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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  January 13, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th. hello, everybody. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king and this is a remarkably busy news day. and john mccarthy offers no help and no coraoperation with the panel investigating january 6th. and the president promises more tests and more masks and sending the cavalry to hospitals
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near the breaking point. and also, those opposed to the voting rights from the vice president who she says oppose the history books. and up to the capitol hill where there is outright kevin mccarthy who says he is not going to voluntary turn over any records of what happened on insurrection day, and refuses to talk about the details of what he talked about with the then president of the united states donald trump. that is defiance up there on capitol hill and more. >> yes, and it is not coming as surprise at all. kevin mccarthy has been casting dispersions on this committee since it was formed. he defiantly pulled all of the members he appointed to the committee when nancy pelosi did not agree to two of his picks.
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so it is a very adversarial way opposing the formation of the commission, and he got the entire republican caucus to vote against it and it died in the senate, and now with the house select committee, at every turn, he has found a way to get in the way of the investigation, and continues today. what is most interesting with the remarks today, jon, and we should not overlook it today, but when pressed about why he would not be willing to talk about what he knows about january 6th is that he has nothing to offer the committee to help them in crafting any legislation. well, what does that mean? he does have information that perhaps might be of aid to them if they were to find some sort of criminal activity in this investigation, and now he was making that point as it relates to that he believes it is not the committee's job to look into the criminal activities around january 6th, and find people accountable for that reason. the committee has said multiple times it is not their charge,
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and they are doing this to offer up alternatives and solutions to prevent it from ever happening again, but if they find criminal activity which congressional activities do all of the time, they will refer it to the department of justice for examination. so he was careful to parse what is going on here, but the simple fact remains that kevin mccarthy knows a lot about what happened to the days leading up to january 6th, and what happened on january 6th including conversations with president donald trump, and the people on this committee and those investigating january 6th do not. >> thank you for the reporting of three of the best, and john from the washington street, and catherine lucy of the washington
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times, and so, maybe this is showing that donald trump does not listen when kevin mccarthy calls, but he was asked several direct questions and we got a lot of this. >> my criticism went to everyone on that day, why was the capitol so ill prepared that day. and why was the capitol so ill-prepared that day, and how do we make sure that it is not going to be ill-prepared again that day. i am not sure what call you are talking about. after january 6th, and you can state this, who was the first person to offer a bipartisan commission to look at that day? was it me? i'll help you. the answer is yes. >> he had explanations and excuses for everything, but the answer, will you provide critical testimony to building the history of that day was no. >> that is right. he deflected repeatedly on what he would provide and say about this day, and i mean, the
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committee has been clear, they want to know what he spoke to the president on the day when the capitol was being stormed, and they want to understand what that conversation was. at times, he has told different people different things, and they would like a clearer understanding of what the president was doing and saying as this was unfolding, and he was very clear and defiant as ryan said, you know, in this news conference just now saying that he would not be participating. also interesting, john, that not only did he try to deflect and try to offer different explanations and arguments, he at one point said that he moved the conversation over to what the republicans would like to be talking about in mid-terms, and he started to talk about inflation, and people having difficulty finding the goods at the stores, and so he is looking ahead to the republicans feeling good about the prospect of the midterms and taking over the house, and the arguments they prefer to be making. >> he is hoping it can go away
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and decide what he wants to talk about, and the committee which has two republicans on it is saying no, and at the time of the midterm election year, we will continue to build this. and aisha, the people who were looking at this, they have texts from mark meadows and they have leader mccarthy's own statements, including his full condemnation, and the letter on the face, and they say that we want to talk the you, because you know trump's state of mind in the middle of the insurrection, and the look of what happened after the insurrection, and public statements since the mare largo m and trump's 2020 legal efforts, and then it is disrespect to say he won't cooperate. >> it is interesting for him to say, i won't do it, because it won't help them to craft
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legislation. why not the committee can decide, and maybe you do have something helpful, and why are you deciding of your own, when any regular person who was asked by congress would be expected to come in, and this is a general expectation, right? so he is saying of his own accordk that i just don't think it is helpful for legislation much less not talking about criminal things there. are huge questions about trump's mind state during that time, and during that time, people were very worked up, including mccarthy about trump. and now, of course, it has reverted back to complete and utter loyalty to trump, because that is what he demands. >> i understand, jonathan, this is not going to work out the way that kevin mccarthy wanted. he wanted to blow it away, and one of his own members had a plan of a bipartisan commission, and he wanted to put on jim jordan, and that would be
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fruitless, because his of combative nature, and his own conversation, and now kevin mccarthy won't go forward and he wants to be speaker, and if he defies donald trump, many of the trumpians will walk away? >> yes, i think so, jon. i think that this is having something to do with the kevin mccarthy's speaker of the house next year. of course, it is central. he is walking a tight rope, and never the full trust of the hard right like jim jordan and it is essential that he keeps the members in the fold to ensure that he has the votes to become speaker next year. and he is simply not going to risk alienating the sort of the trump jim jordan access by cooperating in any shape or form with this committee. now, the challenge as you have laid out there, does sort of which seems hard to avoid is
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that mccarthy himself as he noted remarkably at the press conference today came out for a bipartisan commission himself early on after january 6th. there is now a bipartisan commission, and obviously, he does not think that cheney and kin k k kenzinger count as republicans, but it does on the path to find out what happened that day. >> and many are saying can you force cooperation, and everyone is going to standby with this busy day, and including capitol hill and the next stop including a busy day for the president which is to consider holdouts to take up voting rights. the president is promising new help for hospitals overwhelped by omicron. and he is promising help to six
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collagen! olay body wash hydrates to improve skin 3x better, from dry and dull to firm and radiant. with olay body, i feel fearless in my skin. president biden announcing three new actions to combat covid-19. he is sending military personnel to hospitals to combat overcrowding in the hospitals. and he is saying there is going to be a place to get free tests sent to your home, and also a place to order free masks to your home. and john mattingly has details. >> one of the three issues that the white house has been grappling with is major concern of the hospitals overrun due to the sheer transmissibility of
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the omicron variant, and the availability of tests and masks. those were the three issues that the president tried to address. he is sending out medical teams to the hardest hit states, and about 120 military personnel to new mexico, michigan, cleveland and new jersey and rhode island and new york, and this is part of the effort under way for several weeks and really several months to have hard hit hospitals, and the president is directing over 500 million tests to be distributed free via a website. this is something to be in mind about a billion tests of the 500 million ordered and only 50 million have been procured and the website is not set up yet, and a long road to go here, but the white house is realizing that testing is a issue. and then masks, the president is announcing the efforts to get more americans the higher
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quality masks for free, it is a real question and debate inside of the white house given the transmissibility of the mask guidelines and if they need to get more high quality masks to americans, and the latter is in the process of being worked out and the form ser not happening any time soon, and sitting with the guidelines that any mask is better than no mask as long as it is well fitting, and so they will continue to work to getting better quality masks to all americans. >> and now, the associate dean of the emery university school of medicine, and now, let's start with what the president said earlier. >> when i got here, we were doing fewer than 2 million tests per day, and this month, it is estimated that we will hit approximately 15 million tests a day, and we will have over 375 million at home rapid tests in january alone.
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>> my much smarter colleague on this issue, dr. sanjay gupta calls it a original sin of the administration, and it was started in the trump administration, and it is even a disaster under the biden administration, and so we are much more reactionary as proactive in this stage. >> yes, and i agree, we are playing catchup every time. we don't have enough tests available, and we have let the market dictate what happens with the testing, and the reality is when you have a public health crisis what needs to happen is what is happening right now, the government should have ordered free rapid tests a long time ago like in europe, and have them so that you can test at home, and this is more important than ever right now. >> we want to put up a map, because the president is sending in the military surge team, and it is helpful because 82% of the
9:18 am
hospital beds are in use, and covid are filling one-third of them. this is as of wednesday. the deep states in red, and the states in lighter colors not as bed. so what is the situation in the american system, and how much help can the federal government give? >> jon, the situation is dire in hospitals. we are overwhelmed with the covid patients and most of the hospitals are reporting one-third of the beds occupied by covid. and argument that some of them don't have covid, but infect with covid, you have the treat them the same way and you have to make sure they get isolated and use that they have incredible resources used and also, you cannot move them or discharge them, because if someone has a stroke, and tests positive with covid, the rehab facility won't accept them, because they have covid, so the patients are in the hospital longer than they should, and at the end of the day, it impacts everybody, and if you need a surgery or something that needs to be done in the hospital,
9:19 am
there is maybe not a bed available to take care of you, and in addition, you have health care workers who are infected and the situation is dire and going to be worse over the next several weeks, we will see more problems in the hospitals throughout the nation. >> and this is the next question, that every person in america gets covid, and it is an individual test for them, and challenge for them, and if it is happening for workers who are under siege, it is all the more complicated. in california, this is the guidance from the california health department, those health professionals who are testing positive for covid may return to work immediately without testing and that may be necessary, but is it smart? >> it is necessary, but it is not ideal. it is necessary. you are bet ter with a infected health care worker to do the work than to have nobody to take care of the patients. the health care workers are
9:20 am
getting infected not in health care, but in the community. and many of them fortunately are vaccinated and boosted and having a mild infection, and many of them are wanting to come back to work, because the reality is that they are seeing how much strain the colleagues and friends are under, and they want to help. my hat goes off to each and every one of the health care workers, because they are hero and behaving as such right now. >> amen. they are hero and have been since day one and remain so as we enter the third year. and so, now, look at the case count in boston starting to go down a little bit and the wastewater sampling is showing that in the covid, and the same here in washington, d.c., and you can see the giant spike and starting to trickle down, and in some of the cases omicron is hitting the surging, and them we are starting to see the plateau and decrease, and where are we in the rest of the country, two or three weeks away and do we know? >> there's differing modeling out there, but it depends upon
9:21 am
when it started and i would say as a country and as a whole, we will hit a peak in a week or so, and then the cases will start to come down, but again, you have to remember that we are coming down from the very, very high peak. and just like any mountain, coming down is a, you know, you come down from everest is just as dangerous as going up. there are bert dayare better da february, we will be back to where we were a couple of months ago, and better than now. >> thank you, dr. del rio, and thank you for your important expertise. up next for us, a giant test of the presidential way as president biden is going to the senate hoping to change minds on voting rights.
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president biden heads to capitol hill in momts for a defining test of his power and influence. the issue is voting rights and the timing. one week from one-year mark in office raise the stakes. two democrats are unwilling to change the senate rules to advance the voting legislation, and meaning that two democrats are making a choice that president biden says leaves them on the wrong side of history. joe manchin and kyrsten sinema were not persuaded by him the other day, and so now he is
9:27 am
going to try again at a private democratic luncheon. so his clout is on the line, and the democratic agenda, and also, what is to be the first year of a biden agenda is in limbo. and now we go to manu raju, and the stakes are high. >> yes, and before he came to capitol hill, it has officially ended, because kyrsten sinema is putting the nail in the coffin of this effort to try to change the filibuster rules in order to pass the larger rewrite of voting laws which is a central pillar of joe biden's domestic agenda, but what she has been relaying on the floor is what she has been saying publicly and privately for months. she is concerned for lowering the threshold to requiring less than 60 votes to do it by a simple majority which they could do along straight partylines would lead to wild reversals in
9:28 am
policy, and contribute to the disease of division that is infecting this country. she is making clear that despite this push, aggressive push by her party, she is unmoved, and she is not alone. senator joe manchin also is opposed to changing the filibuster rules, and that means just one democratic defection is enough to scuttle the entire effort. this is still going to go on for the next several days, and the house this morning did pass two large pieces of legislation, and one to rewrite the voting laws around the country, and another to overturn the 2013 supreme court ruling that gutted the voting rights act of 1965. that is going to be coming over to the senate, and then at that point, over the next couple of days a key procedural vote to overcome a filibuster, and they can't do that, because the republicans are in lock step opposed to the underlying bills. now manchin and sinema do
9:29 am
support that, but joe manchin has said that he wants all senators on the record whether they support changing the rules, so the vote going to happen, whether it goes into monday, martin luther king day, and kyrsten sinema is making it clear she is a no, and joe manchin is also a no, and that means that the effort, joe biden going to georgia to make the case, and coming to capitol hill to urge the colleagues to get on the same page, and they are not on the same page, and major failure is set for the biden agenda in the days ahead, jon. >> and manu is setting the stakes for us clearly. and so, one week from today marks one year in office, and this is central plank of the democratic party to counter what has happened in more than a dozen states about the voting rights, and if the president of the united states loses this vote, because he cannot convince two members of his party to be with him, the voting rights issue is dead for a year, but
9:30 am
what does it say about the president and his power? >> that he has the narrowest of majorities and in fact, no majority at all in the senate unless you count the vice president's capacity to break ties, and in that you have enough ideological diversity and personality diversity of the democratic caucus in 2022 that it is tough to keep all 50 in line for a vote. they have two major bills last year with no majority, and the rescue plan on covid in march, and then of course, the bipartisan bill on in infrastructure which passed in november in the house which are not small things, but the challenge here, jon, is the expectation, and the biden folks and the democrats have so set the expectations here for this sweeping historic agenda, that it is hard to claim victory for those accomplishments that are substantial when you are setting yourself up for something bigger. also, to that point, you are telling the activists that, yes, we are going to do these big
9:31 am
things both on the voting and the build back better, and guess what, the activists believe it. so when you don't do it or you have a narrower version, you are setting them up for frustration themselves ie not showing up for biden's speech in atlanta when he goes there the other day. >> and so aisha, that is the challenge, how is the president going to handle this and what a welcoming committee, and one of the democrats that he is trying to convince is on the senate floor saying, sorry, mr. president. so let's listen to some of the speech, and he is saying, choose your side in history, and she is saying, sorry, mr. president, there is a bigger issue at play. >> while i continue to support these bills, i will not support separate actions that are going to sow the separation disease that infect our country. >> that a no. so what does the president do now? >> i am sure he is going to talk about the soul of the nation, and she is worried about
9:32 am
division, he is worried about the soul of the nation, and at that point, sinema is going to do is hold the cards. one thing that biden did say is that he has 50 presidents in the senate, because any one of them can stop action. and that is a fact, and this is frustrating to, you know, the democratic activists who want more, but the fact is, as you are fighting for democracy, democratically elected representatives are saying that they do not support making changes to the filibuster, and that is democracy. and so he is running up against a very hard place. and he is going to have to see if he can dig under it, if he can try to convince them, and if he can, and like it is going to take something where he cannot strong arm it. he is going to have to be strategic to get this done, if it can be done. >> and the if is the big part, and catherine lucy, jonathan is making a critical point about
9:33 am
the expectation, and when joe biden won the presidency, he thought that he would have a democratic house and senate, and then they win the two georgian seats, they thought they could do anything, and the senate rules make it hard to do everything and let alone anything. and so now he is going up to the democratic leader on the hill saying that i need you, and the two sinema and manchin are saying no. and now, the two democrats as well. >> what about senator manchin? sinema? >> i don't think that anyone should be absolved from the responsibility of protecting the democracy especially when they took an oath to protect and defend our constitution. >> and in "usa today" today, this is from former president barack obama the first african-american of the united states, and now is the time to do the right thing, and this
9:34 am
democracy is being sorely tested and future generations are counting on us, and kamala harris, and barack obama and two members of the democratic party say no. >> and those comments from former president, and barack obama are reflecting themes like unwinnable fight, and that this is an important moment to show everything they have around it, and georgia going to the hill today, and they really think that, again, even if this is not going to be, they have to show it ahead of the midterms that the activists are frustrate and the party faithful are frustrated so you have to make a big show here, and show that the president is doing everything that he can, but you also dealing at an interesting moment for president biden who is a former senator, and someone over
9:35 am
his career respected the rules of the senate, and the procedures and the filibuster, and it took him for a long time as president to say that this moment is too big, and voting rights is too big of a concern, and we need to rethink the filibuster, and the reality is that these two senators can completely block him. so it is not really clear how they proceed from here, but they really do think that the moment is too important not to try. >> it is a fascinating moment. >> ki jum-- can i jump in real fast, jon? there is a real way to proceed, and as catherine pointed out, is to proceed by blessing this bipartisan gang form eed in the addressing election like jeanne shaheen of new hampshire, and could include people like
9:36 am
kirstkir s kirsten sinema and joe manchin and are they clear to do something on lek shuns this year is the way to do it, but it is what shook loose the infrastructure last year and forming one of the gangs in the senate, and the question is now are they willing to do that on a fundamental issue for the party. >> and can you get 10 republicans as it gets closer for the mid-term elections to the magic number of 10, and so that is why the mid-term election is off to a rough place for the president. and the president's numbers are down, and the covid numbers are up, and the calendar is a giant flurry. liz, you nerd, cough if you're in here! shh! i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. what about rob's dry cough? works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs.
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there are some genuinely good number for president biden as he approaches the first year mark and braces for the midterm election. the unemployment rate is below 4% and 2 million americans are newly signed up fobama care, an that is after a big push, and that is usually the north star of midterm elections is a number that is a problem for the president. the new poll puts the president's approval job at 42%, and the panel is back to us. catherine lucy, the challenge for the president, and those who follow elections say that you have to do this by easter or memorial day is to find a reset
9:42 am
button, but the challenge with covid exhaustion everywhere, how do you get the reset button, and in a smart piece in the washington post, it was put this way, that the volatility is so great right now, the voters are shell shock and the people say they are on a roller coaster, and they want to get off. >> that is right. i think that what you are seeing coming in here is not how biden wanted to start '22, and we are still dealing with the huge omicron virus, and inflation, and dealing with the pandemic shortages and reports of grocery stores being out of goods, and people struggling with the higher price, and just generally a weary public. so all of those things are contributing to the situation with his poll numbers right now, and he ran as you recall as someone who could get the pandemic, and the economy under control, and lot of people right now don't feel like either is
9:43 am
under control. so yes, the try now is to move to some reset move or pivot, and one thing that they could try and do is to revive the bill back better plan and the social policy, and that is challenging, because the new inflation numbers could make it hard to convince senator manchin who is a challenger on the policies to go forward. >> it is hard to break through, jonathan, and we have the new inflation report, and two days in a row, a bad inflation report, and you don't have to have the numbers, but looking at the line, it is a pain in the wallet problem for everyday americans. and joe trippy in the same "post" piece says it is $15 more dollars to fill up the tank, and higher to get a loaf of bread, and it is going to hurt. >> and there are obviously some bad actors who want to put january 6th in the memory hole,
9:44 am
but at the same time, there are a lot of voters out there who are not thinking the about january 6th, and thinking about their lives day in, day out, and the price at the pump, and the cost of the grocery store, and that is the challenge that joe biden is facing. i am not sure that a pared down build back better or the pared down voting bill is going to have that effect as long as covid and the economic impact of covid are looming over most people in this country. look, until people feel that we are out of covid, and there is some kind of a sense of normalcy on the prices, i just think it is politically challenging for joe biden. by the way, jon, that is against the backdrop of the challenges that a president almost always has in the first mid-term, because it is never easy for the president facing the voters in the first midterm, and so it is compounded by this moment, but it was always going to be a tough cycle. >> and you are starting to see
9:45 am
the seeds of the white house saying, sure, you are frustrated about that, but the other guys, and joe biden saying turning the attention to, yeah, but, don't put those guys in power. >> yes, and it is because we have outlined in the past few minutes odds are against him, and like, everything that could go wrong is going wrong -- the pandemic, inflation, and all of the things that make people very upset, and it is not clear that the pandemic is going to be behind us. that is a promise that was made. it is not clear it is going to happen, but it is time to look at the republicans, and can they govern and fix thing, and remember january 6th and all of these thing, and this is the time to nail your opponents to at least try to stem some of the losses that democrats are expecting in the mid-terms right now. >> two weeks into the midterm year, and long way to go.
9:46 am
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earn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year?
9:50 am
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9:51 am
sincere apologies to his jewish friends and yesterday he tweeted this, when voicing objection to the vaccine requirements and comparing it to the nazi restrictions against the yous and the minorities and you can see this nazi symbol there. and it is still up on twitter, and so grateful for the apology, but why? this is just -- this is decency 101 and commonsense 101 and communications 101 and have a fight about the mandates, but leave the nazis and the holocaust out of it. >> he doesn't know better, and not aware of the reflective changes of the party, and he has john boehner of the district to know how it reflects one change of the party, and john boehner and comparing covid to the
9:52 am
nazis, and it is a important moment. >> and auschwitz victims said that to be compared to covid limitations and vaccine is a sad symptom of emotion al and moral and intellectual decay. so this has just gone off of the rails. >> yes, there is an apology, and he said this, and i would cite the anti-defamation league commenting on certain things saying that this is not appropriate. these are public guidelines, and we can have a debate of the public health guidelines, but referring to the tactics of nazi germany, and to compare to the holocaust is deeply harmful, and it is the message that many were trying to get through to him. >> it is, just is, and decency
9:53 am
for the respect of the fellow man, and so, you get attention and you raise money. >> they want attention any way they can get it, but to compare something to the nazi, and you want to tweet it, smack your hand, and put the phone down, and push the computer awayk and don't do it. that is the rule. >> that should be the golden rule. count to ten before you tweet. put it down and think about it, and count to ten before you tweet it. and the bipartisan golden rule. appreciate it. and up next, the new threat to the republican national committee that oversees presidential debates. a dedicated fidelity advisor looking at your full financial picture. this is what it's like to have a comprehensive wealth plan with tax-smart investing strategies designed to help you keep more of what you earn.
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looking at the political radar, a new threat of the republican national party that oversees the presidential debate. it is prohibiting future presidential nominees to participate unless it is by approved moderators. we will see how that plays out. and also, david mccormick announces a run for the u.s. senate seat in pennsylvania.
9:59 am
i fugate in iraq, and now i am going to fight the woke mob. >> several u.s. aides are looking at the crowd ed field i pennsylvania including dr. memmet oz. there are $31 million already spent, and in ohio, it is $23 million and in new hampshire and pennsylvania rounding tout top four. the biden administration is meeting with big tech to find out how they can fight national security in software.
10:00 am
and do you know the whole story of this woman? the true marilyn, a cnn series, "reframed, marilyn monroe" tonight at 9:00 p.m. thank you for joining, "inside politics" and you can download it on your podcast wherever you view your favorite podcasts. and now we go to the cnn newsroom with and na cabrera. president biden is turning up the heat for democrats in the caucus lunch to push for voting rights legislation. the only way to change it now is to fight the filibuster rules, and his own party is needing the majority, and two members, joe manchi


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