compete. and while they wait for monday's hearing, this is where djokovic
3:30 am
must stay, an immigration detention facility. >> i don't see why he should be struck in the detention center. everyone has their own choice, vaccinated or not. >> reporter: they are demanding he be moved to a nicer hotel. his parents say their son is being held captive for his beliefs. . >> mr. djokovic is not being held captive in australia. he is free to leave at any time that he chooses to do so. and border force will actually facilitate that. >> reporter: but novak djokovic is not the only resident of the park hotel. previously used as a quarantining hotel for australians, it has been a detention center for asylum seekers, languishing until their cases are heard. after spending years in offshore detention centers for attempting to enter australia by boat.
3:31 am
medhi from iran turning 24 years old today. >> we are tired. we have been in detention more than eight years. >> good morning, everyone. i'm craig foster. >> reporter: famous australian footballer said the country's treatment of refugees is a national embarrassment and hope djokovic will use this ordeal to become a voice for the voiceless. >> the refugees are trying to reach out to novak. with an athlete with incredible status and fame and privilege, perhaps he can bring some visibility, he can grow and develop some understanding about the way australia is treating these people and bling that story to the world. >> reporter: whether djokovic decides to fight for those forgotten refugees remains to be seen. but for the majority of australians, there is little sympathy for him. >> he is a millionaire scum bag
3:32 am
who rightfully incurred the anger of a lot of people in australia. >> reporter: this is a country that has endured some of the toughest border restrictions and quarantine in the world. the city of melbourne locked down for a total of 256 days in its battle against covid. as a result, 92% of australians over the age of 16 are now fully vaccinated. and they have little tolerance for a privileged sports star expecting special treatment. now, john, we have heard from rafael nadal in melbourne preparing for the australian open. he said he feels sorry for djokovic but he knew the conditions, he knew the rules, he knew he had to get vaccinated to play. interestingly, we have heard from the global body atp, the vaccination right is 95%. the women's tennis association said their rate stands at 85%. so it's fair to say that the
3:33 am
unvaccinated, novak djokovic is certainly in the minority among his peers, john. >> look, he knew the rules going in. the quickest way out of this is the vaccine. anna coren, thank you so much. so a scary number of americans think violence against the government is justified. what else do they think? plus, senator ted cruz groveling, begging for forgiveness from tucker carlson. an all-points bulletin out for ted cruz and his spine. ahead, for all the dog and cat couples who hope not to have children, why the pope thinks only having furbabies is selfish. purchases on your discover card.d. ♪ ♪ ♪
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so, this morning the all-out
3:38 am
effort, not just in undermine faith in elections, but to get in position to maybe influence the results next time around. cnn's sara murray has been following this and joins us with the very latest. sarah, you have done terrific reporting on this. what have you learned? >> well, thank you. we have learned there are still a lot of folks out there who believe the election was stolen. look, some of those should know better. but some of them really believe this in their hearts and they want something done about it. >> i'm ron hanks, and i approve this message. >> reporter: u.s. senate hopeful ron hanks is shooting at dominion voting machines in colorado, a state joe biden won by more than 13 points. in liberal washington state, a local republican party is knocking on doors, trying to uncover voter fraud. . >> we're canvassing now in about a dozen counties. >> reporter: in minnesota, a state that has gone blue since 1976, they are pressing for an audit based on false and
3:39 am
misleading pretenses. >> that log will tell us if it went onto the internet and switched any votes. >> reporter: republican secretary of state john merrill is still batting back unfounded claims of fraud. . >> i think a lot of that is people listening to people who have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. it's almost as if they will claim that a murder was committed and yet they cannot prove if the person lived. >> reporter: convinced the 2020 election was stolen, many republicans are still lapping up trump's election lies and pressuring local officials to revisit 2020. some running for higher office. others are passing legislation making it easier to medal in election administration. >> 32 of those bills have become law in 17 states, which is an unprecedented amount of legislative interest in the mechanics of election
3:40 am
administration. >> reporter: efforts to undermine confidence in election results began in hotly contested battleground states. but have ballooned into a nationwide crusade. they are aware of hank's ad. >> with his copy machine he blew up with a rival? yesive seen that. >> reporter: but rebuffed offers to learn about voting systems firsthand. >> i extended multiple offers for him to talk to me about the election. he's not responded and not committed. >> reporter: hanks told cnn he appreciates the offers, but he did his own research. >> i didn't really need it. i was at other locations. and so that made it rather redundant. >> hanks says nothing has been debunked. >> i think that is a false argument. we have found evidence. it is compounded daily.
3:41 am
>> the whole technology was attacked. >> reporter: he easily debunked their claims. >> the information they had been sharing with us could have been cleared up by a simple google search. >> reporter: when cnn asked a commissioner who said he is confident in the election for an interview. >> i got an email last night. i'm going to read it. >> reporter: he declined. sara murray, cnn news. >> reporter: this week they asked to vote minnesota secretary of state to launch an audit. >> motion passes. >> reporter: democracy advocates are warning this misinformation could lead to violence around future elections. anyone onsaid the kind of ads like the one ron hanks is running in colorado could endanger employees and customers. >> you know you are doing right when you are getting name-checked. >> reporter: thank you. >> what the impact of all of this?
3:42 am
cnn senior data reporter harry enten. you look at this and see the effect it has on the polls. and this alarming number of people who say violence against the government is justified. >> yeah. it is truly scary. i think that's the only word. look at that. 34% say yes. higher among trump voters. 34 overall, a decade ago in 2011 was 16%. increasing percentage of americans who say violent action against the government is sometimes justified >> one of the interesting things you can do is ask what the other side is going to do or what they think will happen if. there are questions about what do you think will happen for the losing side in an election. what happens there? >> this is really scary. you expect the losing side will
3:43 am
be peacefully. the clear majority believes there will be violence over losing. guess what, biden and trump voters both agree on this. 64% of biden voters. 65% of trump voters. i can understand why 62% say zones over losing elections. >> this is having an effect on how people feel about the country and democracy. >> not really surprising. when you see things like january 6th, the poll numbers like we just showed. 54% say they are proud. that is down from 2017 when it was 63%. after the 9/11 rally, around the flag event, we are half that at this point. it is sad numbers to be honest. >> you see that number dropping
3:44 am
and dropping and dropping. connected to that, maybe not exactly correlated to it is people's satisfaction with things this morning. >> yeah. look, are you satisfied with the way things are going in the u.s.? not surprise to go see numbers like that, the coronavirus. you see inflation numbers. 21% of americans are satisfied with the way things are going. we had met earlier when we were at the magic wall and saying, oh, look it's up. it was up to 36% in may 2021. a rebound after january 6th. it was just 11%. we are now 21%. way down from where we were, say, before the coronavirus hit when it was 45%. people are sad about the way things are going right now. >> i want to note that is happening with inflation. sorry, with economic growth that is incredibly high with unemployment numbers that are very low. new jobs numbers out in an hour or two will reflect we added more jobs than ever. yet still people aren't satisfied.
3:45 am
what about what people think going forward? >> are you optimistic about the new year. 49% are optimistic heading into the next year. that's lower than the last few years. a lot of folks are clearly disappointed. >> harry, i'm bullish on you. >> thank you. >> i think you will have a great year. >> i'm going to go build a snowman outside. that will make me happy. >> fantastic. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. call it air infection. a plane party filled with maskless party dancing, drinking. they were headed for cancun. now they're stuck there. plus, do you recognize this human, the one on the right? if you can't, you're not alone. it is former secretary of state
3:46 am
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partying air travelers who sparked outrage in canada are stranded in mexico this morning after their return flight to canada was kabuled and other airlines refused to fly them home. they were seen dancing and drinking all while maskless. canadian prime minister justin trudeau described the incident as extremely frustrate. >> it is a slap in the face to see people putting themselves, putting their fellow citizens, putting airline workers at risk by being completely
3:51 am
irresponsible. >> air canada declined to fly the passengers home, along with airtransat. >> i don't think you're following safety protocols by that kind of dancing in the air, whether you have coronavirus or not, right? what if you hit turbulence? >> you don't dance like that on a plane with a mask on? >> quietly -- inside i'm dancing like that. . >> i am a terrible dancing. i will spare you from my dancing. >> i have seen pictures. i'm not going to argue. >> i can sing. >> not right now. . >> not right now. >> having trouble recognizing the man on your screen. not me. i'm john berman. put the man up. that's still john berman. >> who are you? as i always say, who are you, john berman? >> all right. i don't think we have the video.
3:52 am
so this isn't going to work. let me describe mike pompeo? there he is! that's his face. so mike pompeo's face looks the same. but if you look more closely at a shot of him beyond his face, mike pompeo has lost 90 pounds in six months. 90 pounds. in an interview with "the new york post", former secretary of state said it all started when he stepped back on the scale in june and saw that he wasn't far from 300 pounds. so the very next day he took action. pompeo said he started exercising nearly every day and eating right. and the weight just started to come off. he said there were no fad diets, personal training or intense workouts. he said it has been a lifetime struggle. it became especially difficult after he was elected in congress. he said to finally get healthy he had to be in the right frame of mind. that's the picture where you can really tell. >> you're getting punked, john
3:53 am
berman, how it doesn't look like mike pompeo. we have the picture where it looks like mike pompeo. >> good on him. if he wants to get healthy, good on him. i have to say when a politician does something like this, you do begin to think basically, oh, he's running? there's health, but i think it is possible there is a political motivation. >> both things can be true. >> indeed. all right. coming up -- >> people say it's a resignation. to me it's not a resignation. it's a revolution. we're finally realizing our worth. >> all right. quitting is just half the story. the other half next. plus, fox propaganda tv is mad that kamala harris linked january 6th with pearl harbor. we'll roll the tape. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day,
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this morning, the sort of unicorn state of the u.s. economy. more than 10 million open positions in part because of the mass exodus from lower paying jobs. this may just be the start of something new. we have great reporting on what is being called the great resignation. vanessa. >> already exactly. we have seen a record number of americans leaving their jobs month after month now. when you dig into the numbers you see they're leaving low paying jobs. we spoke to one hospitality worker who says, yes, it's the great resignation but it is also so much more than that. >> people say it's a resignation. to me it's not a resignation. it's a revolution. we are finally realizing our worth. >> reporter: a record 4.5 million americans quit their jobs in november, mainly from low page positions. for months now, workers have been resigning en masse.
3:59 am
she quit her job this summer and said it's a labor market revolution. >> i've done it since i was 15. i love the customer service, hospitality industry. i love putting a smile on people's faces. but it got to a point where i thought i was giving a little too much of myself. >> reporter: as a bar back in tennessee, she gets $5.10 minimum wage. with fewer customers coming in, that meant fewer tips with more responsibility. . >> every day i had to enforce certain things where i'm like this is not in my job description. and now i'm being paid less. . >> more than 1 million people quit their leisure and hospitality jobs in november, with hundreds of thousands more quitting low wage retail and health care jobs. there's still 10.6 million unpaid positions. . >> people feel empowered, and they should.
4:00 am
the job market is tight. >> reporter: as omicron sweeps the country, this, silence, is what many restaurant owners are facing. ceo of city winery says he's doing everything he can to keep the staff he has left, even with less business. >> i don't want to afford to lose a single person. and we're still hiring. as ironic as that is. >> reporter: he normally operates with 1,200 employees across his 12 restaurant and music venues. >> we're only up to about 950 around the country. >> reporter: have you seen people quitting at a higher rate than usual? >> yeah. for sure. we see people quit on the spot. >> reporter: he said he has risen wages to above $15 an hour, and into the 20s for kitchen staff. his labor costs rose to


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