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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  January 24, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PST

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good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is monday, january 24th. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. you're back! >> here i am. and it's lovely to be back. . >> you are big-timing us for a whole week. now you're back in the mornings, which is just one of the major stories developing overnight, right? also overnight, we saw something honestly you will never see anyone. you are not supposed to be able to go the length of the football field in 13 seconds. you're just not. not against the best defense in football. it's basically impossible, or supposed to be. that was just one part of the ridiculous bills/chiefs game. that was the best, if not the best played game i have seen.
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patrick mahomes to kelce. the bills and quarterback josh allen never got to touch the ball in overtime. but to even get there. the team scored a combined 25 points in the last two minutes, which is ridiculous. that capped a weekend of almost as ridiculous football games. the chiefs will face the cincinnati bengals with their own last-second field goal. >> in the nfc, the san francisco 49ers knocked aaron rodgers and the green bay packers out of the playoff thanks to a field goal on the game's final play. and there will be no 11th super bowl appearance for tom brady. the rams gnawing off the bucs 30-27 on the 30-yard game-winning field goal as time ran out the clock. time may be running out for
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brady. after the heartbreaking lowe's, the g.o.a.t. said he will take his future day by day. that doesn't mean nothing. he's the author of the new book play makers how the nfl really works and doesn't, which comes out in march. my 3-year-old was so confused. he kept talking to my husband and my dad who is in town and said, guys, not so much yelling, okay? not so much yelling. this was a wild, wild day. >> there's never been a weekend like it before to have all four games, divisional round games decided on the final play, walk-off victories. three road teams won, capped by one of the best games we have ever seen, the kind of game you never want to have end. and there was an element of it that was epic.
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>> i honestly am a patriots fan, so i have seen good football. but last night i have never seen anything like it, quarterback play like that before. josh allen and patrick mahomes did whatever they wanted to do in ways you're not supposed to be able to do it. with 13 seconds left, it doesn't happen to go the full length of the field to get the field goal. >> they are the two most gifted quarterbacks. their ability to run, buy time, extend plays, ability to throw the football whenever they want, however they want. some of the throws josh allen had last night were mind boggling. with only 13 seconds left, you see two plays field goal range, forced overtime. that was that. this feels like, and hopefully it will be, a matchup that
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continues on a regular basis. we've been looking for the next peyton manning and tom brady dual for years. hopefully they will continue to cross paths in this kind of a setting. >> we all saw why this overtime rule maybe should be revised, right? it just seems like you should -- in a court of law, the prosecution and the defense, they both get a shot. and then here you are in overtime, and the bills, you know, fate sealed, don't even get a chance. >> well, and the rule changed a bit after the 2009 nfc championship game. a ticket to the super bowl with a field goal. the decision was made, if it's only a field goal scored, we will give the other team a chance. but the touchdown, the game is still over. we have seen 9 game evolved where offenses are so successful. and the rules are skewed in their favor. and how can you not have a fair opportunity for both teams to
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possess the football. that's all we're looking for, is something that is fair. because there's something inherently unfair about a coin flip deciding who gets the ball first. whoever got the ball first was going to score a touchdown and win the game. the defenses weren't stopping anyone late in the game. they were exhausted by that point. of course the offense was going to score a touchdown and win the game. hopefully the nfl -- and it's happened several times in a postseason game where a team won the coin toss, gotten the ball and scored, and they haven't gotten anything about it. hopefully it is the thing that will spur the nfl to do it. >> it's only good for the nfl. why ever be against josh allen get another chance? because because the rule used to be insanely awful, it is better now only that it is very awful. they went from insanely awful to very awful, and now they think they're done. >> people in the league have told me this, they want to have
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the sudden death element as part of overtime so people won't look away. well, they're not looking away anyway. they're not going to take a break for five minutes during overtime of a playoff game. so you've already got our attention. now give us something that feels fair from a visceral level. that's the challenge moving forward. and, look, they don't want to do the college rule because they want their own rule. it is fair. you may not like it, but each team gets a fair and equal shot to win the game. they need something like that that feels more fair than win a coin toss and off you go. >> we did all our talking about the bills and chiefs only because that was really historical. all the other games were great too. it portends great things for next weekend as well. thanks for being here. >> we could have had him on for an hour. a massive shift in the
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russia-ukraine crisis. the biden administration is discussing deployment of several thousand troops to nato allies in the baltic states and eastern europe, a move that would move. give us the latest here. a lot of developments. and the question is, will the u.s. be able to do something -- or at least threaten something -- that will deter russia? >> reporter: so, we're seeing the diplomatic process still playing out, brianna. but in the background, there's definitely a sense that military preparations are being made on all sides so that the u.s. and nato allies are ready for any possible eventuality. we have heard a statement from nato this morning saying they are basically trying to ready additional troops, that they are sending additional ships and fighter jets to nato deployments in eastern europe.
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this comes just after the u.s. sent another shipment, story, a little snowy here today. excuse me. after the u.s. sent another shipment of weapons here to ukraine. that arrived last night. 198,000 pounds of weaponry arriving in kiev. a lot of that will be going directly to the front line. it's part of the 200 million u.s. dollars that has been earmarked for lethal assistance here in ukraine. and a big part of this is because, simply put, there is very little trust that the russians are acting in good faith as they go about continuing these ongoing diplomatic talks. there are concerns this could be a delay tactic for the russians, that they could be using this time to try to ready and prepare themselves for some kind of a military invasion. and so there is a sense that both sides want to make sure the u.s. and nato certainly want to make sure they are ready to
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support ukraine to the maximum of their abilities should that took place and should the diplomatic process be derailed. brianna. >> the u.s. embassy there in kiev pulling nonessential staff and sending family members of staff home. ukraine is upset about that, clarissa. >> reporter: yes. i think the ukrainians feel this was overly cautious, in the word of a spokesperson for the foreign ministry. it is important to remember that for ukraine, they want to project an image of strength and being calm and being in control. and their fear and their worry, and this is something officials have privately commented to me many times, the more talk there is about this possible potential invasion the more it weakens ukraine. it becomes a story about the u.s. and russia and both sides facing off, having diplomatic negotiations. and ukraine looks weak there
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because they don't necessarily have a seat at the table. so what they want to do is really focus more on the fact that the u.s. and ukraine are in lock step. the foreign minister talking regularly to secretary of state an tone blinken. they want to calm down some of the rhetoric from u.s. and nato allies that implies an invasion is imminent. in their eyes, this threat has been around for eight years. it may be more intense now, but it is nothing new, brianna. >> it is definitely not in lock step. so many developments ahead. clarissa, thank you. law enforcement around the country on high alert after the deadly shootings of police officers in new york and texas. jason rivera was shot and killed friday while on a domestic incident. and another was killed on sunday in a traffic stop. shimon prokupecz joins us live from new york.
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this is such a tragedy, shimon. >> reporter: just horrific. and the brutal nature of this attack is really calling for change. city officials here saying that it's time for something to be different. it's time for change. the mayor saying something needs to change. something needs to be done to save the city as the nypd, shaken by this brutal attack, prepares to bury the 22-year-old officer later this week. hundreds of police officers, emts and firefighters lined the streets to honor nypd officer jason rivera, killed in the line of duty friday. 22-year-old rivera is the fifth officer shot in new york city so far this year and has the city's mayor calling for action. >> we have to stop the flow of guns. >> reporter: the shooting also left 27-year-old officer mara critically injured. according to the nypd, their unit was responding to a
3:12 am
domestic incident in harlem. a 911 call from a mother arguing with her son. when a man inside began shooting at the officers. >> he suddenly, without warning, opened fire on them. in a moment, a young 22-year-old life was ended. and another forever altered. >> reporter: rivera wanted to motivate young people. in a resurfaced video from his high school days,ry sraeur va gives advice. >> i want you to hear my voice and know you're going to get through it. you have to put in the work. >> reporter: while he was in the police academy in 2020, he wrote about his experience watching his brother stopped and frisked by officers. over time, he noticed police in his neighborhood working to change their relationship with the community. that quote is when i realized i wanted to be part of the men in blue. better the relationship between
3:13 am
the community and the police, he wrote. friday's shooting is drawing the attention to the problem of illegal guns on the streets. he used a gun stolen from baltimore in 2017. >> recovered at that scene is a glock .45 high-capacity ma magazine, which holds up to 40 additional rounds. >> reporter: on sunday, mayor eric adams announced a plan to address the problem. >> immediately we're going to reinstitute a newer version of modified plainclothes anti-gun unit. our team has done the proper analysis. now we are going to deploy that. >> reporter: the nypd commissioner asked precinct commanders to select units. new york's governor announced the first meeting of an interstate task force on illegal guns later this week.
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>> they are coming in from other states. they're flooding our streets. and i have pledged the resource, of the new york state police to become imbedded with nypd and others to help them. >> reporter: and, john, live back out here at the 32nd precinct where these officers were. you can see behind me candles, balloons, and flowers. many of the community members have been coming here, lighting the candles as they are just trying to unite the city and show support for this police department. as we await word on the other officer who was moved to nyu hospital late yesterday, we are awaiting an update on his condition. and a funeral for the other officer to take place thursday and friday at st. patrick's cathedral. >> a lot of emotion in new york city. a lot of people thinking about the families of these officers. shimon prokupecz, thank you very much.
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a top virginia gop ag fired top january 6th investigator. and boris johnson ends all covid restrictions saying it's time to start treating covid like the flu. will the u.s. follow suit?
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former republican house speaker newt gingrich is claiming members of the january 6th committee could face jail time. listen. >> these are people who are literally just running over the law, pursuing innocent people, causing them to spend thousands and thousands of dollars in legal fees for no justification. and it's basically a lynch mob. i think when you have a republican congress, this is all going to come crashing down. and the wolves will find out they are now sheep. and they are the ones in fact,
3:20 am
who face a real risk of jail for the kind of laws they are breaking. republican liz cheney, who serves on the committee, tweeted this in response. quote, a former speaker of the house is threatening jail time for members of congress who are investigating the violent january 6th attack on our capitol and our constitution. this is what it looks like when the rule of law unraffvels. we have learned bill barr has been speaking with the house compete. let's talk about this with elie honig, author of "hatchet man how bill barr broke the prosecutor's code and corrupted the justice department." you say what? >> newt gingrich's comments were wrong, dangerous, idiotic, crazy. i could probably keep going on. this probably does not need to be said. everything he said there is wrong. there is nothing that anybody on
3:21 am
the january 6th committee has done that is remotely illegal or criminal. also, again, this shouldn't need to be said, congress does not get to charge people. he seemed to suggest, all these people will go to jail. the justice department brings charges. i think we see newt gingrich trying to become a mini donald trump. he's attacking the people who had the gall to investigate in the first place. that it's a dangerous thing we are seeing more and more of. >> it is false, absurd, and dangerous. the last one probably being the most important. >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. again, donald trump set the playbook here. remember john durham, that name? this is the guy who donald trump and bill barr put in place to investigate robert mueller's investigators. he is still sit there, by the way, wasting our time and money
3:22 am
years and years later. that has become the model, the -- you know, the saying is the best defense is a good offense. sadly, that seems to be spreading and people seem to be trying to follow in donald trump's footsteps. >> in so, look, you're right. yeah, it's up to the doj to prosecute. but is he raising the specter, two years down to the midterms, the doj is supposed to be somewhat independent or independent. there is this possibility that you have congress and doj kind of doing the bidding of the recont recontributory active president. >> reporter: if congress flips, we will see retribution. he's not alone in that. remember, kevin mccarthy, when the january 6th subpoena started serving subpoenas on phone companies, kevin mccarthy vowed
3:23 am
we will seek retribution on the phone companies who have done nothing wrong by implying with subpoenas. bigger picture, if the executive branch turns over in 2024 or whenever, then it will be pay back time. that i think is what is so danger on us here. >> another story that caught people's attention, in virginia, the republican, the new republican attorney general of virginia, has removed the university of virginia's legal counsel, the official legal counsel of the university of virginia. that person also happens to be serving temporarily for the january 6th select committee. now, there were other counsels at public universities also removed from their post. apparently the attorney general has ability to remove or appoint as he or she sees fit. but some look at the removal of this counsel serving on the january 6th committee as being perhaps political. how do you see it? >> reporter: yeah. there are some facts we still need to know. as you know, john, a few dozen
3:24 am
attorneys were removed. but this particular attorney has a sterling resume. really nothing that would cause anyone to question his credentials. look, he may have a lawsuit here for wrongful termination. and then facts will come out in discovery here. again, i think this is another example -- it could be, depending how the facts play out -- seeking retribution against someone who had the gall, the testimerity, to run a investigation. under both republican and democratic parties, there is never any concern, boy, is this going to blow back at me? am i going to be attacked for investigating the wrong person? that's how doj ought to be. that's how government ought to be. and we will see that from places high and low. state and federal. it's all because people are trying to emulate this counterattack playbook. >> reminder, it is a bipartisan
3:25 am
committee. just a reminder, there are some republicans on it. elie, thanks so much. great to see you this morning. >> reporter: thanks, brianna. >> up next, robert f. kennedy jr. slammed for invoking an offensive anti-vax speech. this really does have the potential to be a landmark case. some of my best memories growing up, were cooking with mom. she always said, “food is love.” so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ i want to make the most of every meal we have together. ♪
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this morning, we're going to play something for you that the deranged, dishonest, offensive. i could go on. at a rally in washington last night, the notorious anti anti-vaxxer, robert kennedy jr.,
3:30 am
compared those to people to jews hiding from the anyways during the holocaust. >> it's been the mission of every totalitarian state to control every aspect of behavior, of conduct, of thought, and to obliterate dissent. none of them have been able to do it. they didn't have the technological capacity. even in hitler germany, you could cross the alps into switzerland, hide in an attic like anne frank did. >> anne frank was in the netherlands, not germany. that is simply deranged. never mind they want they had a genocidal policy. joining us is se cup. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: yeah. it defies -- what can you say? you can't deal with the argument on its merits because it's bonkers.
3:31 am
it is also really embarrassing. that is ugly, ignorant stuff. you can sort of sense the embarrassment from democrats, from members of his own family. a couple of years ago, members of the family wrote an op-ed that said we love our uncle bob, we love our brother robert, but the stuff he is saying is wrong, dangerous. you can sense the embarrassment and the heartbreak there. it's not just anti-vax stuff. it is anti-vax stuff going back even before covid. but he's into conspiracy theories, hosting memes of bill gates as dr. evil on social media. he's been deplatformed sometimes because he has spread so much disinformation. it's embarrassing because he is an incredibly educated person. and someone that would bring some credibility to a lot of
3:32 am
these idiotic conspiracy theories, baseless conspiracy theories, from one of america's's favorite families. this is ugly, ignorant stuff. >> and it has an effect of downplaying the holocaust. they need to know about it. they are ignorant. you are seeing that trend. we actually have -- yeah. >> -- this is a tiny sample of what is going on here. from lauren boebert, to congressman warren davidson, arizona state senator kelly townsend. it happens all the time and has the effect of diminishing just how bad the holocaust is at a time when people need to know. >> absolutely. when anticipate essential teufpl and attacks on jews and temples and synagogues is not an uncommon thing. and there is this very weird, and someone who studied this
3:33 am
should really look into this. there is a weird intersection ality between anti-vaxers, conspiracy theorists and folks who like to doubt the severity of the holocaust. marjorie taylor greene, logan. it is a weird venn diagram. there's some, like, water crossing going on when it comes to this kind of stuff. and you're right, it needs to be pointed out every time. when the auschwitz memorial is disappointed in you, that's the worst place you can be. >> the next issue is so completely different i don't want to give any indication that it is connected to the deranged comments of robert kennedy before.
3:34 am
jen psaki was talking about the failure of the voting rights legislation in the senate. she's trying to give some democrats and progressives who are upset that it didn't pass some guidance about what to do with their energy. listen. >> my advice to everyone who is frustrated, sad, angry, pissed off, feel the emotions, have a margarita, kickboxing, and wake up monday morning. we've got to keep fighting. >> se? >> reporter: listen, i did not hear that the way other people did. i didn't think she was saying, relaxed, i don't know what everyone is so worked up about, have a drink. i think she was saying we have so much more work to do, do what you need to do because come monday morning, we're back at
3:35 am
it. i didn't have a problem with the consent. however, i will say there is a lightness and cockiness around some in the biden administration right now that i do not think matches the tone, the climate and the political environment in an election year around voting rights. i don't like fearmongering for the sake of it, just get people mad at dangerous boogiemen. go ahead and fearmonger. what they are doing around voting rights is really, really scary. if voters don't sense from you the urgency and the seriousness of this issue because you are saying take a drink and take a kickboxing class, i don't think that's an good tone.
3:36 am
this is an election year. i would say this is the difference between a functioning democracy and failed state. >> it is a needle that this administration and the president himself has had a hard time threading. we saw that in his press conference. how do you sound the alarm on what's going on especially at the state level. is there dismantling things that held in the last election and tell people they can have confidence in their system. >> it has been tricky. i don't think the administration has done a good job of that. it doesn't mean elections will be rigged. but republicans are already succeeding. they don't even have the majority yet. those are just facts.
3:37 am
the stakes don't get much higher than that. again, i don't think the tone was right. i don't think the content was wrong. i don't think she was saying it's no big deal. i think there needs to be less lightness and frankly a little more doom and gloom from democrats. that's what's happening right now. >> se cup, happy times. thanks so much for joining us this morning. appreciate it. >> reporter: thank you. a little more doom and gloom. all right. this morning the federal trial begins for three officers accused of violating george floyd's civil rights. who defense attorneys will blame. plus -- >> i'm done with covid. it's a pandemic of bureaucracy. it's not real anymore. comments that set off a firestorm both for and against. you're going to hear from a doctor who says she needs to
3:38 am
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opening statements are set to begin this morning as adult film star stormy daniels faces off in court with her former lawyer, michael avenatti. he is being charged with wire fraud, identity theft, and has pleaded not guilty. he said he mostly worked unpaid for daniels and had an agreement to receive a cut of her book proceeds.
3:43 am
daniels is expected to testify tomorrow. also this morning, jury selection begins in sarah palin's defamation lawsuit against the "new york times". she is suing the paper over a 2017 editorial linking her to the shooting of gabby giffords that showed crosshairs of a map of democratic electoral districts. "the times" quickly apologized and correctly the error, and a judge dismissed the case. it was revived in 2019. the trial is expected to last two weeks and could reflect a reframing of first amendment protections for the press. today also marks the first day of federal trial for three former minneapolis police officers who were on the scene of george floyd's deadly arrest. they're accused of violating his civil rights by failing to provide medical karas derek chauvin kneeled on his neck for nine minutes. omar, what are we expecting?
3:44 am
>> reporter: this is the first trial for the other three officers in the killing of george floyd. they showed indifference to floyd's medical needs. schaaf in is not a defendant in this particular case. all four officers, will be tried together. last month schaaf in pleaded guilty. so the judge severed proceedings in this trial. all former minneapolis police officers have all pleaded not guilty to their charges. they still face state charges. but that case was moved back so this trial could move forward. 18 jurors were selected in just a day, including six alternates. the judge has indicated he is concerned about a covid outbreak
3:45 am
and wants to have the alt alternates. why in st. paul when this happened in minneapolis? cases are randomly assigned to judges. this one just happened to be in st. paul. when things get going later this morning, we are expecting to hear from the individual attorneys, along with the prosecution for 30 to 40 minutes each as part of opening statements for a trial that is expected to last about four weeks. brianna. >> a significant day. we know you'll be tracking it. thank you. from governor to substitute teacher. how new mexico is tapping into unconventional resources as the state faces extreme staffing shortages because of the omicron variant stkpwhraofplt prime minister boris johnson said to ease the covid restrictions this week saying folks should learn to live with it, just like the flu. but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks it's a once-monthly add-on treatment
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a crucial week for uk prime minister boris johnson and his fight to stay in power. he has been in water for weeks after these parties he threw at 10 downing street while the country was under strict lockdowns. he announced plans to drop covid restrictions when they lapse on thursday. all this while the partygate sensation is set to be released this weekend. scott mclean joins us live from london. this might be an issue of trying to change the focus from his own problems. >> reporter: and it may be working, john. look, the restrictions in england has been under since december were called plan b. later this week, we will be back to plan a, which means almost no restrictions will be in place at
3:51 am
all. so the government has already announced people no longer have to work from home, masks are no longer required in the classrooms. the indoor mask mandate will be going away. so will the need for covid passes, which were required for large gatherings and nightclubs as well. for most people, the only difference between this thursday and prepandemic, if you test positive, you have to isolate. the government has managed to shorten it down to as little as five days. the government's new approach here is to live with covid and treat it essentially like they treat the flu. the reason they think they can do that is because omicron seems to have peaked. deaths have leveled out at a pretty low level. it helps that almost two-thirds of the population has gotten their booster shot. across the channel, though, it is a very different story. 50,000 people were out this weekend in brussels to protest restrictions there. things turned violent.
3:52 am
in france, the president's plan to, in his words, piss off the unvaccinated is working out. they were out to protest the french health pass law which companies into effect today. it requires people to access bars and restaurants to show proof of vaccination. a negative 70s in france starting today no longer good enough. >> all right. scott mclean, keep us posted. thank you very much. the winter olympics brought to you by a country accused of genocide. how athletes, sponsors, nbc should face the reality of what is happening inside china. and just in, pope benedict admitting he was at a meeting where an abusive priest was discussed. who he now blames for his earlier denial. each day looks different than the last. but whatever work becomes, the servicenow platform will make it just, flow.
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the winter olympics in a country accused of ongoing genocide. how should athletes and sponsors challenge china during the games. the author of the book called "chaos under heaven," josh rogin. i don't know how nbc handles this, right? the lights come up. you're in a country accused of genocide? happy to be here? >> reporter: you have a lot of sponsors, not just nbc but all the corporate sponsors who are not just part of it, paying for it. putting money on the line and giving the money to the regime that is accused of genocide. that's doubly difficult because they are supposed to be objective. but they have an interest in the outcome. a total conflict on one hand. on the other hand you have the
3:58 am
athletes. they are being threatened by the chinese government. they could be arrested for speaking out in any way that offends the chinese communist party that. could be anything. they are being forced to download a health monitoring app and could put their speech at risk, according to independent research groups. and then, you know, you look at all that and say, oh, my gosh, what are we doing here? why are we celebrating the country that's committing all of these atrocities. and if you're not celebrating it and you're just paying for it or participating in it, you have an obligation to say something. i think the groups involved say that you do. and i think for these participants, it's going to be a tough call to make. >>. >> you mentioned this in your column about this, the part-owner of the golden state warriors saying nobody cares about what's happening to the uighers, that anyone who claims the contrary is virtue
3:59 am
signaling. when i heard that, i was appalled. and you raise the important question. in a way, maybe he's right, when you look at the conundrum and the way companies, et cetera, are acting. >> reporter: right. this is a part owner and tech billionaire who was on his own podcast who said nobody cares, especially he didn't care. that shocked a lot of people. but, you know, i don't think he's right. i think he's just more right than wrong. if you look at the corporations, talking about the international olympic committee. talking about airbnb, insurance company alliance. they have decided apparently that not enough people care that the shame of them paying for and endorsing a genocide olympics is greater than the benefits they will get from it financially. it could be access to the chinese market. benefits could be whatever they think they're going to get out of participating. you know, it reveals an ugly
4:00 am
truth about our society, which our elites are often up for bribery. they're often easily corrupted even in the face of the world's worst atrocities. that of course is what the chinese communist party thinks of us. we can all be bought off and our morals are happy talk. i'm here to tell you, brianna, a lot more people, especially because of these atrocities and how horrible they are, are now starting to care. we have more activism, more groups and calls for justice for attention to the suffering of not just uighers but tibetans, hong kongers and other disdents suffering greatly under the oppression of the chinese communist party right now. a lot of people in silicon valley and in the corporate world who don't care, some in the media, actually. but americans do care and people around the world are awakening to the reality of these mass atrocities. >> the flip side of this is the olympics is drawing aware pbgs to that.


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