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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  January 13, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> for some reason i have images of walking with cowboy boots, talking i'm the law. it was my immediate image. but you know what? think about it. the problem is that it was never about what was common sense and logical. that's the frustrating part. it was never about that. because you know it's going to be spun. now suddenly, it will be a criticism of this doj being political, and that wasn't the case before for the prior doj and attorney general. they're going to talk about. so sometimes i think the point is to frustrate. the arguments come out, don, oh, well, here is the explanation for why this is. i might think the point is to frustrate. because logic has shown its face since january 7th. >> yes. but today with the charges from these are the proud boys or the oath keepers. >> right? >> oath keeper. >> these are the oath keepers. i don't think there are any oath keepers that are blm, antifa, so
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and so forth. >> i think they called them marxist. the person who is the leader has been outspoken on that very issue, which you know is not the case. but he doesn't even have lawyers. i was talking to his committee lawyer, but not the actual criminal lawyer. he does not yet have one. i'm wondering if he'll get the rittenhouse treatment in terms of funding to see who really does have his back. >> we shall see. i've got images of annie oakley. laura oakley. that's it. thank you, laura. i'll see you tomorrow. >> oh, god. goodbye. >> have a good one. so everyone, thank you for joining us. this is "don lemon tonight." so what we have been talking about just now is called seditious conspiracy. seditious conspiracy. sedition. you guys know what that is. it's a chilling charge. the u.s. code charges sedition as two or more people who
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conspired to overthrow the u.s. government or, quote, prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of u.s. law by force. two or more people who conspire to overthrow the u.s. government or, quote, prevent, hinder or delay the execution of u.s. law by force. what's that sound like? january 6th. the doj charging the leader of the far right extremist oath keepers stewart rhodes and ten others. the charge carries 20 years max in prison. on december 22 and, 2020, according to the indictment, rhodes allegedly stated that if president-elect joe biden were able to assume the presidency, and i quote here, we will have to do a bloody, massively bloody revolution against them. that's what's going to have to happen, end quote. and we saw the oath keepers in action january 6th. we saw it with our own eyes, right? it played out live on our television sets and we got the video thereafter. this video shows what is called a stack of them wearing military
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gear and moving in tactical formation through the crowd at the capitol. they aggressively pushed through the crowd, eventually getting inside. but we can't just look at what happened today, okay? it's not just what happened today, right? we have to expand our view of this, expand our lens a little bit. we can't even just look at what happened at the capitol on that day. this is about a months-long plot to block president joe biden from ever taking office and using violence to do it. in just the past few days we have learned so much more about how the elements of this coup -- because that's exactly what it was. it was an attempted coup. we've learned how it was all supposed to come together. the details are pouring outright now this was no spontaneous uprising. there were a lot of things that had to happen to make all the parts come together like a
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puzzle. it was a lot of things that had to happen. there was the plan itself, the relentless pressure on then-vice president mike pence to throw out electoral votes even though he had no power to do that and to overturn the election. we've learned the committee wants to talk to mike pence about that, and he is keeping the door open for that. and in the letter to kevin mccarthy the committee makes it clear they think the former white house chief of staff, mark meadows, had advance knowledge. another quote here. in advance of january 6th you explain to mark meadows and the former president objection to the certification of electoral votes on january 6 was doomed to fail. this one, though, is just beyond, because this one is -- these are the fake electoral college certificates. that we have learned were sent
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to the national archives in the weeks after the election, declaring that trump won seven states he actually lost. and meanwhile i want you to just take a minute and realize these are the people alleging fraud here. the people who are sending fake electoral certificates are the ones who are alleging fraud. these are the people alleging fraud here, the very same ones who are sending the fake certificates. created by trump allies in georgia, arizona, michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, nevada, and new mexico . now, coincidently -- or maybe not -- most of those were states republicans planned to challenge on january 6th until the riot at the capitol intervened. inwatchdog american oversight got copies of the certificates from the archives like this one from arizona. it's up on your screen. and it's signed by those fake collectors. but one of them arizona representative jake hoffman really didn't want to answer a
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question about it from our affiliate kpnx. watch this. >> so in unprecedented times unprecedented action is -- there's no case law, no precedent that exists as to whether or not an election that is currently being litigated in the courts has due standing, which is why we felt it appropriate to provide congress and the vice president with dueling opinions. >> did you have direction from anybody in doing this? was it you yourself doing this, or did someone give you the advice in the manner in which you can do it? >> so i'm simply -- i was one of the electors. i'm not in charge of the electors. >> how did you hear? >> you would need to ask thehe party chair that. >> how did you hear about the plan? were you told to be somewhere? >> you would need to ask the party chair that. >> but you're the person who received the call. you showed up, right? how did you know to show up that day? >> as i said you can go ask the party chair the logistics of it.
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>> ask them how you got a phone call? >> you're welcome to talk to them about this. >> do you not know how you arrived at a place? >> thank you. i appreciate your question. thank you so much. have a great one. >> so it's like trump hanging up on penske yesterday. did you catch that? they thought it was they had to provide dueling opinions. that sounds a lot like remember alternative facts? dueling opinions the new alternative facts. so we learned about the plot. we've learned more about the plotters. today we learned about the muscle, the indictment against the oath keepers laying out their alleged tactics, weapons, organization and communication. from the indictment and i quote here, rhodes and certain coconspirators to include selected regional leaders plan to stop the lawful transfer of
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presidential power by january 20, 21, which included multiple ways to deploy force. they coordinated travel across the country to enter washington, d.c., equip themselves with a variety of weapons, don combat and tactical gear and were prepared to answer rhodes' call to take up arms at rhodes' direction. some coconspirators also amassed firearms on the outskirts of washington, d.c., distributed them among quick reaction force, qrf teams, and planned to use the firearms in support of their plot to stop the lawful transfer of presidential power. that whole idea about there were no -- they didn't have guns, many weren't armed. well, we heard what commander kyle and what michael fanone said about that. of course there were guns. that were confiscated at the apt that day. that's another lie. who's coordinating all of this? who was behind -- who was the coordinator or coordinators of
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this? that is a major question yet to be answered by you better bet -- but you better bet it is being asked. like what was working at the hotel in the so-called war room january 5th, the meeting allegedly attended by rudy giuliani, steve bannon, john eastman and others. the committee met virtually today with another name. bernard kerik, right? bernie kerik. folks here in new york know him because he is a former new york police commissioner who worked with rudy giuliani, looking for evidence of voter fraud. kerik seeing that he paid for 163s in washington hotels used as command centers. and you can bet your bottom dollar the committee has questions about what went on in those command centers. i bet they want to know who the command center was commanding. who were they commanding? what were they commanding? why did you need a command center?
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and when a coup fails, then comes the whitewashing, the cover-up. elected officials who were in the united states capitol while it was being attacked. they knew the score. they knew it then, and they know it now. just like kevin mccarthy. this is what he said exactly one year ago tonight. >> the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters. he should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. these facts require immediate action of president trump. accept his share of responsibility, quell the brewing unrest and ensure president-elect biden is able to successfully begin his term. >> we play that often because it's important to remind you, the folks out there, the
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duality, that's a kind way of putting it of kevin mccarthy and others what they said at the time and what they're saying now. because kevin mccarthy who knew one year ago exactly who was responsible for the attack on the capitol, now he is refusing to cooperate with the january 6 committee. hmm. hmm. why wouldn't you cooperate? i have nothing to hide, but i'm not cooperating. refusing to tell them what he knows about what happened on january 6th and who he knows is responsible, who he said is responsible. so we have that, and there's a lot more big news today. okay? president biden pulling out all the stops on his last ditch effort to get one of his biggest campaign promises across the
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finish line. here we go again. this time it's voting rights. forceful speech, an about face on the filibuster, a trip to capitol hill and a white house meeting with joe manchin and kyrsten sinema tonight. and after all that looks like he's doomed to fail. >> i hope we can get this done, but i'm not sure. i don't know we can get it done, but i know one thing. as long as i have a breath in me, as long as i'm in the white house, as long as i'm engaged at all i'm going to be fighting to change the way these legislatures are moving. >> so the president admitting defeat because the gop won't protect the vote. it's really mainly about the gop because you can't get one or two when it's usually bipartisan. but you can't get one or two, even a couple? nope. gop won't protect the vote. two members of his own party
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won't carve out the filibuster to make it happen. this is what you call -- i mean it's flat out it's a minority ruling a majority. that's what it is. it's what happens when you have a -- a razor thin majority but a minority party explicitly saying we're not going to work with you. a minority party who appears voting rights, they don't really care about it. it doesn't matter. and then there is the conservative majority supreme court in a decision that is a huge hit to the president's attempt to use the power of the federal government to fight the pandemic. the supreme court blocking his vaccine and testing rule for large businesses but allowing a vaccine mandate for some health care workers to go into effect nationwide. we've got more on all of this coming up tonight. it's a packed news night. we're going to get to all of it. but now i want to get to this
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investigation. i want to bring in now cnn's evan perez with more on these landmark charges from the doj today. and i think that's a good way of putting it, evan, landmark. >> oh, yeah, definitely. >> and the level of detail in this 81-page indictment is stunning. is it clear now that the justice department is going after not just the rioters but the planners? >> yeah. that's, i think, one of the things you've come away from this document, don, and you see that for all the criticism that you've heard of the attorney general, you know, there's been a lot of work going on behind the scenes quietly to try to build as they usually do in these cases, to build from the ground up. and one of the things that strikes you when you read this is that, again, we focus a lot on what happened on january 6th. and this idea that we've seen in all the other court cases that what this was about was about impeding and stopping the certification of the vote count that day.
11:15 pm
the prosecutors in this document today, however, go further. they say that this was a conspiracy and this is the reason why they get to seditious conspiracy. they say it was a conspiracy that went beyond january 6th, that these people were working to try to impede and try to -- plotting to stop president biden from taking office. and then even after they talked about having militias, organizing militias to oppose the new president once he was in office. there's a reference in here to stewart rhodes, the founder oof the oath keepers who was one of the people arrested today and was charged -- one of the 11 charged. he had a meeting on that night on january 6th where they talked about next steps, according to prosecutors. they talked about retreating to the mountains of kentucky as a refuge to start civil war 2.0. again, this is all laid out in
11:16 pm
detail in this document there. >> for people who were saying this is -- well, two things, evan, that it was spontaneous. this shows it was not spontaneous. that it was other groups acting on behalf of democrats and joe biden, that it wasn't trump supporters and it wasn't -- clearly that is not the case. >> not true. >> okay. i'm reading here because we got new information now on the former police commissioner of new york, bernard kerik, reporting about his meeting with the january 6 committee. what can you tell us? i just got it. tell us what's going on. >> he met with the january 6th committee, don, for about 8 hours today. that's long, long day of interview, virtual interview he had. and he talked a lot -- apparently he was asked a lot of questions about rudy giuliani and the effort he was working with rudy giuliani on this what they said was an investigation of vote fraud. of course we know this was all bogus, but -- and he acknowledged, by the way, in
11:17 pm
this interview with the january 6th committee they never actually came up with proof of vote fraud. but he felt and rudy giuliani felt in all their work, they were working out of the willard hotel, they were working out of the mandarin oriental, patiently, until a covid outbreak forced them to move hotels. but during this entire period, they never actually came up with any proof, but they felt they needed to continue pursuing this lie. and so that's one of the things -- >> what do they need a war room for? >> he says that it was a misnomer in this interview, apparently. he said that it was mainly to organize everybody who was working on this vote fraud cause that they were pursuing. and, you know, they saw steve bannon there periodically i guess -- >> to do exactly what? working on it? this was to do exactly what? to continue to spread lies or -- >> to continue to pursue the big lie. >> but not to get people to the
11:18 pm
capitol? is that -- >> that apparently is what he is contending this is not what this was about. >> interesting. he previously provided documents to the committee and went through them during his testimony. >> he did, exactly. he had provided documents before, and finally after a bit of a back and forth decided to provide this interview to explain what was going on in those rooms. >> evan perez. >> good to see you, don. >> good to see you as well. there's a lot going on. thank you, evan. the indictment today is a huge moment of the investigation of the attack on the capitol january 6th. so what about lawmakers who had been trying to whitewash the whole thing? what do they think now?
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so it is a huge moment for the justice department filing seditious conspiracy charges against 11 people including the leader of the oath keepers, a far right extremist group. accusing the defendants of stockpiling weapons and plotting to use force to stop the lawful transfer of presidential power. let's bring in kruyswijker, now, the former fbi director and legal analyst elie honig, former general prosecutor. gentlemen, good evening to both of you. look, i don't want to sound hyperbolic, but i mean, chris, these people sound a little -- it sounds a little scary. >> this is cnn breaking news.
11:23 pm
>> welcome back now. a quick update on our breaking news out of australia, the immigration minister has canceled the visa of unvaccinated tennis star novak djokovic for the second time. alex hawk says he used his personal power to do so because it's in the public's best interest, and the government is firmly committed to protecting borders, particularly in relation to the pandemic. now djokovic is expected to challenge the decision in court ahead of the australian open, which starts on monday. we are closely following this breaking news story. we'll have live reports later in the show. now let's go straight to our tennis expert. ben ben rothenberg joins us. have you had a chance to eyeball the statement? give us your reaction. >> yeah, i think the statement is pretty clear, but also relatively vague, just saying it's in the public interest.
11:24 pm
that was alex hawk's determination. we don't know what would have been decisive, what he would have factored in or not factored in. just public interest. we'll see if there is further detail from the morrison government or from hawk on this or maybe about djokovic if he finds out more about why he thinks the decision was made. it ends a long waiting game, since djokovic won his appeal on monday. we've been waiting for a ruling from the immigration minister, it could come at any time, sort of hanging over djokovic ominously, and the australian open ominously. we also wonder if alex hawk, the administrator waited until 6:00 p.m. on a friday to really try to shorten the amount of time that djokovic and his legal team would have to mount an appeal before the australian open. just runs out of djokovic for preparations and participation in that event. >> and if djokovic appeals, can he stay in country while he appeals? and can he compete while he appeals? or will he be locked in a detention center?
11:25 pm
>> these are good questions. these are questions we'll hopefully get answers to soon. i think now if he decides to appeal, he would be sent back to the same detention center he spent several days in last week that would be the thought. if he is no longer a valid visa holder, he wouldn't have the right to stay in the country. he could theoretically decide not to appeal and be on a plane within hours out of the country, and he could also stay and fight. >> and likely reaction? because i don't think you've had a chance to serve a reaction just yet. this is breaking news about the cancellation of his visa again. likely reaction among other players in tennis, especially among other athletes who have been dutifully following the rules during this pandemic. how has this been playing out in the wider tennis world? and with this decision, do you think there is a sense of vindication or relief? we're still concerned about what could happen next? >> i'm sure there is relief we've got a decision.
11:26 pm
people were not enjoying the waiting game, not being this being so preoccupying and distracting which is normally known as the happy slam. people are rested from the off-season and in a good mood and ready to compete peer. this cast a pall on the entire tournament. so there will be some relief for sure from his pierce and other people at the tournament that there has been a decision. certainly people will be relieved by that. and in terms of the decision, this will probably be a popular decision in the locker room. people were not fond of the idea that djokovic had gotten his own rules. many tennis players have been slow to get vaccinated, but did so because it was going to be the rule to come to australia. when they got to australia and found that volkvich was here among them, practicing among them there was some resentment. said that djokovic made them all look like fools for getting vaccinated and following the rules when there was another way around it. now there will be some relief. definitely we have a decision finally from alex hawk.
11:27 pm
and there is probably some hope that it goes away and tennis starts on monday with nothing to focus on but the bouncing balls. >> and of course not much relief for novak djokovic. he has been stuck in this legal limbo. he is probably awaiting whether or not he is going to be sent back to that immigration detention facility, talking to his lawyer, figuring out what his options are, while all the while earlier today, we saw him out on the court, practicing, getting ready for the australian open. who what do you think is his head space right now, especially after this announcement? >> well, i don't think his head space was great before this. we've been hearing from people who talk to him, he has been weary. he is distracted. he is known this could happen. he knew this was a very much looming decision. so he has been on pins and needles the whole time and seems wearied by the whole affair which is hard not to be. we'll see how much acceptance he has, how much willingness to fight. we know on court and off he is a
11:28 pm
very determined competitor, not one the back down from any sort of challenge. and that is why he appealed the decision in the first place. he could have left the country on his own volition, but instead he rode it out. he stayed in the detention center to get to fight. now we'll see if this choosing to appeal and stay could cause him further penalties. one thing we don't know is the minister for immigration will enforce a rule in the australian law that says there could be a three-year ban from reentering the country after receiving such a deportation or the. it's not impossible. we'll we have to see how much that is a part of negotiations going forward during the appeal process, that possible three-year stick hanging over him and his future participation in this tournament he loves so much and has won line times. >> ben rothenberg, ben live from melbourne for us. thank you. for viewers in the united states, we're going return you to "don lemon tonight." and for international viewer, we'll have much more on the
11:29 pm
breaking news story. australia's immigration minister has canceled novak djokovic's visa. we'll be right back after this. >> was donald trump's big lie, the same lie that was being perpetrated and thought up and spread from that willard hotel war room that you mentioned before. why did they call it a war room? that's what drove this muscle into the killing. >> eli, chris, thank you so much. appreciate it. president biden meeting tonight with joe manchin and kyrsten sinema hours after they declare they won't budge on the filibuster. is there any chance he could change their minds? or is it the final nail in the coffin for voting rights legislation? at morgan stanley, a global collective of thought leaders offers investors a broader view. ♪ we see companies protecting the bottom line by putting people first. we see a bright future, still hungry for the ingenuity
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the president meeting with joe manchin and kyrsten sinema at the white house for more than an hour tonight trying to keep his push for voting rights alive. that after sinema speaking on the senate floor made it clear that she is shutting down any possibility of axing the filibuster to pass voting rights. less than an hour before president biden arrived on capitol hill to push democrats to doing exactly that. joining me now to discuss cnn senior political analyst mr. ron brownstein. ron, here we go again. good evening, sir. look, definitely this is a blow to president biden and to democrats and to the cause of voting rights that will reverberate throughout the mid-terms. it's going to reverberate and beyond, the next presidential election -- >> decades. >> right. so talk to me about the significance of what happened today. >> it's a momentous day.
11:35 pm
you can look at the failure now with kyrsten sinema saying she'll not accept any carve out of the filibuster for voting rights. as well as joe manchin echoing that position. you're now in a position where the road may be clear for the red states to proceed to steadily tighten the tourniquet on voting rights throughout this decade. i mean the supreme court has made clear it is not going to interfere. the roberts court has never overturned a state voting rights restriction, in fact banged the gong with everything you're seeing with the shelby county decision, in 2013 eliminating the justice department clearance authority. and with manchin and sinema saying you need a super majority, a bipartisan super majority for congress to act, there may be no effective constraint on what the red states can do. so we could be in a period of a significant unwinding of civil liberties and civil rights that go beyond voting rights in the
11:36 pm
red states. i mean, it is highly likely the supreme court is going to let the states -- the red states restrict or ban abortion. we're seeing roll backs of lgbtq rights, first amendment rights in terms of limiting how teachers can talk about race in schools or how people can protest, heighten penalties for protesters. there is a great divergence, i think, that is ahead between what basic civil liberties look like in red states or blue states, and today is a turning point or cross roads on that path. >> all of this -- the lions share of the blame should be placed on republicans because they're just not going to budge, but also on the two democrats who have this sort of misguided idea of what the filibuster is actually about and the history of the filibuster. go on. >> think of the asymmetry in place here. we're seeing republicans impose these voting restrictions in red states on a party line majority vote basis.
11:37 pm
there are three democratic votes total in the state legislatures for the most restrictive voting laws. and something like only 19 out of 1600 state republicans have passed them. the states are passing these restrictions on a party line majority basis. the supreme court has opened the door to this. the shelby county decision in 2013 and the decision in 2019 each were approved on a party line majority basis. five republican appointees outvoting four democratic appointees. but manchin and sinema have set a standard that congress can respond to these restrictions on voting rights only with a bipartisan super majority of 60 votes. and that kind of incongruity, that kind of imbalance in the playing field virtually guarantees, i think, through the 2020s we're going to see more rather than less restrictions on peoples access to the ballot box. >> why are you -- i guess you answered part of it.
11:38 pm
you say today reveals that the trifecta of red state legislatures, the right leaning supreme court and the senate filibuster making it impossible for democrats to govern even when they win elections. meaning this isn't a runoff, and what does that mean? one off. i said runoff. >> not a one-off, right. as i said before, if you look at what's happening across the board is you're seeing red states on a majority vote party line basis, their legislatures rolling back all sorts of civil rights and civil liberties that we thought were established as common national rights. and they're doing that on a majority basis. the supreme court is giving them the leeway to do that certainly on voting rights so far and potentially on abortion next summer in that decision and on other rights. and then the one tool democrats
11:39 pm
have to protect these rights whether it's codifying roe or codifying the national floor of voting rights or restoring their preclearance is ability to pass legislation through the congress. but in the congress they now have to reach this super majority in the senate, which that gives a veto to the same red states. so what we're seeing i think is kind of a pincer movement from several directions, which is driven by the uniform as you point out resistance of senate republicans but fundamentally enabled by manchin and sinema with their eyes wide open. i mean, they can have no illusions about what's happening either in the red states or the refusal of senate republicans to try to rein in what their republican colleagues are doing. in the red states. it's kind of illogical to begin with. and all these forces i think make it very difficult for democrats to advance their agenda. especially on the other side they're moving on the exertion of national power. as we saw today in their overturning of the osha vaccine
11:40 pm
mandate. >> well, that's what we're going to talk about next. thank you, ron. i appreciate it. . thanks, don. >> so ron just mentioned the supreme court, right, and what is happening. handing president biden a major blow, striking down his vaccine mandate for large businesses. what will he do now? it's time for our lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed. what if i sleep hot? ...or cold? no problem, the sleep number 360 smart bed is temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. and it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so, you can really promise better sleep? yes! you'll know exactly how well you slept, night after night. we take care of the science. all you have to do is sleep. don't miss our weekend special. save up to $1,000 on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, 0% interest for 36 months and free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday.
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the status quo isn't working. bilal is the best shot we have for meaningful change. i'm bilal mahmood, and i know our city can become a beacon of hope once again. look, there's no other way to put it. this is a major blow to president biden's efforts to fight the pandemic. the supreme court today blocking his administration's vaccine and testing requirement aimed at large businesses. so let's dig into this decision now with former u.s. attorney harry litman. am i right this is a major blow? i know it was split right down ideological lines so do you think it's a major blow? >> major blow and seems to suggest more to come, a real assault on the administrative state i think by the new conservatives. >> do you believe the biden administration was within its
11:45 pm
rights legally to put this vaccination requirement in place? what does the law say here? >> i do. the law says osha must -- must do it if there's grave workplace dangers. the majority said, well, the dangers here are workplace and everywhere. the dissent said so what, there are workplace dangers, and they're accentuated in the workplace. that's enough, and i think they were right. >> the liberal dissent says this decision undercuts the capacity of the responsible federal officials acting well within the scope of their authority to protect american workers from grave danger. why didn't that argument win, harry? >> that's the broader theme, right? having administrative agencies with expertise and uniformity, it didn't win because the new majority doesn't like the administrative state very much, doesn't trust it and wants to scale it back. >> i want to see if you understand this, all right, because these are comments from
11:46 pm
conservative justice clarence thomas from the oral arguments hearing for this case. watch this. >> there's been some suggestion or at least it seems to be implied that the vaccinations are efficacious in preventing some degree of infection to others. could you talk about that? particularly as i remember in the filings that the 18 to -- that the younger workers, the 20-year-olds who are unvaccinated are actually safer than the older workers who are vaccinated? so there are obviously some differences. >> okay. let me just before you answer that. the science is that vaccinated people regardless of age are way less likely to get seriously ill or die from covid than unvaccinated.
11:47 pm
what did you make of those remarks? >> well, i thought it was puzzling and bizarre, but if you put it together with some of the things that the people on that side were saying, i think he's really worried and so is aleto about people who feel their liberty interests are being violated if they have to take a vaccine. >> yeah, that's liberty. but the science doesn't show what he's saying, harry. >> don, no argument there, but he wants to say -- they see it as an issue of personal liberty. their look out here were people who want to stay vaccinated and businesses. the look out of the dissent of entire country and workers who are powerless if harrcongress doesn't stand behind them. >> harry litman, appreciate it. the republican national committee threatening to boycott presidential debates if they don't get the changes they want.
11:48 pm
i wonder who they're trying to please.
11:49 pm
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11:52 pm
take this. the republican national committee threatening to stop future gop presidential candidates from participating in general election debates. the rnc chair sending a letter to the commission on presidential debates making that threat and asking for significant procedural changes. this move clearly aimed to please the gop's favorite future presidential candidate, you know, former president trump, who during the 2020 campaign railed about the debate moderators and the commission's decision to mute each candidate's microphone during the final debate because he kept interrupting then-democratic nominee joe biden at the first debate. think about just how big of a mistake it would be for a candidate not to show up.
11:53 pm
debates create moments that may just define a race for a president. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. [ laughter ] >> we have the right approach for the future, and look at the results. it is not midnight in america, senator. we are better off than we were four years ago. >> that's what the question in this campaign is about. it's not only what's your philosophy and what's your position on issues, but can you get things done? and i believe i can. >> i'm glad that you recognize that al qaeda is a threat because a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing america, you said russia, not al qaeda. you said russias. >> as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a cease-fire, a release of
11:54 pm
dissidents, an opening of new opportunities in nations around the world or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina. >> will you shut up, man. >> listen, who is on your list, joe? who's on your list? >> gentlemen, i think -- >> this is so unpresidential. >> it would really be a shame if voters never got the chance to see any of that. the first sedition charges in the january 6th insurrection targeting the leader of the far-right oath keepers. all the latest on the investigation. that's next. at safelite autogla. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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11:59 pm
the coffin for voting rights legislation tonight. >> i hope we can get this done. the honest to god answer is i don't know whether we can get this done. the daughter of martin luther king jr. joins me to talk about it just ahead. and do three unpaid speeding tickets amount to a rap sheet? >> on the eve of his hearing, it has been made public that he has a rap sheet with a laundry list of citations. >> stereotyping much? that's a u.s. senator leveling those loaded charges against a black nominee for the federal bench. we'll talk about that just ahead. i want to get straight to cnn's senior legal affairs koernts paula reid. she has the latest on the charges against the leader of the oath keepers and ten other people. >> reporter: the justice dent today escalating its efforts to prosecute those responsible for january 6th. charging oath keepers leader stewart rhodes, along with ten others, with seditious
12:00 am
conspiracy related to the attack on the capitol. it's the first time federal prosecutors have used the sedition charge after bringing more than 700 cases related to the insurrection. but prosecutors have long signaled that they were considering using the rarely applied section of federal law. rhodes is the most high-profile individual charged in the investigation so far. court documents filed today lay out a wide-ranging plot to storm the capitol and disrupt the certification of the 2020 election. two days after election day, rhodes allegedly urged his followers to refuse to accept the election results, writing in a signal message, we aren't getting through this without a civil war. according to federal prosecutors, on his way to d.c. on january 3rd, rhodes allegedly bought an a.r. platform rifle and other firearms equipment, including sights, mounts, triggers, slings, and other firearms attachments in texas. th


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