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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  January 20, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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also, ahead an amazing discovery, scientists finding a giant corral reef deep into the ocean, off the coast of tahiti. starling news from superstar singer adele. >> i am so sorry about -- my show ain't ready.
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>> postponing her show in vegas about her record breaking sales, we'll tell you why coming up. i want to bring in elel elie honig. let's talk about what's happening with the former president's daughter. the january 6th committee wants to know a whole lot from ivanka that's going to free up evidence about his actions then. rudy giuliani, there is more, there is more, right? his attorney involved with putting up fake electors according to sources. when does he face the biggest legal peril here? >> well, don, that's a lot of legal peril and a lot of different forms. we are talking civil and congressional and people associated with him.
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the biggest risk is down in georgia from the fulton county district attorney. we are talking about potential criminal charges there. that's a whole different ball game than the civil kind of charges he's looking at from the new york attorney general or whatever may come out of congress which is damaging but you don't go to prison for that. the move of asking for this special grand jury is a big step forward for the da. it shows the da is getting very serious about this investigation and will soon be armed with a subpoena power. don, it is important to understand, we are now talking about prosecutorial and these are the real subpoenas and witnesses have to comply with them or face consequences. that's what i see the biggest risk for the former president right now. >> finally the big people have to comply with unlike the little folks going along and comply with subpoenas because they have
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to. >> the committee led to ivanka trump and including testimonies from general kelloy. why do they need her to talk about that or are they trying to get to trump's state of mind here or his intent? >> so it is part of it. she's there when he says you are a whimp, i chose the wrong guy. she's the one who tried to talk him down in the middle of january 6th and after january 6th when there is opinions given to trump personally that the whole big lie is bogus. she figures in a lot of different ways. more over it is an inflammatory kind of shot across the ballot trump himself. he called that proeviously a re line. it puts ivanka in a funny
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position, she wants to be the moderate. she may feel she needs to cooperate a little bit. quickly, i agree with what elie says, it is as discreet, clean case in that audio tape that they had and that conversation makes it dangerous for trump. >> they have information suggesting that trump's white house council may have concluded what trump directs pence to do would be illegal. they want to hear from ivanka if her father is aware of that. explain why is that and what's going on here? >> there is so my fascinating bits of information in this letter. that one jumps off the page for me. people in if white house and not just anybody, the white house council may have advised the president or others that this scheme trying to challenge the election was unconstitutional and illegal. here is what it matters. it goes to intent, donald trump
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legitimately thought he won the election and it is not a crime to put up legal defense even if it is novel or aggressive legal challenge. this takes it into different territory. if the white house council says that's illegal and unconstitutional and donald trump's people saying we are doing it anyway. we are crossing into much grayer area of potential criminal intent. >> harry, it is also clear that the committee is looking into why trump did not make a drive address asking rioters to go home and he released this video. >> this is a fraudulent election, we can't play into the hands of these people. we have to have peace. so go home, we love you, you are very special. >> that gets me very time. you are very special. >> yeah. >> the committee wants to see a different take from that video. they have information that trump
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did not ask rioters to leave. why are they chasing this particular lead? >> well, it is explosive, this is part of the big 183 minutes where he's not calling them up. this is hardly an emphatic calling them mob. they had information that the white house didn't want him to go out and make an unscripted address because who knows what he would say. so more evidence as he was jubilant as he was going on. these were not the words of someone who's appalled and looking to make the insurrection a stand down. these are words for a sympathetic guy being forced to say something. >> thank you, gentlemen. i want to turn to michael d' antonio. it is good to see you. >> thank you very much don. >> the committee is asking for
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ivanka trump today. what will trump reaction be to this? >> as harry littman says the former president has always tried to indicate some sort of red line drawn around his children. in this case, the committees trying to solicit the cooperation of the brightest of his three children. ivanka was the one who was smart enough to avoid speaking at the ellipse on january 6th, she's smart enough to recognize it that she's at an inflection point. what she has to decide is is she a woman doing her civic duty and cooperate with this committee, perhaps, she can ask for a subpoena and be forced to cooperate or is she going to be a trump, is she going to continue to stone wall in the
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tradition of her father. i think a lot is going to ride on whether she thinks he's going down now. does she imagine that his future is over and that her long life is yet to be lived. you know i think if she does that, the president, the former president may actually recognize that she had no choice. he's in decline and i don't know if there is anything that's going to rescue him from the judgment of his career or the judgment of the american people. >> what do you mean -- when she's not a trump? she left out the first part of her letter where she said they were patriots. come on. >> look at what her husband chose to do? jared bummed out as soon as the election was over. he saw where this whole clown
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car was headed and he didn't want to be any part of it. i can't imagine he's not pulling her in the direction of doing the right thing. now, i agree with you that the impulse there is always to be a trump. but she's of all of them, she's been the one who wanted to be some what different. she has not pulled it off, i agree with you there. at some point it calleould dawn her that she's in more trouble than she bargained for and certainly first daughter ever been in and no father/daughter privilege for her to claim. >> wanted to be different or pretended? there is a whole difference. >> very deep psychology there. >> yeah. so, listen, as we learn more about rudy's involvement in this bizarre scheme of false electors.
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what do you this ink the odds w not done with the president? >> i am sure that rudy was in touch with donald trump very g gleeful about the plot he was hatching. it is really a lot of craziness. some people around the white house recognized that. sean hannity recognized this was all craziness. anything that rudy would have been able to bring to donald trump to give him a shred of hope would have thrilled then president trump and would have made rudy very relevant. he spent a lot of time being irrelevant and he spent quite a bit of time the last few years being very relevant. i think he prefers the ladder. >> it really is. a clown car of characters. >>s >>s >>s >> it is. >> thank you, michael. one year ago tonight
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president biden was newly inaugurated. what does he need to do going forward? >> a bill advancing in florida that would bar schools and businesses making anyone feel discomfort when they teach or train people about discrimination. so now you can't teach the facts if they make people uncomfortable? >> this is governor desantis trying to stop the teaching of true americans. our black history is apart of that history and as my white counter part are apart of that history. ♪ was like any other... ♪ new vicks vapostick. strong soothing vapors... help comfort your loved ones. for chest, neck, and back. it goes on clear. no mess just soothing comfort. try new vicks vapostick.
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from our toughist times, america has always built a brighter future. that was tom hanks. exactly one year ago tonight there were fireworks in washington. president biden and first lady jill biden celebrating a new era as their first night in the white house. he told the country that he was elected to solve problems and he has a record with some big accomplishments like covid-19 relief and bipartisan infrastructure bill. of course, the president is still facing challenges heading into the midterm elections.
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i want to bring in our cnn corres correspondents, they both worked with former president bill clinton. big resumes here. j gentlemen, good to see both of you. paul, what's your assessment of the president's first year in office. >> i think a great first year. he had a terrible couple of weeks. you are right, if you put together the recovery act for covid and the bipartisan infrastructure. that's over $3 trillion of spens spending on things that most americans think we need. the economy rebuilding our roads and bridges. i think what he needs to do now is first year about legislating
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and the second year should be about leading. hand off to your staff who's got a lot of talent, he needs to go out the country. this is what clinton did. like clinton, biden's greatest strength is his empathy. we lost a million over covid. nobody seems to give a damn but bino biden cares. that's what i want to see. go to those clinics and those communities and inner cities and small towns and the rural communities devastated by the op opioid. he can do so much with the empathy that's so powerful in him. >> i don't disagree with that but it is tough to do with covid, we don't want the president of the united states exposed to covid. we'll see. joe, similar question as to what i asked paul here.
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one year made a lot of significant changes, tonight, voting rights failed and build back better act stalled and covid cases are still surging and inflation hitting a fo four-decade high and the list goes on. this is a wake up call for democrats. what do they need to do now to turn things around? . >> yes, listen, i adpgree with paul that the year was significant and successful. what the president needs to do and democrats need to do. this is what bill clinton did. he made republicans start to pay a price for getting in the way of things the public wants. the public wants a lot of things that are in build back better act. they want voting rights and they want to see the government working for them. you got 50 republicans who are against everything. right now they're not paying any price at all. >> how does he do that? how do they do that? >> well, i think the president has to shift. the president has to shift from
8:21 pm
saying that i can make a deal. i am the great compromiser to basically the republican party is screwing you. they need to pay a price. i mean right now, there was a lot of people been doing things on the first year. i have not heard a word about 50 republican senators being against voting rights. 50 republican senators being against things like paid leave and expanding child tax credits. things that people need. the social safety net is broken. there is not a single republican who wants to fix it and right now they're paying no price. democrats and the president have to start exacting a price from it. >> they're not as good as a messenger as republicans. >> paul, you know some are comparing biden's presidency to jimmy carter who just served one term. your former boss had a rough
8:22 pm
first term and able to turn it around. leading the legislation to other folks? >> i think joe is right that he needs to make the republicans pay a price. clinton wanted to be a uniter and he really did. he had to draw the line. when newt gingrich and other republicans wanted to cut medicare, so he did. he made them pay a price. so joe is exactly right. clinton understood that the presidency has vast powers outside of legislating. 19 national monuments and millions of acres that he set aside to protect wilderness. republicans squeal like a hog stuck under a gate. he used his executive power to protect the environment. and then he picked a big fight with big tobacco. it was politically courageous
8:23 pm
and successful. i want to see biden picks a big fight with big tech. i happen to share one of that skepticism. use your power to reign in some of the excesses we see in the facebook papers or other monopolis practices. he can do a lot, pick a big fight with big tech and people will notice. >> president biden was e llecte as a moderate. we wanted sanity and someone to restore order. has he drifted too far from that? >> i don't think so. here is my view. one think he restored is honesty and vcivility in the white hous. that was a big deal. trump -- i don't think we got to the depths of the damage that the trump presidency had done to this country. i think he got a number of things done early, covid relief,
8:24 pm
infrastructure and he saw an opportunity to go and restore the social safety net in this country. he went big. he went big to try to reverse 30 years of neglect. you know what, he did not have the votes. you know in washington just trying, you know, you don't get credit for trying. you get credit for women. i think if you look at what he was trying to do, i don't think it was drifting to the left or trying to appeal to the moderates. it was about taking on a really big problem and trying to solve it at once. it just does not happen very much in washington these days. >> thank you, joe and paul. i appreciate it. >> thanks, don. >> lawmakers sounding the alarm over a new bill push by desantis that would shield people feeling discomfort when teaching about race and a stunning discovery
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discomfort" when teaching about race. a bill pushed by ron desantis. this equates to a ban on black history. joining me now is professor joseph at the university of texas. what in the hell -- what is this? >> well, this is the republicans' winning the cancel war. we talk about cancel culture. i call it a narrative war for the souls of america. this banning of black history really i am mpoverishes all of . it continues the loss cause from the 19th century. we instead start to celebrate confederate generals and
8:31 pm
confederate military heroes and that led to public policies that segregated that published a and -- and doing so, we led to segregation of the entire nation. what we are seeing now is this push back from 2020 and the racial and political reckoning we saw in the after math of george floyd, breanna taylor and the protests and the inequality in the context of the pandemic. we are seeing the gop is really won this war is winning the war right now in terms of what people sometimes call cancel culture. this is not sort of attacking people on twitter, this is actual legislation in addition to the voters suppression that proliferated since the 2013. this is actually cancelling
8:32 pm
american history. >> the right likes to talk about snow flakes and it seems like they may be raising snow flakes. when you think of slavery and lynching and it is not just black history. think of enteinternment camp du world war ii or time at the holocaust. should it make people feeling uncomfortable or angry? >> absolutely. this narrative war mattis connected to, we talked about 1619, don. i am somebody who read and enjoyed your book. i am going to talk about your book. >> thank you. what you did in "this is the fire," you talked about slavery, rebellion in louisiana and
8:33 pm
wilmington, north carolina. the united states over threw interracial and slaughtered dozens of black people. you talk about that in the context of american democracy and transformation. the reason you brought up that book not because you hate america but because you love our country. the only way we move forward is facing that country. it is not everything that we confront can be faced and transformed. without facing it is never going to be over. i think what we are seeing with these narrative wars is the republican party does not want to face not just the legacy of slavery but the contemporary reproduction of inequality and segregation and poverty and violence that's owed to that legacy and slavery. the only way we'll get over this is to have truth and justice and reconciliation is that we tell
8:34 pm
that shared history. that should not make any white people feeling uncomfortable. we have white heroes who are apart of that story and asians and latin-esque. to the abolitionists and indigenists. and we should not be ashamed of that legacy. the reconstruction legacy are the supporter of multi democracy and redemption legacies are advocates of white supremacy then and now. this country always had those duo challenges within it. we should not be ashamed of the redemption part because we have
8:35 pm
had the martin luther king jr. and the angela david and the donald morris and all these different people who want a multi-racial america and now want an america where we have our gqueer brothers and sisters and our disabled folks and so many different people in this sort of multi-cultural america. that's the america that we could be proud of and around the world. if we face up holisticly to our history, we don't lose. we all win. whether it is a five-year-old, my youngest is a first grader, i want her to know the good and the bad and the ugly of america so she can aspire to martin luther king jr.'s beloved community. >> it makes you a more rounded
8:36 pm
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the largest corral reef discovered in tahiti. how much we have not yet to uncover in our ocean's depths. martha raddatz has the story for us. >> reporter: 200 below surface was this. a corral reef nearly two miles long. researcher on a scientific mission discovered at the depth of the ocean known as the twilight zone. 200 feet below the surface where it is just enough light to sustain life. that's where they found one of the world's largest corral reef appeared to be unaffected by climate change, stunning since warming water wiped out the half of the earth's reef.
8:42 pm
>> it shows us how little we know about our planet and how important it is to gain knowledge to better understand the process of those oceans that'll influence life on our planet. >> re >> re >> the shape of the seabed and how deep it is and ocean currents, influence to a great extent how climate will develop and change. therefore, our climate moguls are not as good as it should be. >> reporter: the topography dictates how currents moving warm wauter out of the planet ad
8:43 pm
that impacts climate. melting glacials and storm surge. >> that'll allow a lot of clever people to use that information to conduct all sorts of science, all sorts of modeling. >> reporter: this mission is underway in various parts of the world. only 20% of the world's ocean floors have been met. that's the equivalent of asia and africa. what it is estimated to be 3 million to $5 billion. the appetite to do it is not robust. oil gas companies mapped areas central to their work at seas but not always willing to share the data. the leaders of the seabed 2030 mission are calling on everyday citizens. >> whether you are a master of a boat carrier or a yacht skipper
8:44 pm
or a ferry boat captain then you are in a position to gather data to help us. >> reporter: the united nation endorsed this in addition to map the world's ocean floor and anyone with a boat can get involved by visiting the seabed 2030 website. as for those beautiful corral reefs, researchers hope to learn how it has been rise despite the crisis. don. >> renee, thank you very much. so beautiful. joining me now is roberto ronaldi. he's apart of the one ocean team that made this discovery. roberto, it is so beautiful. we are all sitting here discussing it in the control room as we were watching it. your team found this reef about 200 feet below the surfaces of
8:45 pm
the ocean in what's called the tie li twilight zone and it goes for nearly two miles. what did you think? >> it was wonderful. we are full of this will idea of global warming of course we experience many corrals are dying across the world. when you find a place that's so pristine and alive and rich, you are just happy and touched and then what i want to say is that what i really felt was the immensity of this. the corral reef we were exploring was endless, really endless. you can watch those roses, they're like roses shaped and
8:46 pm
they use under water coolers and we can ride for over without anything stopping and without seeing any dead corrals. it was a true paradise. >> could you believe your eyes? >> yes, i believe my eyes because i know the sea and i know that of course we are launching alive and of course glacial is not good. the sea is strong and we as divers, we can experience many, many places that we see alive and pristine and naturally reacting to us. all is carrying on with its own life. not anything can damaging and destructed. it does not mean we are to stop working and trying to protect
8:47 pm
the ecosystem. this means we are not doing something useless. if everything was dead we would be doing something useless. our waters are very important because just because this is not destroyed yet, just because the ocean are still alive so we just have to protect and let them live as it was before. >> let me jump in here because i want to ask you because it is only i think about 20% of the ocean floor currently mapped. do you think there are more huge and healthy reefs out there that we have not found yet? >> yes, i am sure, we love to dive deep. if you think that a normal diver can dive around 40 meters under 20 feet, we divers, we do double and we can go to 100 and
8:48 pm
150 feet. the average of the ocean is 3,000 meters to 90,100,000 feet. this shows that we know nothing about the oceans. we are doing our discussions now and now that we see, we are considering the ocean like the land. in land we are on the surface but ocean is a place, it is as place where -- it is a volume. if we go -- i don't know when ever we are in the forest, we have the life from the ground to the top of the tree. when you are at sea and you are in a place where the sea floors and seabed is 3,000 meters deep then the life is from 3,000 meters up to surface, it is a huge volume. we are not considering this. when we say that we feel that the sea covers 70% of the a
8:49 pm
earth's surface. we understand the volume and the natural -- what's in the water is much more. >> there is a lot that's there. listen, one of the most fascinating things i have ever seen was, gosh, i think it was from the '90s, the bbc, the blue planet which it shows the vastness of the ocean. that's all we have time for. roberta, thank you so much. it is beautiful what you have done. continue the work. we appreciate you joining us here on cnn. thank you very much. >> bye. >> bye-bye. >> before she had the chance to say hello, adele postponing her las vegas residency, the day before it was set to begin. >> i can't give you -- i am tired.
8:50 pm
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8:55 pm
ain't ready. we tried absolutely everything that we can to put it together in time and for it to be good enough for you, but we have an absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and covid. it's been impossible to finish the show. and i can't give you a good show right now. i'm sorry. it's last-minute. we've been awake 30 hours trying to figure it out, and we've run out of time. i'm really, really sorry. i'm really sorry. >> it's the environment we're in right now. covid really affecting everything. her series of sold-out shows at the coliseum was supposed to begin tomorrow and continue through mid-april. she's promising fans that all
8:56 pm
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it's been nearly two years since the pandemic started. our students and teachers tried their best, but as a parent, i can tell you that nearly 18 months of remote learning was really hard. i'm so angry that instead of helping our kids get back in the classroom, the school board focused on renaming schools schools that weren't even open . please recall all three school board members now. for the sake of our kids,
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we can't wait one more day, never mind a whole year for a fresh start. good evening. tonight, a major development in the state of georgia that increases the former president's potential criminal exposure for attempting to overturn the election he lost. we begin here in washington, d.c., we're marking one year since the current president was inaugurated. a year marked with some significant accomplishments, yes, but also some bruising losses and polling reflects that. so the question is how he turns things around to the extent that he can, if he can on inflation,


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