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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  January 24, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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in 2022 we've seen 151 incidents just so far this year. about 90 of them having to do with masks. >> what is wrong with people? pete muntean, thank you for your reporting. and that does it for us today. i'll see you back here tomorrow. until then you could join me on twitter at ana cabrera. alisyn an victor take over from here. hello, everyone, i'm alisyn camerota, welcome to "newsroom." >> and i'm victor blackwell. it is good to be with you. next hour, president biden will speak with the european leaders as the responsibility of a russian invasion into ukraine seems more imminent. the white house is in its initial -- rather i should say final stages of deciding which military units to send to eastern europe. tens of thousands of russian troops have amassed along the ukraine border. >> nato allies are putting forces on stand by and sending additional ships anz fighter
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jets to the region and they will reduce staff at the american embassy in kyiv, because of quote, continued threats of significant russian military action. so let's begin with kaitlan collins. so what is the plan for the video call next hour? >> well this is a call that has about nine leaders on there from europe. ukraine is not on this call. we just asked the white house about that. they poipnted to other conversations the biden administration has had with them, and including tony blinkent, but this is not on this call that will happen this afternoon from the situation room and a call scheduled as we know president biden is considering sending more u.s. troops in the sense of deterrence as they wait to see what the russian president is going to do and they don't know what move the russian leader wants to take next and they are watching. there was a report over the
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weekend after they believe russian was trying to install a pro-russian leader in ukraine. all of that is on agenda for the conversation today and a big question is whether or not biden has made a final decision about sending more troops to europe. to eastern europe. that would be a shift in his thinking given last week they would fortify nato allies talking about if the invasion did happen, if putin did make that move. and now it is under consideration. and so that is going to be on the agenda for this call today. we'll be waiting to see what the readout is and if any of the moves are taking after that. but this is where the white house is, they feel the need to have the call given the landscape in how this is changed following those conversations between secretary blinken last week with russian officials. and so one other thing we should note, this does come as the russia said they are waiting to get written answers from the united states in response to their demands, some of them
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which the white house and the biden administration has framed is nonstarters this week. so there are a lot of moves that people are waiting to see, how is that going to be taken. the big question is whether or not biden will follow through with the options that he got this weekend about sending more troops to eastern europe amid the standoff with russia. >> and matthew chance is in ukraine's capital of kyiv. how are leaders in ukraine reacting to all that is happening so quickly today? >> reporter: well, there has been particular reaction from the ukrainians to the decision by the u.s. state department to authorize nonessential diplomatic staff to leave the embassy and the families to leave as well. they said there is no real security reason. the security reason has not changed significantly in the past days or in the even past couple of weeks to justify that kind of move. they called it premature.
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they said it is an overcr reactn and over the scene, they are frustrated this happened because from the ukrainian point of view it sends a message that ukraine is under the imminent threat of an attack. the intelligence does tend to bear that out. the u.s. have been saying that that is a real possibility. ukrainian intelligence, that i've seen from the security forces here, say, confirm that there is this sort of growing impending threat just across the borders in russia. but the ukrainian government have been very keen to try to urge calm, to say, look, all of this talk of an impending war is -- is nonsense, it is panic. they're saying it is having a big impact on the economy. foreign investors are pulling out and costing the economy billions of dollars more in investment and they want everybody to step back and to be calm. they're saying, look, we've been facing this russian threat for the past year at least, or since
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last year. and we've been fighting a war against russia for the past eight years. nothing has significantly changed and so they're really pushing back at those soort of political level behind the u.s. insistence that this is a dangerous situation. >> matthew, are the people there in the region getting any instructions, being told what to do if russia moves forward? >> reporter: you know, there is not -- part of the ukrainian government is trying to urge calm is saying to people, look, jut plan as usual. don't take any particular precautions. don't panic. don't leave the country. don't dig a hole in your garden and hide in it in case you are bombed. just try to live your lives as calmly and normally as you can. at the same time they are stepping up training of civilian reserves, they're training sessions being held for self-defense forces in var towns
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and cities and you're seeing on ukrainian television, if the russians do come in we'll pick up our guns and we will fight. so there is a sense that the country is sort of bolstering itself for something to happen. >> okay, mangu chance, thank you very much for that update. with us to discussion is kimberly doger and colonel cedrick layton. kimberly, how do you describe where the united states and russia are at this hour? well putin is great at playing a weak hand by souping up his power with his willingness to take risks and trying to scare everyone else away from the table. what biden is doing, both practically and thee thee at rickly, in recommendation to all other americans to get out, he is signaling his willingness to put boots on the ground, not in
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ukraine, but in the surrounding countries, the surrounding nato members and one thing that he's reminding vladimir putin is these troops once deployed don't often go home and every time putin takes an aggressive move like this, it strengthens the resolve of other nate o memberso welcome more u.s. troops and countries that wan to join nato to do whatever they can to get on board. >> one president's deterrent is another president's provocation. how do you think this even discussion of deploying u.s. forces into nato member countries in the region is resonating at the kremlin? >> that is a good question, victor. i think the kehm lynn is looking at this as basically like you said a provocation. now i think they have to expect it. and i think that the state department could explain it to their russian counterparts by saying that, look, you would have a predictable u.s. presence
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in eastern europe, in the baltic states, near ukraine and it would also make sense to have that presence there so that nobody goes into invade you from the west. that was an argument used during the cold war with the soviet union and also something that i think would perhaps, as kind of a long shot type effort of convincing the kremlin that it could be a good thing. but the russians will say that is not something that we wanted. in fact it is the act opposite of what putin has asked for and putin basically playing to putin's hand to some extent saying that woe be able to say that, look, this is what the nato folks are doing, they're increasing their forces on our borders, they're obviously dangerous and it could work in that way. so it would be something that the kremlin would look at, i
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think, very carefully and with distraught. >> kim, mike pompeo seemed this weekend to continue the wet kiss that is often given from president trump or president trump's administration officials towards vladimir putin. and towards his style of power. so let me play that for you. >> it is a very talented statesman. he has a lot of gifts. he was a kgb agent for goodness sakes. he knows how to use power. we should respect that. >> is that helpful right now at this stage in the game? >> well, it is one reminder to vladimir putin that don't worry, whatever sanctions this country u.s. administration levers against you, you very well may be facing a second term of donald trump or someone trump like who would lift those sanctions. so it is very much a green light in some ways to vladimir putin,
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and it is also a way of bashing the biden administration saying, hey, we, the republicans, would be signaling with strength such that putin would know that he couldn't get away with this, but you withdraw from afghanistan, he knows that you're not willing to take the risks to really fight back. >> colonel, is this call coming up at the top of the next hour, the president is -- the video call that kaitlan detailed in her report. we're hearing that the white house is in the final stages of planning to deploy additional u.s. troops. would there be also potentially british, french troops, other members of nato moving resources into the country as well. >> it could be possible but plausible that specially the british and possibly the french would move in along with the u.s. into places like the baltic states, possibly poland. that would be something that
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would be a definitely on the agenda for nato. and i think those nations would be very much likely to do that. >> kimberly, how about sanctions? is vladimir putin afraid of stiffening u.s. sanctions toward russia. >> sanctions could hurt but once they are on it is hard to unpick them and that is why the biden administration has said we have to hold this in reserve. but they are not the only one in place. germany has stepped forward and the prime minister said they might top the nord stream 2 that would double the amount of russian gas sales to germany and if vladimir putin did innovate any part of ukraine, that could give the german government an excuse to go over beyond the german court that would try to fight this move because it is a private owned enterprise, but it would allow the german government to call a halt to
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that. that would hurt russia at a time when they need the gas sales. it would also hurt europe as a time when they need that gas supply. >> one more for you, colonel, on a different topic. there is so much going on in the world. there were several dozen fighter jets that china said near taiwan over the weekend. they did not explain why they were sent in that direction. taiwan scrambled some jets as well. the significance of, one, the movement of those fighter jets and the timing from china, from your perspective? >> so, victor, there are several things going on here. number one, the chinese are testing what we call the air defense zone that taiwan has. this is where taiwan sees what is coming toward it and tries to identify what kind of air assets they are. the chinese, the people's republic of china has actively tried to gauge what taiwan sape
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capabilities are and one way they do that is by showing force and moving a lot of aircraft in that direction. other thing that one could say, this particular development over the weekend is one in which the chinese are possibly responding to u.s. deployments in the south china sea. there are two carrier battle groups that the u.s. has that are active right now in the south china sea. the chinese of course see that as a provocation to them. and that is probably why they're also demonstrating their capability, at taiwan at this point. >> colonel and kimberly, we appreciate the analysis. thank you. >> you bet. well former attorney general bill barr has spoken to the january 6 committee. what did they learn? and a stunning threat from former speaker of house newt gingrich. he said january 6 committee members could see jail time if republicans win back congress. >> and u.s. markets are getting hit hard. look close to 600 points off the
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11:19 am
newt gingrich made a capitol hilling threat this weekend, he said members of the january 6 committee to be jailed if republicans were to take back on cole of congress. >> on jan 4th next year you'll have a republican majority in the house and republican majority in the senate and all of these who have been so tough and to mean and so nasty are going to be delivered subpoenas for every document, every conversation, every tweet, every email, when you have a republican congress, this is all going to come crashing down and the wolves will find out they're now sheep and they're the ones who will in fact face a real risk of jail. >> joining us now, harry litman, former attorney general and former u.s. attorney now host of the talking feds podcast. harry, welcome back. maybe you have there a republican, former speaker of the house who is really upset by what we're learning from these documents that have been handed over by the national archives. but what is you're reaction to
11:20 am
what he hear about the risk of jail for members of the 1/6 committee. >> vintage gingrich in a way, what vicious buffoonery. and there is not the slightest possibility of any crime there and you're attempted to just disregard it. on the the other hand he is what passes as an intellectual presence in the republican party now with no policy platform except for the big lie. and so, i do -- i'm sure that democrats on the committee and republicans think that there is no bottom to where the republicans will go if they take over after the midterms and hopefully it is not deterring them from doing their very important job of finding out what happened. so, who is to say. but the basic reaction is, you know, what a buffoon. >> but how serious do you take it. because i can't tell if he's engaging in buffoonery, because
11:21 am
the crime is they've been so mean and nasty. i don't know if that is a crime but that is what he cited. but what he said if the republicans seize control, take control, win control of congress, that they will have every document, every conversation, every tweet, every email subpoenaed. should we take that seriously? >> yes. i mean, i think they'll be -- they'll be absolutely pawing to do all kinds of investigations. nevertheless, you don't have to take gingrich seriously, there is no possible crime but the house doesn't deck clair crimes or the senate, it is up to the department of justice to get a referral here and instantly dis dispose of it. but will there be vicious kind of investigation of every possible, you know, little small merchandise, i don't doubt it if that is how they want to spend their time if they're in the majority and will gingrich of all people, not having been in power for 25 years, be somehow
11:22 am
advising and leading the charge, i don't doubt that either. this specific point is buffoonery. >> harry, typically when we have you on to talk about witnesses or potential witnesses for the 1/6 committee it is those who have not spoken or reluctant to but we learned over the weekend from the chairman that they have spoken with and even preliminarily the former attorney general bill barr. hoo is what chairman thompson said. >> to be honest, we've had conversations with the former attorney general already. we've talked to department of defense individuals. we have concern that our military was part of this big lie. >> barr in the past has been a close ally of the former president. what is the likelihood, do you think, that he would give information, hand over anything that would be problematic for the former president? >> i think they'll get something.
11:23 am
he's a dangerous witness for trump. he mortgaged his reputation and trump responded by kicking him in the teeth, calling him a fraud. don't think barr thinks much of the committee and he is a partisan republican. but he's got a book coming out. and he was the guy on the scene saying at start, there is no fraud here. so i wouldn't be surprised if he amplifies it, gives a little bit of chapter and verse of the crazy conversations that were going on, nothing you know to completely clobber the party overall. but i think trump will be roughed up some by barr's testimony and barr is being smart as is the committee by doing it voluntarily and not having to be forced to raise his right hand. >> harry, is something else chilly from politico. they found out in december of 2020, before the insurrection, president trump was considering signing an executive order to
11:24 am
make the pentagon seize voting machines in key states, in the quote, air quotes, hunt for evidence of fraud. here is draft memo that they got. effective immediately, the secretary of defense shall seize, collect and retain and analyze all machines and material records required for retention. i mean, that is -- the lengths that they were willing to go every day, we learn more. and as astonishing. and he's gotten more dug into his election lies so what do we need to learn from that. what guardrail could be put up to prevent that from happening in the future? >> yeah i mean, look, chill yging is right. it didn't come to fruition or even close. but this was brutal. because every other scheme they had involved somehow pooling the wool over the eyes of another institution. another branch designed to push
11:25 am
back. this was all of the people under trump's command, the department of defense, the attorney general and by the way sydney powell no less a person would have been the special council if he would have done it, he would have been it to keep things on his side for at least a couple months. this is bone chilling because it relied on the executive branch alone which is what happens in the worst banana republics. what guardrails? it tells us that we have to rely ultimately on the good faith and integrity of the people in the executive branch which happened this time. not just barr, but people in the department of justice pushed back against the clarks and the eastmans. but that would have been the most kind of direct and brutal overturning of a democracy. >> it really is remarkable, the discovery of that draft memo. a draft executive order. harry litman, thank you. >> thanks, victor. stocks plummeting, the dow
11:26 am
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the market taking a big hit today. the dow right now is down a little more than 600 points. at one point the dow was down 1,000 points. the growing tension over ukraine and persistent inflation is helping this. >> we want to go right to -- >> good afternoon, everybody. just one thing here at the top. as you're all aware, the united states is deeply concerned about the current situation in europe. we remain keenly focused on russia's unusual military activities near the ukrainian border including in belarus and consulting extensively with our transatlantic allies and partners we continue to de
11:32 am
escalate the situation. now as the president has said, even as we continue to prioritize diplomacy and dialogue, we must also increase readiness. and in support of the obligations to the security and defense of nato and the security of its citizens abroad, at the direction of the president and following recommendations made by secretary austin, the united states has taken steps to heighten the readiness of its forces at home and abroad so that they are prepared to respond to a range of contingencies. including support to the nato response force if it is activated. as you have heard me describe many times, our commitment to the security of nato allies and our article 5 commitment are ironclad. as the president has also made clear, the united states will act firmly and in defense of its national interests in response to actions by russia that harm us, our allies, our partners. as part of that commitment, the department of defense maintains
11:33 am
significant combat capable forces forward in europe to deter aggression and enhance the alliances's ability to defeat that if necessary. and we will provide forces to the nrf. in the event that nato should activate that construct. and the arf is a force made up of land, air and maritime and special operations sources all components that the alliance could deploy on short notice wherever needed. altogether, the nrf comprises around 40,000 multi-national troops. within the nrf is called the high readiness joint task force or vjtf. this nrf element which is about 20,000 strong across all domains including a mults national land brigade and maritime components.
11:34 am
want to proviet some facts on these preparations that will reinforce our commitment to the nato response force and increase our readiness. secretary austin has placed a range of units on a heightened preparedness to deploy which increases our readiness to provide sources if they should activate the nrf or other situations develop. all told, the number of forces that the secretary has placed on heighten alert comes up to about 8500 personnel. we'll continue to provide updates in coming days about these decisions. but specifically this will ensure that the united states and our commitment to the nrf has been consistent with their readiness for rapid deployment, again if activated. in the eervent activate of nrf
11:35 am
a deteriorating security environment, the united states would be in a position to rapidly deploy additional combat teams and logistics, medical, aviation, and intelligence surveillance and recognizance, transportation and additional capabilities into europe. again, i want to reinforce that as of now, the decision has been made to put these units on higher alert and higher alert only. no decisions have been made to deploy any forces from the united states at this time. and when i say hietdenned alert, in some cases some of the forces were already on a heightened posture, readiness to deploy and the secretary decided to make it even more -- shortened the tether even more. so in some cases unit would go from toen days to deploy and no they are at five days. that is not the case for every unit. some are simply more ready and postured that way than others. the idea though is that all of
11:36 am
these units that he is putting on prepared to deploy will be ready to gone on a shortened time frame. again, no final decision has been made to deploy them. the secretary will continue to consult with the president and the united states will maintain close coordination with allies and partners as we review our force posture and make decisions in europe. as always we remain in close coordination with allies and partners as well as nato and other multi-lateral organizations as we continue to review our force posture as we make decisions regarding potential movement of forces into europe and as we review the disposition of forces on the content. and with that, we'll start taking questions. bob, i think you're on the line. >> yes, thank you, john. of that 8500 troops that you've mentioned, are those u.s.-based only, and would they -- are they
11:37 am
intended only for deployment as part of an activation of the rapid response force or might they be sent for other reinforcement purposes in east eastern europe and lastly why did the secretary and the president decide to do this now, what has changed just in the last few days since on friday you mentioned as you had many times before that the u.s. was prepared to reinforce in eastern europe if there were a russian incursion only. >> okay, think i remembered all three so let me try. first, yes, the up to 8500 and i want to stress it is up to 8,500. no decisions to deploy has been made. so this is getting unites on an advanced heightened alert. that doesn't mean they're going anywhere. but up to 85 h00, they are all u.s.-based. and i'm sorry, your second question was --
11:38 am
>> they intended it only for the nato rapid response force, or could they perform other reinforcement functions. >> the bulk of them are intended for the nato response force. that vast majority, but as i said in my opening statement, the secretary wants us postured to be ready for any other contingencies as well but the bulk are aligned for the nato response. and the further question was on timing. i think we've been watching this very, very closely. ip also said that right at top. it is very clear that the russians have no intention right now of de-escalating and because not every one of these un its that we are notifying are in all of them -- they are not in a heightened state of alert, it made prudence for the secretary to give them as much time to be prepared just in case. again, i want to stress, particularly with the nato response force, it has not been activated. it is a nato call to make.
11:39 am
but we have contributions to that response force as do other nations. as i said, it is 40,000 some odd strong. our contributions don't come near the 40,000 number. the other nations will have to contribute as well. but for our part, unilaterally with you wanted to make sure we were ready in case that call should come and making sure that units that would contribute to it are as ready as they could be on a short of note is as possible. >> what capables do the u.s. troops bring to europe, these 8,500? second, could you say with some specificity what is the exact mission for these troops, and what will your measure of success be? how will you know when the mission is accomplished? >> yeah, so, on capabilities, i
11:40 am
touched this in the opening statement. again, when we are able to identify the units for you, we'll do that. the reason why i don't have specific units today is because the units are being fnotified ad as well as family members and we wouldn't want to get ahead of the notification process. but broadly speaking as i mentioned at the top, these would be additional brigade combat teams and logistics personnel and medical and aviation and support and intelligenceain, when we can id you the units, think you'll see that they kind of cover the broad scope of those capabilities. missions haven't been assigned. the ready response force hasn't been -- hasn't been activated. and so there is not a mission per se. this is about the secretary
11:41 am
wanting to get ahead of the potential activation and making sure that these units have the time to prepare if, and only if, they're deployed. and then you have -- when will we know success. again, there has been no activation. so there is no mission assigned. so it is very difficult to give you a up check or a down check on what equates success. what sths about, though, is reassurance to our nato allies and we've been talking about that for quite sometime. that we're going to be ready, we're going to be prepared to help bolster our allies, with capabilities they might need, and we're going to do this in lockstep with them and with the alliance. this is really about reassuring the eastern flank of nato and also about, and i kind of covered this, back to your question of success, it is proving how seriously the united states takes our commitment to nato and to the article 5
11:42 am
commitment inside of nato. >> how will you know when your military goals are achieved? >> again, barb, there is no mission assigned right now. this is about getting troops ready. and back to what we're trying to achieve is a couple of things. obviously we still would like to deter vladimir putin and the russians from another incursion. number one. and number two, to make sure that we're bolstering and staying unified with the alliance. that the alliance stays strong. and so the large bulk of the reason for that -- these prepare to deploy orders is to make sure that we're ready to bolster the nato alliance sand approve the solidarity of the alliance. that is the two big outcomes but no mission that's been assigned to the troops, no deployment orders have been sent to them. what the secretary has ordered them to do is to be ready to goo in some cases on a much shorter
11:43 am
tether than what they had before. jen? >> you've been listening there to john kirby, the pentagon press secretary about the latest moves in terms of what the u.s. is prepared to do to stave off any russian invasion of ukraine and how they plan to support nato allies. joining us now is oren liebermann and kimmerly dozier and you've been listening, along with us. so what -- one of the questions that the correspondents asked why today, what happened in the past two days. so give us the contempt of why this important to announce today. >> well john kirby was asked what changed over the course of the last couple of days and he said nothing specific has changed to warrant this prepare to deploy order for up to 8,500 u.s. troops. the decision though was made by secretary of defense lloyd austin to give troops in the united states as much heads up as possible. to be ready to deploy to europe if there is that call. either from the nato response
11:44 am
force, or kirby gave two other hints as to what might warrant a deployment, if other situations develop, he wasn't specific there or if there is a deteriorating security environment. >> that might lead the u.s., that is defense secretary lloyd austin and joe biden to deploy these 8,500 troops to the u.s. but key is these are part of the nato and the response force which makes up some 40,000 troops multi-national across nato allies. but also the -- i apologize, i want to get the wording right, the very high readiness joints task force that some 20,000 to contribute and this joint task force as well as the broader 40,000 members of the nato response force. if, and he stressed this over and over again, if nato chooses to activate that nato response force. not only for the u.s. but nato watches russian movements along
11:45 am
the borders and as well as in belarus, a exercise planned for the next few weeks which might be a cover for a russian invasion of ukraine. and that is the key here. it is russian action, they're watching. that being said, john kirby made it clear that diplomacy is the number one option here. that is what the u.s. would like to see prevail and europe would like to see prevail but we've all watched over the past weeks and months and watched as diplomacy hasn't led to a dissolution and that is why they're getting ready for a deployment or activation of the nato response force and the u.s. wanted to be ready in the event that happens. >> that sounds like what we heard from kirby is that it is as much about what has changed as what has not changed over the last several weeks to months. colonel, let me come to you. this is an announcement that they're getting ready to get ready. they're preparing now. what is the significance of this announcement? >> well, i think, victor, what
11:46 am
the big significance is that we're publicly showing our cards a bit here with our possibility military deployment and possible nato joint task force in this particular situation. so normally what happens in a case like this is un ipts are issuing a warning order, told they need to get ready to deploy, it is pretty obvious from admiral kirby's press conference and his remarks that, that warning order has gone out but an actual deployment order which sens troops forward has not gone out. and that would be the kicker. that would be the one catalyst that you would need to move units forward. that has not happened yet. right now we have 60,000 troops in europe at the present time. this addition of the few thousand extra troops could very well make a difference in terms of being a trip wire for the russians if they decided to do something in ukraine, or decided to do something in another part
11:47 am
of their border with the nato countries. so that is a very specific effort and i think that is kind of what we're doing is we're telegraphing a message right here that this is going to happen if you hit a certain milestone, some of the m milestones may not be known to the russians at this particular point. they only know if they hit those and that is kind of the way this is going to go forward. so we're answering there what we perceive to be their intransjens with this movement. >> should we see this as a different kind of telegraphic than what secretary of state blinken was saying just a few days ago, that talks are continuing at pace, we think they've been productive and we're going to continue having talks. this seems very different. >> well, i think that blinken, the biden administration overall wants to send a message that this is not the obama administration of 2014, that tried to rely just on diplomacy.
11:48 am
and ukraine lost the crimea peninsula to invading troops so this time around they want to say we're serious and other nato have aunnounces they were willig to send troops into france or bulgaria. that is part of that process. also remember, the state department is still due to turn in some written answers to moscow to a bunch of its queries, a bunch of the demands and we are already know that the state department is going to say, no to most if not all of the demands. that could make diplomacy, it could put diplomacy on ice for a bit. so this is a tough message to go along with that to come. >> kimberly dozier, and colonel oren liebermann, thank you. >> you bet. okay, well you could be seeing record high heating bill this is winter. on top of limited supplies at grocery stores.
11:49 am
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rough day for marks today. leet let's take a look at the big board. dow down more than 700 points. the tensions in ukraine, the persistent inflation is fueling
11:54 am
this. >> president biden will discuss ways to bring down prices and deal with supply shortages plaguing many american. matt, how do you comexplain wha happening with the markets? >> it felt like wall street was shrugging with elevated inflation. we saw the dow fall by 1100 points today. seven days in a row down for the dow. longest losing streak since february 2020. the losses have been heavier for the nasdaq that is down about 17% from the record high. you can see going down the last few days. this could be the nasdaq's worst month since 2008. it's happening because inflation is high and the federal reserve is getting serious about fighting inflation by raising interest rates. also, there's corporate profits. haven't really lived up to the
11:55 am
hype and the other big factor is the russia, ukraine tensions that add to a lot of certainty. you have a pretty big stretch for the negative stock market. >> let's talk about this meeting at white house of what's impacking people and trying to lower their household budgets. what do we know about it? >> we know the president is joining this meeting. this is the second time the council is coming together. the fact the president is joining showing the administration is serious about trying the crack down on anti-competitive behavior. trying to lower cost for every day families. it's not going be easy because while anti-competitive behavior could be factor, it's probably not the driving force in was an issue before covid. infl inflation wasn't really high. now inflation is high and that's largely because of covid. we're seeing that with omicron. we're seeing worker absenteeism
11:56 am
trickle between now and december nap starting to put a lot of strain on the supply chain that's already been stressed out. food supply in particular. processing plants, distribution, grocery stores. all of that is under pressure. at the same time, home heating costs are really on the rise. natural gas costs up 32%. heating hollywood, 35%. calling out anti-competitive behavior makes a lot of sense but it's hard the see how inflation really gets under control until covid does. >> thank you. now to politics. senator kirsten sinema has been censured by the arizona democrat party. they rebuked her for not changing the filibuster rule. >> it's a symbolic gesture but
11:57 am
it's adding mounting pressure from those who helped her flip a senate seat in 2018. dana bash is with us now. we heard from bernie sanders. he told you what they did in that state was exactly right in response to her position on the fili filibuster. how much trouble is she in? >> at least not up for re-election until 2024 so she's got some time. the answer to your question is with her own party in arizona, she is in a lot of trouble and she knows that. she's well aware of that. she made that clear when she gave the speech she gave on the senate floor announcing she would not support changes in the filibuster rule. this is the kind of hardball tactic that the arizona democrats engaged in censuring here that we saw over the past year from republican parties across the states do against their republicans because they
11:58 am
did things like vote for a trump impeachment. this is happening more and more. when it comes to sinema, this is state that is purple. she argues that she is representing john mccain's old seat and she's representing a place that is not new york and is not one of the more blue states. having said that, she is also -- she's a co-senator or another senator mark kelly who voted the other way. it's very interesting. this is the kind of thing she could be in trouble for down the road because she has people like bernie sanders, i asked him if he might run, campaign with a primary opponent if both she and manchin have them. listen to what he said. >> well, that's a long way coming. they're not up until 2024. if they were strong candidates in those states who were prepared to stand up for working
11:59 am
family, who understand the democratic party has got to be the party of working people taking on big money interest, if those candidates were there in arizona and west virginia, i would be happy to support them. >> senator sinema argues on the merit of voting rights, she supports it. she supports the bill. she shortssupports largely proge bills and the big ching she doesn't support is change in the senate rules. >> you can't get to the voting rights issue without the change in the filibuster rule. former speaker of the house, newt gingrich said something so chilling this weekend about i can't tell this is if he wants to have happen or if this is what a real plan for what revenge look like if and when republicans take back control of congress. here it is. >> january 4th, next year, you're going to have a republican majority in the house
12:00 pm
and majority in the senate and t all these people will be delivered subpoenas for every document, every tweet, every e-mail. when you have a republican congress this will come down crashing down and the wolves will find out they are sheep and they are the ones that will face a real risk of jail. >> dana, have you heard anyone else talking about that level of retaliation other than newt gingrich? >> not out loud. you can bet that there is a lot of pressure on republicans if they do take control, particularly of the house where subpoena power is so much easier when you have the majority than the senate to do the kind of thing that newt gingrich described. newt gingrich is not just your run of the mill republican. he's somebody who led a revolution to take over the house back i


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