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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  January 26, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PST

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good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, january 26th. it's 5 a.m. here in new york. thanks so much for getting an early start with us. i'm laura jarrett. >> good wednesday morning, laura. i'm christine romans. we begin with the big question. will russia invade ukraine? if so, when? the white house calls an invasion imminent. the reality less clear. president biden says this is all putin, but no one, not even kremlin officials knows what the russian president will do. the u.s. president is still planning to reposition u.s. forces to show commitment to ukraine and to nato.
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>> i may be moving some of those troops in the nearer term. this would be the largest if we were to move in with all of those forces the largest invasion since world war ii. it would change the world. >> mr. biden is willing to impose sanctions on putin himself. bipartisan talks are underway should russia invade. more on that in a moment. in less than an hour top diplomats from europe, ukraine and russia will sit down in paris for talks about how to avoid war. cnn has reporters around the world covering this story. melissa bell in paris, nic robertson in moscow. let's start with sam kiley live in ukraine. sam, good morning. the white house is calling an invasion imminent. officials in kyiv is saying it's not imminent. why aren't they on the same page? >> reporter: i think it's a very different approach in terms of
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national reassurance from the perspective of the foreign minister making statements to reinforce his own president's statement. there is an exitent threat of invasion. they don't want their public thinking they are hours from seeing tanks a broaching the border. the russians are two weeks from being poised for an invasion. they have troops in belarus in the north of the country. ukrainian officials, 120,000 russian troops close to the ukrainian border but not on t poised for a possible invasion, part of the ongoing pressure being maintained by russia. this is coming, of course, as the united states, united
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kingdom, australia, canada, germany began to remove what they're calling non-essential staff and diplomatic families from the ukrainian capitol here ahead of an inkrags. they are slightly out of tune. that is how you interpret the intent of vladimir putin. the ukrainians say they're already occupied by russian forces so this is an escalation, not a new invasion. >> you can understand the desire to tamp down fears in that country. sam kiley, thank you for that reporting. let's bring in nic robertson. he is live this morning for ea"early start" in moscow. nic, what is russia's response to these latest developments? >> reporter: a couple of new ones coming out of here now. sergei lavrov has been speaking to the parliament here. he got a big round of applause
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when he said if the west does not respond constructively to us, these are the letters russia is waiting to come back from the united states and nato, if they do not respond constructively to us and continue with their aggressive lines, therelike a response, he said, to which there was a big round of applause. he didn't say russia was going to invade or attack, far from it, he said they will protect their citizens overseas. that seemed to be a gesture towards them that russia has their back. he rejected that they had forces
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there. when the responses from the west come back, he and other officials will take some plans and proposal to president putin to think about the way forward and about president putin whose spokesman said he will be speaking with the french president on friday. and he has not heard, the russian president is not hurt by president biden's threats to sanction him directly. they would not be painful but politically destructive. >> the readiness that the united states calls of u.s. troops is something russia calls provo provocation. nic robertson, thank you so much for that. laura. as all of this is happening, top diplomats are set to meet in paris in less than an hour. that's where we find cnn's melissa bell. what are you looking for coming out of this meeting today? >> reporter: well, this is very
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much the focus from the french and german leadership that talks can work, that there is room for diplomacy and that leadership can pull everyone. just diplomat level though the president said speaking in germany that he hoped that could translate into leader level talks. that is a long way off. there is this phone call as well as nic was just saying that is due to take place on friday. another push from emmanuel macron to see dialogue with the kremlin rather than outride confrontation. they are conscious of the sanctions it would have on natural gas and their economy. in washington negotiations
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continue at the capitol as lawmakers continue to hammer out a bipartisan package of sanctions against russia. we have daniellea diaz live from capitol hill. there was a confidential briefing about the situation. what do we know? >> reporter: christine, laura, the senate is in recess t technically. they're putting together a package of economic sanctions against russia for the rising tensions with ukraine. what we know is of course the goal is they need 60 votes in the senate at least to pass this legislation. that is why this group is actively working trying to get republicans and democrats to sign on to this. the problem is of course republicans and democrats disagree on how this should look. republicans are calling for preempting sanctions. democrats are saying they should be opposed if russia invades
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ukraine. there's differences in timing. democrats are agreeing there should be some form of sanctions passed through the senate and the house against russia but the bigger picture here is of course that they're negotiating right now. it's reset. the house does have a companion bill put together by house foreign affairs chairman gregory meeks. the problem is not getting republicans on that bill. it will likely pass the house and senate in trying to figure out how to get 60 votes so that legislation could pass. >> thank you. a top white house economic adviser brian deese says russian sanctions should not have a significant impact on the u.s. economy. >> we have the tools in place to put real pain on the russian economy without that having significant impact in the united states. >> consumers could feel some
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pain at the pump if russia invades ukraine. russia is the number two oil producer on the planet behind the u.s. the department of energy has released more than 13 million barrels. struggling americans are getting home from their home. hhs is pumping billions of dollars into the program. >> i think it's so important to explain why this matters here at home. >> yeah. >> obviously the situation growing tensions there for everybody in the ukraine, but explaining the context here and the real life implications for folks here in the u.s. really critical, christine. >> we know the white house has been talking with companies and countries. they have to try to help get
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that. coming up for you, a very real investigation this morning into very fake electors who tried to subvert the 2020 election. a cnn exclusive next. plus, boris johnson about to speak live as british police investigate his party scandal. right now in the south china sea, a race to find a fighter jet full of top secret technology. others joy. all are of... various: ahhh... listerine. feel the whoa! ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ ♪ heartburn, ingestion, upset stomach... ♪ ♪ diarrheaaaa.♪ try pepto bismol with a powerful coating action. for fast and soothing relief. pepto bismol for fast relief when you need it most.
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the deputy attorney general lisa monaco sat down and made it clear the department of justice will leave no stone unturned in this investigation. >> we are going to follow the facts and the law wherever they lead to address conduct of any kind and at any level that is part of an assault on our democracy. >> let's bring in jennifer rogers. you have a different take on what lisa monaco said here. can we start with the actual language? because she's so careful. she's so measured. that's her reputation. she said she can't comment onion going investigations. doesn't that naturally sort of assume that there is an ongoing investigation? >> well, sort of, laura. i think what she's doing here is there was public information about these referrals that were coming from state officials. that already was out there.
2:16 am
she's not afraid to say, yes, we got the referrals and of course we're looking at them, whatever that means. she won't confirm the existence of an investigation. i do think not because she said what she said but the blockbuster nature of the fake elector certificates that they must be investigating this now. >> i feel like she could have said i'm not going to talk about it at all. we've received the referrals, taking a look at them and not going beyond that. they haven't pushed back on evan's reporting. they've had time to if they wanted to. let's just stipulate that they are actually looking into this. what do you think prosecutors are focused on at doj? what potential charges could be on the table here? >> i think they're looking at a couple of different things. i think they're looking at what charges might relate to the actual folks who signed those certificates, what happened in the states when they were signed and sent to the national ar refs and then of course i think they're looking at the coordination. it can't be a coincidence that
2:17 am
seven states did the exact same thing at the time when everybody is talking about how to overturn this this election. we have the eastman memo laying it out. we have the states doing his part. the pressure on mike pence doing his part. they're going to want to get to the bottom. >> that's the thing. this was all laid out. we know john eastman, a former trump lawyer, actually laid all of this out in a seven point memo including this whole scenario of fake electors. there are issues of attorney-client privilege but couldn't this be the draw in getting the eastman documents? >> absolutely. he took the fifth 150 times. he's been ordered to turn over a
2:18 am
privilege log. hopefully we can sort out what is privileged and what isn't. it's all in the memo. you can see how it was executed by the states and by mike pence. you get a roadmap. that will be helpful to prosecutors as they go through the investigation. >> thank you. up next this wednesday morning, navy sailors hunt for a hundred million dollar fighter jet. what they want to find before china does. could florida turn off the sun? the fight for solar energy in the sunshine state redefine who we are and how we want to lead our lives. basically, choose what we want our future to look like. so what's yours going to be?
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. to london now. british prime minister boris johnson appears before parliament less than 90 minutes before now. london police investigating gatherings in downing street and whitehall that may have broken the pandemic rules. selma abdel azeez has the story. how will the prime minister try to defend himself. >> reporter: if he can defend himself because the next few hours are make or break for prime minister boris johnson. hold on. there is a flurry of activity happening at 10 downing street. now two investigations, two inquiries looking into allegations of multiple parties taking place at the prime minister's home across multiple lockdowns over two years. the latest is that the police is going to look into it. criminal offenses could have been committed just so the
2:24 am
government could party it up. then there's that other probe, the gray inquiry. that's been going on for weeks now looking into all of these allegations. we expect that gray report to be released any minute now. as you said, prime minister boris johnson back in parliament just in a couple hours' time. if that gray report is released before the prime minister goes back into parliament, hold on to your seats because it is going to be a fiery session. what that gray report is going to do is lay out a blow by blow, time line of what took place at those parties. who knew and how involved, if he was involved, was the prime minister. this isn't just going to be critical for the public, this isn't just damaging to the prime minister, it's going to be critical for his own party, the conservative party. right now they are making a crucial decision. is boris the man to lead the party or does the party need to push him out?
2:25 am
>> thank you. we begin that address in 90 minutes. the u.s. navy is trying to recover a $100 million stealth fighter jet from the south china sea. the goal is to retrieve it before china does. cnn's ivan watson is live in hong kong with this story. ivan, what's the plan here? >> reporter: well, it's just the beginning of a complicated recovery operation of this stealth fighter jet which crashed essentially into an aircraft carrier on monday resulting in injuries to the pilot who did successfully eject from the plane and for at least six sailors aboard the aircraft carrier who were hurt as well. the plane, the jet f 35c, it then fell and recovering the
2:26 am
wreckage as you pointed out costs the tune of $100 million to make this stealth finder jet could take months, experts tell cnn. weeks just to get a recovery ship to the area. this is complicated further by the fact that the u.s. air craft carrier and the jet and another u.s. air craft carrier, they were operating in the south china sea. it's a body of water that china claims virtually all for itself. the u.s., of course, would not want sensitive technology to get into the hands of the chinese so there is more of a effort to recover this aircraft. they're operating alongside another aircraft carrier, u.s.s. abraham lincoln. as for the f-35, this isn't the first time one of these stealth fighter jets has sunk to the bottom of the sea. it happened with a japanese
2:27 am
f-35. it's happened with a british f-35 in the mediterranean last year. in all of those cases the allies have also scrambled to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. next, the notorious antivaxxer just condemned in public by his own hollywood wife. remember the first rule of fight club? well, it's different in china. we will talk about it coming up. ordinary tissues burn when theo blows.s. so puffs plus lotion rescued his nose. with up to 50% more lotion, puffs bring soothing relief. a nose in ed deserves puffs indeed. america's #1 lotion tissue. living with diabetes?
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this morning florida governor ron desantis once again at odds with the federal government on covid. florida forced to close some sites that treated some patients with monoclonal antibodies. cnn's steve contorno joins us. governor ron desantis is lashing out. what's his plan now? >> reporter: well, christine. governor desantis said he is going to, quote, unquote, fight back to ensure the treatments are still available to residents in florida. what that means exactly he didn't say. he insists this can be an
2:33 am
effective tool in controlling the pandemic. here's what he said yesterday. >> this is something they claim shouldn't be used because we have omicron and what we would say in florida is we have had people use it and we've had good results. it's not 100%, we understand that. you don't know when someone goes in if it's omicron or the delta. yes, mostly in florida it's going to be omicron but it's going to be a reckless decision to take this option away from patients. >> reporter: the white house said this was crazy and these treatments are not effective in omicron. both eli lilly and regeneron both agree with the fda decision to limit their use against omicron now that that's the
2:34 am
predominant variant. >> steve, if there's one thing florida has, it is sunshine and it's free. tell us about this bill moving through the state legislature. it would cut the benefits of rooftop solar panels. this is how people, you know, lower their own energy bills and get around their local energy utility. advocates say this is going to kill the green power industry in florida overnight. who is pushing for this bill? >> this is a bill backed by the largest utility company in nor da and one of the most prolific donors in the state. at issue here is how much solar panel powered homes should get for whatever excess energy they produce and put-back into the grid. on really sunny days some houses might not use all of the energy they create. they can sell that back to the grid and get a credit on their bill. this would slach that rate by 75%. solar advocates say this would kill the industry here and the
2:35 am
utility companies are pushing back saying there are people who are -- these people are still hooked up to the grid. it costs money to maintain that and they're not paying their fair share. we're seeing a fight over the sun in the sunshine state. >> we know you'll continue to follow it for us. nice to see you, steve. thanks. new backlash this morning for a notorious antivaxxer robert f. kennedy jr. who compared vaccine mandates to nazi germany. now his wife is against him. >> tell us what his wife, cheryl hindes, anyone who knows curb your enthusiasm, what did she say about it? >> reporter: as soon as this happened on sunday, cheryl hindes was inundated with tweets from fans of hers, people who took to twitter to ask her, hey, did you hear what your husband
2:36 am
said? do you agree with what your husband said and his stance on the terrible things he said. again, we won't repeat? she responded to some people saying, you know, i don't share the opinions of my husband but then she put out this statement, a stronger statement saying my husband's reference to anne frank at a mandate rally in d.c. was reprehensible and insensitive. the atrocities that millions endured during the holocaust should never be compared to anyone or anything. his opinions are not a reflection of my own. like you said, she has starred on curb your enthusiasm for years alongside larry david and larry david introduced her to her now husband. >> wow. >> you know, many jewish people on that show. cheryl hindes, she was raised catholic. i had seen some tweets that people were saying she's jewish. this is reprehensible and she is taking a strong stance and it's interesting to see, you know, a
2:37 am
couple whose lives play out publicly who share very different viewpoints. you don't see it always that often. >> it is reprehensible. i think it could be an episode. >> absolutely. a psa, comparing the holocaust to anything is just -- there was only the holocaust. i mean, it just -- zwr just don't do it. just don't do it. stop. >> it's the easiest -- now i do want to point out that he has come out, kennedy, and he has apologized. he did tweet on-yesterday that he was sorry to anyone that he offended. >> too little too late. >> i don't know. i don't want to talk about what he said. it didn't even make any sense. he had little pieces of historical knowledge that he tied up in a mess that didn't make any sense. it was offensive. peter ding lisch from game of thrones, he had hash words about a remake of snow white. what's this about? >> disney is remaking one of my
2:38 am
childhood favorite movies from 1937, but peter raises a really valid point. he went on the mark marin podcast and said the stereotypes of snow white and the seven dwarfs is completely outdated. why are we using that word dwarf. take a listen to what he said on the podcast. >> they're very proud to cast a latino actress as snow white but you're still telling the story of snow white and the seven dwarfs. >> take a step back and look at what you're doing there. makes no sense to me. >> so -- >> you're progressive in one way and making a [ bleep ] backward story about seven dwarfs living in a cave. what the [ bleep ] are you doing, man? you know? have i done nothing to advance the cause from my soapbox?
2:39 am
i guess i'm not loud enough. >> all right. peter is also talking about the fact that disney has cast rachel zeg gler from west side story to play snow white. she's latina. if they're going to be progressive in that stance, be progressive in other ways. disney said they will handle this sensitively. they are speaking to the dwarfism community. >> see how they handle it. >> chloe, thank you. >> nice to see you. we are breaking the first rule of fight club this morning by talking about fight club. remember this? >> first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club. >> after two decades a new chinese release of the cult classic changes the ending where spoiler alert if you somehow missed fight club instead of seeing fireworks exploding as buildings owned by credit companies end you see this caption instead explaining authorities saved the day. the main character played by
2:40 am
brad pith was sent to an insane asylum. in china the very first rule is the state always win. christine, of all the movies to remake, how is this the one? what about seven? that was horrifying? >> i love that it was eagle eyed viewers who started talking about this. who noticed the ending had changed. i can't see right now what we're showing in china, but i'm pretty sure we are black screen in china talking about china censoring a movie. and the olympics begin in 11 days. just ahead, are u.s. stocks headed for a super bubble that could burst at any moment? >> and the baseball hall of fame vote. who's in? and maybe more noteworthy, who's not? strypapeper? luckily, there's biotrue hydration boost eye drops. biotrue uses naturally inspireded ingredients. and no preservatives. try biotrue!
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all right. let's get a check on cnn business this wednesday morning. looking at markets around the
2:45 am
world. asian shares pretty much mixed. europe has opened higher. big bounce back in paris and london. look, on wall street stock index futures leaning higher as well. you know, yesterday another 1,000 point swing for the dow. the barely changed closing number belies another wild and dramatic day. the dow climbed up from the worst losses after strong outlooks from american express, johnson & johnson and ibm. the s&p closed down just over a percent. it's fallen now 9.2% from the recent high. that means it's nearing a technical correction but not quite there. the nasdaq is there down 15.7%. 2022 proving to be an obstacle course for investors. more mixed corporate earnings and persistent inflation. fighting inflation means a new era of higher interest rates. we're going to hear from the fed with a policy update today after the central bank has a two-day
2:46 am
policy meeting. let's bring in spencer jacobs. author of the great new book the revolution that wasn't. gamestop, reddit and the policing of investors. the book is really good. first, the volatility the past couple of days. is this a reality check that the end of easy money is coming or is this something else? >> it's about the fifth time that we've heard that the end of easy money is coming. it might be for real this time. there's a bit of a boy who cried wolf element to it. we've been living on easy money since the financial crisis and a lot more was poured on in the wake of the pandemic. it's possible this time is real. call me up and i'll be back on and we can talk about it. we'll see if it's another false alarm. that's the best line i can give you. >> if we each had a crystal ball we would have a private island in the caribbean. >> yes, we would. the more ominous theory is this
2:47 am
is a super bubble. years of easy money from the fed, it has fueled all of these bubbles. teenagers are trading meme stocks. do you buy this super bubble theme? >> you know, as i talk about my book here, i've spent all of these years writing about markets. it's occasionally of interest to the broader markets. here spent the last year writing about gamestop mania. my mom, my sisters, my neighbors want to hear about it. i'm dropping little tidbits of things i found out. i tell parts of the story that haven't been told. they're like, god, this is stranger than fiction. it should be a movie. it's being made into i think four different movies. it's a great feeling to be writing about something that's of such broad interest. but it's also a sign of
2:48 am
definitely a frothy, bubbly behavior the way people approach this. i think there's no shortage of signs that writing is on the wall for sure. it's hard to say when it's going to result in some kind of reversal. >> it was a year ago this week that that game stop mania began. remember people called it the democratization. getting rich and sticking it to the man. what have we and haven't we learned? i get real worried when ordinary investors who don't remember the log-in normally for their 401k password are all of a sudden tied up in some of these things that seem like get rich quick schemes? >> yeah. it was like a twofer, especially for this young generation. you had a generation that really didn't like wall street, wasn't very interested in finance and then all of a sudden really starting around the time that trading became free and the pandemic set in got very, very interested in the stock market, opened millions of accounts,
2:49 am
traded like crazy, became a big part of the market and that provided the setting for the crazy several days that was gamestop mania where wall street looked like it was being taken over by people who were organizing on reddit. and it's continued in some wave since then but that was really kind of the highlight. and when you think that you're beating wall street, wall street's usually pretty happy. wall street is pretty happy when there's a lot of activity, volatility when you think you're smart. when new people come into the market and bring new savings into the market who weren't previously there. that's the story. this is a bit of a downer. still a great story. bit of a down jereltive to the narrative that was spun a year ago this week. >> sure. sure. i know. what a ride, right? >> spencer jacob, editor of t"te wall street journal". we'll have you back to see if
2:50 am
it's popping. >> thank you, sir. sports. baseball hall of fame has a new member for the class of 2022 but it's not barry bonds or roger clemens. andy scholes has it all covered in this morning's bleacher report. >> this is the tenth and final time for barry bonds and roger clemons on the hall of fame ballot. while they saw more votes, neither came close to 75% threshold they needed to get elected. bonds and clemons, two of the best players to ever play. clemons said my family and i put the hall of fame in the rear-view mirror ten years ago. i didn't play baseball to get into the hall of fame, i played to make a generational difference in the lives of my family. bonds and clemens could get in if they're elected by a special committee that's in charge of overlooking forgotten candidates. >> i'm calling you from coopers town to let you know that you
2:51 am
have been elected to the baseball hall of fame. >> big papi the only player who did get the call yesterday. david ortiz getting voted into the hall of fame in his very first year on the ballot. he received nearly 78% of the vote. big papi, he had 541 home runs in his 20 year big league career and is considered one of the most clutch hitters in baseball history. >> you are playing when you are in the mix. you're not thinking about any of this. you're thinking about do whatever it takes to win championship, do whatever it takes for the fans to be happy. you do whatever it takes for your community, people. you're not thinking about one day being a hall-of-famer. huge news in the nfl yesterday. after 15 seasons sean payton stepping down as head coach. new orleans saints. he was the second longest tenured behind bill belichick. he won the super bowl in 2009.
2:52 am
he finishes as the winningest coach. a lot of whispers payton may coach the cowboys. yesterday he was asked about his future plans. >> i don't know what's next, and it kind of feels good. the last thing i did before i went to bed, i google searched how not to cry during a speech and one of the items was drink water and yawn. i didn't want to yawn, but it worked, a little bit. >> all right. to the nba. anthony davis returning to the lakers lineups after missing 17 games with a knee injury. looks healthy. slam down an alley-oop from will he brown james for the game's first point. lbron in the fourth quarter. gets the steal, slams it on the other end. the nets come down the other end and lebron is going to steal it again. lebron finished with 33 points.
2:53 am
lakers got the win 106-96. clippers pulling off the biggest comeback against the wizards. at one point washington up by 35 points. they were up 6 with ten seconds left but luke kinard hit it and then they were called for a 5 second violation and then kinard would hit another 3 and get fouled. he hit the free throw. got 7 points in 9 seconds for kinard. clippers shocked the wizards 116-115. hockey has a new ironman. keith yandle playing in his 965th consecutive nhl game last night. he surpasses doug jarvis's record. he hasn't missed a game since march of 2009. can you imagine not missing work since 2009? pretty impressive. especially in hockey. >> no comment.
2:54 am
>> that's an attendance record. do you ever get the middle school attendance record. >> perfect attendance. >> i'm sure you did, laura. that's perfect. >> thanks. >> nice to see you. elton john's farewell tour hitting another snag. ♪ ♪ >> two of his farewell yellow brick road tour dates in dallas postponed after elton john tested positive for covid. he is fully vaccinated. he is boosted. he only has mild symptoms. john just returned to the stage after almost two years due to the pandemic, of course, and hip surgery. >> let me tell you. i saw elton john in vegas before times. before covid. he's amazing. his voice is so so strong still. >> he really is. i hope he can recover quickly and they can reschedule those. like to see him on tour. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next. ♪
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♪ good morning to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is wednesday, january 26th. i'm john berman with brianna


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