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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 15, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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to build a future of unlimited possibilities. ♪ and a warm welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm paula newton. ahead here on "cnn newsroom" tennis number one novak djokovic is back in detention as he appeals a second visa cancellation. we will take you live to melbourne and belgrade. plus, ukraine recovers from a cyber attack as the pentagon accuses an excuse to its neighbor. we'll go to those details.
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and a winter storm sweeps across america, derek van dam tells us how bad it will be. and here's the thing, how best you can prepare. so serbian tennis star novak djokovic is fighting to stay in australia at this open to compete at the australian open, failure to get vaccinated against covid-19 contributed to the pat of his visa. he's back in detention a day after being able to practice on the courts. and an appeal hearing will be the player's last chance to avoid deportation. paula hancocks joins me live. as you were saying, djokovic will have to wait to sunday
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morning melbourne time plead his case. why don't you brings up to date on what to expect and how this will unfold. >> reporter: at this point, novak djokovic is back in detention, he's back in the park hotel, where he was a week ago, certainly not where he wants to be two days before a grand slam event but his lawyers, immigration lawyers, will be extremely busy at the moment. they have two more hours to file admissions to the court. 9:30 sunday morning here in melbourne, the proceedings will begin. it will be a full court, meaning three judges while the one that was decided in the preliminary hearing this saturday, today. and they will be hearing arguments from both sides. now, we did see more court filings today. there were a number that were made public in the public interest. and it shows really what the argument the immigration minister is making. his argument is that djokovic staying in the country to incite
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andy vaccination sentiment or also possibly civil unrest. there's also another part of the submission which said there is a concern he could influence others to emulate his prior conduct and failing to comply with health measures polling a positive covid-19 test result. now, that refers back to djokovic's admission he went out a day after he was covid-19 positive to a media interview, a photo shoot, and that has been used in the immigration minister's argument as well. so, this will be heard from 9:30 tomorrow morning. and potentially, we will hear something by the end of the day, of course, time is running out. the australian open starts on monday. djokovic is supposed to be on court on monday. >> and if he's not, even if he is there appealing he would have to forfeit or presumably go home. i want to ask you about the other players in this
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tournament. remember them? i think they're feeling distracted, this is taking away from the competition. how are they reacting? >> reporter: there is a growing sense of frustration that this has dragged on so long and that it is effectively sucking all of the oxygen out of the room. there was a media day today, this saturday, at the australian open, and many of the players were available for media interviews. every single one of them was asked, of course, about novak djokovic as well. there is a frustration they'll be asked less about their hopes, their chances, their form, and more about this visa. we heard from andy murray, the former number one british player saying this is not good for tennis. it's not good for australia, it's not good for novak that we need a resolution. but you also have players saying that djokovic knew what the expectation was. 97% of the men's singles players are vaccinated. this was an expectation that
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they chose to be. djokovic chose not to be. there is frustration among the players that he brought this on in many ways himself. paula. >> for what we can expect going forward, you and i discussed this before, right, even if he doesn't win or lose this appeal there is perhaps a bridging visa. you just outlined it there, the conditions under which the administrator cancelled this the second time, it's as if the slate has been wiped clean, right? >> reporter: well, the first hearing which happened last monday was really a procedural issue, the judge finding that there was a procedural error in the way that the visa was cancelled. that the border officials did not give djokovic a chance to confer with his lawyers or tennis australia officials. so that was really why that was overturned. this time around, and the
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immigration minister deciding to make the argument that it is in the public interest that novak djokovic's veeisa be cancelled. it could make it more difficult to fight against. the lawyers saying they could try to find a legal error in order to have the visa reinstated. but it is a broad concept, it's not in the public interest. we do have an idea what the government is saying, the fact that they're worried about the anti-vaccine sentiment. they're worried that djokovic's presence here could excite that community and that sentiment. and then again, the fact that he has admitted to going outside and mingling with people, while covid-19 positive worries people here to do the same, paula. >> paula hancocks after 8:00 p.m. there in melbourne. thank you for that update. now, we want to do a deeper dive into that analysis, australian
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immigration lawyer joins me now. glad to have you on board. more specifically about tennis, i wanted to ask you about the grounds on which the judge cancelled djokovic's visa. we just heard paula talk about it. they describe it as a danger to good order. as an andy vaxxer, he could stir up others. now, are they on firm ground legally, especially when it comes to the right to appeal such an order? >> are they in the right, legally? well, the minister has certain powers to make certain opinions. what has to happen is that the minister has to determine, has to show that his determination, let's say, making sense. is it sensible to say that mr. djokovic could cause public disorder.
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by being and anti-vaxxer. well, mr. djokovic has made no statements, has made no incitement, he's just said she doesn't want to take the vaccine. that sounds to me to be a fundamental right, that the immigration department seeks to challenge. fundamental rights can't be easily extinguished and without reading the submissions to be made by mr. djokovic's lawyers, that would be something that i would put forward to the court. >> and putting forward that argument to the court, even if there was no quick resolution tomorrow, what do you think, is it possible that this so-called bridging visa is still, you know, really in play here, that he could actually be allowed to stay, be allowed to leave
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detention, still play the tournament and have this appeal ongoing? >> it's possible, though, he now has no visa. a bridging visa normally would be granted to permit a person to arrange to depart from australia. if a bridging visa was issued, it would be hard for mr. djokovic to argue that he needs two weeks, which is, say, the duration of the tennis championship, he needs two weeks to arrange to depart australia. so, i think the best chance for mr. djokovic is to have the minister's decision overturned. >> right. and for that to be done fairly quickly, obviously, because there's one day left. they're supposed to be on court.
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i'm wondering, why do you think the government chose this route? i mean, there are other questions about the initial visa, you know, questions about when he tested positive. his travel before he arrived to australia. the document in which he basically said he hadn't traveled anywhere else before he went to australia. now, there is evidence, he says it was a mistake. but why go this route, in order to say he would be a danger? >> yes, why go this route? the minister would have asked mr. djokovic a series of questions. and mr. djokovic would have provided answers to those questions. and some of the answers about visiting places while he knew he was covid positive may or may not form grounds for cancellation of a visa. so, the minister's, i think,
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clutching at straws is going into a section of the act, which is section 1, subsection -- going right there into the act, found he could cancel the visa if the presence of the visa-holder would jeopardize the health and good governance of australia. i would argue, were ite, there are hundreds of thousands of people with the covid infection in australia. there must be tens of thousands of people who are asymptomatic, undiagnosed, but with the virus. and secondly, in the community. how could one person pose such a threat, as to the good order of australia. mr. djokovic is doing nothing, nothing at all, towards promoting or inciting or becoming a poster boy for
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anti-vaxxers. and the other thing that i would -- i would argue is that, a person's choice to take the vaccine or not take the vaccine is a personal choice. >> right. and we know -- >> and it's -- >> and we do know in australia there has been some sympathy for that argument. of course, that would be, though, mr. djokovic being a noncitizen of australia. we're going to have to leave it there. john findlay, thank you for weighing in. >> oh, pleasure, pleasure. now, with any luck, we go back to the pandemic here, waiting in the long tireless covid testing lines could soon be a past for the united states. beginning wednesday, americans will be able to order home covid tests from the federal government. the program will allow up to four free tests per address and available at beginning on january 19th and will ship seven to 12 days of order. this comes as hospitalizations
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are reaching new highs. new states and guards persons are calling in national guard personnel to help fill gaps as workers call out sick. according to the hhs data, more than 156,000 people in the united states are hospitalized with covid. and 19 states report their intensive care units are now more than 85% full. to europe now, where france says a record number of case -- classes were cancelled on friday due to soaring cases among students and teachers. now, the country has seen record high numbers of new cases this week. spain, in fact, reported nearly 1 million new cases in the past week alone. and the second highest number of daily cases since the pandemic began. more than 162,000 cases were reported just friday. joined now by cnn's melissa bell in paris. between the protests, and
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walk-outs and protests. obviously, melissa, you and i know covid fatigue is peeking even with those cases? >> reporter: covid is peeking even with that spread of omicron so contagious that we're just seeing these records set and then beaten in country after country day after day. because it's spreading so quickly, because it's inevitable that such a large part of the european population will catch it, paula. and that was according to the world health organization speaking that 50% of europeans would have it within the next six to eight weeks. the issue now is for governments to try to figure out how they're going to manage to keep the economy's schools open longer term. even though the new variant is spreading. so, in france, the relaxation of rules for teachers on thursday and not being consulted, they say they're put in danger by more relaxed rules aimed at
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keeping children in school. and then just the next day, that record number, either because teachers themselves were sick. or too many children in one class were. as well, we expect more protests here in france this saturday, paula, because overnight, early hours of the morning, the french parliament managed to get through a crucial stage in tightening legislation. so concerts and cinemas will only be cancelled next week. for those to take a pcr test. so a hardening around legislation. and trying to encourage children to stay in school despite the variant and it has yet to peak. we expected to see the figures tapering off from next week. but authorities say they don't expect the pressure on hospitals to ease at least before the end of the month or beginning of the next. that's how long europe's going to try to have to hold on, hold tight, even though you say, that can be setting in and protests
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continue as governments try to keep as open as they possibly can despite everything. paula. >> and sobering, indeed, melissa, not just the cases but hospitalizations as you were talking about. melissa bell, appreciate it. the u.s. says russia up to its old tricks. what we're learned about an alleged false evacuation coming up andnd north korea as it launcheses more test missiles. we'll have t that story, next.
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the u.s. says it has information that russia is preparing a so-called false attack to justify invading ukraine. now, an american official tells cnn there is evidence moscow will carry out so-called acts of sabotage against its own proxy forces as a pretext for invasion. ukraine's defense ministry made a similar allegation. take a listen now to what the pentagon said about this friday. >> we do have information that indicates that russia is already working actively to create a
1:21 am
pretext for a potential invasion. for, you know, a move on ukraine. in fact, we have information that they prepositioned a group of operatives to conduct what we call a false flag operation. an operation designed to look like an attack on them or their -- or russian-speaking people in ukraine. again, as an excuse, to go in. >> and ukraine says russia is likely behind a cyber attack that hit scores of its government websites. for more on all of this, sam kiley joins us live from kiev. sam, ukraine has learned to expect such attacks. but i'm wondering if they really believe that this is a prelude to a wider military conflict? >> reporter: i don't think there's any doubt at all in the minds of ukrainian officials and indeed their own intelligence
1:22 am
services have reinforced that, with that statement you that mentioned earlier on. almost simultaneous with the u.s. extraordinary statement coming from the pentagon, giving a degree of detail that you would never normally see in terms of an exposure of covert operations in a rival territory, or conducted by a rival, but nonetheless, the ukrainians saying the false flag operation could be conducted against russian troop ss in moldova. and they have seen it. it's been used by russians elsewhere in chechnya. there were attacks by chechens that payment part of the rule decades ago. so, we have seen this before, they've seen it before here in ukraine, and the assumption, frankly, among ukrainian
1:23 am
officials is if there is going to be an escalation it would almost follow that kind of attack, a false flag attack, attributed to ukraine to cover the energy for vladimir putin to order troupes into ukraine. of course, as you know, there are also russian troops on the ground in donbass region. a covert. of russian forces since invaded in 2017. >> and, sam, in terms of the reaction there on the ground as to what could unfold, are they looking at a time line at this point? and do they think there's any hope for talks whatsoever? >> reporter: i think that's a very interesting issue. there is a heightened state of alert. there were some units in ukraine that have gone on to a higher state of alert than they were already on. this is a country that is at war. people forget that, donbass has been occupied by russia, crimea,
1:24 am
occupied and annexed by russia. so ukrainian troops almost on a weekly basis are being killed, despite the fact there was supposed to be a cease fire. they're already at a heightened state of alert. there is a great deal of activity going into training of reserves, planning for stay-behind units to operate behind russian lines to make an insurgency against russian invasion. and the expectation it could happen at any moment. >> we shall watch events from there. it's good to have you on the ground in ukraine, sam. sam kiley, for us live from kiev. professor robert english is the director of central european studies at the university of southern california and he joins me now from genoa, italy. there's some pretext that russia would be justified in invade be ukraine. i mean, what do you make of it,
1:25 am
especially given whether or not this intelligence is actually credible? >> yeah, i think there's a bit of a propaganda game going on both sides. i have no doubt that russia has operatives in ukraine, that they've had for some time. it's seeming amateurish, imagine, they're hacking websites and announcing they're coming. that's not consistent. and for the most part, they're accusing us of preparing chemical weapons and a genocide. i'm a little skeptical for both sides, for both, it's part of a war ratcheting up at this moment. >> you unfortunately, it's 2022, and i'm hold enough to resonate with the 1980s. there you go. you want to talk about the wider problem here. you do not think that russia will invade ukraine. why not?
1:26 am
>> i think putin wins by fanning differences. between the alliance, between the united states and its main european allies, britain, france, italy, and he gains by waiting, not by launching an invasion. which would be the one thing to absolutely unite all the nato allies in a really strong response, that would cripple russia economically. so putin wouldn't do that. he's not foolish and it would also be wildly unpopular in russia. but by strengthening the invasion, by raising the stakes by repeating russian computer concerns that and ukraine must never join nato, some european leaders already think that. pressure back in 2008 in the george w. bush administration it was the germans and you chancellor merkel and the french under president sarkozy who blocked the bush administration. the europeans haven't changed on
1:27 am
this. i think the russians raising it to such a fever pitch they're only helping to encourage to say to the americans hey slow down here. the germ chancellor olaf shultz has spoke of a detente, the russia outreach policies of the 1980s and before. so that's a significant difference. and over time, i think russia will be talking separately with the french, separately with the germans. and probably find, you know, openness to some of their security concerns. even if they don't get that ironclad promise that ukraine will never join nato. that would be difficult. >> yeah. and we know that, that's been the red line. you have quite a nuanced argument there. i'm glad you bring up the fact this is not going to be easy for russia to say not going to expand the war with ukraine. that would not be popular with many russians. having said that, what is ukraine's role in all of this?
1:28 am
there had been speculation that perhaps russia was trying to come to an accommodation with ukraine in terms of what was happening in the eastern half of the country there. i mean, what do you think will happen in terms of ukraine stepping up? i mean this is a country on the brink. >> yes, paula, that's an insightful observation. i'm glad you pointed to that direction. because what is this all about, the core issue is eastern ukraine, the separatist region in dansk. that was in 2015 and 2016 outlining a compromise solution that would require russia to get out and its military support. what would also require ukraine, the government in kiev, to grant some regional autonomy and some degree of self-government including language rights and cultural rights for those eastern regions. now, kiev, that is ukraine, signed those accords as a broad outline for a solution that has
1:29 am
not fulfilled them. russia has not fulfilled its part but the ukrainians have backtracked on giving autonomy to those regions. and that's one of russia's central demand, to revive that and solve the core problem here. i've got to say both sides are guilty. not just the russians, but the ukrainians are not cooperating either. and ukraine for its part has deep economic problems, right, it's actually split backwards in recent years. and it's not a stable, prosperous country. >> no. and the problems there are profound and getting worse. were we're going to have to leave it there. mr. robert english, appreciate it. >> thank you. north korea said it test fired two ballistic missiles friday. according to state media, they were launched from a railcar and hit their intended target in the water off the korean peninsula. now, it's the latest of a series of missile tests in recent days. u.s. secretary of state antony blinken condemned the launch
1:30 am
saying it violates multi tame security council resolutions, north korea says it will be forced to take a, quote, stronger reaction if the u.s. chooses to take a confrontation stance. novak djokovic's homeland weighs in on the controversy surrounding his australia visa status. what the serbian is saying. plus a growing candle with prime minister boris johnson after parties held at downing street. yes, parties, during covid lockdowns. why he's apologizes to the queen herself. that's ahead in a live report from london. the reality of living with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease... means you might be dealing with a lot of symptoms... which can change your plans at any time gut-focused entyvio is made for you. entyvio is the only medicine just for uc and cd
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and welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world, i'm paula newton. you are watching "cnn newsroom." returning to our top story now, novak djokovic's legal fight to avoid deportation from australia, after the second cancellation of his visa. right now, the serbian tennis star is at an immigration detention facility once again. his appeal will be heard tomorrow, ahead of the start of the australian open on monday. now, the australian immigration minister said allowing djokovic to remain in the country could increase anti-vaccine sentiment. meanwhile, there is no escaping the issue for the other players preparing to play. rafael nadal spoke with our phil black. >> i'm just a player. i'm seeing it from outside. as i said, i am a little bit tired of this matter. no. to think it went too far, i wish novak all the very best.
1:35 am
and that's it. i want to play tennis. >> god, you got to feel for him. in his homeland, djokovic is revered as the national hero. he even has the backing of serbia's president who is lashing out at australia over their treatment of djokovic, and some of his fans say they're also behind him, no matter what. scott mclean is covering this in serbia. he has the reaction now. it's significant now, right that the president of the country is actually making a statement? >> reporter: yeah, you're absolutely right, paula, we were told that the president is not going to comment on this but yesterday afternoon he released a statement saying because of the attacks and pressures on djokovic he had to say something. what he did say is not certainly going to help australian/serbian diplomatic relations. if they didn't want djokovic in
1:36 am
the country why did they issue him a visa in the first place. the president didn't take issue with the australian immigration decisions what he takes issue is the political intervention, listen. >> translator: i am amazed at the fact that such decisions can be made by the executive and after the valid decisions of the judiciary. they often preach to us about what the rule of law is. why do you mistreat him and make fun of him? not only him, but also his family. and an entire nation that is free and proud. do you need it to win some elections? do you need it to please your public? >> reporter: now, most serbs will tell you, paula, that the vaccination issue, that's a personal choice. and the president didn't mention it. but the prime minister's spokesperson told us yesterday that if djokovic did take the vaccine it would go a long way towards boosting numbers in this
1:37 am
country which are amongst the lowest in europe. >> which is something to follow up on at the end of this, seemingly when it does end. i want you to also give us an update on something i know you've been following very closely. the australian border force was possibly debating the nok vick pcr results. did they reach out to the serbian government at this point? >> reporter: so the prime minister's office said they believe they did reach out to the serbian health institute to try to get some clarity. the government is also trying to clear up questions about that pcr test to us as well. remember, there were questions about the i.d. number on that december 16th positive pcr test. it seemed to correlate better with tests taken ten days later on december 26th. they say that could be explained by the fact it was done at a different lab. remember, also, the qr code on those tests showed both positive and negative results for a brief
1:38 am
time this past week. they say that was due to an overwhelmed server. there are also questions here for djokovic himself, because he tested positive on december 16th, the result was generated around 8:21 that day. he says, though, he didn't get the results until the next day until after he got that maskless with children. the government says there's simply no way he didn't get both a text message and email the day before that event with kids. whether he checked it, though, is something that only novak djokovic can answer. >> there's certainly no crime that not checking your text or email. scott mclean in belgrade, thank you so much. now british prime minister boris johnson is apologizing again for gatherings held at 10 downing street with covid restrictions in place. this time, he's apologizing to the queen elizabeth herself after a new report describes a
1:39 am
boozy party that happened 9 night before prince philip's funeral. you see the queen somber there in her grief. salma is here. obviously, they must be doubting the sincerity of the contrition, especially at the hour of the boozing that was going on. >> paula, it's hard to capture the mood of this nation. moods from outrage to dark comedy. are you sure you're at park or a party? is that a coffee or espresso martini? the jokes go on and on, prime minister boris johnson has become a laughingstock. there's an overwhelming since that he has lied through his team. i want to bring up that picture again you that mentioned. that iconic image of the queen, sitting in the chapel by
1:40 am
herself, mask on, no one near her. saying good-bye to her husband of more than seven decades while still following the rules. respecting the restrictions. something that the people who put those rules in place apparently were not doing just the night before. this latest allegation coming from the telegraph newspaper in britain said two parties were held at downing street the night before prince philip's funeral at the time when the country was in national mourning. at a time when you could only have 30 people at your funeral. at a time when any indoor mixes was absolutely limited, absolutely restricted. and it's important for people to remember that in this country, rules were enforced. at times, police would literally knock down doors of people holding the legal party. there's the sense that the rules don't apply for those who are actually making the rules, paula. and for prime minister boris johnson, this is simply not
1:41 am
going anyway anytime soon. there's an allegation looking at multiple parties that span from christmas of 2020, now to spring of 2021 when prince philip's funeral was being held. the question is it prime minister boris johnson fit for office? does he have the moral authority to lead? paula. >> salma, you did a really good job there really picking up on the absurdity going on. we continue to follow the news in the coming weeks. appreciate it. now, u.s. officials bring the most serious charges yet connected with the january 6th attack. 11 individuals are facing accusations of seditious cons conspiracy. that story after the break. plus, millions in the united states are under winter weather alerts from snow to ice to rain. what to expect this weekend. it's going to be messy. neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please!
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the leader of the anti-government group oath keepers appeared in court friday, accused of seditious conspiracy and other charges in connection with the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. stewart rhodes pleaded not guilty. he's one of 11 defendants facing the rarely used seditious conspiracy charge. cnn's ed lavandera has the details. >> reporter: stewart rhodes appeared calm and unfazed during his initial appearance in federal court friday here in pl plano, texas. rhodes and ten other members of the right wing group the oath keepers face criminal charges for actions during the january 6th insurrection. rodes and others face federal conspiracy charges, rhodes and other members of the oath keepers were plotting to oppose forcefully the peaceful transition of presidential power. in court documents, prosecutors
1:46 am
lay out extraordinary detail that we really haven't heard about the january 6th insurrection. including details that rhodes and others got a cachet of weaponry. that rhodes brought teams stationed in a hotel room across from the potomac river in northern virginia with that weaponry. rhodes himself was inside the capitol. and prosecutors also say that they have communications that rhodes had with other both keeper members where he said we will have to do a bloody -- massively bloody revolution against them. that's what's going to have to happen. we aren't going through this without a civil war. in court today rhodes pleaded not guilty. his attorneys say they are now focused on trying to get him out of jail where he will remain at least until next week. the judge here in this case has scheduled a detention hearing.
1:47 am
attorneys for rhodes says he is not a flight risk. does not have a passport. and because of that should be allowed to wait outside of jail for his trial to come up. if stewart rhodes is convicted of these criminal charges, he faces up to 20 years in prison. ed lavandera, cnn, plano, texas. so, a potentially dangerous winter storm is threatening parts of the united states. details from the cnn weather center, right after a break. rem, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today.
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tonga is under a tsunami warning an an underwater volcano erupted. new zealand reports the volcano first erupted on friday, sending a plume of ash 20 kilometers into the air. you can see the video there. wow. officials warn of heavy rain, strong winds and flash flooding. the volcano was active last december but recently considered dormant. meantime, right here, more
1:52 am
than 65 million people are under winter alerts in the united states. right now, a major storm is threatening the southeast and east coast. it's set to plow through the region with heavy know and a crippling ice storm. joining me now is meteorologist derek van dam. i'm very respectful of ice, derek. it's a nasty one. >> yeah. we know the dangers that ice and black ice after the event can pose for tourists -- or drivers traversing the roadways. and that number 65 million probably starting to go up here. just in the past ten minutes we've now included the atlanta metropolitan region within the winter weather advisory. you can see a large expanse, eastern third of the country, really under some sort of winter weather alert. just focusing in on the southeast where the ice storm warning extends through sections of georgia all the way into the carolinas. you can see atlanta metro again within winter weather alert. the national weather service on board agreeing that the potential here exists for at least snow and a potential for
1:53 am
glazing of ice in and around the atlanta metro region. there's the low pressure system that's going to drive in a warm nose of weather that's going to see temperatures above 32 degrees fahrenheit. that is so critical in terms what type of precipitation we receive across the southeast. and that's what makes his forecast particularly challenging for meteorologists and weather forecasters because you have to dissect all of the levels of the atmosphere to get an accurate level of what type of precipitation we'll get. major ramifications for rain versus snow versus ice versus sleet. and we'll get that going forward. we do not like to see on the computer models that shading of pink across the carolinas especially from raleigh to charlotte. that has mow terpotential for i. you want to prepare your home and your family for the potential of power outages and burst pipes. take a look at some of these tips i put together four.
1:54 am
climate change will create more extreme weather variability across the country. use these tips to better prepare your home and your family against the next arctic outbreak. i've got danny a home expert to help share valuable tips. >> these are easy things that anybody can knock out in an afternoon. one easy outdoor project is covering your faucets ahead of the freeze. if it's extreme cold weather you want to let the faucets drip. moving water keeps the pipes from freezing. another easy project is adding weather stripping. that's going to keep the cold air out. especially if you have gaps in the bottom of your window. it's going to seal that out so if you close it, it's going to stop it. you're not going to have that draft. de derek, you see this at the bottom of the door, that's going to close that gap off. that's going to seal that up to keep the cold air out. another easy project you want to cover any of your exposed pipes especially in outdoors or areas of your home not heated. another simple trick for helping to hold the heat in space is
1:55 am
just taking a blanket and closing off the opening. this especially works great if the hour has gone out, that way you can trap that heat. it's a good idea to change out the furnace filter. that's going ensure that your furnace is running at capacity. another important thing to do this time of year is check the battery on your smoke detectorer and carbon mon now, side detector. >> when using a space heater make sure it's not close to walls. when using a generator is a useful tool at the height of the storm. remember, never operate this indoors and keep it at least 20 feet from your home. know when bad weather son the way, you can sign up or get app alerts on your phone. make sure you have enough pawn perishable foods and groceries for several days. make sure you have enough of your family's essentially medications on hand. and don't forget about supplies for your furry friends too. have flash lights and backup
1:56 am
chargers ready. portable chargers are great to have around. and bottled water is also something you should keep on hand in case pipes freeze. if you have a working gas stove you can also try melting snow for water in an emergency. >> power outages are likely across northern georgia and into the western sections of the carolinas. some of our computer models depict up to an inch of ice accumulation with the storm moving through. i want you to take note of the rain that we're anticipating along the i-95 corridor across the major metropolitan areas. inland from new york. inland from d.c., where we anticipate the heaviest snow to fall. paula. >> yeah, it is nasty. we'll keep our fingers crossed that at least the ice is minimal and those winds stay within a manageable portion. derek van dam, thank you for that update. i am paula newton. i want to thank you for your company. i'll be right back with more "cnn newsroom."
1:57 am
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