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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  January 11, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PST

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in the coronavirus pandemic. an ominous milestone, but one that requires important context. covid is pushing many hospitals to the brink, but really, more specifically, the unvaccinated are pushing hospitals to the per brink. more than 141,000 americansized shy of the all-time high established in january 2021. that record will likely be broken today. this includes people who are going to the hospital because of covid and those who show up for other things, a car crash, a broken arm, but turn out to also have covid once they get there. also, crucially, the large majority of hospitalized patients are unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated. look at this chart from new york city. it shows the rate of hospitalization among the unvaccinated. that's the top line. and the vaccinated, the bottom line. look at that chasm, mammoth gap.
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a stunning gap. >> two different worlds there. in the meantime, the testing shortage does remain problematic. the white house says the first of 500 million free covid-19 tests will start arriving for distribution early next week. officials are working through distribution timelines. they say that americans will be able to start ordering the tests online later this month. starting saturday, health insurers have to cover at-home covid tests without co-pays and deductibles. insurers will be required to pay for eight tests per covered individual per month. let's bring in cnn's senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen on this. elizabeth, what can you tell us? >> brianna, let's take a look again at these hospitalizations that are linked to covid. because we are about to surpass a record that was set about a year ago. so take a look at this, at the far right-hand part of this graph. you see 141,000 hospitalizations linked to covid.
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that is on the verge of surpassing the record that was set about a year ago. but i want to add the context that john just added. these are people who are op hospitalized not just because of covid. like they got so sick with covid and had to go with hospital. it's also someone who broke a leg, went to the hospital, and they were tested, which is now the standard procedure, and it turns out they have covid. they're not being treated for covid. they're being treated for the broken leg. we've always kept records that way. what's different now, omicron is so transmissible, so many people have it, that many, many people are turning up in hospitals with covid but not because of covid. still, having that said, staffing shortages in the u.s. are so critical. doctors, nurses, other hospital personnel unable to come in. that's why we're seeing hospitals across the country doing things like bringing in the national guard or training new people to take the place of some of these hospital workers who are home sick with covid.
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now, as you mentioned, there's a huge gap between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. if you take a look at this, the red line, that's the unvaccinated. those are unvaccinated people who are in the hospital linked to covid. the green line is the fully vaccinated. so once again, this country is suffering. hospitals are suffering. doctors are suffering. nurses are suffering because of the unvaccinated. they continue to make this choice and hurt others. brianna, john. >> that graph is a tale of which path do you want to walk on? very clearly, if you're looking out for your health and your life, you want to be on the greep green path, not the red one th there. can you talk about the blood supply? many centers have less than a day's supply of certain blood types. >> yes, the red cross is saying their blood supply is dangerously low. there are several factors for this.
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covid-19 is one of them, as more and more people are sick with omicron and staying home. it means they can't donate blood. also the winter storms kept people from donating blood, as well. also staffing shortages because, well, a lot of staff members have the omicron variant of covid-19. so for all of these reasons, they are seeing a dangerously low blood supply at the red cross. >> yeah. obviously people in all kinds of professions, everyone is being hit by this and taken out of commission, at least briefly. elizabeth, thank you for that report. breaking overnight, a reprieve for parents in chicago. they are waking up to the news that, finally, and, frankly, way too late, teachers in the city have reached a deal in their dispute over coronavirus safeguards. today, teachers will be back in the classrooms. students are set to return tomorrow. this ends a bitter standoff that lasted four days. it cost students and parents four days of education. let's go live to chicago and bring in adrian broaddus.
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finally a deal. >> reporter: john, finally some relief for parents who can plan the rest of their week without interruption. you used the word "bitter," and i would say that's a polite way to describe it. because in the very end here, there were some personal attacks and some nasty words used. finally, a deal has been made. teachers will return to schools today, and students will return to the classroom tomorrow. let's take a look at some of the things that were agreed on. we know this all stems from teachers or members of the chicago teachers union feeling schools were unsafe. now, this agreement that has been reached includes ramped up testing in school. the mayor said last night during a news conference they've added some extra layers. they'll conduct weekly testing. there will also be kn-95 masks distributed to staff and students. now, we heard from members of the teachers union who said they
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also have some concerns about distribution, but they're happy that was worked into the agreement. as well as paid contact tracing teams for the school and thresholds for schools to go remote. that was a big sticking point. listen in to what chicago's mayor, lori lightfoot, had to say. >> this was not necessary to happen. and i'm glad that we're hopefully putting this behind us and looking forward. but, you know, there does come a point where enough is enough. >> i'm tired. i wish it hadn't gone that way. ultimately, i'm very proud of the fact that the members of the chicago teachers union could stand around this. we're going to keep doing what's right as we go forward in the city. you know, it was not an agreement that had everything. it's not a perfect agreement. >> reporter: and it is important to underscore that the rank and file members within the chicago teachers union must vote on this
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agreement. so that's why we don't have the f fine details. the fine details of the agreement have not been released. once those members conduct that official vote, we will see more about what will happen moveing forward. >> adrienne broaddus, thank you very much. a coalition of voting rights groups in georgia are planning to boycott president biden's speech today in atlanta. they say without a concrete plan to pass election reform laws which have been blocked by republicans, the president shouldn't bother coming. cnn's jeremy diamond is live at the white house with more on this. >> reporter: good morning, brianna. president biden heading to atlanta, georgia, today, where he is expected to make a forceful push for two pieces of stalled voting rights legislation. legislation that has been stalled in the senate amid republican opposition and a reluctance by two senate democrats to change the rules of the filibuster to pass these pieces of legislation. the president is expected to
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draw a direct connection between his speech last week, that fiery january 6th speech, and what remains to be done to secure american democracy. in the words of the president, the president is expected to talk about the fact that voting rights are under assault, in his view, and talk about the fact that this is an opportunity for january 6th to mark not the end of democracy but a renaissance of democracy. i want to read you a part of the president's speech today. this is an excerpt we have. the president is expected to say that the next few days will mark a, quote, turning point for the nation, whether or not choosing democracy versus autocracy. he'll also talk about the fact that he does not plan to yield in this fight, trying to rally his base around this cause. and say that the question is, where will the institution of the united states senate stand? now, people familiar with the president's speech say that he is expected to go into more detail about where exactly he stands on changing the filibuster. we know he's expressed support for making some changes, but we
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don't know exactly what those changes will be. but the president, according to a white house official, will make the case that those rules in the senate need to change. that will be a powerful message coming from somebody who branded himself a senate institutionalist. still, those two democrats, senator joe manchin and senator kyrsten sinema, they've been reluctant to change the rules all together. >> will his party listen to him? jeremy, thank you for that. joining us now, one of the voting rights advocates who will not be attending president biden's speech today. the co-founder of black voters matter, cliff albright. cliff, why aren't you going? >> good morning to you. well, you know, as we said in our written statement, essentially what we're saying is that, you know, we would rather the president stay in d.c. and perhaps delivered this speech to the senate, the democratic caucus. they meet every tuesday morning. he could have gone there and delivered the speech. at this point, what we're saying is we don't need another speech from the president. he gave a passionate speech, not
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only the one for the commemoration last week of january 6th, but, remember, he gave a very passionate speech back in philadelphia, back in july. literally for seven months, we heard nothing else about voting rights from him. so now is not the time for another speech. and to be clear, we believe in using the presidency as a bully pulpit. we would have loved that the president use the presidency as a bully pulpit the past seven, eight months while we've been fighting for voting rights. even getting arrested outside the white house, begging him to do so. now, we don't need another speech. we don't need him to come to georgia and use us as a prop. we need work. we're working, too. there are attacks going on against georgia voters and georgia organization happening right now. >> i'll read once again what he is going to say. when these bills come to a vote, it'll mark a turning point in the nation. will we choose light over shadow, justice over injustice? i know where i stand. i will not yield. i will not flinch. i will defend your right to vote in a democracy against all enemies foreign and domestic.
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the question is, where will the institution of the united states senate stand? what more can he do? >> well, a couple things he could do. one is that we need him not only to give that speech and talk about the filibuster and to give a clear plan. it's one thing for you to say i'm open to filibuster changes, right? that's what he's said until now. he's not given a full-throated call for them to modify the filibuster. he's notd don done what he did infrastructure when he went to the house and met with the members. he sadidn't say, if infrastructe is needed, i can go along with that. he said, pass this bill now. he's not done that for voting rights. he's not gone to congress, the democratic caucus, and delivered that speech. he's not told them what he wants them to do. his good friend, joe manchin, say, joe, i want you to modify the filibuster and do it now. there are different scenarios on how to do that.
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people like manchin and kyrsten sinema need to hear from the president, what it is he wants them to do. we know the president doesn't have a vote on it. lyndon johnson once said, what is the sense of having the presidency? he can be specific, strong and u unequ unequ unequivocal, and be strong in his remarks. most importantly, he can't give a speech like he did in philadelphia and leave it to the side. if he is saying the next seven days is going to be historic and critical, he's got to fully lean in after he gives the speech, having the kinds of meetings, finding out from manchin what exactly it's going to take, and being very direct and forceful, just as forceful as he has been on infrastructure and on some other issues. we're not asking him to do things not just that other presidents have done. we're asking him to do the things, actions that he's even done on other things like infrastructure. there's no sense in having 40 years of senate experience only to tell us that you can't whip
3:13 am
up two votes. >> sounds like you're disappointed in president biden. >> i mean, to be honest, and especially on this issue, and some other issues -- you know, we're not having the conversation of police reform anymore, even though there was a summer of protests. but particularly for voting rights, yes, we're disappointed. we did a whole summer and fall of protests outside the white house to get him to do more. we want to be clear, the source of the problem is not joe biden. truth be told, it is not even manchin and sinema. the source is the republicans attacking our rights on a daily basis, including in the state of georgia, where not only did they pass a voter discretion last year, not only did they gerrymander the maps last fall, but right now, they're about to go into a new session where they're going to try to attack voting rights further. that's the source of the problem. what we're disappointed in is the president we put in power president elections last year in the midst of a pandemic. >> listen, last question here.
3:14 am
stacey abrams is running for governor, of course, in georgia, and isn't going either. she cited a scheduling conflict. is it really a scheduling conflict? >> you'd have to talk to soon-to-be governor abrams to find out. i mean, she put out a statement saying it was scheduling, so i'm going to take her at her word. again, you know, there are several organizations that have been working together on this, including some of the organizations that a lot of people in the country were applauding because of the work we did in the presidential election, as well as the two senate runoff elections. trust those same organizations and trust us when we say what we need now is for the president to go to the democratic caucus in d.c. keep in mind, pausbecause some senators will be in georgia, what it means is they're not in d.c. voting on some of the plans that senator schumer was planning to move forward. he could have delivered the speech in d.c. so they could have then taken his speech, been motivated, the same way the
3:15 am
georgia bulldogs got motivated last night, and gone out, voted, performed, and voted while they were in d.c. because they'll be in georgia, they can't do that. yes, we're disappointed. we're going to hold out hope for what's going to happen the rest of this week. >> cliff albright, i appreciate you speaking with us, not just because of the subject matter but, also, you gave me a segue to the next story. >> thank you. georgia bulldogs beat number one alabama for their first national championship in 41 years. andy scholes has this morning's bleacher report from the field in indianapolis. this was a great game. it was an exhausting game, andy. >> reporter: amazing game, john. you know, it started off really slow. lots of field goals early on in this game. but alabama and georgia getting hot late, delivering a fourth quarter for the ages. had a huge moment early in that fourth quarter. christian harris sacked bennett. officials called it a fumble and
3:16 am
recovered by alabama. because alabama's brian branch casually grabbed it going out of bounds. after review, it was the right call and led to an alabama touchdown. they'd take the lead, 18-13. but from there, it was all georgia. bennett making up for that fumble in a big way. 40 yard touchdown to give georgia back the lead. bennett, who walked on to georgia as a freshman, left the school to play at a junior college, then came back as a scholarship player, throwing two td passes in the final 9 minutes. he's forever going to be a bulldog legend. georgia would get a pick six to wrap things up. kirby smart was overjoyed as he finally beats his old boss, nick saban. bennett, like georgia fans all over the country, with tears of joy. 33-18, bulldogs claim their first title since 1980. >> i told the guys in the locker room, just take a picture of this. i think back to the '80 championship picture, seeing all
3:17 am
those players. the frank rosss,rosses, hersche walkers, people reaching out. ouf our guys accomplished something special and have been legendary. >> i love these guys. the tears afterward, that just hit me. you know, i hadn't cried in, i don't know, years, but it just came over me. that's what -- when you put as much time as we do into this thing, you know, blood, sweat, tears, you know, it means something. >> reporter: yeah. take a look at the wild scenes back in athens, georgia. fans celebrating in the streets into the wee hours of the morning. a championship parade tentatively scheduled saturday, ending at the stadium with a celebration rally. meanwhile, at the stadium, on the field, all quiet. it's just me and all of this confetti that i have here.
3:18 am
i'll tell ya what, georgia celin i came back to the stadium a couple hours ago. this championship, i don't know if i've ever seen a fan base want it as badly as they did. they hadn't won since 1980. alabama had beaten them seven times in a row, dating back to 2007. they conquered all those demons last night. now, georgia bulldogs fans can call themselves champions for the first time in a very long time. >> yeah. the way they did it, again, to come from behind like they did in a game that didn't seem like it'd ever break open, honestly, it was something. >> yeah. i said yesterday, streaks are meant to be broken. i had that feel. it just had that feel about it. >> reporter: certainly did. you knew the bulldogs would break through at one point. >> credit goad to stenson bennett and also brianna keilar. >> i worked hard for this victory. >> thank you, andy. did a federal judge open the door, wide open, to the possibility of a successful lawful against donald trump for
3:19 am
the capitol insurrection? a republican senator with a stunning, massive declaration. what he said that has donald trump in a tizzy. and kevin mccarthy to democrats, hold my beer. what dems did to congressman gosar and congresswoman green that has the minority leader promising retaliation. so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ i want to make the most of every meal we have together. ♪ at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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(battle sounds stop) ♪ ♪ (dragon roar from phone) ♪ ♪ development that could put donald trump in civil jeopardy for the january 6th insurrection. a federal judge is challenging trump's claim of immunity from allegations that he incited the violent attack on the u.s. capitol. trump's attorneys trying to toss out the lawsuit, seeking to hold trump and his allies responsible for violence on january 6th. during the hearing, the judge said, quote, the words are hard to walk back. you have an almost two-hour window where the president does not say "stop, get out of the
3:24 am
capitol. this is not what i wanted you to do. kw what do i do about the fact the president didn't stop the conduct immediately and sent a text to exacerbate things? the president plausibly agreed with the conduct of the people inside the capitol that day? joining us now, cnn chief legal analyst and federal former prosecutor, jeffrey toobin. this deals with civil cases, but the federal judge there just seemed to lean in hard to the questions we're hearing from some democrats on the january 6th committee. why didn't the president try to stop this? >> berman, this is a profound issue that has resonance beyond just the civil context, which is, what is -- what does the job of president of the united states mean? what can you do, and what can't you do? obviously, as president, you have freedom of speech.
3:25 am
you can say, you know, "we're going to fight. we're going to fight for this cause or that cause." but when does that tip over the line into something that the legal system can punish you for? that's really what the judge was trying to weigh yesterday. you know, the question of, you know, did donald trump incite, encourage, support the rioters is central to this civil case, but it is also central to the criminal investigation. that's the initial issue that judge meta in the civil case is deciding, but it is also relevant to the federal prosecutors who were looking at the event from a criminal perspective, as well. >> it sounds like the judge here is considering that question, did donald trump incite the rioters, to be answered by his behavior afterward, which is, he really didn't do anything to stop it, and that that may essentially be condoning it.
3:26 am
does that hold water? >> well, that's one of the -- that's the theory that he's looking at. you know, the initial question he's looking at is whether to dismiss the case at the outset. but it is also worth remembering, and sometimes i think we don't focus on this enough, is that we act as if we know the totality of what donald trump did on january 6th and what he did in the events leading up to january 6th. we don't -- we haven't heard any testimony so far about what donald trump was doing in the three hours before he issued that very tepid request for the rioters to stop. i mean, there is a lot more we don't know, and it could make the situation worse for donald trump. it could make it better. but this issue of what donald
3:27 am
trump did and whether it was encouraging or participating in a illegal activities, this is front and center in this case, and it will be in the criminal investigation, as well. >> we don't know. the january 6th committee be le this each and every day. they could learn more if the national archives are opened up, which still needs to be weighed in on. jeffrey toobin, thanks very much. >> all right. colorado's governor im employing an unconventional strategy, but how are his constituents reacting? and impartial on fascism and racism? really?
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this morning, while covid rages across the country, pushing hospitals to the breaking point, largely with unvaccinated patients, one democratic governor is taking a little bit of a different approach from other democratic leaders to steer his state through the pandemic. ed lavandera joins us this morning. we're talking about colorado, ed. >> reporter: good morning, john. well, you know, as we are approaching nearly two years of the coronavirus pandemic, there's no question, a sense of fatigue in wanting to move on is really settling in much across the country. so the question to colorado is, what the governor there is doing a good thing medically and politically. in the darkest days of the pandemic, daniel ramirez had to furlough 250 employees from his four mexican restaurants in denver, colorado. now, more than 300 employees are back on the payroll, and
3:33 am
business is booming at a family-owned restaurant chain his father started 20 years ago. >> we had to learn how to understand and adapt to it. if we never learn how to adapt to it, i honestly think we still would have been stuck in 2020. >> thank you, everybody, for your work. >> reporter: ramirez and others credit this happening in colorado because of democratic governor jared polis, who has distanced himself from some democratic leaders across the country. governor polis is leaving mask mandates up to local jurisdictions. in a statement to cnn, a spokesperson said the governor is focused on fixing the economic dus rupgs disruptions the pandemic. the governor says promoting the covid-19 vaccine is key. he says those who don't get vaccinated are responsible for what happens. >> everybody has had the chance to get vaccinated, and at this point, i think it is almost like they made a deliberate decision not to get vaccinated.
3:34 am
>> reporter: democratic pollster and political strategist andrew ballman describes the governor with a libertarian streak, getting high marks for his efforts, even as cases are surging. >> he's adapted to the circumstances, listened to the voters, advisers, and public health experts, and he's found a path that works for the state. he has to thread the needle well. >> reporter: some say governor polis has been too cavalier. in an interview with public radio, the governor made comments that frustrated public health experts. >> the emergency is over. public health doesn't get to tell people what to wear. i mean, that's just not their job. >> you see the arrival of the vaccine as the end of mask mandates statewide. that's your position? >> we see it as the end of the medical emergency, frankly. people who want to be protected are. those who get sick, it is almost entirely their own darn fault. >> why did that bother you?
3:35 am
>> it's not over. >> reporter: dr. mark johnson is the president of the colorado medical society. he recently retired from his post as the public health director of jefferson county outside of denver. >> to say it's over feeds into those who want it to be over and are telling us in medicine and in public health that we're overdoing it. it's not like we're trying to control people's looiives, but that's what it came off as. >> every recipe is my mom, dad, grandma's. >> reporter: daniel ramirez and his family operate four restaurants in three counties, each with their own set of local pandemic health guidelines. that's part of the local control the governor advocated. how stressful is that? >> it's pretty stressful. 2 it's a whirlwind. >> reporter: confusing. >> you never know what you'll get. we say that in the industry. now with so many different county rules, you really don't know what you're going to get any day of the week. it gets confusing. >> reporter: you're okay with
3:36 am
that? >> of course we are. we have to figure out a way. we have to continue moving forward. >> reporter: john and brianna, the governor there says that because 70% of the state's population over the age of 5 is fully vaccinated, he has said he's not going to let the small group of unvaccinated infringe on the rest of the state's ability to move beyond the pandemic. >> yeah, policy for the vaccinated. it requires a little bit of a shift in the way you think and look at things there. it is interesting to see it happening in colorado, ed. >> reporter: yeah, no question. and i think that's what especially supporters and political strategists there in colorado are saying. they're seeing this as the next stage and the next phase of the pandemic and politicians responding to that. >> terrific report, ed lavandera. thank you very much. donald trump calls a republican senator a jerk. why, you ask, because he told
3:37 am
the truth. plus, kevin mccarthy wants revenge so badly. his threats and the democrats he is singling out if republicans take back the house. and new details on the sudden death of pbob saget, including what police found when they entered his hotel room. ♪ got my soul ♪ ♪ got my mouth ♪ ♪ i got life ♪
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♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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republican senator mike rounds firing pack at former president trump who lashed out at is senator, calling him a jerk, after the senator said the 2020 election was fair and republicans, quote, simply did not win the election. senator round said in a statement, i'm disappointed but not surprised by the former president's reaction. however, the facts remain the same. i stand by my statement. the former president lost the
3:42 am
2020 election. additionally, vice president mike pence stood his ground, acknowledged president biden's victory, and acted with integrity. it's time the rest of us do the same. joining us now is cnn political commentator s.e. cupp, here to discuss this. let's take a closer look, s.e., just at the totality of what trump said in his response. he said, is he crazy or just stupid? the only reason he did this is because he got my endorsement and easily won his state in 2020, so he thinks he has time. and those are the only ones, the weak, who will breakaway. even though his election will not be coming up for five years, i will never endorse this jerk again. what do you make of this? >> well, listen, not being up until 2026 comes with some perks. mike rounds is taking advantage of those perks. i guess he's betting that donald trump won't be as much of a force in 2026 to not endorse him
3:43 am
again. but, i don't know, it sounds to me like trump's threats just have fewer teeth than they did maybe a year or two ago. it just feels a little petulant, like yelling into the ether. we'll see. i wish that mike rounds said, which is true and uncontroversial, would become the norm, but i have a feeling he'll still be an outlier. >> i think the fact that rounds took two bites of this apple shows you're right. maybe trump's comments do have less teeth. rounds went back again and said, what i think are the most hurtful words you can say to donald trump, which is, donald trump lost the election. it's amazing how something so simplistic can be such a dagger so donald trump. rounds did it twice. >> not only he lost the election, but mike pence did the right thing. sort of twisting the knife a little more. look, unfortunately, mike rounds or what one senator or what one congressman says is really not
3:44 am
going to have a huge impact. you wish that this would be a groundswell of courage against the president. really, the rnc is holding all of the cards and all of trump's power. they're still paying his legal bills. they're still allowing trump to siphon money away from them into his pack. i mean, it's insane, how the rnc has laid down for donald trump. as long as he has the party apparatus, that's where the power is. so what mike rounds says should be applauded and amplified, but, unfortunately, trump has the party behind him still. >> yeah. for the folks who have to answer in 2022 and 2024. south dakota did go for trump by 26 points, more than 26 points, so that's not nothing here. i do want to ask you about kevin mccarthy. because, obviously, he's, you know, making designs on the speaker's gavel as he is looking to the midterm elections. he's suggesting that he is going to oust three democrats from
3:45 am
their big committee assignments if the republicans win. let's listen. >> the democrats have created a new thing where they're picking and choosing who can be on committee. never in the history have you had the majority tell the minority who can be on committee. this new standard, which these democrats have voted for. if eric swalwell cannot get a security clearance in the private sector, there's no reason why he should be given one to be on intel or homeland security. that will not -- he will not be serving there. omar should not be serving on foreign affairs. you look at adam schiff. he should not be serving on intel. when he has openly, knowingly now, used a fake dossier, lied to the american public in the process, and doesn't have any ill-will. says he wants to continue to do it. >> he mentions a new standard, se, but the new standard that seems so obvious is one where kevin mccarthy sits idly by while members of his own party
3:46 am
go undisciplined for racist, sexist, violent stuff they've had. >> yeah, democrats would not have had to have booted people from committees if republicans had taken care of the people in their own party, which is the standard. something that kevin mccarthy bucked. look, you can look at this as obvious petty, partisan politics at its worst. you have to tremember this, and you know this, this is what gop voters want. they are here for the pain, the punishment, own the libs. it's not so much legislation and governing anymore. reuters did a poll about a month ago asking what republicans are most united around. and it's not taxes. it's not, you know, tariffs. they are united around protecting america from threats against their way of life.
3:47 am
you know what that is code for, all the things. that is what is animating republican voters right now. in a way, mccarthy is the perfect avatar for what this party has become. then for the rest of us, people in the moderate majority or on the left, we're kind of left without representation and just watching this circus happen before our eyes, as real problems go unsolved because kevin mccarthy is off, you know, getting revenge. >> kevin mccarthy, avatar, i see you. s.e. cupp, thank you very much for that. >> sure. the navy told families not to worry about the jet-fueled, contaminated water, so they didn't. why that decision left our next guest's children in the er. and a man was ineligible for a transplant. the options on the table, death or take a pig's heart. the surgeons chose the pig's heart. we'll have that incredible story ahead.
3:48 am
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this morning, navy leaders will be grilled on capitol hill after failing to keep military families safe from drinking contaminated water. water contaminated by jet fuel. the navy last month reported dangerous levels of petroleum contamination in groundwater sources at joint pace pearl harbor in hawaii. there were thousands of people impacted by this, many having to flee their homes. families say they experienced nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin-related concerns, including with very small children. my next guest says both her kids were sickened and had to go to the hospital. army major amanda feint told
3:53 am
task and purpose, i volunteered for this. my kids did not volunteer to be poisoned. she is with us now. major, thank you so much for being with us from hawaii. you and so many families have been through an incredible ordeal with all of this. tell us about what happened here with you, your husband, and your two kids, many other families, as well, becoming sick before the navy told you that you were drinking this jet fuel water. tell us about getting sick. >> hi, brianna. thanks so much for having me on. yeah, so we were told originally that there was a fuel leak, but our specific housing neighborhood had been deemed clear to be drinking our water. we received that in email form, and it turns out about a week later, that all changed. we continued to drink the water for that week in between. >> you end up, your kids end up in the er. can you tell me about that?
3:54 am
>> yes. so it happened very quickly. first, it was my 1-year-old son and my husband. two dais ys later, it was my daughter, she's 4, and myself. it was pretty severe. abdominal pain. i told people the only thing i can compare it to is labor pains, like contractions in my belly. very sick. we were all treated for throwing up, diarrhea, severe dehydration. my husband was having ocular migraines at the time, chronic coughing. it just -- it was really rough. >> unfortunately, you're not unique, right? we've heard these stories from so many families. i know that you had specific questions about your kids on base day care, and the response from what base leadership or local leadership was telling you to file a freedom of information request, you say. can you tell me about that?
3:55 am
>> yeah. so the deputy base commander actually, he was on the phone while my daughter was in the hospital. i was, at that point, begging for . for days, i asked for test results from our child development center, specifically, and i was given no answers. i just thought, you know, how dare the navy think that they reserve the right to know more about my children and their health than i do as their parent. again, colonel staples told me that while my daughter was in the hospital, file a request like anyone else. >> mandy, tell me what this has done to your trust in the military to keep your family safe. navy leaders are going to be up on the hill today. what has it done? >> well, it's been super -- it's been really disheartening. as a mom, i've said multiple times, to no end will i continue to fight and advocate for my kids. as a senior military leader myself, i can't turn a blind eye to, like you said, hundreds, if
3:56 am
not thousands of families, who have been affected in the same way that my family has. and that's kind of my fight. you know, we have highlighted our story, but our story represents hundreds of military families who are going through the same thing, unfortunately. >> look, i appreciate you as a member of the military family for sfpeaking out about this. we'll continue to pay attention to this. major feindt, thanks for being with us. >> thank you, brianna. up next, some new details on the bronx apartment fire that left 17 people dead. what authorities now say led to the spread. plus, a number of voting rights groups boycotting president biden's trip to atlanta today. their demands ahead. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus.
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