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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  January 21, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PST

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here in the united states and all around the world. it is friday, january 201st. kasie hunt has been watching over me. >> it's been a tough job. happy friday. >> you almost made it. >> we're almost there. >> this morning a completely different legal landscape for donald trump. new risks for him and growing peril. the fulton county district attorney requested a special grand jury for the former president's effort to overturn the 2020 election results in georgia. d.a. fanny willis has been investigating possible disruptions of the election for a year now. it indicates she is seriously pursuing criminal charges against the former president or his allies. >> and that is not all. trump's week from legal hell started when new york's attorney general announced she had
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uncovered, quote, significant evidence of fraud in the trump organization. and she's looking to question the ex-president, his daughter ivanka, and his son don jr. then, on wednesday, the supreme court cleared the way for presidential records from the trump white house to the january 6th committee. records that could shed light on the events leading up to and of course what happened during the insurrection. we also learned that the january 6th panel subpoenaed and obtained the phone records of eric trump and kimberly guilfoyle, who is engaged to donald trump jr. and now they have sent a letter to ivanka trump requesting that she appear for questioning. laura jarrett, attorney at low, and co-anchor of "early start". it's good to see you. >> reporter: good morning, from georgia to new york, trump's legal woes reached new heights, as you laid out. there is an emerging pattern here. all the allegations he's facing
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here focusing on fraud. the big lie to election fraud. a pressure campaign to find votes that simply didn't exist. to financial fraud at his namesake company. that's what has got prosecutors's attention now. >> i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. >> reporter: it's that fateful request that has the former president in growing legal jeopardy this morning. >> it tells me the d.a. is getting serious down in fulton county, georgia. >> reporter: nearly a year after opening a criminal investigation into donald trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in georgia, fulton county district attorney willis is asking for a special grand jury to handle trump's case exclusively. >> what i know about investigations is they are kind of like peeling back an onion. as you go through each layer you learn different things. >> reporter: in a letter to the chief judge of fulton county superior court, her office has
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received information indicating a reasonable probability that the state of georgia's administration of elections in 2020, including the state's election of the president of the united states, was subject to possible criminal disruptions. >> i live by the motto that numbers don't lie. >> reporter: that is brad raffensperger on the receiving end of trump's demand to find votes that did not exist. she now points to this interview he did last october. >> if she wants to interview me, there's a process for that, and i will gladly participate in that. because i want to make sure that i follow the law. >> reporter: in a statement, trump says he didn't say anything wrong in the call. he said he made it while he was president on behalf of the united states to look into massive voter fraud which took place in georgia. but that's not true. there was no massive fraud. three recounts confirmed georgia's results. it's been a trying week for trump, who is facing increasing
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legal scrutiny not just in georgia but new york where the attorney general revealed for the first time tuesday she has, quote, significant evidence that the trump organization fudged the bottom line to obtain loans, insurance. she needs the testimony of his former president and his two children, donald trump jr. and ivanka. and then the investigation into the attack on the u.s. capitol. a big win wednesday by the u.s. supreme court rejecting trump's efforts for hundreds of his white house documents under wraps. >> we're going to get these documents. and we're going to go through them and help ease this picture together. >> reporter: subpoenas were also issued by the select committee to some of trump's former attorneys who pushed the big lie. rudy giuliani, jenna ellis and sidney powell.
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they will claim their conversations were protected by attorney/client privilege. it's not just aides and allies. it is family members. the committee has obtained phone records for trump's younger son, eric, and is now asking for ivanka trump's voluntary cooperation with the investigation. no word whether she will comply. kasie, in the committee's letter to ivanka trump, they dropped a few easter eggs about what eye ka ivanka was doing and saying around january 6th. he said the day after the insurrection, quote, no more stolen election talk. advice trump obviously didn't follow. >> surely he did not. all right. laura jarrett, thanks very much for that report. joining us now, former u.s. attorney general for the middle district of georgia, michael moore. great to see you this morning.
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a special grand jury request. what exactly does that mean. >> this is just a request by the d.a. to have a dedicated group of people paying attention to one case. the special grand jury in georgia does not have the power to indict. it only has the power to make a recommendation. so what she asked for is the chief judge asked, there are 20 in fulton county, the majority of them have to prove it, that she be allowed to cold this grand jury, present evidence and ultimately get their report. you do it sometimes if you want to have people locked into their testimony. you do it so they are under oath and they can't crawfish on you later if you try a case. this is interesting to me. and she sort of singles out the secretary of state brad rafens p rafensberger. these are recorded statements he's made. he wrote a book about this. so we know what he thought about
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it. and then of course you have the audio tape. she may be putting the belt and suspenders on the investigation, or she might be looking to broaden it out, talk to other people, government officials on the state and federal level, to see if in fact, there's a conspiracy charge or something like that that she wants to pursue. >> so, michael, based on what you said about brad raffen raffensperger, is there a benefit? >> he can be impeached with prior statements he's made as well. remember that a grand jury -- again, she can't ask this grand jury for an indictment. as a prosecutor you don't have to put your whole case forward. we think it presents every witness to a grand jury. they don't s. sometimes they present one witness. the joke is sometimes you can indict a ham sandwich in front of a grand jury.
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you just need a good detective. the grand jury will decide whether they will issue the indictment. in this case the best evidence is the tape. and if that's the case that she wants to make. and, again, i sort of urge that she looks at this rightful shot approach and make a good, clean, simple case on the most readily provable offense that she has. and that lets the case stay without some of the appellate issues that are likely to result. we live in a state where the majority on a state level are controlled by republican appointees. they're good people and many of them are friends of mine. nonetheless, if she moves forward, there will be decisions made on the appellate level. and if there was a conviction at some later time, that could be who will have to survive tough scrutiny by the appellate judges here. >> one reason also is to go
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beyond brad raffensperger. lindsey graham, mark meadows. you might be trying to prove conspiracy or racketeering. they are different words with different meanings, but this district attorney has acute experience with, michael. stkpwhrb she does. she was involved in a cheating scandal here with the school system. so she does have some experience with the rico charges. conspiracy is just an agreement between several people to do something wrong. and so she may, in fact, be looking to broaden it out. recent news reports talking about, you know, this coordinated effort with the campaign, giuliani and what was going on with false electors in states. it may be an opportunity for her to get information that sort of becomes a cog in the wheel. if it became a federal
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investigation, looking at those states that, this could provide information for that as well. at the same time, it might give information that the grand jury proceedings are secret. she will look at other avenues to share information to. >> michael moore, thank you so much for your experience and joining us this morning. >> glad to be with you all. thank you. all right. happening now, secretary of state antony blinken holding high-stakes security talks with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov, aimed at defusing the crisis in ukraine. it seems to suggest nato powers might toll rat a minor incursion by russia in the ukraine. cnn's frederick pleitgen live in geneva, switzerland with more. what's the latest here? >> reporter: hi there, kasie.
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the stakes are high for the talks. they have been talking for an hour already. we expect them to last another hour on top of that. at the beginning of the talks you could hear the russian foreign minister saying he heard from the american side they don't believe there will be any breakthroughs at these talks. and the russians said they also don't believe there will be any breakthroughs. from the u.s. said, you're right. what secretary state blinken has been doing is essentially trying to clean up those remarks by president biden. that seems to have some of america's allies unsure of the u.s.'s position. of course secretary of state blinken was in berlin meeting not just with the german foreign minister but with the foreign ministers of the uk and france as well. afterwards, they seemed to have that unified position that if there was russian aggression, further invasion of ukraine, there would be a strong response
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not just from the u.s. but allies as well. the russians, for their part, have made clear they want answers from the u.s. as far as their security demands are concerned. of course the main ones being they want written guarantees there will not be nato enlargement, no ukraine in nato ever, and they want nato troops and weapons to be withdrawn from eastern european nato states. the u.s. said those demands are nonstarters. but of course at these negotiations the tough part is going to see whether or not headway can be found, whether nuances can be found, and to see if this can be in a diplomatic realm. and the situation in and around ukraine seems to become more dangerous by the day. they are moving assets not just towards ukraine but now into belarus as well. and we have the negotiations going on for about another hour now. we expect the press conference to be about an hour and 10 minutes. we will certainly bring you the
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latest then. kasie. >> please do keep us posted. we really do appreciate it. georgetown university adjunct professor at walsh school of business and bureau chief jill doherty. thanks so much for being here. what are the stakes for this meeting? >> i think they're extremely high. because this is really -- you could argue the last opportunity for diplomacy. now, of course, as fred said, it could continue. but i think the americans want to find out, number one, is russia serious about attacking. and that is a very -- you know, an important thing that they have to find out. but also they want to find out is this the end of negotiations? is this the end of diplomacy. and could there be a second round. remember about 10 days ago there were three big meetings in a row. or is this the end? so, as you look at it, i was watching the body language and what they said today on russian
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tv. and lavrov is saying, you know, we're not looking for a breakthrough. we want an answer, and we want it in writing. so that's where we are. now, behind the scenes, they're actually are some things that they could have some type of compromise on. but the russians consider that kind of piecemeal. they want the whole deal. and that is, you know, three big demands, which essentially would rewrite the post cold war era. >> and they're nonstarters, basically, for the united states. some of those demands. and russia knows it, or should know it. jill, first of all, it's great to see you. second, i'm struck by the overt military movements that we have seen in some ways over the last 24 hours, whether it be russia putting more assets into belarus or the united states authorizing the movement of weapons from latvia and lithuania into ukraine. how significant is that? >> i think they're both
3:15 am
significant. you could also point to the naval maneuvers that russia is carrying out right now over the entire world. russia, this is really high stakes for putin. he is bringing, you know, troops in from the eastern military districts for over -- really far east to the west, bringing in tanks, equity. and this is a show of force. i think essentially it is a show of force, yes, about ukraine, that he does not want ukraine to continue to be pulled into the west. but i think it's a bigger picture. it's really we do not want the united states and nato in what they consider their territory. now, the united states and nato cannot accept that ukraine, georgia, the ones on the perimeter of russia, that they could not be given the right to do whatever they want in terms
3:16 am
of defense or any type of organization they want to join. but that is -- those are the stakes. >> very, very high stakes. jill tkoert, thank you very much for being up with us this morning. we really appreciate it. a proposal to vaccinate migrants back on the table and causing political infighting. more drama in the unfriendly skies. why an american airlines flight turned around an hour into its journey. and we're waking up to sad news this morning. listen to that voice. meat loaf, we learned, has passed away. his music, his films, his legacy, next. ♪ baby got back by sir mix-a-lot ♪ unlimited cashback match... only from didiscover.
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. grammy award-winning singer meat loaf has died. according to his official facebook page, he passed away from wife deborah at his side. his career spanned six decades. he sold more than 100 million albums and starred in more than 65 movies. cnn's paul verkammon looks back at his life and legacy. ♪ i would do anything for love but i won't do that." >> reporter: he unleashing the lyrics of jim steinman. >> i would go out on the stage as if it's the last thing i will ever do. that's what i have always said, if i go out, i'm going out on a stage. >> meat loaf. where did did that come from? >> kids. >> reporter: michael lee was
3:22 am
born in texas. but texas was not big enough to corral his talents. he would go on to sell 80 million records worldwide. one of the top-selling musicians ever. his albums became staples in college dorms. the first one selling 43 million copies. >> i was not ready for. bat out of hell. i had a nervous breakdown. i went to psychologists and psychiatrists for two years. i went to them to teal with the word "star." >> and known for the rocky horror picture show. and bob paulson "fight club." >> the first rule is, i'm not supposed to talk about it. and the second rule is, i'm not supposed to talk about it. and the third rule is -- >> bob, bob.
3:23 am
>> reporter: he became a father to two daughters. and meat loaf entered reality tv, donald trump's celebrity apprentice. he blistered gary busey. >> i am the last person in the [ bleep ] you ever [ bleep ] want to [ bleep ] with. >> stark contrast to what launched him to adoration, that operatic voice. ♪ i would do anything for love but i won't do that ♪ ♪ no, i won't do that ♪ >> so, there was a time, kasie, we would listen to listen to music on boomboxes. cassette players with big speakers. and i would have it on classic rock all summer long at my summer jobs. i remember several times a day
3:24 am
they would play paradise or bat out of hell, and i would always love it. just the songs are just frankly terrific. >> they're iconic. what a life he had. even those of us around here who are a little too young to remember meat loaf. i do remember him, but we work with people who don't. you know the music. eye ubiquitous. it's been in our life for so long. our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and everyone who is missing them, including all of us here. the only chance i got to see meat loaf perform live was at a mitt romney campaign event of all places. it really sticks out in my mind as something that was really amazing to witness. >> i'm sure that's something you will never, ever forget. >> i will not. >> our thoughts with the family of meat loaf. rocky horror picture show so good. >> so good. >> i remember staying up all night in the '70s going to those
3:25 am
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welcome back. science of a pandemic shift? shares of two big pandemic winners, peloton and netflix, suffering a dramatic drop. chief business correspondent christine romans has the details. what's going on? >> millions of americans spent the pandemic curled up with netflix and clipping in with peloton. but red-hot growth is slowing now for both. i guess they are emerging from
3:30 am
their stay at home shell. peloton first. it lost a third after rumors of a big drop in demand for bikes. john foley confirmed there could be layoffs and what he called a production reset. he acknowledged peloton is considering all options. it is because cnbc revealed leaked documents to temporarily pause productions of bikes and treadmills after blistering demand the company found itself with too much inventory. and stock of another pandemic winner, netflix, dropped about 20%, down 20% after hours. fewer new subscribers in the fourth quarter. they will not add as many in the first quarter as expected. they blamed competition from rivals and not enough original programming early in the first quarter. it's not expecting any big new releases until later this year. if you're one of those squid games fans, the second season is
3:31 am
coming. it's on the way. it plans to offset the slower growth with higher prices. it is raising prices in u.s. and canada. >> i personally am waiting for second season of "bridgerton". >> me too. we're more "bridgerton" speed than squid game. >> as if you're judging. if you're one of those squid game fans. >> i don't think you're a fan of it. bad things happen. but i watched it and appreciated it. but i just don't want to be judged. >> i will judge you, john. i will judge you all day long. >> which i find reassuring in its own way but that's totally separate. christine romans, thank you very much. it might be time to lock in a mortgage rate. rates are up now at their highest level since march 20th. this has big implications across the economy, vanessa. >> reporter: absolutely. home buyers are not getting the
3:32 am
rock-bottom price sub 3% for their mortgage. that may price some people out of the market. it may cause others to quickly re-do their finances to afford the home they're looking at. the buyers we spoke to are pretty nervous and pretty anxious. >> stu, welcome. >> stu is on the hunt again. >> here we have two bedroom, two and a half baths. >> he is looking for a home for himself and his daughter after he fell it of escrow last month. there's low inventory, sky-sky prices and bidding wars. and now rising mortgage rates. >> they are almost a point higher when i made that offer and went into escrow. that is a significant jump. >> reporter: 3.56%, back up to prepandemic levels. on the median home price of
3:33 am
$350,000, americans can expect to spend $120 more on average, excluding taxes and insurance, than they did a year ago. >> i think that affects the kind of home i will look at, the neighborhoods i will look at, the things i'm willing to go and have conviction about that maybe i didn't a month ago. >> reporter: mortgage rates going up in anticipation of higher interest rates, which the federal reserve said would happen this year. in just the last month, a 30-year mortgage rose by a half a point. >> every half point that mortgage rates rise, i think that definitely has an impact on what buyers are willing to do, how far they're willing to stretch on home purchase. >> reporter: rising rates will affect home buyers in pricier coastal cities where they're more often right on the cusp of qualifying for a home mortgage. in chicago, where realtors say
3:34 am
there's more inventory, it means locking in a good mortgage rate now. . >> you don't want to pay more money if you don't have to. that's why we did decide to go through the preapproval process earlier. that way if we did find something, we could jump on it. >> mary-kate ou and her husband on first-time home buyers. their lease is up in six months. and there are rising mortgage rates. >> we accelerated the timeline a little more recently. >> this is 950. >> reporter: her realtor said it is bringing up fomo among many first-time buyers. that's fear of missing out. >> there might be some folks out there who were considering buying a home six months and nine months ago that didn't and might be kicking themselves. >> reporter: pushing them to buy quickly before prices get higher. . >> that's where the nerves and the excitement all come together. >> reporter: and the home prices up 17% last year from 2020.
3:35 am
there's also such loaf, low inventory, john. with these rising rates, realtors say this might ignite a buying frenzy so buyers can get what's left on the market with still attractive rates. the buyers we spoke to are getting nervous. rising costs. they want to make sure they can get their dream home. . >> buying a home is so stressful anyway, especially your first home. this just adds to the anxiety. vanessa, thank you very much. president biden's approval rating hitting a new low but still higher than someone's. guess who? plus, kevin mccarthy may be hitting a bump on his road to the speakership. and this. >> i can't give it to you right now. i don't got it. >> adele making a tearful announcement hours mr. she was
3:36 am
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welcome back. in president biden's first news conference this year, he suggested that the legitimacy of the upcoming midterm elections might depend on voting rights, legislation, passing correct me if i am wrong. >> i'm not saying it's going to be legit. the it is in direct proportion to not being able to get the reforms passed. >> it has led to some questions about whether this is equal to the former president trump undermining election integrity. that's an equivalency that our next guest argues isn't the right one to make.
3:41 am
john harwood. john, what's your argument here? >> first of all, welcome back, kasie. it's great to see you. >> thank you. great to be here. >> look, let's step back and think about what both men have tried to do. donald trump lost the election of 2020, lied about it, claimed fraud, tried to overturn it legally, failed, tried to bully election officials, get me 12,000 more votes, failed, and incited mob violence against the capitol. he was trying to corrupt the election. since 2020, that corruption effort failed, republican legislators around the country have been trying to engineer changes in election administration and voting procedures to make sure that they can succeed where trump failed. that is pretty stark. that's why we've been covering democracy in peril. joe biden is leading democrats to try to protect the integrity
3:42 am
of elections. it doesn't mean joe biden questioned the legitimacy of the 2022 elections. the most significant threats are in 2024 not 2022. it is true that some of these state laws are going to have incremental effects and may not in and of themselves make the election illegitimate. but i think the question is less of a stark black and white choice, legitimate or illegitimate but more on a continuum. and the more you impede voting by groups you are trying to prevent from voting against you, the more you interfere with election administrations to overturn some of those results, the less legitimate ruts are. some experts said he shouldn't say the election might be
3:43 am
illegitimate. you don't want to further undercut confidence. but there is a genuine threat to american democracy. and that's what joe biden was highlighting. . >> likewise, john, he received criticism for the way he talked about ukraine. is there a different way to look at it? is it not as damaging, as some suggest, to say there would be different responses for different russian actions? >> well, i thought that was the most jarring point of the news conference. i didn't understand why he said it or why he predicted putin would go in when u.s. diplomats said we don't know what he is going to do. your conversation yesterday with julia loffe indicated a perspective issue we should remember. what joe biden alluded to, that is the different responses to different offenses by the soviet union, are things that our diplomats and national security
3:44 am
officials have been saying privately. if they have been saying privately to reporters and to other diplomats, it is hard to imagine that anything joe biden alluded to is not already known by vladimir putin. vladimir putin is the decision maker. if it doesn't change what putin knows is making his decision, how significant is the green light? certainly as a public matter, the ukrainians had to react because it sounds bad. but does it really change the dynamics of the decision that rests with vladimir putin itself? i'm not sure. >> it's an interesting point. the one thing i will just add is we know vladimir putin has been trying to sow division in the united states to an effort to make us weaker >> no question. . >> and there is perception from our allies that there is weakness coming from joe biden is potentially add took that danger. john harwood, great to see you my friend. president biden one year and one day into his presidency.
3:45 am
public approval at a low for him. joining us now cnn senior data reporter harry enten. what direction is the president's polling going? . >> this direction. down, down, down. look, if you look at joe biden's popularity, you compare it now to different places in time, you can see it on your screen right now. he is just 41% approval rating. 44% a few months ago. in the middle of summer last year, we were saying, oh, my, biden's numbers seem to be holding. he was at 53%. he is well down from 55 at the beginning of his presidency. election day 2020, his favorable rating was 52. he is 10 points below that. he is going in the wrong direction. >> compare him to the other guys in the white house. >> we have a list of them there. the only one below him was donald trump at 39%. he is well below even where
3:46 am
barack obama was at this point, 50%. and certainly well below where george w. bush and george h.w. bush. >> so, harry, when you talk about his numbers going down, one of the things that has to concern the white house is with whom specifically? >> yeah. he's losing voters both in the middle and those traditionally part of the democratic base. people of color are a big part of the democratic base. favorable rating was 72% on election day. age 18 to 34, approval rating just 37% on average of polls. he had a favorable rating of 60% on election day 2020. and independents voted for donald trump in 2016, and then switched allegiances to joe biden in 2020. his favorable rating on election day 2020, was 52%. now, just 33%.
3:47 am
no bueno, john. >> what's happening now? >> if there was one issue that helped joe biden win the presidency back in 2020, it was because people disapproved of the job that donald trump did on the coronavirus. joe biden came in with a head of steam on his handling of the coronavirus. you know, you go back to may of 2021, that was a time at which we were getting the convevaccin out. his a praufl rating was 63%, disapproval of 32%. you go to september 2021 when delta variant was taking hold, 53% to 42%. now just a 42% to 49%. the complete wrong direction. >> what about the economy, harry? >> the other big issue is the economy, right? take a look here. this is the net approval rating on the economy keup since 1978.
3:48 am
joe biden is at the bottom, the bottom of the list here with a minus 17 point net approval rating. that is the worst on record for any president at this point in their presidency since 1978. it is well below the last guy, donald trump. the economy was a big thing for him, a positive. his net approval was in the green, plus 8 points. joe biden down 25% from there, mi minus 17 points. >> the buffalo bills have a big game this weekend. what do you want to say? >> well, i don't want to rub your nose in it. i think we had a segment last friday i think i might recall. you were a fan of ta team we had a perfect game against. we didn't turn the ball over, we scored a touchdown pretty much every drive except when we downed it. the thing about the buffalo bills, only two places in which
3:49 am
google trends or first or second. one is new york, the other is wyoming where josh allen went to school. i love it, love it, love it. go bills, this weekend. i'm praying just win a super bowl once, please. >> i should have called you or texted you after the game last week. i didn't. i apologize. it wasn't out of spite. i went to bed. it was such a bad game i couldn't stay awake. i will cheer for the buffalo bills. they will be my team until they get to the super bowl and lose to tom brady. that's my promise to you. >> boy, i love losing super bowls i think is the old saying. but this year i think we're going to turn it around. >> best of luck. >> thank you. all the luck my way. one hour into a flight, the pilot forced to turn the play around. airborne maskhole. >> why everyone was up in arms
3:50 am
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in yet another edition of passengers flying off the handle, an american airlines flight from miami to london turned around in the middle of a flight on monday because of an incident of a woman who refused to wear a mask. cnn's pete muntean joins us. what is wrong with people and what happened here? >> reporter: we thought this was going to be a 2021 problem, kasie. still apparently a problem in 2022. imagine the frustration of these passengers on american airlines flight. the blue arkansas is the flight plan. the green down there is the flight turning around after only 45 minutes in.
3:55 am
129 people on board. a lot of disappointed folks. american had to ultimately cancel this flight. american says this was all because this woman had a mask dispute on board, caused a disruption on board. miami-dade police escorted her off. they said it's up on the ire lane to deal with this. the airline can ban her from flying again. the faa can bring civil fines but not criminal charges. the doj can. it takes a little bit of time as we have seen in the past. look at the numbers. we have seen 151 incidents of unruly passengers so far in 2022. 92 over masks. look at the 2021 numbers. 5,981 incidents in total. 4,290 mask related. 72%. now, luckily the rate has gone down. it started to rear its head
3:56 am
after january 6th. clearly this problem is not over just yet, kasie. >> it sure isn't. it was hard enough to be a flight attendant before the pandemic having to deal with unruly passengers. and this is just astonishing. my thoughts are with everyone who has to get up and fly in the skies every day as this is unfolding. thanks very much for your reporting. coming up next, a proposal to vaccinate migrants now back to the table and causing political infighting in the biden administration. ♪ and rock star meat loaf has passed away. we're going to remember his music, his legacy. much more ahead. psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff,... ...swollen, painful. emerge tremfyant®. tremfya® is approved to help reduce joint symptoms in adults with active psoriatic arthritis. some patients even felt less fatigued. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections
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