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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  January 18, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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a quirk in the earth's rotation. it made it appear as though this asteroid was approaching much slower than it was. so that really rattled nasa and the astronomy community, and so that's part of the reason we now have the first planetary defense mission ever under way right now, the dark mission. it's going to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid in just a few months. >> fingers crossed we don't have another quirk, right, in the earth's orbit in the next coming hours. thank you so much. very good tuesday morning to all of you. i'm jim sciutto. >> i'm bianna golodryga. we begin with this hour with ongoing voting rights fight. senate will open debate on two key pieces of voting rights legislation this afternoon. as democrats push ahead with efforts that are likely dead on arrival.
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major obstacles stand in the way of passing new voting rights protections, namely democratic senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, who refuse to change senate filibuster rules. overseas, tensions continue to grow between russia and ukraine and the west. secretary of state antony blinken urged diplomacy on a call he just held with his russian counterpart, this as a bipartisan group of senators return from a trip to ukraine where they met with the ukrainian president zelensky. we'll have more on that story in just a moment. we begin with cnn's manu raju joining us from capitol hill. manu, has chuck schumer given any indication of what he will do if and when these votes likely fail? >> reporter: he needs all 50 senate democrats to weaken the senate's filibuster, which now requires 60 volt0 votes to over filibuster. they want to change that so a simple majority, 51 votes, 50
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democrats with. have the harris breaking the tie could be enough to get this bill to the president's desk. but there's a problem -- kyrsten sinema, joe manchin, the two moderate senators have been clear for months they will not budge on this issue, concerns that changing the filibuster rules will be enough to essentially have drastic ramifications on the united states senate, allow future majorities to run roughshod and do what it wants, work its will against minorities in the future, presumably when the day comes democrats are back in the senate minority. nevertheless, chuck schumer is pushing a head. the senate reconvenes at noon today. then by 5:00, they'll have a meeting. senate democrats will go behind closed doors to discuss plans going forward where a number of members will undotedly give speeches and call on members to change the rules. sinema and manchin probably will be there. they may or may not speak. they often do not. their minds will unlikely be
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changed. the vote will be tomorrow. that will be the major test vote giving the senators who are in ukraine right now, meeting with the ukrainian officials and dealing with the diplomatic situation over there, give them time to come back into town this afternoon so they can attend that vote tomorrow. tomorrow when that vote fails, that's when schumer will have a decision to make. how exactly will he go about trying to change the senate rules? will he force that vote, or will he decide ultimately back away? because his votes are simply not there to change the rules, and ultimately democrats believe they'll force this fight and try to fire up their base and take this to voters in the midterm elections where they hope this will be a big issue that could drive up voters, but ultimately getting legislation to the president's december sk not going to happen. >> making it public is what chuck schumer is hoping to do right now. manu raju, thank you so much. as you mentioned, ukraine, b secretary of state antony blinken speaking this morning to
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his russian counterpart, sergey lavrov of, as tensions over the crisis threat on the boil over. blinken stressed the importance of continued diplomacy. the conversation comes as blinken prepares to leave tomorrow for ukraine. cnn national security correspondent casey atwood is with us and matthew chance is in ukraine. casey, u.s. diplomats use controlled language like talks were constructive, we delivered a firm message. looking at blinken's comments, the state department talking about massive ive consequences russia. it seems to indicate a level of urgency right now. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. i think it's significant that there was this conversation between secretary blinken and foreign minister lavrov because it was the first high-level conversation we old seen since the effort at diplomacy last
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week, since there were three rounds of talks with russia. as you said, this conversation, this readout, what the state department is saying, it's not a whole lot different from what they were saying last week in terps of encouraging russia to pursue diplomacy, to de-escalate the situation, the tensions between russia and ukraine. and of significance there's nothing in here that indicates that that diplomacy actually has real meat on the bone right now, that there is something that the u.s. and russia have set their eyes on that they can agree to that then would de-escalate. meanwhile, we have russia taking actions, continuing to build up its troops. we've seen ukraine subject to cyberattr cyberattacks last week, reports from "the new york times" that russia is pulling out some of its embassy staff from its embassy in kiev. these are not good signals. meanwhile, you also have secretary of state blinken headed later today to ukraine. of note, he will, of course,
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continue saying what the biden administration is saying, that they stand by ukraine, they support their territorial sovereignty, but it's also significant that the state department said that he would also communicate contingencies to those who are at the embassy should russia choose to de-escalate -- to escalate, excuse me, further. that's an indication that the state department is very clear on about the possibility that a russian invasion isn't just a possibility, it's a more and more growing possibility as we continue to watch. jim? >> and no signs of russia de-escalating at this point. in fact, matthew chance, i believe for the first time ever we have seen a joint training operation between the russians and those in belarus supporting vladimir putin on this, belarusian president lukashenko. what is the reaction there on the ground in neighboring kyiv? >> reporter: yeah. that's a really important, potentially very concerning
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development. already ukraine faces in the east of its country that gathering of tens of thousands of russian troops just across the border, mainly on russian territory, but also elsewhere as well. that is a credible threat. that could be an order to cross over and would really test the ukrainian military because of the relative difference in sophistication between the two militaries. the russian army is much stronger than ukrainian army. when you add into that mix the possibility that russian and belarusian forces to the north of ukraine may be combining forces and potentially pose a threat from there as well, you can get a sense that ukraine is sort of surrounded on three sides, crimea in the south, eastern ukraine and russia in the east, and then belarus and russia from the north. so that puts ukraine in an extraordinarily difficult position. we haven't seen many ukrainian
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deployments, reinforcements to any of those border regions over the course of the past several weeks despite the fact there's been that growing russian threat and one sort of international observer that i've been speaking to says the reason for that is because they're simply overstretched nape don't know where to put their forces. they don't know where the real threat may come from. and if they do deploy to the border, that could be taken as, you know, a provp case fk provo from the russian side. >> a possibility of manufacturing one as well. matthew chance, kylie atwood, thank you. john kasich is the former republican governor of ohio and joins us now. good to have you back. >> thank you, jim. >> i don't have to remind you, but folks may not know, when you were in congress you served on the armed services committee for 18 years. you know the national security issues. the biden administration so far has done a few things. one, it's gotten allies on the same page to call out russia for
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this. it's threatened both economic sanctions and new forced deployments in eastern europe if russia is to invade further. is that the right strategy? and do you believe the biden administration has done enough to deter a russian invasion? >> first of all, jim, i'm not sure our allies are all on the same page as us. to me, president biden should go to europe. and he should meet with the germans, the french, the brits and all our other allies. and obviously a nato contingency to have one very clear statement. what concerns me is what we're going to do is have, quote, devastating sanctions. where has that worked in the world, devastating sanctions? i'm not opposed to them, but frankly there has to be a threat of a military response if the russians decide to try to gobble up ukraine. >> by nato forces? talking about going to war? u.s. forces, nato forces? >> i'm talking about -- well, what i'm saying to you is there are many different ways in which
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you can have a military response. you can use cyber on the battlefield. you can do training. you can provide the kind of equipment that i guess the brits are now saying they're going to provide. but you don't need to spell out what it means. jim, here's the problem. the russians take ukraine. what happens in the baltics? what happens in lithuania? what happens in estonia, latvia, finland? is this going to be a constant march? and this is a crucial question for the western alliance. are we capable of asserting ourselves in a very strong way, not just economically but militarily? and if we do not do it, then i don't think sanctions are going to be enough to deter putin. and so it's got to be stronger than that. and they can figure out what kind of joint military efforts that the west can make to stop this. >> what we do know is that the president, president biden, has categorically said that u.s. troops will not be on the ground in ukraine.
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you said there are other options. but to get back to the point of deterrence or consequence, if, in fact, russia does invade, as you mentioned, sanctions have not gotten us anywhere. and russia has really stressed its way through the worst-case scenario in terms of setting up itself to be protected against any sort of sanctions. it's built up reserves to higher than where they were in 2014, before they invaded crimea. in the meantime, europe still relies on russia for it energy as we've seen oil prices continue to go up. that benefits vladimir putin more than anyone else in that region. is there time as you say for the forces, for nato and allies to get together and come up with something more concrete, harsher in response at this point? >> i think there is. my understanding is the secretary of state will be in ukraine i think tomorrow. but it requires more than that. i mean, this is an emergency. this is a real test of whether there's any relevance to nato
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here in the 21st century. and to just -- to willy-nilly let putin march into ukraine and take it, what does that say about the west and our determination? what does that say about the ability to support freedom-loving people? and at the same time, you know, if russia doesn't invade, there will be a counterinsurgency. we don't need to be threatening anybody, but we can make it clear we're not going to sit back and allow them to take that territory because it just threatens so many other peoples in the whole region. and what is the whole purpose of nato? you could even make maybe an indirect argument about article 5, jim, which i know you're familiar with. and, you know, this is a serious matter, and i don't think we're all aligned. as bianna mentioned, you have the germans who are still interested in having their gas supplied by vladimir putin and russia. this is not a consistent effort by the west. it's a moment of truth.
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>> part of nord stream 2 and the pipeline is remarkable. i want to ask you about an issue at home. voting rights is going to fail this week. it won't happen. the democrats and the president don't have the votes. i want to ask you as republican, why is the filibuster sacrosanct when it's voting rights in question but not for supreme court justices, trump's tax cuts in 2017 passed with not 60 votes, 50 votes, the obamacare repeal had to have 50 votes, would not have met the 60-vote limit. my question is, is this selective principle or principle on the part of republicans? >> well, as far as i'm concerned, i can't speak for all of them, but as far as i'm concerned, the filibuster is there to protect wild swings. it's designed to provide stability, number one, and secondly, to provide for bipartisanship. and, jim, if anytime we see an issue, what about the border?
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and by the way i think the other day i noticed that the democrats were able to block the ability to vote on that pipeline, on that russian/german pipeline. they couldn't get the 60 votes to have a vote on the cruz amendment. and look, it's been overwhelming that both sides have favored the filibuster. now, there have been exceptions to it. i'm not sure those exceptions were justified. harry reed had it, mitch mcconnell had it. the whole purpose of it is to calm things down and not let wild swings brought about by somebody like donald trump to be able to push something through. i'll tell you what, the party will come in and push the other way. i happen to believe you make your case with a filibuster. the disappointing thing, what's his name, mitt romney, the other day he said he was never asked to be involved in discussion around voting rights. i think they could probably figure out some sort of a deal on that. >> i get your point. it's just hard to describe the current state of play, anything
7:15 am
stable. but you're arguing it could get worse. john kasich, thank you so much as always. >> thank you both. still to come, the british prime minister forced to apologize again over parties, multiple parties, held at downing street during the country's lockdown. up next, a reality check on how serious the calls are for him to resign right now. and arizona offers a clear picture of how much is at stake in the 2022 elections. why president trump's comments could be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to election integrity. and if your car were sinking in an icy river, would you stop and take a selfie? just a wild scene this hour. a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns. at university of phoenix, we have scholarships for everyone hard at work, no matter where you work.
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boris johnson is denying holding parties during covid violated restrictions. take a listen. >> categorically. nobody told me and nobody said that this was something that was against the rules, that was a breach of the covid rules or we're doing something that wasn't a work event because frankly i don't think -- i can't imagine why on earth it would have gone ahead, why it would have been allowed to go ahead. >> just a reminder, this is the prime minister who made those
7:21 am
comments. this counters claims made by johnson's former aide, dominic cummings, who said that he would swear under oath that the prime minister knew about the party beforehand. cnn's salma abdelaziz is live in london this morning. that is an example of an apology being enough. that's what we heard from him last week. it appears he's been digging a deeper grave at this point. >> i heard you crack a laugh there, and that's what the country did last week when the prime minister stood up and said i didn't know it was a party, i thought it was a work event. let me remind you the details of this work event. an email was sent out inviting 100 people to bring their own booze, exclamation point, to the downing street garden at a time when the country was under lockdown, at a time when police were strictly enforcing rules about social gathering. the prime minister is claiming i didn't know. it was the butt of every single joke. do you know if you're at work, it's not a party, what's the difference between a spreadsheet
7:22 am
and a cocktail? he's become the laughingstock of the country, and that's why there are calls for him to resign. take a listen. >> there can not be a situation where there's one rule for the leaders, the people at the very top, and another rule for the rest of us. with this clear, blatant breach of this very core democratic principle and law-abiding western democracies, clear breach of that rule by the british prime minister is extraordinarily serious. this really is a grounds for the resignation of the prime minister. >> it's that hypocrisy that's at the heart of this matter. it's that hypocrisy that the government wasn't following the very rules that it was setting for this country that might cost the prime minister his job. there's an investigation under way into all of this, bianna, and it really could blow back on the prime minister. >> it seemed in johnson's comments, he was trying to say it's not on him, no one told
7:23 am
him, the prime minister, that this was a problem. we'll see if that washes there. salma abdelaziz, thanks so much. still ahead this hour, as arizona paints a vivid picture of everything on the line in the coming election, former trump officials take matters into their own hands fighting to keep him from taking the oval office again.
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some three dozen former trump administration officials, people who served the former president, are concerned about his impact on the gop and the nation and so are now strategizing on how to stop him. cnn has learned that a group held a conference call last monday in which they discussed ways to fend off the former president's efforts to erode the democratic process. the highest ranking person on the call was trump's former chief of staff, jon kelly. >> however, the only items the group seemed to agree upon is they're not sure what their way forward should be and that they are way behind the efforts of the former president and his allies. cnn correspondent dony sullivan went to arizona for a closer look at what's at stake ahead of the midterms. >> we all have a voice in this country in which we live, and voting is that opportunity that we have.
7:29 am
>> hey, hey! ho, ho! >> reporter: this martin luther king jr. day weekend in arizona, a bt lattle for the future of american democracy. >> we wanted to come on this day because there's also a senator, senator sinema, who seems to be blocking democracy instead of being on the side of advancing democracy. >> reporter: the king family calling on arizona democratic senator kyrsten sinema to stand up for voting rights. >> she says she wants voting rights but how do you want that without creating a path for that to happen? that is inconsistent and not acceptable. >> reporter: sinema and joe manchin of west virginia are blocking the passage of a pair of voting rights bills aimed at countering some of the restrictive voting measures enacted by republicans at the state level. sinema is supportive of the bills but not in favor of changing senate rules to get them passed. >> while i continue to support
7:30 am
these bills, i will not support separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of division infecting our country. >> reporter: that is music to the ears of some trump supporters this weekend on hand at a really for trump in sinema's own state. >> god bless kyrsten sinema and what she's doing, you know? >> kyrsten sinema, good for her, you know? she's our representative. she represents the state. she's not along party lines. she's what's good for country. >> do you like kyrsten sinema? >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> absolutely. and manchin. in fact, i have sent emails to them encouraging them to stand up and do what's right for the people at arizona. >> reporter: those supporters in line for trump's rally saturday also in attendance a hodgepodge of election deniers like congressman paul coe czar and allie alexander, one of the main organizers of stop the steal,
7:31 am
who went into hiding after the insurrection and was recently called in front of the january 6th house select committee. >> are you worried you might get indicted? >> thank you, arizona! thank you. >> reporter: trump here giving his support to two election deniers who were running to control elections in the state. kerry lake is running for governor. >> a few other people i'd like to send to the prison in florence. anybody who was involved in that corrupt, shady, shoddy election of 2020. lock them up. >> reporter: and mark fincham who says he was an oath keeper and is now running for secretary of state. >> donald trump won. >> reporter: he's echoed qanon-type conspiracy theories about elected officials. >> there's lot of people involved in a pedophile network and the distribution of children, and unfortunately there's a whole lot of elected officials that are involved in
7:32 am
that. >> reporter: and he continues to falsely attack the legitimacy of the 2020 election here in arizona. >> i look forward to the day that we set aside an irredeemably flawed election. that's the election of 2020. with all the evidence we have, the arizona election should be decertified by the -- with cause by the legislature. >> reporter: that's part of the national trend. a "washington post" tally finding 163 republicans who have embraced trump's false claims are running for statewide positions that would give them authority over the administration of elections. arizona's current secretary of state, katie hobbs, now running for governor. >> i think we are really at a defining moment. i mean, in 2020, democracy prevailed and 2020 and after 2020 democracy prevailed because people on both sides of the aisle did their jobs. what we're seeing now is this just multipronged attack.
7:33 am
and one of those prongs is trump trying to instill his loyalists into key positions that have some level of determination over how elections are certified and conducted, and that's pretty scary. >> reporter: and on this martin luther king jr. day weekend, his 13-year-old granddaughter following in her grandfather's footsteps with a warning for today. >> i think it's so important to vote and it's so important to have the right to vote because right now our country is at stake. >> reporter: there you have both sides of this issue of voting rights. the people at the march with the king family hear echoes of jim crow. on the other side of this, fear that is motivated by the big lie and conspiracy theories.
7:34 am
jim and bianna, people running to be held of elections, they're out there essentially threatening election workers, volunteers with prison and buying into this big lie. it's quite a stark prospect. >> threatening our next guest as well. donie o'sullivan, thanks so much. i'm joined by the current arizona secretary of state katie hobbs. thanks for taking the time this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to get to the threat because you're included in lake's threat in terms of imprisonment if she were to be elected. what you have here, you have election deniers, supporters and spreaders of the big lie running for most senior offices in the state, for governor, for secretary of state, someone who has enormous power over elections. what does that choice then mean for state of arizona? if they win these elections, can arizona have a fair election?
7:35 am
>> well, i think what's clear from all this is that democracy is on the ballot in 2022 whether it's folks like myself who have stood up for integrity of our election and defended the processes that we conducted according to the letter of the law, and the most secure election in our state's history versus these folks bhof said with no basis in reality that it was flawed and there was fraud and continued to spread this lie. and that is alarming for many reasons. arizona has emerged as an important battleground state that can have an important role in determines future presidential elections, and there's exactly what they're looking to try to do by getting folks in key decisionmaking positions across the country. >> we had last hour bishop reginald jackson on the air who had some criticism for democrats in their role in this fight.
7:36 am
i want to play that and get your reaction. have a listen. >> i believe if she does not vote to support voting rights, i believe she's going to put herself in a very difficult position in arizona. the same goes for every one of these senators. let's understand, this is a fight. voting rights is a fight. republicans, when they show up, they show up with an axe. democrats show up with a butter knife. >> do you agree with that, that republicans just fight this battle better and democrats, including with the failure to pass -- the imminent failure to pass voting rights in the senate, just aren't up to it? >> well, we are at a defining moment in our democracy. and if we don't have the voting rights, i don't know that we have a democracy. and so i've been really clear that every member of the senate needs to take every action they can to make sure that these two really critical bills pass,
7:37 am
including our senators here in arizona. but we can't let the republicans off the hook. in 2006, the reauthorization of the voting rights act was passed unanimously. and it is astounding to me that we're at this place where it is now a partisan issue when it is really the core of our democracy we're talking about. >> you're of course running as we noted for governor here. as i noted earlier, your opponent has said you should go to jail, you and others should go for jail if she were to be elected. what's your response to that? >> i mean, it's just an utterly ridiculous claim. obviously, it's popular with the base and she knows how to play that. there's absolutely nothing that -- to arrest me for. and, you know, she's going to continue to say that because it's working for her in this race. >> sounds like the "lock her up" chants. i want to ask you this -- state legislators in arizona,
7:38 am
republicans introduced three bills in 2021 that would have directly empowered partisans -- partisan officials to reject or overturn election results. those were put on a shelf a bit, but as you noted to me in the break, there's another session of the statehouse coming up. could those pass? >> certainly if they're reintroduced. we've seen close to 70 election-related bills already introduced in the first week of the session, bills that would l eliminate drop baxs, proposals to cut back on early voting, increased voter i.d. requirements, which are already strong in the state. we're seeing a lot of attempts at overreach to make it harder for some people to vote. and we're going to continue to fight that. >> katie hobbs, arizona secretary of state, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. still ahead, china identifies more covid cases linked to the first omicron case
7:39 am
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parts of beijing are under lock dunn after at least, according to china's numbers, four symptomatic cases of covid-19 have been found, including the first reported omicron cases in the country, again, according to the chinese government.
7:44 am
>> cnn international correspondent selina wang is following these developments. authorities in beijing are going to drastic measures trying to prevent the spread of covid ahead of the winter olympics. is it working? >> reporter: the reported case count numbers are significantly lower than other parts of the world, but its strategy comes at a steep cost and fears are growing it may not be sustainable. in response to just one or a handful of cases, that triggers mass testing, lockdowns. right now across china, some 20 million people are sealed off in their homes. even with these extreme precautions, drastic, as you say, omicron has still breached beijing, which was supposed to be a fortress without any covid cases ahead of the olympics. in response in beijing, they have locked down neighborhoods where the positive cases live. they have done mass testing and they have found as a result two more cases linked to that
7:45 am
original omicron case. omicron is in at least nine city ace cross china, so these winter olympics are going to be taking place as parts of the country are in war-time mode to try and stamp out the virus. but organizers are still betting that they can pull this off successfully by keeping olympic participants completely separate from the rest of the population and under extreme covid rules. now, meanwhile, in hong kong, they are also doubling down on its zero covid strategy. they say they will euthanize some 2,000 small animals and ban imports of small animals. they are asking all pet shops, required, these pet shots selling hamsters, to hand over the hamsters for them to be killed. these are extreme measures in response to what? they're in response to a worker at a shop testing positive for the delta variant and around a dozen hamsters testing positive as well. this is also important to mention here. health authorities say that the risk of transmission from animals to humans is low.
7:46 am
but what all this highlights is that while much of the world is moving on, trying to live with the virus, hong kong, mainland china, still trying to stamp out any trace of covid. >> such a variety of the way countries react to this. selina wang, thanks so much. france recording a striking number of new covid-19 infections. yesterday the country recorded its largest one-day increase in covid-related hospitalizations since november 2020. >> melissa bell has more from paris. melissa? >> reporter: covid-19 figures continuing to cause concern with mondesiing the highest level of hospitalizations since november of 2020. this as french authorities seek to crack down on the unvaccinated, the french parliament approving a bill that will have a pass. you can take a pcr test to get into bars, cafe, cinemas and theaters from january 21st. assuming this bill is approved
7:47 am
by the highest court in the land, you'll have to be vaccinated to get into any of these places. now, that could mean bad news for novak djokovic. he's facing the madrid open in april. the spanish prime minister confirming that the rules that apply to people coming in will also apply to him, although he will have the choices of a pcr test rather than a vaccination. it is the french open that will be in doubt unless he changes his mind since the french port ministry has confirmed to cnn he will be needing to get vaccinated, a pcr test won't do in line with french regulations, something for him to think about between now and then. it must be all about the social media for this one. i don't understand the story for the life of me. he stops to take a selfie as her car is sinking into icy water. you see her on top of her car holding her phone up. we'll show you how it all turned up coming up next. don't do this at home, folks. mo. 24-hour hydration. no parabens,
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in times of good, the rich get richer. and apparently in times of bad, the rich get richer. a new report finds that billionaires have added $5 trillion, that's trillion with a "t" to their fortunes since march of 2020. that's bigger jump than the previous 14 years combined, jim. >> a trillion is a thousand billion. the wealth of the world's ten richest men more than doubled
7:53 am
for a collective $1.3 billion a day. spranks pumped trillions of dollars into financial markets to stave economy. that set off a stock market boom, a continuing one, really. good news for billionaires. government should tax those gains and use money to fund health care, vaccine, and address the climate crisis. >> an argument we have heard before. let's move the this other story because it's not always the right time to take a selfie. i have yet to take a good one. one woman thinks she can even when stuck on the roof of her car and it's sinking into an icy river. >> did not stop one canadian woman from doing just that. here's that story. >> reporter: a dangerous situation after a bizarre scene. around 4:30 sunday afternoon, a woman forced to stand on top of her car after it broke through the ice. >> things go bad, it can get
7:54 am
worse quickly. >> reporter: zachary king was there and jumped into action to help rescue the driver. >> she's on top of the car. she's going in. >> luckily, one of my other neighbors had a rope he got and so he ran back to his place to grab one of his kayaks off his kayak rack, and i was untangling the rope, he got back, we tied the rope to the kayak and got it out to her. >> reporter: the driver saved just in time. >> everything worked out perfectly. got her on the kayak, pulled her in, and as soon as we pulled her in, the car went under fully. >> reporter: what hasn't been exp explained, the driver appears to be taking a selfie on the car before it's fully submerged and before she's out of danger. >> we pull her out and say what the hell are you ding? she was like, oh, just having fun. and i was, like, what? and she was, like, yeah, i'd totally do that again. word for word that's what she said. >> we looked out and a lady standing on her car. >> somebody drove a car in the
7:55 am
river. >> reporter: other people witnessing the rescue couldn't believe what they were seeing. >> from where it is, there's all these pylons so it's like the weakest spot in the lake. >> reporter: 24 hours later, the car is almost fully submerged. >> she came from, like, a long way down the lake. she was driving for a while. >> you don't expect your kids to have to watch out for a car zipping down a frozen river. >> reporter: this security camera footage from sasha's backyard shows the car speeding down the river at about 60 kilometers an hour. >> essentially the kids were playing in the backyard hockey rink and while they were skating they kind of saw this yellow subaru zipping down the river. they were caught a bit by surprise. >> reporter: police say the driver has been charged with one count of dangerous driving. >> a wild day in this quiet village. >> in a couple words, not smart. >> that man speaks for all of us
7:56 am
when he said what the hell were you doing? >> good that folks got into action to save her. thanks to all of you for joining us. i'm jim sciutto. >> i'm bianna golodryga. "at this hour" with kate bolduan starts after a quick break. kim is now demonstrating her congestion. save it slimeball. i've upgraded to mucinex. we still have 12 hours to australia. mucinex lasts 12 hours, so i'm good. now move! kim, no! mucinex lasts 3x longer for 12 hours. when you're looking for answers, it's good to have help. because the right information, at the right time, may make all the difference. at humana, we know that's especially true when you're looking for a medicare supplement insurance plan. that's why we're offering "seven things every medicare supplement should have". it's yours free,
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it's been nearly two years since the pandemic started. our students and teachers
8:00 am
tried their best, but as a parent, i can tell you that nearly 18 months of remote learning was really hard. i'm so angry that instead of helping our kids get back in the classroom, the school board focused on renaming schools schools that weren't even open . please recall all three school board members now. for the sake of our kids, we can't wait one more day, never mind a whole year for a fresh start. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. here's what we're watching at this hour. ominous signs. the new indications russia may be ready to invade ukraine, and the u.s. is sending its top diplomat overseas on a mission now to prevent a war. catastrophic disruption. urgent warnings from airlines about the dangers of the 5g


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