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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  January 25, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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hello, i'm victor blackwell. thank you for joining us. >> and i'm alisyn camerota. today weapons arrived from ukraine from the u.s. just hours after president biden put about 8500 u.s. troops on heightened alert. all signs of the mounting fears that a russian invasion is getting closer. >> the kremlin said putting troops on alert is further
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escalating tensions in the region despite the fact that it is vladimir putin who has positioned more than 120,000 forces along ukraine's border. head of nato says that he is hopeful diplomacy will prevail. >> it still is diplomatic way out, but that requires that russia deescalates and engages in good faith it in political talks with nato and nato allies. and whether russia is willing to do that, this that remains to be seen. that i toe will not deploy nato troops to ukraine, but we need to be sure that there is no misunderstanding about our readiness, our commitment to protect and defend all allies especially in the eastern part of the alliance. >> and sam kiley is in kiev. sam, how are ukranian officials responding to these latest decisions and movements?
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>> reporter: they are very delighted to see more arrival of weapons, very important weapons to the javelin anti-arrest mower weapon that comes on top of previous supplies from the united states. and about ten days ago, supplies of armor killing weapons from the british too. these are sort of tactical nonstrategic weapons that would be very useful if the country were to get invaded. they have more than 220,000 soldiers now under arms in the regular forces in the ukraine. so they are better set, but they couldn't in any long term sense resist russian aggression. but it is this russian aggression that has caused increase in security in the u.s. embassy, more u.s. marine corps key personnel is being brought in as the u.s. and others are downsizing. >> so sorry do this, if you could stand by -- >> -- border. and i made it clear early on to
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president putin that if he were to move into ukraine, that there would be severe consequences including significant economic sanctions as well as i feel obliged to beef up our press, th -- presence, nato's presence, in the eastern front. but i see -- watching one of you on television pointed out the fact and i think you've got it right, i'm embarrassed i don't remember who, but saying that this is all putin. i don't even think his people know for certain what he will do. >> would you ever see yourself personally sanctioning him? >> yes. >> you would? >> i would see that. >> what would trigger the deflightment of the 8500 troops that you have put on high alert and what is your message to those forces that are on high alert? >> the forces on high alert are
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part of a nato operation, not a sole u.s. operation. and i've made it clear to president putin that we have a sacred obligation, article v obligation to our nato allies. and if he continued to build up a and or was to move, we would move. and i've spoken to our allies virtually and we're all on the same page. we have to make it clear that there is no reason for anyone, any member of nato, to worry whether or not, we, nato, would come to their defense. >> may i ask but when you will make a decision about deploying those troops, what will lead to that? >> what would lead to that is what putin does or doesn't do. and i may be moving some of those troops in the near term just because it takes time.
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and again, it is not proceed he adva provocative, but it is what i said, as long as we have to reassure -- notice you don't see a lot of concern in terms of their security and of our nato allies in western europe, but in eastern europe, there is reason for concern. they are along the russian board, belarus border. so everyone poland on has everyone to be concerned about what would happen and what spillover effects could occur. we have no intention of putting american forces, our nato forces, in ukraine. but as i said, there will be serious economic consequences if he moves. >> you can tell me whether you think, sir, that the risk of an invasion is increasing or decreasing or steady just as it has been these recent days? >> you know, i'll be completely honest with you, it is a little bit like reading tea leaves.
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ordinarily if it were a different leader, the fact that he continues to build forces along ukraine's border from belarus all the way around, you'd say, well, that means that he is looking like he is going to do something. but then you look at what his past behavior is and what everyone is saying and his team as well as everyone else as to what is likely to happen, it all comes down to his decision. look, let me conclude by saying there will be enormous consequences if he were to go in and invade as he could the entire country. or a lot less than that as well. or russia not only in terms of economic consequences and political consequences, but enormous consequences worldwide. this would be the largest -- if
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he were to move in with all those forces, largest invasion since world war ii and it would change the world. >> thanks, guys. thank you. let's go. thank you guys. you guys, come on, let's go. thank you. [ inaudible question ] >> there is not going to be any american forces moving in to ukraine. >> all right. president biden there making a few remarks while he is at a shop there in capitol heights in washington making it clear that, one, there will be no u.s. troops there in ukraine. nato troops as well. but what he said is i think most important here is that there could could be some troop movements in the near term. again, we'll not be going to ukraine, sam kiley, as we come back to you, but welcome news potentially for those nato member states in the region who are feeling some acute concern as they are watching the buildup along ukraine's border. >> reporter: yeah, these are moves -- 8500 troops sounds like a lot, but along a border like
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that, they are not the only troops available to nato. nato has large numbers of troops already in eastern europe. they have been themselves within nato bolstering particularly the baltic states. but yes, it is absolutely clear that the message coming from the united states in lockstep with nato is that we will reinforce and the united states has already said to other partners particularly with the rapid reaction force that could number some 40,000 that could be pushed forward to that eastern flank to reassure those nations as the president pointed out that are anxious about these muscle moves coming from russia. if you recall the beginning of this crisis, there was 100,000 troops on the eastern border of ukraine. you've now got many tens of thousands of more troops now in belarus where s-400 surface to air missiles. you've got the russian navy
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exercising off the baltic coast. these are very anxious times for these east european nations, very important that they feel reassured so that they hold the line in their view against vladimir putin who looking for those little chinks of light and differences between nato partners and other european nations to hope to exploit in the coming days and perhaps weeks. >> sam kiley, thank you very much for the reporting. let's bring in now retired army brigadier general peter szwak, you served when russia invaded crimea. and his book is about his time in pre-putin russia. and also with us is andrea kendall taylor, senior fellow and at the center for a new american security. great to have you both here. so general, less talk about what we just heard from president biden. he said that he wanted to know that, yes, there would be
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significant sanctions leveled on president putin including sanctioning personally. is vladimir putin afraid of stricter u.s. sanctions? >> thank you for having me. interesting question. i don't know if afraid is the word, but certainly sanctions, hard sanctions, on the russian and kremlin leadership, the oligarchs that are, if you will, part of the leadership that is leading, if you will, to a brinksmanship situation as the president said, we haven't seen in europe since before world war ii, is serious. and, you know, for the russians, i think that they are on a precipice. and i don't know what they will do. and i think most of us will say that. but if they go, those sanctions
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and the diplomatic censure, hopefully it goes in to the united nations general assembly, it puts pressure on the leadership. it puts pressure on the supporters that kind of can turn lo locomotive back. and there would be a risk of spread and our nato allies and friends in the region do need assurance that if this does spill over, that we are all linked in. nobody wants a conflict. we don't. nato doesn't. i don't even think that the russians do. but i worry that they are boxing themselves diplomatically into a cul de sac where they either -- okay, we've made our point or
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they will double down and i worry about the double down scenario. >> andrea, let me come to you. reassuring nato allies that if this spills over into their states, nato member states, that they have the backing of nato through article v, of course the backing of the united states. what is the potential for that to happen and describe for us, help us understand that acute concern, that fear, in those neighboring countries that that is possible here. >> yeah, so i think -- well, first of all, it is a good move that the united states has put our troops on high alert as has nato. i think that we should be more forward leaning and actually move to deploy those forces to those states because to your point, if russia escalates, there is a very real potential that conflict could somehow spill over and affect nato member states. so you could think of numerous scenarios, just off the top of my head, if russia goes in and ukranian forces and some
11:13 am
ukranian fighters are forced to retreat to positions and were to take up positions in countries bike like poland or romania, that has implications for nato. if there is errant shelling that hits. so you could think of numerous ways i think that fighting in ukraine could potentially spill over. and so it really is important i would say that the united states should lean in now to pre-position those forces so that we are prepared for those types of outcomes. and i would say also very importantly to show alliance resolve so that putin doesn't have any questions about testing any nato member state. it is really important now that we're working to ensure that any conflict stays contained to ukraine. >> it is hard not to see it, general, as an escalation tensions obviously. are there still diplomatic off-ramps that putin could take? >> yes, and it is really primarily going to be vladimir
11:14 am
putin's decision. and he is the uber decision maker in russia. he gets a lot of advice. i think that he has a lot that is driving him. there is this cold war baggage, the breakup of the soviet union exactly 30 years ago. and a lot of -- the whole ukraine/russia history. but this -- he has taken them to the edge, his leadership is with him. i'm not completely convinced that the russian people fully understand what is going on when they get in the details. i listen sometimes to the russian media. the narrative there is that you have 110,000 ukranian soldiers on the border of eastern ukraine and they are ready to invade. that stokes things up. now, there is a lot of rhetoric, there is a diplomatic off-ramp. people are talking. the russians have made their point. they can go and back off and
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work those points, but using coercive aggressive military force in the scale that we haven't seen in decades is wrong and it could end up badly for everyone, including the russian federation. >> andrea, one more into you. what we just heard from the president moments ago is that nato allies are all on the same page. are they? i mean, we heard from sam kiley that putin is looking for just glimpses of light between them. is there daylight within the organization between the u.s. and potentially germany? >> so i would say that the degree of unity and cohesion among the 30 nato member states is really remarkable. and of course there is going to be bumps and bruises along the way. but that is to be expected when the allies are being put to the test the way that they are. i think that if you think back to october when the united
11:16 am
states started warning about unusual military activity on ukraine's borders, we didn't have a common threat picture. and since then, the allies have forged that common picture. we have coordinated on potential responses to the whole spectrum of russian actions. nato forces are now at a hire readiness. so you know, i think that this is really remarkable. and i would wager to say that i think that that has taken putin by surprise. i think when he did this, he was betting on united states that is distracted at home and wanting to focus on china and betting that there would be tensions and strains in thelialliance. and yet here we are. >> all right. thank you both. >> thank you. police are investigating after an anti-semitic flyers were distributed in neighborhoods across the country. we'll tell you how local leaders are responding. and monoclonal antibody
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♪(music)♪ at aetna® we're shifting medicare coverage into high gear with benefits you may be eligible for when you turn 65. benefits that may include dental, vision, and hearing. aetna medicare advantage plans call today to learn more. police departments in south florida are investigating anti-semitic flyers that were found this several residential neighborhoods over the weekend. miami beach police say they have collected more than 200 of these disturbing flyers. >> and miami beach mayor called out the hateful propaganda and announced stepped up security at synagogues and houses of worship. >> you can't just assume that it
11:22 am
is harmless stupidity. it is hate. and let's call it what it is. it is hate. if you are dealing with somebody who is willing to, you know, in the dead of night drop hundreds of these hate-filled flyers in front of people's homes, are they willing do something else. we completely put our housemeet houses of worship on alert. and if you look at what happened in texas recently. >> and he mentioned texas. similar flyers were found also in denver and san francisco the past 24 hours. let's bring in the former senior adviser to the biden administration covid response, he is one of the health officials named on those anti-semitic flyers. andy, good to see you. first your reaction to your name being on these flyers. and what you think about the broader innovation of the holocaust and anti-semitism that we've seen for some time now. >> good to be on.
11:23 am
yeah, i live in california and we saw those flyers a couple weeks ago here. i have friends in other parts of the country that have as well. and look, i wish that i could tell you that i was shocked, but i wasn't. it felt like nothing new. i think that hate travels much more cautiously these days than it has the last numbering of years. i think that there is a broader permission structure in place and it happens online and unfortunately here in real life. and you know, i can only believe that people mean what they say. these people are anti-semitic, they hate other people, and they believe that there is something at the root of this. so i think that we're wise to take it seriously and it is always important to be reminded how much hate is still out there. >> and we're all sorry that you have to deal with thideousness n the middle of all of this.
11:24 am
and yesterday the seven day average of deaths, american deaths, from covid was 2200 americans. i think because we feel like maybe we're turning a rn corner wwe don't report it as much as we used to. but 2200 is a staggering number. so that begs the question of what is happening with therapeutics and are they working. and this dovetails with what we heard from the governor of florida ron desantis who is basically clamoring for more of the monoclonal antibodies. but there is a problem which is that they don't seem to be working. let me play for you what he said. >> this is something that they claim shouldn't be used because we have omicron and what we would say in florida is we have had people use it and we've had good results. it is not 100%. we understand that. but you also don't even know when someone goes in whether it is omicron or still the delta.
11:25 am
yes, mostly in florida it will be omicron at this point. but it is really a reckless decision to be able to take this option away from patients. >> so what is your response to that and do the monoclonal antibodies work with omicron? >> unfortunately they don't. the ones that he is requesting don't. and he should know that. but this is consistent with the kind of quack arm chair medicine that politicians have been practicing throughout the pandemic because of course they know better and they are recommending recipes that, you know, online podcasters and others are recommending. but the reality is 2200 people dying every day and almost all of them have not been vaccinated. so ron desantis cares, he will talk about why he needs to get a booster, why he proudly has gotten a booster and hasn't talked about it, why people in the state of florida and around the country should get boosted. that will protect them. and he is choosing to fight a battle on something that sadly we've lost in our arsenal for
11:26 am
now. the monoclonals will hopefully be updated to work again in the future, but for the moment why doesn't he follow the science instead of pandering to his relationship with regeneron, which i think is what he is doing here, and just being contrary in a way that attracts attention. >> you mentioned losing something in the arsenal. let me come to this. we know that the biden administration is withdrawing the vaccination and testing regulation for larger businesses, of course that is after the supreme court blocked the mandate of one or the other for large businesses. i know that you were very supportive of this mandate mand others in trying to get the holdouts to get vaccinated. now that it is off the table, what is the backup, what is the next plan to get those folks to get the shots? >> i think most of us believe that if you go someplace where you are forced to be, like your place of work and it is a factory or a hotel are where you are cleaning rooms, people like
11:27 am
me who have the luxury of working in our homes, that you should have a right to a healthy environment. and that your employer, if the supreme court won't do the job, well, your employer, whether it is marriott or walmart or anybody else should make sure that if you are required to go to work and be there all day, that it is safe. and that can happen a number of ways. it can happen if people are vaccinated and it can happen if people are masked reliably. testing can play a role. this was absurd that the supreme court didn't think that people in this country have a right to a safe workplace and osha can't enforce it, but we have to go with the best we have. states, local governments and employers need to take this seriously to protect people. >> andy, always great to talk to you. >> thank you both. and mitch mcconnell talks to cnn about his strategy to win back the majority in the midterms. is he aligned with former president trump? we have details. and things are only getting
11:28 am
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in a new cnn interview, mitch mcconnell reveals his thoughts on trump, the november
11:33 am
midterms and voting rights. >> and he has a warning for republican candidates who continue to reject president biden's win over trump in 2020. and manu raju got this interview. and so what else did mitch mcconnell say in. >> reporter: mcconnell is concerned about nominating unele unelectable candidates in hisvu and a fight that between trump and mcconnell ultimately would lead to divisive primaries in which an unel eelectableunelect emerge. mcconnell says he has not seen that play out. and that he and the former president despite their public differences are on the same page in some key senate races in nevada and georgia. there is a difference in the alaskan senate race. trump is going after murkowski,
11:34 am
but whoever emerges there will most certainly be a republican. and there are also concerns in missouri. mcconnell told me that he is watching that closely as a number of republicans are nervous about the former governor there given concerns about his past. but trump himself has stayed neutral in that race. and at the same time, mcconnell is concerned about some of the rhetoric that some of the republican candidates have been voicing. namely embracing the lie that donald trump won the election. trump has essentially wielded that conspiracy over potential candidates in order to secure his endorsement in that race. and when i asked him about that, mcconnell told me this, he said it is important for candidates to remember we need to respect the results of our democratic process unless the court system demonstrates that some significant fraud occurred that would change the outcome. now, at the same time there has been of course a push on capitol hill to expand voter access and mcconnell has been on the forefront pushing back on that
11:35 am
effort. i asked him if he has concerns about this impacting minority voters and having them have a sour view of republicans. he responded by saying that i think that i can confidently say that we won't lose any elections over that issue anywhere in the country. he said people are concerned about a wholly different set of concerns, inflation, out of control border, afghanistan, the controversy over covid. and he went on to say the thought that single is that the race in america would be decided over that issue strikes me as being wildly out of touch with what the american people are interested in. so clearly a different view of the election and how the election may ship up with democrats banking that things could be -- that he and donald trump could be on the same page to getting behind some of the candidates here. but still a bit uncertain because mcconnell is still pining for two governors to run in the senate races. but trump is not a big fan of those and they could be on the opposite side of those two
11:36 am
candidates if they jump in. >> very interesting. manu raju, thank you. embattled british prime minister boris johnson is under new scrutiny now, this time for a birthday party for johnson. it was held in the summer of 2020 at his official residence while the pandemic was raging in the uk and britain was in its first covid lockdown. >> and london metropolitan police today announcing that they are investigating a number of events that took place at the prime minister's official residence at 10 downing street. salma abdelaziz is joining us from london. so some of those events as we said took place while the uk was under strict covid restrictions. >> reporter: and now the police need to get involved, this is a really serious escalation of partygate. for weeks now there have been accusations of multiple parties happening inside downing street. and they were already the subject of a civil service inquiry. that inquiry which is being led
11:37 am
by civil service servant again sue gray, she had been speaking to the police throughout. now the police are saying that it has raised some of those events to the threshold required for a criminal investigation. what i'm saying here is potentially downing street staff broke covid rules, potentially they could be fined for breaking those rules. and critics have for weeks said when is the police going to get involved. one of those critics is the mayor of london. and he quickly took to social media, i'll read you what he wrote. i welcome confirmation that the met police is investigating a number of events that took place at downing street and whitehall in the last two years. the public rightly expect the police to uphold the law without fear or favor. and that is the bottom line here. this sense overwhelmingly in the country that the rules apply to us, the public, but did not apply to them the government. or as one angry voter told me,
11:38 am
all the rules apply to us and apparently there was no rules for them. this is a very serious matter of course now under police investigation. but it is not just that. it is prime minister boris johnson's political future at stake because if his party turns against him, if he is found to be implicated, he could potentially lose his seat. >> salma, thank you. so moments ago president biden says that he would consider personal sanctions against russian president putin. our next guest has had his own run-ins with putin and believes that there is only one thing that gets putin's attention. that is next.
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the pentagon says despite western warnings for russia to step back from ukraine, vladimir putin is actually sending more troops to the border. a few minutes ago president obama said this -- >> would you ever see yourself personally sanctioning him if he did invade ukraine? >> yes. >> you would? >> i would see that. >> with us now is bill browarder, ceo of hermitage capital management and author of "red notice, true story of high my finance, murder and one man's fight for justice" which is a personal story when he worked
11:44 am
and lived in russia and barely s escaped with his life. great to see you. you've seen vladimir putin's tactics and you believe that this time he is bluffing. what tells you that? >> well, so right now he is basically -- if this were a game of poker, he has a pair of 2s and the west has a full house. but he is trying to -- he is basically huffing and puffing and doing all this stuff to see whether we fold before he -- he wants concessions from us, he wants capitulation from us. and all of this noise that he is making is trying to get that. now, bluffing may be too strong a word because he's kind of boxed himself into a rn ccorner. he can't just walk away. >> just because he is bluffing doesn't mean that he won't invade. wi what could be done right now to give him an off-ramp? >> i don't think that we should give him an off-ramp.
11:45 am
i think what we should do at this point is touch him where it matters most, which is to go after his money. his money is held -- he is one of the richest men in the world. but he doesn't keep it in his name, he keeps it in the name of oligarch trustees and they keep that money in the west, in the united states and uk and europe. and the best way of getting to putin would be to go after the wealth of the oligarchs, freeze their assets in the west. best way is to make a list of the 50 biggest oligarchs in russia who hold putin's wealth and sanction five of them, freeze their assets today and say if you don't pull back from that border in a week's time, we'll freeze another five. and if you cross that border, we'll go after all 50 of them. because these people hold putin's money, that will have a much bigger effect than i go else that we're doing right now. >> that is really interesting because you've heard perhaps president biden talking about
11:46 am
this and saying that absolutely he would consider going after putin with personal sanctions. and, yes, he is considering stiffer sanctions against russia and the oligarchs. but why would you do it now? why wouldn't you just threaten that, let that hang out there, and see if putin responds by backing off? >> because putin doesn't think that we're serious. and so the best way of showing him we're serious is to start, not with 9 the whole list, jus small list, saying this is a taster of what is to come. right now he sees division among the allies. he see he germany basically not allowing british military transport to go over its air space, provide military support for ukraine. tomorrow a bunch of major italian companies will be hosting putin on an ital italian/russian seminar. what putin sees is that we're divided. only way to make it clear that we're not is do something in
11:47 am
advance, show him if you are going to threaten war, we'll take action right now. >> over on the fox channel, one of the primetime hosts doesn't see the difference between vladimir putin and the leader in ukraine, doesn't see the difference between an autocracy and a fledgling democracy. so here is what was said there on friday. >> vladimir putin is our most dangerous enemy. we can't let him hurt ukraine. so turns out russiagate was much more effective. the steeles dossier has been rebunked. why is it disloyal to side with russia but loyal to side with ukraine? they are both foreign countries who don't care anything about the united states. kind of strange. >> why do you think so many right wing republicans here in the u.s. have a soft spot for putin?
11:48 am
>> well, i wouldn't compare republicans, tucker carlson. there are plenty of republicans that i've worked with in the senate and house of representatives that are just as tough as anybody else is on russia. tucker carlson, what he said, he is clearly an ignorant man, he doesn't understand what putin is up to. i've seen putin up close and personal. he is a murderer, he's chased me all around the world trying to kill me, he killed my lawyer, and he killed leading russian opposition. he poisoned alexei navalny. tucker carlson should keep his mouth shut when it comes to putin. >> and i wasn't just referring to tucker carlson. former president trump had a soft spot for putin. and i was hearing from a lawmaker in new jersey who is saying that his constituents are calling him because they listen to the fox channel or some of these tariffsconservatives and
11:49 am
yeah, what is the big deal. and so whatever is happening, it is taking root. sgroe well, it is and it isn't. it is being advertised by a small group of people who don't know what they are talking about. but the u.s. policy -- and this a bipartisan policy -- is to stand with ukraine. that hasn't changed. there is not a ground swell of support for vladimir putin in the united states. i think that that is -- i think that that is a red herring. what is going on right now with russia is completely -- is completely outrageous. i don't see many people seeing otherwise. >> and anti-democratic. bill produbroward, thank you for perspective. and on wall street, volatility is being fueled by
11:50 am
inflation, russia/ukraine tensions. was down several hundred points, now up more than 100 points. we'll get reaction from the white house economic council next. but first here are some other events that we're watching today. ♪ for people who could use a lift new neutrogena® rapid firming. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks. neutrogena® for people with skin.
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today is turning into another wild ride for the stock market. the dow is up 150 points. that's after dropping more than 750 points after the opening bell. now inflation is also hitting americans in the pocket. it's the last year things have risen. look at the cost of gasoline. up nearly 50% here. price of used cars up more than 37%. cl clothe, food up sharply. good to have you back on. let's start with this meeting of
11:56 am
the white house competition council aimed at bringing the prices down. what's the plan? >> we convened the competition county is ill yesterday based op a simple premise which is healthy competition is a hallmark of healthy capitalism because when there's more competition, consumer end up with lower prices and more options and workers get higher wages. we're looking across the federal government at ways we can encourage competition, encourage more new and small businesses to get into the game and this can have a very tangible practical impact on people's lives. we talked about a rule that will allow people to buy hearing aids over the counter which means not only the hassle of not having to get a prescription but you'll pay hundreds of dollars less for a hearing aids for the 48 million people who have hearing loss in america, that's practical, tangible output. also removing barriers to get people back to work. there's too many situations where somebody has to take a job and sign away a non-compete
11:57 am
clause. they can't go and take a better job at a come pet -- competitor if they make higher wages doing so. >> let's talk about when the american people will see this. the american families will feel more breathing room in their budgets over the coming months. back in september, they said middle class families will feel the impact of the grocery store when they travel the see loved ones. that's after the signing of executive order in july. when will there be the sustained breathing room that you keep promising after these meetings? >> some of the impacts will take effect right away like the issue of hearing aids and the right to repair. somebody who buys antics phone or a tractor they're not allowed
11:58 am
to repair it themselves. we saw companies like apple and microsoft saying people can repair their own products. that's happening now. some of the issues will happen over time. the concentration that's happened in a number of big industries has happened oaf years and decades. it's not going to be reversed in a day or a month but this is work that the sooner we focus on it and the sooner we put these changes in place, the sooner people will see benefits. i will underscore this is one of the ways that the president is acting. we have to work to get covid under control. we have to work to unsnarl our supply chains and we see when we do that, we're making progress. >> if these sanctions are necessary for a russian invasion into ukraine, what will be the impact on gas prices here in the u.s. and are you doing a sufficient job of preparing people for what could be a
11:59 am
pretty impressive increase? >> well, the president's made clear if vladmir putin moves then he will act and there will be clear pain imposed on the russian economy for those actions. we're looking very carefully and partnering with our allies to make sure we do that in a way that minimizes the impact on the european economy and the american economy. the good news is that we have the tools in place to put real pain on the russian economy without that having significant impact in the united states. >> is there an estimate on how much it would increase? 10%, 20%? >> our economy is really not very exposed to the russian economy if you look at exports and the things we rely on in trade it's a very, very small share. >> it's a global oil market, right? would there be some increase and do you know how much it would be? >> if you look at global oil
12:00 pm
markets, the issue now is we have constrained supply into a global market that's increasing in demand. that's an issue we have been working on with our partner and allies. the price of oil is set globally. we're looking at contingencies but we believe that there are actions we can take with ourselves and farpartners to mitigate that across time. to be clear, the principal local of the pain that will be felt is in the russian economy and that's certainly both in narrative and in substance what we're trying to communicate right now. >> always good to have you. thank you, sir. good to be with you. we're beginning with the breaking new


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