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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  January 19, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PST

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here in washington, d.c. has been affected by this. so they have quite a bit to work on to get the tests out to americans. all right. enough day continues right now . ♪ welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is wednesday, january 19th. i'm john berman. brianna doing the night thing this week. 9:00 p.m. eastern time. make sure to watch. >> don't miss it. >> but here with us this week, special guest kasie hunt. >> lovely to see you here in washington, john. >> we are here in washington. there's a ton of stuff going on on all fronts. breaking overnight, major developments in the civil investigation of donald trump's business. the trump organization. in a court filing, new york attorney general letitia james
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asserts they have uncovered significant evidence, those are her words, what what she calls misleading and fraudulent practices by the trump organization to obtain economic benefits. this is an escalation in her language and also the first real specifics of some of the wrongdoings she is alleging. >> james is turning up the heat particularly on trump's children. she claims that they have been closely involved with the transactions in question. investigators now taking legal action to compel ivanka and don jr. to appear for sworn testimony. let's bring in senior legal analyst and former federal prosecutor elie honig and director to president trump and resigned in december 2020 and voluntarily spoken with republican members of the january 6th committee. let me start with you, elie.
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let's talk a little bit about the january 6th committee's decision to issue the six recent subpoenas. that's the other piece of this story. you've got on the one hand the trump ag -- excuse me, the new york ag investigation. but you also have subpoenas of eric trump and kimberly guilfoyle. what does this tell you about the pressure on the trump family? >> reporter: well, it tells me a couple things, kasie. with respect to the subpoenas to the four individuals, the three lawyers and boris epshteyn, there is no way this happens without the accompliced conduct of the lawyers. the lawyers were key parts of this. they abused their discretion as lawyers. they told lies. they spread the big lie. there is no way this gets off the ground without the lawyers. it shows me the committee is focused in on that. with respect to the phone subpoenas relating to eric trump and kimberly gill foil, that tells me the committee is
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looking for something specific. early on you blanket the ground. see who is talking to who. they are looking for some specific fact, communication involving eric trump and/or kimberly gill foil. >> they are going after these phone records of guilfoyle and trump and other people. >> well, great to be with you guys. i always looked at the committee's investigation as three-fold. the criminality and the stop the steal movement and the rally that day. and finally dismantling the big lie. these subpoenas factor into all of those. when i see kimberly guilfoyle
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one, she was the chair of trump victory, a prolific fund-raiser, very tied into money networks. so i think her being involved certainly speaks to wanting to look at the financing of that day and the rally that led up to it. now, the lawyers, that's going to be a lot more about this myth that he could overturn the electors, that pence had the authority to do that. you will remember the memo that jenna ellis wrote. what's interesting to me with the attorneys, if they will comply with the subpoenas, these individuals will risk being disbarred if they don't, i would imagine. even though i expect them to claim privilege, i think that's pretty thin ground to be on. >> so, alyssa, as you look at the probe, one person who has been at the center of it but not subpoenaed, is former vice president mike pence. and his cooperation potentially absolutely critical to nailing down exactly what happened that
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day and former president trump's role in it. i know there is a major effort behind the scenes to try and organize against a 2024 bid. frankly the person who might have the most influence over it is pence himself. do you think he is going to cooperate with the committee? >> so, i've said before, i think if subpoenaed, he will. i'm not sure that he will voluntarily. i say that only looking how marc short went about it. when subpoenaed, he agreed to cooperate. mike pence i know believes in the congressional role and oversight. i don't think he will tee himself up for something that will open him up to major, major criticism from a base he is hoping to win back. to elie's point, listen, if donald trump, if any of these investigations go anywhere, which they very well may. i think the january 6th committee will find some really interesting things that show
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potential criminality and definitely cooperation with individuals, even potentially members of congress. i would say this. i think an indicted donald trump is still by far the 2024 front-runner. that's the reality. and the republican party needs to wake up to it. there's stim time for that to change. and for folks like a pence to really start to win back the party to our core values and get good beyond this kind of difficult moment. as of now he is the front-runner regardless of where this goes. >> elie, i have two questions for you. i want to first wrap up the discussion on the subpoenas from the january 6th committee. and i have a question about the major developments in the new york attorney general's investigation. kasie brought up the idea of privilege. these are all attorneys. do they have any kind of attorney/client privilege here? >> well, they are certainly going to claim that, john. it's actually interesting. it's not settled that congress even has to observe attorney/client privilege.
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that is a privilege created by the courts, not the constitution itself. there is a precedent or saying we don't observe attorney/client privilege. that said, they still try to be respectful of it. i'm not sure if it applies. if it's more than just the attorney and the client, it's not going to comply. and if the communications are potentially criminal or fraudulent, the privilege does not apply o. all of these individuals have right to take the fifth. they can do that sort of without qualification. and that would put an end to the subpoenas at least. >> you know what, i just thought of a third question. i'm filibustering here since the senate allows that. >> i yield the floor. . >> when you start going going after family and kids, you know the political implications of that. if they are doing phone records of kimberly guilfoyle and eric trump, they must know. >> yes. you never should target family, spouses, kids, just to do it as
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a pressure tactic. you only do that if you're a good prosecutor, have a very specific and relevant reason for it. >> and then finally, since i'm still with the floor here, thank you, joe manchin. the new york attorney's office, elie. this is in response to a court filing. she said she has solid evidence in the civil case here of fraudulent and misleading activity from the trump organization. >> yeah, john. ? the civil case, this is a significant escalation. and i think a real cause for concern for the trump organization and the trump family. this filing that came out just before midnight gives us by far the most depth and detail we have seen on this allegation we have heard for years now about the overvaluation of these assets. let me tell you, this is mega fraud. that's not a legal term. this is mega fraud. we are talking hundreds of millions of dollars, prepositive
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trous over statements what the properties are worth. this is happening on the civil side. we're talking lawsuits here, not prosecutions. that's a separate question. letitia james is careful about the words she uses. she said members of the trump family were involved, involved. that's the word she used over and over again. that is very different from proving criminal intent beyond a reasonable doubt. the attorney general said the reason we need to do these depositions, your honor, we don't exactly know the intent. we need to question them about their intent. big steps on the civil side. i would be careful about drawing conclusions on the criminal side. >> all right. elie honig, alyssa farrah, thank you very much. on the eve of his first anniversary in office, it comes as his presidency and the country struggling facing a third year of the pandemic,
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record inflation, legislation stalled. jeff zeleny is at the white house with more. jeff, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, kasie. on the final day of president biden's first year in office, the air of confidence that swept him into the oval office has given way to a sense of frustration and party divisions. all of that of course will be on the table later today when president biden holds his first news conference here at the white house in 10 months. he is expected to tout his accomplishments for sure. i'm also told he will acknowledge setbacks directly as he tries to reboot for the second year that starts tomorrow. >> this is our historic moment of crisis and challenge and unity is the path forward. >> reporter: as president biden enters his second year in office, that unity is elusive. with the very same crisis and challenge still burning red hot and complicating his path forward. the optimism from biden's inaugural address >> bringing america
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together --. >> reporter: tempered by the bitter reality of a capital and nation divided and a president scramble to go find his footing. from an unrelenting pandemic, to stubborn inflation, to dangerous threats to democracy at home and across the globe, the white house is trying to reset and restore a floundering presidency. election reform on the cusp of failing in the senate. the latest example of the limits of presidential power in today's washington. where republicans are loathe to cooperate and democrats with a razor-thin majority struggle to compromise. >> there's been a lot of progress made. we need to build on that. the work is not done. the job is not done. and we are certainly not conveying it is. >> reporter: still in march, biden signed $1.9 trillion american rescue plan to ease the economic fallout from covid-19. and months later, a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan. the landmark accomplishment that
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eluded presidents of both parties. >> democrats and republicans can come together and deliver results. >> reporter: the build back better plan stalled in the senate and facing an uphill road in this midterm election year. the first year of the biden presidency has been complicated and consumed by coronavirus. remarkable gains made on vaccines. but the president's summertime declaration of success proved urtly premature. >> it no longer controls our lives, no longer paralyzes our nation. it's within our power to make sure it never does again. >> reporter: a fall wave of the delta variant, followed by winter surge of omicron, laid bare the failures in testing and eroded confidence in the administration's confidence.
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>> america is back. >> reporter: the prospect of a new cold war. that was not apparent during the summit with vladimir putin in june, which focused on cyber att attacks. >> look ahead in three to six months and say did the things we agreed to sit down and try to work out, did it work? >> reporter: now putin is testing biden and western allies. for all the challenges outside any president's control, one of the most devastating periods of biden's first year was a decision that he made and stands behind. >> i was not going to extend this forever war.
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>> reporter: 13 americans killed in a suicide bombing raised questions about confidence, that biden and his team still struggle to shake six months later. >> i take responsibility for the decision. >> reporter: yet taking responsibility marks a noted change between biden and his predecessor, who looms even larger one year out of office. that point was clear on the anniversary of the capitol attack. >> he's not just the former president. he's a defeated former president. >> reporter: and that, advisers say, is a glimpse into biden's current mind-set. he is no longer ignoring trump and his assault on democracy. the second year will help shape how he answers the biggest question of all, likely by this time next year, will he run again? and president biden spent much of the day yesterday preparing for the news conference. covid still hangs as a weight around his neck. he knows that more than anything else.
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also happening at the same time the failure of the voting rights bill just a couple hours after the news conference. so this obviously offers the president a chance to restore confidence in his administration and will give us a sense if he plans any indication of how he will reboot or how he sees all of this. he's been around washington a long time. a seasoned president, the most of any we've seen. what does he want to do differently? maybe we will get a sense of that later today, john and kasie. >> indeed. jeff zeleny, thanks for that. quite a reminder of mission accomplished piece from last summer. >>. >> that laugh from off camera belongs to host of the axe files, david axelrod, senior adviser to president obama. david, you have been through this type of thing before? >> i have, yes. i'm having ptsd. this is not a mohospitable town.
4:16 am
the echo chamber is so loud and disruptive. you have to keep your bearings. he has gone through a bad stretch here. we don't know where we will be six months from now. you have to draw lessons from mistakes that have been made over the last year. >> what are the ropbs you would have drawn? >> one is don't overclaim, as you were pointing out. you have to kind of link up with where the country is. we are in the third winter of our discontent. we are still mired in a virus we thought would be behind us. inflation is at a 40-year high. you have to be aware of that. when you claim success, claim it
4:17 am
with humility or you run into problems. and the other thing is don't set up tests you can't pass. it is a big dark hole. >> i've spent some time there. >> don't set up legislative goals beyond your reach. >> the slings and arrows coming fast and furious. don't set up goals you can't achieve. what goals can you achieve? what should he point to? >> most aren't checking off his list of accomplishments. what they are doing is looking at their grocery list and wondering how much that is going to cost. they are wondering whether their kid is going to be able to go back to school.
4:18 am
he conveyed doing everything that he can to try and help. testing is a disappointment. don't try and deny what hasn't gone well. talk about how you're going to fix it and move forward and give people a sense their concerns are your concerns. >> david, they're spending today voting on voting rights, a push that we know is doomed because joe manchin and kyrsten sinema won't vote to change the rules in the senate. many times we have heard that. >> we have heard that over and over again, indeed. what is your sense of why now, why are they putting energy into this? what does it get them? just the pure politics of this. i realize they say it's absolutely critically important to the country. it sets them up publicly for another failure. >> it is absolutely important to the base of the democratic party. you know, i think that was the
4:19 am
impetus behind the speech in georgia last week, which i think was a mistake. or at least the tone was a mistake. there are certainly a lot of democrats who are deeply, deeply concerned about what's going on in the states relative to voting. the whole country should be, particularly the nullification aspects of what's going on. the votes might not be counted as they should be counted. but it's a nod to the base of the party. we should ask senator schumer is as determined to have this as anybody. he doesn't want a challenge from the left in a primary because he wasn't sufficiently committed to voting rights. so there is a lot of politics swirling around this. >> david axelrod, great to see you. >> good to see you guys. all right. we have live pictures to show you. there we go. that's live. >> there he is.
4:20 am
>> that's boris johnson. approximate these are the prime minister's questions in the house of commons. this is a big one today. >> i have always wished we had this in the united states. can i just say that? >> do you? >> it's awesome. politics on display. they yell at each other. it will be about boozy parties. >> this is about his political future. he has to face the music on the floor right now. secretary of state blinken in ukraine amid fears of a russian invasion. what is the latest status of the tensions there? plus, more americans living in fear as crime spikes across the country. is it warranted or a perception of fear as new york's mayor suggests? we'll discuss. ♪ ♪are you ready for me♪ ♪are you ready♪ ♪are you ready♪
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the murder rate in the u.s.
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exploded in 2020. up 30% from 2019, according to the cdc. that was the largest single year increase in a century. the numbers have continued to rise in 2021, along with other types of crime, creating somewhat of a culture of fear in many places across america. but is that fear driven by perception or reality? brynn begingras. >> reporter: the mayor walked back comments said he gets people don't feel safe on the subways. but a spike in crime in what to do about it is something mayorings, are facing pressure on. vigils coast to coast after a 40-year-old woman was pushed in front of a subway train over the weekend.
4:26 am
michelle alissa go was waiting on the platform when a man killed her in an unprovoked attack. simon marshall turned himself in and has been charged with second-degree murder. he has not yet entered a plea. >> we're going to drive down crime, and we're going to make sure new yorkers feel safe in our subway system. and they don't feel that way now. i don't feel that way when i take the train every day or when i'm moving throughout our transportation system. that is our battle. >> reporter: in the first two weeks of 2022, robberies, felony assaults and grand larceny anies are up in new york city from the previous year. murders are down. in los angeles, 24-year-old brianna was stand while working at a furniture store. >> i don't see us healing any time soon. i would love to tell you that there's going to be a point we're going to be better. but i feel it will be a big
4:27 am
missing piece. >> reporter: police have identified smith in connection with the crime. authorities were able to identify him from surveillance video taken from a nearby convenience store. and also in los angeles, police say a 70-year-old nurse was the victim of an unprovoked attack at a bus station. she fell back and hit her head and later died at the hospital where she worked as an er nurse. >> she is a beautiful person. it is hard for me to hold back the tears. >> reporter: los angeles police chief attributes these to difficulties treating mental health and homelessness in the city. cases of gun violence seen over the weekend. in oregon, six people were shot outside a concert. the suspect is still at large. and in chicago, the police department announced over three days, 38 people were shot, five fatally.
4:28 am
according to the fbi, nationwide homicide increased 29% in 2020 and 7% in 2021. back here in new york, when it comes to subway safety, which of course is key to this city's recovery, the governor and mayor have a plan to deploy more police presence and mental health personnel to address the homeless crisis. of course, john and kasie, this is not going to be an easy fix no matter what city you're in. >> brynn gingras, thank you for that report. we really appreciate it. former d.c. metropolitan police officer michael fanone. we want to talk about crime on the streets here. the mayor in particular of new york who said this was month or perception than reality. do you agree? >> i've got to respectfully
4:29 am
disagree with the mayor in those statements. clearly, there has been a significant increase in crime. as a police officer, i witnessed it not just in this past year, the year before, but in the last four or five years leading up to 2022. we've seen a staggering increase in both property and violent crimes. the police officer in me would point to a policing, departmental policies, lack of confidence in leadership, fear of assassination or indifference to the job which resulted from years of intense scrutiny and rhetoric directed at them by members of the media, public and politicians. i would also point to state and district prosecutors who decided to publicly decriminalize crimes
4:30 am
that they deem as minor infractions. that has created an environment where the individuals committing the crimes. and those who must answer to the community members in an incredibly difficult position. our criminal justice system relies on the idea of accountability. without accountability you get what many areas are experiencing today. but all that being said, i really attribute the rise in crime in the u.s. to our inability to engage in an honest discussion about policing and criminal justice reform. i have seen serious failures on the part of the media, elected judges, state and federal judges, police departments, police officers, community activists, and community members. i never experienced the level of distrust, misrepresentation, and violent rhetoric exchanged by
4:31 am
and between members of those groups. >> michael, that's a big thing, right? that's not something you can fix overnight or flip a switch. are there any small things you can change? and i know this is a big subject. but if you could give advice to the civic leaders or officials and say do this differently, what would you say? >> well, first and foremost, i think that in a lot of ways we're failing our police officers. the last four or five years brought intense scrutiny which i actually welcome. i want to be held to a high standard as a police officer. and i want my, you know, coworkers to be held to that high standard. those are the type of people i want to be surrounded with. that being said, i don't believe we're providing our officers with the training and resources to meet that high standard. we're setting them up for failure. in addition to that, you know, i
4:32 am
understand district and state prosecutors and their ideas surrounding, you know, not prosecuting minor crimes, decriminalizing certain offenses, but telegraphing that to criminals is not a good idea. you're emboldening them. and you're also marginalizing the victims of those crimes. you know, when i was a police officer, the last thing i ever wanted to do was arrest somebody for petty theft from a bodega. but think about the owner of that bodega. and if people are allowed to continue to steal, that's going to hurt him or her significantly. they need to weigh them on an individual basis, not make blanket states to allow people
4:33 am
to commit crimes and not be held accountable. >> this is my favorite chance to be on here at cnn. a personal thanks for protecting me when i was at the capitol and our democracy. it's always great to have you on. >> thank you, ma'am. thanks, john. >> thanks, mike. coming up, disturbing new video of racist slurs being shouted at an american basketball player in china. plus, an alarming look at one of donald trump's foot soldiers who continues to push the big lie. >> who are these 35,000 people who mailed in ballots? you need to find out. some of my best memories growing up were cooking with mom. so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen becameme part of our financial plan. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
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this morning a cnn special investigation. an ohio math teacher with ties
4:38 am
to former president trump and the my pillow guy is one of the foot soldiers traveling the country to spread the big lie. see what cnn's sara murray has uncovered. >> just about every county in the country was hacked. >> reporter: this is how the big lie that the 2020 election was stolen gets even bigger. >> i'm standing against a whole establishment who say, oh, that was the cleanest election in history. >> reporter: that is douglas frank with the financial backing of other conspiracy-minded americans, claiming he uncovered an algorithm. >> i'd like the country to stand up and say, well, this was ripped off. let's do a do-over. put trump back in office. >> reporter: frank's findings have been debunked by mathematicians and election
4:39 am
experts. there is no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election. but frank is still winning audiences with lawmakers, election officials and voters across the country. >> we're going into each state clan destinly, and i meet privately with legislators and secretaries of state and attorney generals. >> reporter: he is one of an army of foot soldiers inspired by donald trump's election lies, trying to convince others the 2020 election was stolen. >> who are these 35,000 people who mailed in these ballots? you need to find out, super mom. >> reporter: frank is connected with women he calls super moms who have embraced voter fraud claims, running their own door-knocking campaigns to advocate for hand count only elections. >> in colorado, we are a red state. >> there is no way that joe biden legitimately won the state of pennsylvania. >> we need to stand our ground. we need a real audit.
4:40 am
>> reporter: perhaps most critically. >> if you don't know who i am, i am the guy mr. lindell discovered. >> reporter: he has the backing of mike lindell. a deep-pocketed purveyor of election disinformation. >> we have poured so many resources into this. now you can help out and get a good night's sleep. i'm now offering the lowest price ever on queen my pillows. >> reporter: with lindell's support. >> he flew his private jet to pick me up to take me to meet with the secretary of state. >> reporter: frank has criss-crossed the country sharing his fraud claims wrapped in a fancy sounding math equation. >> i was the perfect person in this world to discover this. i have exactly the right skills. >> they're inflating our registration rolls, stuffing ballots, and cleaning it up afterwards. it's that simple. >> he's much better as presenting himself as a professor than even myself.
4:41 am
he gets up, has a bow tie, talks about all of this data >> reporter: justin say stanford university professor who looked at the data for 42 states and found frank's algorithm to be essentially worthless. >> you uncovered there's no basis for this. but if you're not someone who, like me, spends all day working on statistics and data, nearly perfect correlations, it sounds like he has uncovered something really impressive. >> reporter: frank uses the number of voters by age group to predict voter turnout and claims it is evidence of fraud. >> effectively, he has discovered that anything that you go out and measure in the world is closely related to itself. >> reporter: debunking wild claims wasn't difficult for john merrill, who met with lindell and frank on two occasions. >> every time they gave us an example, we were able to refute
4:42 am
what they showed us without even knowing what they were going to do. >> reporter: to others, frank's presentation confirms baseless suspicions that joe biden wasn't fairly elected. . >> people say we know other states are wrong but we think kentucky must be right. they have no idea. they just assume. and i said, well, that's kind of the problem. >> reporter: adrienne southworth said she came away more convinced that 2020 was problem plagued after hosting an event with frank. . >> i think the whole world is on the edge right now of are we going to continue trusting the system. >> reporter: it was one of frank's stops on his nationwide tour. in missouri, they featured frank and state representative with a flyer calling on county clerks to end. he met with the mesa county clerk under investigation by the fbi for her alleged involvement in a security breach of the county's election system. in montana, montana free press reported he met with staffers for the state attorney general.
4:43 am
here in texas. >> i'm going to walk through the checks and balances again. >> reporter: hayes list county elections said with widespread hacking would never succeed. >> if you even change a period, a period in the election programming, it sends up a red flag that immediately stops the entire process into we can identify what would have triggered that red flag. >> reporter: in harris county alone, they suspect thousands of voting machines. >> six months out we start checking all 13,000 pieces of equipment in harris county, opening them up, do they turn on, have they been tampered with, are all the buttons working. >> reporter: they run accuracy test under the watchful eyes of observers. on election day, they track the number of people showing up to vote and the number of ballots cast. one that would catch them inflated by phantom voters >> somebody would have to find a way to break into the voter
4:44 am
rolls. >> in tandem. again, breaking into multiple buildings, multiple systems in tandem with not a single red flag going off in this incredibly sensitive system all in unison, right, as you have all eyes on elections from every election staff. >> reporter: after a pitch in the lone star state this week. >> texas might be turning purple. tkoefbl it. you're red. >> reporter: he defended efforts to undermine confidence in america's elections. >> it will be a constitutional crisis. it will be a crisis. it is going to happen. it is inevitable it is going to happen. i'm helping that happen, yes. >> reporter: he is convinced the elections are rigged regardless of the many experts who debunked his claims. >> i said i know the elections are not real. i know the elections are being manipulated. regardless of who wins, i just want it to be fair. >> reporter: now, demand for douglas frank's bogus
4:45 am
representations are s. >> if he is telling the truth about what he believes, it's cult-like. it's cult-like. >> i'm just going to let my facial presidents speak for me. not going to lie. what did we just see? >> a part owner of the golden state warriors said this about human rights abuses in china. >> nobody cares about what's happening to the uighers, okay. >> what? >> you bring it up because nobody else cares. happening right now, boris johnson getting grilled by lawmakers over the boozy parties. >> doesn't the country deserve so much better than this out of touch, out of control, out of ideas, and soon to be out of office, prime minister? we're going to bring you the
4:46 am
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for the first time, basketball legend yao ming, one of china's most recognizable athletes, is speaking out about his encounter with tennis star peng shuai as her well-being has been a global concern. there have been a lot of outspoken people in the united states about what's going on in china. one of them is boston celtics center innis cantor freedom. in response, his criticism he
4:51 am
was asked about what freedom says. this is yao's response. >> i hope to have the opportunity to invite him to china for a visit. i or other basketball fans can be his guide here and such a visit may help him see a fuller picture of china. >>. >> joining us now is boston celtics center enes kanter freedom. yao ming has invited you to show you around china. what's your response? >> thank you for having me, john. i want to say thank you to mr. yao ming, thank you for your kind offer. yes, i do accept it, actually. because i actually do want to go to china and see everything with my own eyes. but on this trip i want to ask
4:52 am
mr. yao ming, will i be able to visit labor camps? while we are in china, can we go to tibet and see what the region is doing to these beautiful people. while we are in china, can we go to hong kong together and see what people are going through there? can we go to taiwan and also, you know, while in china, i want to get to actually be able to talk to peng shuai and see if she's okay, if she is free to speak freely and travel freely. you know, i don't need a lecture through china, i don't want propaganda. i want to see the real china and show the whole world what's going on. so, yes, i do accept his offer. >> conditionally accept his offer, it sounds like, enes. >> exactly. >> you have called on athletes around the world not to go to
4:53 am
china for the olympics, which begin in just weeks. you have criticized sponsors and companies for associating with the olympics in china. i'm curious what you would like to see on nbc which broadcasts the olympics in the united states in terms of their coverage of the games. what do you see as their responsibility in coverage? >> first of all, you know, i want everyone to know that china's communist party does not represent friendship, respect. they are a brutal dictatorship. they threaten freedoms and they do not respect human rights. first of all, to all the athletes out there, all the gold medals that you can win are not as important as your morals, values and principles. and why nbc would cover it is a shame. i feel it is important for us,
4:54 am
especially for america, to put some kind of statement out there and say we don't accept any kind of act around here. so i hope that not just diplomatic boycotts but i hope athletes and companies can go out and say, this is enough. >> so some kind of disclaimer from nbc that they broadcast that these games are being, you know -- while you might see pretty pictures here, this is a country which has been accused of genocide, some kind of disclaimer like that? >> exactly. the whole world knows there is a genocide happening. shame on all the olympic committee organizing the games in a country like china. i get to see this every time sleep in the same bed with china. >> this part owner, minority
4:55 am
owner of the golden state warriors claimed this about how americans and he feels about the plight of the uighers in china. listen. >> nobody cares what's happening to the uighers, okay. >> what? what do you mean nobody cares. >> the rest of us don't care. i'm telling you a hard, lugly truth. of all the things i care about, yes, it is below my line. >> what do you say to that, enes? >> unbelievable. i remember just that day when the video came out my manager texted me 30 minutes before the fame. and when i watched the video right before the game i was angry, disappointed and disgusted. it is one of the worst in the world today. it equals social social capital. he claims that he is standing up
4:56 am
for things in sports. it's unbelievable. and actually he put a statement out there which was pathetic because they couldn't mention uighers in their statement because they are scared they are going to lose a lot of money and business in china. it was pathetic. it was disgusting. and i was very ashamed for him for sure. >> enes freedom, stay strong. thank you for being with us. >> thank you so much. in a dramatic escalation, new york's attorney general is demanding testimony from donald trump, don jr., ivanka trump, saying she has significant evidence their company committed fraud. the trump organization responded minutes ago. and secretary of state blinken on the ground in ukraine. what needs to be done to prevent a russian invasion. comes to my insurance i don't. i use liberty mutual,
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4:59 am
(jeff) thank you. (bonnie) thank you. (robert) thank you. subaru. more than a car company. this is cnn special live coverage of a big day for president biden and his administration. just hours from now, he will hold a news conference. this is not exactly a frequent occasion for president biden. >> very infrequent, in fact. .
5:00 am
>> he will face a series of questions, a series of domestic challenges and crises around the world. russia has nearly completed its military buildup along the border with ukraine. secretary of state blinken will meet with foreign ministers on friday. now to math chew chance with his latest reporting from the region on this. matthew. >> reporter: yeah. thanks so much, kasie. that's right. that idea that russia has almost completed its military buildup is something we got from ukrainian military intelligence just last night saying it has been building and there are 127,000 russian troops now close to the border of ukraine. that's the latest. antony blinken is in kiev right now.


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