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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 16, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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and a warmth warm well col to our viewers. novak djokovic loses his visa appeal and won't compete in the australian open. we are live in melbourne and belgrade with details. all hostages are safe after an hours long standoff at a texas synagogue. we'll bring you the latest. prime minister boris johnson has to go. we are live in london with the backlash he breaks for breaking his own covid restrictions .
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and we begin with the breaking news. tennis star novak djokovic has lost his bid to stay in australia and defend his hitle in the australian open tennis tournament. he now faces deportation. we want to go straight to our paula hancocks who's been watching all of this unfold from melbourne. paula, obviously dramatic moments there and yet the judges were categorical saying, look, we're not here to decide the merits of the government's case, that's not for us to decide, but they looked at what the government had put forward and found that, in fact, it was reasonable and that means that right now at this hour, right, paula, novak djokovic isn't exactly a freeman. he needs to be deported.
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>> reporter: that's right, paula. the very fact there were three judges hearing this case and it was a unanimous decision as you say. it wasn't up to them to decide the merits of the argument. they were just there to look atz the legalities. this is what we had beforehand, that the best chance for djokovic's lawyers were going to be looking for a legal error, which they simply didn't find. so djokovic at this time, it's not clear whether he will go back to detention, back to the park hotel to wait for deportation or whether he will go straight to the airport. the rules are with deportation in these cases you have to leave the country as soon as is reasonably possible. so what they will be doing is putting his affairs in order, getting ready in order to be able to leave the country. now djokovic himself said he was disappointed, said he was extremely disappointed but does respect the court's ruling and said that he will cooperate. now we heard very quickly a
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response from the immigration minister and also from the prime minister scott morrison. he said i welcome the decision to keep our borders strong and keep australians safe. australians have made many sacrifices during this pandemic and they rightly expect the results of those sacrifices to be protected. this was the crux of the government all along. there should not be one rule for the australians and then another rule for those trying to come in. from novak djokovic's point of view, he will now no longer play in the australian open. he will need to leave the country as soon as is reasonably possible. will he not be able to return for three years or will that be in discussion? >> i'm glad you brought that up because that has been absolutely in question, whether or not he'd be able to compete in the next three years. paula hancocks, appreciate the update there. for more on novak djokovic and
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his fate, i want to bring you peter fitzsimmons. he is a sports writer with the "sydney morning herald." try and put this into context for us from a sports perspective. it is preposterous, right, absurd that you have to go into court to play on the court. this is not something that any tennis player should be doing or any tennis player wants? >> this has been a debacle from first to last. by no means should novak djokovic have come here in the first place but he should have been stopped at his border and our border. to go through eight or nine days it has been devastating. we are hospitable people. we are up into the low 90% double vaxxed. it should have been made clear
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to know vax djokovic, no vax, no visa, novak, but instead we had to go through this horrible hour and then put away in detention. >> what is the rule of tennis australia in all of this and in terms of where does this leave the open? >> that is a very good question. you just about need a ph.d., a magnifying glass and a packed lunch to disappear to try to get to the absolute bottom. who did what to who when is not clear. what it seems to be is tennis australia were trying to find if you put pause 3 and paragraph 5 and you put this all together and you get a positive test on the 16th of december then maybe you can come and this is what also makes people suspicious that really under the rules as they were applied he pretty much
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had to get covid when he said he got it, gee, that was fortuitous, for him to come. but at the moment there is -- tennis australia is pointing it at the federal government and the state government is pointing it at the federal government and tennis australia. the problem really was the visa. the visa was issued, of course, by the federal government, not by tennis australia, not by the state of victoria. it was the federal government that issued the visa. they issued the visa and he comes and they say, no, you can't come. you've got to go to detention. >> at this point in terms of tennis australia or perhaps even the tour, the atp, do you think they learned a lesson here? as you just pointed out, they really were just bending rules not just for novak djokovic. there are others who remain unvaccinated on tour. >> i'm not sure of the politics of tennis internationally.
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the bottom line is as a lot of people have pointed out and the p premier of victoria pointed out, it actually comes back to novak djokovic. mate, get the jab. just get the jab. i don't know if you call it get the jab in the various countries that are watching. if you just get the injection you can breeze through all the borders, play tennis and everybody will be fine. if novak djokovic had got the jab like everybody else, including raphael nadal, who's been fairly vocal on a -- then all of this nonsense would have been avoided. he came into the country in a very -- in a very skinny loophole and it was closed when he got here. >> i assure you get the jab translates pretty much worldwide.
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we all know now what it means. it's a serious point what it can mean to your life to get it. that is what the science says. novak djokovic says he has a different opinion. i'm interested what you thought of the statement he put out? when he first tried to explain this on that instagram posting, it gave us more questions than answers. now this statement seemed to have a different tone. it did seem to be more conciliatory and take the temperature down a bit. >> i want to again explain the context. melbourne victoria, the victorians, i stant to be corrected, i'm not sure there's been a more locked down state, city in the world than melbourne. they went hard. they went early and they were locked down for months and months. so the image of a sports person who everybody thought couldn't come because he was vaxxed suddenly putting out an instagram saying, i'm coming. that did not sit well with the victorians and it didn't sit
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well with most australians. we can't compare ourselves to america in terms of the tough time, but unlike a lot of america, we've had long months of lockdowns and there are people who haven't been out of the cross borders to visit dieing parents, there are people locked outside, so that instagram post that novak djokovic put out saying i'm coming, it really jabbed with a lot of australians. then there was this just huge uproar at which point the federal government moved and moved fast to stop him. then you had the first court case debacle where the judge looking at all the paperwork that novak djokovic filled out famously said, well, what more could this guy do? he did all the paperwork. but what's happened in the last week is when they go through all of that paperwork, did he get -- if he was covid positive on the 16th of december, why then was he meeting with kids?
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why did he meet with the journalists? there was doubt cast on the efficacy of that paperwork, but the one good thing is this, at the end of this debacle novak djokovic, what's your hurry to the airport, mate? at least that statement that novak djokovic put out has been quite gracious. instead of saying, i hate the government, i hate australia and i'm never returning, which you wouldn't have been totally surprised that he said, he was basically saying, i haven't got the quote in front of me, more or less. i'm very sorry. i thank all my supporters and often he goes. one note of grace. >> and a good way for him to leave the country now. yeah, he certainly, as you said, through all of this got his due process and was able to say that he respected the outcome. peter fitzsimmons, can't thank you enough.
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to put a fine point on it, i know the government has talked of sacrifice. for those of us with australian friends and relatives we know they have sacrificed a lot. thanks so much. >> we are a very hospitable people and we want to see you in australia. please come but get the jab first. >> thank you, peter. we are tracking another major story this hour. a hostage standoff at a texas synagogue is over. the assailant stormed the congregation at beth israel. it was a small service and four people taken hostage. local people surrounded the synagogue chblts as night fell an elite fbi team moved in. the police chief described what happened. last listen. >> the fbi called out an elite rescue force out of quantico,
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vir virginia. when the sec called they got on a plane and flew out here. i think they brought 60 or 70 people from washington, d.c., to come and help with the situation. sometime around 9 p.m. today, this evening, the hrt, hostage rescue team breached the synagogue. they rescued the three hostages and the subject is deceased. >> cnn's ed laf vevender row wa standing half a kilometer away when this happened. >> reporter: nearly 11 hours after a suspect entered the beth israel synagogue in texas, we have learned that the suspect is dead and all four of the hostages are alive and well. one of the hostages had been released earlier in the day around 5:00 central time but law enforcement enforcement says they have identified the suspect but they are not ready to
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announce who that person is as they continue their investigation into the motives behind this attack on this synagogue. it was a frightening and harrowing day nor the members of this synagogue, which is a small synagogue in colleyville, about 150 members. they were watching desperately and frantically throughout the day wait are for and praying for this outcoming that they saw unfold here this evening. many members of the congregation said members had not been attending the services because of covid pandemic restrictions, that it was -- most people were at home watching on the live stream and that is where they began to see all of this unfold just before 11:00 in the morning and they heard what was described as the ranting and raving and harrowing screaming coming from the suspect inside the synagogue. but tonight all of them celebrating the fact that four of their synagogue members are now alive and well.
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back to you. >> our ed lavender ra there. we have a reaction from one synagogue member who saw part of the standoff while the video was streamed yoon line. she told us it was in fact hard to watch. >> my mother called and told me that there was a hostage situation going on at our synagogue, which is almost unbelievable, and so i dialed into the live stream and i heard the perpetrator speaking. alternated between english and his native tongue and very, you know, just hateful. hateful rhetoric. he hates the jews, he talked about israel and palestine. he blamed the jews, you know, for everything that's going on in the world. >> and we'll have much more to come on the attack as well as tennis star novak djokovic
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facing deportation at this hour from australia. we're also monitoring other developing news this hour plus public backlash is reaching a fever pitch over alleged 10 downing street parties during covid lockdowns. now new polls have a painful message in store for british prime minister boris johnson. neuriviva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain perfoformance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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british prime minister boris johnson is under increasing pressure to quit as allegations pile up 10 downing street held office parties while the rest of the country was on lockdown. a new poll shows 63%, nearly 2 of every 3 brittains, want johnson out. while the opposition labor party smells, of course, opportunities. selma azeez is in london. >> reporter: absolutely. he is losing faith within his own party, within members of the conservative party, those that he needs to hold that seat of power.
1:20 am
i think it's the handling but a laughing stock prime minister. the party boy of the u.k. a person, now he's multiple parties, paints an image of a government that simply does not hold the authority of leadership seriously, that does not take the responsibility of running government during a pandemic seriously. the opposition labor leader has been very quick to call that out. >> boris johnson is too preoccupied defending his rule breaking and as day follows night, when it comes to the national health service, you could never trust the toris. we're witnessing every day the broken spectacle of the prime minister mired in deceit and decent and unable to lead. >> now several conservative mps have also called for prime minister boris johnson to resign and here's the fear, is that
1:21 am
this escalate. more members of the conservative party turn against prime minister boris johnson and would call for a no confidence vote. we are nowhere near that. it would require 54 mps from prime minister johnson's only party to submit letters to trigger that no confident vote. we're nowhere, again, near that threshold, but that momentum is growing, especially when every single day it appears we're getting yet another allegation. it's drip, drip, drip. yesterday it was wine. friday now we're looking into an investigation. this is not over, paula. >> selma, thanks for bringing us up to date. we are visited by an expert from carnegie mellon. brexit, remember that? this has just been so
1:22 am
devastating. i think not just to boris johnson and his party but to all of those, you know, people in brittain that made sacrifices during the pandemic. hard to believe, right, this is a man who said he feared for his life, had covid, was in intensive care and yet you saw this attitude of what was going on in 10 downing street. i would say -- most people would say this would seal his fate and yet we've learned over and over not to count this man out. what do you think? >> that's right, paula. boris johnson is a classic example of a leopard who doesn't change his spots. he was sacked for making up quotes in his first job in journalism. ten or 15 years later he was sacked when the conservatives was in opposition and they caught him lying about an affair. this guy has form. you're right. never count him out. the way i see it, paula, there are three trip lines in the next -- in the coming while that johnson's got to survive.
1:23 am
the first is members of parliament getting emails from angry constituents. they've been going back to their districts this week end and if they return to westminster tomorrow with the news that really the electorate has turned strongly against johnson in their own local areas, then he's potentially a goner this week. secondly in a week or ten day's time as this report by a senior servant into all of these parties and shenanigans, that's not going to say johnson should go. johnson's a robber. it will just lay out facts. the question is whether those facts lead mps to conclude that he knew he was breakin ing the rules. the third if he survives these two, then come may -- every spring in brittain we have nationwide and local elections. that is a greatest of how the
1:24 am
parties are fairing. if he survives until may he may be gone after those may elections. >> which at this point would already seem like a lifetime away. i know that the media interviews, even the torey party chair is saying boris johnson has to take a hard look at the culture within 10 downing street and his lead othership. his agency has always been his electability. >> curiously, i don't think his electability was ever as great as people said. sure they won the last election because labor was laid back. it was not to do with boris johnson. boris johnson compared with other prime ministers over 40 or 50 years doesn't have a great record and he's now more unpopular than any previous prime minister who's gone to
1:25 am
surviving the election. so i think it's a bit of a myth that johnson has some unique election winning voter attracting capacity. i just don't think that's right. >> if torey mps agree with you, boris johnson could be out of a job sooner than later. i have to leave it there. appreciate it. tennis star novak djokovic has lost his last-ditch legal effort to stay in australia. we're following all of this reaction to the breaking news and we'll bring it all to you next right here on cnn. plus as u.s. coronavirus case numbers soar, it's creating of course demand for nor testing. we'll find out what officials are doing to keep up. stay with us. new mucinex instasoothe. works in seconds, lasts for hours.
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warm welcome back to our viewers here in the united states. i'm paula newton. you are watching "cnn newsroom." serbian tennis player novak djokovic is being deported from australia. now the decision also ends djokovic's hopes of defending his australian open title and winning a record 21st grand slam. for more on this story, want to turn to world sports patrick snell here in atlanta with us
1:30 am
and patrick, we begin with you. the drama for now for this tournament and the focus on tennis, i'm curious what you thought of djokovic's statements and what do you think that does towards maybe trying to heal what's happened in the last -- heal from what's happened in the last few days? >> reporter: i thought it was very conciliatory, very gracious in tone. i think that is something that stuck out at me. his statement was quite revealing. i want to get to this very quickly. tennis australia organizers, they just put out a statement saying that they respect the decision of the federal court so a brief reference to that in their statement wishing all the players well for the tournament ahead. to that djokovic statement a short while ago, remember, the buildup to it all, we need to hear from djokovic himself. we need to hear about the stance he took over the last couple of weeks. his thinking behind it. i'm hoping we will get that opportunity in the days and
1:31 am
weeks ahead, but to that statement what he's saying now is i will now be taking some time to rest and recoup perfect rate before making anymore statements. i cannot stay in australia and participate in the australian open. i respect the court's ruling and i will cooperate with the relevant authorities with relationship to my situation. i am inuncomfortable the attentn has been on me. i'd like to wish everyone all the best for the tournament. so the djokovic statement there, friends, family, fans and his fellow serbians for their support which he said have been a great source of strength to him throughout all of this. earlier in the day tennis australia, the reference at the top, announcing djokovic was scheduled to play and confirmed,
1:32 am
paula, on this day of drama -- another day of drama. the last match out there was going to be against his young come pat try ott. that now not happening as a result of what's been going on the last couple of hours. the number one seed replaced now in the draw by the italian player and the world number 150 salvatore ri caruso. a really lucky loser from qualifying. alexander zverev moving to centre court. he plays his come pcompatriot daniel altmeyer. >> we still do await djokovic leaving australia. we're standing by to see what happens next. i want to go to you, scott. there was, of course, all of this support.
1:33 am
if you go to serbia, the vast majority support him. what i'm curious now is the level of outrage by this decision, especially since novak djokovic graciously accepted and said he respects the decision. >> reporter: yeah, paula, first things first. the serbian president is speaking out about this. he actually said he spoke with novak djokovic this morning, reminded him he's always welcome here in serbia. does that mean novak makes belgrade his first stop? but he did not mince words in his feelings towards what australia has done here. he called this harassment of unprecedented proportions, a media lynching. it's novak who should be humi humiliated, it is the australian authorities who have humiliated themselves with what they have done. we are hearing from djokovic's father who has been quite outspoken not from something he
1:34 am
said but something he posted which read in serbian the attempt to kill the best serbian player 50 bullets in his chest. as this news was breaking had it in their headline simply one word which was guess graced. people will tell you by and large this is political. this is all a move to try and win public support for a popular policy perhaps ahead of an election. look, novak djokovic, if he were to get vaccinated, it would do wonders. this is up to each individual person. i have to tell you, this is not how novak djokovic is seen in this country, as an antivaxxer.
1:35 am
not by any stretch of the imagination. he said he was uncomfortable with the attention being on him and perhaps by extension uncomfortable being framed in that way as well. he has not been out there leading the anti-vaccine marches at all. one other thing, paula, in serbia there's a referendum to amend the constitution to make the judicial system more independent. you would think that has nothing to do with tennis, nothing to do with novak djokovic. think again. both sides can use this to their advantage. of course the judges need to be more independent. people against it though believe that more judicial independence will make it easier for an australian mining company to have a very controversial project approved and what better
1:36 am
way to motivate people to vote in a certain way than sticking it to australia on a day like today, paula. >> doesn't sound like a conciliatory reaction. we'll wait to see more and to see, actually, if novak djokovic goes there instead of spain or elsewhere. scott mcclain for us in belgrade. patrick snell in atlanta. appreciate the report. a hostage standoff in texas is over. the assailant stormed the congregation beth israel on saturday. it was during a small service and four people were taken hostage. this is the thing though, the event was being live streamed. some people watching in horror from home. law enforcement would eventually end the crisis with an elite fbi team breaching the building. even with everyone safe this is a painful reminder for jewish
1:37 am
americans. in fact, jews all over the world of anti-semitism. one congregation member spoke to poppy harlow. >> report >> i think the shocking part was that it was my community. it was not shocking that it was a jewish community. it's awful that the cases of anti-semitism have risen lately. since jews were first walking the earth, we have been persecuted and it -- it's just -- it feels almost hopeless knowing it's my community it would feel like just another attack on the jewish community. but in every single attack it's painful, but it is almost inevitable that it will happen again. >> now there is still a lot we don't know about the attacker
1:38 am
but we are learning there may have been a connection to the u.k. nick peyton walsh joins me now. police and the fbi said they determined they could identify the suspect but didn't want to give us anymore details. what are you learning? >> it's clear the investigation is full blown at this stage. yes, while we know there is some link to the united kingdom, what has not been specified even though the fbi said they know who the gunman was. we're hearing from the foreign commonwealth and development office in the united kingdom that they are monitoring the situation and are in contact with local authorities. that would possibly relate to a statement made by the fbi earlier in which they suggested that their legal attaches in both london and tel aviv are coordinating exchanges possibly of information there as well. so it does appear to be a global effort in determining more about
1:39 am
the identity of this gunman and also possibly to, as president biden suggested, more about motivation. there is more we will learn in the days ahead about motivations of this hostage takeover. so possibly some connection to the united kingdom now that is being probed urgently but also a reference to tel aviv in israel as well. a lot more to be established here. i have to say from listening, paula, to some of the live stream, this doesn't appear to have been a particularly well planned attack. it does reduce, of course, the horrifying attack on the jewish community. we do appear to hear a man who is very clear that he seeks the release of a lady known as sediki. she is held in texas on an 86
1:40 am
year sentence for attempted murder and seven counts in total. she was initially detained in 2008 in gazney in afghanistan, thought to have documents of a mass casualty attack. her release and her position has been raised by isis and the taliban as something they would seek to see reversed. this gunman brings thup specific case during the live stream which some law enforcement officials have heard here. an interesting possible clue. the nature and the condition of the gunman as he talks does give the impression this is not a particularly well-planned attack and possibly an indication of
1:41 am
the state of mind of the attacker during this. >> a lot we don't know. thank you. despite the spread of the highly contagious omicron variant, pandemic weary europeans hit the streets over restrictions. parts of the u.s. being pelted with heavy winter weather. it's a bit of bad weather unless you like snow. we'll have the details coming up. puffs bring soothing relief. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. america's #1 lotion tissue. liz, you nerd, cough if you're in here! shh! i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. what about rob's dry cough? works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs. better skin from your body wash? try olay body wash with skincare super ingredient
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according to data from johns hopkins university, the u.s. crossed 65 million total coronavirus cases on saturday. that number has been fueled in recent days by the fast-spreading omicron variant. as you can see here, places like arkansas, california, oklahoma and oregon have been especially hard hit. this comes as the u.s. crosses a
1:45 am
new threshold, 850,000 total deaths so far during this pandemic in the united states alone. officials are hoping to combat the rise of infections by making testing more available. as of saturday americans are able to get reimbursed with home tests. now beijing has reported its first case of the omicron variant less than three weeks before that city hosts the winter olympics. authorities have sealed off the neighborhood where the case was found and have begun mass testing in the area. the infected person has not traveled recently outside of beijing. cases on thursday have been confirmed of omicron. seven cities are fighting the highly transmissible variant. this weekend saw protests
1:46 am
across europe. i'm joined from paris. it is pandemic fatigue and a lot of it spills over into the streets. it is juxtaposed by the government having some success in france, at least, and elsewhere, passing moorman dates whether it's vaccines or other things. >> yes, absolutely, paula. the fact is streets are not quite as crowded with protesters as they were over the last few weeks. in fact, there was a protester yesterday. the number of protesters was down considerably from previous weeks there. have been protests all over europe. we've seen protests in italy. there's going to be a protest later today in the netherlands. in germany there was protests against the anti-vaxxers, that is for vaccination.
1:47 am
what's successful in france is an idea of a vaccination pass. they hope to get it in by the end of the week. if you want to do any kind of public activity, going to a restaurant, bar, cafe, cinema, that sort of thing you have to show proof you've been vaccinated. they expect that will go through and be approved later on this week. the vaccine pass will feekt 5.5 million people, a little less than 10% of the population. >> and at this point do you think that there is any protest? i wanted to ask you, we've seen that. >> in paris yesterday they were
1:48 am
seeing taking that. it was a short-lived mandate. i don't know where that's going to go. government will challenge it, challenge the court's ruling. paula, we're still in a state of flux. >> yeah. thanks for that. we appreciate it. heavy snow, ice, rain targeting much of the eastern united states. everything you want to know about the storm you'll want to see in this weather report coming up. blendjet's holiday sale is on now for the #1 gift this holiday season, the blendjet 2 portable blender. it packs the power of a big blender on the go, and it crushes right through ice. just drop in your
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tsunami waves have an underwater volcanic eruption have made a significant impact on tonga. the tsunami flooded coastal areas, damaged shops and reached the grounds of the royal palace. authorities are trying to assess the damage. fortunately so far there's been no reports of injuries or deaths. enormous eruption spewed ash and
1:53 am
smoke more than 12 miles into the area. triggered sue ma'am any waves into japan. japan got waves more than 2 meters high. all advisories have been lifted. the waves reached all the way to the west coast of america. at the same time we're attracting a winter storm moving through the southern united states at this hour. that's bringing dangerous levels of snow, ice and rain. energy providers in north carolina expect about 750,000 consumers to lose power over the next two days. the governor is deploying more than 200 national guard soldiers to try to assist. meteorologist derek van dam is here with us now. we keep an eye on the ice. that gives us an indication. >> without a doubt, the ice storm impending across the
1:54 am
inland carolinas, that will be a big topic over the next six to 12 hours. mother nature taking a figurative bowling ball and quite literally throwing a strike at the eastern seaboard. we are just taking so much moisture from the gulf of mexico and over running this area with precipitation. of course, the origins of that moisture so important on what type of precipitation we see. whether it be rain, snow, freezing rain or sleet? that is the big question obviously. radar looking very busy. that is starting to see some ice accumulation taking place. i 85 from greenville to charlotte, they have ice storm warnings for that area. we have over 80 million
1:55 am
americans impacted by this storm today right through martin lawuther king day tomorrow. half an inch to an inch of ice. you factor in wind gusts over 40 to 50 miles an hour and with ice accumulating on local branches, power lines there, power outages are inevitable across the area. high wind warnings from georgia into the appalachians. look at the winds moving parallel as the storm traverses this area. this is important because it's going to help push up some of the water from the atlantic ocean. coinciding with a full moon. coastal flooding as we move into new york city, long island and connecticut. the national weather service issuing a coastal flood warning as of 5 a.m. that warm nose of air will
1:56 am
determine our precipitation factor. that will keep it all rain because temperatures will frankly be too warm. just past the i-95 corridor, that's where we see the tight gradient and then eventually all snow from places like pittsburgh to elmadine, new york. look at the winter storm impacts across the area. we have moderate, major impacts anticipated across the appalachians as the lake effect snowmachine kicks in behind the storm. quick ideas for advice. avoid unnecessary travel. don't run your generator indoors and watch out for black ice as temperatures stay below freezing. >> all good tips. it can be tricky as we're hovering over the freezing temperatures. derek, thanks.
1:57 am
really appreciate the update. i'm paula newton. i want to thank you for your company. don't go anywhere. i will be back in a few more moments as we follow our top stories now as novak djokovic is deported from australia. air wick essential mist. connect to nature.
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hello and a warm welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm paula newton. coming up on "cnn newsroom," the tennis visa saga hopefully finally over. novak djokovic now faces deportation from australia. cnn has this could hvered all o the world. plus an hours long standoff ends with alho


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